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Great ! I agree with you. #37 Skill quiz! 01/6/21
Right , I agree with you. #37 Skill quiz! 01/6/21
Great idea , I agree with you. #36 Work for the world! 25/5/21
Wonderful. #36 Work for the world! 25/5/21
Wonderful , I agree with you very much. #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
I want to become a teacher, because according to my opinion, the majority of people trust... #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
Great idea. #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
My rule is to ( Urge people and societies to plant trees in every place that can be planted and... #35 Make a rule! 17/5/21
" Nature's safty at your fingertips " Because protecting the world, nature and the atmospheric... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
" Keep the world in your hands " Because protecting the environment, climate and nature is the... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
To curb climate change, it is based on enacting international laws that limit nuclear testing,... #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Amazing ideas 👍 #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Great idea, in my opinion trees have a great role in purifying the atmosphere. #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
It is truly amazing innovation . #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Very impressive innovation . #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
I would like to invent a machine based on reducing nuclear testing and , creating alternative... #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Very wonderfull . #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Hello I would invent a robot that limits unclear testing and chemical industries to reduce the... #33 Invention test! 03/5/21
I agree with you , this is good idea. #32 A fresh start! 29/4/21
I know this very well , but despite the security we will try to remain steadfast. #32 A fresh start! 29/4/21