Fair or unfair?

The immigration policies of individual countries often make global news. Take a look at some of these recent examples.


Many asylum seekers need financial support.

In Germany more cities are moving towards a card-based system for support, rather than bank payments. This is to prevent asylum seekers from transferring the money to others, such as relatives in their country of origin.


President Joe Biden of America tried to pass a new agreement that says the borders can be shut down if too many migrants are trying to enter the country.

This would mean the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter the country would be reduced to a minimum.


After Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Poland offered Ukrainian refugees temporary protection.

This included education for children and healthcare - and some people could also request housing.

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  • I think that Joe Biden's policies are fair because if too many immigrants come into America, then the population would be too high and the USA won't want to pay all of that money for the education and healthcare that the immigrants need. The refugees would feel differently because their country has become unsafe so they have ran away from it, seeking refuge. If the USA only lets some people in ,then families could be torn apart and each other forced to never see each other again. From an immigrant's perspective this is a really unfair thing to do.

    1. I agree with you and I also think that if there are too many immigrants it also affects, their home country because it causes a lack of human resources the economy of that country will also be affected causing more people to leave their country.

      1. Excellent awareness highspirited_concept, Hans Rosling (A Swedish academic) does a brilliant presentation on immigration and the brain drain it can cause. Some challenges are that poorer countries may put money into educating doctors etc, who then once they pass their exams they move abroad to developed countries so they themselves can live a better life. This therefore causes the 'brain drain' where a country invests in its talent to only go and lose it. I would encourage you to do some research on 'brain drain' and Hans Rosling as it is very interesting and he has some great visual lectures.

        1. Interesting suggestions Ollie.
          It is really disheartening that after much energy, resources and attention given to individuals precisely doctors,
          The finishing product would not be beneficial to their country.This increases the under developmental standards of the country and thus leading to an hazardous effect.
          I believe there should be an awareness program that talks about this issue .
          An academic such as hans Rosling are doing a great job in bringing this to the public notice.
          Let the people who were invested in,invest in their country also.

        2. Thank you for the suggestion, I really enjoy my new knowledge on the 'brain drain', I am learning a lot and I know it will be able to help me in future discussions.

        3. I personally think that brain drain is not really the fault of the individual, many would choose to use their talents where is is more accepted and profitable for them. So I think the country should not only focus on educating minds but developing the country by providing more job opportunities, infrastructures, innovations and so much more to not only retain good professions but to lure others from other countries, surely the developed countries are doing something right to garner so many individuals of dexterity
          So they shouldn’t only invest in their youths but the country as a whole to, or simply building a culture of patriotism that enables a citizen to always fall back to their country no matter what.

      2. I agree because... having too many immigrants in the country can put a strain on resources like water, food etc. When a country cannot fend for the needs of all the citizens because the nation is overpopulated, this countries will not be able to carry the burden of other people who will want to immigrate into their country.

      3. Exactly!
        Because the more people in a country or certain place with the limited amount of resources available, will cause serious problems.
        Its disappointing to the fact that people leave their country for a safer place because where they were, was not safe enough. But that's the truth. The more people added in a country does not increase the resource to cater for human needs. Which will end up turning citizen needs into insatiable desires. So yes that my point of view and what it actually is.

      4. hello highspirited_concept,
        well that may not always be the case. like in my country which is to say to some level 'overcrowded' so it is of benefit to the country when there are immigrants

      5. Yeah, but the immigrants are humans and they need to find a home. In my opinion, it's inhuman to not allow people to enter your country and force them to go somewhere else. Countries should think about this and all make some changes in their decisions about immigrants.

    2. Thank you for sharing, how would you balance supporting refugees whilst also recognising the desires of the population existing within the country. Take the UK for example, what would you suggest?

      1. To begin with.
        In oder to balance supporting refugees and my country population desires if i were a president.
        I would first of all consider the population of my country before considering the amount of refugees allowed.
        This simply means that it depends on my country's population so is the number of refugees let in.
        Before letting any refugees in,i believe holding a press conference about the insecurities/situational discomfort the refugees are in and how we could support them.
        Futher explaining that all their desires cannot be satisfied and that we should be of great assistance to countrys around us and that any country could be under threat at any time either from wars or natural disasters.
        I suggest that in oder to balance supporting refugees and the people's desire .
        A limited amount of refugees should be allowed in .
        Thus reducing the risk of overpopulation and under resources.
        I believe with understanding and tolerance .
        The issue of balancing would be reserved.

    3. You are right vivacious engine, because when we have lots of immigrants in a country that country will be over populated and the government will not be able to handle them all this is a disadvantage of immigration, an another disadvantage of immigration is ,when you are coming from a country without training or disciple and you come to a country that trained their citizens to be disciplined you meant likely come and course problems in that particular country, so it will be better if the government reduce the way people come to a country. So, for me what Joe Biden is doing is very fair. Thank you!

      1. I strongly agree with because I think countries are careful so as not to import criminals into their countries. some countries who do not have strong data base may not have adequate information on certain citizens of their countries. These people could be criminals who may likely come in and infiltrate their society and bring crimes.

        1. That's right because for example in Nigeria we have leaders who are corrupt and are giving citizens the mind set of corruption and that is wrong. Lets image leaders like this go to well trained counties they can socialize with citizens of that country and corrupt them.

        2. Knowledgeable_message, thank you for your comment.

          You make a good point about immigrants who have committed crimes in their original countries.

          Suppose someone has immigrated to country B from country A?

          - What incentive does country A have to share its criminal database with country B?
          - In what ways could the definitions of 'crimes' be very different in the two countries?

        3. I don't really agree with you because the country minimizing the numbers of the asylum seekers entering their country is with a reason it doesn't really means avoiding the import of criminals into their country. Well in my own opinion, I think the reason why the country is minimizing the numbers of the asylum seekers entering their country is because of:
          Residential area: most countries don't have much houses that can accommodate all of them.[the asylum seekers].

    4. I agree with Joe Biden's policy because he is actually being considerate in his decision. If there are too many immigrants he would not be able to cater for the needs of everyone in the country and the country would become over-populated which in turn would lead to unemployment. Over population can cause a lot of problems such as: increase in crime rate and poor living e.t.c.Well I feel like this policy is the best among all

    5. Yes, I agree with you on what you have said and that Joe Biden's policies are fair. I also think that if too many immigrants come to the country,terrorists can also use that as an advantage to gather themselves to go on with their work there. It will be so devastating to patriotic citizens and can make a nation fall apart.

      1. Can you explain the link that you have made between an increase in immigrants and terrorist activity?

    6. Hello Vivacious_engine,
      I agree with your statement on this. Joe Biden's policies are fair because with an overflow of immigrants coming to America, leads to an excessive population which the U.S will be unable to afford the education and healthcare that the immigrants require. However, the refugees will have a different pov from it because they are forced to leave and are seeking new beginnings and help. Now if the USA only lets a limited amount of people in this can cause torn apart families. With torn apart families the people that are restricted will deem it as an unfair policy.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

        1. My information was found at pewresearch.
          It stated that Joe Biden made the rules about immigration. For that point on the information, based on what i seen I made relevant and possible assumptions to why he made this rule.

    7. I strongly agree with you and I will also like to include the fact that when the immigrants are so many other refugees may see the country as a ‘refugee camp’ because so many people will be entering the country and their population will increase by a lot which won’t help because in USA their school fees are free that is if you go to public school.

      1. Well done for giving a reason for your opinion. Are all refugees likely to go to school in the country that they arrive in? What about adults who would like to work?

    8. I absolutely concur with your perspective and I also believe that Joe Biden 's policy is fair as it will achieve social cohension and it will prevent overpopulation from happening.
      In my opinion, personally the most fair policy is the one from poland. When a war happens, it is pivotal and essential for the affected country to find support from another countries. Giving educational opportunities to children, household and even housing is a great manner to help and protect local citizens and urge them to be patience until this war comes to an end and that is what Poland tends to implement.

    9. I agree with you because when the number of immigrants increases then it can lead to lots of problem such as overpopulation, crime rates because people who are migrated do not always find employment . Some of them look for means to earn money through illegal ways . This leads to increase in crime rates ; traffic jams, pollution etc.

      1. What measures could be taken to prevent this from happening?

        1. I agree with president Joe Biden ' decision that he passed the policy that the borders can be shut down if too many migrants are trying to enter the country which can lead to alot of of problems.. helping the asylum seekers is on the other side , but too many asylum seekers would enter to the host country then the host country would itself undergo in trouble. So my suggestion would be if you are helping the asylum seekers then the host country should allow limited asylum seekers in their country so that the host country would not become overpopulated .

          1. I disagree because most of the asylum seekers go to America to seek greener pastures, so preventing them from coming just seems a bit inhumane . Also most of the asylum seekers are hardworking and goal-oriented, which really improve America's economy since there are now more people working and spending money

      2. You're right, when there's a large influx of immigrants, it can create challenges like overpopulation, increased crime rates, and traffic congestion. But it is also crucial to recognize the potential challenges that can arise with increased immigration. However, it's also important to remember that immigrants contribute to the economy, cultural diversity, and innovation in many ways. Striking a balance and implementing fair policies can help address these concerns while also benefiting society as a whole.

      3. I agree with you that it can lead to crime rates because as you have said people who have migrated do not always find employment easily because some are not documented. Some go to countries illegally and when they try to find work, it becomes a problem because they are not there with permits which is necessary to get legal job. As a lot of time goes, most of them look for the next faster skim that they can get money to sustain both themselves and their families and so most of them go into illegal jobs. Because of that, the country can turn into something else[bad] and can also be devastating to citizens of the country.

    10. You made a good comment vivacious engine but my question is, if the population of immigrants become to high in America do you really think they will not be any plan for larger market to sustain everybody in the country?

    11. It's understandable to have concerns about immigration and its impact on resources, but it's also important to consider the unselfish aspect. Balancing both perspectives is important. It's a complex issue with no easy solution, and empathy for those seeking refuge is crucial in crafting fair policies.

    12. I totally agree with you because...
      Joe Biden made this policy so that the individuals in America won't suffer because of accepting too many immigrants. Accepting immigrants would lead to overpopulation therefore leading to the instability of the government to provide the basic amenities of the people and so they won't want to provide for the refugees. And accepting few immigrants would lead to the separation of families. So, in conclusion, I think Joe Biden 's policy is fair.
      Thanks 👍

      1. I agree with you that Joe Biden made those policies so that the citizens of America won't have to suffer for his actions. This is also very good because every leader of a country should be able to protect his/her citizens of the country ,with that the citizens would love appreciate their leader and it will make that country more stronger and firm.

    13. Hello,
      I agree with you because it is unfair to the immigrants searching for a better life. After all, I believe everyone should be given the same opportunities. I also understand the worry of overpopulation, as it can cause problems with housing, food, jobs, and other limited resources. As for refugees or asylum seekers, they should be, at least, given access to a safe location, with food, water, clothing, basically the bare minimum to survive. The refugees aren't leaving because they want to, they have to if they want to escape danger.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you think of reasons why people might leave their home countries?

        1. Good day everyone,
          Accourding to my opinion , people leave their home countries for their work or for their economical growth and also for study and business for example, a man started a business in his home country and his product were don't liked by people so, he can shift his business from his home country to another country where his product were liked by people and for maintaining the staff and branches he have to leave his home country . They also leave their home countries during the war for their safety for example, many people from Russia and Ukraine also leave these two countries for their safety . People also leave their countries because of natural disaster or for further environmental factors.

        2. Hello,
          There are many reasons why people might leave their home countries. These reasons can be a push or pull factor, where push factors push a person away from their home country, and pull factors pull someone towards another country.

          Push factors:
          - Increased violence
          -corrupt politicians
          -unstable economy
          -increased poverty
          -shortages of important resources
          an event in history where people decided to leave their home countries would be the crisis in Venezuela, where millions don't have food or medicine. Increased violence and crime have caused many to fear for their lives and flee their home country.

          Pull factors:
          -more opportunities
          -higher paying jobs
          stable economy
          -better education
          Many people choose to immigrate to another country to be reunited with their families or are just looking for a better life. I know that the Bracero's Program (1942-1964) was a huge pull factor for over 2 million Mexican men to travel to the USA looking for field jobs.
          Thank you!

        3. Hi 👋🏻
          I think there are many reasons for people to leave their country they maybe forced(they went because their is a war or something like that)or they left by their desires(they wanted better lives)
          ~Maybe they are forced because
          •A war with another country
          •civil wars
          •The Climate change
          ~Maybe they left by their desires
          •they wanted better jobs
          •they wanted better chances of studying
          •job opportunities
          •reconnecting friends and families

        4. People may have various reasons for leaving their homes, such as family or personal circumstances, dissatisfaction with their current country, or preference for a different location. Another common reason is education, as some people may seek higher degrees or better opportunities in other places. Moreover, some people may be forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, or injustice in their countries. Others may simply want to enjoy life and explore new cultures, destinations, or experiences. These are some of the possible motivations for people to relocate. Thank you.

    14. I agree with you because to many population will effect the country, the country get over population and also the big amount of money will be spend on the children education and the country get many more problem .

      1. Tranquil_lemon, thank you for your comment.

        Although money would be spent on children's education, many of the adult immigrants would work and pay taxes.

        What other problems could immigration cause?

    15. I agree with you because if there are to many immigrants in a country, they might not be taken care of well , making them feel unwanted in the country.
      There will also be a lack of human resources just as high spirted concept pointed out and this will cause more people to leave the country.

    16. I also agree with the vivacious engine because if a country has so many migrants the GDP per capita also may decrease the country and the inflation can also increase.

    17. I agree because if there are many immigrants in America some of the immigrants may have bad attitudes and corrupt some people in America. and now Joe Biden needs to close the border for safety.

    18. I strongly agree because... It's really hard to take care of a country that has a high population. Which means the government has to work harder and do more of exportation that importation. A high population could lead to families suffering, child abundance, drug abuse and even a higher crime rate. There is going to be a lot of cars accidents because of traffic.

    19. Hello!
      I don't fully agree with you, for the following reasons. I believe that for the most part, the law that Joe Biden tried to pass is unfair to people outside of America. Why? because according to the webpage "Understanding the U.S. Immigrant Experience: The 2023 KFF/LA Times Survey of Immigrants" most immigrants come to the USA for better opportunities, regarding financial situations, education, employment situations, or for their safety. Immigrants are people and they deserve to be able to leave a situation in their home country that they don't have control over. Most of them don't have the sole power to change the education system or increase the amount of jobs available, so they choose to leave in search of a place that fits their needs. A lot of immigrants say they are better off in their new country (from the same webpage) but everyone's life isn't perfect, the immigrants who decide to stay just have better pros of living where they are now than in their home country. Look at it this way, if you are stranded on one of two islands, where one island has plenty of food, drinkable water, good hunting gear, and nice hammocks, while the one you are at, has little food, is running out of water, and no places to comfortably lay down, wouldn't you want to travel to the other island? I would, and everyone should be given the chance too. It would be very unfair to be left suffering because that "island's" gates are closed. I do understand that overpopulation will affect everyone negatively as there aren't enough resources to go around, but I still stand by my point. To conclude, countries should not close their doors to immigrants or asylum seekers who need help. Thank you!

    20. I agree with you, vivacious engine but in my own opinion, I think Joe Biden's policies are fair to the disadvantages of the immigrants. When too many immigrants are allowed into the country, it increases the cost of living for both the citizens and the government because the citizens would have to buy food at higher rate while the government would spend much on importation and exportation of goods into the country. Another reason is that it would cause overpopulation.

    21. Well I strongly disagree with you because some people are in need of a safe place to stay either because of a war, an economic crisis in their country or personal reasons. Every human has the right to do anything he could in order to live a better life. Every country can make some changes in order to help the immigrants fix their life. Both the country and the immigrants can benefit from this situation. The immigrants will be able to efficiently find a place that meets all their needs and the country will respond with more money since the citizens will increase and have to pay taxes.

    22. i agree with you because immigrants keep on coming to the U.S and the U.S is already over populated so if all these immigrants the U.S is going to way to many people so it makes sence that joe biden tried to shut down the border because to many people are coming to the U.S.

    23. Hello vivacious_engine ,
      I agree because America is a free country and can give you free education, health care, etc, but if there are a lot of immigrants coming citizens and immigrants will get less money or freedom. This could affect everything and there would be less training for everyone. I also agree with what you said that if we look at the perspective of the immigrants this would be horrible. I also think that this would affect their home country, because it may cause a lack of human resources in the economy of their home country which will affect people leave their home country.

    24. I agree because... if more people come to America . The president Joe Biden will have to pay for more property. And also kids will need more supplies . So the government will have to help a little. And they will have less resources to use. Like you need trees to have wood and sometimes you need wood to make houses. So less creatures will have homes like squirrels.

    25. I think Vivacious _engine thinks differently because he or she said because they thought of subjects that did not come to my mind.The reason I disagree is that I think that is wrong to keep other people out of our country .You do not want to go anywhere dangerous why should they?

  • I think that Joe Biden trying to pass a law only letting some asylum seekers through is fair. This is because when a person goes to seek refuge in another country it will cost that country money to let you in and find a place to stay, this would come out of the citizens tax which they might say isn't very fair.

    Letting only a small amount of migrants into your country still helps some people that are seeking safety, but it is also leaving your country in a place where they aren't suffering financially because of it. Many people in these countries that asylum seekers are going to feel quite threatened because of the possibility of their jobs being taken. With the large amounts of unemployment because of a lack of jobs this makes people scared of the possibilities of what might happen when a migrant enters their country.

    If every country took a few then they would all have places to go and feel safe, but it can't end up with one country taking tens of thousands because that would have both economic and social effects on their population and government.

    This is why I think it is fair to keep the number of asylum seekers to a minimum because it will have many knock on effects to the rest of the population and may also lead to them not feeling safe financially. As long as the country is still letting a few people in it is still helping people.

    However, I think that an asylum seeker would think very differently to me. This is because they may believe that if they are at war in their home country or are being persecuted, then it is the rest of the world's responsibility to keep them safe.

    As long as they find somewhere that is safe to stay then they will be able to rebuild their life and live happily, but it is important that one country doesn't take responsibility over every migrant as it will effect both them and the asylum seekers. As they will not be able to give the migrants the best place to live if one country takes so many.

    1. I like that you have considered both your own point of view, and that of a migrant. That shows great awareness! Do you think we need nations to collaborate more to help with the migrant problem? What do you suggest?

      1. I think that the collaboration of nations will be vital to help with our migration problem. If as a world we don't communicate then it can only lead to disaster. When it comes to deciding the futures of so many people, you need as many points of view from as many places as possible.

        I am suggesting that in the UN's annual meetings they discuss this problem in great detail. As well as discussing they need to come to a definite conclusion of what they are going to do. This migrant problem needs to be put on their next meetings agenda immediately because this problem will unfortunately never cease to exist, so we need to deal with it now not later.

        1. some people think there should be no limits on human movement around the globe. People should be able to live and work where they want to, without being constrained by borders and passports. What do you think of this idea accurate_outcome?

          1. I think limiting movement is important for the safety of the entire population. Passports are there for both our safety and to show a form of belonging to somewhere. Without this belonging people may begin to feel lost and feel as if they don't have a true home anywhere.

            If people could move wherever they would like without limitation then it could lead to people running away from the law. For instance someone may escape from prison and flee to another country across the border, if passports were no longer needed then it would make it extremely difficult for them to be found. The allowing humans to roam and live wherever they wish will only have negative consequences on humans and the planet.

    2. Hello, I agree with you on the fact that many countries should be open to taking in refugees or asylum seekers instead of one country having all the responsibility. Mostly because some countries might not have enough shelters, housing, or resources to provide for every refugee, while other countries do have enough. I get that from the citizen's perspective it would be worrying to have so many new people come to your country that might also take your job or even affect the economy, but I also am very understanding with the refugees themselves as they have been through enough and most of them don't mean any harm, they just want a safe country.

      1. I completely agree with you. It's important to have a balanced and fair approach to refugee resettlement, and it's not fair for one country to bear the brunt of the responsibility. It's also important for countries to work together to provide support and resources for refugees, rather than placing the burden on one country or community.

        While it's understandable for citizens to have concerns about the impact of refugees on the economy and job market, it's also important to recognize the humanity of those seeking asylum. Many refugees have faced unimaginable hardships and simply want a safe place to live. Finding a balance that addresses both the needs of refugees and the concerns of host communities is essential. Thanks for bringing attention to this important issue.

  • The Poland rule is the most fair because everyone deserves access to education and healthcare. However, I believe the rule set by Joe Biden is unfair. He imposed a limit on refugees entering the US, which could put them in danger since they won't be under the protection of the US government. People may have different opinions on this issue, and that's okay because everyone thinks differently.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion! Do you think Joe Biden will think it will make him more popular to be tougher on migrants? With an election coming up, do you think politicians think more about what will win votes than what will be best for a country?

      1. I don't think Joe Biden would become more popular if he is tougher on immigrants. In fact, it might decrease his popularity. Some US citizens have immigrant friends and want to offer them hospitality. If Biden doesn't allow immigrants in, citizens could get angry and may not vote for him. They want a president who is welcoming to everyone, regardless of their immigrant status, because they understand the challenges immigrants face.

        1. I don't think he is doing it for the fame. Though if he is, he would be making himself infamous rather than loved. He is simply being rational about the entire situation. He is probably considering the level of resources he will need to accomodate all those migrants. Not to mention that too many migrants will cause an imbalance in the population of the country. He is just putting the facts into consideration.

          1. I agree because as we all know, leaders are people who are meant to make positive impacts on the people and the society instead of trying to be famous, so I don't think he is taking this action for the sake of fame, but is trying to do this in order to properly care for the needs of the people in his country, but I will not blame him because he is trying to do what is best for his country, but I would rather encourage him to at least allow specific people who come into the country for educational and business reasons because statistically in 2022 701,945 people come into the country for educational purposes alone, so at least if Biden won't allow other people to come he should at least allow people who come into the country for educational purposes because they can be helpful in the running of the country and the world at large.
            THANK YOU.

            1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

            2. Your comment is really meaningful but if I may ask,What do you think that makes the leaders to promises and they will not fulfill it ?

          2. I disagree because it is one of the roles of a president to accept and take care of everyone in his country not only citizens, also in the US there is more than enough space and land in the country to build refugee sites or communities after making my research so there would be no problem of over population for about an average of 4-10 years, lastly some US citizens may have friends that are immigrants or asylum seekers and maybe they want to give them hospitality but if there is a limit and they ar not allowed to enter the us citizens will feel like the president is a bias person and he doesn't like immigrants and this would ruin his reputation.

        2. I don't actually agree with you because...
          I think 🤔 Joe Biden made this policy because he would not want a case where there would be overpopulation therefore leading to the instability of the government to provide basic amenities for both the citizens and the immigrants. He did it out of his love and consideration for his people and not for popularity or fame. And also for the good and stable living condition of his people. So I think it is a fair policy.
          THANKS 👍

          1. I disagree with you because I don't think the US would be overpopulated by immigrants and asylum seekers at this time. There are many places in the US where Joe Biden could build refuge homes for them, so there's no need for him to worry about overpopulation. Also, I understand that Joe Biden wants to prioritize taking care of American citizens, but as president, his responsibility is to care for everyone in the nation, not just citizens. If he only focuses on citizns, people might think he's biased and doesn't care about others.

      2. Hello!
        I think that definitely Joe Biden has to do what is best for the country rather than what will make them popular among the citizens because he has the capabilities and he is in the best position to take decisions because he has all the information about the country and as such can make the best decisions for his country and apart from that he also has a host of other people to help him carry out his duties so they together can effectively carry out administrative decisions.
        As humans definitely we want to be in a position of power and as such when one is given such power, he or she would like to retain it but as a well-educated man and a man who is not new to politics I expect Joe Biden to do what is right for the country regardless of how bad people may think of him I think if he does what is right he will be will be understood and when it is eminent that his decision is the right one then I think there will be no need for him to sacrifice doing what is right for popularity.
        Thank You!!!

      3. Hey!
        I believe normal citizens of a country, more often than not, think of Asylum seekers as trespassers who will later compete for their jobs and their growth opportunities. It is more of a self-centric mindset that this nation belongs only to me since I was born here and that I need not share it with others.
        And so, perhaps this is exactly the reason for this policy. Political Parties would only benefit from fuelling this desire of voters to prevent migration into their countries. After all, a very small legally voting population of the United States of America protests for Migrant Rights. All the others are more than happy not to have to share space with outsiders. So if Political Parties second this opinion of the masses, who's to stop them from winning the elections? Act of Kindness and Global Benefit often comes second to the ambition of standing at the head of Global Leadership - Being the president of the United States of America?
        Should we blame them for this ambition? Well, some said Julius Ceaser was right, some didn't.

    2. I concur with you. By enabling the Ukrainian refugees to reside in their nation, Poland performed a tremendous job. They demonstrate their concern for neighboring countries. The American government did something that was really unpleasant. The refugees wouldn't even want to travel to America if they were contentedly living in their home nations.

      1. You're right; as kind humans, we ought to make an effort to take other people's interests into account in addition to our own. You can only imagine how helpless and hopeless they would feel if they were the ones seeking refuge and no one helped them. While it is true that citizens of a country should be aware of and cautious about others entering their territory for security reasons, do the innocent people really deserve to pay for what they haven't done?

        1. No, they don't. It is morally reprehensible to penalize the innocent for the faults of others, but we also need to consider the advantages to the country's well-being. They may be cautious, but that doesn't give them license to damage innocent people.

    3. I understand your point, ambitious_panther.
      . It's essential to consider the fairness of policies like the Poland rule, which prioritize access to education and healthcare for everyone. On the other hand, you believe that Joe Biden's limit on refugees entering the US is unfair because it could potentially endanger them without the protection of the government. It's true that people may have different opinions on this issue, and that's perfectly okay since everyone thinks differently. The key is to engage in open and respectful discussions that take into account various perspectives.

    4. I agree with you ambitious_panther . And I do really think that the policy made by the Poland is fair . And giving health and education is very important . Also Poland didn’t see what the people were , they only supported them to grow and be intelligent.
      And also helping someone is very important and this quality everyone should have . So I think Poland did the right thing in giving the opportunities to people by education …….

    5. I also think that the Poland rule is fair ambitious_panther because after the war the Ukrainian citizens will most likely want to go back to their country. I also like the fact that Poland will provide temporary healthcare and education. The people psychological health care as refugees is very important. Receiving education is also very helpful so that returning to their country they can help to build on the infrastructure.

  • HELLO!
    I think the policy in Germany is unfair because now asylum seekers will not be able to give their relatives money to live in the village. and if the asylum seekers don't give their relatives money, the relatives will not have money to buy food.

    The policy in the USA is unfair, which means the number of asylum seekers will be limited from entering the country. This means the asylum seekers won't be able to get money for their families.

    The people in Poland are nice because, they helped the people in Ukraine in tough times.


    1. Hi Calm_cloud, Thank you for sharing your opinion, Do you think the average American would agree with your point of view? How do you balance the needs and desires of the existing population whilst being empathetic to the needs and desires of the migrants seeking a better life?

    2. Hey! I wouldn't exactly call the policy in Germany unfair.
      I mean, I understand the Asylum seekers need to send money to their relatives far off, but then, isn't it unfair to the people of Germany, that these seekers are earning money out of their country's resources, out of the charity made from their taxes and out of the kindness they bestowed to them and sending this money outside of the nation for their relatives? When a person sets foot on your countries soil, morally you become obliged to cater to their needs. However, the German Citizens are not obliged to protect the seeker's relative.
      Their money is leaking out to people they are not even required to protect, while Asylum Seekers sleep on pavements because they don't have enough money. What does this make Germany seem on a Global Level? A country with no regards for Assylum Seekers because no one knows the complete.
      I believe more than unfair, these people are just being patriotic, which is so respectable in it's own regards. But of course, I respect your point of view just the same. Perhaps Asylum Seekers themselves need to find a middle ground? Maybe send SOME money to their families and use the rest to survive better in the country?

      1. Would it be fair to apply this rule to ALL people working in Germany, including German citizens?