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Yes over immigration can be an issue. It was also recently discussed as in the light of the... Should We Allow Every Immigrant? 22/3/24
I agree with you that modern techniques and chemical fertilizers are harmful to environment.... Is agriculture a potential solution to climate change? 20/3/24
I agree with you that we should not punish at extreme levels of torture. The more severe the... Is cruelty in prision the right thing? 19/3/24
I agree with the argument B Well it not only means that it seems unfair that those who do not... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 13/3/24
Indeed immigrants can be beneficial to a country. Many unskilled migrants help as labour in... Benefits of Immigrants to a Country 13/3/24
As population increases the issues of available spaces,equal opportunities etc arises. As... Ageing populations 11/3/24
On that note I believe that I would love to be the leader of the country but not for a day!... Your country in your hands! 11/3/24
I believe that the first past the post system was adopted due to circumstances. India already a... How does the Indian election work? 05/3/24
International games are beneficial for people and countries as it gives a sense of unity... Which sports “matter”? 28/2/24
Journalist mainly face the challenge of authenticity and reliability of the news. We are well... Challenges to journalists 28/2/24
Honestly I am bit confused on the issue. Firstly every individual has a private life done by... Sports and politics 28/2/24
Boycott are helpful on the basis of how we see it. If it's intent is really true and not a... Are boycotts helpful? 28/2/24
A topic I would like to suggest is the one that i have pondered for long...Women in military. I... Suggest a discussion 26/2/24
In terms of gender people are fairly represented in some instances but mostly , I feel that... Do you feel represented? 22/2/24
India is called as the youth country having the largest population of youth across the globe , ... Are young people politically engaged? 22/2/24
I agree with the option B . International women's day is celebrated worldwide to mark and give... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24
I scored 7 out of 10 , I got to know so many things about the progress and the state of women in... The women in media quiz 20/2/24
The "Gender Pay Gap " surprises me the most since both men and women work with equal dedication... Gender inequality: have your say! 19/2/24
I think watching and being absorbed in the world of these news potentially have no threat or... Responsible citizens 19/2/24
I think watching and being absorbed in the world of these news potentially have no threat or... Responsible citizens 19/2/24