Metaverse a new realm to rule? Who's ruling us, or the machines?

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The metaverse is a whole new horizon a whole new world per say in virtual reality designed by humans. Developing AI is the main deal in the metaverse the whole world is based on AI , amazing right? Imagine a whole world where you can be anything you dream of, do anything you want and even sometimes get away from reality. So life made easier in the metaverse. Who wont want to hop on this thrillin ride for a new life a whole world infact. The metaverse has so many advantage such as new oppurtunities , easy communication, high tech gadgets, and machineries that can even improve the new world ,I'm eager to explore the vast learning opportunities available in the metaverse the fun it holds and the adventure it entains. the chance to improve communication with humans and even computers. with the way metaverse is expanding people have high hopes for it, working to eradicate all glitches and the disadvantages they cause. But for now the risk of AI still remain everyone is weighing both the disadvantages and the advantages many supporting the soft life{ Metaverse} some still afraid of the loss AI and the metaverse will cause to the real world such as loss of jobs, homelessness others becoming poor especially those who are illiterate in technology. The good part about AI is that it can solve the problems it creates. What a shock! now AI even has problem solving skills competing with the human intellect anything happens in the metaverse next thing we know there are human robots for example "Ameca the humanoid robot "looks like a human and can even foster interactions with people somewhat better than even some humans. This is very intresting but the question is? What challenge will we have with this?" To be honest, the metaverse is such a mind-blowing concept that it's hard to even visualize what would challenge me in there. I mean, we're talking about a fully immersive virtual world here, where anything can happen and anything is possible , being a part of such an expansive virtual universe also comes with its fair share of challenges. The first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of losing yourself in this alternate reality and becoming addicted to it. Maintaining a balance between the physical world and the metaverse will be crucial for individuals. " This satement made by a topical talker under the topic metaverse." I totally agree though i feel prevention is better than cure I feel we should all share our opinions on what challenges we could face in a world where anything can happen and see how we can be ready for anyone and anything in such an amazing world.

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  • There should be a ruler of the metaverse like the police or government, behaviour should also be monitored given with punishments and judged in the same way it would be in the real world. The metaverse should not affect peoples behaviour in the real world.

    1. Hi..
      Your words are completely correct... The Metaverse is wonderful, but it may diminish our good morals, but in your opinion, will there be a robotic police or will a group of people apply to work as a policeman in the Metaverse?!
      And what will be the penalties in your opinion?!

  • The Metaverse is a very wonderful place and i think it is very fun! But the problem is that they should limit the places where you go, this is because you might go into a strangers house and access all of their personal info. Another problem is when other users are being rude (cyber-bullying) the behaviour should be inspected by the creators before it gets sent publicly. while being in a fake world with high quality graphic stuff, there are real world items which can look like they are in the real world and spend hours on the VR headset. Otherwise, they should have a person\group who inspect the Metaverse.

  • no one should rule the metaverse because they could be a really bad person and it could make the games really bad.It could make other people mean people so no one should rule us.Do you agree?

    1. I only agree partially, because I also think that if there was a group of people that ruled the metaverse, it would be better because they could argue against the people with bad ideas. If there was more than one person, they could debate as a group about what the best ideas for games are.

    2. hiya,
      I totally agree with you that no one should rule the metaverse because they weren't the ones that created it and they would make it by their own rules even if their rules don't make sense.
      Humans really like power so there may eventually be fight to be the one to rule.
      So, i feel that the metaverse should be ruled by the people opinion
      Am just saying...........

    3. I agree because... it could also be seen as a form of treat to individuals privacy. It wouldn't be fair and just if one was to rule/control the metaverse due to the fact that individuals privacy could be at high risks.
      "1. Privacy Issues
      The metaverse is the next version of the internet, and we use technology like augmented and virtual reality to immerse ourselves in the digital world. With all this digitization comes privacy challanges.
      2. Protecting Our Kids
      As parents, it’s already difficult to track what our kids are doing online, and that challenge will continue with the metaverse.
      3. Health Concerns
      VR “hangovers” are a known phenomenon, and people can also experience post-VR sadness. Also, too much screen time tends to affect the eyes negatively.
      4. Access Inequality
      In order to use augmented reality, we need the latest smartphone and handset technology, and VR experiences require high-tech, expensive headsets as well as strong and reliable connectivity."

    4. Nice comment and attempt but based on my personal view and opinion I think there should be a limit to the activities of the metaverse. Imagine there is no law guiding the metaverse problems will arise and there would no more be regard for the metaverse. Fraudsters, criminals and other online hackers can intrude into other peoples business and this will not be good. It will give the metaverse a bad name and people would no longer respect the metaverse. No rules would ruin the metaverse and I think there should be a rethink based on the effects of your comment.

    5. Yes i agree with you no one should have complete authority over the metaverse same way no one can claim authority over the real world the person may take power and use it wrongly or it may fall into the wrong hands although people create what is in the metaverse they shouldn't claim to own it and there should be room for improvement by anyone who can do the job to continue development. Although we are slowly getting our selves addicted to the metaverse, especially as teenagers we are letting it change our mindset way of lives and slowly we loose our original culture. This is why I keep on wondering if we are creating something powerful that can control us is the metaverse to much are we endangering our own selves? and reality? What is the worst that can happen new gadgets, machines and so on are being created? What becomes of us will we be drawed into it's power and overtaken by the appetizing call of the metaverse and even loose our main form and reality? So many questions on my mind ? But one thing I'm sure of is that the metaverse is whole new world and we have to be inquisitive of what it holds maybe we may find answers that could improve it.

    6. Hi jovial city,
      I agree with you, I love the whole idea of the metaverse, it gives us an opportunity to bring all our wild imaginations to virtual reality. It gives everyone an opportunity to explore the virtual space and also to interact with different people from all over the world. I feel no one should rule the metaverse because imagine if the metaverse gets into the hands of a corrupt person it could expose children to inappropriate things and it could be quite dangerous.

    7. I agree with you no one should the metaverse but if at all anyone should be allowed to rule the metaverse there can be a body that would be in charge of checking what that person does on the metaverse . The metaverse can teach people bad things (especially teenagers who are inquisitive and want to explore everything around them both good and bad) especially if someone is given the opportunity to rule the metaverse alone and the person is a bad person then the lives of people would be destroyed.

  • I think it is good to have a metaverse but you can't have everything so you need a limit. As well this the metaverse does need a person or group watching it such as the government or the police. The metaverse is a fantastic place but it is so realistic that you could forget that your even on a computer or technology. This could also affect your real life
    that's bad! I think it is a fantastic thing the metaverse but there are some bad things about it aswell.

    1. I also have a similar opinion.The metaverse is a fantastic place and is one of the most fantastic technological developments in our world today,however,us human beings must not completely depend on it and let the metaverse have complete control in every aspect of our lives.If we do that,adverse effects will definitely come in to play.

    2. I also have a similar opinion.The metaverse is a fantastic place and is one of the most fantastic technological developments in our world today,however,us human beings must not completely depend on it and let the metaverse have complete control in every aspect of our lives.If we do that,adverse effects will definitely come in to play.

  • I think people should go on an haed set for a small amount of time becuse it can afact people and thier behavyor.

    1. How can it affect people?

      1. The Metaverse can affect many people in different ways and through many means an example is
        1. Damage to the eyes
        using the metaverse for too long can affect you mentally because the metaverse is a screen meaning virtual reality so it can cause problem to the eyes because of the light.
        2. Many people can get cyberbullied through the metaverse
        3. it can also cause distraction because metaverse users will be addicted and will always want to check the "happening thing" in the metaverse

      2. It can affect people:
        3.physically:they might have been addicted to the virtual world and even be far from reality.

      3. It affects a lot, from my point of view. First, it affects the psychological state of the individual. How? (For example, this person receives a lot of bullying in the means of communication and metaverse, because it causes a complex for the individual who bullies him, and also frequenting it a lot leads to addiction, which leads to difficulty in adapting to the virtual and real reality, but it must Metaverse has to set a time for users because too much frequency may cause an increase in intruders and bullies, and it can also affect the diamond mentally by having all their minds and never leaving it.

      4. In my opinion I think 🤔 the metaverse can affect people negatively in many ways. Metaverse can get many people cyberbullied, harassed online, and get negative comments . The metaverse can affect peoples mental health , it can also allow people to be glued to Visual Reality World losing connections to the physical world. The metaverse is potentially addictive to some people who looking for an escape. Increase costs for individuals buying technologies needed to participate in the metaverse. Privacy issues , increase risk of security concerns and potential points of compromise. Deterioration of humans relationships and connections. Future generation's will grow up in a non-real world. The metaverse use high amount of energy and electricity , therefore causing a lot of consequences in the real world.

  • It is o.k. to go where you want because you might learn the history of it accept if you already know the history of it . It is difficult to tell people in Metaverse what to do and if someone stole your fone or did something bad you can't get help because there is no police . There should be someone in charge because you might end up killing someone or even hearting your self .

  • I think its good and bad because i think there should be police or the government to monitor the metaverse

  • The Meta verse can be a cruel place, but that's just one problem. You never know when a bully can log in and bully you! The boundaries should be limited so no one can access personal information. If your dream is to go on the moon which is very unlikely, the Metaverse will allow you to go wherever you want to and that's just one good thing, You want to go to Lego land but you're not allowed to? Well, the Metaverse can do it for you! But it's not all jolly good things, you could be be addicted to VR and when you realise the quality is very good you might fall in the trap and think the Metaverse is actually real life and spending your whole life in it. It is also a bad idea to be spending so much money on just a gadget, VR is not the most important thing in the world so make sure you are you. Overall The Metaverse is very fun! Who agrees with me!

  • The seven rules of metaverse
    Rule #1. There is only one Metaverse.
    Rule #2: The Metaverse is for everyone.
    Rule #3: Nobody controls the Metaverse.
    Rule #4: The Metaverse is open.
    Rule #5: The Metaverse is hardware-independent.
    Rule #6: The Metaverse is a Network.
    Rule #7: The Metaverse is the Internet.
    The Metaverse is open. It is built upon interoperable technologies and tools, connected via rigorously defined and broadly agreed-upon free and open communications standards.

    1. These laws kind of make me fear the metaverse...
      1- In my opinion, the metaverse is not for everyone, as children under 3 years old at most cannot enter it...
      2- If the Metaverse is not controlled by anyone, it will be like a massacre from within. I do not agree with you. There must be organizations that hold accountable bad deeds there...
      I have a question (I said that the metaverse is independent of the devices, but if we enter the metaverse, will we have mobile phones with us?!)

  • In correlation to what you said the metaverse can also get many people addicted, maybe if there should be a ruler, the ruler should implement a law that there should be a limitation to how long people can use the metaverse in a day. This should occur because too many people will give all their attention to the metaverse and forget what they are meant to do in reality.

  • Imagine a whole world where you can be anything you dream of, do anything you want and even sometimes get away from reality....that would actually be very thrilling
    I'm eager to explore the vast learning opportunities available in the metaverse the fun it holds and the adventure it entails.
    Metaverse creates for us various opportunities in which we could learn more things and and get to interact with many other individuals and listen to others perspective on various areas of life, It also helps us to travel far and wide while just in a place.

  • The Metaverse can be defined as an entire universe on its own. People easily get addicted to technology and this could be taken advantage of. I mentioned something similar in my stand point. Is there a possibility that the metaverse could be weaponized? What do you guys think?
    The Metaverse is very helpful and amazing, but in the wrong hands, it could be very lethal. People should at least be able to control themselves when they are using the metaverse.

  • Well we all now that before they term the metaverse as 'safe for usage' it has to have made the necessary safety features and has a backup plan for any accidents or unseen events that may occur and so I do not think the makers of the metaverse are so careless as to allow their users to get hurt while using their product and the metaverse has identity and privacy issues as people will likely abuse this freedom and try to use other gullible users and I think they should check the records of the users actual life in the real world to check if he or she is credible enough so that the metaverse does not become a leisure time for delinquents and low moral individuals because the metaverse was created based on the idea to allow people to experience things they could not do in the real world while they are still in the comfort of their houses and thus reduce cost and stress and we should know that every thing has its disadvantages but we all hope the next greatest invention is not going to be a huge failure rather than as success and I think the creators of the metaverse should be guardians of the metaverse because they know the metaverse more than anyone so that means they know its potential threats to its users and the challenges that could occur while it is in use. People are skeptical about the release of the metaverse so, I honestly think that it should not be released anytime soon until they can ascertain that users will be safe and they have vital and necessary safety features and protocols.

  • I think the builders of this humanoid robot should also know what can make them powerless and helpless in case they misbehaves,in other to avoid destructions.

  • It's not all about the place, your safeness can affect not just you your parents! Screentime is ok for you, and in the Metaverse, you are using screen time. What happens if you use 12 hours? Well, you're eyes will hurt and you'll have a chance to be blind forever. But it's not all bad things in the Metaverse, you can choose your character, go to the moon and more! Again, it's not all jolly good things. VR can affect you and other people, when online make sure you take a break once in a while.

  • What I do believe, is that we should have certain standards and codes of conduct on the metaverse, to ensure that everyone observes good manners. Problems like bullying, body shaming and scamming should be highly prohibited, to ensure the safety of all metaverse users.
    It makes sense that the metaverse shouldn't have a particular ruler, but if there is no ruler, who will enforce all the laws that preserve good conduct among metaverse users? If we are all to be safe and respected on the metaverse, who will keep the peace? who will enforce law and order? what do you guys think?

  • The amount of money you are spending on the Metaverese in bonkers! If you don't own a headset it is completely fine, you don't always have to keep in touch with your friends if they have a Virtual Reality headset. It is astonishing these days that the Metaverese is updating to high quality graphics, this can be a REAL danger. How come? You can get manipulated into thinking the Metaverese is real life! Causing 10-12hrs of screen time if so, and it can affect your behavior in reality with the activities you are doing in the Metaverese. Therefore it can be a bad choice sometimes but honestly it is a fun gadget for most the older ages, when going on VR be careful of your screen time and realise what are you in? VR or reality?

  • The history of the Metaverse. When playing games make sure you are also doing something productive in your daily lives. Metaverse is the place for you if you want to have fun but of course there is down sides :(. When going on VR, make sure it's on track with your SCREEN TIME. The history of the Metaverese can possibly start out with 1 pixel, it can't build a whole new world by itself, at least 1 person can develop it but, starting back at 1951 the first ever (successful) AI was created by a man called Christopher. Surprisingly AI wasn't built, invented ETC) it was written. During the Second World War, noted British computer scientist Alan Turing worked to crack the 'Enigma' code which was used by German forces to send messages securely. AI was used in World War 2. The Metaverese really is old.

  • Hiya.
    I feel that if the machines happen one day to rule us it will be our fault.
    This is because it has been proven that when we pay too much attention to a particular thing, we tend to make it a priority and making the machines a priority isn't such a good idea because they were made to assist us and guide us.
    Because the metaverse will just get us addicted so my point is the MACHINES RULING US WILL BE OUR FAULT.
    But to help us there can be restricted to how one can use the machine to avoid a large impact on the metaverse.

  • The metaverse should have set rules and security measures if we want peace in the metaverse since there is no one ruler everyone should have a code of conduct. Rules to be followed and even police to avoid crime in the metaverse. In a world where anything can happen and anyone can be anything they dream of. Imagine the crazy things that could possibly go on. So there fore there should be laws and even consequences attached for those who disobey the law. Now the real deal is who should be the one creating the law.
    The governments of the real world?
    Anyone who creates a technology in the metaverse?
    Or should a consensus be taken on what the rules should be?
    what do you think abt this, in your own opinions how should laws be made in the metaverse.

  • I believe that the metaverse should be monitored by someone or they should put something to report the person. This is because in the metaverse you can do anything this leads to risks of cyber bullying and thousands of children could be exposed to harmful content. As much as the metaverse is fun and enjoyable it also has negative impacts on other people. Using virtual reality devices for an extended period of time can lead to cyber sickness, or feeling nauseous and dizzy. Excessive digital use can also be harmful for your mental health. On the other hand the metaverse is very useful. For example, it can create better ways to communicate with those who are far away like friends and family. During the Covid quarantine, the only way to interact with other humans was through the internet, despite it not being the most interactive experience but with the metaverse you can make better interactions.

  • I feel that the metaverse should be free for all and there should be no ruler. If it will be the government that is ruling us, there will be no difference between the metaverse and the real world. Besides the creation of the metaverse is for everyone to live a free life without being forced to do some things. What I think should be put in place are law enforcement agencies not the governors or rulers that will tell us what to do or will require us to pay taxes.

  • In class, we discussed many beautiful questions about virtual reality, and I brought this question to answer it in the future. Could going to work mean just putting virtual world glasses on your head? For example, after five years, when we go back to our current time, the two-dimensional Internet that we are using now will seem to us laughably outdated, and we will probably not use the Internet through a screen, but our interaction with it may be completely different from what it is at the present time.