Why are prisoners dangerous?

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Prisoner in the world can be dangerous in the type of crimes that they committed also for the people who they might of hurt might be injured. Criminals are bad for the society so then the police would have to arrest them and they than would go to the jail house because it keeps them lock up and away from the good society.

Firstly, prisoners wont be running around the society and we all would be safe from them because they are in jail,and they will also be in jail for a long time so they won't be let out straight away(they might be in their for year or month).

One of the main problem of prisoners are that sometimes they just enter and after a month or two they would be let out some prisoners are in for a long time but the others are let out they should be in for longer so than they would understand what they did.Next one of the second main problem is that there's is not enough money to keep them in and theres is not a lot of jails and it is overflowing with prisoners.

In conclusion, I believe that prisoners are bad for the society and should be rehabilitated properly back into the community or remain in prison closely monitored by the system and by the police and all other professional authorities invalid and non involved.

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  • Prisons are dangerous because the people who work there they honestly don’t have control. How can for example 25 guards on shift control 1000 prisoners they run riots they cause trouble and they assault Gaurds how could they possibly have control and keep everyone safe at the same time.

  • Prisoners are people that have committed crimes and were sent to jail.But as you said why are they considered dangerous even though they are in jail?
    To start with, prisoners are behaving in a very awful way

  • Prisoners are sometimes dangerous for the world especially the ones that are not spending enough time in prisons. They may be detained for a month or two but this is not enough for them to understand the crime they have committed and how it affected other people's lives.
    I think if we release them too early they will go around committing crimes again.
    But if we make them come in contact with other people they can became better. An activity such as cooking food for the elderly or planting trees would be beneficial. Given the right circumstances I believe everyone can improve.

  • I think that the main reason prisoners are seen as dangerous is because they are scared, even if they don't necessarily always show it. When any of us are scared it leads to the immediate reaction of fighting back and this is all that the prisoners are doing. To prevent this we need to ensure that prisoners feel safe when they enter prison, so we can try and stop these dangerous actions they may do because of this fear.

  • they are dangerous by robing banks stealing money and escape prison