Is doping fair

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Doping is not fair as there are people who train everyday to try as hard as they can and there is people who dont try and use a drug such as doping. Doping can be used to be better than there actual abilities so this could lead to unfair results.Doping should be stopped and they reason i think this is because more cheating will increase which is not fair to the people that try and work hard. There are lots of athletes that children look up to and when they find out that there are cheating they will be influenced by their idol and they could use doping in the future and this could keep going and will make the world a bad place for athletes.Atheletes know that what they are doing is wrong as they keep it hidden but luckily some have been caught. Doping is known to be harmful to athletes and the sporting environment. This drug can cause anxiety,tremors dehydration and many more problems.On the other hand some people think doping is good as is prevents weight and can help you win your competitons in a different way such as using steryoids and more .They also think doping can encourage children to follow their idols. Sports officials have to check the athletes urine now days and check for and drugs and stop doping.In my opionion we should know more about this and the un benefits of it and try to encourage kids not to use this drug.people may feel that they no longer want to be connected to someone who has damaged the reputation of a sport and displayed poor judgement and if this were me i would stay away from this.There are currently three types of anti-doping test: urine, venous blood and dried blood spot this reveals who is doping and who is not.Over eight years, cycling followed by boxing and badminton had the lowest rate of doping in sports studied.If found guilty it can lead to being banned from competiotns and banned from sports.I think even though its an opionion we should still ban dopers.Before theyre used to be way more than now and we can stop this even though it can help lots but cheating doesnt really get you anywhere in life as you have not tried if you actually try you can train and train to achieve your goals there are no shortcuts in life.

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  • No it is not fair to be doping. I think that doping is not fair is because people who train and work hard don't do doping can work hard and do very well but if someone does doping then all they have to do is to take a drug it's not fair to them because they don't work for it and the people who did work hard it did the work that it needed to take to win without any drugs but with the drugs the person can go to their limit and the person who took the drug they would win not the person who should have won without drugs. Some of the things doping can do to the person is jumping higher, making them stronger, and running faster and etc so doping is not fair.

  • In my opinion doping is unfair because some athletes win and they didn't even work hard.
    Also it's an illegal substance that can lead to long- term health consequences. I think it is considered as a crime against oneself.

    1. In my opinion i agree with you ,I say this because a competition is supposed to be a game whereby players are known for striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. But in this game called doping it is a different matter entirely to me I see people who are influenced by the use of drugs and not their own efforts.

  • HELLO!
    Doping isn't fair to me because doping is cheating. Just imagine someone having drugs in their body just to win a game. But they do it like it's their life if they don't dope they will die they will have full interest in cheating they don't care how other people would feel if they find out that they were cheated by someone who was doped. They are meant to train because if they train the would not dope.

  • Of course it is not fair that's why there is so much fuss about. It is an unethical way to win and even some types illegal to use.
    We wouldn't be talking about it now if we were sure that it is safe enough.
    We already know that athletes may use these drugs but their only goal is to gain reputation and money , something that is against the idea of sport competition.
    Ok. Time change but we need to consider how humans will live naturally from now as they have a lot of other problems to tackle.

  • Is doping fair? The answer is NO...doping isn't fair because it is considered Cheating and taking things the easy way could harm you later and everyone should work hard for their goals ... people who are doping are not hard working so its not fair at all since somepeople have to work really hard for their goals and everyone should work hard for what they want without cheating.. So... In my opinion,,Doping is not fair at all....

    1. I agree because... doping is not a good thing because this can cause cheating and taking things the easy way and this could harm such a person later so i advice that everyone should have to be extremely careful not to take doped drugs my opinion,, Doping is not a fair thing at all....

  • Hi topical talkers I am Inventive signature and I want to express my view on the point is doping fair with the following points of mine.:
    In my own view doping is the unlawful use of drugs to enhance or inhibit the performance of an athlete. Doping is not fair because it is the unlawful use of drugs to win a competition some of the thing doping can cause is doping can help athletes to win a race doping can also make people to feel stronger without much fatigue doping also helps athletes not to grow weaker when exhibiting a race.
    It is also said that a lot of drugs cause a harmful effect in ghd body and I think that athletes to do doping takes a log of drugs which is more harmful to the athletes system.
    In conclusion I will say that doping is not fair because it can make an opponent more stronger than the other weaker opponent.


    doping is not fair but dangerous and risky because health problems may happen for the athletics and it is not fair because there are a lot of athletics that work hard to train and get their body to shape so they could win the contest but people who do not work hard take a drug that might cause health issues and taking the can make them faster and stronger so it is not fair

  • I believe that doping is not fair because it gives athletes a higher advantage which is unfair to the people who doesn't
    use them. In addition , the athletes could be allergic to whatever is in the drug or it could have massive side effects so life is about training hard and do not take shortcuts in life.

  • I think doping is fair and unfair for example, if you were about to join the Olympic Games and the leader said you can’t wear your religious clothes it would not be fair because you would have your own beliefs in what you have to wear but on the other hand if you were in a body building competition and you got good drugs to make your muscles grow faster and the other people did to it would be fair.

  • I think doping is not fair as people are cheating just for victory and praise and fame. Also ,I think it’s not far as other people who don’t have drugs could be last place. Plus ,it’s not fair as drugs and doping can be harmful to athletes who have had them and could impact the game’s fairness and equality. Lastly ,I think that doping is not fair as past winners of the previous Olympic competition may be beaten by steroid using athletes who ,in my opinion, are cheating in games by using illegal drugs.

  • So when the Olympic game, so in the Olympic games, they always play and plus muscular people that take drugs they always win and the other people who don’t take drugs they lose and it’s not fair because of they are winning and if they get the world record every person once, and it won’t be fair, and but also scientist Might also want to also want to test to see what will happen next and what if something incredible happens, it’s like an experiment .

  • In my opinion I think doping is not fair because there are some people who have trained so well and the people that are doping are just like cheating because people that are doping aren’t really showing their actual strength. The people who have trained hard could lose their ability to win when they should have

    1. In my opinion I think that there are cheating and it is not fair .But it was like almost 3000 years and doping is not fair because people had not practice and it is not on the people and it is very bad on the people and doping is bad and it was a long time ago but I do not want to be cheating because I would had been cross I someone is trying be doping on me and I do not want to be cheating .

  • Doping is not fair because then people are trying to play normally when other people are drinking drugs which makes an unfair match. I also think it is unfair because then people are getting kicked out when other people are drinking drugs and are not getting kicked out.
    The enchant games is way better because then everyone will have a fair match which means you won’t have problems. What surprised me the most was that people have weakness when having the drugs but it does help levelling up there energy.

  • Doping this word , I think should not be there in the dictionary. Why do we need it . When we can do things with hard work then why to opt cheating . Also cheating will never make you good and it will always lead you to bad. Opting for doping can never make you an able person . You will always opt for shortcuts and will never learn to achieve something after working so hard .
    In the same way if the athletes opt for it then they can succeed one match or two match but they will not succeed in their life exam . The people who always walks on the path of truth and follow the lesson of hard work a lose one or two matches but there hard work will be remembered the the people. There examples will be given to the children and they will become their ideals . But on yeh other hand the one choosing the path of cheating will never be remembered.
    When somebody appreciates your way and the work done by you then it is the greatest success one has achieve . Also aiming for just the medal is not only important but aiming that somebody in the end , whether you win or not should appreciate you .
    When this will be your goal , you will always walk on the path of success and will always work hard .
    Which will in the end will give you the results of the work you did in the past , and as we know that the work which we perform will come to us in the end . If it is good then good results will be there and if it is bad then bad results will be there .
    So working hard is the key to success …………