Standpoints by students of St Cenydd Community School | United Kingdom

Comments by students of St Cenydd Community School | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
balanced_painting I agree with C the most because not ever company can or will make any changes about the... Profits or the planet? 17/3/24
balanced_painting Prisons are dangerous because the people who work there they honestly don’t have control. How... Why are prisoners dangerous? 17/3/24
balanced_painting I agree because I asked 3 people in my household to name 3 famous sports people and they all... Is women's sport shadowed in the UK and in real life? 17/3/24
balanced_painting Yes immigration is beneficial because migration can increase the working age population. Why... Is immigration beneficial? 15/3/24
balanced_painting The purpose of prisons is to protect the community and serve justice for the victims. Then they... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 15/3/24
forceful_olive I believe that it is very important for young people to learn about Women in the media as it's... Competition #8 winners 15/3/24
balanced_painting Yes immigration is helpful because you are welcoming other people from other countries and... Is immigration beneficial? 14/3/24
capable_ocean I agree with astounding turbine as athletes train and put in so much effort for years just for... Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 14/3/24
bright_armadillo In my opinion drugs are not all medicines and most drugs have nothing to do with medicines for... Drugs: Are They Just Medicines? Should They Be Consumed In Any Case? 13/3/24
bright_armadillo Its appearing more commonly spoken about today because the drastic affects it has on our lives... Eco-anxiety, what can be done about it? 13/3/24
bright_armadillo I do not think that it is worth taking the risk because you are taking illegal substances to... Enchanced games! Is it worth taking the risk? 12/3/24
digital_coconut I got 7 out of 10 and this actually helped teach me a little but more. Thinking about the... Show what you know 11/3/24
digital_coconut I find opinion C realy interesting, let me explain. I've heard before that some prisons in other... What if prisons aren’t working? 11/3/24
bright_armadillo Hello fellow topical talkers i am writing this all about AI and the future and I think it is... Competition #8 winners 11/3/24
bright_armadillo I think that young people are worried over climate change all around all of us and are worried... Suggest a discussion 11/3/24
bright_armadillo I think that if you want to be a candidate then you have to look at why you would want to rule... Suggest a discussion 11/3/24
clever_peach When consuming news around an election, it's important to be critical and verify information... The media and elections 10/3/24
clever_peach AI is expected to have a significant impact on the future of war. It can enhance military... AI: and the future of war 10/3/24
digital_coconut I feel that either being allowed to support one candidate over the other or not being allowed... Businesses and elections 10/3/24
clever_peach Actions in the media can sometimes reinforce stereotypes about women by portraying them in... Stereotypes 10/3/24