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I think behaviour in the metaverse should be judged the same way as in the real world because at... Metaverse poll results! 06/5/23
I only agree partially, because I also think that if there was a group of people that ruled the... Metaverse a new realm to rule? Who's ruling us, or the machines? 06/5/23
I think that the 54% statistic proves that yes, teenagers spend too much time on social media.... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
Learning new things can be beneficial for anyone. Examples of learning new things can be... Particular people 28/4/23
Since my country is an island, we are surrounded by water, specifically the sea. And what comes... Climate change in your country 19/4/23
I think Law 1 is unrealistic, because as someone with family in a different country, it would be... The law in your hands? 19/4/23