What do you know about immigration policies?

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This short quiz is a good chance to see what you know about immigration in the news. Good luck!

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  • I scored 6 out of 8. so I learned that People leave their countries with legal immigration to live in other people's countries. Immigration is very important for living in a people country in another country .

    1. In short, people can legally immigrate to another country to live and work there. Immigrating is one way to improve your life, and it can benefit the country you move to as well. Immigration is a complex process, but it is an important part of life for many people.

      There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to immigrate, but here are some of the most common ones:
      - To find better job opportunities
      - To reunite with family members
      - To escape war or persecution
      - To receive better medical care
      - To seek educational opportunities
      - To improve their standard of living
      - To experience new cultures
      - To make a better life for their children

    2. I agree because emigration is the relocation or process of people leaving one country to reside in another. People emigrate for many reasons, include increasing one's chance of employment or improving quality of life. Emigration affects the economies of the countries involved in both positive and negative ways, depending on the current state of the countries' economies.

      1. Absolutely! Emigration can have a significant impact on both the country people leave and the one they move to. It's a complex process influenced by various factors like employment opportunities and quality of life. Understanding these reasons can help us appreciate the economic effects of emigration on different countries.

        Thank you.

      2. Hello admirable reindeer

        I agree because immigration can both both positive and negative forms. There are chances that people can move to other countries to cohabit peacefully and might even play an important role in the development of the nation. But there are also chances that immigrants that move to a certain country in order to cause disarray and confusion in a peaceful nation.

        To conclude my point, a nation should be watchful of how they accept immigrants because immigrants can actually be the end of a nation despite the fact that they can also contribute to the evolution of the province.

        1. What evidence is there that immigrants might move to cause disarray?

    3. I agree because As for economic effects, research suggests that migration is beneficial both to the receiving and sending countries.Research, with few exceptions, finds that immigration on average has positive economic effects on the native population, but is mixed as to whether low-skilled immigration adversely affects underprivileged natives. Studies show that the elimination of barriers to migration would have profound effects on world GDP, with estimates of gains ranging between 67 and 147 percent for the scenarios in which 37 to 53 percent of the developing countries' workers migrate to the developed countries.Development economists argue that reducing barriers to labor mobility between developing countries and developed countries would be one of the most efficient tools of poverty reduction. Positive net immigration can soften the demographic dilemma in the aging global North.

  • I scored 5 out of 8. So in my opinion, people should be allowed to live wherever they want to as long as it is a safe place. People in whether a country or a continent should should be provided the opportunity to migrate and learn about the culture, tradition, and religion of another nation. For example, if someone in Australia decides to come to Nigeria where I reside, they have the opportunity to learn how things are done and to interact with people in Nigeria.
    To conclude my point, people should be given the opportunity to decide where they want to cohabit.
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Absolutely.
      I completely agree with you. People should have the freedom to choose where they want to live, as long as it's a safe place. Migration can be a wonderful opportunity for individuals to explore new cultures, traditions, and religions. It promotes understanding, diversity, and enriches societies. Just like you mentioned, if someone from Australia decides to come to Nigeria, they can learn so much about the way of life and connect with people in Nigeria. It's all about fostering mutual respect, embracing diversity, and giving individuals the chance to coexist in different parts of the world. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

      1. I agree with you because living in another country is not just about hanging one's hat; it's about being exposed to different cultures, traditions, and weather conditions. For example, immigrants often have positive things to say about the weather and how it affects their complexion. The education system in other countries differs from Nigeria, where challenges such as strikes are common. In these countries, students graduate on time, which is a significant encouragement for people to choose to live abroad. They should have the freedom to express these reasons.

        1. I strongly agree with you because it's not just people going to live in other countries but it all about considering their health issues. For example, someone who is allergic to cold is supposed to consider the weather of places like Russia before going there so it will not be to the detriment of him or her.

      2. I find it hard to agree with you. Governments and leaders asking citizens to move to a particular country means that the actually have good plans for them. They do to that for the purpose and sake of security in different places, so as citizens you can choose to travel to any country of your chose for different purposes because these have to do with individuals and not a whole country.

      3. I totally agree with you all!! I would like to add my point that people should be given the right to live wherever they want and wherever they feel safe . .. eg if asylum seekers migrating to India so they can learn alot in India and the plus point is India is very rich in its culture and tradition . They would have a chance to explore India.

        1. I totally agree with you people must have the freedom to go anywhere they want and if someone migratses to India they can learn about Indian culture,and tradition many migraters enjoy the Indian dances, tradition and culture. But the government has also the rights to not allow people to come into their countries.

        2. Hi
          I agree with chatty_nature because you made a good decision people should be given the right to live wherever they want and and they live in that place because they feel it's save. many people migrate to another country so that they can be healthy. For example a man migrated from his country to another country so that he can have a better treatment.

      4. Hi
        I agree with you fiery_hyena people should have the freedom to choose where they want to live.
        because migration is a very important thing because it makes people know about a country and it's culture and it's gives people the abilities to explore a place. For example a man migrated from Ghana to Nigeria, the man can learn many things about the Nigerians culture and traditional activities.

      5. Absolutely! I'm glad we're on the same page. It's wonderful when people have the freedom to choose where they want to live, especially in safe places. Migration truly opens up opportunities to explore new cultures and traditions, fostering understanding and enriching societies. It's all about mutual respect, embracing diversity, and creating connections across the globe. Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts on this topic.

      6. I disagree because they did not come from that country and do not have the right to live wherever they want to live. All you have to do is post your address here and declare that anyone who wants to live there is welcome. It will not enrich society in anyway but cause increase in population, overcrowding and as resources are produced high consumption reso by the people of the country and the migrants as well and the economy becomes unstable.

    2. I agree because... We should have the freedom and the right to live in any where we want, with the help of immigration we are able to leave their country to any country of their choice to learn and explore other countries. For example, in my school, the co- school with those in abroad, when the came to Nigeria, the said that the want to visit the nearby village to see what a mud house looks like, to stay with them in the mud house and help them with their house chores, the reason I gave this example is because they were given the freedom to leave their country to visit another country and learn their culture.
      With the help of immigration we are able to leave their country to visit and live in another country.

      1. Actually I believe with all what you have said that yes people should be given the Chance to leave or to stay in a country so as they will be able to explore new places and how the activity are done over in another country.
        So in conclusion what i am trying to say is that Immigration policy are very important in a country so as to keep records of those coming in and going out so yes I agree with what you have said. And actually know about Immigration policy is that they mostly keep records of those coming in and going out. Thanks.

      2. thanks for that brilliant one, but I think that if people are being given the freedom and opportunity to travel and live anywhere that they like, that means that countries like Nigeria and many other developing countries will definately have no citizens living there of course they will all travel to developed countries like USA and other places and live.
        so, people should rather be encouraged on how to develop their own countries not going to live in another place that have been developed.

        1. I disagree because it cannot be everyone to leave the country. Some people may stay because they may think that most of the groups that make the country fall would have gone to a different country and those who remain will want to develop the country into becoming a better and more peaceful place to dwell in.

          1. Yes,it's true that some citizens would like to stay and continue living with a ray of hope that the country will get better and it will progress but what if it doesn't happen and it gets worse the citizens might suffer due to their decision but to be on the safe side the citizens should just migrate and when it's get better they can go back to their country and that's what I believe is the right thing to do.

            1. I tally with you because, although there is beauty in umber but too much hands will make a mess. So I think and believe that if people leave the country to other developed countries for the betterment of their lives. Because I know that Nigeria is not something to write home about. People who love where they came from and will like to see it progress and and stop lagging behind, will put effort into making the place a better and more comfortable environment. Just like Mahathma Ghandi will say, "in a gentle way you can shake the world".

    3. I disagree because... This may cause many inconveniences for the people already living there as the concern isn't just the immigrants as those same immigrants may be dangerous and threaten the lives of inhabitants leading to worldwide insecurity. Aside from that many countries due to not being able to support such a large population leading to a general overpopulation problem.

      1. I agree with your point that says immigrants may threaten citizens' lives and immigration may lead to overpopulation.
        This especially goes for illegal immigrants. When the government has no records of those coming to stay in their country, it means that they are not accounting for all its inhabitants. A country needs to keep track of them to be able to adequately provide for them.
        Illegal, penniless immigrants increase the poverty rate of a country, and most poor immigrants tend to divert to illegal or even criminal means of earning money.
        Overpopulation can also inconvenience the country's actual citizens. When there are too many people living in a place, the standard of living may deplete and there may be conflict between people who live there. Everyone needs their own personal space and when there is infringement of privacy, disagreements may occur.
        Sometimes, while adapting to a new environment, one finds it hard to adhere to the norms or standards of the country where they stay, which may be annoying or uncomfortable for those the person stays around. It may or may not be the immigrant's fault, but not everyone is understanding, nor is every environment friendly.

    4. I strongly agree with you people should not be restricted on where they can stay they should be given the freedom to live wherever the want to. Migration gives people the avenue to explore and learn the customs, beliefs, culture, and way of life of different people. Migration can be within your country it does not necessarily means oversea I have gone to different states and I have learned different things from them, it also gives people the opportunity to explore the world. Migration helps us to learn the languages of other people. It helps in diversity.

    5. I agree that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore and choose a place where they feel safe. Even India is rich in culture and and traditions which offers a unique experience for immigrants.
      However, I also believe that the country also has the right to decided on the number of immigrants they want to accept in the country because then everybody would want to go to some specific countries only and this would overpopulate the country. The government of the country people would want to immigrate to have the responsibility to take care of their economy and citizens too. So, In conclusion according to me people should be given the opportunity to migrate wherever they feel like but if a country denies the entry you cannot object their decision.

    6. I disagree because the migrants may not be a useful resource for the government. For a developed country like the UK, immigrants with less education and intellect are a liability and create a burden for their economy. It is necessary to introduce policies to select only those individuals who can be useful to the government and the country.

      1. I'm not sure on your point about the link between intellect and being a liability. What do you think is the main reason people leave their home country?

    7. I think that people should decide where they wish to live, as long as they contribute to the development of the country. I am not saying that they should do something big, in order to be allowed to live there. In fact, I believe it is the small things that matter the most. Things that are done every day prove to be incredibly effective. For example, you could have any job. If besides that you also make an effort to help those in need, then I think that you are already doing something to support the world's peace. How does that work? Well from my point of view, you need to give an example. Most people are more likely to follow an example, rather than advice. Also, I think that it all starts with peace of mind. If you feel that you are at ease with yourself, then somehow, others will notice. They might feel inspired.
      Another thing that I consider to be crucial, is that immigrants should definitely find ways of having jobs. If they don't, then there's a high risk that it will negatively impact the states economy. I definitely believe that by letting immigrants enter a country, the population of the country should not be neglected. You can't build a better world by ruining the existing one.

    8. I absolutely agree stellar_reflection.
      Everyone should have the civil rights to live where they want to or move to live somewhere else. I don’t see why anyone should not be allowed to move house to live in a different country or a different continent as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else’s life in a negative way. If the asylum seekers moved to Mexico (for example) then they would be able to explore the culture and traditions of it and be happy there.
      Being able to choose where you live is part of the human rights and immigration really helps the process of the people who want to move to a different hometown.

      1. Is it possible to guarantee that no one's life will be affected in a negative way?

      2. I agree with you that people have the right to choose where they want to live. But every country wants their own development and wants to make the life of the citizen comfortable. For this reason, they protect their boarder to not let any people of other country enters illegally. It's true that the asylum if moved to Mexico may explore the culture and be happy but at the same time, they may not be able to adapt, or the people of Mexico may be hostile with them as they are from outside of the country. A person can never feel the same sense of security and love for other country as he feels for his own country. A person has the right to live wherever he wants inside his own country but not outside the country. As for living outside the country, he has to follow the rules of that country. Suppose, South Korea is the dream country of many people and if all people started to live in South Korea, then it will increase the population and will also create different problems for, the native citizen. The government will not allow outsiders to create problems for the citizens. For this reason, to maintain a balance, countries set immigration policy and don't allow people to live anywhere outside their own country.

    9. From a perspective of a girl who grew up with parents who were immigrants, I strongly agree as people should have the right to choose where they live as we can benefit from them as much as they benefit from us. People migrate to other countries for reasons such as to escape any war or conflict in their country, for better education, jobs, and more! We, as a country can also benefit from immigrants as they can teach us about their culture and traditions; we also benefit from immigrants economically.

    10. You have a point but I believe it could have a negative impact in countries too. Too many immigrants could cause the countries to be overcrowded and crowded by immigrants. The cultures of different countries could be mixed and the Government would do something to overcome this problem. It could also cause financial problems and economical destruction of countries. To conclude, I don't disagree with you but I think we should realise this part of the situation too.

  • I scored 6 out of 8. In my opinion, everyone should have the right to live anywhere they want.
    But the government should have the right to refuse someone or investigate someone while coming to their country. The government must have the power to refuse someone to come to their country as anyone could be a danger, but the government should have valid points to refuse someone to enter. For example, if a person comes to Russia from Ukraine or a person comes to Israel from Gaza then the government should first check the background of the immigrant, where he works, whom he works for, his criminal records and etc then let the immigrant enter the country.

  • Hi,
    I got 4/8 but never minding that I learned quite a lot from this exercise. Well, I think that what the UK are on the verge of doing should not be carried out. I feel like this because the asylum seekers are refugees from Africa and are currently seeking help. The rules that were made was that if they cross a safe country they may not be allowed to live in UK, and that the Rwanda government would choose whether or not they are going to be allowed to stay. In my opinion these policies are not in favor of these asylums as it would cost more to send them than to support them. I think that these policies should not be carried out because it is not in favor of these asylums.


  • I scored 8 out of 8 on the quiz...!!! From this quiz, I learned about the UK's policy regarding asylum seekers being sent to Rwanda, the decision of the UK's Supreme Court regarding this policy, and the current status of asylum seekers being sent to Rwanda.....
    When providing arguments in other posts, I can use the facts from this quiz to support discussions about immigration policies, human rights considerations for asylum seekers, the role of courts in determining the legality of government policies, and the importance of considering the implications and costs of such policies on both individuals and governments. These facts can provide a foundation for informed and evidence-based discussions on related topics......

  • Hi!
    I got 5 out of 8. I learned that every individual has there own perspective so they should be allowed were every they want to live. It is good that we explore different countries and get to know about their language, culture and traditions. We should know about the different things going around the different parts of the country and we can also join them to make our bond strong with other countries.

  • I scored 7/8 ,In the quiz I learnt that the new policy would applying to anyone entering the illegally, with no limit no numbers people,smugglers have been putting asylum seekers lives at risk by charging them money to cross the English channel in small boat .
    Therefore,if an asylum seekers passes through a safe country on their way to the UK ,they might not be allowed to stay in the UK when they arrive. Either way,the asylum seekers would not be allowed to live in the UK . Sending an asylum seeker to Rwanda will cost around €170,000. That's more than it would cost to support them in the UK . The court said that Rwanda has a poor human rights record and that genuine refugees would be at risk of being returned to their home countries where they could face harm.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

      1. I decided to search about it after was done with the quiz. I also had the class there I learnt about the cost of sending the illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda and about it's poor human rights record.

  • Wow amazing topic . My scores was 8/8.
    I lent a lot about this topic like Rwanda, number of seeker sent from Rwanda to America, immigration,the freedom and right to live where we want . n my own explanations about Rwanda

    Rwanda is a country located in East Africa, bordered by Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. It is a small country, with an area of 26,338 square kilometers and an estimated population of 12 million people.

    Rwanda has a painful history marked by genocide, which occurred in 1994, killing an estimated 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu people. The country has since made significant strides in rebuilding and reconciliation efforts, resulting in a peaceful and stable society.

    Today, Rwanda's economy is growing and diversifying, with agriculture, services, and manufacturing industries showing promise. The country has made impressive strides in poverty reduction, with significant progress achieved in education and healthcare.
    THANK you.

  • I scored a 5 out of 8. The UK's Rwanda policy have a positive and negative impact on people. Mainly it is positive since it is being fair allowing the immigrants to have a change to either stay or not. Immigrants should have the rights to be able to travel wherever they need to because of the environment they are living in. But, if there are too many immigrants going into one country by itself, then that country wouldn't be able to help everyone. This makes the policy reasonable to have.

  • To be honest, I don't really know about immigration. I got a very poor result on the quiz. It was a 3/8.
    Immigration refers to the movement of people from one country to another with the intention of settling permanently or temporarily in the new country. This quiz specially talks about UK immigration to Rwanda.
    I learned a lot of things about the quiz.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment - can you explain some of the things you learned from the quiz and also by reading other opinions?

  • I scored 6 out of 8.
    From my perspective on the topic Immigration-It is very conceptual decision.
    Because Immigration has both positive and negative impacts on a host country.

    On one hand if Immigration is helping in stimulating:
    •Global connections
    •Economic growth
    •Filling skill gaps
    •Increase in consumer demanding
    •Increase labour market flexibility and
    •Cultural diversity.

    On the other hand it is also Increasing:-
    •Job competition
    •Cultural friction
    •Housing demands and
    •Social Integration issues.

    Finally I think that if a person needs employment opportunities, want to escape violent conflicts or environmental factors or to reunite with their families one should follow Immigration. But in case if a person is not in need of any above factors then one should live in it's own country and help their country in flourishing economically.

    Thank you.

    1. I agree with you because immigration has lots of effects on the country and the anylum seeker example a anylum seeker can be in danger while traveling from their country to another country and if he goes to the
      country successfully he get a new and better life if that country is developed and safe .The country that the migrate or anylum seeker are coming will get different benifs like increase in
      money and resources, the country can also get a negative effect like overpopulation.

    2. I somewhat agree with you Benevolent_glockenspiel, this is because immigration has led to both negative and positive things but I believe that it shows more positive things. For instance some of the negative things it is increasing is Job competition which is true but they may offer more skills to counteract it. Overall in my opinion I believe the pros weigh more than the cons and countries should let people Immigrate into their country and it will help not only the people but also the country.
      Thank you.

  • I scored 7 out of 8. From the quiz I learn that if an asylum seeker passed through a safe country while entering the UK, he or she cannot live in the UK. I thought anyone can live on a country where they want to live with the help of immigration but on the UK's new policy it is not placed. I was surprised that to send an asylum to Rwanda will cost £1700oo which is more than giving them place in the UK. Then, why they are sending asylum to Rwanda?

    1. Hi Fearless_Mandarin,

      What do you think about people not being able to stay in the UK if they pass through other safe countries? Are there reasons you can think of that mean asylum seekers try to get to one specific country?

      In terms of why the UK government is proposing its Rawanda policy, can you think of any reasons why they will continue to send them even though it is not cost effective? (Bearing in mind that there will be an election in the UK later this year!).

  • From what I have learned in school, immigration is the act of moving or travelling from one place to another. It can be through various means of transportation for example, it can be through plane, boat, cars, and many others. However, immigration can take place for various reasons. It can be for either good or bad reasons. Some people immigrate to further their education, to find a job opportunity, or to escape from a very troubling and dangerous place to avoid losing their lives. Also, people also immigrate from one place to another for other reasons like to escape legal punishment for committing a crime, to terrorize a peaceful country, and many others.

  • I got a 7 out of 8. I got to know how far apart the UK is from Rwanda and that the UK would spend 170,000 pounds for an asylum seeker if they moved back to Rwanda and would even spend more if they were to remain in the UK. I know this is spending a lot on asylum seekers but I believe they should remain there for their safety and well being because the asylum seekers can contribute to the economy of the country and make the country great.

  • I scored 6 out of 8. I opine that these immigrants should be given a probation period which would help the immigrants to get used to the culture and the environment of the country they decide to reside in. The countries should have a background check for the people seeking asylum before taking any impulsive decision. The countries should have some criteria for testing them. If their reasons for immigration satisfy the criteria, they should be given an asylum. Whereas, if the immigrant fails to satisfy the criteria, they should be sent to another country which would be safe for them (Rwanda in this case). Thank you!

    1. Thanks for sharing your idea, agreeable_fly! Can you think of any problems that this idea might cause? Or of anyone who might not like this idea?

      1. Hi Katie @ Topical Talk,

        I believe that this idea might not cause many problems as it is beneficial for the government and the citizens as well as the immigrants seeking help from these countries. This idea will help to stop the process of illegal immigration as well as the fatalities caused due to this process since illegal immigration has become a worldwide issue. This idea will provide a safe and efficient way for immigration. Therefore, I believe that this idea won't prove to be a problematic topic.

        Thank you!

    2. I agree with you, yes testing, testing immigrants on the reason or intension for choosing to stay in that particular county is very good and important way the government can find their reason behind coming to that country. Testing someone is a good way to get to know how well you will be able to reason and cooperate with that country for peace to reside in that country, but can you imagine if you happen to fail that test, what would you think that country or a particular individual will react to in this situation, I genuinely curious to know what would happen.

  • I scored 7/8. I learnt a lot of things in the quiz. I think that people can choose where they want to live. It is one of the fundamental human rights. They are suppose to have feelings for other people.

    1. I don't totally agree because if anyone is just allowed to live anywhere it would cause a lot of digression between natives and foreigners due to farming, grazing etc. Many countries today have this problem including my own, and for many years ,many foreign herdsmen and farmers have caused insurgencies in different areas here in Nigeria.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • I scored 6 out of 8 and what I have learnt is that many countries have different immigration rules, and these rules vary due to the country it is from, some countries have rules that take some privileges away from immigrants while some don't. All in all I think that there should be a universal set of laws for immigrants.

  • I scored 7/8 and I gained more knowledge in the quiz.
    Based on UK government rules over asylum seekers that they should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. This shows clearly that they might be rejected in Uk.

    "I think people should be able to pick where they feel safe and comfortable because refusing someone entry to a country, which could mean denying them a place to live or seek shelter, is a form of emotional harm."

  • My thoughts are in the opinion of the UK government, their policy might not directly be very profitable for the asylum seekers but for the development of the country at a proper pace, and to use the resources in the development of a country's own and rightful citizens is more important. This policy in some or the other manner will save the asylum seekers from losing their lives when they enter in UK by smugglers and gangsters having their lives at stake. Recently and Bollywood movie on the same topic of illegally entering into another state by keeping lives at stake was revealed, by a renowned actor and director showcasing the risk of this process so I think that his policy will ensure the security of asylum seekers and less burden on UK's resources like land, fuel, money etc..

  • With a score of 6/8 , I learnt that immigration isn't really moving to a particular country to find asylum but to a safe country one can find. It is believed that migrants rights are being defiled by citizens of the country that is being migrated to because they came to seek asylum, to seek greener pastures. It's a opportunity to explore, to see the world. So, this opportunity shouldn't be antagonized. THANK YOU.

  • I scored six out of eight. One of the things that shocked me the most was how expensive it is to send an asylum seeker to Rwanda from the United Kingdom at £170,000 per person. I found it appalling that we are trying to send people that need help away, if sending them away is more expensive than keeping them here then it makes no sense to do that.

    As a country the skills that these asylum seekers could bring are so valuable that it would be foolish to just send them away. This amount of money it takes to send them away would hurt the economic growth of a country that is already struggling. So I think that instead of spending extortionate amounts of money to send a single person away, we should keep them somewhere safe and use their skills to help make the country they have seeked asylum in better.

  • My result was a 7 out of 8. While comparing the amount of money the UK would spend on returning an immigrant to that of keeping them there is a terrific idea, it will also be good to take their safety into account. The fact that no one has been sent back thus far is comforting, but when the policy begins to take effect, I know that it will result in much suffering and anxiety for individuals who are requesting protection from the government.

  • I got 8 out of 8. What I learned from our class discussion is that every country has their immigration policy that no country can force theirs on another country and that before any asylum seeker can enter a country the country's government must permit them to come and if no permission is given they can not enter. It will be against the country's policy to enter without permission and since it is not your own country you have to obey the policy and law of the host country. Although I am aware that asylum seekers would rather be in the UK, it's interesting to know that you have the option to remain in the first secure nation you reach.

  • I got a perfect score of 8 out of 8 on the quiz! I discovered that it's really important for asylum seekers to find safety in the first safe place they reach. This helps keep them out of danger. Also, I learned that people don't always choose to move to a new country just because they want to. Sometimes, they're forced to leave their own country. So, let's be kinder to immigrants because we might not understand all the tough things they've been through.

  • I got 4 out of 8 which is understandable because I didn't know some of the questions. Bit what really surprised me was that no person was sent back to Rwanda because the court decided it was against human rights. I was a bit relieved especially when I Learnt that it costs 170000 to ga back then to support them in the UK. So what is the fuss about? We can be better humans and more understandable by helping them .

    1. I agree because it costs so much to send a asylum seekers to Rwanda I even thoughts it is cheaper to let them stay since it is a lot of money. How about they refund the money they used to come to UK and send them off to their countries or another of their choice ? I also wonder how the Rwandans feel about this policy.

  • I scored 8 out of 8 ! Also i think that people should decide in which country they want to live in as long as it is safe. And in the country they go to they should learn more about its traditions , culture etc.. for example if someone lives in lebanon decides to come to america they should learn english and they should interact with american people to sum it all up people should decide where they want to live
    THANK U!

  • I got 5 out of 8. An asylum seeker is basically someone who leaves his or her country in order to seek refuge and protection from human rights violation in another country. An asylum seeker would have not been legally recognised as a refugee and is waiting to receive a decision on their asylum claim. Seeking asylum is actually a right that everyone has. UK has an asylum for those who are seeking refuge from things like racism and persecution. To seek for refuge in the asylum in UK, you must prove that you cannot live safely in any part your country. I think what they're doing is really awesome. They are trying to provide refuge for those who need it. They give asylum seekers access to necessities like healthcare, education, housing, and support in any way that they can. If an asylum seeker should be granted humanitarian protection, he or she will be allowed to stay in the UK for about 5 years. After that 5 years, it is your choice to either permanently live in the UK or move elsewhere.

  • I scored 8/8 because I did the lesson. I have learnt a lot from the topic talk competition. Every week whenever a new topic is released I learn more about what is happening around the world. I did not use to read the news a lot but now I do read some new.
    I can use the facts from the quiz to support my arguments with other comments especially when I see a wrong fact. Moreover I think we can learn faster doing the quiz than just watching the videos it sticks in my memory better.

    1. Great to hear you are learning a lot! Can you share some of the things you took away from the lesson on immigration policies?

      1. Actually,
        In the lesson on immigration policies, I learned that they're rules and regulations set by a country to control who can enter and stay. Different countries have different policies, like visas and work permits, to manage immigration. It's a complex topic, but it helps countries manage their borders and ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.
        Immigration policies can have a big impact on a country's economy, culture, and social fabric. They can be influenced by factors like national security, economic needs, humanitarian concerns, and political considerations. Some policies focus on attracting skilled workers, while others prioritize family reunification or refugee protection. It's a fascinating and important topic that sparks a lot of debate and discussion.

  • I score 5 out of 8. Though I got poor marks, but I came to learn about many things about the policy of Uk and Rwanda. through Rwanda policy, the Uk wants to send the excess asylum to Rwanda. Uk also set a rule that the asylum should take shelter to nearer save country so that they are able to return their own country once everything is settled down. But I cannot agree with this policy because it's my own choice in which country I would like to take shelter. No one can send me to distant places violating my rights. I guess the government should not force people to go to another country to live if it was not his own country. India is the nearest country beside Bangladesh and many people have taken shelter there. The Bengali people are able to adapt with the geographical and social conditions of India, but they may not be able to cope up in other country. Now instead of returning to their own country, if they are sent to distant country, they will not be able to adjust their and it will also violate the human rights. The amount of money that require to send those people to another country can be used to improve the condition of the people in that country. Instead of sending them to distant countries, we should made arrangement to return them in their own country.

  • Hii ,
    I got 6/8. According to me People should have their personal freedom to live , freedom to speech etc . People can go from one country to another with their choices but it should be legally .

    Thank you .

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please can you explain why you believe it would be good for people to move from one country to another?

      1. Hello Aimee,
        In my opinion, moving to another country can have a lot of positive effects. This type of exercise can improve a person's condition and can include different routines. For example, people may seek economic opportunities to achieve their goals, such as earning a higher salary or profiting from reduced costs of most everyday items. Furthermore, attending a world-renowned university can significantly enhance one's capabilities as a researcher and subject matter expert. In addition, promoting cultural diversity and promoting exchanges help encourage tolerance and mutual understanding between people from different backgrounds, thus enriching society. Additionally, migration can provide safety and security to those fleeing persecution or conflict. Overall, I believe that moving to another country promotes self-improvement, increases personal satisfaction, and provides the opportunity to make a decisive contribution to a different and dynamic global region

      2. Actually,
        Migrating form one place to another has effects both the positive and the negative effects.
        I believe it will be good for people to move from one country to another depending on what they have in mind and what they wants to achieve, for example; for someone who migrated from one country to another because of protection, I believed that it will be good because protection is very important to everyone and it comes first, a great example is the Russian and Ukraine, if people from Ukraine should migrate from Ukraine I believe that it would be good because they only seeked for protection.
        Another one is if someone migrated to from a country to another country due to climatic factors like high temperature that can threatens agriculture livelihoods, this can also lead to migration, I believe that if people migrate because of this reason it is a good one.
        But if people migrate because of the crime they committed, I believe that it is bad, because if people migrate from their crime they will not be able to face the consequences of their actions and this is bad, a great example is Fito who escaped from a prison in Ecuador, he must have migrated from the prison to an undisclosed location.
        I believe that if people migrate because of protection, climatic factors it is good but if people migrate because of crimes committed it's not a good idea but a bad one.
        Thank you!

  • I scored a 5 out of 8 on the quiz, it was honestly really insightful because it seems that people are actually going through alot in the UK if its to the point where they are being sent to stay in other countries. It also makes me think, why doesnt the UK take care of them, In the quiz it says that taking them to stay in Rwanda would cost more than it would to take care of them in the UK.

    With this in mind I came up with 2 reasons;

    1. There are other issues that need to be resolved before this. If there are other issues that need to be resolved it makes some sort of sense to actually do this even though it kind of violates human rights.

    2. Other places have better facilities. There are some countries our there in the world have could have potentially better facilities for asylum seekers , It could potentially be another reason that the UK decided to send them to Rwanda other than keeping them from having to cross the English Channel.

  • I scored 7/8 . I actually learned a lot about immigrants from UK moving to Rwanda and what's been happening as the time goes.

    1. Can you tell me about the things you learned and explain what you mean when you say 'what's been happening as the time goes'

  • I scored 8 out of 8!!!!! I learnt many facts relating immigration like the reason why Rwanda the said anylum seekers from UK should not risk their lives to come to Rwanda
    I used this Rwanda immigration rule information in the topic fair or unfair . I acknowledged that Rwanda made this rule because don't want people to die because they want to come to Rwanda.
    Thanks for the quiz Kim, it helped me remember and get tested .

  • I scored an 8 out of 8. From the quiz, I learnt that people can migrate legally but face the following consequences :
    1. They will not be able to return to their country for any reason.This happens in cases whereby they migrate due to safety reasons along with challenges in their country.
    2.To move, you will need permission from the country you wish to migrate to and if you are granted permission you will also need to learn their rules and regulations and possibly their language to be able to communicate with them.
    Migration has a powerful effect on us in both positive and negative way, so I think we should make decisions before migrating.

    1. When you consider it from a different angle, I believe it benefits more people than it harms. Immigrants and refugees in need are assisted, so that's what should be our main focus because we are aware of the hardships that refugees face when other nations refuse to assist them.

      1. You are right lovely planet. Immigration does more good than bad from my perspective but it should be better to mention the negative sides rather than hearing what we always want to hear because hearing what we would like to hear will only lead us to focuse on one point perspective,THANK YOU.

        1. Yes, you are correct that we will be more cautious while immigrating if we are aware of the drawbacks. However, we should also strive to maintain balance because too much of anything can be harmful. Sometimes, when we hear too many terrible news stories, we lose hope and give up.

  • I have scored 6 out of 8 with some luck.
    It was a surprise to me some of the facts that I read. Ok people would be sent back to Rwanda so the government can decide where to go. But cannot live in the UK. So there is no choice in the end but it is already pre-planned where to go.
    Thankfully no person was sent back as the human rights legislation deterred it.
    As it seems now government of the UK will have to rethink how to help these people in order to normalize their lives.

  • from my point of view, immigration can be good and bad in the same way, some countries have low populations and they need civilians to develop the country and they also are looking forward to living a decent life there so legal migrants will absolutely be beneficial, on the other hand there are some countries that are overpopulated or they even do not want migrants in their countries will affect the whole people and migrants should respect that and do not head to these countries in illegal ways like some people do

  • Hello

    I got 8 out of 8 in the quiz and what I learnt is that the UK government are not making this rule because they want to or because of being partial they are doing to save lives of asylum seekers who decide to follow the English channel to live in the UK. I personally feel that the rule made by the UK is fair because they are trying to protect (discourage) others who are planning on going through that route.

    In conclusion I feel what the UK are doing is not bad instead they are being caring to others although the asylum seekers may feel their rights are being violated but I feel the UK are being nice.

    Thank you!!!

  • i got 3 out of 8. I learned about a current challenge that the United kingdom is facing which is selecting a place for asylum seekers and the challenges they faced when they tried to go to another country which was mainly money.

    1. You made an interesting point about money making immigration a challenge - can you explain more about this?

      1. i meant as it was mentioned in the video migrating people to Rwanda it would cost up to 170,000 pounds which of course is mostly the main obstacle stopping them from migrating.

  • Hi everyone!
    I scored a 4 out of 8 and found it interesting that people smuggle asylum seekers into countries and put their lives at risk just for a chance to get money.
    I found it weird that even after people are sent to Rwanda, the people's safety is in the hands of the government and either way the people will not be allowed to return.
    I agreed with stellar_reflection when he/she mentioned that people should be allowed to stay wherever they want as long as the place is safe.
    They should also be able to feel and experience diverse cultures as well.
    I have a general question to pose to everyone, even though sending an asylum seeker to Rwanda will cost around £170,000 and that’s more than it would cost to support them in the UK why do they still send them to Rwanda?
    Is it because of overpopulation?
    I would like to hear what you think about my question and your answers as well.

  • Hi!
    We see that many people migrates for employment opportunities or getting better facilities etc.It is not always necessary that immigrants can be harmful to the country but migrants can be very useful to the country they can increase the country's economy. As well as if the individual are very positive towards their work it can also be good part!.

    1. Can you think of some other reasons people migrate?

  • I agree that immigration is a major way of enhancing economic coexistence among countries, it enhances human capital development as people move from developing countries to developed countries there skills are enhanced and they become more efficient and enhanced. Immigration supports enhancement of recieving countries as people with positive skills contribute positively to the economic development of host country.
    But in situations where there is high level of illegal immigration what can the government do to curb this problem?

  • I got 5 out of 8. And some were new to me . First of all it is so relieving that human rights do exist and Noone can surpass them as in the case of Rwanda where no immigrant was sent back
    That would be unfair for them and it could be considered as a kind of punishment.
    Additionally the cost of sending them back is much more that helping them to find a way to live in the host country.
    If we give them potentials iam sure they will not tale it for granted.

  • There are a lot of reason for migration such as external war aggression, job opportunities and others. Another reason for migration is educational purpose. Now, the prices in Nigeria are getting to to expensive, also the schools we go and the universities, a lot of people can not afford the money to school in Nigeria. This is not a problem, because people can also migrate to other country to learn and school there. People can also learn about the country and learn there ways, this an advantage.

    1. What do you think are other advantages to migration?

      1. Through education, job opportunities follows, why? Because when that students has finished hisher course in that universities, maybe the people there can notice a very nice talents from that person from another country who is an immigrants. In that process, the people from that country can hire that immigrant to work for their country, this was through migrating to another country for education, this led to an advantage which was job opportunities, instead of job opportunities this led to creating job opportunities, also in that particular process led to good reputation of that immigrants of that country because of the good skill and talents of that country. People will say that the citizen of that country are talented.

    2. I agree because... a lot of families can be struggling financially and with a war it does not help. Especaily with inflation. Things can be hurtful to the condition of a family and the enviorment.

  • I scored 8 out of 8 on this quiz!! One of the things that still shock me, however, is just how expensive it is just to send an asylum seeker to Rwanda to the UK. It is extremely expensive. But other than that, I think that just all people should be able to live wherever they want. People should be having basic human rights so that they can live in a safe country. The only thing that can prevent them from going everywhere and anywhere, is that the government is allowed to investigate a citizen. They should know if they did any dangerous things, and then they could block someone from getting in their country. If the citizen hasn't just done anything suspicious, then they can go anywhere they want to.

  • I disagree because immigrants increase population, increase in demands for goods and services, overcrowding, increased pressure and natural resources, increase levels of pollution. To simply put more immigrants into the working sectors meaning more workers and more consumers. This might affect the countries economy negatively.

  • In my score i got 8/8! this was a really fun lesson and a very entertaining quiz. I had so much fun doing this quiz.

  • These days, the immigration policies is one of the serious issue that has been discussed all over of the world. There is a widespread belief among people that this issue is a popular subject of debate.
    To begin with, the association of mankind across border to establish a new residence and opportunity in a different countries refers to immigration. The countries related to several opportunities value the migrated citizens and attraction of millions of people around the world. Needless to say, we should not entirely ignore the divisive policies of immigration.
    nother pivotal aspect of immigration divisive policies, that should be understand and wisely implement are, Economic concerns, culture and Identity issues, Security and Terrorism concerns, Humanitarian consideration, Media influence and many more.
    Moreover, divisive immigration policies often reflect extensive society debates about national identity, economic concerns, security and Humanitarian values. Similarly, finding common ground and implementing such effective policies that address the complexities of immigration while respecting diverse perspective is a significant challenge for policymakers.

    😊 Thank you 😊

  • I scored 5 out of 8 and learned that people want to leave their country to go to a different country because it might have more benefits and better safety for them.

  • I got 6 out of 8. It was a really helpful quiz as from it I have learned many things which made me completely shocked. There are different kinds of rules in every country about immigration. Like if country A has a rule about not letting asylum seekers enter in their country. Then, country B may not have this kind of rule.
    Thank you!

  • Firstly, I know that the definition of immigration is the act of moving from one country to another. Despite this, there are right and wrong ways to go about this. In order to legally immigrate (In the U.S.), you must have a visa for work, living, etc.. Many people take this route but many illegally immigrate by residing in a different country without government permission. There are many reasons why one may immigrate to a different country. For example some move to a different country because they are asylum seekers (people who leave their country due to dangerous conflict, natural disasters, or anything else that may put their safety at risk in their home country). Others simply move for a better quality of life.

  • Hello,
    I scored 5 out of 8. I noticed that immigration is basically like a turning point in the life of some individuals but it is also a very good opportunity for people to migrate, adapt to different environments, get used to different cultures and interact with different individuals from different parts of the world. Some people might find it very hard to interact with different environments reason because they might be used to the cultures and norms of where they previously stayed.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • I scored 5 out of 8. The most shocking thing that I found in this quiz is that it take £170000 to send one asylum seeker to Rwanda from UK plus it is 65000 km far from each other. Even though no one is send to Rwanda from UK until now but it is not fair because asylum seekers have came to UK for some help and how can they send them to other country which is so far and if the government of Rwanda doesn’t let them stay then where are the asylum seekers going to live.
    I believe that everyone can live where ever they want.
    Thank you!