Should We Allow Every Immigrant?

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We will hurt immigrants as well as the country if they are not welcomed into their new country. This is significant, in my opinion. Since the majority of individuals desire to immigrate but are unable to do so because they want to contribute to the growth of their new country, I believe all of these goals are fair. Most of the countries to which people are moving have faced and overcome a great deal of difficult challenges before emerging as well-known and friendly relocation destinations. Should everyone be allowed to relocate, what would happen to the nations from which these individuals are fleeing?

I think that not everyone should be able to move. Only in dire situations—such as during a national upheaval or when the receiving country offers job opportunities for citizens of other countries—should migration take place. There will be some degree of balance in both countries as a result. Let's demonstrate with A and B. The labour force in country B will decline if a substantial number of individuals relocate there for no obvious reason, which will be harmful to the progress of the country as a whole. Every industry, including those in politics, health care, and security, will have a personnel shortage.

I think it's important to reveal the real reasons behind migration, even though some people will argue that immigration should be allowed. Over-immigration should not be allowed. Keep in mind that nations would be forced to bar migrants from entering their borders if there are too many of them since they do not want to accept too many people that they cannot support.

But sometimes I ask myself these questions. What will happen to their own country? Will the problems worsen? Many contend that they shouldn't allow them.

Some could call it nepotism, but I say it's fair since, after all, who will be there to support them when they need it? Issues should sometimes be dealt with instead of being ignored because ignoring them will only make them worse.

We should, in my opinion, be able to both grant and deny since we must sometimes face challenges. Attempting to get away only makes issues worse.

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  • Yes over immigration can be an issue. It was also recently discussed as in the light of the issue of Brain Drain where skilled labour shifts to different country. Yes it causes shortage to the first country.
    But we can't plainly deny entry as it may be harmful to basic human rights.
    So it's solution can be improving the infrastructure and facilities in the country to avoid excess immigration.

  • I believe that not every immigrant should be allowed to enter a country. We should consider the reasons behind their desire to immigrate and also take into account the needs of their home country. It would be better for their own government to work with the government of the destination country to find ways for skilled individuals to benefit both countries. If the immigrants can contribute to the development of the destination country and if the home country is also in need of skilled individuals to help develop their own country, then allowing immigration would be beneficial. We should aim to find a balance so that both countries benefit and neither country suffers. It's important to find a flexible solution for allowing immigrants to enter.