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We need AI because we can move our mouse and you can and do everything you want and also robot... AI and Robots!! 22/3/24
In my opinion I think that there are cheating and it is not fair .But it was like almost 3000... Is doping fair 17/3/24
So when the Olympic game, so in the Olympic games, they always play and plus muscular people... Is doping fair 15/3/24
I think that people should have good news because so that people will learn about eco anxiety I... Too much negative news? 06/3/24
The smoke is coming out in the picture and it is flooding in picture .And somebody said that the... Climate change: regular reminders 06/3/24
In the picture everybody have good news and some people have bad news and in the man is worried... Climate change in your country 05/3/24
People should listen to the good news and not the bad news Too much negative news? 05/3/24
People are worried because of the temperature and people are very nervous and they have ... Climate change in your country 04/3/24
I think that we can make a change and I think that we will change one day. How to make a change 04/3/24