The Indian Elections: E-Elections

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  • I am in actual accordance with your poi t because I believe that Ai could help secure the e-elections with the help of firewalls, Tec and any situation similar to Covid 19 is alliable to happen any time and
    with the aid of E-voting, Voting would be much more easier and interesting!
    What do you think fellow topical talkers?

  • I disagree with you talented_cicada because E-election can be also bad because take for instance an E-election is taken place a candidate can give money to the controller of the E-election so he changes the result. In my country must areas do not have internet connections which we use in apps and websites. So a lot of people will not do anything. Another instance is that a candidate uses a hacker to hack the websites. So it will be a loss for everyone.
    Also if they go to the voting unit it will be exercise.

    1. Dear active_coconut, do you think that E-elections are being controlled by humans?
      They aren't, and AI can't be bribed the way humans can be bribed.
      And the E-elections are might not be with phones only, they can also be E polling units for voting wherentge fingerprint system would be appreciated. Fire walls are also a great tools for protecting websites from hackers.

  • Hi talented cicada
    I am in actual accordance with your point because I believe that AI could help secure the election by avoiding rigging the election and manipulating the election votes. In Nigeria, during the election 2o22 votes were rigid and misplaced in the election, but with the idea you brought it will be good to practice it in our country to avoid corruption and rigging of elections in the country.

    with the aid of E-voting, Voting would be much more easier and interesting!
    What do you think fellow topical talkers?

  • I disagree with the notion for E-Elections. It's got its perks, like being all high-tech and stuff. But here's the deal: it's not all roses. There are some serious issues we gotta think about. Like, it's not as secure as we'd hope. Hackers could mess things up big time. And then there's the whole transparency thing. With paper voting, it's easier to see what's going on. But with electronic stuff, it's not as clear. Plus, not everyone's plugged into the tech world, you know? So, some folks might get left out of the process, especially those without internet access. And let's not even talk about the crazy amount of money it takes to set up electronic voting systems. So, yeah, while it's got its cool factor, electronic voting's got some serious flaws we gotta address.