Will schools exist in future?


It is hard to escape news about Artificial Intelligence.

AI can already respond to situations, make decisions and do some jobs better than humans. There are constant breakthroughs in the technology, which mean the list of things it can do is quickly growing.

This got us thinking. If technology can learn how to do things instead of people, does this mean that people won't need to go to school to learn at all?

Look at the following opinions.


"There’s no point in going to school when machines can do the learning for us!”


"People will always need to learn for themselves, even if machines are intelligent too."


“School is not just about learning information. It’s important for things that machines can’t help with.”

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  • I believe that the education system in the future will be better than it is today due to the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, but I do not believe that school systems will become extinct because of this. In a world where machines are constantly evolving, despite our unprecedented intelligence, humans' inherent desire to learn remains an irreplaceable aspect of our existence. While machines excel at processing large amounts of data and performing complex tasks, the essence of personal growth, creativity and understanding lies in the individual's unique ability to learn on their own. The human capacities for curiosity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence ensure that the pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the realm of artificial intelligence. Even as machines advance, the eternal journey of self-discovery and enlightenment will always remain a unique and integral aspect of the human experience.

    1. I completely agree to your opinion, Every thing that you said is great. The part about self learning, enlightenment and the fact that Ai cannot change the internal aspects of human experience and eternal journey of self-discovery are very true and logical.

    2. I agree with you because what you said is completely true. I also believe that the education system will be better than today's.

    3. Exceptional point fantastic_song, self-discovery is a key process every human should pass through if one wants to succeed and that is a big reason why AI can't replace teachers. A teacher plays a big role in helping a student in self discovery, a teacher is a friend, a counsellor, a role model and a confidant. I see no reason why a teacher shouldn't be close to the students, it's being close that helps the teacher understand the students' plight and help them develop and grow therefore, guiding them through the process of self-discovery. That term self-discovery is one thing that motivates a human to live and the whole classroom learning aids that process, expecting a human who talks to an AI for a minimum of 8 hours per day to be able to socialize easily and develop emotions easily is like expecting a tortoise to win a race. In conclusion, school shouldn't be stopped and replaced with AI otherwise it will have negative psychologically effect which will in a way disrupt the clean process of self discovery

      1. Who else in our lives help us with self-discovery?

        1. There are many factors responsible for aiding the process of self discovery. The main reason I mentioned school as one of the major agents is because school is also one of the major agents of socialization. Majority of the time spent in a child's life is at school, in my daily life, I spend at least 10hours of my day doing school work and this has its effect in my self discovery. Another major agent of self discovery is family and friends, there's a common saying in my society, "show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are", the company of people you move along with has its effect in the way one thinks and behaves therefore also influencing the process of self discovery because it affects the way people view themselves. There are also little influencers of self discovery, for example religion and spirituality and also the contents one exposes himself to, they all play a role in self discovery.

          1. Hi
            I agree with you ,Ai can not replace teachers, without teachers, AI cannot see if the students understand the topic, another example if a student is injured or he is sad or going through difficult emotions Ai can't help but teacher can help ,my point here is that a teacher can't be replaced but Ai can help teacher and other workers.
            Thank you.

            1. I solidly agree with you because, AI cannot express human emotions.
              AI cannot go deeply in explanation for slow learners they only give you informations based on what is been programmed to them.
              AI can't be able to detect whether a student is paying attention in class or not. According to my opinion, I think humans are the best in any job that has to do with education or lecturing because, how to know whether the student is getting what has been thought, I think the best way of learning is through practicals because, practice makes perfect.
              In conclusion, I think AI cannot take over humans intelligence but rather, it enhances the level of productivity in learning,

            2. Hello!
              I strongly agree with you because, in my opinion, teachers are unique and irreplaceable. I remember when we were confined at home because of COVID-19 and I suffered a lot with online classes because I didn't understand nothing. In my opinion, I prefer to go to in-person classes than turn on the computer and spend many hours in front of the screen trying to learn things that were very difficult for me.

        2. Hello Tiff,

          I think in some cases, people become inspirations, guiding us to self-discovery and motivating us to strive to be the best version of ourselves. However, this journey is inherently personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to self-discovery. It seems to me that this universal catalyst for change is being challenged. Challenge is a motivator that unlocks our true potential. Whether these obstacles arise in personal, academic, or professional realms, they create fertile ground for reflection and growth. Facing and overcoming challenges forces us to explore our strengths, confront our weaknesses, and demonstrate our resilience. Furthermore, I also think that , every challenge holds up a mirror, revealing aspects of our personality that may have been obscured during smoother times. Embracing these moments of adversity becomes a transformative process that allows us to uncover hidden potential, gain a deeper understanding of our values, and develop the resilience needed to face future challenges. The ability to respond to and learn from challenges not only shapes our character, but also gives us a deep sense of self, allowing us to continue on a journey of self-discovery.

        3. Hey Tiff! After much thought, some people that can help us with self discovery are our parents or any form elderly person because 1. they got to experience finding their self discoveries first and so they can help guide us to discovering our true selves. In addition, one important person that can help in self discovery is our selves. We are the only people who know our selves best and one way to start that is start some reflecting and journaling. Feel free to share your ideas. Are there any more ways in discovery our selves?

        4. Heyy Tiff!! The one who can really help with our self discovery are our parents,elders,community, and school.....After a deep thought I guess self discovery can be possible if you have faith in yourself........Parents and elders are the one who correct your mistakes and give you advises to be more enthusiastic.........community helps us to seek inside ownself,and the context of our lives............School is the greatest agent in our lives who help to discover ourself it gives you creativity, it adds social skills,school skills to our mind,it explores our mind,interests,passions...........Extracurricular activities also discover us outside the classroom such as music,dance etc...................Also a agent that is in yourself helps to discover yourself that is your heart and mind.......when sitting alone,just close your eyes and think what can I do at this perfect timming when no one's gonna disturb you........think and do it and you've already done the self discovery.....

        5. Hey there, Tiff,
          I think our parents and teachers can help us with self-discovery because our parents raised us since we were infants, and they often know us in ways others might not because they have been with us for how long we have stayed on Earth so far. Plus, they also often know our strengths and weaknesses and our behaviours. Regarding our teachers, I believe they can also help us with self-discovery because they can help us uncover potential talents and passions, and they are also able to study us, see our weaknesses, and help us overcome them.

      2. Thank you for supporting the Storytelling_economy. Your comments really hit the mark. I strongly believe that teachers can make a big difference in students' lives. As someone who changed schools a lot due to my dad's job, I've felt the impact of teachers on my journey. Your focus on the emotional side of learning is crucial.
        Unlike artificial intelligence, human emotions and connections are real and irreplaceable. The understanding, empathy, and inspiration that teachers provide are unique. I think the emotional aspect is what makes education so powerful. The paradox of our interconnected yet isolated world, especially when it comes to technology, is fascinating. Despite being virtually connected, there is still a sense of distance. Social media can create a false sense of happiness and hide the true complexity of life.

      3. I totally agree and this is a great example of the opinion I had on this topic. Teachers have more emotional effects on students and they have more understanding about a person than AI could have. Teachers help students develop their progress as well as develop and personality better. This is because they help through emotional problems. Emotional problems also help someone complete goals and have better performance, which is why AI would not be quite good in this section of work. Your claim is very similar to mine.

    4. I agree with this because i think using AI allows you to work faster and more efficiently which is exactly what school need. AI will bring schools more knowledge , however this will remove children's chances for physical learning and things like school trips that sometimes helps them learn when they see it in person and get to visually try the topic.
      Overall AI can bring benifits to school in the future but can also ruin some children's learning. In general i would prefer a human teacher because i think its good to have physical support.

      1. Some people have said that school trips will become a thing of the past because AI will allow us to "travel" to different places using augemented reality or VR headsets. Do you think this is a good way to replace school trips? Why/why not?

        1. Personally, I don't think augmented reality or VR headset can fully replace the school trips. My reason being that school trips doesn't just allow the students to have real life experience of things, it also presents them with the opportunity of meeting people who have additional knowledge about things, this can foster a sense of connection and empathy which cannot be achieved by virtual reality therefore helping them to learn. School trip gives room for hands on learning which last longer in the memory of students compared to theoretical learning, it is also more interactive than augmented reality thereby making learning fun and when there's fun in learning, learning becomes a whole lot easier.

          1. Hello, yes I am into your point of view. Augmented reality and virtual trips cannot represent real life trips as interaction with society and its citizens is missing. The same goes with school trips where you miss the face to face interaction with your classmates and all these experiences you could share and will forever stay in your memory.

        2. I don't think it is a good way to replace school trips. School trips is a main attraction and the best memories of a student life. School trip helps student to get rid of their monotony life. School trips served a lot of purposes like it helps to make a change of environment, build a good relationship between teachers and other students, create cultural awareness and many more. Students also came to learn about the history of the country and visited historical monument. The change of environment and the fun that happen in a school trip can never be replaced by augmented reality or VR headsets. This enjoyment served as a fuel for the student to study attentively throughout the year. So, I will personally never choose VR headsets over school trips. School trips are a kind of memories which a student cherishes for the whole life. As a school trip has a lot of benefits and played an important role in student life, it should never be replaced by augmented reality or VR headset.

        3. I don't support the idea of Virtual reality trips,because it just takes away all the fun in traditional old school trips.Do you know that feeling when you're so excited to go out to a new place and have a different experience.In my opinion I think that this excitement differs from one to another because it depends on your goal or target of this trip.Is it the learning that you crave from these school trips,or is it the relationships that you may create or strengthen with others.I personally get so excited to go on school trips just to meet new people and have a fun-filled time with my friends.besides,these trips can improve your social interaction skills and cooperation.Last but not least, school trips are a clever way that would help the teacher to teach students better because students love to vary their way of learning and school trips are totally a pleasurable way to learn and to grow socially and mentally.

          1. I agree because... school trips are not only about learning, but also about having the actual physical experience. Having Virtual Reality for school trips won't be actually physical. You cannot actually feel everything. It is a fake experience but most students want it real. It removes the actual excitement of having the experience of seeing everything and being with others.

          2. I totally agree with you. The excitement you get during a school trip is one of the most rewarding feelings. Human interaction is so important and the bond we get with our classmates during these trips is essential.
            Augmented reality can be used as an enhancement to add any information for geography or history lessons, in my opinion.

        4. I don't believe that augmented reality is a good replacement for school trips. School trips are meant to provide students with a chance to learn outside of their usual environment. If augmented reality were to replace traditional school trips, students would be learning in the same environment throughout the entire school year. Also, VR headsets are expensive, and purchasing them for an entire class would have a significant economic impact on the school. Although augmented reality provides a wider range of opportunities for students to explore, I believe that it would be unable to fully replicate the learning opportunities provided by real-life school trips.I don't believe that augmented reality is a good replacement for school trips. School trips are meant to provide students with a chance to learn outside of their usual environment. If augmented reality were to replace traditional school trips, students would be learning in the same environment throughout the entire school year. Also, VR headsets are expensive, and purchasing them for an entire class would have a significant economic impact on the school. Although augmented reality provides a wider range of opportunities for students to explore, I believe that it would be unable to fully replicate the learning opportunities provided by real-life school trips.

        5. In my opinion I disagree that people should go on trips using augemented reality or VR headsets because people go trips to explore different cultures ,histories and art. Trips broden people horizons and help gain a new perspective on life. People also go on trips becuase of adventures and meeting new people and creatures. Trips help people with their socializing skills and collaboration skills. People go on trips to learn different languages . Trips can be a way for people to relax and reveal stresses of everyday.

          1. What do you think people would gain from a VR 'school trip?'

            1. Hello Eva ,Thank you for the Question, In my opinion I dont think student will gain any thing fro VR school trips, this reason is because everything in the VR isnt real it just a replica of how school trips is meant to be like. School trips are meant to teach student about the world , the problems it is facing and the beauty and wonders it has to give. Schools trips opens the minds of students and teaches them how to slove problemand enriches their communnations skills. Apart from that I believe schools trips can help students with their collaboration skills, for example traveling to new place means meeting new people ,which means they can collaborate with new people and relate to them in many ways. If student use VR for their school trips it reduce their collaboration skills and communication skills. Also using VR for schools trips has many negative effects such it can damge the students eyes sight, headaches and dried eyes but if students go on school trips it can affect them positively by , providing them vitamins and freash air.

            2. A VR school trip in my opinion would not be as good as it is not a real school trip as you would not be able to interact with the natural world or wherever you go. However, it would be a lot cheaper as some parents may to be able to afford to send their child on the trip.

            3. Hello Eva, I think children will not gain anything from a vr experience trip, my reasons are: Children really need to see the real world and not some fake world. They probably want to see the landmark or the place/country they might go to on a school trip. If they want to see the real world they have to take of those goggles and go outside

              1. I strongly agree wtih your comment with your comment because , chidren deserve to see the real world and experience the feeling of touching trees, going horse-backing riding etc. Trips enhances childrens collaboration and communication skills, it allows them to relax and reflection on past events. Trips develop children independence and confidence to explore the world. Trips teachs children new languages, cuture, cuisines and arts. It enhances their analytical skills. Trips allows children to meet new people and learn differnet opinions. Trips allows childen to experience different perspectives about life and that prepares children for the challanges and opportunities the world throw at them.

        6. I believe it isn't the best idea for school trips. Many students would prefer the actual experience and excitement, along with being with their friends in-person. It will be disliked by many. While people may like the new experience, it isn't the actual physical trip. Which is what many prefer.

        7. I can't see school trips being fully replaced with AI, yes schools can use VR to visit many places around the world but that isn't the true purpose of school trips, it is meant to provide experiences and unforgettable events.
          Which will you remember more, u and your friend entering a bus with excitement or you putting on a headset and just looking around, I'm not saying that we can't use VR headsets to teach I can't wait to see it but the fact is that school trips give student thing VR opportunities like meeting people and gaining skills sense of empathy and connection that just can't be achieved in true virtual reality

        8. While VR technology allows for virtual visits to diverse locations, it can't replace the essence of traditional school trips. The shared excitement of boarding a bus with friends, the laughter, and the interpersonal connections made during physical outings create unforgettable experiences that foster empathy and connection. These invaluable aspects of school trips cannot be replicated in virtual reality.

      2. Your perspective on AI in education reflects a thoughtful consideration of both its advantages and potential drawbacks. Acknowledging the speed and efficiency that AI can bring to learning processes is essential, and the promise of increased knowledge through AI is undoubtedly a positive aspect.

        Your concern about the potential reduction in physical learning experiences, such as school trips, resonates with the idea that some aspects of education involve hands-on, real-world engagement that might be challenging for AI to replicate. The importance of visual and experiential learning is well-highlighted.

        Balancing the benefits of AI with the irreplaceable value of human interaction and support is a crucial consideration. Your preference for a human teacher aligns with the belief that the personal touch and physical presence of educators can provide valuable support and guidance, which goes beyond what AI can currently offer.

        In conclusion, your nuanced perspective recognizes the potential benefits of AI while emphasizing the irreplaceable role of human teachers in providing holistic support for students' learning experiences. thank you .

      3. I disagree with this opinion, yes I understand AI is a much faster way of teaching yes, but does it mean it's better for the children no especially for younger kids, I'm not saying u can't use AI to teach, no but u can't rely on it for stuff like emotional intelligence, teachers pay a lot in a child life imagine ur life without ur favorite teacher, And think of how it will be if robot fully thought the next generation children. I am not saying that teachers are perfect all I'm trying to say is that we should let the teachers be assisted by AI.

    5. Yes I agree with your comment because you have given it with strong reason. Your logics are so true and fantastic. And I also believe on that the schools will exist in the future. Even ai also cannot make them disexist.

    6. I agree and you make very strong, valid, intelligent points.

    7. i strongly agree with your comment, although artficial intelligence has far greater minds then we do, i believe as well that schools will not become extinct

    8. I totally agree with your opinion. Human create the AI. Human are more intelligent than AI. I believe that education system will change in future due to rapid growth in AI but I don’t think that because of this school will extinct in the future.

      That’s my understanding

      1. Why do you NOT think schools will 'go extinct' due to AI?

        1. Hi ,chole i don't think that school will extinct due to ai because 'Human Teacher play vital role in shaping life of student influencing not only their academic development but also their personal growth and character formation'. AI are created by humans human is more intelligent than AI. Students made lot of mistake and human teacher share his thought so that they will not repeat same mistake . A robot teacher would only follow a fixed set of protocols, which is sort of boring and kills the fun in the learning process! A robot would just teach teach teach and teach! So boring! Every human is unique in it's own ways meaning that all human teachers are not the same and have different ways of teaching.

          That's my understanding.

          1. Hello Champion_Weasel,
            I agree with what you're saying I don't believe school will be threatened by the existence of "AI."
            Humans play an important part in building life for the future generation by building them up academically and also so personally and also shaping their character. Human knowledge is far more than an AI programmed by humans. AI goes off what is programmed to do so they are unable to convey emotion. All the AI does is a continuum of teaching. This can get plain after sometime because the students are just getting taught. As for teachers they convey emotions when they teach which keeps students entertained and engaged into what they are learning. By this, the students will be easier to teach and have better comprehension.

        2. Hello Chloe,

          For several compelling reasons, I believe the existence of schools is unlikely to be threatened by artificial intelligence. Education goes far beyond the mere transfer of information and includes key elements such as social interaction, emotional learning and personalized guidance. The human contact is critical to fostering social interaction and emotional development and is the cornerstone of the educational experience. While AI can enhance personalized learning, it cannot replace nuanced guidance and support from teachers who understand their students’ unique needs. School physical spaces play a key role in promoting the practical experiments and hands-on activities required for a well-rounded education. Take collaborative science projects, for example, where students engage in joint experiments, develop teamwork and hone critical thinking skills. Furthermore, schools are centers of cultural and social education, influencing values ​​and building community bonds. Human teachers serve as important mentors and role models, igniting passions and instilling moral values ​​in students. The adaptable, creative and motivational dimensions that human educators bring contribute significantly to preparing students to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. Therefore, the multifaceted nature of education and the depth of human connections suggest that schools are here to stay and will not be intimidated by advances in artificial intelligence. Therefor In my perspective, AI could never entirely replace humans; humans will always hold a superior position. The essence of humanity, with its complex emotions, creativity, and moral reasoning, is irreplaceable. While AI may excel in certain tasks, the depth of human experience and the ability to navigate intricate ethical and emotional landscapes remain unparalleled. Humans bring a unique blend of empathy, intuition, and adaptability that contributes to our superiority over AI. It is in our collective humanity that we find the richness and depth that machines, despite their capabilities, cannot fully replicate.

          1. Hi there!

            Your thoughts on schools and artificial intelligence are spot on! You bring up great points about the importance of human connections in education, especially the role of teachers as mentors and guides. The idea of collaborative projects and hands-on activities in schools adds a nice touch to illustrating the practical side of learning.

            Your emphasis on the unique qualities of humans, like empathy and creativity, is beautifully expressed. You capture the essence of what makes us special and irreplaceable in the educational journey. Overall, your perspective is clear, relatable, and wonderfully crafted. Awesome job!

          2. I agree strongly agree with your comment because , we humans are social beings, intreacting with people is how we get know to other people better, and teachers are the best examples. Subjects such as Science , English, Math and other continental languages all use one key feature and that communication. Communication and Collaboration bind people togther and that one thing That AI can not control. Teachers play a vital role in Education. Their influence extends beyonds the classroms, Encouraging students in many ways. Teachers effective teachings, personalized attention and encouragement can boost a students learning ability and outcomes. Teacher serve as a role model inspring students to pusure their goals. Teacher build postive relationships with students nurturing their trust and and respect. Teachers empathize and communicate effectively to improve a students dedication and and enthusiasm. Teachers can impact students beyond academics by implanting values, morals, and social skills,hence students can develop emaphty and resilience. Apart from teachers students can interact with theor peers by having study groups and play dates. In my opinion even though AI has the capabilities of doing the job of a teacher, I strongly dissagree that AI will fit the jod because Students once in while will need some time to play and commuincate and even crack some jokes with their teachers, all these act express emotions and that is one thing that AI cannot control.

        3. Hello Chole,
          In my opinion I belive schools will not go extinct due to AI , AI use create by humans , its mission is to support mans work and make it easy. AI can assits in schools by advancing students capabilities , advance their spelling and writing skills. AI can help teachers arrange their schedules so teachers can interact with their students more. AI can help teachers create mor engaging and interative lessons. AI help students with essays and writing skills . AI can assist students with disabilities by engagingthem in online classes, apps such as Apadted Math, Quizizz and Education city can help disabled students study without going to school. AI can disabled students by creating prosthetics lega and arms so disable student can live normally. AI voice technologies such as Siri, Alexa , Cortana can help foreign exchange students understand the language by translating into their language , apart from that AI can studetns with hearing problems understand the lessons . Ai can help deaf students by tranlating the teachers voice into words. Students who are mute can use AI to respond to teachers when a question is posed.
          Another reason why schools will not go extinct is because AI cannot perform the duties of a teacher. Teachers are humans , they bring excitement and humour in class. AI cannot help with students with their collaboration and communication skills. Teachers can provide students with love support and can understand students issues. Teachers can agree and agrue with students , which improve students communcation and provide students with analytical questions.
          To concluded I believe schools will never go exticnt because students can express their opinions and showcases their talents.

    9. Yes I also agree to fantastic_song. The AI can replace the teacher but it can not teach students the creativity and natural understanding. These two the main building blocks of a student. A student is fully incomplete without these two blocks. For example: AI can teach a students what is rocket science but creativity teaches them how is rocket science.

      1. Hello Philosophical_seagull,
        I agree with what you are saying as well as this is what I have been stating. The AI can replace the teacher but it won't work out well. It cannot teach students creativity and convey emotion so the students can have a natural understanding of what is going on. The average student has teachers that make mental and physical connections with them so that they can be taught easier. Without emotion being conveyed, it'll be much harder for the student to learn because they are unable to feel a connection in the teaching. The AI goes off protocol and just teaches and teaches, however the teacher adds the flavor to the teaching which helps the student with comprehension. Without the emotion, the student cannot learn.

    10. I agree with you that AI will help to improve education and that school will not be replaced but even humans are curious and critical thinkers I don’t think they there own knowledge unless they are inspired from a young age which I think comes from humans. Humans inspire us to learn, AI can’t give personal feedback and understand why someone might be struggling especially for primary school as it is hard to understand young children as they can’t communicate the same way an adult does. Will AI be able to tell why someone is struggling because some children might avoid doing the work will be able to get to the root cause, teachers know children as they’ve been doing it for a long time and had lots of experience. But maybe AI might work better at higher education as they want to learn and it’s their choice and they’re past their teenage years of messing about.

    11. I completely agree because with how amazing and unique artificial intelligence is today I couldn't dream about how much more artificial intelligence could help and grow education systems in the future or even teaching new learning methods. I also agree on the part where artificial intelligence won't shut down the entirety of schools, though artificial intelligence has overcame human abilities and is gonna definitely grow human standards. I also believe throughout time it won't get rid of schools instead it will add onto it and maybe showing new lesson plans for schools without discouraging schools but instead growing it to be better than it was before. With the human natural skills as well as AI it will make school even more enjoyable for all, so I agree with this comment.

    12. I totally agree to your point of view......the best part I liked about your opinion was of self learning and self discovery......I really agree with all the points you told in the comment.......

    13. I completely agree with fantastic_song. Your insight beautifully express the value of human learning and growth in the face of advancing technology. While technology and AI undoubtedly enhance educational tools and processes, they can't replace the natural human qualities that drive curiosity, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence. The journey of self-discovery and enlightenment is a deeply human experience that go beyond the capabilities of machines. Your perspective underscores the importance of taking care of these natural human qualities alongside technological advancements in education. And we should use machines to enhance the capability of humans but not to replace human.

    14. I agree because... school will exist in the future,because you need to be educated before knowing about AI. I don’t mean that it’s in School you can learn.but most people need to go to school for education. In the future AI will help education, like helping in homework ,knowing more about the subject and make them to experience things.
      Thanks 😊

    15. I agree with what you are saying because AI is getting better and better but that doesn't mean you have to exile schools. people still need to learn to do things that machines can't. You have to learn to do things yourself even if AI is getting better. If you don't AI will have to do everything for you. That's why I agree with what you are saying fantastic_song.

    16. I disagree because... AIs impact in schools is very negative. students will not be doing critical thinking and solving problems. The main question is will schools exist in the future? Schools will not exist in the future because students will not try hard enough they will have that feeling that if they get stuck AI will be there for them.

      1. Do you think that given your points that it is even more important to support schools staying open?

        1. HI Ursula @The economist
          I support school staying open with AIs free environment.If their no AI the environment will be more natural.

    17. I believe that AI will replace teachers, as AI has the knowledge of hundreds of people combined coded into it. Therefore the student would be able to learn more.

    18. I agree and hope what your saying becomes true. Our school system is outdated and technology could help creating a new form of school/learning in general. AI is also playing a major role, it could be used to help students who struggle with studies and stress.

    19. I agree with your opinions because everything you said makes a lot of sense that schools wouldnt become exinct they get better in the future.

  • I strongly disagree with opinion A because AI are created to help us, not to be our slaves. And besides, using AI too much will make us lazy. We can't say that we'll stop going to school because machines will do the learning for us. We can't forget that AI is created and developed by humans, so if nobody goes to school, who'll learn how to operate them?
    The next generation needs to know how to use AI, and the only way for that to happen is if we learn in school. Don't get me wrong, the school isn't the only learning environment. I'm just saying that there's a lot of things AI can teach, but not everything. There are just some things like good communication, social skills and emotional skills.

    1. I agree because.... we could learn in various forms just like the conversation we are currently having, but learning in a proper school environment lays that firm foundation of different things we hear about;so I think we will still need to go to school even with the existence of AI.

      1. I agree because... AI enhances teaching strategies by giving pupils a good and higher educational opportunity. Through AI interactions, students can access materials outside of the classroom and get feedback, opening up new opportunities for learning and development.

        1. hello
          I resolutely agree with this. In the sense that, if we could go back in time to the education of before, education was mediocritical. After all, back then, when it came to research, it was very onerous for students to research to improve their knowledge because back then, people did not have reliable sources or gadgets to help. But now we have AI, which is here to help us and it actually makes it easier to make research about just anything you need.
          thank you.👍

          1. I totally disagree with you because old things has past away and behold, new things are existing now. the world is getting better now and not worst. when you stay in your house waiting for AI to do your learnings for you, you might succeed but all fingers are not equal remember. There are non developed areas which needs to improve in their learning and as a matter of fact, there is no AI machines to help them do that so they have to keep pushing and doing the best they can in order to bring up kids.

            1. Hello unbiased planet,
              Do not get me wrong by what I said. I do agree to the fact that you cant sit in your house all the waiting for AI to do the job for you. What am I'm saying is that AI is here to make work facile. AI is not here to make you lazy. But recently, on my past research, I have summed it up to say "Technology can take you anywhere you want to go but it all depends on your mindset and how far you want to go".

              1. Hello!
                I understand your concern about the future of education. There are many ways to learn without going to school. You can read books, listen to lectures and podcasts from experts in various fields, take online courses from universities and other educational institutions, volunteer, or attend classes offered by local spots in your community However, it is important to note that AI can be a valuable tool for learning, especially when it comes to processing large amounts of data and providing personalized feedback. While AI may not be able to replace human creativity and innovation, it can help us learn more efficiently and effectively. It is up to us to use AI as a tool to enhance our learning, rather than relying on it completely.

              2. I agree because...
                AI is helpful because it makes our works easier and faster but if we fully rely on it, it makes us lazy. So, I am trying to say that we all cannot just rest and leave AI do everything for us.
                Also, it is known that you can only become lazy if actually you want to be but if you don't want to be lazy, the free time you get frome AI as your helper to do other reasonable things with your self.

            2. I strongly agree with you because the world is getting better not worst, so if a person stays in his or her house waiting for AI to do your learning for you.

              1. I accede to your comment here forceful lemon and really a lot has been said about this. So ill conclude it with what Denzel Washington said "I'll be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I'd be given. I'll be more frightened by procrastination and laziness.". You cannot always sit back and enjoy then what will be the fun of this life. We are here to try new things, experience challenges and become stronger. So, I don't think leaving AI to do everything is worth it.

          2. I'm not sure about this because... AI might be a solution to easier learning but we need humans to learn for themselves, or else later education might only be limited to AI, after all humans are the ones who first made robots, because of this dreams of many future children might be crushed, to have an occupation would be almost impossible.

            1. Hello
              I can see where you're coming from fun conclusion. Which is why I say it depends on your mindset. And I don't think anyone will want anything to supersede them. People are different. I don't think AI will be able to take the place of humans. People and children can still achieve their dreams. And also, AI bots do not have the full knowledge that we have all they have is what is inputted in them. We are the ones who enact and improve them I don't think they have the ability to make themselves talk more of supplanting us. Here are some examples of things that AI can't do:
              1. To learn continuously
              2. To be able to adapt to different situations.
              3. To answer puzzled questions.
              4. To invent things etc.