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Immigration is a massive issue that requires immediate action for the UK’s government and politicians. I strongly believe that refugees should be allowed into the UK with open arms because they are escaping from life-threatening situations and need to get to safety. While some politicians may argue there are too many immigrants coming into the UK and taking up too many opportunities (such as jobs) for UK citizens, others agree that immigrants should be allowed into the UK no matter what. In this essay I will state the positive and negative aspects of allowing immigrants into the UK.

Firstly, the amount of money that it costs to send immigrants to Rwanda is high and it doesn't save the UK any money. It would be cheaper to have immigrants live here with the resources the UK usually provides than sending them off to Rwanda. Also by sending migrants to Rwanda it can put the migrant into even more danger as Rwanda could be neighbouring to the country the migrant is fleeing.

Secondly, the UK’s government and Parliament are showing very little empathy towards the petrified refugees (who could have been escaping war or abuse) by shipping them off to a different country, which might not be safe for them either.

One of the main reasons that the government is worried about immigrants coming into the UK is that there aren't enough resources to support and provide a stable lifestyle for them. There is a strained supply of NHS resources and people have extremely long waits to get appointments and see doctors.

Another reason that the government is worried is that the UK provides immigrants from poorer countries with resources that they may have never had before which could cause potential abuses of the system.

In conclusion, I am concerned most about immigrants' safety. I firmly believe that migrants should be allowed into the UK no matter what. I think that the UK’s government and Parliament sending immigrants off to Rwanda is inhumane and shouldn’t be allowed. Allowing immigrants into the UK is the best thing to do so that they can live in safety without any fear of danger. Also some migrants could apply to be doctors or something similar so that UK residents wouldn’t have to wait very long to see a doctor or get an appointment.

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  • I am concerned about the future immigrants safety. I firmly believe that migrants should be allowed into the UK no matter what. So I think immigrants should be allowed in the UK and we should keep them safe even if they are immigrants they should be treated equally

  • Yes, agree with you. Immigrants are humans too. Most of the time, they leave their original place of residence just because of life threatening situations. No matter what, they should be allowed to migrate into another country because it is for their safety. Countries should at least try their possible best to support immigrants with resources that will help cater for them or help them feel safe and recover from their trauma

  • I agree with you that the UK government should review immigration policies and make them a little bit friendlier. Sometimes last year, the UK government changed the law that allows for migrant to bring a lone a wife or children making a more difficult for migrant. This is very discouraging. Some of the dependent could also contribute the growth of GDP by bringing their professional experience.
    In conclusion, the UK government should not just put a blanket rule for everyone but should consider a lot of factors so that they can also help developing nations by absorbing their citizens in return will also send funds to help their country.

  • I appreciate you decisive_mouse passion for helping immigrants, but I have a different perspective. While welcoming immigrants is important, we must also consider the strain on resources and the need for a balanced approach. It's like inviting guests to a dinner party,we want to welcome them warmly, but we also need to ensure there's enough food for everyone. Balancing compassion with practicality is key.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Topical Talkers I am Inventive signature and I will be sharing my opinion about migrants with the following points of mine as listed below:
    In my own view I think that the UK government should allow migrants into the country because imagine an instance they might not know if the migrants coming into the country has a talent and skill that the country don`t have and they don`t have the same talents and skills that the migrant can have that simply means they have missed an opportunity in developing their country.
    In conclusion I will say that migrants should be allowed into a country no matter what the situation is and it can reduce the high level of unemployment because migrants would be ready to be employed.
    BYE TOPICAL TALKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Personally, I think immigrants should be let in into the country and not sent to Rwanda as many peole come to the UK for a safe life, however Rwanda is known to be poor and not the best for people, especially immigrants. The UK is a developed country and it is a very rich country too, the money can be used to take in immigrants and fund them as these immigrants can develop the economy with employment rates but also the UK should understand how to fund them while providing for the people in the country who aren't immigrants. This is vital as the government should not be able to stray away from its responsibilities as a country and mistreat people in need because it can cost lives. Thank You!