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I think that in the future people will no longer use the media or their phones any more, i... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
I agree because AI can be used to make many things that people do, much faster and easier... AI: Pros and Cons 20/3/24
This is not what I expected because I am very excites about AI, so I was equally expecting... The future of AI: poll results! 17/3/24
I expected more than this. I had thought we would have over 90% saying that preventing crime is... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 17/3/24
The points you have raised here are absolutely correct but only happen in ideal situation is... Media and Elections 17/3/24
I agree with you that the UK government should review immigration policies and make them a... Immigration Essay 17/3/24
We don't need any superheroes! My concern is the impact the so-called superheroes will leave in... Enchanced games? Do we really need superheroes? 15/3/24
I think that AI can have some advantages and some disadvantages, I say this because some people... AI and Robots!! 15/3/24
I agree because people that don't know any thing about the leaders can get some other... The media and elections 14/3/24
I agree because a strong woman is not just a woman that can do everything a strong woman is... Breaking the mould 14/3/24
I agree because diversity can help people to understand and know what other people are going... Competition #8 winners 14/3/24
I agree with your option C, this is because not every business imparts the the planets, the... Profits or the planet? 13/3/24
I agree because if their are no people in a country, there will not be any resources that can be... Fair or unfair? 13/3/24
I agree because people that don't know anything about the country or the person going into... The media and elections 08/3/24
I agree because the voters have the right to vote for who they want to vote for not that someone... How would you respond? 08/3/24
I agree with you talented_apricot, i need a leaders who I will invest massively in education... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 07/3/24
The shocking fact about that it's 1 billion opinions, most likely different from they're leader... The elections quiz 07/3/24
I agree because if most of these people don't see the side effects of the drug it might feel ... Should people know? 06/3/24
I agree with you passionate_reinder because if you are living in the village without a phone,... The media and elections 06/3/24
I agree because some of these people don't know the side effects of all the drugs that they... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 05/3/24