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This short quiz is a good chance to recap what you learnt in class if you did the strikes lesson. Don’t worry if you didn’t – you can also use this quiz as an opportunity to learn.

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  • I scored an 8 in the quiz. School days are lost during a strike which will make the schools not to achieve their objectives for the term as such affecting the school curriculum and the students performance.

    1. I got 7 and I think whilst it may be true in some cases it is also making staff have a more happy enviorment

  • I scored 8 and I think that ministries should be sure of the idea that strikes can affect students if the strikers are teachers and this can affect the state's economy

  • I scored a 9 in the quiz.
    I've learnt that not everyone that goes on strike gets what he/she wants. This brings about total set back on activities leading to loss of working days and school days with no positive outcome.

    1. Great point @amazing_horse. Do you have a suggestion of a better alternative to striking that is still effective?

      1. I think another alternative to take instead of strike is bridging the gap between workers and management. This will make the workers feel they have a say in the management decision as such reducing some of the negative feelings they have among themselves

        1. I agree with your suggestion that bridging the gap between workers and management can be an effective way to address the underlying issues that may lead to strikes. This can be achieved through open communication and collaboration between the two parties, as well as by creating channels for workers to express their concerns and feedback.

          By involving workers in decision-making processes and valuing their input, management can foster a sense of ownership and engagement among employees, leading to greater job satisfaction and motivation. Additionally, this approach can help to prevent disputes from escalating to the point of strikes, as workers feel their voices are being heard and their concerns are being addressed.

          Overall, it is important for companies to prioritize creating a positive and collaborative work environment, where workers feel valued and supported, and management is receptive to feedback and suggestions. This can ultimately lead to more productive and harmonious relationships between workers and management, and ultimately benefit the organization as a whole.

      2. The management should practice empathy towards their workers which will make the workers feel valued and safe .They should also show openness and equity to all workers which will reduce conflict between the workers and make them feel they're important to the organization

      3. Yes, instead of striking, you can try peaceful protests, petitions or writing letters to your representatives. These methods can also be very effective in bringing attention to important issues and creating change.

    2. Congratulations on your quiz score!

      You bring up a valid point about strikes not always resulting in the desired outcome for those who participate in them. While striking can be a way for individuals or groups to express their dissatisfaction with certain issues and demand change, it can also result in significant disruptions to normal activities, such as work and school.

      It's important to consider other ways of addressing grievances and effecting change, such as engaging in dialogue with the relevant parties or advocating for policy changes through more peaceful means. Ultimately, the goal should be to find solutions that benefit all parties involved, rather than simply resorting to strikes as the only option.

  • I scored 9 in the quiz.
    From the quiz i learnt that the police in the UK are not allowed to go on strike which i also support. If the police decides to go on strike there will be no law and order and crime rate will increase. People will also feel unsafe in their community. I feel this law should also be passed in other countries to maintain peace and order.

    1. Nice that you got 9 on the quiz, but I would like to hear why you do not support the police striking. I actually do support the police striking because it leads to more police officers and better quality of their service once demands are met. Police officers may quit their jobs and there won’t be many people to stop criminals because the pay and or working conditions for police officers are not good and they can’t strike because it is against the law.

  • Nice activity, I learned a lot, I learned that those who support the strike are the unions and that in 2021 and 2020 France is the largest European country that recorded the number of lost days due to strikes, and the country that carried out the largest strike in 2019 is India, thank you for giving me new and beautiful information that has happened on 9 points

    1. Great to hear all the things you have learnt @happy_sealion. What impacts do you think such high number of days lost to strikes has had on France?

      1. Strikes and protests have hampered the activity of vital sectors in the country, especially transport and energy, as a number of workers belonging to social movements have shut down several nuclear power plants belonging to the EDL France.

        Transport services between French cities were significantly disrupted by strikes. Many schools have also closed as well as many government interests. Which leaves the country in a state of paralysis.

      2. I think that the bright days affected negatively in many aspects, such as education: taking away children’s rights to learning and losing many days to study, the economy: the irregularity of the buying and selling process, reducing the percentage of sales in the country, the decline of some companies’ shares, and it may affect some young people and cut them off from the world outer....

  • Until now, I always visualized an underpaid factory worker going for a strike as part of the unending lists of worries a country could have, people really need to be well informed of how strikes can drastically affect them. Maybe just seeing a bunch of people "with nothing better to do" marching down the streets may be trivialized by a kid's eye but making teenagers and younger kids see that protests are worth it as long as it's for a good cause like higher pays in work places and stopping violence against women.
    Meghan Markle was only 11 when she wrote that letter to a dish soap company that made them change their commercial. I guess we can try and correlate that with the purpose of strikes. I feel people with life protecting jobs like policemen do have a right to strikes but if they do go on strikes, that gives an open road to sinister criminals to do as they like making law and order to become null and void. Going on a strike is just a mean of people expressing their feelings and showing how bad the conditions of work are for them. It's only right if the government does their best to comply or reach a negotiation with the workers involved.

  • I scored 7 and i am happy to know that workers can protest for their right and it is not an offence, so this is an opportunity for them to gain their right.

    1. I agree, its great that everyone can protest in a safe way and that workers can be heard and hopefully helped by the goverment ect.

  • Which piece of information should people know and why?
    People should know and be aware that while striking police men can throw teargas which is dangerous to their health.
    Strikes are not helpful in most cases because different priorities are given and it is hard to choose on which should be implemented.

  • I scored a 9 in the quiz , I learnt that police can’t go on strike in the US , because it is illegal and if done has punishment attached to it and also because the police force is not a labour union or group where it’s personnel meet and deliberate on protest or strike .

    1. Very interesting @reserved_wolf. Are there any forces in Nigeria that legally are not allowed to strike?

      1. Yes , also in Nigeria law enforcement and military officers are not supposed to embark on strikes if done punishment are attached the law states that members of trade unions can take part in a strike and clearly the police force is not seen as a trade union . And it is stated in the act that police officers who are absent from work without leave shall forfeit Their pay for the period or if they spend over 20 days without resuming then that means they left and therefore dismissed . So law enforcement agencies such as police , customs , immigration officials in Nigeria cannot and not allowed to stop working .

  • I scored 8 in the quiz above. I learned that workers go on strike to protect and defend their rights which is being deprived. All strikes are carried out through the union not individuals and protest are formed by individual crowd. Strike in schools affect teachers and students because the school calendar will have to change, some syllables and school activities most be left out. Working hours are lost in strikes causing huge lost of profit which leads to poor economy of a country at large. I learnt alot of countries go on strike, some even have a record for highest number of strike in a year.

    1. Great understanding @excited_signature. Are you able to find out which company has the record for highest number of strikes in a year. And why do you think this is?

      1. In Nigeria, the academic union of universities (ASUU) has recorded the largest number of strikes in a year. They've spent over 4 years on strike since 199 with the records below:
        1999- 5 months
        2002- 2 weeks
        2003_ 6 months
        2006- 1 week
        2007- 3 months
        2008- 2weeks
        2009- 4 months
        2010- 5 months
        2011- 3 months
        2013- 5 months
        2016- 1 week warning strike
        2017- 1 month
        2018- 3 months
        2022- 8 months
        The main reason for these strikes has been the conflict between the ASUU and federal government over the condition and welfare of lectures and the States of tertiary institutions.
        With these record you can see that universities under ASUU records the highest strike which really had a negative impact towards academic activities.
        I think this keeps occurring because both parties involved don't want to reach a compromise

      2. The country with the highest record for strike in a year is France which was 79 days France had the highest annual average lost days due to the strike. The president of France Emmanuel macron is under growing pressure for the union and seek to reform France's pension system,he also said that he would change the pension bill which would raise the retirement age by two years.

        1. Great information, excited_signiture, but I'm not sure it quite answers Olivia's question. Could you find out more about the companies?

          1. I think that a company that has the highest record for strike in a year is in the U.S.A and that was in 1959which was called Steel strike,it lasted for 116 day which involved half million of workers and members of the United Steelworks of America due to the dispute over wages and changes to work place rules.

      3. I don't think because the strike number could be enough and not counted

    2. @ excited_signature so do you think student should also be given the right to strike example when they don't get the knowledge they deserve to. why, why not?
      How will this affect or benefit them?

  • I got a good mark, but I got a lot of information that surprised me, and one of this information is that not everyone who strikes gets what they want. This leads to a complete setback in activities which leads to missing work days and school days without positive results, and I learned that the police in the UK are not allowed to strike which I also support. If the police decide to strike, there will be no law and order and the crime rate will go up. People will also feel insecure in their community. I feel this law should be passed in other countries to maintain peace and order and other great information

  • I knew the meaning of strike and information about it, but this topic made me more knowledgeable in terms of equality between workers and inequality, which are the reasons that made them strike.

  • I scored 8 points in the test, and I learned that not all workers have the right to strike there are those who work in critical tasks that are difficult to leave, such as policemen and doctors, because by striking them many lives will be lost, whether it is from disease or from crime  what I learned is that the goal of the workers behind their strike is to get good salaries and provide better working conditions and I learned that a person should strive with all his efforts to obtain his right to the fullest

  • I scored 7 points in this test. In fact, I did not previously have extensive knowledge in the field of strikes around the world. All I see is the strikes of our teachers and their negative results, usually by keeping us away from work for many days, but now I really started to understand what strikes mean. To them, in fact, I was astonished when I read the question of which country banned strikes?
    It came to my mind, why would any state prevent its employees from the right to strike?
    In my opinion, I think that everyone should be allowed to strike, but according to specific conditions laid down by the law, and the law should also set a specific time for the strike so that it does not hinder the different life activities of the people. In my country, I see many different strikes, whether they are educational strikes or hunger strikes, and the picture that appears In front of me is a group of people huddled together and showing clear signs of misery on their faces. I have always sympathized with them. I look at them from the psychological side. They will not be happy unless they get their rights. So, quite simply, this is their right, and no one has the right to prevent them from it. I benefited a lot from this Testing, thank you for bringing up this important topic in the global conversation.

  • I scored a 10. And I learnt that strike has a major impact on the society, resulting in the employees suffering loss when they are not paid during the strike period. And also people go on strike for better working conditions and better payment. Also I learnt that picketing is a form of protest when people congregate outside a place of work or location where an even is taking place

  • I scored 8 in the bowl, and I learned from it that strikes are the right of every worker and employee to achieve their demands, and that these strikes work to change the path of the state and change its system from bad to good.

  • I scored a nine and I learnt that strike is a way for workers or employees to express to the management or bosses their concerns about their working conditions, their payment of salaries and funding and because of the refusal to work they sometimes get their wishes and are satisfied but I also learnt also that the strikes affect those who they provide their services because of their refusal to work another fascinating thing I learnt is that the police in the United Kingdom are not allowed to strike since 1919 because they are seen as part of emergency service providers and are expected to maintain a certain level of service at all times and this is good in order to ensure the safety of the citizens and I also learnt that strikes are also called industrial actions or labor stoppage and usually done by unions; labor or trade and also learnt that some countries have a high record of strikes and this affected those sectors and this also affected the countries at large.

  • I learnt through the qiuz that sadly not everyone that strikes get what they want, strikes can cause loss of income and working/schooling days for people, Strikes are not a sure way of getting better working conditions and be risky to for the workers and those getting serviced for examples if teachers go on strike, students will stop going to school therefore having wasted time and money will noy get any knowledge in school.

  • I got 8, but I got a lot of information, and from this information I discovered something that other ways can be done that do not harm people and demand the rights of workers other than the strike, and with this idea there is no gap between people and the demands are fulfilled

  • I scored 7 in the quiz .I'm not sure about the country that had most day strikes.
    Also, a good point that I learnt police is not allowed to strike? but how do they express their objection ?

  • I got 8
    I have learned that strikes are a weapon for workers to demand their rights, but it is a double-edged sword that may return positively to them and meet their demands, and may strengthen them negatively, and they just waste days of work without benefit, but this is the only way for them to take their rights and make their voices and demands heard for the people

  • I got a mark of 8 In the test, I see that the strike is not a solution. The only solution is a negotiated and consensual solution. The government's demands must be dealt with rationally and with the employers as well.Working hours with this salary is similar to workers and applies to everyone in all job fields.

  • l scored 10 and l learn that a strike is a collective work stoppage where a group of workers refuse to work in order to protest working conditions, wages, or other grievances with their employer l learn that strikes are usually organized by unions, which are organizations that represent workers in negotiations with their employers regarding wages, benefits, and working conditions.

    many workers go on strike for both reasons: they want a pay rise and better working conditions. strikes can also be used to protest job cuts, unfair treatment, or other grievances with their employer. in general, strikes are a way for workers to use their collective power to negotiate with their employers for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

  • I scored a 7 on the quiz, I learned that the British Police are not allowed to go on strike.

  • I scored a nine and I feel that strikes should be a last resort when dealing with workers affairs because it causes a lot of problems and I think the main solution is creating a pathway of communication through which the workers can inform the bosses about their problems with their working conditions and salary and if this pathway is created it creates a relationship and bond between the workers and the bosses and this healthy relationship promotes efficiency at work and optimal customer satisfaction and this helps prevent strike in the workplace.

  • I got a 7 in the test, I learned that strikes are collective action as a result of bad working conditions such as long working hours, lack of appreciation for the worker, bad salaries and that strikes can lead to lost school days, and that when workers strike often they do not get what they want because there is Governments punish those who break the law

  • The strike causes severe harm to students and their parents, who are the first victims

    1. Can you explain what you mean by "severe harm"?

      1. Serious harm means the great harm to students from teachers' strikes, as the educational level of students decreases and a lot of information is lost within the school curricula and students do not understand much information due to the repeated strike.

  • Strike: Cessation of work due to economic crises.
    Does everyone hit?
    It is not certain that everyone strikes because there are areas where there are no crises, so a strike may not happen!
    But in our town there are crises there
    *The unemployment
    *High cost of living
    * Decrease in salaries..etc
    I have a solution that is in cohesion and unity between the people
    They certainly can solve crisis problems.
    Do you agree?

  • The strikes that occur in most institutions are due to several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of wages and salaries or exposure to violence from the employer, and if it sometimes has a positive effect so that employees get what they want, on the other hand, it has a negative effect, especially if the strike is from By school teachers, it affects the level of students, the low level of their achievement, the loss of a lot of information during the semester, and the lack of benefit from the subject curricula for students as the curricula are too many, with the omission of many topics of interest to the student. On the other hand, many parents suffer from this strike and the feeling that they do not understand many lessons and send their children to private tutors.

  • I got a good mark. 😊
    I'm still learning and I've learned many, many things that help us tell our story and protect other people.
    Strikes are for the return of rights.
    Or there is a lot of chaos, so we must resort to understanding.

  • I scored 8 in the test but learned enough to understand the strikes really well. And I learned that those who organize strikes are usually the unions. Why do workers strike?!!. Because they want higher wages and better working conditions. Do strikers always get what they want?! Of course, they don't get what they want. Is the statement correct? Strikes can lead to the loss of school days for students or the loss of working days for older men. That statement is correct, as it negatively affects the level of students and the business of older men. But I think I made a mistake with one question, and it aroused my interest: What is the description given to those who gather outside or near the place of work during a strike?!!...............

  • I got 8 marks. I was saddened by the two marks that I did not get because I think I have learned a lot about the strike, who deserves to be struck, how the strike takes place, by whom, and why they do that. I hope to learn more topics to come

    1. 8 marks is a great result!

  • I scored 7 in the quiz . A strike is anything that a stoppage of work by labour union. Most of the strikes are about pay ,long working hours and better working conditions. Even students are protesting against mismanagement and lack of facilities provided by the University and the government. Going on a strike is just a mean of people expressing their feelings and showing how bad the conditions of work are for them. It's only a right if the government does the best to comply are reach a negotiation with the workers involved. In India we had several strikes like railway strike 1974, Munnar plantation strike 2015 etc... These strikes gone for several days, weeks, months and even years. But how can we a reduce these strikes? We can reduce strikes, when we see the labourers as one among us in the family, hearing their suggestions, considering their safety ,providing employees with the information they need, making them feel cheerful by giving what they want( bonus,an increase in their salary etc...) These things not only make them cheerful but work with their full energy for the development of company.
    Dr BR Ambedkar's contribution for labourers:
    *Reduction in factory working hours ( 8 hours a day).
    *Compulsory recognition of trade unions
    * Employment exchange in India
    * Employees State insurance ESI
    * Minimum wages for labourers
    * Coal and mica mines provident fund.
    Women labourers welfare benefits are:
    Mines maternity benefit act, women labour welfare fund, women and child labour protection act, maternity benefit for women labour and Restoration of ban on employment of women on underground work in coal mines.

  • Sadly, uh..

    My final score was 7.
    After trying the first time, my final score was 6.
    It wasn't that big of a point gain, either. It was 1 more point then i scored on the 1st try.
    At least i got a few inches close to getting to 8, however.

  • I scored a 5 in the quiz, i learned that strike is usually organised into a trade union and also not everyone that goes on strike gets what he or she wants.

  • I think another alternative to take instead of strike is bridging the gap between workers and management.
    They should also show openness and equity to all workers which will reduce conflict between the workers and make them feel they're important to the organization.
    From all I learned so far, I feel that individuals don't go on strikes to show cruelty to those individuals who need or value them but instead they go on strikes due to the fact that their voices are not being heard.💔
    So therefore,I suggest that employers should listen to the opinions of their employees and try to find a solution for what ever their complaint might be.

  • I scored 10 ✨ ، because I've read a lot about this topic when I was wanna write about it , and I am very proud of having this score 🙏 , knowing all this information, thanks you tobical talk festivals 🌹 .

  • In the quiz I was able to learn lessons from most of the questions especially the question which asked us if the police are allowed to go on strike. This question enlightened me on the fact that there are some very vital and important job or work that can't go on strike, this is because they play an important role in the society and they must be present for certain task and also for the society to function well. Also I think the government should ensure that the working conditions of those people especially in vital positions is proper or appropriate so that they would not be any negative motives

  • I scored an 10. I learned strikes cannot be allowed for the doctor, the police and the teacher. They are the most important people in our lives and they have a positive impact on our lives. I also learned that the government does not respond to the demands of employees because it does not have enough money. and There must be enactment of laws related to strikes, such as in the event of a strike by the people you mentioned, they must pay a fine.

  • I scored 7 in the quiz. A strike is anything that could cause a stoppage of work by the labour union. Most of the strikes are about pay ,long working hours and better working conditions. Even students are protesting against mismanagement and lack of facilities provided. Going on a strike is just means for people expressing their feelings and showing how bad the conditions of work are for them. But how can we reduce these strikes? We can reduce strikes, when we see the labourers as one among us in the family, hearing their suggestions, considering their safety ,providing employees with the information they need, making them feel cheerful by giving them what they want (bonus, an increase in their salary etc...) These things not only make them cheerful but work with their full energy for the development of their company.

  • I believe that everyone should have to access and opportunity to strike if they feel the need however, Strikes have a huge impact on the unions but also the economy because when people go on strike it has a knock on effect for everybody else an example of this is; train strikes, train strikes unable people to use the train which could effect people to get to work if this is there main source of transport.

  • I got 6, it's not bad at all, it's a good result, and I also learned a lot of information about striking, and I also became convinced that the right solution for it is to strike with limited periods and laws, as well as those laws that the state should put in place. France used to strike mostly! Favoritism and nepotism spread in their country, as their society was divided into 3 classes The class of the clergy, the class of the nobility, and the class of workers, where strikes were emerging from the class of workers because they were receiving cruelty and ill-treatment from the classes of the clergy and the nobles, and also another reason, which is the seven-year war between France and Britain, where France came out exhausted from this war, and there are also many reasons. I got a lot of information from topical talk, thank you ❣

  • Strike, although it is a right for the worker and is found in the laws as a right to preserve the rights of the worker and claim his rights, but sometimes it is the losing option for the employee, especially if the strike is long for days. . . . . Or months, and if it is expressed in marches, banners and chants, or in any way that leads to a state of riot and chaos, the interests of the people may be damaged and the employer may consider abandoning the strikers and the employee. He may lose his job or not get paid for the days he did not work, and this may affect his family's standard of living and his inability to meet their needs. Therefore, you should think carefully about how the employee will obtain his rights, because this is due to the policy of the state and the institution in which he works.

  • In the quiz above, I got a 7 but I am proud of that because now I know that in 2020-2021 France held the most strikes in the world and in 2019 India held the most strikes in the world.Now, I also know that those who support the strike are the unions and that police in the UK are not allowed to strike whatsoever.

  • I got a 10 in the quiz.
    STRIKE is done when workers refuse to go to work because they want salary raise and better working conditions.Going on strike causes both schools and working days to to be lost, drop in financial aspect of the country and increased crime rate.
    In the year 2020-2021 France lost her working days due to strike. In my country Nigeria, the National Labour Congress (NLC) led an industrial action over minimum wage which also affected the country’s working days and school days. Though the aim of the strike has been achieved. The minimum wage has been implemented.
    Not all strikes taken gives a positive outcome. An example is the consistent ASUU strike in Nigeria which til date has not been completely resolved.
    Another example was in my state, the medical personnel went on a warning industrial action but the state governor gave a press release that whoever doesn’t go back to work will lose his/her job. This statement ended the warning strike and the aim was not achieved.

  • I haven't studied the topic "Strikes" in school but based on my knowledge I got a 6 on the quiz. I think the governments should do more to attend to the citizen's needs to reduce the loss of schools days for children and working days for adults because the adults really need those jobs to survive and take care of their family and In my opinion, when the governments see the effort people put in to get their demands met(strikes) and they disregard them I feel they are just being selfish and don't take the people's needs to heart.

    1. I disagree because in our country the strikes are very much useful and the government of our country does gives the demands of the strikers if it is very reasonable strike. I think that in your country that may not be happening and the government of your may be selfish, but in our country and other countries the strikes are very much useful for the citizens and the governments are taking action for their needs.
      THANK YOU.

  • Although we have not discussed 'strikes' in school, I managed to score a 7 on the quiz. Due to the quiz, I have gotten to know that police in the UK do not go on strike, which I am very happy with because if the police go on strike no one will be there to protect the country if there's a burglary, kidnapping, etc. Schools days are lost during strikes, and due to this reason students will not be learning for a few days, I hope that the government can take heed to the teachers that are striking, then negotiate with them to give them what their protesting for, however, the government should act on the reasonable ones, by doing this, the children will continue their studies quickly, therefore they will not miss their school days.

  • I scored 7, I learnt that in 2020-2021 France had the highest number of lost days due to strikes. Strikes can result in lost school days for students or lost working days for adults. A protest crowd is a description given to those who gather outside the entrance of the workplace.

  • Although I haven't treated this topic in school, I got an 8. I learnt about the damage that strikes can cause to learners and workers. I think people should know more about the importance of strikes and how it can impact an organization or country because it can show people the reason for strikes and they can learn to appreciate workers or staff a bit more.

  • Strikes are organised by a group of workers called a union. Strikes are a way for a union to express themselves,strikes are always in the news because it is disruptive, but eliminating strikes would have serious repercussions on us all.
    Here are few key reasons why we need a right to strike:
    1. Striking is a last resort but sometimes the only tool for workers to protect themselves.
    2. To avoid being at the mercy of employers.
    3. To give more of a balance between worker and employer.
    4. Without it, more and more governments will ban industrial action and punish people who dare to strike.
    5. Most strikes are over pay and better working conditions. Without the threat of strike action, corporations will be able to make bigger profits, while working conditions will get worse.

  • I got 6. I think strikes fair because if teachers don't have the right working conditions and are not paid enough, they have the right to strike but it will affect students education.

  • In 2019, which country held the biggest strike in history?

  • I got a 6.The teacher have a right to strike and its really fair to do so if they don't have the right environment and paying conditions .Strikes are also not good for the students because it affects the students learning which will have negative effects on their knowledge. But hey, at least they get some days off 😏.

  • i scored a 4 in the quiz, i wasn't sure about some of the questions

  • I scored a seven and learned that strikes do not always go in favor of the people who are striking. I also learned most strikes are created by unions as a way to have a greater pay raise or better working conditions. Strikes can affect not only the strikers with not having days of work but people who may have been just a regular citizen that did not work at the job. Overall strikes may get justice for workers but maybe if employers listened to the concerns of their employees strikes could not harm anyone.

  • I scored an 8 on the quiz,
    I learned that a strike is when workers stop working and protest for possibly better wages or better work conditions, but these are not always the reasons why. And not everyone gets what they want. I also learned that in the UK, police are banned to strike. Striking is not a safe option especially for doctors, nurses, and police officers because they provide healthcare and safety to keep us alive.

  • I scored a 7 on the quiz, I've learned that many workers who strike do not always get what they want. Maybe this method is not as efficient sometimes. Sometimes maybe it would be best to talk it out with the employer or whoever is controlling the cause of the problem.

  • My score was eight. I think more people should know about the working days that are lost due to strikes for adults and pupils.

  • Strike: when the state does not give employees a salary They carry out a phenomenon which is the strike and the result of the strike is to stop working for a day or two etc. until the state pays them salaries

  • I scored 8 on the quiz. Strikes, in my viewpoint, are generally good because it shows the government their faults although it is done forcefully.

  • I scored a 7 in the quiz. Teachers would get a loss of money because of a strike and students can not learn intriguing topics which can upgrade their knowledge in their brains. Doctors need strike because they don't get payed properly so they can get a profit so they can afford something the need and want.

  • 1. Bridging the gap between workers and management can be an effective way to address the underlying issues that may lead to strikes. For example improved communication, it will be explained briefly:
    Improved communication: Clear and open communication between workers and management can help to avoid misunderstandings, misinformation, and mistrust. Regular meetings, feedback mechanisms, and forums for dialogue can help to improve communication and build trust between workers and management.

  • Hello!
    Well, I got a 9 in this quiz and I think it was worth it, I learnt that the biggest strike in history was held by about 250 million Indian workers in January 2020 who demanded better working conditions and 2019 France lost the most working days due to strikes. I think this was worth the time and I learnt a lot from this quiz. I think this quizzes should be done more often as it is an encouraging way to learn.

  • Going on a strike restricts many individuals and the exercises around them. Even though many people want better working conditions and better pay, we must remember that the economy, the establishment, and the organization must continue. Individuals will constantly be interested in better things as nobody needs a static family or needs to carry on with a static life. In Nigeria, for instance, people have gone on strike over the lack of implementation of minimum wage payments. I strongly believe that the union, management, and government should come to an agreement on the costs and benefits of strikes before they begin.