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I think the option C would be a great choice for me. Now, The world has set a new rule called... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 21/2/24
I really like option B. I think that the humans are little weaker than AI nowadays. In today's... Will schools exist in future? 19/2/24
The one woman from the news I would like to celebrate is Elizabeth Blackwell , because she is... Competition #5 winners 19/2/24
People who can influence children's behavior are teachers. After the growing age or adolescents... Who has the power to stop social bias? 19/2/24
Hi everyone, I am from Nepal and I have chose the letter C. In recent years, Nepal has been... Climate change in your country 16/2/24
I think that 'Thor' from the film 'Thor Ragnarok' could help people in the real world because He... Competition #4 winners 16/2/24
Vishwa Jyoti Secondary Boarding School I personally think that the Option A is best one far... AI accident: who is responsible? 31/1/24