Should Athletes be Blamed?

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Sports organisations have traditionally opposed drug use in sports, which is considered unethical and dishonest. With the introduction of the enhanced games, these contests will now be held in a style identical to the Olympics. However, there are just five games this time around where players can utilise drugs to improve their performance and become faster in the games they play. So, I would like to know if we should hold athletes accountable for utilising performance-enhancing drugs.

The pressure to succeed, earn more money, support their families, and satisfy their own desires are the main causes of drug use among athletes. Other motivations include competing for large organisations or professional teams, winning medals for their nations, and, for some, the mere desire for amusement.

I wonder again how athletes come to the point where they feel the need to take drugs. In my opinion, athletes may consent to use performance-enhancing drugs because someone may pressurise them, support them, or even alter their opinion about them for someone who never planned to use them. In my opinion, the athlete's option or choice is not always the final say.

Consider a coach who, should his team succeed, stands to get a promotion and increased compensation. He then orders his squad to take the drug in order to succeed and get noticed. The athlete chooses to use the performance-enhancing drugs during a game where it is prohibited, and when they discover this, they will bear the consequences rather than the coach. Even if he changes his mind regarding boosted drugs, there are other situations where the federation or even family force the athlete to do this. In my view, no athlete ever considers cheating when they enter the sport. I am of the opinion that if an athlete is found wanting, proper interrogation should be made.

It has also reinforced my deep desire to understand what it is that certain people truly need to prosper or perhaps become famous. You won't believe how hard individuals work to achieve unimportant goals that ultimately ruin their lives way too soon.

If a long-term drug user becomes sick, the illness may become so serious that there is no therapy available to them, or the treatment may be so expensive that all of their hard-earned money must be spent on one course. The athlete's life may never be the same after all due to public humiliation.

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  • I think athletes should be blamed of the effects because no one forced them to take they drugs they did it themselves so them to are faulty if anything happens but they person that should take the most responsibility for the effects is the manager because he brought up they idea of using enhancement drugs.

    1. I disagree because with you because athletes are not to be blamed i think that the coach should be blamed because they are suppose to warn the athletes not to take these drugs because these drugs have many side and negative effects which can be very dangerous and deadly. I think that coaches are even the one's that may have brought these drugs into the Olympics because many athletes did not even know about this drugs.
      Thank you.

    2. I disagree with this comment because athletes did not just take this drugs, I think athletes take this drugs so they can be better at the sport. In my opinion I think most athletes should not be blamed because most people look down at them.

  • I agree with your overall claim. Athletes don't always deserve the blame for partaking in the usage of performance enhancing drugs.

    An example that comes to my mind is the case of over 150 Russian Olympic athletes who were caught of doping. The truth is that it was a state-sponsored activity and the athletes likely had little say on whether they wanted to use the drugs or not. Therefore it is not fair to always put the blame on the athletes themselves and there must be intricate investigation of the cases before placing bans on the athletes themselves. While it's immoral and even insulting (to the competitors) to use performance-enhancing drugs for the sake of victory, it is even more immoral to punish the athletes who had no choice but to take the drugs considering their hard work to reach such a high level in their respective sports.

    1. There comes the need for background checks, even though we test normally for the use of drugs we never even think of the stress they have to go through even if such is not their will. The background check would show exactly who is to blame for the use of drugs. Never the less hard work and determination should be the only enhancements we would ever need.😊😊😊

    2. I agree with your opinion because some athletes are forced by their country to take the Enhanced drugs to win an (Olympic games) which is not fair because it can affect the athlete in the future which is bad. We should not always

    3. I agree with your opinion because some athletes are forced by their country to take the Enhanced drugs to win an (Olympic games) which is not fair because it can affect the athlete in the future which is bad. We should not always blame them even though it was them who insisted to take the drugs. But we should put the blame on their coach because they do not care whether they get affected they just want to win a game.

    4. I'm not sure about your perspective objective_independence. Athletes should not be always be blamed because athletes have an opinion to take the drugs to improve their performance which is called doping, which to me is called cheating in the olympic games. athletes take the drugs due to lack of training or lack of being organise within a short period of time. however, Athletes that win with the cause of enhanced drugs do not deserve the win because that is the lack of sportsmanship.

  • I believe that Athletes shouldn't be blamed to some extent because most athletes do have special needs and cant do without enhanced drugs partly, but to make things equal, Both sides should be permitted to take enhanced drugs because if one side takes and the others don't, it is indeed an unfair and unjust. In this case these games are eventually equal and there'll be no Cheating!
    What do you think Fellow Topical Talkers?

  • Thanks for showing me this new information I would never have thought this way about players using PEDs, we always think that the athlete is to blame, but we never think of the athlete, and the pressure on them, but without a doubt there are still athletes who take these drugs for very selfish reasons and replace hard work with medicine, so in all honesty the way forward would be to query the coach and the other teammates if they had any knowledge of the action, and through that we could allow for every athlete to play with freedom, justice and happiness.
    Thank you.

  • in my own opinion i think that athletes should be blamed for the usage of enhanced drugs. I think they they know how dangerous its side effects are , i say this because a lot of players engage themselves in performing enhanced drugs most of them most have done it for money, and some of them would have done it for fame. people all around the world have done a lot of things outside the box just because of the rewards they are going to get afterwards.

  • You are right. Athletes should not be blamed for taking performance enhancing drugs during enhanced games the game requires drugs and this drugs are harmful. I will advice people not to participate in enhanced games for the safety and overall, well being. People use these drugs to win but games are about strength and real abilities. I think it is better to win without drugs than to take drugs gain victory and have medical issues with your systems.

  • I agree with you active_coconut because people are not meant to take drugs because of the bad consequence it brings to the human body it may not come immediately but can affect your body in a very bad way. being famous doesn't mean you to take performance enhancing drugs because if got caught it can have a bad impact and can cause humiliation to the players in sports and in front the people.