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Hi Katie @ Topical Talk, I believe that this idea might not cause many problems as it is... What do you know about immigration policies? 17/2/24
I scored 6 out of 8. I opine that these immigrants should be given a probation period which... What do you know about immigration policies? 13/2/24
I believe that Joe Biden is doing the most appropriate thing to do in such situations. He is... Fair or unfair? 12/2/24
The UK's government has taken a bold and controversial step to send illegal immigrants to... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 12/2/24
I scored a 12/12!! I am astonished as well as curious about the facts the discussed in the quiz... The business and politics quiz 11/2/24
Hi @majestic_elephant, I absolutely agree with your point since, nowadays crime rate has been... Responsible citizens 11/2/24
Hi, in my opinion, the one job AI will be able to do better than humans in the future is in the... People v robots 10/2/24
Hi, I believe that the country has no rights to completely control the words of the celebrity... The “face” of a business 09/2/24
In my opinion, I agree with Option A and B the most as it appears to be the most sensible option... AI accident: who is responsible? 09/2/24
If I was the owner of a multi-national company having a great number of staff belonging to... Countries behaving badly 08/2/24