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It's important to acknowledge that both parties are involved in any given situation, especially... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 12/5/23
About the other 45%, they have a few options. They can move to urban areas that have a big... Digital Divide: Could it slow down the enforcement of the Metaverse? 11/5/23
Currency in the metaverse, according to the text, I can guess it will benefit a lot of people,... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 11/5/23
In my opinion, it MAY be extremely harder to manage people's behaviour in the metaverse,... Managing behaviour 11/5/23
My score is 8, i'm pretty suprised. I didn't know it would be 8, but not only that, it was 2... Test your knowledge! 25/4/23
1. Not only that my country is being affected by carbon footprints, as well as carbon dioxide,... Climate change in your country 25/4/23
I think law 4 should be passed. Here's why. Firstly, carbon dioxide comes mostly from... The law in your hands? 25/4/23
Firstly, yes. Yes everyone should be allowed to strike. Some companies are unfair to their... Strikes poll results! 21/4/23
After taking the quiz, I've realized that if possible, you would need to maintain your company... Lessons learned! 21/4/23
Sadly, uh.. My final score was 7. After trying the first time, my final score was 6. It... Test your knowledge 21/4/23