Are the Enhanced Games really fair?

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The Enhanced games are a serious of sport comprtition similar to the Olympics, the mair difference is that in the Enhanced Games the consumering of drugs is allowed in order to obtain better results in their prformances. there is people wich is in favour with this games that doesn´t look after the the athlete´s health and the influence of drugs in them, while others refuse to the creation of this games due to the damage drugs can create in the body of the consumers.

This kind of Olympicas are planned to be world wide in some years, it is estimated to 2025. the opinions towards this competitions are mainly negative. many people has talk about this topic in the media and the main feeling is danger, danger produced by those drugs which can create colateral damages.

The rich businessman Aron D´Souza´s declarations are clear: "tha Olympics have been remodel such times since the Ancient Greece, we want to remodel them once more". the purpose of this games is to get more viewers than the Superbowl or the Criket Worldcup.

The copetition would be unfair to those who cosume drugs than the ones who prefer to be natural. as the number of risks would rise, more medical services would be required; consequences could be bad. the use of substances can cause medical disorders, adictions and in the most extreme situations, death.

In the situation of an athlete, I would be concern about the damages that my body can recive, not just in the moment but in future times. As an spectator, i would obtain a new source of entretainment.

In may opininion, I won´t like this competitions to be held not only because of the health of competitors but also the work they have done before whitout drgs would be shadowed.

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  • Hi
    In my opinion the enhanced drugs are not safe and fair.the enhanced game can affect their health, for example Caine can make someone to go running wild the can affect their health.the enhanced can influence the young one of today to be taking it.the enhanced game should be illegal to all participants should be doing their way of training.
    Thank you 😊

    1. I agree with you,I do not think enhanced drugs are safe . Many drugs can have terrible affects on you for the rest of your life

  • I do not think the enhanced games are fair because other players work hard to even get to the olympic games wheras drugs in my opinion are cheating.Using these drugs ,it can make you stronger,jump higher or run faster although contradictions are that it can come with terrible outcomes possibly turning you into a paralympian.The olympic games should be safe places wehere you can compete using fair rules.

  • The enhanced games aren't really unfair because people may listen to the rules and obey them. Some people may take advantage of the rules and disobey them and take the drugs before entering the stadium and people won't know that they have taken the drugs to make them faster and they probably do this to represent their country and to the golden medal or the contestants may take the substants in a private place that no one will see them taking the drugs. I would reccomend to put cameras in every room available.

  • Hello Topical Talkers!
    I would say that the Enhanced Games are not fair or safe, for either of the participants or the audience. It is not safe for the audience because cigarettes are drugs and smoking them could affect the adults and, or the children. The participants are not being fair because of the drugs some people, if they are competitive and willing to do anything to win, will use more than one drug to win and sometimes overdose on steroids and other drugs that are bad for you. I believe that sports are supposed to be about hard-work, team-work, and fun!

    Bye Topical Talkers!

  • Hello Topical talkers I am inventive signature and I would want to express my opinion about the enhanced drugs with the following points of mine:
    The enhanced drugs are not fair in my own view because one opponent can over trough the other weaker opponent due to the results of drugs and it is said that too much drugs are harmful to the body.Some spectators might not even really was not to watch that match or the tracking event it can cause hypertension to the spectators.
    In conclusion I will say that for a competition to be fair and look more competitive, organizers should make sure or carry out health checkup to know if they took drugs or not for to be competitive, full of team spirit and fair enough for the spectators.
    Bye for now Topical talkers!!!!!