#32 A fresh start!

30 April 2021

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners Announced!

Last week’s competition was particularly tricky but you still managed to impress us with your creativity - and we thought that your acrostics were superb! The beautiful ideas in all your entries made choosing just two winners very difficult… but they are:

wondrous_orca of Cheam Common Junior Academy in the UK, who told us that fresh starts are all about learning from and fixing our past mistakes


amusing_meaning of Junior Secondary School in Nigeria, who explained how important it is to keep learning new skills.

Excellent work, both of you!

In Session 1, we ask you to think about what it means to make a fresh start and why some people think that the pandemic has created an opportunity for the world to make a fresh start.

Your challenge this week is to describe what "fresh start" means in an acrostic poem.

An acrostic poem is where you put the title word down the side and write a SHORT line starting with each letter.

Use the words FRESH START. For example...

Forgetting the past

Realising it's time to change







Want to earn a star?

  • Keep your lines short by thinking carefully about your choice of words
  • Try to think of new ideas that have not been said before
  • Use your discussions from Session 1 as inspiration

The deadline for entries is Friday April 30th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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