The Enhanced Games: are they better than the Olympics?

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The question that really comes to mind in this topic is: are the enhanced games better than the Olympics? The enhanced games are a similar event to the Olympics but you can take performance enhancing drugs to reach your full potential. In this standpoint I am going to discuss the pros and cons of the enhanced games and what i believe should happen in the future.


  • The enhanced games prioritise safety for the athletes, they recieve a free medical screening prior to competition in comparison to the Olympics whom give the athletes a drug test after each competition. This is clearly for the fairness as they have no mandated health-testing program whereas the enhanced games have the health scans including: echocardiogram, blood tests and genomic sequencing. In addition, there is a lot of science involved around sports which includes evidence against the false claims towards the games such as: steroids are bad for your health. This point has been countered by scientists who state according to a number of studies the use of steroids typically has positive effects on the health of athletes, particularly in relation to muscle mass, strength and endurance, and in reducing the risk of injury and fatigue, thus leading to improved performance. Despite some negative impacts of steroids and performance enhancing drugs, these effects are mostly temporary and your body would return to normal after a given time.


Performance enhancing drugs and steroids still have their negatives, whether they are temporary or not, these include: increased risk of heart disease/ heart attacks, liver damage and dysfunction and reproductive issues. In addition, this can influence the younger generation into using the enhanced drugs, some using them as early as nine! Another point that needs to be made is that even though the effects are temporary, theyre addictive and athletes could become obsessed, using them more than they should be used. I do think that these points are very powerful and it makes sense that they are not allowed in the Olympics, making things fairer for the athletes not only physically but also their mental health.

My Opinion:

I think that the enhanced games are better than the olympics for two main reasons:

1. The enhanced games are using health scans for the athletes safety unlike the Olympics which use the drug tests for fairness.

2.The effects of the performance enhancing drugs can forward very helpful research to scientists to be able to bring the full potential for the people.

But this is just my opinion, if anyone has any opposing views to my standpoint, you could question me later.

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  • Honestly, I believe that the original Olympics are better than the enhanced games because the original is safer. The enhanced games open possibilities to all dangerous forms of injury, in return for fame and glory. The enhanced games open possibilities to a more dangerous games when comparing it to the original. The only problems that currently challenge the Olympics is doping. To me enhancement of security systems is the perfect way to make the Olympics better.

  • I agree with you. You make some very valid points that I agree with. #2.The effects of the performance enhancing drugs can forward very helpful research to scientists to be able to bring the full potential for the people. I agree because the performance enhancing drugs can benefit people and give them positive experiences, however I still think that the Enhanced Games should still be stopped.