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I solemnly agree with you because, if the people don't know what is happening in the country,... Media and Elections 18/3/24
You've really impressed me with your wonderful point. It's true that the world we are into this... AI and the future of education and work 18/3/24
Hi topical talk My opinion or idea about how AI can change the world of jobs and education. Yes... How can AI change the world of jobs and education? 15/3/24
My opinion or idea about AI vs HUMANS is that people say that AI is another version of humans... AI VS HUMANS 15/3/24
Hi topical talk What I know about the media and election The media is a watch dog of the... The media and election. 14/3/24
Hi topical talk Yes it should be allowed in competition but it is left for participants to... Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 14/3/24
Well that really makes sense because an electorate mustn’t go out to the pulling units before he... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 13/3/24
Your comment was an educating one because it is not only the media that has the responsibility... Businesses and elections 13/3/24
You’ve just said it all that women are not respected as men because they think that women are... Do you feel represented? 11/3/24
I agree with you because as you said the leader must be a sacrificial lamb for the people... Your country in your hands! 11/3/24
You'v really opened my eyes to learn new things but have you forgotten that if people or voters... Who has the power? 08/3/24
Don't you think the great difficulties could be a trial in order for your citizens to know how... Your country in your hands! 08/3/24
Ok, I think the community can be a help because if I present my issues to the communities, they... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 07/3/24
Yes of course i solidly agree with you lovely horse because here is a saying that too much of... AI companion 07/3/24
I whole heartedly agree with you because it is said that the election is meant for the people or... Who has the power? 06/3/24
You’v really impressed me because if our leaders should work together to do all that you’v just... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 06/3/24
Wow that was a wonderful comment you have made because the media only serves as a watch dog to... Who has the power? 05/3/24
I solemnly agree with you because when citizens cast their vote by themselves, they will be... How would you respond? 05/3/24
Hello topical talkers I’m talented_cicada so today I will be sharing my own opinion on the... Who has the power? 04/3/24
I solemnly agree with you because if I am the electorate today,I believe that one day I will... Your country in your hands! 04/3/24