Competition #4 winners

16 February 2024

When fiction meets reality

Welcome to this week’s competition! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition and the winners will be announced on Fridays. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion!

This week’s competition is a little bit different because we’d like you to combine the imaginary world of fiction with the real world of news.

Your challenge is to think of how one character from a book or a film might be able to help to solve an issue that you’ve seen in the news.

For example, do you know a hero from a film that might be able to fix a problem in your community? Might a creature with superpowers be able to use them for the good of the planet? Or could a magical character cast a spell that would help humanity?

  • jazzed_snow | Brill CofE School | United Kingdom 14 Feb 2024

    I think that Isabela from Encanto could be extremely useful to are planet right now. This is because her special power is to create nature, flowers or any plant wherever she goes. The reason this could hugely help are planet right now is because she could visit the countries which might have droughts or heatwaves that have destroyed the vegetation in their area, and she could just spring new live from the most emptiest barren places where you would never think it possible for live to grow. Also, it could help out with the problem of deforestation, where she could grow many different types of trees and plants for the sake of the environment. Another reason would be for the habitats of the animals, because climate change has made it harder for animals to adapt quick enough to their habitats, but if Isabela could just whip up fresh green leaves for the bugs, and tall trees to shelter the sloths, then it would make it easier for them!

  • zestful_artic_fox | IB Arthur School | Ghana 15 Feb 2024

    I think that " The boy who harnessed the wind" from the film could help people in real the world because communities and villages in West Africa and countries are struggling to obtain water all because of climate change. Due of climate change these communities and villages are suffering severe heat and drought. This film inspires not only children but everyone that with a little determination , resourcefulness and innovation can transform lives and communities. This film motivates children in villages and communities can make a huge difference with just scrap materials. Creating waterpipes , drains and water Pumps out of scarps can reduce large amount waste , which help stop land and water pollution. This film informs children to take education seriously. Education is the foundation of knowledge and skills , which children can use in villages ,cities and communities, to help stop climate change, become peacemakers, activists etc. This film inspires everyone who doubts that they have the capability and strength to do anything. To conclude a quote from The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind "Before I Discovered The Miracles Of Science, Magic Ruled The World."

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  • According to me the "arc reactor" from Iron man could help people in the real world because arc reactor is a small piece of tech that can full fill the energy consumption of the whole world.The Iron Man arc reactor, while a fictional creation, has inspired real-world innovation in energy technology and sustainability. ⁤While we don't have miniature fusion reactors like the arc reactor, the concept has spurred research into clean and sustainable energy sources. ⁤⁤Advances in renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power draw parallels to the arc reactor's ability to generate clean energy without harmful emissions. ⁤⁤Additionally, the idea of a compact, high-energy power source has implications for portable power solutions, medical devices, space exploration, and defense applications. ⁤⁤While we may not replicate the exact functionality of the arc reactor, its influence on real-world technology pushes us towards more efficient and sustainable energy solutions, driving innovation across various fields.

  • I think that the changing by 1% every day technique from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear could help people in the real world because it teaches us to follow small habits and change by 1% every day, and by doing it, one can achieve success in his work. The technique teaches us that if you get only 1% better every day, you'll become 37 times better than you are today. This could solve people's problems who think they can't be better. According to me, this technique might help many people, just as it helped me.

  • Hello everyone,
    One character who could help solve a prevalent issue in many communities, including mine, is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Hermione's intelligence, resourcefulness, and commitment to justice could be invaluable in addressing educational inequality. She could organize tutoring programs, advocate for better funding for schools in underserved areas, and promote initiatives to ensure all students have access to quality education regardless of their background. Additionally, her passion for equality and fairness could inspire others to join the cause, making a real difference in communities facing educational challenges.
    And another character who could address a critical issue is Batman. In many cities, including mine, crime rates and safety concerns persist. Batman's vigilantism and commitment to justice could be channeled into creating community watch programs, funding resources for at-risk youth, and advocating for better police-community relations. By leveraging his resources and intellect, Batman could help implement strategies to reduce crime and improve the overall well-being of neighborhoods, offering hope and security to those who need it most.
    Thank you!!

    1. Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter Series is an inspirational character. She is ambitious and doesn't let anyone kill her self-esteem by discouraging her opinions on anything. She doesn't change herself so she can please others but defends her opinion with dignity and integrity. She loves to widen her horizon by reading and this knowledge doesn't only help her but her friends.
      She should be a role model to every young lady. Do not let others control your opinions but research for yourself. Your knowledge doesn't affect only you but your society as you use it to develop it.
      Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is also another role model. She is friendly and defends her opinions with dignity. She doesn't live by societal norms.
      Sherlock Holmes is also an inspirational character as he teaches us to recognize our mistakes.
      All these people teach us to defend our opinions and not defend totally on societal norms.
      Thank you.

  • Good Day Everyone,
    I think that Enola Holmes from the film series "Enola Holmes" can help young women like herself to feel more empowered and to educate and teach them to solve crime and so influence other people to want to come into the field of crime and investigation and thus decrease the crime rate in the world. I feel that she would not only be great at problem solving but could also make younger girls feel stronger on the inside and could teach them basic skills of self development and self defense that every woman should know. I feel that intellect such as hers should be more common among people to make this world a better and safer place. Keeping everything aside, I would like to throw some light on her miraculous ability of sleuthing. Just like her brother, she is just amazing at unravelling mysteries which would help us in solving many enigmatic mysteries.
    Thank You!!

    1. I agree because... An example from that kind of movie is Nanisca from The Woman King, in my opinion, inspires other women to be strong and self-sufficient. In the movie, Nanisca, the woman king, doesn't fear anyone, and many women are being trained to fight for their kingdom. I know it's surprising to see women fighting, but in the movie, women are better at fighting than men. They're saying that whatever a man can do, a woman can do better.
      The movie's message is that women are more capable of doing anything that men can.

  • Hi!
    I think that Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" could help fight unfairness in the real world. She stood up against a bad government and spoke up for people who were treated badly. Her courage and strength could inspire others to speak out against unfairness and work for a better world.

    Another character that I thought of is
    Hermione Granger from "Harry Potter", she could help make education fairer in the real world. She's smart and cares about fairness, With her magic knowledge, she could help kids get better access to education. Hermione's determination and leadership could motivate others to join the fight for a fairer future.

    Thank you!

  • Spider-man,
    I think spider-man can solve more than 10% of theft problems using his speacial skill and his spider webs.
    Thanks for reading.

  • I watched an Indian movie titled jawan,in that movie a warden took it upon himself to expose corrupt politicians and they were women prisoner who he trained to fight and they also acquired a lot of skill like sewing of clothes and inventing machines to help the disabled who can't afford to buy they.

    If it was to be the real world they will be put a stop to corrupt politicians, providing for students who don't have uniform and making prosthetic limbs and wheel chair for those who can't afford them.they made the government officials provide equipment for the hospitals and lock up company that produces toxic substances.
    Another solution it will solve if it was to be in real life is that it will reduce the rate of unemployment and crime,those prisoners were their for one crime or the other but during their stay they acquired some skill and begin to donate even in prison. so when they are out most of they will become entrepreneur and employ people to work under them.
    It also reflect that prisoners are not to be treated like animals but should be cared for, because this people were given a chance they were able to make donations to school students and the disabled.

  • I think that Wolverine, or any other hero with Healing Factor, will greatly help humanity. Because if someone with Healing Factor gets infected with a disease, the body of the infected must be generating an antidote. This antidote must kill the virus/bacteria. This could be used to make antidotes for any disease on Earth.
    The Healing Factor could also be used to cure psychological diseases, which would help millions, if not billions of people.
    Also, an immortal police force will enforce law and order, obviously Wolverine will need to agree with all of this. But considering he is a hero who kills villains, I think he won't mind an immortal police force.
    The Healing Factor could also be removed from someone's body, except Wolverine's. Wolverine's body is the source of the Healing Factor, his body generates it infinitely, so we can do everything on this list.
    So Wolverine's power won't be some gimmick, all something that can easily be exploited, since you have to take blood from Wolverine's body, so we have something that can pretty much make the world a safe haven.

  • I think that "The Flash (Barry Allen)" from THE FLASH could help in the real world because his rapid and brisk speed could help provide alternatives for transportation because with the rapidity of his movement people could get to places faster and more efficiently.
    Also, with his speed he could provide ways for renewable energy sources which could eliminate pollution and gas emission from vehicles used in transportation.

    I would also like to talk about Tony Stark (Iron Man); who is known for his wealth and technological expertise and Bruce Wayne (Batman); who is known for his vigilante justice and gadgets. With the good utilization of
    both their technology, wealth; through philanthropy could help combat issues surrounding poverty, and their ways of combating crime they could create ways to fight crime which could be very efficient as a result of their amazing and high level of technology.
    Thank You!!!

    1. I think that The Avengers is a fantastic movie since it uses a lot of technology, innovations, and creative ways to fight crime. The only issue is that they fight without a purpose, wasting money and resources.
      Thank you.

      1. I totally agree with you on that cause avengers is one of my favorite movie and it true they use a lot of technology, but they waste a lot of resources. That’s what I don’t like about it. Thank you

  • Hello everyone I think that the person that will really help the world be better is Hermione from Harry Potter film her intelligence is going to be a very great affect imagine the things she can do if she grows to be a doctor she could find cure to anything even cancer imagine how it would help with bussines she can put her own improvements into artificial intelligence and a lot more
    And also Enola Holmes from the series Enola Holmes would also be a very good person and she can inspire girls to be themselves and to be confident and she can make people stop thinking that boys are better than girls now I have finished and
    Thank you

  • Hello everyone!
    One current issue in the news is the growing concern over mental health, particularly among young people facing challenges like stress,anxiety and depression. To address this, I porposethe animated series "Avtar:The Last Air bender". Aang ,as the Avtar possesses not only the ability to bend all four elements but also a deep understanding of balance and inner peace. With his wisdom and compassion , could serve as a mentor and guide for young people struggling with mental health issue, teching them mind fulness techniques,resilince and self acceptance . Additionally, Aang's journey of overcoming thuma and finding hope could inspire others to seek help and support in their own struggles.
    Thanks for reading !😊

  • I think that Private from the film Penguins of Madagascar becuase many young children face discrimination because they're told they're too small to make a difference. However, Private proves everyone wrong in the movie by saving the world from mutant penguins and defeating the evil octopus. He's a role model, showing us that no matter our size or age, we can all make a difference.

  • I personally believe that Portia from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare is a really good fit. Portia is described as clever, strong willed and integral. She is basically the embodiment of what a real lawyer should be like. In today's society, we see a lot of people being sent to prison or even being executed for things they didn't do. Justice is being perverted all around us and the weaker population is taking the blow. Portia used critical thinking to get her husband's friend out of a contract with a wicked money lender that would have cost him a pound of his flesh. She couldn't just sit back and let cruelty and oppression win. Most of the time, people are led to sign contracts that are not fair and are therefore exploited by the wealthier ones. People seek justice but can't get it because they can't afford it. This is very unfair. Portia stood her ground and was determined to get justice. Eventually she found a loop in the contract. I think that Portia would make an excellent lawyer who would advocate for only justice and truth to be served. She didn't even have any knowledge of law before she took up that case. It was simply her cleverness and determination that guided her. She is really a role model and i think that she would really help a lot of people who are seeking justice but can't get it.

  • HELLO!
    I think that Goku from the film Dragon Ball series could help people in the real world. Goku can help reduce the rate of crime by 80% because, in the series, he had reached the level where gods didn't reach which is ultra instinct. That's why I say he can reduce it by 80%.

  • I can think of the character who is none other than the great dumbledore. In India there is a problem of healthcare in rural areas. There are many patients who cannot get doctor's attention as they are away from urban areas. Many of the lives are lost because of this reason. There are lots of toddlers who lose their lives because of lack of medical facilities. No doubt in cities there are huge hospitals and rarely lives are lost because of health issues. In some scenes of harry potter it is shown that dumbledore can heal wounds. So I would love to have characters like dumbledore in rural areas where he can help those patients in an instant. And no wonder how many lives will be saved because of it.

  • I think "Phillip Carlyle" from the movie "The Greatest Showman" can help us in real life. Phillip Carlyle was a nobody who wanted to be a somebody. Something I think he did that can inspire others is the fact that he didn't give up. He worked harder and stronger and became more innovative. He taught others that it is ok to be unique and that it is good to be proud of who you are and that no matter what, you can always be a somebody. I think this can also help us in real life because he teaches us that we have the power to take hold of our future.
    Something else he did that was really motivating is the fact that he helped others who were to shy because of their flaws to come out of their shells and love themselves. He learned to move with others and not alone. I think it can teach us that we need to help others find out who they are.

  • I would like to bring monsters into this world. This is very bold to say but if I am being specific if you have heard of the name of a type of monster called, "Kaijus" in Pacific Rim. The monsters made humans throw away past conflict and had to work together to beat the common enemy. I'm not necessarily saying that it should happen but peace was possible in the film because the Kaijus threatened Earth. I would not necessarily want to bring them into our world but I want the world to have peace.

    1. I agree because common danger is one of the strongest tools to make people united.

  • I think the character Eleven from the show Stranger Things could be really useful in today's time to help solve and stop economic issues in today's time. Elven is a 15 year-old girl, who is telepathic and can travel to different places and times in her mind. I feel that Eleven could be really useful in today's time because she can go back in time in her mind and figure out why things happened, and how to stop these things in the future. I think this is important because the U.S government knows that a lot of things have gone wrong in today's time but they don't know how and when it happens. This would also help reduce the saying, "History Always Repeats Itself".

    1. I would have to disagree with you due to the fact that her emotions sometimes get to her. If you recall, she used her powers against Hopper merely because she placed guidelines between she and her boyfriend and against a bully. On top of that, there is no such thing as Demogorgons in our planet.

  • I think that character black panther from the film Black Panther could help people in the real world because he is a champion of social justice and equality. Also his nation Wakanda is way ahead in technological developments. The technology from Wakanda can be utilised to solve the world problems of environmental destruction, pollution, energy requirement, medical facilities for poor and needy, growing crops to feed all . Their technology can also assist scientists in finding solutions for day-to-day problems of common people. For technology and core value of social justice and equality, black panther is my favourite superhero.

    Thank you.

  • Today, I think that a fictional element commonly known as "VIBRANIUM", is what we need today. Vibranium is an element that has the capacity to absorb sound, vibration and kinetic energy, with capacity of storing and releasing a huge amount of kinetic energy making it more powerful than Titanium. As shown in the marvel comics, Vibranium is found exclusively in Wakanda. This metal had the capacity to make some extra-ordinary equipments leading to our advancements in technology.
    Some examples for the build that could be made through this are-
    1.Wakanda's Invisible Shield
    2.Black Panther's bullet proof suit
    3.Captain America's strong shield
    4.Falcon's wings
    5.Wakanda's Equipments
    In real world this tough metal can lead us to built some unbreakable and strong satellites, armor and can be replaced with titanium in future.

    1. Yes, I wish Vibranium existed too.

    2. VIBRANIUM😌, the strongest fictional element.
      I think your idea about using vibranium in the real world is very intriguing. While vibranium may not actually exist, there are other materials that have some of the same properties, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. These materials are incredibly strong and could be used to create some of the same things you mentioned, like bullet-proof suits and strong shields. In fact, graphene has been used to create body armor that is more effective than Kevlar, which is currently the material used in most bullet-proof vests. The body armor made from graphene can stop a bullet from an AK-47 and protect against sharp objects.

      So with time we will get there. The world is advancing day by day so Vibranium might become a reality one day.

    3. I agree because... Yes it is a substance needed in humans day to day activities so actually agree with what you are saying.
      So in conclusion what I am trying to say is that, the substance vibranium is a substance that can aid in activities like during a war so as to produce weapons to fight and to also strengthen most of the equipments we have. Thanks

  • One character that I believe would help us in the real world is Annie from 'Annie of Green Gables'. Annie, although she is a regular human without any superpowers, throughout her books she has shown to be strong willed and determined. As a rebellious little girl, she never took no for an answer and found creative ways to break through obstacles put in front of her. When it comes to climate change and how it affects others, Annie is compassionate and sympathetic. She would be a great asset to lead us in the right direction, and think about how it would affect those around her. I need to mention, she was a teacher in her teenage years as well, so she surely is a great asset to inform the newest generation of actions to take again social values and other topics! When Annie gets older and has children of her own, she is stern and respectable. She understands how what she does can change what happens to others, so she tries her best to do her part in her community.

  • I belive when we read about book characters I think someone like Katniss Everdeen from 'the hunger games' franchise stands out to me. In the series she makes a huge change from how society was treated bieng sent to fight as kids with one winner leading a huge reveloution.
    She would in our world focus on showing the world many issues we have and personally step forward to make changes. She would promote equality as she does in her book series to help everyone to not face horrible treatment and help combat climate change as in her books she is described to love nature when she hunts in woods and sits there. She would do everything she can help everyone inspiring young women to stand up for themselves and not be undermind by societys views. Maybe she would teach in schools about global issues and teach self defence to people protect themselves against every day people.
    She may be not everyones cup of tea but I think she would make a huge diffrence in not just the community but in the world by actually getting her hands dirty.

  • I think that Luffy from the film one piece could help in the real wold because,
    He has rubbery powers and electricity can not affect him if he got electrocuted., So In that case he could reduce and save thousands of people's lives from being shocked he could do risky trips up cell towers and fix faulty wires in cell towers. But with his amazing powers has a down side and the down side is that he can not swim or enter deep water or he will be fully paralyzed. So if he avoids water everything should be ok 👍👍👍.
    Thank you.

  • Hi
    I think that senku chan from the film doctor stone can help people in the real world because he has a lot knowledge especially from physics and chemistry and with this knowledge, humans can get what they with this knowledge humans can create anything they want and humans can solve any problem that comes in their way with that knowledge.

  • Hello Everyone,

    One character who could help solve the issue of poverty in the world is Robert Kiyosaki from one of the most popular books present on earth, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.Robert Kiyosaki's experience and knowledge of money are so good for teaching people how they can save their money on spending in buying assets rather than buying liabilities. The biggest investment in our lives is to invest our time in the things that are useful to us. The teachings of Robert Kiyosaki can help people get a greater mindset and prevent them from getting poor.

    Another character who could help society achieve its goals is 'Grant Cardone', the author of another famous book, 'The 10X Rule'.In the book, he writes about how we should set targets for ourselves that are 10 times greater than what we believe we can achieve. We should take actions 10 times greater than we believe are necessary to achieve our goals. These lessons can help us achieve our goals and become successful human beings.

  • I think that from the movie " the day the earth stood still". The movie was produced in the year 2008. The film could really help the world on how to make the earth a great place and how to stop climate change.
    Here are list of characters that played major roles in the movie:
    1. Klaatu (played by Keanu Reeves): He's an alien who comes to Earth to tell us that our actions are hurting the planet. He wants us to change our ways and take care of the Earth.

    2. Helen Benson (played by Jennifer Connelly): She's a scientist who helps Klaatu understand what's happening on Earth. She uses her knowledge to support his message and encourages people to protect the environment.

    3. Jacob Benson (played by Jaden Smith): He's Helen's stepson and represents the younger generation. Jacob cares a lot about the Earth and spreads the word about climate change. He wants everyone to take action and make a difference.

    4. Regina Jackson (played by Kathy Bates): She's in charge of defense, and at first, she's skeptical of Klaatu. But as the story goes on, she realizes how serious the situation is and works with Klaatu and Helen to find a peaceful solutions.
    "The Day the Earth Stood Still," Klaatu, an alien, comes to Earth to warn us about the harm we're causing to the planet. Helen, a scientist, helps him spread the message. Jacob, Helen's stepson, inspires others to take action. Regina, the Secretary of Defense, joins their cause. Together, they try to protect the Earth and stop climate change.
    All of these characters work together to show us the importance of taking care of the Earth and stopping climate change. They want us to make positive changes for a better future.

  • I want to talk about a Marvel Comics superhero named Neena Thurman, also known as Domino. Her power of luck manipulation is more useful than you might think. In fact, it can grant any power one wishes if used to its full potential. She can fix not only the future but also the past. However, her power has its downsides. For example, if someone sees her and she isn't careful, she could cause a time paradox. Additionally, she has to specify how long her powers last in order to be effective. It's unclear how much theft percentage she can reduce since it varies depending on the situation. Although she is extremely helpful, she also has the power to end the world. Assuming that she is using her powers for good, I estimate that she can reduce theft by 80%. One limitation of her power is that it only affects things in her line of sight.

  • In my opinion, Batman from The Dark Knight could help us in real world issues because batman's knowledge and funds can be used as more funding for schools and communities . Batman can fund better futures for children who are less fortunate than us. He can give tips on saving money or getting a job because hes bruce wayne! The millionare who always is giving BIG donations. He can help with peoples bills,loans and even their housing situations! He can give pep talks to those who are struggling with the loss of family. He knows what that's like of course! Hes literally a orphan! Think of how cool it would be to get money from batman! He can help us with our bills,funds and internal issues! Bruce can even potientally lower crime rates! No one wants to mess with batman!

    1. I agree because, People like batman could help human kind with many problems like, robbery and fraud because batman could be a really good help with crimes and many acts of crime. Another way Batman can help humans is that Batman can help us with the community and could help humans have better mindsets.

  • I know two characters from the fictional world, if made to work in harmony, can solve all the problems in the world. The first one is Hal Jordan from the film Green Lantern, who can heal people with his powers. The second one is Thanos from the film Avengers Infinity War, who can do anything you can imagine with his gauntlet. With one snap, he can destroy the universe. On the other hand with the same snap, he can create a new and better one.

  • I think that a hero called captain planet from the show captain planet. He would without a doubt help people in the real world especially with pollution because he is an inspiration to many people out there already to actually change the world and stop climate change and for anyone who hasnt seen the show captain planet is this hero who is summoned by the combinition of 5 peoples powers. Its honestly from my view a great show even though I've only seen 1q

  • Hi leaders of the world!!
    It is such an honour to tell you that I think that Barbie from the film "Barbie Movie" could help people in the real world because women do not really have a say in every decision but it is always men that are known as "the best". The Barbie movie explains how perfect the world can be when women have a voice in every decision. People feel that women are weak and they always have an excuse after the other but men are strong and can withstand any health issues. In this case, most people hire men than women so that the job can go perfectly. However, ladies are brilliant at decision making and problem solving and they are capable to do any task. The Barbie movie describes all the jobs women can do that can keeps the Barbie world prosperous. For example, in the movie, it makes every lady have a job and how best they do it. The Barbie movie also describes how women can do most jobs better than men but men are still put in charge especially in the real world. It makes Barbie wonder why men do almost everything (which seems overwhelming to her). In fact, I vividly feel that it can help people to not underestimate women because women are fabulous!!

  • I believe that the Mitchells family in the movie "The Mitchells vs The Machines" can help solve the worry of AI taking over completely and also multi- tasking in worrisome situations. In the movie, AI eventually takes over and launches humans into space trying to make humans extinct. The family of humans who were able to escape the robots studied them and found out how to stop their rampage. What interests me the most in the movie is the ability of the family to multi-task even in times of danger. While the main character tries to be a "normal" girl, the robots take over and her father has to keep the family in unity. By focusing on their strengths and letting their weaknesses lay aside, they were able to conquer. The director "Michael Rianda" was inspired by his father and the struggle to keep his family united in spite of their differences. In the movie, when the main character tries to explain the concept of unity among humans to the robots, they do not understand and continue their main duties by trying to end her life. This part simply shows that AI will only do what it is instructed to do and nothing else. Fictional ideas can inspire real turn in events in the present day world just like philosophical_seagull stated.
    Thank you.

  • I think if Genie 🧞‍♂️ which is in Aladdin’s movie.If you don’t know who is Genie.Genie is a fictional character who appeared in a “Walt Disney pictures”movie Aladdin,later he appeared in other movies.He was voiced by Robin Williams in the first movie of Aladdin.

    I think if the lamp of Genie was with someone important like a president of a country.The president may tell the Genie to do something that can develop or improve the country whatever was the way like asking for the reconstruction of the country Etc…
    To sum up,this was my opinion about the question of today.

  • I think that Miles Morales from the film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse could help people in the real world with a lot of problems . To start with, he has the power to produce electricity from his body , he could be an electricity source for cities in China, which produce the most greenhouse gases through burning of fossil fuels to get be electricity, and rural places with no electricity. Another reason is that he will be able to reduce crime in high crime rate countries and use his webs to make shelters for stray animals. Last but not least, he will be an inspirational figure to all, since when from been a nobody with no friends and his favorite uncle dying to becoming the most famous superhero with millions of people wanting to be his friend.

  • From my point of view, I think that the fairy godmother from the Disney film "Cinderella" could help the world by casting a very magnificent magical spell that could help in providing a better world , and a safer society that can promote happiness, security , safety but most importantly PEACE. I think if we were able to solve the problems related to peace our whole lives are going to change 180 degrees. Committed crime rates are going to be more reduced or will even vanish therefore robbing, lying, and stealing will all be prevented if only there was a real fairy godmother to change all this with just a simple , little wave if a magical wand . For example,Everybody will inspire or influence each other to start volunteering in contributing the environment and community in order to decrease the amount of trash , pollution or contamination. Also, if the whole entire world lived together in peace then
    there won't be any kind of political problems between countries for example, countries won't invade each other. We will efficiently gain strength and spread goodness and contribution among each other in addition for forming a helpful and responsible form of humanity.

  • I think 'Matilda' from 'Matilda' could help people in the real world because she has such a powerful voice for a young person. She is very direct when she is speaking and says what is on her mind which I think is an important thing to have in the real world. She would have the ability to be the voice for the younger generation that we don't yet have. Matilda also has incredible analytical skills which could help her solve the problems that we have today.

  • I think Supergirl( Kara zor- el ) could really help in the real world, with her super strength, she would be able to lift
    huge objects effortlessly and swiftly, alongside with her super speed and bullet proof body , catching criminals would be a breeze.

  • I believe that Nanisca from the film the woman king could help black women especially in the real world. In the movie Nanisca leads a strong powerful group of all black women who can take care of themselves.They learn techniques like how to fight and encourage each other when needed. Nanisca always wants to see the best in women because she knows that black women can do anything they put their mind to.I feel if Nanisca was here in the real world today she would encourage black women especially young black girls across the world to do or be whatever they dream. Nanisca would encourage them to love their skin and hair because it is beautiful the way it is.She could also promote gender equality between males and females because she believes a woman can do anything a man can do if not better.Also she would serve as another inspiration to them that you can accomplish anything no matter what challenges or obstacles you face in your way. All you need to do is never give up and believe that anything you put your mind to you can achieve it.

  • I think captain planet from the film "captain planet" could help in the real world because he has the power to bring down pollution. We have different types of pollution:
    Water pollution, Land pollution and air pollution. If water pollution is stopped, we are going to get more clean waters and healthy sea creatures to eat.
    If air pollution stops, it's going to reduce the risk of our eco system being destroyed.
    If land pollution is stopped, it going to reduce the number of times we are going to experience floods because of the amount of rubbish swept into the gutter.
    And if this is stopped, we are going to stay healthy. This is going to help people with eco anxiety very much. It would have motivated us to maintain the eco system. It would have helped decrease the number of viruses been produced. Not only would we have been a hero but a great motivation to others to be just like him. Stopping pollution would be a major success and improvement.

  • I think the character storm from X-Men would be able to help with the problem global warming. This is because she has the power to control the weather. With this power, she would be able to dampen the dry land with rain and regulate temperatures so that they are perfect for the variety of plants and animals to strive there. She would be able to make parts of the world cooler so that the icebergs and ice caps can eventually re freeze and form more ice and land for species such as polar bears to live on. She could use her powers to restore and fix damaged ecosystems. She would be able to lower temperatures which would mean she could lower the temperature of the ocean so that coral reefs can regain their striking colours and even calm down storms or potentially harmful weather events so that no damage is caused to the earth.

  • I feel that the hero that can help the world is Green Lanterns. They are able to form things with their rings that can fix damages causd by natural disasters, better clean the society and actually clean up the air we breathe because this year there are a lot of toxic airborne chemicals that could harm us. Due to the number of green laterns, the effect of the changes would be greater. The green lanterns can (obviously) stop the many crimes happening around the world

  • Hi everyone!
    I think that Amari from the book Amari and the Night Brothers could help people in the real world because she is always positive and will face any challenge head on, she also has powers to encourage people and even though she was betrayed by her friend and father she still goes on to complete her journey, this can help motivate people to do more good in the world and encourage them to work towards something without giving up just like Amari did.

    I also believe that with her powers and her belief in a better world , she could help us face problems in the world dealing with the planet and because Amari is a female she can push for women in the field of technology because she is a magician who works with technology.

  • I think that Aquaman from the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could help in the real world because of his superpower of been able to live underwater. This will help because he has super strength, which will help save lives on ships that are sinking in the ocean or people drowning at the beaches. He could also help remove all the trash in the ocean that is affecting the food chain. He could help solve the mysteries of the ships and planes that mysteriously disappeared at the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle.

  • In my opinion, super man could really help our world a lot because of his flying. He could be used for transport across very long distances of important resources, like food, water, and minerals to places lacking those resources. He could also fix our problem of running out of materials by flying in space and gathering minerals and water from meteors and other planets. A flying human would surely cause a lot less pollution than a jet plane!

  • I think that Tanjiro from the anime "Demon Slayer" could help people in the real world because he is a strong, thoughtful and a very understanding character.
    He is a demon slayer. To protect other people, he uses a sword named "Nichirin blade", that every other demon slayer uses. Tanjiro uses two breathing styles, water breathing and sun breathing. Breathing's are like superpowers, but you need a lot of training to aceive one.
    Tanjiro could in fact change the whole world and protect it, by using his strength and his positive aura around prisoners, villains, criminals and more.
    He could also change people thoughts about their selves and the whole world, so in my opinion, I think that Tanjiro would help our community. Thinking positive about their selves could help them make the community expand and make it be happier and more positive.
    Tanjiro could comfort other people and help them think more positive!

  • I think that a problem in my country it is the school system. Like I usually start school at 12⁰⁰ and finish around 19⁰⁰, but younger kids start in the morning at 8⁰⁰ and finish it at 12⁰⁰. In my opinion the problem is the fact that there are too many kids and there are not enough schools. So I think that a character that
    could solve this problem would be Chuck Bass, from Gossip Girl, beacuse he could build more schools, and as well he could give us some more confidence. He's a very wealthy entrepreneur who although isn't always good, would be willing to help for his reputation and to be a better person.

  • In my opinion, the character Na Hee-do from the series “Twenty-five, twenty-one” could be a hero for my community or school. Although she was a normal girl, her courage and motivation helped her stand up for her friends against bullies or diminish gang fights. Recently, I’ve noticed that severe fights or bullying have become a serious problem among students from my school. Na Hee-do always tried to protect her classmates, no matter what they have done to her in the past. She can also show how true friendship works, considering that relationships nowadays mainly exist only to profit from other people’s success or skills. In addition, she can inspire other students to try sports, as she progressed through high school in the field of fencing, although she barely even had any fencing abilities, demanding that it’s never too late to progress in a sport.
    In conclusion, Na Hee-do can be an essential character in society, or even a role model to others.

  • I think that Sherlock Holmes from the book series " Sherlock Holmes " by Arthur Conan Doyle could help people in real world because of his exceptional detective reasoning skills.
    One major problem that we face in today's world is the prevalence of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and often law enforcement agencies struggle to keep up their tactics. Sherlock Holmes with his unparalleled ability to analyze complex information would be an invaluable asset in combating cybercrime. He can uncover hidden patterns and identify digital footprints. He also possesses a deep understanding of human psychology. He can analyze their motives and understand their next moves.Thus, he can assist law enforcement agencies in preventing cybercrime before they occur. Holmes' commitment to justice and his relentless pursuit of the truth would ensure that no stone is left unturned in investigating cybercrime. He can identify key players behind these activities.

  • Hi
    I recently saw a news story about the issue of food waste. It got me thinking about how the character Willy Wonka from the book and film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" could help. With his magical chocolate-making abilities, he could create delicious treats out of leftover or unwanted food, making it more appealing and reducing waste. Plus, he could use his whimsical inventions to create sustainable packaging or find creative ways to repurpose food scraps.

  • Hello
    I think that Superman from DC Comics can solve a real-world issue. With his superhuman abilities, Superman could play a significant role in addressing the challenge of climate change. Superman's powers, including super strength and speed, flight, and heat vision, could be utilized to tackle various aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation. For instance, he could use his strength to build sustainable infrastructure, such as renewable energy facilities or carbon capture technologies, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Also, Superman's ability to fly at super speeds could enable him to quickly respond to natural disasters due to climate change, such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. He could rescue people in distress, provide emergency aid, and assist in the reconstruction efforts.

    Moreover, Superman's heat vision could be used to help restore damaged ecosystems by aiding in reforestation efforts or removing pollutants from the environment. By using his extraordinary abilities and sense of responsibility, Superman could become a powerful force for positive change in combating climate change and protecting our Mother Earth.
    Thank you!

  • I think time stone from the movie doctor strange would help people in real world because the stone would take us to past and help in reducing extinct of animals and reduce global warming etc . So it will also help to reduce natural life and conflict of countries

  • I think that Son Goku from the Dragon Ball manga series could help people as he possesses superhuman strength which is sufficient to cause cosmic destruction, ability to teleport to anywhere in this multiverse, speed more than the speed of light, knows how to use Dragon Balls and most importantly he is kind-hearted.
    Nowadays, the major problems are Climate Change, Global poverty, Food and Water Insecurity, wars, overpopulation, etc.
    According to me, Goku fits best here as he possesses superhuman strength, and he can stop wars and armed conflicts. Goku can teleport numerous people to a habitable planet which can resolve the problem of overpopulation. The issues of climate change can be resolved through the use of dragon balls. Dragon balls are a group of seven magical balls which when kept in correct order, summon an eternal dragon which can grant any wish and these dragon balls can be used again after a year.
    After all these a question arises, why will he help? So the answer is that he is now a family man and has many friends on Earth, so to protect them he can go through anything.

  • I think that "Sonic" from the film "Sonic the Hedgehog” teaches us some really valuable aspects of life such as, mostly in this movie we learn very very good lessons like:
    - Courage
    - Never give up
    - Power of friendship
    - and self-reliance.
    These are very important aspects of life. and they will change our lives completely.
    Thank you😆.

  • I think Yoshitaka Tsubota from the film Flying Colors could help people in the real world by helping burnout students and possibly improving the standard of living. Tsubota is a caring man who tutors in a manner that combines the tutee's interests with learning. An example in the film is when he encourages a boy who gets pressured by his parents to be a lawyer to think of school as a game where he can choose which ending he wishes. A study on academic pressure and burnout shows that more than the majority (55.16%) of students are academically burnt out, and this can lead to poor mental health, large amounts of stress, depression, anxiety, low academic performance, and more and can lead to even more problems for the person and can even affect the standard of living.

  • Many might comment or talk about superheroes that could help humanity and help solve crimes. Although these powers could help, I also thought about one woman that could help the world more than expected. In the book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, a girl named Violet Baudelaire is introduced. Many times in this book series we see how she expresses her intelligence and also her bravery by caring for her siblings. In the real world, problem solving is a key factor to how our planet functions, and Violet could help with that. I feel as if Violet would have made an amazing politician. To add on to her intelligence and amazing abilities to problem solve, she’s also very patient and is willing to see both sides of the conflict. Her kindness is from her gruesome past and backstory that included both their parents passing away so she had to tend to her two younger siblings herself.

    Despite Violet also being very sweet and kind, she’s a powerful speaker and also tends to be stern when needed. These would be great attributes to a politician. She shows her bravery throughout the book series, and also the TV show as well. As the story continues, we see how she pushes through the events that happen. Although I cannot specifically due to sensitivity, we can see that she definitely attributes her courage in the series of books that play out. In the newest modeled movie of these books, she stands up for what she believes is right with definite reasoning. Another reason why I believe she would be an amazing politician. With all this in mind, I believe that Violet would be able to have a significant impact on our world, if she did exist.

  • Hello,
    I really like this type of competitions because it’s critical thinking questions and everyone say it’s opinion, so you might see someone writing a comment of the same question but your comment is absolutely different, this is because everyone have his own opinion but not usually your opinion could be right it also could be wrong.😄

    The answer of the competition:

    I think that Superman from the film 🍿 🎞 SUPERMAN could help people in the real world because many people are dying in Gaza so just imagine what will happen if Superman is now in Gaza he would save everyone.

  • I think that Supergirl from the film SuperGirl could help people in the real world because she can protect people who need it and very fast. She has super senses, super-breath, and freeze breathe, as well as multiple forms of supervision (including X-Ray, Heat, Telescopic, and Microscopic), super speed, and immortality unless paired with kryptonite. She could fight criminals, protect people and help save the planet.

  • I think that "Sherlock Holmes" could help the world by helping people solve mysterys like "The zodiac murderer". He could have easily solved these unsolved mysterys in the world today. Thats why I said Sherlock Holmes hes the best detective anyone knows. Enola Holmes his sister she was also a detective .

  • I think Itachi from the anime Naruto could help people in the real world. I think this because he has this special power, its called the Sharingan. The Sharingan has different phases and one of them is called the Mangyekengou sharingan. With this form of the Sharingan there is a technique called the tsukuyomi;whatever the users imagination of what they want their target to see, turns into reality for both the user and their target. So with this in mind if Itachi was in real life, and was a good person he could take people into his tsukuyomi make them re-think a choice that they would make before the person actually does it. Basically defuse the situation in a private room between Itachi and his target. Fun fact the tsukuyomi can be used for 72 hours!

  • I think the movie from Avatar: The Last Airbender could help people because, if Avatar Aang lived, peace would have been more good here on Earth. Because although the main or central elements of the 4 types of the Earth's Nature: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air are controlled by the Avatar. This could cause a danger to us since, other people can learn the elements and use it on people for bad. However this isn't very very bad due to the Avatar can restore balance by taking the bender's powers away, this causes a good way for no danger to our world. The problem with people learning how to bend for evil, Aang the Avatar created a team to create order and peace or known as balance. Still, more so, this can also help people because in case there was a fire in the woods and people were surrounded by fire. The Avatar and his friends could have used the central elements of earth to stop the fire. Although that is a good thing that can surrender evil. There is actually more evil on earth than you can think, actually because there is more land meaning we all can't always be saved. Which means Avatar and his friends have to separate from each other to save other people. Although there is too much evil in the world, Avatar and his friends have elements which means, that evil you know today is gone. From what I am talking about, I mean about evil is gone much than enough because the main or central elements of earth that Aang and his friends bend and carry are actually better than weapons that people carry for evil. These natural elements can also take away evil and that Aang can take away people's bendings. If you think they would lose, I would suggest you're wrong because Aang and his friends are actually masters of bending from their experience of how they control or bend their elements. Either way every evil would yield down never to hurt or harm people because from Aang and his friends. Which is why I say this is the reason why if Aang lived in our world, Harmony and Peace with Order would be here much better now than ever. Thank you for hearing, you listened and done much stuff for me, I appreciate you for reading and for making me have company. :)

  • I think the show, "The Flash" would help people around the world. The Flash is a Sci-Fi TV show starring Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). He is an intelligent police scientist who works with the forensics team. One day he gets struck by lightning and gets sent to this place called S.T.A.R Labs full of scientists that are really smart. They find out he heals very fast and can run at the speed of light. Barry Allen and them use this as an advantage for him to stop horrible people who also had got struck by lightning, which they are called meta humans. His group of people find solutions that can help him even more, and also create a suit for him to protect himself against people.

    His other main team members, one being Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) is a bio engineer at S.T.A.R Labs and is also a former scientist at Mercury Labs. Cisco Ramen (Carlos Valdes) is a former meta human and a mechanical engineer. Lastly, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is an intelligent scientist who created the particle accelerator but failed and is now in a wheelchair. All three of these scientists are very brilliant, and with their brains, they can make great contributions to our world.

    With Barry Allen's fast speed, and his other team members backing him up with brilliant solutions can create scientific theories or create new formulas that may just make the world a better place. They can create a world with great peace and protection.

  • Greetings
    If some fictional characters meet reality I think it would be Sherlock Holmes and Groot . As Groot is the character with the power of plants he would have gone across the world and plant more trees and would increase the oxygen level. Sherlock would travel around the world and would have fought for gender stereotypes, child labour and he would have encouraged everyone to educate including men and women both As he is a very good and fine detective so he would have almost made the crime rate of the world 0% . If these fictional characters were brought to life the would protect the world very well.
    Thank you

  • Hello everybody, according to me "super man", is the best ever, and that is my opinion but some people may say what can it make and they will not like it, but if you know what can it make you will really love it.

    Superheroes have special powers which they use to do good things like helping people and fighting crime. They usually wear special clothes, like a cape. Sometimes they wear a mask so no one knows who they are. Some superheroes use gadgets, like Spiderman's web shooter, and they are real heroes that teach teamwork.

  • I think that Mirabel from the film Encanto could help people with glasses in the real world to feel proud of themselves. First before Encanto came people in glasses in Disney cartoon were mostly geeks and nerds; it got a bad name for people with glasses. But thanks to Mirabel from Encanto because she was the hero and main character in Encanto now people with glasses in Disney cartoons are not really considered as geeks or nerds.
    Thanks for your time.

  • I think that the characters that will help us in the community are the toys in Toy Story film like Buzz, Woody, Slinky, Jessy, Rex, Bullseye, Hamm and Aliens because they are kind to each other and they work as
    a team. They are peaceful and they don't make anything bad to each other. They also make children excited when the children play with them.

    I think that if people worked as a team in houses, hospitals, companies, ministries and schools, we can achieve the highest rates of success.

  • I believe that the korean actor Choi Joon-woong would be a great asset to this world this is because in the k-drama he stars in 'Tomorrow' he and his team help people that are suicidal and convince them to not take their own life this is his job as a grim reaper, with suicide rates skyrocketing all over the world I feel that even though Joon-woong is a grim reaper he still deppy cared for all of his clients. If Joon-woong was a real person he would really help all of the world with his kind heart and empathy that is his true super power.

  • I think that the film "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS" could help people in the real world because it is a film based on the real life story of "CHIRS GARDNER" he was a homeless salesman. Basically his story is about how he worked so hard in his life and he got failed again and again but then later after doing so much of hardwork he got successful in his life so therefore I believe that this could help people in the real world to be always inspired and motivated coz you might don't what will happen in next 60 seconds well, that was my opinion
    Thank you!

  • I think that Ellie from the book Starfish could help people in the real world because people bully others because of their looks! Half the time, people are always thinking about how people look & not ever thinking about how they feel. That made Ellie hate herself because others always tell her there's something wrong with her body.
    Later in the book, Ellie's therapist tells her that she deserves to take up space. She deserves to be heard as a person, and to not let what anyone says get in the way of personal happiness.
    I think that people could really learn from the Book Starfish & Ellie's experiences (even though she's not real) because it teaches people not to judge others based on how they look - that is an example of jumping to conclusions. It also teaches how you can't let what others say affect you and your road to self discovery.

  • I believe that the characters capable of bringing about a positive change in the real world are the Autobots from the movie Transformers. The Autobots can assist humans in resolving natural conflicts that are being reported in the news, such as war, theft, criminality, and other related issues. Their presence would not only improve our news coverage but also enhance our education. By being present, the Transformers could improve our technological systems as a whole.

  • In my opinion I think that, Grendizer will be very useful for our world. He is a machine that can transfer to any thing. he can also help us in stopping the crimes and make a safe world. He's so burly and fast so when all the thieves hear about him they will feel scared and they will not make any crime again. He is also smart so he can get the criminals easily. He can also teach us how to be strong so that no bully.

    Grendizer, also can help us in other things like collecting petrol. As he can transfer to any machine and starts digging so that he can find petrol. He can also help us in Liberating the world from wars and other things.
    I'm sure that Grendizer will be very useful for the world.

  • Hi!
    In my opinion, I think that Emma Alonso from Every Witch Way, will be able to solve the issue of feeding the homeless.
    What I mean by this is that, there are lots of homeless shelters that do not have enough food for the people to eat and be satisfied, and since Emma is a good witch and can cast spells by making the words she uses rhyme, she can cast spells for there to be food when the homeless shelter is running out of food.
    Emma Alanso's powers may not be even used in only homeless shelters but places that have shortage of food in order to prevent malnutrition.

  • Hello!
    This may seem like a bold or even odd suggestion but Barry Bee Benson from ‘The bee movie’. He could explain the disappearing bee crisis and help us fix it so we can get more flowers pollinated.

  • Anthea is a character from Shazam: fury of the Gods (2023). Anthea wields the primordial force of Axis. This allows her to warp reality and manipulate structures to her liking. If it was true I guess life saving would be easier and construction of buildings this is done in a sense that she moves your location, even if your about to fall into lava she can save you. And looking at constructing buildings she can mend object together and she would do it unless than a day.

  • I think that bat-girl from the movie "Bat girl" could help people in the real world because her cool gadgets and skills make catching criminals easy. I believe with her smartness and technology she can make our streets safer. By using her intelligence and abilities she can help solve our crime problems.
    If bat girl were to be in my country, I believe she could reduce the crime rate by 80%. This is because we face many challenges like kidnapping and terrorism which is negatively affecting our country. With her skills, she could catch kidnappers and bring victims home safely. Her presence would deter other crimes too, making our countries safer and more peaceful.
    I hope we will have a bat-girl in the future to protect us and make our community a better place. Her bravery and abilities would inspire everyone to walk together for a safer world.

  • Hi Topical Talkers!
    I think to help the world and people around us it should be no better than the characters of Harry Potter
    For me the characters known as Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger may help to end the suffering around us. These are my reasons-
    Harry Potter and Ron Weasley for their bravery could end 95% crimes around the world.
    Hermione's and Dumbledore's wit, intelligence, smartness, resourcefulness will help the world end poverty, women discrimination, child labour, animal and human trafficking and they could also help for the education of poor children. They could also help those who are poor and fund them.
    All of these characters could go to many different kinds of places and educate people about our environment, our life, earth, animals and a billion more things! This will help us live in a more civilised way and benefit the environment.
    When we think about people like this in our life, we don't feel scared, to be honest, we actually get that excitement; that glimmer of hope in ourselves that the world is going to become a better place!
    Thank You

  • I think that Isabela from Encanto could be extremely useful to are planet right now. This is because her special power is to create nature, flowers or any plant wherever she goes. The reason this could hugely help are planet right now is because she could visit the countries which might have droughts or heatwaves that have destroyed the vegetation in their area, and she could just spring new live from the most emptiest barren places where you would never think it possible for live to grow. Also, it could help out with the problem of deforestation, where she could grow many different types of trees and plants for the sake of the environment. Another reason would be for the habitats of the animals, because climate change has made it harder for animals to adapt quick enough to their habitats, but if Isabela could just whip up fresh green leaves for the bugs, and tall trees to shelter the sloths, then it would make it easier for them!

  • hello,
    I think that colleen hoover from the book „it ends with us“ can help young ladies how women in situations of domestic violence may feel torn between someone they took a vow for and their own personal well-being and safety. It also helps making choices in the most difficult situations, dilemmas, and decisions in relationships, choosing courage and setting boundaries for ourselves and others.

  • I think that all THE KNIGHTS from the film KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC could help people in the real world because if the world is being protected by knights the world will be a safer place and people will not have to worry about a thing because they are being protected by knights. So what I am trying to say is that people in this world need to sit up and protect themselves from whatever obstacle comes towards us. Just the same way that the knights protected us, we will replicate this act and protect ourselves and the people that are near us. We in this world, we need to start showing a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER THE SAME WAY THE KNIGHTS DID IN THE FILM KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC.

  • I think that the genie from Aladdin could help people in the real world because he would be able to grant three wishes to each person. The people who are lucky enough to be granted these wishes could then use these wishes to make the world a better place. In the film, the genie does not allow Aladdin to use the wishes for things which would bring harm such as death, nor does he allow him to use the wish for something selfish like to make someone fall in love with him. Yes, some may argue that people would use the wishes selfishly but if all it would take is one person to wish for world peace then it would surely be worth the risk. I think the biggest problem we are facing right now is the divide between each other for our differences. If only we could overcome this, then we would know true peace.

  • I think that "Mickey"from the show "Mickey mouse" could help people in the real world because Mickey mouse is a beloved character watched by many children worldwide. I believe his character teaches valuable lessons like selflessness ,respect ,honesty ,kindness and self-confidence.
    One of Mickey's greatest qualities is problem solving. He shows children that there is always a solution, no matter how tough the problem. If Mickey mouse were real, he could guide us and offer solutions to our challenges. He could also teach us how to be more confident. Mickey helps us see the good in everyone and encourages us to bring out the best in ourselves. With his positive influence, he could help solve many of the world's problems and inspire us to be better people.

  • Animated characters have the ability to create a strong connection with humans. Imagine if MARVEL superheroes were to come into our world to help us solve issues like pollution, global warming, and excessive plastic usage. They could fly over the sky and inspire humans to take action through awareness campaigns, dramas related to these issues, and creative problem-solving techniques. This could motivate individuals to make a positive impact on the environment and work towards a better future.

    1. This would be cool! Can you give an example of a Marvel character?

  • I believe that the Titans - Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go (DC Comics) - would be able to help people in the real world. I chose these five members because "unity is strength." When people work together, they can achieve anything, and each person brings their unique skills and powers to the table. If all of these powers combined, they could form a superpower that could protect us.

    Robin would be the fighter, using his gadgets to take on robbers with the help of his friends. Raven, being a demon, has many powers such as mind control, teleportation, and the ability to make things happen just by saying "Azarath Metrion Zinthos." Starfire has the power to shoot lasers from her eyes and is an alien from Tamarin. Cyborg is half man and half machine, which gives him access to all sorts of weapons like guns and lasers. Beast Boy can transform into different animals, giving him a range of fighting styles.

    For example, if a robbery or other crime were taking place, all five of them could band together to fight. Robin would use his gadgets, Raven would use her powers to control the minds of the criminals, Starfire would use her laser powers, Cyborg would shoot them with his gun, and Beast Boy could turn into a rhinoceros or other powerful animal to fight them. They could also teach the criminals a lesson, as Robin is an excellent teacher. With their combined powers, they could protect us all.

  • Well, if there was one character that I would choose, I would choose Jiminy Cricket from the famous Disney hit Pinocchio, I would choose him because he is calm and collected and is he is wise, selfless, caring and brave. He will do anything for a friend even if it proves to be life-threatening. I love the qualities that this character portrays, and it could help in the development of peace and progress in most conferences in the world. I think that if this character was to actually influence the conscience of everyone in the world the world would become a better place. One quality of his I admire the most is his consistency when with a friend. I think that if he was to act as an actual side kick, problems such as depression, trauma and inconsistency would be out of the picture making the world a better place.


  • I think that Prince Edward from the movie, ‘My Sweet Monster’ could help people in the real world because, in the movie, he saved a lot of people from danger, particularly when he also saved the beautiful princess Barbara from a big monster who wanted to harm her.
    As I recall the movie, I began to imagine it was a real world situation. Just think about it! What if people had someone who could come to their aid or rescue in times of trouble? It will be nice, right? To me, I feel it could partly make the world a better place.
    With the present day happenings in the world, especially in my country, where there are cases of armed robbery, kidnapping, bullying and so on, if we have the likes of Prince Edward in life situations, then so many people won't feel victimized and hurt anymore. It could make the world a better place.

  • My answer is much different than the ones I have seen by scrolling through these responses.

    I believe that Eun-Gyeol from the Korean drama "Twinkling Watermelon '' would be an amazing hero to our current real world society. He has no superpowers, nor any super abilities, but he does an extraordinary job that is often overlooked. He is a coda, which is someone, usually a child, who acts as their deaf parent's ears. In his case, he interprets for his parents and brother. His ability to interpret the outside world could help an insane amount to those who are deaf, or hard of hearing. In the drama, he interpreted business transactions for his parent's restaurant, and even saved his brother from a falling pipe, in which his brother and his parents could not hear. The word "coda" is a symbol used in music to show that a beautiful ending to a piece is coming, which is quite descriptive of an interpreter that can help someone hear the beautiful world the way that they could only hope to. This shows how important a coda, or even just an interpreter can be.

  • I think that Captain Planet from Captain Planet and the Planeteers in the real world because he fights against pollution.

  • If there is any fictional person I think can save the world is THE BLUE BEETLE because in the movie, he had a high rate of technology and could create almost anything he could think of,so if he really was a super hero, he could help combat insecurity and can even help the Police in crime solving. He could also be able to create new innovative machines and can even create AI all for the purpose of crime solving and dealing with criminals and could even detect escaping prisoners.

  • I think that Victor Frankenstein from the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley could help people in the real world because in Frankenstein, Victor, smart and intelligent--just like humankind, tried to create a living thing--in this case any advancement in technology, but accidently created a "monster", like climate-change or AI in the real world, because he either wanted power, to be remembered, or simply to push mankind's discoveries forward because he apparently solved the mysteries of life, in this case, for humans, just having a breakthrough in any area. But instead of achieving that, his monster came back to hurt the people, just like climate change is hurting people. But we can learn from Victor because in the end, while he dies, he finds himself responsible for his actions and wishes he could change them. But we don't have to wait for climate change to ruin everything like Frankenstein did, so we can learn from the mistakes of Victor and take responsibility for our creation, and stop it before it's too late.

  • According to me, I think the book the Binsey poplars by Gerald Manley Hopkins can be a help to human nature because it teaches us the importance and the result of falling a tree.

  • Batman is one of the characters who can change reality for the better because he possesses many wonderful skills. He possesses tremendous physical strength and the brain of a skilled investigator who can solve any mystery and any crime. It is impossible for him to be corrupted or turn into evil because he adheres to his values ​​wonderfully.

  • I believe that many characters from books and shows have the potential to help the world in various ways. One of the largest advantages of these characters is that their abilities are limited only by our imagination. For instance, characters like Rapunzel from Tangled, Yosano from Bungo Stray Dogs, and even Sara from Red Queen. All the characters listed have some healing ability. Moreover, characters that can break fabrics between space and time can most definitely help in combat techniques and even give more time in schools. If we were to have a character in real life with the power to control time, that would be a REAL game changer for our world. Ultimately, some characters can create pocket dimensions (Pocket dimension: a small, self-contained universe that exists within another universe. It typically has its laws of physics and can be accessed through a portal or doorway.) which could solve immigration problems such as housing issues. If we could have such characters in our world everything would be so much better.

  • Good day to all ,
    I think that Valt Aoi from the series beyblade burst evolution could help the people in real world because as shown in the beyblade valt practices and he try's to improve himself and just not getting away from his passion that is beyblade and he keeps going on ,without anyone , he performed beyblade all by himself .

    Thank you !

  • Hi.....
    I think that Itadori Yuji from the japanese Anime series ❝Jujutsu Kaisen❞ could help people in the real world Because Itadori Yuji has a good heart for all. Even when curse king Roymen Sukuna enters in his body he tries to control himself and always does good for all. He prevents Sukuna to use his body. If Itadori Yuji exists in real life he would do good for all people. He has a good mind and skill to defend enemy. He uses Sukuna's curse energy for people on a good sight.He has skill to defend. His black flesh(Powerful fist) would help us to do any work. Itadori also has a kind of healing factor which is good.So,I think that Itadori Yuji from japanese anime series ❝Jujutsu kaisen❞ could help people and world in many ways.

    Thank you.

  • Hi everyone,I think the spell which should be brought to life is 'Anapneo' which clears someone's airway by making the hazardous object vanish from their throat..i think this could be used in medical field as in operations or even in emergency situation when a person chokes on something(especially babies when they swallow any piece of plastic )...It could be more useful to use if we modify the spell and use it to remove object in our body which will make the process of operation easier
    I also have thought about many characters like Raya(Raya and the last dragon'),Joy(Inside out),Mulan etc...But the one I think could help the people the most is Baymax and Hero from Big Hero 6 and Judy Hopps from Zootopia...Baymax with hero could help improve our technology while he is also an 'excellent healthcare companion' and Judy could help implement proper laws and bring order in our world with the help of Mary poppins' magic because she is basically immortal and has transportation powers(which are only 2 of the superpowers from her pocket full of albities)
    With them and with of their willingness to make this world a better place and always ready to help attitude(putting others need infront their own)I feel we could have a new advanced crime free world and attain unity among countries resulting in world peace...Thank You!

  • I think that Wonder Woman from Wonder the film Wonder Woman could help in the real world because in parts of the world where gender equality is looked down upon Wonder Woman could use her voice to speak out against the unfair pay gap between men and women. Just like how she stands up to villains, she could stand up for equal pay for women in workplaces everywhere. For example, she could support campaigns that raise awareness about this issue and push for fair wages for all. Not to talk of of her unwavering bravery, she's a role model to little girl. Wonder Woman's bravery and determination could encourage women and girls to pursue their dreams without fear. She could work with organizations that provide education and support to help women succeed in male-dominated fields, like science and technology. By sharing her own story of overcoming challenges, she could inspire others to break barriers and reach their full potential. Wonder Woman could use her strength to fight against gender-based violence, such as domestic abuse and harassment. She could partner with organizations that offer support to survivors and advocate for stronger laws to protect women from harm. By spreading awareness and promoting a culture of respect, she could help create a safer world for all.

  • I think Hercules from the book Hercules byFred Van Lente could help people in their real world because he represents both strengh and wisdom. His inner strength made him win battles with Gods, men, monsters. He conquered 12 difficult tasks and that can teach people that even a human can use his strength to surpass any difficulties he/ she has. We don't need superpowers to overcome problems we need our strength. This can be applied and in a general overview that humans if they want they can change the world for better.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, positive_world. What specific issue in the news do you think Hercules could help with?

  • I think that Dr. strange from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can help humanity and change the whole world. He is just so powerful magician that he could use his magical spell or ability to detect every environment issues. As we all know that he could see the future with millions of possibilities so, he would help to predict almost every natural disasters or pandemic. He was also a special neurosurgeon before he find out what magic actually was. With his wisdom or magical abilities, he could discover new treatments, cures and vaccine for the upcoming pandemic or epidemic. With his abilities to saw future he could help to prevent many wars. For example, we know that he can manipulate time so he will stop any conflict before it even happens and can prevent us from wars.

  • I think that Steve Rogers or captain America from MCU could help people in the real world because he is someone who went through many hardships, trainings, just to serve and protect his country in the best way.. When his closest fried tuned evil, he maintained his friendship, trying to bring his friend to his original form and quoted, “I am with you till the end the end of line.” He is known for earning from mistakes, something that people in real world really need to learn,
    One more such character is Thor from same series. He is known as the Thunder god and is famous for his strength. By the last movie, Avengers: The End Game, he had lost everything. His parents, siblings, friends, kingdom and what not. But still, he selflessly fought against the alien forces to stop them from taking over the earth. After he recovered, he aimed at protecting the whole universe. According to me, he is a character who tells people to work for the greater cause of humanity.

  • I think doremon from anime doremon can revolutionize the world 🌎 . His ability to bring the twenty-first century gadgets into our twentieth century will really decrease the mojor problems we face.
    His anywhere door will make the worldwide travel advisor to everyone and a way travel anywhere without depletion of resources. This will make it easier for scientist to discover distant galaxies and the while universe.
    Also his big light and small light can make things very easy for us, we can make miniature houses with fraction of resources and make them big, we can mine small amounts of resources and increase thier amount. Also we can reduce the size of waste plastic to centimetre making it solve worldwide probelm.
    His gadgets like time machine etc.. will make our world free from problems.

  • According to me the 'DORAEMON' character from the famous Japanese series of Doraemon could help people in real life in almost all the strata of their daily chores.In fact Doraemon is a fictional robot which motivates the imagination and creativity of human mind. Also Doraemon reflects loyalty and friendship ,which will set an example for the people . As the fictional character Doraemon helps everyone, it displays the saying "Seeing eyes,Helping hands." The fictional character Doraemon has abundant gadgets for numerous problems faced by human thus increasing the interest of human in AI and technology. Doraemon will help humans to inculcate values like perseverance, kindness , responsibility,etc. The ultra modern gadgets could revolutionalize the works from communication and transportation to household works.Thus if Doraemon would exist in real life can transfigure the world and make it better.

  • Hello!
    Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) from the film Avengers has many abilities that could benefit people in the real world, including mirror dimension, durability, intangibility, protective shields, energy blasts, hypnosis, transmutation, dimensional travel, intelligence, various spells, elemental manipulation, illusion, teleportation, telepathy, and time manipulation.
    And I think that if he will do these in the real world, it will be amazing, and because he is a good hero, the world will be completely safe, and all the wars, corruption, conflict, bribery, destruction, and so on will be stopped, and if it already happens, he will go back in time and prevent it, that's why I think he's a hero that can help solve the problems in.

  • I think that Pollyanna from the book Pollyanna could help change the world through the use of her 'glad game' because her optimistic and positive attitude helps people be glad whatever the situation, no matter how hopeless it seems. This could change peoples lives by combating mental health issues which would help them to have a better outlook on tricky situations. Her persisting approach to solving problems would benefit everyone in the world by seeing a problem and tackling it until she succeeds.

  • I think Doraemon could serve as inspiration to us and help us in the real world because, based on my personal experience after I watched Doraemon it thought me how to respect my elders,have intergrity,and thought me how to love my loved ones,even though the movie did not have an end,it still had a great impact on me, although Doraemon wasn't physically powerful and strong, his four dimensional pocket made him a formidable force and powerful, granting him access to futuristic gadgets that allowed him to whatever he wanted , such as teleport, turn invisible and help people in need. Doraemon was a sincere and honest Robot companion to his master Nobita so because of this I think Doraemon could change the world for the better with it's teleportation, ability to turn invisible,help us respect our loved ones and etc..
    Thank you .

  • I think that " The boy who harnessed the wind" from the film could help people in real the world because communities and villages in West Africa and countries are struggling to obtain water all because of climate change. Due of climate change these communities and villages are suffering severe heat and drought. This film inspires not only children but everyone that with a little determination , resourcefulness and innovation can transform lives and communities. This film motivates children in villages and communities can make a huge difference with just scrap materials. Creating waterpipes , drains and water Pumps out of scarps can reduce large amount waste , which help stop land and water pollution. This film informs children to take education seriously. Education is the foundation of knowledge and skills , which children can use in villages ,cities and communities, to help stop climate change, become peacemakers, activists etc. This film inspires everyone who doubts that they have the capability and strength to do anything. To conclude a quote from The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind "Before I Discovered The Miracles Of Science, Magic Ruled The World."

  • In my perspective, a character that could actually help my community realise an issue and take action in order to move the best way forward is Ojo, from the movie " We Can Be Heroes". Specifically, she is an unusual young girl who along with ten other children are trying to free their superhero parents from aliens and save the planet. She has the ability to foresee the future by painting in her tablet. This helps her and her teammates predict many difficult situations, cope with them and of course achieve to save their parents.
    I think Ojo could help my community as she could help us become acknowledged of what will happen in the future. She could tell us about issues that will be generated and this way she would actually enable us to prevent it before it is too late and the consequences have already spread and become visible.
    So, it goes without saying that she would make an enormous change to my little community and with the help of her small but very dynamic ability creates a better tomorrow.

  • One character that could help people in the real world is Bonnie Bennet from The Vampire Diaries. There are multiple reasons why I know she would help a lot. First of all, she's a very powerful witch. She comes from a bloodline of powerful witches. Throughout the show we can see how much she helps the people around her. She knows a variety of spells that could help quite a lot. Bonnie is a fictional character that always puts others before herself. Not just that but she is quite a brave character, willing to do anything/everything to save innocent lives. If she were to be real, the things she will help do would be unbelievable. She would be saving many people's lives. With the many spells she knows she would be able to protect or even save many. There wouldn't be anyone else as powerful as her. Even in the show full of vampires, hybrids, werewolves, etc. She was still able to defeat them. Bonnie Bennett would make a perfect change in the world. In some universe, if she were to be real the world would most likely be a safer place.

  • I think that Tanjiro from the film Demon Slayer could help people in real world with his superpowers and his commitment to duty to help protect people and the environment from destruction. Tanjiro can also accomplish this by organising community campaigns, outdoor programmes, and training in large cities and events, such as schools, hospitals, malls, markets, and major public areas. Areas of emphasis could include
    1. Advocating sustainable practices through encouraging good resource management
    2. Encouraging responsible waste management,
    3. Lowering environmental pollution
    4. Engaging in reforestation activities such as planting trees and repairing damaged ecosystems. All this and many more will go a long way in making the world a better place.

  • Hello everyone
    I think superman from the film "Superman" can help save the world with his skills and abilities. superman can save the world from evil and can time travel, therefore he can travel back in time to fix some problems to help the humanity. also, he posses the power of eidetic memory, he recall all that he sees and heard. in our world full of greed and corruption life needs a man like Superman to inspire us and show us that good can be done, that empathy is a strength not a weakness, and also inspired people not to give up on their first of adversity.

    Thank you for reading.

  • I think that 'Thor' from the film 'Thor Ragnarok' could help people in the real world because He is the god of thunder as well as the weather. He can help the world by ending Global Warming and dodge massive fires, disasters and so on. If we have a hero like Thor we can make our Earth really clean and good. Being Thor is not that easy. If he come to real life, his impact on earth will be like this;
    1) There will be greenery in every part of the world because of his weather controlling power.
    2) Can help to generate thunder or lighting.
    3) Can help in light houses.
    4) All people will have helpful mindset like him along with others.

  • I think Superman from the comic book could help people in the real world because if Superman specifically the son of the red sun, were here today, he could definitely make a huge difference in the real world in so many ways. He could use his super strength to rebuild communities after natural disasters, his super speed to deliver aid to those in need, and his x-ray vision to detect and prevent crimes. Plus, his ability to fly would make him a global superhero, able to assist people all around the world. He could use his incredible powers to fight against terrorists and criminals who are causing harm in other countries. With his advanced skills and technology, he could apprehend these bad guys and help bring peace and safety to those affected regions. It's amazing to think about how his presence could curb societal vices and contribute to making the world a better place.