History of prisoners and improvement

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  • I also believe that it's important to remember that prisons are meant to help prisoners change for the better. The government should ensure that prisons are safe and have programs for rehabilitation and skill training. This way, when prisoners leave, they can contribute positively to society, having learned new skills and left to their old ways behind.

  • I also agree that prisons should be a safe and secure place for prisoners. It's important the government's job to make sure prisons are well-run, with proper food and security. When prisoners are treated well, they have a better chance of changing their ways and becoming better people. But if they are not taking care of and feel unsafe, they might not change, and when they're released, they could cause more problems in the community.

  • You have made a good point because prisons serve and important purpose in keeping our community safe. They help protect us from who have made mistakes and might harm others. They also give those people a chance to learn from their mistakes and become better. If we don't take them to prison, they might keep doing bad things and think it's good. So, it's important for people who break the law to go to prison to learn and make things better.

  • Hi,
    I think your comment is quite logical. I think that prisons are good for both the prisoners and the people. Prisoners are taught reformation through prisons. As a result, prisoners can easily come to the righteous path. Also people are safe for prisons. I think prisons should be improved. Then people and prisoners will get more benefits. Prisoners can also join the list of working citizens of the country. Hope you understand my comment.

  • In my own understanding, prison is a correctional center. It is a place where some people who have gone contrary to the law of land are been corrected whether knowingly or unknowingly, so prison is meant to be a place where some people like this are supposed to be corrected and reformed.
    And now it is the duty of the government to ensure safety and security in the prison, because those imprisoned are still humans, they are to shown love and care just like other and educate them more on the right thing to do, this will enable them to reform on their own and decide not to engage in such evil act again and in the process you will notice that some of them did what they did unintentional not knowing that is a crime, so in case where they are been corrected they wouldn't what to go back to such crime again.

  • I agree people don't see they use of prisons until when they really observe closely but the truth is that prisons help to reduce crimes in they society and they people that say prisons are not useful it also keeps them safe from offenders. The main purposes of prisons are for rehabilitation, security, reformation and also safety, government should ensure that these virtues are given before they prisoner be released or not this is when we say prisons are not useful.