Climate change: regular reminders

Look at the picture.


Can you find all of the ways that people might be reminded about climate change in a day?
Hint: there are at least 25 in the picture.

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  • Hi,
    Reminders about climate change makes me feel a balance of emotions, like for the positive aspect I am glad that these reminders create awareness about climate change and they even sometimes give ways that we can work toward reducing its effects but these reminders also saddens me , like me watching news about it and seeing the damages that its effects causes each and everyday like the loss of innocent lives, the damage of structures that serve as a source of livelihood for many, it also hurts that we are the ones contributing to the increase of climate change and when people who want to make a change come forth we do not comply and we even some times condemn them. All these events makes me feel uneasy but that doesn't stop me though from watching these news and trying to find out ways that I can help in reducing the effects ,because there is a saying that says "Small changes make a big difference".

    1. Hi giving_snail
      I really agree with you on this ,reminders about climate change brings me to the realisation that if we do not try our best to save our planet , in years to come our planet will be destroyed and along with our planet we will cease to exist. These reminders help to inform people that the activities of humans are gradually destroying our planet and from these reminders people begin to start putting in conscious efforts to save our planet and people begin to do little things like recycle, plant trees and save water and these little efforts can make big differences. These reminders about the effects of climate change are very important because when people begin to see the adverse effects of their activities they will begin to put in effort to try to stop the damage they are causing

      1. I completely agree with you because this is the planet that God gave us to live in and it is our duty to protect it in order to make the world a better place for everybody to live in peace. Reminding people about the negative effects of the climate can encourage them and persuade them to protect their society.

      2. I agree because... People are way too busy to even think about climate change or the world so we need reminders in order to know that there is still a possibility of the Earth been destroyed because of climate change and could help motivate us to try to save Earth. It reminds us to tell younger ones about global issues, so they don't repeat the mistakes we make, and the grown adults did or are doing.

        1. I definitely agree with you because there are a lot of people out there that are so busy and don't have time to even know what is happening. So I think this regular reminders are very good as it makes us updated,awared,and notified on the things happening in our world. When people do not know anything and there are no regular reminders, it could lead to them repeating such mistakes which will really affect the earth and everyone.

      3. I exceedingly agree with you jubilant_accordion, because Individuals are too preoccupied to ever consider the effects of climate change or our global surroundings, thus we require a constant reminder to be aware that the planet could still be damaged because of the effects of climate change and our reckless acts. These reminders could also serve as inspiration for us to take action to save the planet before it gets out of hand. It serves as a reminder for us to teach the younger generations and others about the issues around the world to ensure that they do not commit the same problems and mistakes that we grownups have made to cause this and keep making, I also think there should be an AD about ways to stop climate change because here in my country we are facing an extremely cold and foggy weather due to air pollution and toxic waste so I think we should be constantly reminded that we can still save the earth.

        1. Hey approachable_television,
          You've made a really valid point and I'm with you on that. Due to the fact that humans could be really ignorant about the things happening around them, they need to be constantly reminded that our actions are repeatedly destroying our planet and increasing the adverse effects of climate change on our planet. These reminders could also help to pass a message to the younger generation so they will be informed from a very young age that they also need to work towards saving the planet and our homes.

    2. Lovely write-up @giving_snail, small change actually makes a big difference. Climate change has been accumulating slowly but relentlessly for decades. The changes might sound small when you hear about them; another tenth of a degree warmer, another centimeter of sea level rise, but seemingly small changes can have big effects on the world around us, especially regionally.
      The problem is that while effects are small at any time, they accumulate. The climate change effects have now accumulated to the point where their influence is contributing to damaging heat waves, drought and rainfall extremes that can’t be ignored.
      The most recent report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is more emphatic than ever: "Climate change, caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels, is having damaging effects on the climate as we know it, and those effects are rapidly getting worse." So, I feel that our little action towards climate resilience and adaptation must not be downplayed.

    3. I agree with you @giving_snail, climate changes are very sad and the fact that most humans seem to forget is that if it goes on, we are in for a lot of trouble. Over here in Plateau State there's a town named Miango, in Miango there were beautiful coniferous trees, animals of all sorts lived there, but then one day a group of people cut down the trees to make toothpicks, that day not a single tree was left, now the people and animals who lived in that land suffer from erosion, heat, and the land is no more fertile.
      Climate change is a very important topic that we humans need to curb. The importance of plants are so many, for starters plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, also plants are natural habitats for many both animals great and small, if we want to see these creatures in the future, we have to start preserving plants, a good way to promote such is to put ourselves in the positions of these animals and see what they need and provide it to them.
      The world needs more innovative minds to save it from dying and we humans have those minds but most of us don't want to exercise it, if more people practice afforestation, humans will benefit even more, my reason for saying this is because we can still have our businesses and still retain wildlife, it would be a dream come true.

      1. I agree because when talking about climate change, the negative possibilities are endless. Sometimes, we do some things that affect our climate for example burning of substances can bring about ozone layer depletion, blocking of drainages cause flooding etc. If we do not take care of our society, the chances of living a good life is very slim. We should try to work towards makin g the society a better place for living.

    4. I agree with you this is because hearing positive news too much is not helpful like wise giving negative news.
      That is why we need this reminders to help us see both the positive and negative aspect. When we see the positive aspects it helps us see that our effort are not in vain. Also us seeing the negative side shows us that we need to keep improve and making efforts.
      The truth is that if we don't make effort it wont just affect the forest and animals but it will even affect us...everyone around the globe. This will go from more violent weather to increasing food prices, to recreation and reducing opportunities.
      Now the question at hand is how can we remind people
      This is where we social media comes along, it is shown that a lot of people are on social media we should post information that can get people aware that our planets give help. We can talk about real life experiences and how it has affected people close to us...
      Well, in conclusion......we should be aware and keep reminding others about our climate change.

      1. However, I understand that we humans have a wide range of feelings and responses to climate change. Some people may feel overwhelmed, scared, or angry when they hear about the effects of climate change. Others may feel determined to make a difference, or even hopeful about the future. It's normal to have a mix of emotions when it comes to such a complex and important issue. Do you think you feel a balance of emotions when it comes to climate change?
        A balance of emotion can be really healthy, even if there are sometimes difficult to manage it's okay to feel positive and negative emotion about climate change. Do you have any specific coping strategies for managing your emotion around this issue? Maybe something like talking to a friend or family members , going for a walk, or writing in a journal?

      2. I agree because in order to protect our society, we need to be shown reminders about climate change so that we can do something about it. When receiving news or reminders about climate change, we should not always be shown too much of bad or good news. If we get too much good news, we might get lazy, thinking that everything will continue going smoothly with no problems. But if we are shown too much bad news, it can give us the mindset that the community will never change no matter how much we try which will make them discourages.

        1. I agree because... I believe the benefit of being informed about what is happening in our environment can vary depending on whether the news is good or bad.
          To me I feel good news can inspire positive feelings and effective communication within our community. This will lead to development of strategies to combat climate change. However some people might feel that the good news means that they don't need to do more.
          On the other hand I think bad news about climate change can live us feeling unhappy about its negative effect. Must I think we can still work together to come up with new ways to reduce the impact of climate change do some people may be discouraged by negative news and give up which can lead to echo anxiety.
          In conclusion we shouldn't stop trying to help in the fight against climate change regardless of whether our efforts result in positive or negative outcomes .thank you.

      3. You're absolutely right. Both positive and negative reminders about climate change are essential for keeping us motivated and focused on the urgent need for action. Social media indeed plays a crucial role in spreading awareness and mobilizing people to make positive changes. Sharing real-life experiences and practical ways to help can resonate deeply with others and inspire collective action. It's vital to keep the conversation going and remind ourselves and others of the importance of addressing climate change for the well-being of our planet and future generations.

    5. This is an excellent comment, @giving_snail. I comply with the fact that news about climate change does indeed produce mixed feelings. The condition of the world is slowly getting worse to the point where it could reach irreversibility. I also agree that hearing news about climate change ignites a sadness induced fire in me to do more for the protection of our world.
      It is definitely human of us to feel sad when faced with negative news and to feel happy when faced with positive news but after all this there is always a feeling of determination to do more.

    6. I strongly agree on you.
      We humans are responsible for climate change making much more pollution from industrial works and from others. Because of our crucial activities we are harming us and other living creatures. We are facing lot more problems from our own activities. This is only the beginning , if people donot realize it can be happen in extreme level that we humans cannot even face it. Scientists already realize that after century or more than that we might have to leave this planet and go to the another planet that have suitable environment for humans. They are still working on it. To make it not happen humans should realize about the condition of our surrounding. I agree that it poses significant challenges and collective efforts are needed to address these issues. So, we should conduct awareness program or act dramas to make the people realization about climate change.

      1. Hello, inspirational poem!
        I totally agree with your mention of conducting awareness programs. And acting dramas seems like a fun and creative way to go about it.
        I consider creating awareness as a crucial part of our struggle to fight climate change. I have also learned that no matter who you are, big or small, you can still make a difference. All you need to do is believe in yourself and little by little, you find that you are making change. In the words of climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, "I have learned you are never too small to make a difference".
        We are the key. I feel that this message speaks to us children who sometimes feel underestimated because of our age. That shouldn't stop us. We should believe in ourselves, believe in a better future if we act against climate change.
        I would like to encourage us with this quote, also by Greta Thunberg; "I'm telling you there is hope. I have seen it but it does not come from the governments or corporations. It comes from the people" We are the change.

      2. Hello. I acknowledge that human activities have contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the pollution of the air, water and land. However, I do not think it is fair to blame them all equally. There are some people in the rural areas who are unaware of the environmental consequences of their actions. Therefore, I think it is more effective to educate them and raise their awareness of the issues. For example, there are still places that use firewood, which emits a lot of harmful gases, but they do not know any better alternatives. How can we hold them responsible for something they do not understand? My main point is that we should try to spread knowledge and awareness. As Terry Pratchett said, "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance."

      3. I totally agree and I think some of the ways to reduce the cases of climate issues is trying to protect our natural environment such as reduce the way we burn fuel and the likes of others. Climate issues are sometimes natural but sometimes be caused by us human beings but we can still contribute our efforts to reduce such effects by reducing the way we release carbon dioxide in our environment. We all know the sad outcome of such situations which we do not want to experience ,so we all should contribute in building and protecting our society. A thousand mile begins with a step, it begins with you; it begins with me.

    7. Hello giving_snail
      I confidently agree on this climate change reminder,and when you said
      "Small changes make a big difference"
      As we are saying if we did not stand and save the world we are going to be ceased

    8. Yeah the way you have the emotions I think that's everyone should have because everyone should be concerned about Climate change or bad things may happen. But also everyone shoul be happy to hear that we are doing great in fixing our planet and we should have a balance in emotions.

    9. I totally agree with you, small changes can make a huge difference. If we just give up on our environment it could ruin our planet. If every person just takes on a little bit of responsibility and makes some small changes then this will make a big difference and we will all feel happier that we are doing something towards this positive change.

    10. I agree because... I to feel a balance of emotions because when I here news about global warming it pushes me to do something about it but on the other hand it makes me afraid of the people that might die or get injured.
      As for what I would say to a person that suffering from Eco-Anxiety is that he must first make sure his community is safe and daily work on changing the world. We should not throw away our one and only comfortable home because there is not a replacement for Earth.

      1. Hi,
        I am glad that you agree with me and see from my point of view, our planet earth is an irreplaceable place. We literally depend on this earth to survive and to see that we are the same ones damaging the earth hurts a lot. Imagine destroying something that sustains your life, you are indirectly destroying yourself or don't you think so to? During my research I found out that climate change through the negative effects of destroying our earth it can prompt mass migration and battle over clean and suitable water. Imagine water our main source of life, something we cannot do without is no longer suitable for us, we won't be able to survive, I don't think any of us can do without water. Climate change also cause droughts and water scarcity, today I was watching Al Jazeera and I found out out that in one country farmers and there farms are really suffering because of water scarcity and also when I read an article it really broke my heart, it was about Africa, it said that eighty percent of food produced across many communities in Africa comes from small-scale farmers and these sectors are highly vulnerable to extreme weather and conditions which are not at all helpful and while our continent, Africa, is responsible for only a fraction of global greenhouse emissions, it is tediously affected by climate change and that is rather unfortunate and not only that but the first effect I mentioned which was water scarcity is still also present. So I urge us if not for the earth let's make change because of the magnitude of what we stand to lose if our home the earth gets destroyed.
        Thank you!

    11. I agree with you, but reminders of climate change saddens me more than it motivates me to work harder because the realization that if we do not stop climate change soon enough it will reach a point when the planet earth will be completely wrecked and it will all be because of us humans and our inability to stop the climate change when we were supposed to. It saddens me that we humans are the ones causing the climate crisis and the worst part is we do not try our best to reduce climate change. Unfortunately some people are not aware or are being ignorant and chose to ignore the reality of climate change. It can be frustrating because addressing climate change requires collective action and everyone’s involvement. But hey, let’s stay positive and keep enlightening ourselves about the importance of taking care of our home planet. Together we can make a difference

      1. Hi,
        I agree with you staying positive is the best thing to do because a negative mindset won't take you anywhere. I found out while reading an article that" On Aug. 4, during the American Psychological Association’s Convention in Minneapolis, nearly a dozen experts turned the spotlight on another more surprising tool: psychology." psychology which can be closely related to our mindset can go a long way in pushing us towards doing things that can help our eco system. dwelling in negative emotions will not do much for us, Hayhoe said that "If we don’t know what to do with them, that can cause us to withdraw, to freeze, to give up rather than take action,” and giving up is the worst thing that could happen to us and the earth at this period or point in time our mindset can play a big role in helping to combat climate change by deriving the most effective means and ways to change human behavior and motivating individuals and people to take action towards fighting against climate change. I also found out that eco anxiety can also help a lot in motivating people to fight against climate crisis as people contending with climate anxiety may feel personally responsible for saving the world, just imagine many people experiencing climate anxiety this can push them to change their ways for the good of our earth and our ecosystem.
        Thank you!

    12. I agree because us receiving reminders about the climate change has helped us in various ways. We are expected to work hard in order to make our society comfortable to live in. If we do not take the responsibility of protecting our society, living would not be as comfortable as it can be if we take care of it. In conclusion, it is our responsibility to cater for our society for the purpose of promoting good living.

    13. I strongly agree with you because due to other people's irresponsible actions, people have to loose their lives prematurely. It is also very sad seeing all this tragedy. Another saying to match yours is that a thousand miles starts with one step so if we collaborate to stop climate crisis, it will make a huge difference!!!!

    14. I agree with you giving_snail, the reason being is that I also have a balance of emotions when I am given reminders about climate change. As you said, the positive side is that you are aware of climate change and it's impact thus you can educate people about it and find ways to reduce it, however, the negative side is that you are reminded that the planet is suffering due to the actions of us human beings. The more painful part is that you try to reduce the impact climate change has on the planet, but you can't do it alone, everybody has to be involved for bigger results. Moreover, when you try to educate some people on the effect their actions have on the planet, they don't pay heed to you which makes me more said because they are just hurting the planet and at the end of the day they will just be hurting themselves.

    15. Yes , I really agree with your point. Climate change is the major issue of today’s generation. It make me to think that if we don’t stop doing various activities that play major role in climate change the time is no longer that our earth will be a hot planet like a Venus

      In conclusion I like to say that we should start a mission of saving earth by various methods like afforestation.

      That’s my understanding

    16. I totally agree with you giving_snail ,the reason being that is when I am reminded about climate change, I too experience a range of emotions. As you pointed out, there are benefits to knowing about climate change and its effects, such as being able to inform others and develop strategies for mitigating it. On the other hand, there are drawbacks, such as constantly being reminded that the earth struggles as a result of human activity. The most excruciating part is trying to lessen the effects that climate change has on the environment, but in order to have an important effect, everyone must be active. In addition, certain individuals ignore you when you try to teach them about the effect of their actions on our planet and our surroundings.

    17. I agree because we are given reminders about climate change so that we can consider the condition or the situation of our society and be more focused on protecting it. Once we use the reminders that are being given to us about climate change to our advantage, we can therefore promote good and healthy living in our society.

  • Hey,
    I feel that spreading awareness about climate change and how it affects humans is done not to scare us but to inform us about why we are to change our way of living and to tell us preventive measures that are to be taken to reduce these casualties caused by natural disasters. It is only natural that we are frightened when we see the news on how climate change has affected us but we are not to focus on the negative but we are to work towards improving ourselves and the whole world at large.
    Thank you.

    1. Interesting point! I noticed you said it is natural to feel frightened when seeing the negative news on climate change. What advice would you give to anybody feeling frightened?

      1. Hello!
        I would advice anybody feeling frightened that "Don't try and ignore or dismiss what may seem like 'negative' feelings befriend them instead". Fear, despair and anger are all legitimate emotional responses. Such feelings simply show we are a well functioning people who understand the scale and impact of challenges.

      2. Firstly,
        Climate change bothers me, recycling or the lack of it ,bothers me. When I think of these things they seem so vast that it is easy to think you cannot possibly make a difference. This stimulates the anxiety for me. Then I think of the phrase that has helped me so much ‘do anything you can do’. If everyone did a little something it would result in a large change.
        So for those who feel frightened about the climate change, it is okay on my part to have that feeling, But we should start from focusing on the “change is happening” in place of ‘doom and gloom.’ Together, we can save the planet and now that it hasn’t been too late.

        1. I agree that taking positive action is far more productive than allowing yourself to feel helpless. Have you heard of The Earthshot Prize? It was launched by Prince William in 2020 to search for the most innovative solutions to the world’s greatest environmental challenges. There are a lot of people doing a lot of amazing things to help the planet!

          1. Hi, Rebecca
            I have heard about ''The Earthshot Prize'' which was created by Prince William to fund projects that aim to save the planet. I also found out that Earthshot Prize exists to discover, spotlight and help grow innovative solutions that are working to repair and regenerate our planet. I also agree with you that there are a lot of wonderful things we can do to help our planet , which includes conserving water, reducing our use of oil and embracing green energy, reducing waste and single-use plastics and planting more trees and so on and so fort.
            Thank you.

        2. Climate change also troubles me. With only six years remaining in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was accepted by all member states in 2015, I am concerned about the government's response to the climate crisis and believe it has failed because the stated effects of the policies do not appear to be reflected in societal outcomes. Human health is at risk due to climate change, which has an impact on all parts of natural and human systems in addition to the physical environment. The danger of death is increased due to weather and climate hazards, which also increases the appearance and transmission of infections and infectious diseases.

      3. Hi Alicia i know i am not to reply this because it was given to a different student. I think if i were to give advice to someone here is what i would say "it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and scared when you hear about devastating climate change. However, instead of letting fear get the better of you, use it as motivation to take action! Educate yourself on the topic, practice sustainability, and advocate for change. Remember that every small step counts and a team effort can have a huge impact. Together we will build a better future for ourselves and future generations."

      4. Absolutely! Feeling scared is a natural reaction when faced with negative news about climate change. The magnitude of this problem can be huge. If you find yourself in this situation, consider this suggestion. If you're scared because of climate change, acknowledge your emotions but focus on positive action. Get information from reliable sources, balance negative news with positive developments, and actively contribute to sustainability efforts. Connect with others, practice self-care, and advocate for positive change. Transform fear into motivation for a collective, effective response to the climate challenge. In order to change the situation and save our planet we all need to work together and come up with solutions that will be effective .Although it's easier said than done but we can always try our best to improve and make the planet a better place for everyone.🙂

      5. Hi!
        I would advise anybody feeling frightened or have climate anxiety to focus on what he can control,Climate change is a complex issue. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself that climate change cannot be solved by any one person, organization or government on their own. While this may feel disheartening, it’s also a good reminder to focus on what is within your control rather than what isn’t.

        1. Excellent response!

      6. Hey!
        The advice that I will give to anybody that is feeling frightened is to inform the person that, its ok to be scared, but if urgent measure is not taking, it can be worse in the future and before our very eyes, we will see the world collapsing. Taking smaller step towards preventing the cause of climate change like injurious human activities and the release of green house gases at a personal and corporate level can make a whole lot of difference. Its normal to be scared, but what we do to prevent what we are scared about is what makes the difference.
        The scary part should be our motivation to come out strong. The human spirit is powerful enough to win any fight on climate change.

        1. Hi resilient analysis, I strongly agree with you. It is normal to be scared but we should not allow fear to take over our thinking capability. So, I suggest that we should make effort to help prevent the cause of climatic changes. As a concerned citizen, I suggest that awareness should be made to industries to stop the release of harmful gasses to the atmosphere, to the scientist who make use of chlorofluorocarbons to make refrigerators to stop and to green houses to stop the release of harmful gasses. Finally to citizens to stop activities that affect the climate. I believe this can help to prevent the causes of climatic change in our various countries. thanks

    2. Thank you very much chatty_fact for that point of yours. But in contrast to that, I understand you are trying to encourage individuals from being frightened about the negative climate change and face it head-on but at same time, when the climate change have seriously affected individuals in a negative way, it will discourage others instead helping them summon courage and boldness to find a solution to that problem
      An example or effects of climate change can is more allergies and other health risks; this simply means for example, warmer temperatures cause the pollen season to be longer and worsen air quality, both of which can result in more allergy and asthma attacks.
      There are also many other health risks attached to the negative change in climate. My main point here is that not everyone will be able to have the dauntless mind to risk their life finding a solution to a problem.
      I also hope you have understood my point but I still await your reply and corrections if need for it be.

    3. I agree because... Yes, the news is just there to keep us informed. It is not there to intentionally make us scared. Reminders about climate change can be made to reach out to a lot of categories of people such as factory owners, to get them to reduce the level of fumes they release into the atmosphere or activists, to keep them encouraged. Reminders tell us what we need to know, when we need to know it and what to do when we know it. We should not dwell on the darker side but remember that the fact that there are still reminders means that there are still chances to implement change in our own little way.

    4. You are right chatty fact, Anxiety is a normal reaction when we look around us.Regular reminder isn't there to scare us rather, to motivate us into doing something to help our planet.And to reduce global warming which has contributed to the increase of natural disasters such as drought, earthquake, tsunami...etc

    5. Hey!
      I agree with you! I also feel like becoming more exposed to news about climate change can be frightening but it is very important to spread awareness on such a serious problem. Being on the same page and united will certainly help us take a step into working together to better our planet. It doesn't take one person to cause national or global change, it takes a lot of us. But every single one of us matters. I feel like once people start seeing that we are making a change, they will also start focusing on the positive, and joining the movement gives us a better chance at saving our planet.

    6. Yes, I agree with you chatty fact that spreading awareness about the climate is not done to scare us, but instead it is done to show us the dangers of our activities on the climate and how we human beings are to go about and act fast on it . We are not only to stick to the awareness, seeing it, but also have to be careful and active on working on our selves in an effort to save the earth.

    7. I agree because people in general would get frightened by alot of negative news being shown to them, so along with the fact that it negative news and how we are naturally scared which is true everyone does get a little scared to hear some negative news we need to not only see what's wrong but rather see that and what we can do to change it.

  • In the picture people can be reminded about climate change. For example, there is a banner that states clean air zone. This will remind people to minimize the way they burn fuels or wastes and industries should be located far away from resident areas to prevent air pollution.

    1. How do reminders about climate change make you feel? Do you feel negative? Positive? Or a balance of emotions?

      1. I feel negative about it,such reminders of the dangers of climate change can lead people to feel an increasing sense of despair about the issue.
        The climate change crisis can be triggering crippling fear and sadness in some people. Some call it eco-anxiety, some call it climate grief.

        1. Firstly, Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Such shifts can be natural, due to changes in the sun’s activity or large volcanic eruptions. But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change! Primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. These are the main reasons why people constantly need to be reminded. Burning fossil fuels generates greenhouse gas emissions that act like a blanket wrapped around the Earth, trapping the sun’s heat and raising The main greenhouse gases that are causing climate change include carbon dioxide and methane. These come from using gasoline for driving a car or coal for heating a building, for example. Clearing land and cutting down forests can also release carbon dioxide. Agriculture, oil and gas operations are major sources of methane emissions. Energy, industry, transport, buildings, agriculture and land use are among the main sectors causing greenhouse gases.
          I understand your point of view but I strongly advise you not to feel this way instead channel that energy used in feeling anxiety into making a difference. Remember it's our dear home earth we're talking about we have no other habitable planet except earth, each time we are reminded it's not to cause a sense of fear instead it is just to remind us or rather educate us that we still have a fighting chance against climate change and we have to do everything within our capacity to change our faith considering that we all actually have a chance to come together and fight against climate change.
          Every little act counts, a personal decision not to throw trash on the road or not disposed properly counts e.g soda cans, biscuit nylons IT COUNTS why though? This is because if it was initially left on the road it will accumulate and block the drainage or rather be thrown into the ocean killing our animals or even them consuming it as food and we humans paying the price as most of them end up dying or suffocating. Now can you see how much this is affecting us all. Imagine the animals, the water is their home! Now they are struggling to survive on their own place of abode that is so terrible and it isn't right! If you do still feel this way remind yourself when such thoughts cross your mind that it's a necessity, it is for the greater good and it will surely be worth it in the end.
          This is a wake up call! I urge us all to do whatever we really can to win this battle.

      2. Reminders about Climate Change make my inner self cling.
        Sighting some billboards , posters or while watching the news sometimes I wonder if we people affect climate change intentionally or we do it because we have no choice or we are basically ignorant of the effects it has on the entire universe. While thinking about this I feel Negative. But a coin has two sides, although we think about the negative sides, we should think of the positivity of climate also.
        I would say we should balance difficult and negative information with positive climate stories and actions. THANK YOU.

      3. In my honest opinion, reminders about climate change can indeed evoke a mix of emotions, often leaning towards the negative. It's understandable, given the severity of the challenges we face. However, it's crucial to transform these feelings into positive action. Consider this: the adoption of renewable energy sources has surged by 9% globally in the past decade, significantly reducing carbon emissions. By focusing on such advancements and the collective efforts being made, we can find inspiration.
        Think about local initiatives, like community gardens or waste reduction programs, that showcase the power of individual actions. Let these positive examples fuel your motivation. So, fellow moderators and commenters, I pose this question to you. How can we turn our emotions into a driving force for change, channeling the collective will to build a sustainable future for us and the next generation? Let's remember it all balls down to us!

      4. Hi Alicia, thank you for this wonderful question. The reminders about climate change makes me feel negative because, most of the people living there would not be comfortable in the type of environment they live in. We are being constantly reminded that climate change is occurring everywhere in the world even though the effects differs between regions. I feel negative by these reminders because humans activities such as smokes from factory chimneys, cars, trucks and many others are the causes of climate change which has negatively impacted mental health thereby causing depression and anxiety, increased levels of allergens, cardiovascular disorders and so on, which is now a great threat to human health.
        This negative feeling only makes me want to find long lasting solution on how to mitigate the effect of climate change and save our dear planet Earth.

        1. Excellent response!

      5. I feel negative most of the time because I think there's nothing I can do about it but after further though on it, I realized the best I can do is spread this to others and watch my actions. After all, people emulate what they see. It's not right to tell someone what to do but then end up doing the same or even worse. This is one the reasons speakers on climate change are mostly not listened to as most are there just for the money and then end up not acting upon their solutions. I feel like instead of just making laws, leaders should also be an example and not just post for the views and acceptance.

    2. I agree with you. Another thing I noticed is that news reports about climate change make me feel good because people are now more aware of the need to keep our climate safe thereby creating awareness with the use of protests, people carrying placards, television and newspaper advertisements etc. The good thing is that climate is a natural occurrence which means that climate change can be corrected if humans decide to change their manner of approach towards their environment thereby keeping it safe. This gives me hope that we can make this space called Earth a better place to be and live.

    3. I agree with that and also in the picture, people can be reminded about climate change. For example, there are specks of dirt on the river in the picture. This will remind people to stop throwing dirt in the river to stop pollution in the river and to avoid killing aquatic life in the river .

      1. That was a motivational comment motivated elephant because the more we get to know the impact of harming ourselves with the hazadious practice that we exhibit by the day, the more we avoid them.
        When I say hazardious practices, I mean the Bush burning, the generator, the smoke from work shops and so on and so forth.

  • Well,
    Reminders about the climate change makes me feel a balance of emotions. I am satisfied that these reminders gives us the opportunity to be alert about the happenings of the climate change in our society, but it still dampens my spirit that to see lives and property damaged and destroyed by the effect of the climate change.
    In the picture i can see a girl holding a banner which says ''WAKE UP''. It's time for us to wake up and keep a check on our actions so that we restrict ourselves in doing the worse for our surroundings and our coming generation's future, and for those who are currently going through ''climate anxiety'' grant yourself time to feel whatever it is you're feeling in association to the climate change, but don't sit in it too long. It's time to act !!!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful ideas. Do you have any advice for people who would like to act but are struggling with climate anxiety?

      1. Global warming is not just bringing rising sea levels and extreme weather events but also a growing tide of climate fear and anxiety around the world.
        My Advice for people who would like to act but are struggling with eco-anxiety(climate change) is "ACTION", because as soon as you take a stand and start to act, bit by bit, the crisis starts to feel less like an apocalypse and more like something we can solve.
        Even Campaigners and health experts have warned that action is needed to tackle a hidden climate mental health crisis.
        I'm also scared everyday, but everyday I choose to act and that is the only thing I've found that helps.

      2. If someone actually wants to make a change in society but are struggling with climate anxiety, my suggestion for them would be to use their weakness as their tool.
        Being scared is not always wrong, sometimes to grow and help others grow you need to be scared. But their is something you can do about it.
        Watching news about climate change and death due to calamities makes me want to try to stop it all. But I no I can't do it on my own, so I do my part. Go plant a tree and tell someone to do the same. Don't use plastic bags and tell the grocery store near you to do the same. Walk to nearby areas and advise others to carpool or ride a bicycle. These are small things you can do that will be a step towards success. You won't find success right away, maybe not even in your lifetime, but it will make you feel better that you probably saved some animal's or even some human's life. It will drive away your anxiety and who knows, one day we will live in a world where climate change is taught in History class.

    2. I agree because in the picture there are a lot of alarming thing to note that need immediate action in our own little way. Especially in our generation it can be noted that about 69% of the people of our generation are affected with Eco anxiety after consuming so much information about the climate changes. As a matter of fact, I am sure that climate change is not a new thing but Eco anxiety is become worse because of the awareness of this issue.
      Thank you

    3. I agree because... the world is only getting worse and even though people are going through eco-anxiety there is no time to worry only to act and not just for ourselves,but the generations to come.

    4. I totally agree that the banner saying WAKE UP is the most motivating.
      We all know that the consequences of climate change is affecting all of us but most of us we just get informed and we continue our life like nothing happened.
      So the wake up call should always be in our minds

      1. I agree with you because when we wake up and fight against climate change,we will be able to save our planet earth.Here are some things little things we can do to save our planet earth:
        1.Conserve water.
        2.Make a compost pile.
        3.Avoid single use of plastics.
        4.Educate others on climate change and it's effect on our environment
        Gary Anderson once said''reuse,reduce and recycle''.

  • Hello!
    From my perspective on climate change, I believe it is a very sensitive and controversial topic, this is because it deals with our environment and how we can protect it.
    Climate change despite being a sensitive topic is easily avoidable because it is caused by us as human activities. Most of our human industrial activities involve the release of pollutants such as carbon dioxide among others which are huge contributors to climate change.
    Climate change is a topic that has been talked about a lot on the news, internet, and various other platforms over the past decade so the need for reminders about climate change is alarming. Climate change has caused various alterations in the usual patterns of our weather cycles, it has also caused loss of lives and properties through flooding from increased sea level caused by increased global warming which melts glaciers.
    All this can be stopped if we all join hands and work together as a global community to save and take care of our planet and our home. We should not forget ''WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET".

    1. What kind of work do you think would be most effective against climate change?

      1. I think promoting renewable strength development, electricity efficiency, sustainable agriculture, conservation, and round financial system implementation are key initiatives to correctly fight climate change.

      2. In my own opinion, I would say there is no specific work that is most effective against climate change but their are some few actions that if taken into practices may reduce or eliminate climate change . -- Which includes Saving energy at home ; much of our electricity and heat are powered by coal, oil and gas. Therefore, we should use less energy by reducing our heating and cooling use.
        Another Action is Eating more vegetables .; eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes , nuts and seeds, less meat and dairy can significantly lower environmental impact. Producing plant-based foods generally results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and requires less energy, land and water.
        Throwing away less food is also an effective action ; when we throw food away we are also wasting the resources and energy we're used to grow, produce,package and transport it. And when food its in a landfill, it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. So we should purchase only what we need, we should make use of what we purchase and compost leftovers which can be used as manures on Agricultural farms.
        Coming so far, we can see that all of the actions takes the personal impact of mankind.
        Then why dont we speak up and get others to join us in taking action. Because, it is one of the quickest way to make a difference. We should talk to our neighbours, colleagues, friends and family and show them we support bold changes-from plastics-free products and packaging to zero emissions vehicles. Climate action is a task for all of us. No one can do it alone- but we can do it together.

      3. Hey,
        I'm sure a lot of occupations have great impacts on climate change, but I think Environmental Engineers are one of the most impactful jobs concerning climate change. These engineers design and implement innovative energy solutions, such as renewable energy systems and carbon capture technologies, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of times, they begin as regular electrical engineers and later specialize in renewable energy in order to figure ways to solve todays problems. I find occupations such as these very respectful, the idea of mixing passion with innovation should be something everyone should do.
        What do you want to be when you grow up and how do you think it could be or you could make it effective against climate change?

      4. we might consider becoming an environmental lawyer, a climate scientist, or a sustainability consultant. There are so many opportunities to help fight climate change in a range of industries, from government to private sector and other jobs.

  • I am taking part in the first challenge.

    I actually found many climate change reminders in the picture above. But I regularly come across the one concerning heat, global warming has affected us in many ways, it is caused by the effects of human activities such as; industrialization, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and so on.
    In some countries like Nigeria and other west African countries we experience global warming frequently in most of our states and we experience great heat as an effect of it.
    But, in countries like Iceland, Denmark and the rest, they don't experience global warming because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the minimum.

    1. Good comment, but Iceland and Denmark are experiencing global warming - they are just cooler to start with! Emissions are global, so even those countries that reduce them feel the effects of other countries' emissions. Still, you are correct that Africa is likely to feel the strongest impacts.

    2. Concerning deforestation ,One of the several effects of climate change is deforestation - cutting down of trees in our country or society which can affect us economically and financially.

      I read a book titled "the tree book"and it made me understand that trees provide us with more than 5000 products that we use daily. Tress even absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. All paper products are made from trees.

      Now, this will affect us financially because in my country the price for a notebook has gone increased above it's regular price. I'd like to attribute this is to deforestation. A few students can not afford notebooks which they need.
      A particular chemical in trees called cellulose fiber is used to produce toothpaste, shampoo, medicine and even paint.
      It will serve for economic development in terms of job opportunities in sectors like forestry, agriculture, manufacturing .
      Forests and by extension the trees in them serve as tourist attractions to many travellers who come to take a look at beautiful topography and appreciate the beauty of nature .
      So therefore we should not give climate change a chance to take away these opportunities and the vast contribution trees will provide in our country or society.

  • Hi,
    In the picture people can be reminded about global warming. There seems a radio which is providing news "RED ALERT! warmest summer ever." This will help people to realize nowadays hot topic global warming. This will remind people to use clean energy sources such as solar panels, windmills instead of fossil fuels.

    1. Good observation, Would like to add more element to the picture to make the message even clearer?

      1. Hi!
        The picture is not only about global warming. It indicates so many things and provide us message to save planet in very effective way. In the picture it is clearly mentioned about many dangers that human and the planet is suffering through our selfishness; we are really destroying the ecosystem. Humans are making planet polluted, overhunting and overharvesting, constructing different structures without studying the soil and many more. Planet has suffered a lot since humans came in. Now it is time for us to really worry about the planet.

  • Hi,
    I personally feel a lot of emotions when i see reminders about climate change such as worry, determination and curiousity. I get worried about the planet but i get more determination to try and save it. Reminders are basically a mixture of the recent happenings on the planet, whether good or bad. Still, reminders are there to remind us about the present situations that we are facing, even though we don't know that we are facing them. Sometimes we walk on the street and see posters telling us to save the planet or watch protesters protest on the news for an endangered animal to be saved. Reminders are all around us and even though they may sometimes cause anxiety and worry, they are just there to keep us informed.

  • This is my personal thought,
    When I see a reminder of a climate change I feel balanced emotion because nowadays climate change is happening so rapidly we humans don't care about it too much. Instead of fearing because of disasters which could happen by climate change and could destroy civilizations and countless peoples, we think that "Other people don't clean environment and why should I clean environment?" And because of that thinking we are getting less and less interactive towards cleaning programs and other environment related programs. So we should discard this thinking and maintain positive thinking and should consult other peoples by explaining the impacts of climate change and various other negative things which could happen.
    Nowadays, many peoples are educated yet they don't clean environment knowing that this could harm the entirety of human civilization and throw their waste near water sources. By throwing waste near to water sources the water flowing from the source meets another flowing water by this the toxic/ contaminated water reaches seas or even oceans and this could harm the water lives like fishes, and other marine creatures. And peoples who live at the bank of seas or oceans they live their lives by selling marine creatures from seas and oceans, that's how humans kill themselves by their own carelessness.

  • Climate change reminders bring a balance of emotions, creating awareness and offering ways to reduce its effects. However, they also cause sadness, as they highlight the loss of lives and livelihoods, and the lack of compliance from those who want to make changes. Despite these emotions, the author continues to watch news and find ways to help reduce the effects, as small changes can make a big difference.

  • Negative Emotions:
    Reminders about climate change for me can elicit(prompt) negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. The awareness of the severe impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss, can create a sense of impending crisis, leading to feelings of helplessness and despair.

    Example: Imagine someone(Cedric) living in a coastal area receiving regular reminders about the threat of rising sea levels. Cedric might feel anxious about the potential loss of their home and community.
    Increased Anxiety:
    As Cedric becomes more aware of the scientific predictions and studies outlining the potential rise in sea levels, he begins to experience heightened anxiety. The realization that her beloved coastal home is at risk, and the community he cherishes may face displacement, triggers a sense of vulnerability and concern for the future.

    Loss of Home and Community:
    The reminders about rising sea levels paint a vivid picture of the potential loss of homes, businesses, and community spaces that hold deep sentimental value for Cedric. The prospect of having to leave behind the place where he has built memories and connections with neighbours and friends intensifies her anxiety.

    Helplessness and Despair:
    Cedric might feel a growing sense of helplessness as she grapples with the enormity(large size) of the climate change challenge. The perceived inevitability of rising sea levels and the potential inability to prevent or mitigate the impacts leave her feeling disempowered, contributing to a sense of despair about the future.

    Uncertain Future:
    The reminders about climate change not only affect Cedric emotionally but also cast a shadow over his plans for the future. Questions about the feasibility of long-term investments, concerns about the well-being of future generations, and uncertainty about the stability of the community create a cloud of apprehension.

    In this example, the reminders about climate change, particularly the threat of rising sea levels, have a profound impact on Cedric's emotional well-being. It illustrates how the awareness of environmental challenges can evoke complex and deeply personal reactions, influencing individuals' perceptions of their homes, communities, and the world they inhabit.

  • David is a young boy of about nine. All he has known is a world of pain, worry, disaster and terror. Everywhere around him felt like an apocalyptic scene straight from I Am Legend. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared. Everytime his mum put on the news there were always these images of junk in water bodies, dark grimy fumes in the streets, factories and vehicles which produced those fumes, dying animals and plants, flooded towns, broken roads, people wearing varying shades of blue and green raising banners of words like ‘ban plastics’ written boldly on them, and so much more petrifying things he didn’t really understand. Even in the newspaper, gone were his favorite comic strips, they were now replaced with warnings of an unforgivable Earth to come. The radio was the same, as well as billboards, shops and the cinemas.
    He was fed up with it all, angered that that was all everyone could talk about, including at school. Later on he decided to talk to his foreign friend Alex.
    Alex seemed to have an entirely different experience because he never spoke of fuming factories, flooded towns or broken earth. In fact he seemed oblivious to the choas that ensued around him. Maybe his country don’t know?
    Frustrated David decided to research on the topic on his own, and he found a plethora of information, from the protests to the world wide awareness David now understood why such priority was placed on the subject called climate change, it was literally the worlds impending doom!
    However, he was elated to find out that people were zealously putting a stop to such a growing issue, he learnt about the Paris agreement and how it’s main goal was to secure global net zero by mid-century and keep a maximum of 1.5 C degrees of warming within reach, and other popular projects like Mr. Beasts’ team trees. The fact that people were doing something eased his anxiety. He was also inspired to do his bit as well by gifting small trees to his neighbors, and starting a podcast and a YouTube channel.
    He desired to make climate change a topic people could approach and listen to with confidence, new determination and an eagerness to change the world just like he sought to do. He wanted people to know that their small, seemly insignificant actions actually mattered and that together they could bring about the change the world needed.
    He was grown now and learnt a lot from his child self, it’s not beneficial to earth’s health or the mental health of others to only present the issues that climate change caused without actually bringing a solution that was achievable, if all they saw was the darkest parts they would feel all those negative emotions like anger, anxiety, frustration and more but by presenting hope and a bright future you turn those negative emotions to something positive, something beautiful that can blossom into a changed heart and mind. He hosted therapy and consultation sessions with people, co-produced inspiring movies, contributed to organizations who engaged in active climate activism like beach clean up’s, protests, waste management, sustainable business practices, renewable energy generation etc.
    He was happy, he was finally making a real difference.
    Lesson : “Feeling emotions is normal and human but letting does emotions control you or worse not doing anything about the cause of those emotions is what is unjust” – smart_goji

    1. A brilliant piece of creative storytelling - well done!

  • I agree with giving_snail’s and chatty_fact’s opinion on this topic and have e captured their ideas in this rig he up as best as I can.
    But have any of you thought about the possible that some might not have knowledge on this matter like the 50% of people in Africa that don’t have access to digital devices? They might’ve experienced the effects like flooding, change ins seasons and more but not understand why.

  • Reminders of climate change make me feel a balance of emotions, Sometimes I feel angry that we have been led to so many environmental problems. I feel so strange when I see that people lose their lives, homes, lands and I am obliged in a way to watch them or listen about them in the news. But then this is a reminder! I start to realize that this is true reality and we must do something to raise awareness and not being led to a worse condition. We neede as a youth to be educated and change our perceptions towards nature in order to live all together in harmony.

  • Let's see, reminders about climate change make me feel a balance of emotions to be very honest.
    Both positive, negative and in between.
    Positive, because when I see news about climate change, I feel encouraged to work harder to help the earth, cause this is the only home I have.
    Negative, cause there is so much a single individual can do. Seeing all this reminders makes me feel like no matter my best efforts, I cannot not make a difference. For instance, no matter how much trash I cleanup at the beach, they always increase.
    This is why I feel a balance of emotions anytime I see a reminder about climate change. But I want to believe that my efforts aren't in vain and be positive anytime I see a reminder of climate change and I hope you do too.