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tidy_photograph I am agreeing with your statement fantastic morning. Every prisoner deserves a second chance in... How can prisons make prisoners better citizens? 28/3/24
tidy_photograph I am totally agreeing with you glad_outcome, as the simplest thing is the cure to any problems.... The Cure to Eco-Anxiety 17/3/24
tidy_photograph On my opinion, A.I has been playing a crucial and vital role in the development of various... AI and Robots!! 14/3/24
tidy_photograph Well, A.I powered cars would be really useful and wonderful to humans. A.I powered cars uses the... AI Cars Cruising into the Future 14/3/24
tidy_photograph I say Wars are the causes of Death, as many soldiers die in war. Many Generals of the Army find... AI: and the future of war 10/3/24
tidy_photograph On my opinion, the Climate change is a rising issue throughout the world. Deforestation,... Is there any hope for the future? 08/3/24
tidy_photograph Well, I got 10/10 on this quiz. It was quite interesting and fascinating. I was surprised to... The elections quiz 05/3/24
tidy_photograph Parents and Teachers carry a major and vital responsibility of what a child learns about it's... Who has the power to stop social bias? 01/3/24
tidy_photograph All of the advantages listed matter the physical fitness of the athlete and the rate of success... Unfair advantage? 01/3/24
tidy_photograph On my thoughts, I would mostly agree with the opinion B. Sports is an extra-curricular activity... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 29/2/24
hardworking_cherry I agree because sportsman are kinnda players of life . As normal people do care about their own... Unfair advantage? 29/2/24
hardworking_cherry Women are crucial components of our society and the world; without them, society cannot... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 28/2/24
balanced_starfish I would pick option A because we all live in a certain environment and if we do not protect it... Businesses v the environment 27/2/24
memorable_football Imagine AI crashing as a giant oopsy! It’s like a mix-up in the kitchen where everyone tries to... AI accident: who is responsible? 27/2/24
memorable_football exactly! Imagine an AI attacking a superhero to change the world to come. It’s like having a... Will AI transform the emerging world? 27/2/24
buzzing_elephant Climate change has affected us in many negetive ways even though we know rh danger of climate... How to make a change 24/2/24
tidy_photograph Prison could be a real challenge to prison officers in both physical and mental factors of our... Prison staff 22/2/24
thankful_concept School is the base of revolution. It's 21st century and everything has got changed. Even the... Will schools exist in future? 22/2/24
free_fish International Women’s Day is great because it reminds the world about how incredible women are."... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 21/2/24
free_fish "International Womens Day isn't good beause it makes the world think that women only deserve to... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24