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In the comments for every post about the metaverse, Topical Talkers from around the world have enjoyed sharing their opinions.

In one of those discussions, succinct_peach of Elite Scholars Academy in the United States of America said:

It is possible that people could build meaningful relationships online, but this would still cause them to miss out on real world opportunities. Online relationships help people talk to each other much easier than in the real world. But even with this in mind, I still think physical or real world relationships are much more meaningful than online relationships

And this got us thinking!

There are lots of things that people can do in the metaverse that some people might think are good but others might think are bad. For example:

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    Meet new people

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    Travel to new places

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    Play games

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    Learn new things

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    Buy things

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  • I think that" buying things" through metaverse will be good for the customers because the metaverse platform gives a lot of options ,discounts and as it is metaverse they would even visualise and see every object and get a better idea of it before they buy it ,but this will be bad for the shopkeepers,shop owners who will lose their jobs and atleast their profits will be decreased by 50%.
    The only disadvantage in online shopping is that we could only view the images which are sometimes not up to our expectations ,but this is solved in the case of metaverse as we could have the felling of seeing it in real world but sitting in our home itself so ,I think that the metaverse version of shopping will be a new experience and it could even be better than real world way of buying things.

    1. First of all the thought of being able to buy things in the metaverse gives me goosebumps I mean it will be very nice if we the users can use the digital tokens that we earn doing some activities such as playing games, doing some menial jobs and others to upgrade our avatars and increase our avatar's appearance and performance and this will be good when participating in competitions and activities but the thing is that people will abuse this opportunity and just buy things that are useless and little or no importance to them because it is at their fingertips and I think that this is bad for young users or children because then they will waste money anyhow and think that is how it it is in the actual world and will not learn the value of money and will not be able to manage their money wisely in the actual world and so the best solution is to restrict the freedom of children that are under a certain age before they mature in most aspects in actual life and another thing is to create a method of payment its users can get things but does not allow people to buy limitlessly and I think there should be a limit for the things you can buy in one day.

  • I would like to touch on the topic: buy things. In the metaverse, the more we win games or seemed to move up a level, the more we earn a form of currency whether it is stars, points or digital money. When online, people are prone to spend money buying new gadgets that will increase the quality of their performance within the game. However, this might make them believe that they can buy useless unnecessary things in the real world. If you were looking at the perspective of a parent for example, they would not enjoy that their child is wasting their pocket money and might even ban a game they like. Too be honest, I would not institute money in a game, but do another reward system by either giving the child the freedom to choose a more upleveled character without paying.

    1. Yes I agree because, as accurate atom said the more we win, the more we earn, this will now make the person to to be compelled to spend more money on such a game. The person will not want to leave the game at this point it becomes a big disadvantage. Reason being that when the person is not being able to leave the game it will then become addiction, the person will be so deep into the game that the person will not be able to reason correctly, the person wants to be like the game characters and if the game is bad an even bigger problem, the person's supersitions soon becomes reality, this may shut that person out of the real world, he/she will not be able to maintain a beneficiary conversation. This is because he/she spends more time playing game than maintaining an appropriate conversation with the real world.

  • I choose to meet new people because this is something in Metaverse that people consider good and other people consider it a bad thing. People consider it good because it is a kind of acquaintance and social people like to engage in a social world full of new people. As for the people who consider it a bad thing, they think that the Metaverse is an assumption and that these people will not benefit us in our lives, but I am of the first type because I am social and I love people and I love getting to know new people.

    1. How do you think the metaverse could broaden your social prospects?

      1. In my opinion, the metaverse has the potential to broaden my social perspectives in a number of ways. Firstly, the metaverse is a virtual space that allows people to connect and interact with individuals worldwide, regardless of their physical location. This means that people can engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which can help to promote understanding and empathy.

        Secondly, the metaverse allows people to experiment with different identities and explore new ways of self-expression. This can be particularly empowering for individuals who may face discrimination or prejudice in their physical lives, as it allows them to escape these constraints and express themselves freely.

        Finally, the metaverse can provide a platform for education and awareness-raising on important social issues. For example, virtual exhibitions, events, and simulations can help to educate people on important topics such as environmental sustainability, human rights, and social justice.

        Overall, the metaverse has the potential to broaden social perspectives by promoting connection, understanding, self-expression, and education on critical social issues.

      2. Hello!
        Well definitely I think the prospect of the metaverse is a truly fascinating one. Well to answer your question I definitely think the metaverse will help widen the social prospects because it will help people go to a place while being in the comfort of their home, what I mean by this is that the metaverse allows a person experience new things and cultures while in the comfort of their home. This a good thing as if as when my DAD travelled I was able to talk to him and this is very fascinating as this is what was formerly science fiction. All in all, I cannot wait for the advancement of the metaverse as I feel it's potential is great

      3. It expands it by communicating and engaging in social relationships such as friends. And I want to add something that lonely people who cannot accompany people, we make a hug chair for them to hug them when the seizure comes to them, because in Metaverse you cannot trust people.

      4. The metaverse is truly an intriguing and fascinating universe, it has a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. The metaverse is truly a great way to help to make people from different parts of the world to interact with each other and I think the metaverse could really help you to broaden your social prospects, the metaverse is a way we can get to build bonds and relationships with people from far and near. The metaverse is a great way of helping introverts communicate with people as most of them are shy but the metaverse helps them interact with different people without having to physically see them.

      5. The metaverse has multiple users across the world and because of that it promotes socialization, interaction and meeting new people and when people interact with new people they tend to influence those who they interact with and because they learn each other's traditions or cultures from their own country in the actual world and this can help widen their social prospects because they meet new people and share ideas or views about somethings thus helping one one another to get more information and it will now help widen their social prospects because of the conversation and another thing is that going to different places and locations helps one to learn and take new customs and because of how the metaverse has helped reduce the cost of transportation and stress because the virtual world is like a digital world and twin that means it has the similar features to the actual world and this will allow the user to go to various places and learn different things while at the comfort of his or her home. IT IS TRAVELLING TO ANOTHER PLACE WHILE STILL AT HOME.

    2. hiya, focused_clam, I agree with you that meeting people is an advantage, get to know new people and learn more thing but the issue is that user identification can be a huge disadvantage like earlier said the metaverse is a virtual world, so you won't actually meet the person so someone can pretend to be who they are not or impersonate another which is not right and also it can really be confusing because if you say you want to see the person the individual can forge a picture so how can one deal with that issue because you can meet fraudsters and you wont know.

      1. We will only meet people and talk to them, and we will not become friends because friends in the real world are better and we can trust them. I agree with you, but is it for that thing that we stop knowing people and meeting them? Knowing the impersonators of personalities through the actions that he performs.

      2. Good question this is a problem that most people fear because of the metaverse and various software developers have been trying to figure out how to tackle this issue to make it safe for interaction and the thing is that giving other users details or credentials is now a violation to their right of privacy and now in this age or time we cannot trust everyone we see in a digital platform because we can become vulnerable if we are so gullible to believe what everyone says on a digital platform as broad as the metaverse we can stand to be frauded by fraudsters and be used but the thing is that you have to carefully sieve and scrutinize those who we choose to interact on a such a wide platform like this and I think that is why the question was asked if we should hold the same standard in the metaverse as the real world and most people were in support of because we cannot allow the users to patronize the metaverse and now be used and cheated in the metaverse. Before we can term the metaverse as ' safe to users' we have to work on security and identity impersonation before people get hurt in the world that was initially created to help the users learn and do things which were not possible or easily achievable in the actual world. So your question's answers dwells on the fingertips of the makers of the metaverse.

    3. I agree with what you say to some extent. Social media is a double-edged weapon and this depends on the way it is used and how clever people are dealing with it. It's good to build relations with other people from different cultures and countries on the internet to discover the other side of the world around you and learn new things. However, this isn't always the case. Some people make fake accounts and manipulate others through electronic extortion and this is just the beginning of projection and deviation from the right path. So parents should be aware of what might happen to their children specially the adults and they need to monitor what they do on the internet. I think that the Metaverse establishers must do something to protect children from being abused by evil people on the internet by applying some measures.

      1. What do you think that we create a program that is installed on all phones, and through which parents know what their children are doing and warn them?!..Also, this program knows people impersonating personalities and also fake accounts?!....

      2. I agree because...Everything in life can be a friend or an enemy. Fire can help us do a lot of things but when it is mishandled, it could cause a lot of damages. It all depends on how people choose to spend their time on the internet. Some people will choose to spend their time making honest money, while some may choose to scam other people. Some may use it to learn new things that could benefit them, while some may choose to learn vices online and visit illegal websites. Some may use it to learn new skills, while some may use it to learn negative skills like hacking. It all depends on the mindset they choose to have. Sometimes people get lured into doing wrong things online and before they can stop, they realise that they are addicted. This is what is killing a lot of young people. Social media companies should try to limit giving access to bad people online.

    4. Exactly, in my POV meeting new people is a great thing the metaverse I don't think it is such a great idea. I wont contrast with the fact that there are benefits of meeting new people (for example I know of a woman who met her spouse on social media)
      there are disadvantages like
      1 Crooks may try to trick you out of your money.
      2 Blackmailers might try to get nude pictures of you.
      3. You may encounter cyberbullies
      4. You may encounter impersonators
      5 Thieves may try to steal your identity.

  • I want to (learn new things)
    I love to educate and love to learn, especially that the Metaverse space may have wonderful ideas and information. I really look forward to trying it. I think that meeting new people who do not speak the same language as me is difficult, but can the Metaverse space develop its programs so that we can understand each other's language or does it have special ideas .. Or have they developed a language that everyone in Metaverse space speaks?!
    Also, buying things from the Metaverse space is fun, but it's better to learn new things...
    I can't wait to try Metaverse and really hope to love it... What do you think?

    1. In the event that Metaverse allows me to learn a new language, I encourage that, as this gives me the opportunity to make new friends from different countries. On the entertainment level, in addition to the pleasure that a person gets, I hope that Metaverse provides us with ideas that develop intelligence, reduce nervousness, and link games in the curriculum to facilitate the process comprehension of students.

  • I want to comment on buying things in the metaverse. It would be great if we could buy through it, because it will save us a lot, like it will save time and effort, and buying online will be very easy. When we get a higher level in the game inside the metaverse, we will get coins of any shape, stars, pieces of paper Golden pieces, silver go to the listShopping and buying what we want will be for the benefit of the owners of the Metaverse, but at the same time it will be a loss for the merchants and workers who will lose their source of income

    1. Trading on the Metaverse is very strange, but I don't endorse it. What if the Metaverse disappears and a major flaw occurs that damages the end of the Metaverse? What will you do in your business that you founded and benefit greatly from?
      And have you noticed that celebrities who use the internet and metaverses have other businesses off the internet and it's not light trading it's big business and their real profession because they don't trust working on metaverses at all and they want to have something else they support themselves if something happens metaverses what if it's your business and everything on the metaverse, You will incur great losses other than the problems that you will face at the beginning of the trade, you will be exposed to a lot of fraud because you do not fully see what the workers do. In the end, this is my opinion and I recommend it and everyone has an opinion that suits him.

  • I think in Metaverse travelling to new places may be good for people who are disabled and can't move easily and buying things can be very good for poors who haven't got money for buying essential needs,in Metaverse they can buy what they are prohibited from.

  • I think that the topic (learning new things) is really good. Google has provided a lot of great information. Metaverses has provided a lot of aspiration and knowledge sites through which you can also share this information with friends. But for me, getting to know new friends in metaverses is not good. We can get to know each other. People who had a bad impact on life and we learn from them and become like them. The goal of metaverses is to achieve a good environment for users, but people must get to know corrupt people so that they are not met. In my opinion, metaverses pioneers should have a complete profile and that the names and face be known to them so that we do not make mistakes But on the other hand, getting to know new friends can be useful. We get to know their culture, their hobbies, and the best things in life that we did not know. Also, this will help in addressing the issue of Earth Day. More about the lives of kings and politicians, more.... What do you think??.Did you meet a person who is not from your country and exchange useful and valuable information???? Wait for the answer......

  • I think that playing games through the metaverse might be great for people who love games, or are professional gamers this is because instead of people sitting on their couches playing games and getting hand cramps they can be fully engaged in their game without getting distracted. This will also be a big advantage to professional gamers because will be fully engaged without getting distractions, and they don't have to worry about getting hand cramps, however, this will be bad for game sellers, this is because since people are now buying the metaverse ad can access games on it, they don't always have to go to game shops to purchase games, due to this reason the profit that was made by game sellers might decrease. I think that it's a great choice if people start using the metaverse to play games often, especially professional gamers, because as I said this will help them to be fully concentrated on their game.

    1. I don't agree with you because just like with games, addiction can become an issue, and it could be one of the most serious downsides of Metaverse as some argue that there is a greater risk of addiction with Metaverse, because you are completely immersed in a virtual world. Besides your basic physical needs like eating and sleeping, you don't need to leave this virtual world. Children and adolescents are most at risk, with experts suggesting that exposing individuals under the age of 18 to metavirus and letting them spend too much time in it could seriously harm their development.

      1. Due to the addiction to games on the metaverse, I think that the creators should make limits on usage on the metaverse, therefore, I think that a person should use the metaverse for three hours.

  • Meeting new people could be a controversial statement. When in a game, people can easily share fake news with you, stating that they are a normal teenager when they can be a man of 50. Yes, it is okay to play with them but ONLINE. If they keep on requesting your address or constantly want to meet you in person, then you should block this person or simply remove yourself from the game. Additionally, it is vital for children and their well being to not go on games that are not appropriate for their age as people may say unsuitable language and may even target them if the person is younger.

    I would also like to touch on the topic learn new things. In the metaverse, we need to know how to differentiate fake news and real news. People should always research information on popular websites such as Wikapedia and watch films for information on BBC bitesize. These are common platforms that should be used on a daily basis when researching for information. Furthermore, some websites ask for your personal data and cookies. People should not just randomly accept any cookies before thoroughly looking at what the website wants to share with you.

    1. I agree because...
      From my point of view,I agree with most of what was mentioned in the comment. In fact, it is very important for people to prioritize their personal and digital safety when playing online, especially with people they don't know well. One must be cautious about sharing personal information online, and children need supervision from parents and guardians to ensure they don't give any personal information to strangers.

      Moreover, detecting fake news in the Metaverse is crucial, and people need to learn how to distinguish between it and real news. They should search for reliable sources to get information and avoid spreading any fake news that may be circulating online.

      Lastly, people should be cautious when sharing any personal information online, and they should verify the safety of the websites they visit and not accept any random cookies before verifying their source and validity. They should also avoid opening suspicious emails and links, use secure Wi-Fi networks and VPNs.

  • I think the metaverse could be good for people who have trouble communicating in person, and could use the metaverse as a tool to help them communicate with others. Let's say, that the majority of people at a school have access to the metaverse, and there is someone who has trouble speaking to others but wants to engage in social interaction. Then that person can ask for the usernames or whatever they use to identify someone to others. This way the person with speaking issues can communicate with their peers effortlessly.

    1. I agree

      Imagine you are playing a game in the metaverse with someone from another country, who speaks a different language than you. With the help of technology, you can communicate with them without worrying about language barriers or feeling uncomfortable because you're not face-to-face.

      Or maybe you have a friend at school who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. In the metaverse, you can use avatars to sign to each other and chat with ease.

      The metaverse gives us new ways to connect and communicate, making it easier for everyone to be part of our global community.

  • People who use the metaverse can be somewhat benefited by the ability to travel to new places. This is only if they are living in bad conditions. If they have money and are living in good conditions, it would be better if they traveled in the real world instead of in the metaverse. If people decided to start traveling to places inside the metaverse, airline companies would not be earning as much money.

  • I think having relationships with people on the internet like friendship etc and meeting new people is good in the world of metaverse because when the corona pandemic broke out during the corona virus quarantine, the only way to interact with other people was through the internet, although it is not the most interactive experience. However, things are different in the metaverse world, where social interactions and events are more realistic, allowing users to experience a personal connection with their friends and loved ones.
    Meetings, personal parties and concerts can also be organized at the Metaverse platforms.

    1. I agree with you, my girlfriend, but I wanted to add a point on that since your thoughts are a little similar from my thoughts, which is that we can use metaphors in an interview with new people and buying new things and traveling to new places to meet our loved ones in this case. The adults benefit from them. Online games and when learn new things. This is what I wanted to clarify my girlfriend. I would like to benefit

  • I choose to travel to new places. In my country it is difficult to travel, and I want to experience this experience because I have never left my country and I think that this idea is good, but some may see it as bad or normal. I would like to travel a lot and go to Britain and the Metaverse will help me discover new places and experience new things and travel will help me meet new people and strengthen my social relationships and learn new things such as how to rely on myself and how to get used to sleeping outside my city and transfer my experience with travel to many the people . I think Metaverse will help me achieve this security and experience the experiences you mentioned.

    1. I completely agree with you because travelling to new places can be a wonderful experience but it can also be expensive and difficult. I think that the Metaverse provides a great alternative that can allow people to explore new places and learn about different cultures in a more accessible and affordable way. The Metaverse can be a powerful tool for people of all ages and abilities to explore new places and experiences, regardless of physical limitations. For elderly people or people with disabilities, traveling in the physical world can be challenging or even impossible, but through the Metaverse, they can access a virtual world where they can experience new things, meet new people, and explore new places from the comfort and safety of their own homes.This can provide a sense of freedom and independence that may not be possible in the physical world, and can also help to combat social isolation and loneliness. And as teenagers we all have the dream of going on a world tour but for people with poorer family backgrounds can't afford even to travel a single country so for them this metaverse can be a very useful platform. And definitely the Metaverse can also help us learn how to be more self-reliant and independent like going on a solo travel with out relying on anybody. It can help users to develop important skills and knowledge that will serve them well in the physical world.

  • I would choose travel to new places because travelling is not easy in my country. In my country we do not have an airport and if we want to travel to any country other than Egypt, we go to Egypt through Rafah crossing ,then we travel from Egypt airport to other countries . It is very exhausting!
    Another thing is that the metaverse and the real word travel offer different types of experiences and both can be enjoyable in their own ways.
    In the metaverse, we can explore virtual worlds that offer immersion. It also allow freedom and creativity since we create our world and places. However travel in the real world offer a sense of authenticity . We see different cultures and cuisines and landscapes . I provides opportunities for personal growth and learning. Really, I want to try both of them in the real world and metaverse. Both of them are unique.

  • I believe meeting new people could be beneficial for introverted people. Most people who are introverted are much more comfortable speaking online, and because of the metaverse being an online experience, they would flourish in this environment. But I think this could be bad for chronically online people, as they'd spend too much time attempting to meet other people online instead of meeting them in person.

  • For me, I prefer to travel to new places, not only for entertainment and tourism, but for the purpose of increasing my culture about the new places I visit, studying the civilization of the place, knowing its culture, language and dialect, and getting to know everything that is new in it in addition to knowing the customs of the place and taking what suits me. And meet new people with new ideas.
    Traveling has many meanings that combine meeting new people, learning new things, and so on.

    1. I agree with you, I love traveling and visiting new places will benefit people in different ways like learning and meeting new people. But it can also help people learn more about the way of life of other people in their different countries, also learning the languages and laws of other countries, tourism also helps because then you would be able to learn about other countries landmarks and the story behind it and also learning the gist of a country and how it came to be what it is currently.
      traveling to new places in the meta verse can also help reduce our carbon footprint because traveling via air can produce up 3.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide for a 24 hours trip.

      1. Thanks for your opinion. Everything new in life is an educational opportunity. Nothing passes in vain eg
        Getting to know new people, with all their faults and advantages, customs and traditions, is an addition to your life and your knowledge fund.
        In addition to traveling or learning a new skill and many more.
        But the conundrum is how to take advantage and do a good, good search to see if it is true or not

    2. I agree with you, I also have to travel around the country, but I'm afraid of not adapting or not understanding exactly what I want, but if you are really going to travel, is it possible to specify which countries you would like to visit and why?!

  • Learning new things can be beneficial for anyone. Examples of learning new things can be learning a new language, learning about what's going on around the world or stumbling across random fun facts. The metaverse can help you explore new things that you wouldn't ever come across otherwise, it can unlock a new passion that you can pursue for the rest of your life. The possibilities are endless!
    Learning new information can be dangerous for people who easily believe things they are told and don't stop and think about how realistic the information is. We have to be careful about what we trust on the metaverse.

    1. I agree because... learning a new language through the metaverse is like playing a video game where you create your own character and explore a virtual world. Instead of just studying words and grammar like in an app or online class, you can talk to other characters in the game and practice speaking the language. It's like being in a real conversation, but in a fun and safe virtual environment. This can make learning a new language more interesting and engaging.Through the metaverse, users can enter a virtual reality environment that replicates real-life locations, such as a street in Paris or a market in Tokyo. By interacting with native speakers in these virtual settings, users can practice their language skills and gain insight into the local culture and customs, which can enrich their learning experience. It's like being transported to another place without actually physically going there. And I think most of us don't like to sit in the same place everyday and learn new things , it definitely gives us boredom so learning something different like languages through metaverse offers a dynamic and flexible learning experience instead of memorizing everything. And most of us especially students mostly get bored of reading newspapers or watching news channel but through metaverse it can be easy and possible to engage students to learn random facts and current affairs. It's like if a kid has been given a paper on one hand and a pictorial book on the other hand to read a story , the kid definitely see the pictorial book as it is attractive and it would be easy for the kid to learn faster right, So same goes with metaverse too as we can create an avatar.Metaverse can offer access to a wider range of information and perspectives than traditional news channels or newspapers. And ofcourse we can't just blindly consume and trust the information found on metaverse so we require certain level of media literacy and critical thinking skills which should be developed alongside the use of the metaverse or any other digital medium. So I agree to u excited_beaver that metaverse is useful for learning new things and at the same we need to be cautious.

      1. Whilst I do agree that learning a new language can be fun and engaging for users such as apps like Duolingo which provides a multitude of games and even stories in the language of one's preference, if you want to learn new information to enhance your cognitive development, it is vital to check if it is from a reliable source. As you have stated, children mostly get bored of reading newspapers and traditional news channels but at least we know that we can trust the information provided in the context. My dad reads the economist newspaper every single week and he knows that all of the topics are true given the similar news going around as well. However, the metaverse can request your personal data using cookies to read something online that you can find more a about non virtually. And, there a plenty of fun games people can do in real life such as word searches in different languages and communicating with a friend in another language. For example, in my french class, I discuss with my partner what I want to order in french and vice versa. It is still as fun but yes, I do agree games are more engaging to children. Nonetheless, I believe you should reconsider your opinion regarding what is reliable on the metaverse and what is not.

  • I chose travelling to new places , the good thing about travelling to new places in the meta verse is that you get to explore all the things they have and you can meet new people but the bad thing about travelling in the meta verse is that people don’t get privacy and you can find personal things such as Id and private documents. I think it is better in the real world because you get too see the new places in real life and the experience stuff you haven’t before.

  • I think that traveling to new places in the metaverse is very good as it improves the mental abilities, creativity, talent release and idea generation of the students.
    And getting to know other cultures by mingling with many people where we acquire new skills and learn new things
    As we travel we encounter diverse people, food, culture, lifestyle and society
    Which puts us in touch with ideas we might not have thought of before
    We can also transfer the culture of our country to other countries to learn about it

  • I think that "travelling to new places" in the metaverse will be very nice. We will be able to go anywhere that we couldn't be able to go easily in our real world.I would like to go under the sea and space. The disadvantage of this would be in the real world there is an loss for many people and the economy decreases in the country.

  • From my point of view, they are all very good in metaphysics, as they make it easier to perform, and I think that it will be more important for people who are disabled or sick who cannot practice their normal lives, so a person can not feel any deficiency in himself, so he can carry out tasks from his seat. It is also very good for the poor And those who cannot find a job can find a job in the Metaverse because it must be more fair so they can live a life like other people, but the matter is not of the same quality in reality. Realistic experiences are more influential in people and in relationships in particular. Electronic because if there are no realistic interviews and there is no effect of physical touch, there will be no attachment and love between communities and individuals.

  • I chose to meet new people because the reason why I think it is bad is because you would be able to talk to different people, you would be able to make friends (online) with people from different parts of the world that you wouldn't be able to make friends with in real life.
    The reason why people might think it is a bad idea is because they might think the people you meet in the metaverse would not be who you thought they were because since you could become anything you wanted in the met averse, you would not really know who you were meeting, And also you would not know if they were your true friends or they were lying to you.

  • I choose travel to new places because people could save money and explore the earth, some might even use rockets in the multiverse to explore the solar system without becoming an astronaut.
    For example:
    If scientists wanted to make research on a certain planet they would not have to spend billions of dollars to buy a rocket instead they could just use the multiverse to make their research.

  • I think the metaverse is a good place for tourists because they can go to places that they can never even imagine in the metaverse like outer space or inside a black hole or even explore another universe.

  • Learning new things in the Metaverse will be a good thing most especially for the people in the rural areas. If the government or philanthropist will invest into the Metaverse, schools can be created in the Metaverse which can be an avenue to the less privilege or people in the rural area to have access to schools with ease.

  • Learning new things can be good for a wide range of individuals which includes students, professionals and also entrepreneurs.

    Learning new things is essential to students as it helps them acquire new knowledge and skills that can be used to excel in their academic pursuits

    Learning new things is essential for professionals to stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

    Learning is important for entrepreneurs as it helps them gain new insights into their business, identify new opportunities, and develop new strategies.

    In terms of whether it's better to learn new things in the metaverse or the real world, it really depends on the type of learning and personal preference. The metaverse can offer unique opportunities for immersive, interactive learning experiences, especially in areas like gaming, simulation, and virtual reality. However, the real world also provides invaluable opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning, and face-to-face interactions that can be difficult to replicate in a virtual environment. Ultimately, the best approach is likely to combine both virtual and real-world learning experiences to achieve the best results.

  • Meeting new people and building relationships online has its advantages and disadvantages. Meeting people online means meeting people from around the world, and this could be very interesting because you can learn new things about other countries and cultures without necessarily travelling. But it also comes with its disadvantages. Not everyone is who they say they are and the internet is the perfect way to keep your real identity a secret. You may not know if the people you meet are actually sincere about who they are and this could be dangerous for people who are not well experienced. This could lead to incidents like scams.

  • I will go with meeting new people.......
    But, in truth, meeting new people can actually be good for your health! Meeting new people and truly connecting with them improves your cognitive performance, your mental attitude, physical health and your ability to learn to accept new ideas and ways of thinking. You will get to know the different perspectives for the same object. If you get surrounded by those people who have a similar mindset just like you, then you will never get to know different angles for the same thing. You will definitely be amazed when you get to know the different views from different people.
    Sometimes some people leave bad impression on first meetings maybe because of attitude. When you meet new people, then you get a chance to see the same thing from a different angle. You will get to know the different perspectives for the same object. If you get surrounded by those people who have a similar mindset just like you, then you will never get to know different angles for the same thing.

    In the metaverse, people make connections in much the same way as in the physical world – through mutual friends, chance meetings, and dating apps. Metaverse-specific dating platforms sound intriguing, but the user experience isn't vastly different from conventional apps, like Tinder or Bumble.
    The way we used to interact with information and its exchange took a paradigm shift. Similarly, with the metaverse's wide implications in every field, our interaction with the physical world will change.

    The very first rule of the metaverse is that you can't touch another avatar without their consent.

  • I think that travelling in the metaverse can have a lot of advantages such as giving avenue to socialize with people in the metaverse, somewhere they can not be able to go in the real world, such as the deep sea or even out of space, travelling in the metaverse can develop curiosity to discover and learn new thing. learning new things in the metaverse can be very good for the slow learners, the metaverse can be programmed to give learning tips to the student, not just the student, but also to the teacher who need teaching tips to attract student attention to learn better. In my opinion doing all this activity can be very fun to do physically in the real world.

  • The impact of new people joining a community or a social network can have both positive and negative effects depending on the perspective of different individuals and groups. Some possible perspectives are:

    - From the perspective of the community or social network as a whole, new people can bring fresh ideas, skills, and diversity that can enrich the culture and increase the potential for collaboration, innovation, and growth. This can be good for the existing members who are open to new experiences and willing to expand their networks. However, it can also be bad for those who are resistant to change, feel threatened by newcomers, or hold onto exclusive or discriminatory attitudes.

    - From the perspective of individual members, new people can offer new opportunities for friendship, mentorship, or romantic relationships, which can enhance their personal well-being and social capital. Conversely, new people can also present challenges, such as competition for attention, resources, or status, or conflicts over values, norms, or interests.

    - From the perspective of the newcomers themselves, joining a community or social network can be a positive experience if they feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to participate and contribute. This can be especially true if they share common interests, goals, or identities with the existing members. However, if they encounter hostility, exclusion, or discrimination, they may feel discouraged, disillusioned, or even traumatized.

    Whether the impact of new people is better in the metaverse or in the real world depends on the context and the goals of the community or network. In the metaverse, where people can interact in virtual environments without physical constraints, new people may have more opportunities to join and participate in diverse communities that align with their interests and identities. Moreover, they may be able to experiment with different personas, explore new cultures, and express themselves more freely than in the real world. However, the metaverse may also pose risks such as anonymity, trolling, cyberbullying, or addiction, which can harm the mental health and well-being of both new and existing members.

    In the real world, new people may have more opportunities to engage in face-to-face interactions that foster empathy, trust, and social skills. They may also benefit from the tangible resources and infrastructures that support their activities and aspirations. However, the real world may also be more restrictive, exclusive, and unequal than the metaverse, especially for marginalized or stigmatized groups. Additionally, the real world may be subject to physical risks such as crime, pollution, or natural disasters, that can affect the safety and health of everyone.

    In summary, the impact of new people on a community or social network can be complex and varied, and depends on multiple factors such as the attitudes, values, and behaviors of the existing members, the goals and norms of the community or network, and the opportunities and challenges of the environment in which they interact.

  • Traveling to new places can have both positive and negative impacts on individuals and communities, depending on their perspectives and circumstances. Here are some possible perspectives:

    - From the perspective of individuals, traveling to new places can offer opportunities for personal growth, learning, and adventure. It can broaden their horizons, challenge their assumptions, and expose them to new people, cultures, and lifestyles. This can be good for those who are curious, open-minded, and adaptable. On the other hand, it can also be bad for those who are anxious, risk-averse, or have limited resources or mobility. Traveling can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, and may also expose travelers to health risks, scams, or accidents.

    - From the perspective of local communities, travelers can bring economic benefits, cultural exchange, and exposure to global issues. They can contribute to the local economy by spending money on lodging, food, transportation, and souvenirs, and support local initiatives or charities. They can also share their knowledge, skills, and perspectives with the locals, and learn from them as well. This can be good for communities that welcome and appreciate travelers, and have the capacity to accommodate them. However, it can also be bad for communities that feel exploited, disrespected, or overwhelmed by tourism. Overcrowding, gentrification, environmental degradation, and cultural commodification are some of the negative effects of tourism that can harm the local residents and their way of life.

    - From the perspective of the environment, traveling can have both positive and negative impacts on the natural and built landscapes. On the one hand, travelers can appreciate and value the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of different places, and promote conservation and sustainability. They can also support eco-friendly practices, such as reducing waste, using public transportation, and respecting wildlife. On the other hand, traveling can also generate pollution, waste, and carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, deforestation, and habitat loss. It can also disrupt the ecological balance and biodiversity of the destinations, and cause irreversible damage to the environment.

    Whether traveling is better in the metaverse or in the real world depends on the goals and preferences of the travelers and the nature of the destinations. In the metaverse, travelers can visit virtual places that simulate real-world environments, and interact with other users from around the world. This can offer some advantages, such as convenience, affordability, and safety, as well as the ability to customize the experience and access to diverse resources and perspectives. However, it may also lack the authenticity, sensory richness, and social bonding that come with physical travel, and may not provide real-world benefits to the destinations. Moreover, it may perpetuate the digital divide and exacerbate the social isolation and addiction of some users.

    In the real world, traveling can offer a more immersive and impactful experience, as well as tangible benefits to the destinations and the travelers. It can create jobs, stimulate local economies, preserve cultural heritage, and foster mutual understanding and respect. It can also provide health benefits, such as exposure to nature, exercise, and relaxation. However, it may also pose risks, such as exposure to diseases, accidents, and crime, and contribute to the spread of global problems, such as climate change and inequality. Therefore, it is important to travel responsibly, ethically, and sustainably, and to respect the rights and dignity of the local people and their environments.

  • I think that meeting new people is one of the advantages of the metaverse, also when you meet new people in the metaverse it can lead to meeting new people in reality. Although meeting new people in the metaverse has advantages and disadvantages.
    For example:
    An advantage of meeting new people in the metaverse is meeting new people in reality and that can reduce loneliness.
    A disadvantage of meeting new people in the metaverse is people may pretend to be what they are not.

  • I choose learn new things because people can learn about things that they never new existed.
    For example:
    Non astronauts could learn about our galaxy(the milky way) and explore about planets that they are curious about.

    Although learning new things through the metaverse has its advantages and disadvantages.
    For example:
    An advantage is people's knowledge would increase.
    A disadvantage is some of the information on the metaverse might be incorrect and may not have any empirical evidence to support it.

  • Thank you succinct_peach for recommending this topic as has got me thinking about the difference between metaverse relationships as opposed to real life. My dad reads the Economist newspaper every single week, and I ask him to find any interesting subjects I might want to read. This week, I read about the metaverse : " The coming year will see big tech firms doubling down on two related, much-hyped possibilities. One is virtual - (VR) and augmented reality -(AR) headsets; the idea that, having shrunk computers to our pockets, the next is to strap them to our faces."

    Virtual reality cannot form relationships between people there, in my opinion. The reason for this is that children, teenagers, adults even will form their avatar to what they think is the ideal body or image. This way, you will never know how the person looks in real life. Additionally, people might become so attached to the metaverse itself, that they become antisocial thus breaking strong bonds with friends. Therefore, I agree with you succinct peach, that meaningful relationships are prominent in the real world. However, that is for people who are living close together.

    Whether you are in virtual or augmented reality, people who are living a long distance away from each other can spend precious time together in the metaverse. They can share what has been going on, therefore, you can also bond with family relatives living far away. My cousins, grandparents and auntie live there, and we communicate with WhatsApp to contact each other from abroad. Although, nothing is better than a good hug from them.

  • I think meeting new people in the metaverse might be good especially for people who find it difficult to socialize in the real world as those who have social anxiety or physical disabilities, and for people who couldn’t travel to other countries such as Gazan citizen. Therefore, for them, online interactions could be a way to overcome these challenges and connect with others.
    However, I think it might not be suitable for individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions and find it challenging to connect with others online. Moreover, it could be challenging for individuals who are not familiar with technology or have limited access to the internet to meet new people in the metaverse.
    I believe that meeting new people can be beneficial in both the metaverse and the real world, it can be based on the existing circumstances and needs for people.
    Actually, meeting new people in the metaverse can be suitable as it allows individuals to connect with others from all over the world, without geographical limitations. It also provides a platform for individuals to find compatible people and communities.
    On the other hand, meeting new people in the real world can offer a more reliable and personal experience, where people can interact in person, build meaningful relationships, and experience social cues that are not available in the metaverse.

  • My opinion on th first topic "meeting new people "this might be good for the people who are being lonely as they could use this metaverse platform to interact with their friends or even family members who are far away from them
    This will be bad for people with losse tounge as they might leak out few information infact I even heard a news that a person shared a vlog with their friends sharing a home tour in which they revealed were they would store their valuables and a theif used these information and stole her valuables as the person had given a complete tour of the house the theif knew the way to get in and out of the house without getting caught so when having a metaverse friend we must be carefully not to leak information like this mostly old age people unknowingly share these information without knowing the side effect of it.
    I think that meeting new people and spending time with them is always great in the real world rather than the metaverse world even if we have the felling of seeing that person in real life according to me real life interactions are better.

  • I think traveling to new places during the metaverse is something fantastic for us as Palestinians.
    In our real life we in Gaza live in a big prison so traveling to get new people with new cultures by the metaverse is the suitable solution.
    Traveling for many purposes education, entertainment, curing,trade, exploring, adventure........and so on
    Traveling teaches patience how to deal with other people and that's amazing.

  • I see metaverses as an amazing opportunity in times of travel See what places were like thousands of years ago or places so far away from me that I probably wouldn't have the time or money to go to in person Remember travel is a life changing thing We should think of people with disabilities or almost no money better than nothing .
    Although I prefer to go to travel in person, but we do not forget people with disabilities or those who do not have money.
    From my point of view, metaverse is an amazing opportunity to travel.

  • I chose to discuss meeting new people, because I feel that Socialization is one of the major uses of the metaverse. Let's look at the pros of the metaverse concerning socialization, shall we?
    First of all, I find starting a conversation way easier when I cannot see the person you are talking to, especially among shy people. I took a survey among my friends, and 9 out of 10 agreed with me.
    The metaverse has also made talking more convenient for people, because interaction is not bound by location. You can talk to anyone, anywhere.
    Now the cons;
    You may have never met the person, so there is the possibility that the person you are talking to is not who they seem. They could scam you or exploit you.
    My point is, the metaverse has its pros and cons, so we should use it sensibly, to reduce its dangers as much as possible.

  • I think that "learning new things" through metaverse will be good for everyone
    Because the metaverse platform gives a variety of learing opportunities. For example, the metaverse does not only aid in the learning of new words, you can also learn skills like communication, critical thinking and so on that can enhance your standard of living, it is also suitable for does who are not privillage to go to schools they can learn small trades like tailoring, welding, vulcanizing to sustain them till they get enough money to fund their education and also in my country, we have a high rate of unemployment, and so people can learn this trades trough the metaverse to keep themselves busy until they get jobs.

  • People in the metaverse have the ability to buy things without using their real money. This can be good for them, since they can experience the feeling of having things without spending money on it in the real world. However, this can be bad for stores. If people are buying things in the metaverse, they would not want to buy things in the real world. They would have to use their own real money, which can cause them to want to save. Stores would lose money this way, since their customers are decreasing. I think that it would be better if people bought items in the real world. This can help the economy grow and help stores by buying their things.

  • I would like to talk about the topic of playing games. For one it is good towards the people that enjoy meeting new people, leveling up, and purchasing items within the games. They get to enjoy themselves and the more items that come out the more people stay in the game which is good for the company and the players that are enjoying the game. Although playing games can be interesting it is also bad for the person's health. The more screen time they are using the less active they are and since they would be used to making friends online, when it comes to meeting someone in the present it'll be awkward and hard for them to speak. For these reasons it can be both a positive and a negative point about playing video games.

  • I chose "Meet new people" from the list.

    Who might this be good for?

    For people who are shy or have social anxiety, meeting new people in the metaverse might be easier than doing it in the real world. They could take their time to chat with others and get to know them without feeling the pressure of face-to-face interactions.

    Moreover, people who live in remote areas or have physical limitations that prevent them from going out and meeting new people in the real world could benefit from meeting new people in the metaverse.

    Who might this be bad for?

    For people who are addicted to social media or spending too much time online, meeting new people in the metaverse might further isolate them from the real world and decrease their motivation to form real-life relationships.

    Additionally, meeting new people in the metaverse might be more challenging for individuals who struggle with understanding social cues, facial expressions, or tone of voice.

    Is this better in the metaverse or in the real world? Why?

    Meeting new people in the metaverse can provide a low-stakes environment where people can experiment with social interactions and build relationships in a more controlled and comfortable setting. However, meeting new people in the real world provides opportunities for authentic, meaningful connections that could lead to real-world experiences, such as traveling, working, or volunteering together.

    Therefore, while meeting new people in the metaverse has its benefits, it is essential to balance it with meeting new people in the real world to avoid missing out on valuable experiences and relationships.

    "I'd also like to touch on games a little bit. In the real world, many of us are addicted to games, however, in the metaverse, we can have a more immersive experience that feels real too. So, I think many people would get addicted to games in the metaverse more than in our normal gadgets."

  • My thoughts on games in the metaverse.

    Who might this be good for?

    Games in the metaverse can be great for people who enjoy gaming and want to have a more immersive experience. Additionally, the metaverse could provide opportunities for collaborative gaming experiences that might not be possible in the real world.

    Moreover, gaming in the metaverse could be beneficial for people who want to learn new skills or participate in educational games that could help them develop new abilities.

    Who might this be bad for?

    Like in the real world, gaming in the metaverse could be addictive and lead to excessive screen time and neglect of other responsibilities. Additionally, gaming in the metaverse could further isolate people from the real world, leading to decreased motivation to engage in real-life experiences.

    Is this better in the metaverse or in the real world? Why?

    Games in the metaverse can provide an immersive experience that might not be possible in the real world. However, gaming in the metaverse could also perpetuate the negative effects of excessive screen time and addiction that exist in the real world.

    I think, it's essential to balance gaming in the metaverse with real-world experiences and responsibilities. Moreover, while the metaverse could provide opportunities for educational gaming experiences, it's important to ensure that they are well-designed and aligned with the goals of education rather than just entertainment.

    Spending money on metaverse games: Like the real-world people in the metaverse can spend their money on buying in-game items which are unnecessary.

  • I'll take the example of "Play games" in the metaverse.

    Who might this be good for?
    - Gamers who enjoy playing video games but don't have access to expensive gaming equipment or the latest games can use the metaverse to play games that they wouldn't be able to play otherwise.
    - People who have mobility issues or disabilities that prevent them from participating in physical games or sports can use the metaverse to play games without physical limitations.
    - Individuals who enjoy playing games with friends or meeting new people while playing games may find the metaverse a great way to socialize and have fun.

    Who might this be bad for?
    - People who struggle with addiction or compulsive behavior may find it difficult to manage their time and may become overly engrossed in playing games in the metaverse.
    - Individuals who prioritize physical activity and outdoor experiences may not find playing games in the metaverse to be a fulfilling or healthy way to spend their time.
    - I also think that people who prefer face-to-face interactions may not find the socializing aspect of playing games in the metaverse to be as fulfilling as meeting and playing with others in person.

    Is this better in the metaverse? Or in the real world? Why?
    Playing games in the metaverse can be a great option for individuals who are unable to participate in physical games or for those who enjoy socializing and playing games online. However, for those who prefer physical activity or face-to-face interactions, playing games in the real world may be a better option. Ultimately, it depends on the individual's personal preferences and circumstances.

  • In my own point of view, and looking at how technology has made life easier and convenient I think buying things in the metaverse will be make alot of benefits to the customers because buying things online customers experience convenient shopping ,that is they don't have to go to store some miles away from the house spending unnecessary transport fare,whereas buying things online,where the customers sit comfortably at home and order what they want, and it is delivered to them.
    Also buying things in the metaverse creates a great opportunity for we the customers as we get reduction of price, getting brilliant ideas and exclusive discounts rather than buying things in stores and you decided to price it to your own satisfaction and you get insulted for trying to price their goods like that but it is not so when buying things in the metaverse. The jumia online shopping App has really been a great help to we the customers as we can access millions of goods and services in any part of the world,it also enables customers discover new products faster than in physical stores whereby the creation of virtual store fronts has been made for customers to browse and purchase products of their choice.
    The introduction of metaverse in buying things have been a great help to us, rather than buying things in physical because there are some benefits we get in the metaverse that we can't benefit in the physical.

  • I would say maybe travel to new places in the metaverse online, because maybe in the reality you maybe want to visit that place. Another thing from the list is meeting new people, because for example, you are very shy and you don't talk much, it helps you talk to other people in a confident way because you are not actually meeting that person in reality.

  • Why don't we meet new people and interact with others that in the real world it's much better person to person and it will be safer so I prefer to make friends in the real world. But when I looked from another perspective, I found it an opportunity for others.
    Where there are people who can't get out, people can use the metaverse and stay in the door and still (finally) make friends who feel like they are there.

  • Well meeting new people on the metaverse, yes its an advantage and also a disadvantage
    ADVANTAGE in the sense that meeting people help, for example many people get their jobs online. they meet, chat and converse with new people and they tell them what they are capable of and also people tell people ways in which they can seek help, we also learn different things in which will benefit us in different ways, a perfect example is the topical talk, many people are suggesting ways in which things can be don better, in which others are seeing and learning from and picking such ideas to see how the improve their environment in different ways,
    DISADVANTAGE in the sense that many people today because of the metaverse world are being exposed to cyber bullying resulting to suicide, it is also a disadvantage because people are losing goods and property these days because they put their trust in new people they meet and do not know, but because of how appealing the metaverse has made them look, they tend to lose things they worked so hard to get.

  • Actually the prospect of the using the metaverse just makes me yearn for it more and more and also the thought of being able to travel and go to places and locations where people where unable to go to is just more fascinating to think about I mean this could help a lot of people because they will be able to be in the comfort of their homes and yet still be able to be immersed in a world were even the sky is not their limit and this would help those who are physically disabled to go to the virtual world and go on breathtaking adventures in this digital twin and it will also help those who cannot afford to go to these places in real life but still experience it in their homes because of the amazing prospects of the metaverse and this can also help those who are like to create stories and fictional novels because the metaverse will give the person more inspiration and creativity. So I am totally hyped for the metaverse.

  • Play Games
    Game-playing in the metaverse can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, games can provide a sense of accomplishment and stress relief. Multiplayer games can facilitate social bonding and teamwork. On the other hand, some games may promote violence and aggression, especially in a context where players can hide behind avatars. Additionally, gaming addiction can lead to social isolation, neglect of real-world responsibilities, and other negative consequences

  • I think traveling to new places is both good and bad for us. Firstly, it is good that we can travel both internationally and domestically in this virtual space without many expenses and travel is simplified. It is good for the environment as fewer aircraft will fly the skies. People with disabilities can now travel the world with this technology and see the world! Cultures and Traditions can be shared and explored free of cost. There are many benefits. But now on to the disadvantages.

    If people traveled in the virtual world, internationally, there will be a reduced flow of foreign exchange reserves around the globe which will lead to increased taxes and poverty and maybe recession! Furthermore, tourism-dependent countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Maldives, Seychelles, and many others may suffer very severely as the tourism industry contributes a significant amount of GDP. If there are no international tourists, then tourism depended on areas in the world may suffer losses and fail to sell their goods in the real world as many vendors are still unknown of this technological advancement. Jobs will not be created and unemployment may increase. No Virtual Police will lead to cyberbullying internationally, further degrading the image of the countries.

    Traveling in the real world is better in the metaverse and more profitable for people but it is eventually going to affect us again and makes no sense in paying the same amount of increased taxes that you could have paid in your real-world trips.

  • Well to *meet new people* might not be that good of an idea . It can be very dangerous to meet people online because you don’t actually know them. I know it can be very fun to play games and talk to people but it can be very dangerous. You just need to be careful like if your children are using metaverse to play games and have fun you need to make sure they aren’t talking to strangers. Anyone can be online today and a lot of people’s life’s have been damaged in a way because of this. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be talking to new people I’m just saying we need to be really careful about it because of catfish’s and other things like that.

  • Who might this be good for? Who might this be bad for?

    As we can see, the metaverse has the potential to offer many benefits to different groups of people, but it also raises concerns and challenges that need to be addressed. From my point of view, I would like to share some good and bad about metaverse.

    Who might the metaverse be good for?

    Gamers and Virtual Reality Enthusiasts: The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize gaming and virtual reality experiences, offering players new levels of immersion and interactivity. Virtual worlds and games could provide new opportunities for entertainment, socialization, and learning.

    Business and Industry: The metaverse could offer new opportunities for businesses to interact with customers and clients, create new markets, and develop innovative products and services. Companies could use virtual environments for virtual events, product launches, and virtual collaboration.

    Creatives and Artists: The metaverse could offer a new canvas for artists and creatives to showcase their work and collaborate on new projects. Virtual galleries, performances, and exhibitions could provide new opportunities for artists to reach wider audiences and monetize their work.

    Those who value in-person interaction: The metaverse may not be suitable for people who value in-person interaction and find virtual interactions less meaningful or satisfying. For example, some people may prefer to attend concerts or events in person rather than in a virtual environment.

    Who might the metaverse be bad for?

    Individuals with Limited Access to Technology: The metaverse relies on advanced technology and reliable internet connections. Individuals with limited access to technology or reliable internet may be excluded from the metaverse and miss out on the opportunities it provides.

    People with Disabilities: The metaverse may not be accessible to people with certain disabilities, including those who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or have mobility issues. The metaverse will need to be designed with accessibility in mind to ensure that it is inclusive and equitable.

    Those Concerned about Privacy and Security: The metaverse will generate vast amounts of data and will require sophisticated data management and security systems. Concerns about data privacy, surveillance, and security may limit the adoption of the metaverse, and users will need to be informed and empowered to protect their personal information. The metaverse has both advantages and disadvantages to the world.

    Is this better in the metaverse? Or in the real world? Why?

    Actually, this question was a thoughtful one, the answer to this question depends on what you are referring to specifically. There are advantages and disadvantages to both the metaverse and the real world, and the better option will depend on the context and the specific goals you are trying to achieve. The decision of whether to focus on the metaverse or the real world will depend on the specific goals and context of the situation. The key is to consider the strengths and limitations of each option and to choose the approach that is most likely to achieve your desired outcomes.

    For example, if you are trying to create a virtual community to connect with like-minded people, the metaverse might be a better option because it can be more accessible and convenient than meeting in the physical world. However, if you are trying to build a physical infrastructure to support sustainable practices or protect biodiversity, the real world might be a better option because it allows you to work directly with the environment and the people who live in it.

    It's also worth noting that the metaverse and the real world are not mutually exclusive. They can be complementary, with each offering unique benefits and opportunities. For example, virtual simulations can be a useful tool for testing and refining real-world interventions, and digital platforms can be an effective way to engage and mobilize people around real-world issues. While the metaverse offers many exciting possibilities, it is important to be aware of potential drawbacks and to design and implement it in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all users. Introduction metaverse in the real world would be a good thing in the technology as we can reduce the travel which results in reduction of carbon emission, but it also reduces the income to country which adversely depends upon the tourist source of income to the government treasury. There should be rules and laws to be implemented before introducing the metaverse to the real world.

  • In my opinion, electronic games are not good, they are dangerous and destructive in all respects, and they have many negative aspects to mention.
    First, it destroys the mind and makes a person addicted to it. Addiction to something like electronic games is not good. It will destroy his vision, and it will also make people lonely, wanting nothing but playing on it.
    And if he is a student who will destroy his academic achievement for the sake of games, he will destroy his future
    The simplest example of this is the PUBG game that has spread in the recent period, everyone started playing it, young and old, boys and girls, and mothers started complaining about their children. the mothers said: “We don't see our children all day long sitting in their rooms playing on them, and what they care most about is winning and spoiling their educational life. They didn't care about homework or anything but playing on electronic games, and that's called addiction.

    But there are people who know how to use these games and parents often follow this category, I hope everyone likes them