AI and Robots!!

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  • On my opinion, A.I has been playing a crucial and vital role in the development of various factors and fields. It could be the best invention of humans. Under it's developing process, it has been developing various skills within itself, while also helping humans in various factor. Companies have been utilizing it on labor works due to it's perfection and accuracy. It mainly has a great impact on technology field, for it could be the best tool to analyse and predict the possible consequences of any act in science. Taking the field IT, it has been useful and it has helped humans dive into a deep hole of programming and codes through various ideas as well as simplify the complex programming languages in the IT sectors. In the IT sector, A.I mainly has been mainly focused on simplifying the codes while helping the humans through various ideas. On the upcoming future, it might be capable of working the manual labors helping humans to save time. As I think, I would conclude this by saying A.I is a powerful weapon or tool for us to use and it would be better in every moments it interacts with the world.

  • Hi everybody in my opinion i think
    AI is a modern way these day and everyone and ever company uses it. And it use in many categories like writing and reading and even researching in many things in our life and in every part of it

    1. I agree with you because AI and robots can be very helpful to make things easier for companies, for instance for things needed to get packaged in many cases I see videos with robots doing that. It also gives and keeps information but it could be bad for things because of malfunctions, cost, and people may also take advantage of it.

    2. I think that AI can have some advantages and some disadvantages, I say this because some people that use it in their work place can get a lot of money because the robots don't get tired or sleepy, and yes we can all agree that the robots if not all they don't have feelings and they can't interact with normal people that is why robots can't do some of the work that humans do.

  • AI has become an umbrella term for applications that perform complex tasks that in the past required human input, such as communicating with customers online or playing a game of chess. The term is often used interchangeably with its subfields, which include machine learning (ML) and deep learning. However, there are differences. For example, machine learning focuses on creating systems that learn or improve their performance based on the data they consume. It is important to note that although all machine learning is AI, not all AI is machine learning.

    1. I agree with you because your definition helps us understand how much AI can do, from chatbots helping customers to super-smart game algorithms. Your explanation about how machine learning is all about learning from data and getting better at tasks is absolutely correct! Machine learning algorithms indeed rely on data to make predictions or decisions without being programmed to do so.

  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two of the modern era’s fastest-evolving technologies, revolutionizing people’s lives and work. According to Chakraborty et al. (2002), artificial intelligence (AI) replicates human Intelligence in machines programmed to learn, reason, and make decisions. Contrarily, robotics deals with creating, maintaining, and controlling machines that can work autonomously or under the direction

  • In my Opinion That robot can talk with human and make a jobs in state of humanlike teaching people like human and ai can make the picture with artificial faces and can make ai talk against of tha Human

  • Hi, I am the trustful region from Egypt
    I’m going to speak about AI and robots.
    Firstly I will talk about AI. It has many pros and cons. I will start with pros,It helps people in our daily life like writing paragraphs,cooking food and it helps us in learning foreign languages.
    And AI is an imaginative person who helps you in your daily life. On the other hand it makes people very lazy to do things and it’s the most thing that leads to wars.
    Secondly Robots, and robots has pros and cons. I’ll start with pros, it saves too much effort and it can buy and pay.On the other hand it can be as a opponent to the humanity .
    Finally, I prefer don’t use both of them

    1. I strongly agree Trusful Region. I think that AI contributes a lot to human life but also can make one very lazy. I believe we can use technology but we should not become over reliant on them because this can affect our innate abilities to be creative and innovative.

  • You are right Movies have intrigued our fantasy and we may think that robots will even outnumber humans.
    However I think that this is just imagination. I do believe that we will be helped by AI in our daily tasks and in many fields we will extraordinary innovations but I don't believe that robots can be regarded as equal with humans or so I hope so

  • Ai has become a widely used umbrella term in most moddern companies. Ai bots can help with lots of things so I understand why they use it.

  • I think that AI is a helpful tool that extends the reach of what humans can do and accomplish

  • AI has taken over the world mostly. Every company uses it such as writing and jobs. Teachers have even been replaced over by AI. AI is helpful and negative in some ways.

  • Hello every body!!
    My opinion about AI is that it is so dangerous to humanity because it's intelligence had been exceeded the humans intelligence and this is a disaster because humans is the party who control the Artificial intelligence not the opposite so AI must be less intelligence than it's inventors to avoid any danger, and avoid robots controling us.
    however it helps us doing our daily tasks,
    AI is like any normal thing that has advantages and disadvantages,and all this is determined at our uses.

  • Hi, in my opinion Ai is used now in everywhere around the world on apps and many company use it. And I think they are useful to make things easier for the companies.but I really scared from the Ai on Snapchat There is a virtual friend to chat him and he answered me correctly. Some people said that it takes your details from your phone. So it maybe useful or danger

  • I will say that AI is more modern than the normal robots most of the brands and companies use more of AI because it is highly intelligent and it is faster than a normal robot, and why it is more preferred is because it is faster and more reliable and I will suggest that AI should be used in companies than robots because of their high intelligence

  • AI and robots are changing the way of our live and work
    AI refers to mobiles and computers. They can perform tasks that normally human can do it.
    But Robots It can be relied upon for difficult tasks and performs accurately
    AI and Robots together can Performing tasks that are difficult for the human mind to think about and do
    In conclusion, if AI and Robots unite It will be difficult to stop them.

    1. Serious_melon, I think you are right because AI are slowly performing more task than ever. AI do things like packaging, storing data, and coming up with new ideas, some AI can even be used to animate videos. So just imagine if AI and robots united, They would have lots of resources that would be hard to stop.

  • In my opinion, Ai may take over people's jobs and for me that is not ok. I think that AI may take over some jobs but not all of them. I think that AI may be used in the job of a soldier because humans are dying from being at war with other countries. In the upcoming future, it might be even capable of doing things that humans haven't even worked out yet. For me, AI has been advanced and it is more capable of doing things than we are.

  • We need AI because we can move our mouse and you can and do everything you want and also robot and you can move your mouse .
    I am glad we have AI.

  • I will say that AI is the most intelligent thing humans have ever made so far it is so intelligent that it can invent what it wants and AI helped humans in so many ways such enhancing productivity, improvement in Healthcare sectors and AI has increased and improved in allowing of easy access to education true online platforms AI has improved the engineering feild in such ways, enhancing project management, reducing of errors and delays, and it also ensures that engineers work as a team with out getting tired and to work more effectively.

  • In my opinion, robots are not better than humanoid robots, because the two builders created the robots with due diligence in science and distinguished thinking. Also, there are robots in the form of humanoid robots. The robot “Sophia” was developed by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in creating “Human-like robots” with artificial intelligence for various applications, such as healthcare, research, and entertainment.

    After its activation on February 14, 2016, Sophia gained global attention due to its human-like appearance and facial expressions that mimic human emotions.

    The robot "Sofia" conducted interviews with media representatives. It has been demonstrated at numerous events and conferences, such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and, most recently, a robot-only press conference at the United Nations Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Good in Geneva. The robot has natural language processing capabilities that allow it to participate in conversations Answering questions, making eye contact with the interlocutor, and coordinating body movements with speech.

    It uses machine learning algorithms to learn from interactions and improve its responses over time.

    In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to “Sofia,” making him the first robot in the world to obtain legal personality in any country. This is not man-made, and every mother should be aware of the amount of time their children spend on the phone, because this could have a negative impact on the eyes and thinking, and this was my opinion.