Weekly Competition #25

15 March 2019

loved_cranberry and calm_hedgehog

We loved reading the similes that you came up with this week. Well done to everyone who had a go. Lots of them were very clever and lots of them were funny too! Great work to loved_cranberry who drew on their personal experience of playing Monopoly to explain the current state of Brexit. Loved_cranberry compared Brexit to a pantomime which was well thought-through and had lots of nuanced similarities. Read the full entries in the orange boxes below!

On our team, we thought Brexit was like a pineapple. It looks like a good idea but might be a bit sharp. Looks tropical and exciting but might not live up to the expectations and hurts if you get too close!


Fill in the blanks!

Brexit is like a _________ because....

The date for the UK to leave the EU is fast approaching. By now, you will have heard lots of people's opinions about this in your sessions, in the news and here on the Hub. This week, we'd like you to fill in the blanks in the sentence above.

For example, someone on the BNC team thinks, 'Brexit is like an pineapple...'.
This might sound a bit strange, but their reasons were very good! We'll tell you why next week.

Winners will show

  1. Excellent curiosity by making links between Brexit and something else
  2. Great reasoning to explain their choice

Good luck!

Comments (127)

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  • Brexit is like a newspaper because some people read a certain newspaper article because they like the journalists style of writing and some people completely disagree with what the journalist has said(they think it`s fake news).I think Brexit is like a newspaper since some people agree with it and some people don`t.

  • brexit is like a banana because it has many layers to it and people have a very strong opinion on if they like it or not.

  • I believe Brexit is like Ice Cream because it looks good and tastes good, but really it is making you unhealthy, and when the Brexit vote happened, many people voted to leave as it sounded good, but now many people are disagreeing with eachother.

  • Brexit is like a cheetah because it is happening very fast and no one knows where it is going. Brexit seems to has happened very fast (like a cheetah running) and the citizens of the Britain don't seem to know how it will affect their futures, therefore not knowing where it is going. Also nobody knows what will happen which will mean that it is similar to a predator stalking it's prey.

  • Brexit is like a monstrous volcano brainwashing citizens because there are people wanting to leave then there are people who want to stay. This has caused significant arguments which are endless loop. society is changing drastically. Society was not like this before brexit started. No one knows whats going to happen is it going to erupt or stay . What would you do would you leave or stay?

  • Brexit is like a banana because the skin represents the people who want to leave and the banana itself is like the people who want to stay. When you take the banana out of the skin it is practically you separating something that used to be a whole now in two parts. The banana together represents the UK before the being separated because of their opinion.

  • Brexit is like peas in a pod. For example when peas first grow, it grows into a plant and then forms a layer for the peas inside. Then once it is ready to eat, you take it out of the skin (which then goes independent) and eat it. This suggests that, brexit is like peas in a pod as England is now leaving the EU to become independent.

  • I think Brexit is like a melted chocolate bar as it is first nice, but when it is left, then it is ruined, this links to Brexit as it was first a good idea, but now people believe it is the worst idea of all time.

  • Brexit is like a blizzard, as nobody knows how it will actually end or how much damage will happen. It's a foggy road but everyone hopes that the blizzard will end soon, as it's causing many arguments and protests which are on a endless loop.

  • I believe that brexit is like a durian. This is because the spiky part on the outside imitates the people being scared. But the nice sticky part on the inside tells us that whatever happens we will stick together no matter what.

  • Brexit is like a game of monopoly. This is because monopoly causes arguments between families and so is Brexit. A lot of families have become divided over brexit, and that happens all of the time when my family play monopoly. Also if you count the parliament as a family, they have also become divided over brexit, making our country vulnerable.

  • Brexit is like peas in a pod because the peas are always together. But when you open up the pod and you take a pea out, the other peas wouldn't want the pea to go because they always stick together. This is like England because Brexit is dividing families because either one of them does not agree with the same choice. Another reason for this is because the EU is supporting us just like each pea supports each other along with the pod.

  • Brexit is like marmite because either everyone wants it (wants to stay) or no one wants it (wants to leave). Brexit causes a lot of controversy and so does marmite. Some people like marmite on toast or in a sandwich? I think it is like marmite since some love it or hate it.

  • Brexit is like life, (this may sound dramatic) because you don't know what will happen ( we don't), people can affect it (voting for leave or stay), every decision you make has an effect on everyone else ( whether we leave or not).

  • I think Brexit is like an ant where it goes everywhere people are like eww we should not leave but offers are like don't kill the ant so we can leave I think we should stay because we never left because of we really on it

  • Brexit is like a lemon because, when you first hear about it, you’d expect something nice and sweet, based on its appearance. This is like Brexit because when I first hear of it, I thought it would be okay, since we could make our laws. But a lemon is sour on the inside, and sometimes hard to decide whether it’s actually good or bad? Brexit is like this in many ways, as the time got closer, people started campaigning. So I immediately thought it was horrible - or sour. After that, I was listening into other thoughts, the pros of Brexit. Once you hear about about both sides of the argument m, it’s hard to decide whether it’s really good or bad!

  • Brexit is like liquorice because some people hate it but other like it. it can have a bitter effect like Brexit or sweet ending depending in which way you look at it

  • Brexit is like an onion because when the onion grows it symbolizes how all of the votes are adding up and when you pull out the onion it has dirty outer layer and when you peal the outer layer off and throw it away it symbolizes how those votes were the ones that voted for staying at the EU and we know now that those votes were out voted by the inner layer of the onion which were the votes to leave the EU.

  • Brexit is like love life because it takes so long to get together (vote) and its easy to break up with (leave the EU). Some people don't want to date someone (leave the EU) and some people do want to date someone (remain in the EU). Some people love someone (love the fact we are in the EU) and hate someone (hate the fact we are part of the EU).

  • I think Brexit is like a spider it brainwashes everyone to like it but really it will fail and it's trying to make u think to go and leave because of the reason is that she just wants to leave and I saw that she tried to change the votes because all shes ever wanted to just leave but truly inside she does not

  • Brexit is like cheese submarine because it is absolutely useless and it isn't worth the fuss that it is getting. The submarine has slowly risen up to the surface on the other side. That is the climax and is the date when we leave the EU. Also people will absolutely love the idea of leaving or staying or they will hate the idea of leaving or staying. It is linked because people might think that going into the sea in a cheese submarine is just suicide or they'll think that it is a great idea and that it will be great fun.

  • 𝓑𝓻𝓮𝔁𝓲𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓪 𝓟𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓸𝓲𝓭 𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓽𝓸.
    Once you take the photo, it takes a while to appear and see the final result. Also, there's not much you can do to change it once it appears.
    This is similar to Brexit owing to the fact that, it's taking a while to finalize a lot of things, such as: the deal. Also, when it does come round we can't have a last minute referendum to make it all go away and start over.

      1. Why Brexit like a polaroid photo?

        1. Brexit is like a Polaroid photo.
          Once you take the photo, it takes a while to appear and see the final result. Also, there's not much you can do to change it once it appears.
          This is similar to Brexit owing to the fact that it's taking a while to finalize a lot of things, such as the deal. Also, when it does come round we can't have a last-minute referendum to make it all go away and start over.
          ( I already said this by the way : ) )

    1. This is a great analogy. I think it really conveys the issue and opinions on (or associated) with Brexit.

  • brexit is a monstrosity because is came on top of us way too fast , they didn't tell us about the deal and they want us to bring it up in every conversation its so big. its like chocolate you either hate is (want to leave Europe) or love it (want to stay in Europe) so i personally want to stay in Europe

  • Brexit is like a carrot being planted because the leaves sticking out represents the people wanting to leave the EU The carrot its self represents the people wanting to stay in the EU . When the carrot is being planted , that represents more votes coming in either for leaving or staying .

  • Brexit is like a whirlpool because you never know when it could end. To back this up, I think that brexit is also like a shed because to have a shed you have to build up and face some problems along the way of making it. So in comparison to this Brexit votes whether to stay or leave.

  • Brexit is like a game of football.This is because there are so many rules and regulations that people often forget and do their own thing ( like Theresa May with her deal when she had a vote of no confidence). In addition, in a game of football, people can get hurt and the country's reputation is being hurt by the way we are dealing with Brexit. To add, football causes a divide between the country as we all play each other and want to beat each other and this is what is happening with Brexit. It is causing a divide between those who want to leave and those who want to stay. Also, if time is wasted in a game, extra time is added. This is like Brexit because the date of leaving keeps being delayed and extra time keeps being added on. Also, in Brexit, David Cameron resigned for Theresa May. This is like football when a player is substituted for another.

  • Brexit is like a person because in our lives we feel good or bad. Some people think Brexit is good, some think Brexit is bad and people like and dislike people. Brexit gets pushed back, and so do we but as long as people realize it's important and say their opinion, it will all be fine.
    Some people want to stay, and some wants to leave. That is like saying they want Brexit to leave their house or leave the school, but some want Brexit to stay. Brexit is like an undecisive person.

  • Brexit is like a little child told to clean their room: they say clean their room, but in the end another person has to step in and do it for them.

  • Brexit is like a lightbulb because it goes on and off. For example: the date for us to leave was scheduled, but now it has been changed. Theresa May had a plan A to leave, but then she lost the vote and now she has had to make an plan B. This makes it a lightbulb because the colour in the room changes, and in Brexit things change.

  • Brexit is like war because everyone is arguing and debating against each other. People might not see one another again. We won't go on holiday for that long. Brexit can change things such as us shipping in bananas. It can also change prices of the things we buy in shops. Families are breaking apart because of brexit. No one can stop what is happening. What is done is done. We just have to rebuild are selves as a country.

  • Brexit is like an onion because when you peel of the skin its like you are slowly getting rid of the worries and issues and problems about it.But then it makes you cry because problems or worries come back or people get upset about it.Then you try to get to the core of it when you peel it but more problems come back and it feels like the problem will never go and then it corses a big fuss and hassle over every thing.
    I think brexit is also like an iceburg because when brexit started it wasnt a big problem and you only saw the tip of it.But then when the problem gets bigger and it starts to get complecated the iceburg grows and grows until its to the point where the iceburg is huge and everyones problems and worries are huge.

  • Brexit is like a maze fulled of traps because there is are ways out and into it .There are different of opinions whether to go into or out of it.There is a middle of it where you can reason more about it.

  • Brexit is like a orange because you never know if it is sweet or sour. This relates to Brexit as you never know if there is good news or bad news, I know this because yesterday, on the news, the House of Parliament said that they are delaying Brexit. And this is bad news.

  • Brexit is like a dragon because if it doesn’t like someone it breathes fire at it. Let me explain if you don’t understand : the dragon represents Teresa May,she doesn’t literally breathe fire but she reacts absolutely furiously if people do not agree with brexit. This comment has no disrespect to Teresa May,I just do not agree with her decisions,that is what I am saying

  • Brexit is like a orange because it has quite a few layers ( representing truth and lies ) and people have very strong opinions about it

  • Brexit is like a carrot because it can either be orange or purple. Orange is if you want to leave and purple is if you want to stay. More orange carrots are being planted these days, and more people voted to leave the EU. You can never find purple carrots at a supermarket, and they are never planted anymore, so therefore the people who wanted to stay represent the purple carrot.

  • Brexit is like a puzzle because you have to put the pieces together. In Brexit you have to find a deal that everyone likes, in a puzzle you have to find the piece that fits: a deal that fits the agreement.

  • Brexit is like a rivers of opinions that flow into the sea of solutions some may stop flowing some may carry on flowing.

  • Brexit is like a banana because when you peel it’s skin it’s like your getting rid of dearer prices and the actual inside of the banana is the cheaper prices because WE (England) a are the inside where we are all happy or most of us are happy that some things have changed.

  • Brexit is like a bar of chocolate because one minute you love it and the next minute you feel sick of it. This is like Brexit because many people want it to happen but when there is a delay in the House of Commons people are sick of having to wait if they wanted a deal.

  • Brexit is like a shipwreck. I think this because it is going to go down sink in an argument leading to losses of family members and it will be hard

  • Brexit is like Pinocchio because it is ruining other’s lives since the people that want to have Brexit have put posters lying to us like,”The NHC will get more money to help us live.”But it ends up being a whole lie.Because of this people have fallen for this nasty trick just to be able to leave the EU.If a shop tricked you that something is 70 percent off how would you feel

  • Brexit is like an annoying little sisster who doesnt stop buging you because when we leave the eu it is gonna be hard to leave the country and the things are going to be a more money

  • brexit is like another sisster because they are compltly useles

  • Brexit is like a scratch because it goes away after time and sometimes it might stay.

  • Brexit is like a weed because good ideas were planted but it has grown into a negative relationship with the EU. It is difficult to get rid of and is very very ugly.

  • Brexit is like a packet of prawn cocktails crisps because some people like them as a food like some people like brexit and some people dont like them like some people dont like brexit

  • Brexit is like Fortnite because it seemed like a good idea to the creators but it has brought out a lot of violent behaviour among people.

  • person when they are 18 because it is puzleing like were will i live what i keep or through like brexit

  • Brexit is like a game of football because you don’t know what will happen. When you try to get the ball in the goal and it doesn’t go in, this is like Thereasa May trying to convince people to vote for her deal, but she didn’t get it. You also don’t know who’s going to win or what’s going to happen, this is like when politicians didn’t know that the date of us leaving would be changed or when Theresa May’s first plan wouldn’t go through for us to leave the EU.

  • Brexit is like a game of chess because Brexit is a basket of unexpected decisions. like a chess game , brexit is also filled with a whole lot of chaos. In fact, Mrs May tried to convince people to vote for her deal but unfortunately she didn't get what she expected.

  • Brexit is like food because people have different opinions on it

  • I think brexit is like the leap of faith because you have to trust these people to make the right decision for our country.

  • Brexit is like a asteroid that doesn't let us enter the worlds atmosphere and only lets us explore the space we're in.

  • I will describe Brexit as a direct vote because you have the rright to have your say and you don,t know which side will win. To add on, Brexit is a direct vote on whether Britain should leave the EU.

  • Brexit is like the worlds orbit because we cant escape which means were stuck in the orbit.

  • Brexit is like an onion because you can explore the inside but the outside you can't explore.

  • Brexit is like a carimal cake some people don't like it some people do

  • Brexit is like moving house. When you are a kid, you don’t get much say in whether your family will move house or not. That’s up to those in power. (Your parents) At the start you might like the idea but when you put it into practise, it doesn’t work. You also have to say goodbye to friends and relationships.

  • Brexit is like a problem with no answers or plans (even though it is) because no-one knows what will happen if we leave the EU or how to create their own law .

  • Brexit is like marmite because some people like it some people don`t

  • Brexit is like a apple because when you have a full one it is England part of the EU when you bite into it that is when were not part of the EU. If people bite it they want to leave the EU. If they dont bite it they want to remain

  • Brexit is like the earth's atmosphere because if you get to close in to it you can't get out of it

  • brexit is like a hiking race, because you do not know what way to go until it is too late, an example of this is people regretting voting to leave in brexit when now they want to stay and, vise versa

  • Brexit is like a maze: it loops round and it gets more confusing by the minute.

  • brexit is like a puzzle that will never be solved

  • Brexit is like an onion because if you cut it open and look into it, it makes you cry.

  • Brexit is like this joke, because it is a joke, it has many layers, and is kind of like a paradox.

  • brexit is like the burnet news club weekly competition, so hard to come up with an answer

  • Brexit is like a pantomime because in pantomime the dames fall, slip, mess things up, and always are covered in custard and slime this links to Brexit because when we think it's actually going somewhere they have a vote and it is rejected and we start again like a dame balancing plates one little thing such as a noise makes them all fall to the ground with Brexit this happens repetitively and just like pantomime when the PM fails the Houses of Parliament laugh and mock like the children in the audience of a Pantomime. My point is Theresa May is like a Dame mocked, always failing, and at the moment has no dignity in Parliament. This has gone on long enough and the PM has run out of ideas but to opposing politicians they are nothing but jokes.

  • Brexit is like a plastic bottle, something that will never disappear and it will affect the environment, both in global warming and society.

  • Brexit is like a lemon because it is bitter and sour and leaves people grimacing.

  • Brexit is like a boomerang because if you try and rid the news, or your thoughts of it, it will come hurtling back to you. Brexit always returns, whether the consequences are bad or good, but we can never escape from it. Currently, people are always talking about it on the media and the news.

  • Brexit is like a puzzle, probably a thousand piece puzzle because it is extremely difficult and complicated. With Brexit, there are so many decisions that need to be made, for instance, trade, or the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic or Ireland, there are so many things to be considered and technicalities of us leaving, much like the many pieces of the puzzle. Both our puzzle pieces and the EU's puzzle pieces need to match up to make a legible, practical image. The question with us leaving the EU is if we will be able to match our decisions and opinions up with the EU's. Will we match our pieces up to reach a legible image, will we find matching the image up too difficult, or will we complete the image, only to find a piece missing, something we have forgotten about and not seen the consequences of?
    Also Brexit is like an 1000 piece puzzle because it takes a lot of time. Currently, we have been in our divorce with the EU for long over two years, with us voting to leave on Thursday 23 June, 2016. On a puzzle, sometimes you can spend a long time trying to find just one place where a piece will fit, like how it seems that we could spend countless hours debating on something that both the EU and UK agree on, when it seems such a minor part of the bigger picture. It is also like a puzzle because people might approcah it differently, some people might approach the puzzle by matching up the edge pieces first, while others may try to get the main shapes, whil other might just go into with no particular plan at all, like how people have so many different opinions on the way we should approach Brexit and what we want out of it.
    My final reason is that people have lots of different opinions about puzzles, some hate puzzles, think they are boring and a waste of time, no help to anyone while many may love puzzles, think they are brilliant and can't wait until they complete it. For instance elderly people like puzzles and also they like Brexit, in fact, according to yougov, 64% of people aged 65+ voted to leave, and that 'Over-65s were more than twice as likely as under-25s to have voted to Leave the European Union'.
    So, in conclusion, Brexit is like a puzzle because it is very difficult and complicated, there are many different ways to approach it and people have different opinions about it.

  • Brexit is like a debate because in a debate you look at both sides but people don't do it in a way that hurts another person they first summarise it then think about their opinion and then probably at the end they will change their mind that is what I think though

    1. brexit IS a debate, an extremely long and stretched out debate.

      1. Yes it is it is like it is never going to end but it does make me a bit melancholy.

  • Brexit is like an icecream because many people describe it good and delicious.Then when you taste the icecream you realize its actually really cold like brexit, because brexit has good sides (delicious and good) where we can make our own laws.But it also has bad sides (the coldness of the icecream and brain freeze) like trading and what will happen to other people from the EU living in Britian.This causes people to either hate it or love it.

    Brexit is also like a dance party.It seems fun (like having our own laws) but if you dance for too long your arms and legs start to ache (if you think/search deeper into brexit and find bad things that brexit might cause to happen).Which makes you think, should i carry on dancing or will worser things happen?(Should i vote leave the EU or stay in the EU?)

  • brexit is like a pomegranate because all the littlw seeds inside it represent all the problems brexit gives us.

  • Brexit is like a pufferfish because it's spiky wherever you touch it

  • Brexit is like a hous being built because it starts with the foundations(the election for independance), then the floor(the disscussion about the impacts it will make), then the walls(the re-elections), then the stairs(dates changing), then the roof(Brexit going through).

  • Brexit is like the weather because it changes all the time very frequently.One day there is a deal, one day they cancel it unexpectedly .In my opinion, a second refrerendum can be like a sunny day

  • Brexit is like a secret because everyone knows about it and have a different opinion. Its also has many layers and changes every time it's told. Its always being talked about but nobody can decide on what to make of it and it ends up distributed everywhere even though only one person decided on it. And as it spreads it changes (destroys) people’s lives by changing the place they live and how they are treated.

  • Brexit is like a tornado because it is unpredictable as we don’t know where it will go or what it will hit and it is slowly destroying our country and everything in its path. Also because politicians are only focused on Brexit they aren’t focusing on important things like the rising levels of knife crime.

  • Brexit is like London. It is always being talked about for the good and the bad. It is the capital discussion on everyone's lips. Brexit is expensive and fast moving.It also perfectly represents London's whether.Most of the time its stormy and cold but occasionally sunny and warm

  • Brexit is like fashion, when there's a new trend its big for a while but the it dies down and that process happens multiple times. Just like how Theresa May offers a new deal, everyone talks about, it gets declined, people stop talking then it happens again. Also some people will go along with the trend but others won't.

  • Brexit is like a question mark because sometime you not know what's happening/what's going on.
    But sometimes it could be a strong wind plowing things around. ( like people that are living in London and are regionally from the EU are being plowed away ). (e.g) if someone is in the UK but was born in French they might be kick-out of there jobs of the UK.

  • Brexit is like a cat because it can't decide whether it wants in or out, and when it's on one side of a door it wants to be on the other side and meows rather than doing something useful about it.

  • Brexit is like water vapor. It travels in unpredictable ways through the air until it lands on a glass surface, clouding the vision of those who peer through, desperate for even the smallest insight. Despite this, it eventually fades, taking the restrictions with it.

  • Brexit is like a cat because it can't decide if it is in or out. If it is out side it wants to go inside but if you let it in it will just want to go out. It is indecisive and has several mad moments. However you know it will die soon. Also half the family wants it to drown yet the others want to feed it cat treats until it can only lie on the sofa and cry.

  • Brexit is like a Nintendo switch because you can switch from table top mode to handle mode

  • Brexit is like a cupcake because the icing and sprinkles is the way Brexit has been dressed up - how misinformed people who voted were. While the proper cake bit is the truth tucked away and covered up. The wrapper around the cupcake is also the way Brexit has been dressed up and only when it has already been baked, does everybody find out the truth when unwrapping it.

  • Brexit is like a wii because people argue over which character to choose from just like how people argue to leave or remain

  • Brexit is like a Pineapple because it is sp

  • Brexit is more or less pantomime, because they always fall and fail and are covered with yucky goo and this links to Brexit because when we are about to finish things off well it always gets sadly rejected so we have to start all over again which is boring. They become mocked, laughed at, rejected and chucked out because they are so bad. I believe she (Theresa May) will run out of ideas.To be honest, I really don't know how its going to end.

  • Brexit is like a round of chickenpox. Nobody can see it coming, but when it arrives, everyone wants it to be over. Trying to find the cure is like trying to find a deal. Sometimes your system rejects it, and you have to find another. If you become fed up with finding cures, then you just wait for it to be over, without a cure. If you have chickenpox, you cannot do anything until it is solved or you are better. This is like Brexit because the government has put all their efforts into this issue for the last few months, ignoring problems with the NHS, global warming, and other things.

  • meant to say spiky, sorry

  • Brexit is like dark chocolate because most young people hate it but most old people love it. As we saw from the divided nation video, the majority of the youth voted to remain, whereas most old people voted to leave. Also, dark chocolate is bitter and sweet at the same time because some people really like it (in other words, they think it is sweet) and others think it is very bitter. This implies how divided the topic is. Some dark chocolate is bitter than others, which I think perfectly describes the difference between soft Brexit and hard Brexit.

  • Brexit is like a weighing scale because there are different people on different sides, and there are many different sub-headings under it and there are many things to argue about Brexit.

  • Brexit is like a child trying to walk for the first time, because it seems easy but once you start you fall over.

    This links to Brexit as in the beginning when the vote was held, everyone thought it was going to be easy. A piece of cake. Not child's play, but easy enough to get it done in 2 years.

    Though once the government started to try and sort things out, the obstacles to a smooth ride started to appear. The deals that had seemed so easy to achieve suddenly took on a different perspective and unbalanced the once confident child.

    I predict that this new brave Britain will have to face up to many more hurdles yet but eventually will find a safe and sure walk towards a future outside of Europe.

  • Brexit is like an onion because some can make people cry and some can’t

  • Brexit is like a nightmare. I think this because it seems like its ever going to end and all you want is for it to be over. You feel like you have no control anymore and the pain is unbearable. No matter what you try to do, nothing can stop what's going to happen. It's almost as if every way you turn there's always something bad. But when it's over, you can finally get back to life.

  • Brexit is like an argument between your parents about your future job because it is completely unnecessary and even though it concerns you most they aren't letting you have your say.

  • brexit is like a wall because it has so many different layers but yet it imprisions many people. The other day we learnt that some kids would take wayyyy longer to go to school as they have to cross the border everyday which was normal then, but people think that passports will be needed to cross the border if brexit does eventually ocurr.

    I also think it has many layers because of all the different opinions people have about it. Some people think breit will cause a crisis and will do no good as they won't get any favours from the EU anymore. Most of the people who think that live in London, which makes sense as most of the money lent from the EU to England is mostly used in London, it's main city. Most of the people who live in the countryside want brexit, because they think the EU doesn't benefit them and just takes away their money.

    An other curious side of brexit are young people vs older people.Most of the young citizens beleive brexit shouldn't happen and that the EU benefits them a lot. On teh other hand, older citizens believe that brexit should happen.

    There are many other layers to brexit like scotland vs england and many more but the point is berxit has a lot of sides to it and is imprisoning just like a wall.

    1. Look out for 'walls' in our next issue!

  • Brexit is like a grape since it is sweet or sour. I believe this since of the both arguments, leave or remain, some people have a ‘sweet’ feeling since they voted leave and we are leaving meaning that their opinion and vote won. However, some have a ‘sour’ feeling since they wanted to remain but had to leave since it was what the majority chose that represents the grape.

    It is also similar to a grape since a grape has the skin (outer shell) and the soft inside layers (inner shell). The outer shell are the main, bold opinions that stand out (the opinions on politicians) about this issue and what we all hear and consider. However, the inside grape are some of the views of the public, views that we have not heard as much on the news as the politician’s opinions and are kept to themselves which is why they are the softer inside part of the grape.

    Brexit is a massive topic to talk about and this refers to all of the fibres in the grapes. Every fibre is a different view, opinion and perspective of this is issue from the people and is compressed together in newspapers, which is all of the grape fibres in one compact grape.

    I would also refer it to a grape since before leaving the EU or remaining, it was an amazing vote and people got excited about this meaningful vote. Now the people have voted, the politicians are voting on behalf of them, which is indirect democracy in the vote, and it is not fair on the people who voted. The politicians are now arguing about the vote itself and now the vote has no meaning. This is the same as a grape. The grape is ripe at the start when it is ready to eat but then the grape is useless as it is expired after, which is the same as the vote for Brexit.

  • Brexit is like a candle because it will at first be a massive flame and carry on but eventually it will die out.

  • Brexit is like a circle, because it just keeps on going on. It never stops

  • I think we should leave the EU because we will get alot more space and a lot more stuff.
    But we should stay in the EU because we also have a lot more places are getting money for the people who have a job and also we can stay together but we can stick up for each other.

  • Brexit is very confusing because Theresa May is doing stuff to quick for people and isn't thinking things through

  • Brexit is like a cheetah because it happened very fast and and they still haven't made a deal weather we should stay with the EU or we should leave the EU . If we make the wrong decision people might get upset and not be very happy and will be sad but if we make the Wright decision people will be okay with what choice that they have made . People might argue with people and will be horrible . some people are agreeing with our priminister (Theresa May ) but some people aren't.

  • Brexit is like sea waves
    This is my opinion because the sea waves keep coming to the shore and some travel into the ocean/sea. I am choosing this because like the sea waves some people keep changing opinion and predict different things. Whilst sometimes waves are tall and sometimes are small, this can link with people losing confidence and regaining confidence about their opinion like waves

  • we said in school council ''what is the view of brexit''

  • Brexit is like wind because the first piece of wind blows sounds like it's saying "Stay" and the other piece of wind sounds like it's saying "Leave". It seriously sounds like they're having a debate. I think that's why it mainly rains here.I guess the wind becomes howling wind, after that, it becomes a thunderstorm and a tornado. That's only like a story.

  • I don't want to leave the EU because like now you get to get free medical conditions free surgery from the hospital
    when your sick.it will make prices higher for shops and it gives us help and benefits

  • what if brexit was never real or it never existed what would you do?

  • Brexit is the most confusing thing in the world, If you ever watch the news you will know the most common thing they would talk about is Brexit or Labour.You need to watch the news at least everyday to know they have an addiction to talking about Brexit.It might rude but it is truth that they are addicted to saying BREXIT #LOL#BREXIT

  • Brexit is like a stormy day with blizzard and heavy rain but sometimes sunshine and smiles.I believe this because if you turn on the tv and you put the channel on BBC news what they ever talk about is brexit ,brexit and BREXIT. All they ever talk about is brexit and the why they talk about it ,it's like if we don't leave the EU we are going to died and that not the actual case. Life will still continue even after Brexit.

  • Berxit is like Taco bell, when you buy it it sounds good but when you eat it it gives you diarrhea.

  • In my opinion, Brexit is like candy: when you first see it, it look delicious, yummy, but when you then actually get into what it does to your body, country for this matter, you begin to get bile taste in your mouth. Its cons list is bigger than all wikipedia articles combined.

  • Brexit is like is like a piece of cake you get it or you leave it and the situation right now is getting it. Teresa May is not thinking of it clearly because they think they are making a better future for us the next generation but the only thing they are doing is making us start from cero again.