Standpoints by students of Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
imaginative_attitude Hello, Training teachers might need to adapt with the world of AI is that they need to be well... AI and the future of education 28/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, I think not just a local issue but a global issue that should be changed is the effects... How could businesses make positive change? 27/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, I think international games might be beneficial for some countries from the economy... Which sports “matter”? 27/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, Personally I think it is people who effect adults behavior such as managers , co workers... Who has the power to stop social bias? 26/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, Personally I think prison staff should be offered support for their mental health . The... Prison staff 26/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, The Festival expert I learned something important was from Zanny Minton Beddoes . I... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, Even though your statistics say that there are 18% of people in the world that do not... Is there any hope for the future? 24/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello engaging_emotion , When I said about removing old buildings I did not mean building with... Immigration, should it happen? 12/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of Eco-Anxiety and... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
modest_harp Hi all, While I don't explicitly agree with the Enhance Games on the premise of the health... Unfair advantage? 12/3/24
busy_trumpet I believe that it is important for young people to learn about eco-anxiety in the news for many... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello , As a young person what do I want ? Personally I think that more money should be spent... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 11/3/24
imaginative_attitude Hello, Media and elections , good or bad? Personally I think that the media is a great tool... The media and elections 11/3/24
busy_trumpet I agree with your point because without the people then no leader can lead as no matter what... Who has the power? 05/3/24
busy_trumpet I scored 5/10 as I learned lots about india. India has 1.4 billion in its population and over... The elections quiz 05/3/24
busy_trumpet In my opinion the news does effect voters because when you see issues addressed in the news you... The media and elections 05/3/24
trusting_melon yes but a celebrity like kim kardashian is a individual human being and should not be having... The “face” of a business 04/3/24
astounding_atmosphere I agree, when humanity first began they didn't performance enhancing drugs. In essence we are... An interview with the President of the Enhanced Games 04/3/24
best_grasshopper i think that prisons should increase pay as they are doing a job that gives people recognition... Prison staff 04/3/24
candid_earth The downside to this approach however is that in order to meet your 50/50 quota you would... Gender inequality: have your say! 04/3/24