#13 - Extinct jobs

04 December 2020

Skill Description Competition Speaking

Winners announced!

Thank you for all of your entries this week - there were lots of interesting ideas and we definitely learnt a thing or two! Our winners are...

enterprising_night of Hammond Junior School A, who impressively used their learning about World War Two to explain the job of an air warden. It's fantastic to see you making links between the BNC Issue and your school work!


incredible_world of Pinner High School who made a very good point about how some jobs seem to evolve rather than go extinct - brilliant!

Work is always evolving - and sometimes new technology makes some jobs go extinct - meaning they do not exist anymore! There's lots of discussion happening on the Hub about jobs that might be replaced by robots in the future...but what about the jobs that have already disappeared?

Your challenge this week is to find out about a job that has gone extinct and tell us about it.

We'd like you to explain:

1) What the job was

2) Why it went extinct (what was it replaced by?) and

3) Whether you think that job should come back again

For example...

A job that no longer exists is the work of a lamplighter. Lamplighters used to light the fires in streetlamps so that people could see in the dark. They were replaced by electric streetlamps. I think the job should not come back again because electricity is much quicker than someone lighting each streetlight individually!

Use this structure ^^^ to help you to write your own answer if you need to.

Want to do some research? Look here!

The deadline for entries is Friday December 4th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

Comments (89)

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  • One job I've heard about is someone that knocked on doors and windows to wake people up!
    Why I think the Knocker job went extinct because as clocks and alarms began to be made, less and less of them were needed. As alarms basically took over, they didn't need the Knocker job anymore since most people can easily wake up to an alarm. Personally, I do not think they should return. It will be pretty annoying having someone knock on your door and window to wake you up. It also seems a bit creepy today how a stranger is watching you sleep momentarily. You can just use alarms now which are louder.

    1. I agree with you about the town crier. For more information they would use sticks, pebbles and clubs to knock on clients doors. They were normally employed by business owners to wake their workers on time. A reason for it to come back is because it got people up and early so they were ready to start the day. Also, a reason for it to come back is that it was a easy job to do so homeless people could actually do something. A reason for it to not come back is that humans have evolved so the technology needs to grow too. My final reason is that there should be better jobs to do instead that require better education.


  • Hi there, my name is decisive_redcurrant and this is my comment for the comp
    What is an iceman well here what you need to know
    in the 19th century and the late 20th Century there was a job called the ice workers as some people know it as iceman. They were people who delivered ice to others that need it.
    Why did the jobs extinct well, when refrigerators where made in 1913 ice wagons became unpopular because people where buying refrigerators.
    the ice man would come around and sell ice from his cart with which to stock the icebox.
    Should the job come back well here my opinion
    In My opinion, I don’t think the job should still exist. Because most people in the world have already got refrigerators in the house and there’s no point for others to go to factories and having to collect it from there just to sell to others. Also, because of coronavirus it’s very risky to do such a thing as you’re in contact with people and your touching and lots of things. Also, because of climate change the world has changed and so has the temperature so imagine if you’re in summer and an ice man comes up to us and offers for ice it would completely melt because of the temperature of the Sun.
    Hope you agree with me

    1. I agree that the iceman job shouldn‘t come back. This makes me think about ice0cream vans. In the 1950s, there were more than 20,000 in Britain and now there are less than 5,000. All the lollies and ice-creams you can buy in the supermarket and store in your freezer mean that ice-cream vans are becoming extinct. I’d hate to think of no more ice-cream vans.

  • A job that no longer exists is a human computer. Human computers were people who solved mathematical and scientific equations and problems. Mostly hired by NASA in the 20th century, they were used to calculate anything from how many rockets were needed to researching about aerospace. In the 1960s-70s most human computers were replaced by the computers we know today. I think that human computers shouldn't come back again due to the fact that humans aren't perfect and sometimes make errors in calculations. Also, mental calculations take longer, whereas computers will generate the answer quicker.

  • A job that no longer exists from the past 20 years is a 'human alarm clock'.This is a human who has a fishing rod or something flexible to bend and long to go inside an open window and hook on to a persons clothing and tug on it so they wake up but if the human alarm clock has a bendable and long stick they need to get into the gap in the window and hit the stick on the persons back.The reason this was extinct was it was dangerous, if someone wakes up at 6:00 A.M the 'human alarm clock' will not be able to wake up at. that time.This job was replaced by the extraordinary alarm clock which was delightfully invented by Benjemin Abrams followed by Levi Hutchins and followed from Galielo BUT Christiaan Hygens takes all the credit.

  • A job that is extinct is a Town Crier. Before radio ,television and internet people relied on the Town Crier to deliver breaking news - in fact town criers were used well in to the 20th century in many parts of the US! While most of us now receive our news digitally in the UK , Town Criers are still occasionally employed for special events!

    1. I have never heard about a town crier. Do you think the job town crier should come back?

  • A job that does not really exist anymore is car manufacturers.The reason behind this is beause it was cheaper than to pay humans , they didn't make as much mistakes as humans so it was more accurate to provide a better car.Also robots could work 24 hours ever day so more was being produced.This was also better from the health and safety side because it help hygiene by not having to do dangerous or dirty jobs.


  • In conclusion I think it is better to have robots beause more can be done but in a cheaper way.

  • Hello. This is my message and I hope you approve.
    an extinct job was a town crier. before radio or television town criers used to shout out the latest information and news in the middle of the town. they had really loud voices which made them easy to hear from a distance away. they were used well into the 20th century and sometimes are used in the uk for very special events. the job is now extict as we now have computers and radios and television to listen to the news. I think the job probably shouldn't come back, especially not at this crucial time where we all have to social distance and try NOT to shout as much as possible as that could spread particles of the virus from out mouths and unto other people. And that is what a town crier's job is all about. Plus, they are very noisy and may wake people up in the night or early morning

  • A job that no longer exits is called the pinsetter. The pinsetter, who was normally a young boy, would put the tenpin bowling pins up after someone had knocked hem over and roll the ball back to the clients. Another issue is that the clients would have to count their score manually. Before the 1940's, this was a job that existed. Then, in 1941, a pioneer called Gottfried Schmidt made the first automated machine. A reason for it to not come back is because boys got hurt doing it and they should be in school anyway. Also, having someone manually set up the pins would take a long time. Finally for a reason to keep it the same is that machines are more reliable then humans. Machines wouldn't need a sick pay or a rest because they are not human. A reason for the job to come back again is that the machines often get stuck so you have to wait for a human to come anyway. My final opinion is that it shouldn't come back as this is a job that doesn't need humans to help as it is a low-skilled job. We need humans for jobs like teaching.


  • Hi active_guava here and my job is a Rag and Bone man.
    What did the Rag and Bone Man do? This is basically someone who collects junk from your house and loads them on to a carriage or lorry. If you’re thinking its a garbage collector, then you’re wrong. The Rag and Bone Man collected mainly rags, bones, scrap iron, and other items that could be recycled into other things. They would trade these for other things that may or may not be useful to you. Today, the Rag and Bone Man is a profession that vanished due to the traffic they caused.
    I hope you liked my piece from active_guava

  • A job that has been extinct is a chimney sweeper. What is a chimney sweeper? A chimney sweeper was in the olden days a kid who went down the chimney to clean it, that is called child labour which isn’t very popular today.
    A chimney sweeper has become extinct as more advanced equipment has been made for people to clean the chimneys without going inside the actual chimney where they could get extremely sick, injured or catch a disease.
    In my opinion I think that the job ‘chimney sweeper’ ,the one where they send children down a chimney, should stay extinct because as I already pointed out they could get sick and it is also child labour. And because people have invented long, flexible brushes to stick down the chimney.
    From buzzing_grapefruit

    1. I love how you have linked child labour to chimney sweeping. I understand it is very cruel. Can you give me a brief explanation on what child labour is?

      1. Hi busy_technology!
        Thanks for the question!
        Child labour is when a child is made to do work when they are not supposed to as they are too young.

  • A job that no longer exists is the rat catcher. These people would catch the pests and kill them for a living! I really think that this job should come back because rats have basically taken over big cities!

  • Human alarm clocks. Knocker-uppers were essentially alarm clocks – they were hired to ensure that people would wake up on time for their own jobs. They would use sticks, clubs or pebbles to knock on clients’ windows and doors

  • Clever forest here,
    An extinct job is a town crier.A town crier is a person who tells the news everyday.Before we had television,radios and more,the town crier would had to tell the news.Because nowadays we use phones,televisions and more,the town crier job has been extinct therefore we rely on the tele to watch the news.I think the town crier was extinct for good because we use the television more often now to watch the news and even if we still had town criers,it would be useless because we watch the news on the television now.We may need it in the future as maybe the electricity will run out.But,these day we are fine to keep it extinct thanks to the television.

    I think town criers should not be extinct in poor countries therefore they may not have televisions or enough electricity.We should think about our future and how we could use them again if needed.We don't just use the televisions to read the news,we use loads of other stuff like a phone,ipad and more!We can use phones and more stuff to watch the news like if you have to go to work early and you don't have time to watch the news.

    Thanks for reading!

  • A job that I now know that used to exist is a Pinsetter. When you would go and play the famous game of bowling, Pinsetters would set up the pins for you to knock down and give you back a ball to have another go.
    Pinsetters started to be replaced by machinery in 1936 because machines could do their job much more quickly and efficiently. By setting up the bowling alley automatically, machines have made human Pinsetters not necessary. However, a few bowling alleys still use human Pinsetters.
    I think Pinsetters shouldn’t come back in the majority of situations because machinery is much more effective than a person kneeling down each time, counting score and then giving back the ball to the players. Usually the Pinsetters were young teenage boys, so they might have been too young to have a job at their age.
    Although the machinery works better, a Pinsetter would not be a bad part time job and could be more entertaining. Also, it doesn’t involve too much skill. So I think Pinsetters should come back in the minority of situations so that older teenage kids could have a small job and earn pocket money.

  • A job that is extinct now is an iceman. Icemen used to bring big ice blocks to peoples homes because back then there were no freezers and it stopped their food going moldy and rotten. The icemen were no longer required to give ice blocks out to peoples homes because it was replaced by freezers and fridges.

  • The extinct job that I have chosen is the job of the coachman, who drove horse-drawn carriages containing passengers - they got a fare for each journey. Up to the early 20th Century, horse-drawn carriages were one of the main ways for people to get about. This changed with the invention of the motor car in 1896. Soon afterwards, taxis started to replace horse-drawn carriages and the job of the coachman became extinct.
    However, maybe it didn‘t become extinct - perhaps it just evolved. For example, there are still a small number of horse-drawn carriage drivers around today, mainly providing pleasure trips. Also, the coachmen’s job kind of evolved into the job of the taxi-driver - who carry passengers in cars rather than using horses. The taxi drivers job is evolving further up to today with the invention of the Uber cab in 2009. Nowdays, you can call a cab with a click of a button.

  • What job did I choose?
    What are gladiators?
    People who fight either because the are criminals serving their punishments or because it is their profession. They Normally fight other gladiators in an arena like the colosseum with a massive crowd watching. Sometimes even the king was there. They also would fight animals like lions and tigers. These fights would often result in many people dying and very rarely both fighters making out alive. This job dates back to roman times around 105 BC to 404 CE when people enjoyed watching these types of entertainment. It got extinct because it was thought to violent and replaced by theatrical works and other pieces of entertainment.
    Should it come back?
    In my opinion no. I think this I feel that modern day entertainment is more entertaining. These entertainments are football matches and shows like Britain's got talent. It also is extremely gruesome and gory and violent. This for me is not suitable for people no matter how old you are and I am pretty sure no one would like to see spilt guts on the floor.
    Do you agree with me?

  • Hi my name is bright _ independence and this is my entry for this weeks competition .

    The job I picked to research about was a pre-radar listener for enemy aircrafts.

    What is a pre-radar listener for enemy aircrafts ?

    During the times of World War 1 and 2 (1900) people used to be listeners that were always on radar for if any enemy aircrafts were going to attack or drop bombs , these people put their lives at risk to save their town and their country just like the soldiers did .Pre - radar listeners used equipment like acoustic mirrors but these mirrors are not like mirrors now a days - these mirrors were used to detected the sound the sound of engines that are near.

    Why did this job go extinct ?

    This job became extinct because today we now have a lot of technology and we are able to improve aircraft and planes that is why this job no longer exists because radars are built in to planes now so we do not need people to listen out for over head planes .

    Do I think this job should exist again ?

    No I do not because we have the technology to be able to have the privilege of having radars in our planes so that they know enemy planes are coming whilst they are in the air .

    By bright_independence.

  • A job that no longer exists is the Switchboard operators. Switchboard operators used to connect phone calls by connecting cables by hand from one board to another to connect you to the person you wanted to speak to. Nowadays this is done electronically and automatically by complex telephone systems. - uncoventional_bat

    1. Do you think ‘Switchboard Operators’ should come back?
      From buzzing_grapefruit

      1. Nope, Because mobiles and tech are more easy! :)

  • I think the job ,shouting out the news on the streets, shouldn't come back. I think this because some time people doesn't want to hear the news or not interested. During the winter time, people catch cold or get sore throat and shouting out the news while your ill or perhaps have sore throat isn't good, so I think that replacing human being shouting out the news for radios and devices that will automatically tell you what's happening in the world is better.

  • A job that is starting to be extinct is the airline check-in staff. They check in passengers and their baggage. They also allocate seats to passengers. There used to be so many people doing this job but now they are gradually being replaced by self-service machines.
    I think this job should come back because it creates more employment and job opportunities. I also think the job should come back because there could be problems with the machines. Another reason why I think this job should come back is because we can't really communicate with the machines when there are any issues.


  • I have hear about a job and it was a lamp lighter, the reason for this job was a person to go around lighting all the lamps but that job became extinct because now all of the lamps are electric so that means someone could flip a switch to turn all of then on or the lamps might have sensors which detects if it becomes night and it would turn on so the city is lit up and the lamps have been used for driving at night so less crashes pull happen!
    That was my entry hope you enjoyed it! :)
    By willing_radio❤️❤️

  • I meant a to put heard not hear and I did not mean to put pull at the end :)

  • An extinct job is a town crier. A town crier is someone who is employed by the town council to tell all the announcements and the news in the street. I think the occupation became extinct because technology started to become in use and people started to listen to the radio and watch the television. They soon began to forget about the town crier. In my point of view, I think that this job should stay exist. Now that technology is upgrading all the time people can find anything in the news and wouldn't notice the town crier. I think people would find it really annoying because of the ringing of the bell and wouldn't have time to listen or notice it.

  • Hi there, my name is bright_drawing and this is my comment for the competition hope you like it!!
    Switchboard operator and what do you need to know about this job?
    In the early days of telephony, people and companies used manual telephone switchboards, and switchboard operators connected calls by inserting a pair of phone plugs into the appropriate jacks.
    They work for many company's they help answer phone calls. Hope this helps you know what a switchboard is. I think it should not be extinct because of covid-19 and people would be having concerns to ANE so it would help alot.
    Hope this helps you what a switchboard operator is,

  • Ice Maker, An Ice Maker pumps water from a collection sump and slowly pours it over the ice tray. This gradually freezes the water in layers making clear ice.

  • Sorry it is not an ice maker it is an iceman and an iceman is a person who sells ice from a wagon, cart or a motor- truck.

    The job of an iceman went extinct because people could now buy fridges.

  • Bowling Alley pinsetter this went extinct because of two many accidents and for peoples safety i dont think it will come back as now we have automatic ones no. Hope you liked my comment

  • Bowling Alley pinsetter this went extinct because of two many accidents and for peoples safety i dont think it will come back as now we have automatic ones. Hope you liked my comment

  • cleaning a lamp post this went extinct because many men who had the job where electrocuted!!

  • A job that is extinct could me an ice cream man because of covid they had to cancel the job because you can't get ice creams any more because of covid-19 .Another job that could be extinct can be an iceman because they give out ice on a wagon they can't do that because their touching something that has the ice man's germs on that could have a disease.One more job that could be extinct can be a bowling alley because the ball that lots of people touch from different families and also the shops and restaurants in the bowling alley can't be open unless their delivery.
    ThankYou who ever read my post
    skillful_conclusion bye!!

  • Icemen

    Icemen would brake ice in blocks then bring them to other places. As ice melts away, icemen have lost their jobs. I do NOT think this job should come back because you could get cold, get a cold and/or fall in water. To add I would not like to do this job as I am quite cautious and always get cold. I HATE getting cold.

  • The "Town Crier"

    This job has gone extinct because of the increase of technology, radios have replaced it.

    I am 100% sure I don`t want to have this job available again. To be honest, I do like finding out what`s happening around the world. I often find myself reading the newspaper (online, see how technology`s increased!) Or listening to the radio. Though if I want peace and quiet, I press the "off button". I just can`t imagine walking in the park on a phone call or just for a breath of fresh air, and in the background all you hear is "DAILY NEWS, DAILY NEWS HEAR ALL ABOUT IT!" or "THE SCOOP OF THE DAY IS...". By the time I would`ve walked home I probably would`ve had a massive headache!

  • An extint job is servents ,

    I think that servents deserved to go extinct because everyone should be treated equal and if there was still servents than not everyone would be treated equal

  • A job that has gone extinct is an Iceman they would deliver ice to your house because there where no freezers.
    It went extinct because we have freezers and if we need ice we can just open freezers and get as much as we have bought or made.
    I do not think that it should come back because it would be pointless and it could be very disturbing if someone just knocked on your door and asked if you want ice.

  • A job that has gone extinct is an Air Warden. I am learning about WW2 at the moment.

    It is obviously "extinct" because there has not been a war in many years but what did they do when they were around?
    It was essential to put blackouts up, blackouts was black fabric ( a bit like curtains) citizens used to put up on their windows to block light so that the German pilots couldn't see were buildings were. If someone didn't have their black outs up they would yell something like: "Put those blackouts up!". They didn't just do that, they also rescued and helped put out small fires (big fires were to be put out by the fire brigade).
    In London they would guide people to the underground if they didn't have a Morrison Shelter or Anderson Shelters. I think this was a big part because they risked their lives to save other people.

  • A job that has gone extinct is a milkmaid. It has been replaced by an electric milking parlour. I dont think this job should be brought back as it is very hard work and the electric milking parlours are much more efficient.

  • A job that sadly no longer exists is the milkman.
    Every morning from the 1950's to the 1980's , the milkman would drive his electric milk float, crammed with rattling milk bottles around the neighbourhood and drop off jugs and bottles filled to the brim with fresh milk. This would delight his daily customers and, according to my parents, the cream to be found at the top of the milk bottle 'tasted like nectar!' Unfortunately, although you can still have milk delivered, it is very unusual and rare, as these days as most people get their milk supplies directly from the supermarkets instead.

    1. In my opinion, I think that there is a disadvantage and advantages for the milkman. The advantages are that people didn't have to go to the store to buy daily things such as milk , eggs and bread . Another advantage is that people dont have to spend their time walking to the store because in today's generation people have lots of work to do. Disadvantage is that the milkman puts it in a bottle and leaves it outside and many animals and people would touch it and spread virus and germs around to the person collecting it. In addition I think that milk man job shouldn't be extinct because now in lockdown people can't go out and if they do there is more danger since public would gather up however if there is one person outside hygienic then there is less chance of covid

  • Electric lights are pretty great. You can flip them on and use them whenever you need them (well, unless you forgot to pay your electric bill) and they save us from spending more money than we already do in the candle aisle at Target. Electric street lights are also pretty great – they save us from crashing into objects, getting mugged on a dark street… you get the picture. However, once upon a time, cities (and homes!) relied on gas lamps. Who walked around and lit all of those lamps at dusk? You guessed it: a lamplighter.

  • The job that I have chosen is a milkman because a milkman would wake up every morning and deliver milk to hundreds of people. 50 years ago 30% of milk was delivered by a milkman. The milkman job went extinct because people thought that milk from grocery stores are the only way to get milk. Soon milkman jobs faded away and there were none left. Now people go to shops and buy milk instead of getting fresh milk from the milkman. In my opinion I think that the milkman job should come back because instead of having to go to the shops when milk runs out you can just go to your front door every morning and the fresh milk will be there for you.

  • i job that no longer exists is a pinsetter a pinsetter is a person who resets a bowling match. i think being a pin setter is not a very fun job because you have to do the same job over and over again and putting up pins is quite hard and rolling back the bowling ball can be a bit hard because a bowling ball is a bit heavy.

  • Back in the 18th and 19th century, there was this really interesting job called a book peddler. They used to carry samples of books in a briefcase and they would travel door-to-door, trying to sell their books. If the customers liked the book samples, they would buy a book from them. They did this rather than having a stuck in place brick walled shop. The job went extinct because residents of houses are quite concerned with this and see it as cold-calling. They don't like this idea and they do not see this door-to-door book service quite positively. I think that while it is a nice idea, having a personal door-to-door service, it may not be as useful, because there are so many books out there and almost all of them can be bought online, or you can go to your local library rather than wait for a book peddler to come around. Also because of the current climate of COVID-19, it isn't very practical anymore and there could be a lot of germs being passed around and doing this job and following all of the recommended guidelines would be a challenge.

  • A job that has gone extinct is a pinsetter

    We used to have pinsetters because in a bowling alley when you knock the pins down they picked them up and reset them.

    It got replaced by a mechanical that sets the pins back instead of a human doing it.

    I think a human pinsetter shouldn't come back again because you can get hurt and we have technology that would make it more easier.

  • A job that has gone extinct is a town crier.

    Before radio, television, and internet, people relied on the town crier to deliver breaking news – in fact, town criers were used well into the 20th century in many parts of the US! While most of us now receive our news digitally, in the UK, town criers are still occasionally employed for special events.

    I think it shouldn't come back again because if you don't celebrate a certain holiday and they start disturbing you it can be a bit rude to tell them that you have to wake up its christmas.

  • A job that is now extinct is a steam train driver, now only volunteers on historic steam railways are driving steam trains. In the late 1960's the last mainline steam trains were replaced by electric and diesel trains in the UK, approximately 150 years after the first steam train took it's first journey.
    I would of liked to be an engine driver and enjoy visiting the heritage railways around the UK. Maybe when I get older I may try to have a go.

  • A extinct job is a lamplighter.

    Electric lights are pretty great. You can flip them on and use them whenever you need them (well, unless you forgot to pay your electric bill) and they save us from spending more money than we already do in the candle aisle at Target. Electric street lights are also pretty great – they save us from crashing into objects, getting mugged on a dark street… you get the picture. However, once upon a time, cities (and homes!) relied on gas lamps. Who walked around and lit all of those lamps at dusk? You guessed it: a lamplighter.

    I think that that could come back and couldn't I think that could come back but it could be more safer and only if you don't have enough money to pay for your bills. It couldn't come back because it isn't very safe and could potentially kill you. But if you could ever be one BE CAREFULL!!!

    This is from jovial_eel

    1. Jovial_eel, please enter only ONCE to competitions, otherwise this is unfair to other students.

  • A job that no longer exists is a chimney sweep. Chimney sweeps used to go from door to door with the children they employed and forced them to go up chimneys and sweep them clean. This job is no longer needed because of two reasons:
    1. no one really has chimneys these days as they have become an obsolete form of heating, it has been replaced with the wonder of central heating.
    2. I would imagine that child safety laws prevent anyone from exploiting a child in that way these days, so it would not be a legal job.
    Anyways for those reasons I don't think that chimney sweeping would be a suitable modern day job, and it should stay in the past where it belongs.

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    A job that has been extinct since 1941 is the 'Bowling Alley Pinsetter'. This job is fairly self-explanatory but I am still going to fully explain what you did in this job. Before 1941, there was no machine to put the bowling pins back into place when you are out bowling, and the bowling alley as an invention has been around for a while, so in the time between when bowling alleys where invented, and 1941 when an automatic pin setter was invented, the way people but the balls back into place and put the pins back to the starting position is to use a young adult who will stand at the end of the alley and who will do all the stuff that I listed above. As I mentioned above, this job became extinct as the pinsetter machine was invented, they way that this machine works is it collects the bowling balls and takes them back to the start and then picks the pins back and puts them into formation. I don't think that this job should come back as it is bad for the children as it takes long hours and it would be hard work. Also, now we have the new technology, it would be stupid and pointless to go back in time and get pinsetters when we have a machine for it now.

    Thank you for reading, hope you consider

  • A job that is has gone extinct is the Pinsetter.

    We used the Pinsetter because in a Bowling alley you knock the pins down and they picked them up and reset them.

    It got replaced replaced by a mechanical that sets the pins back instead of human's doing it.

    I think a human Pinsetter should not come back again because you can sometimes get hurt of the weight of the Bowling ball. And it will be tiring if you do it all day and all night long.

  • A pyramid builder is one . I dont think we should bring them back because by the time egypt will be covered in pyramids

  • The extinct job that I chose is called a log driver. It was around throughout the 18nth century and the majority of the 19th. A log drivers job was to transport logs used for fires or carving etc. Because during this time, the correct technology wasn't available to transport the logs, therefore they would use the nearby river to guide the logs to the necessary areas. I don't think that this job should come back because the way we currently transport logs from place to place is much more efficient. Thank you for reading , poetic_passionfruit

  • Befour when people went to bowling alleys everything was not automatic.In the begining of the 1970s' modern pinsetters were integrated with electronic scoring system. when people went to a bowling alley people used to rely on pin setters. pin stetter are people who reset the game for you. For example if you roll the bowling ball and knock down three pins the pin setter would place the pins back in place and pass the bowling ball back down the lane. Now a days we do not need pinsetters since everything in a bowling alley is automatic. Did you know pin setters can still be found in a hand full of vintage bowling alleys around the US.

    I think it would be better ...

    I think it is now better that the job of being pin setter is extinct because pin setters have to keep passing the bowling ball back to the bowler and a bowling is a bit heavy. Aditionaly, passing a bowling ball back to the bowler is not really fun you just have to do ther same thing over and over again. Also setting up the pins can be quite hard to put up and there are a lot of them to put up.

  • A job that I've heard of was a town crier,
    and before radios, TVs, and the internet were invented, people relied on the town crier to deliver the latest news. They were well used around the 20th century in many parts of the US.

  • I wouldn't like to bring it back because currently, people should be staying indoors, and also that would be quite hard for the people that do the job to go all around the town and even into other places. It was replaced by newspapers, newsletters and apps on phones.

  • A job that went extinct was a town crier. The job of these people was to spread the news around their village/city before tv's and radio's were invented. This job went extinct because technology has evolved

  • A job that went extinct was the typewriter. before computers came you would type on a type writer.I don't think it should come back because it is easier to use a computer.

    1. Is this a job or a thing, enigmatic_idea?

      1. I think its more of a thing, personally
        since a computer is a thing, but you could do a job on it

  • Hi BNC!
    Meticulous_Twilight here!
    the job i have looked up is an ice cutter. they used to use large saw-like tools to cut through ice and they woulg put the huge ice blocks on to a large sleigh or truck.
    This job is mainly completed in the winter when large chunks of ice are formed in lakes and rivers. They are stored in ice houses and are used or sold as cooling methods!
    How is the job done?
    well, the workers usually wait until a layer of ice, preferably a foot tall, has formed above water. After this, the ice would be cut with either a hand saw or a powered saw blade. They are usually cut into long strips first and then into solid blocks. The ice is then put onto a wagon and transported back to the ice house.
    Yes, this was a tiering job for the men and, to prevent them from getting to cold, they had to wrap up warm in thick leather clothes and a hat.
    Some people use this ice to put over wounds because it can tighten small vessels. This reduces the bleeding from superficial veins.
    Unfortunately, this is all I had time to look up. I hope you all enjoyed reading :)

  • The pinsetter:

    Young boys were trained to take the pins that were knocked down by the bowlers and stack them up again. Obviously now we have automatic machinery that picks them up much quicker

    Rat catcher: These were people who were paid to find as many rats in the streets of London. Nowadays rats usually hide near trash sites, since Londons streets are more hygienic then the olden days

  • A job that went extinct was a ice cutter and I don't think that this job should come back because it would be bad if you caught a cold , it would be extremely hard to cut ice also you could get hurt. The job was replaced by mechanical refrigeration.

  • Befour when people went to bowling alleys everything was not automatic.In the begining of the 1970s' modern pinsetters were integrated with electronic scoring system. when people went to a bowling alley people used to rely on pin setters. pin stetter are people who reset the game for you. For example if you roll the bowling ball and knock down three pins the pin setter would place the pins back in place and pass the bowling ball back down the lane. Now a days we do not need pinsetters since everything in a bowling alley is automatic. Did you know pin setters can still be found in a hand full of vintage bowling alleys around the US.

    I think it would be better ...

    I think it is now better that the job of being pin setter is extinct because pin setters have to keep passing the bowling ball back to the bowler and a bowling is a bit heavy. Aditionaly, passing a bowling ball back to the bowler is not really fun you just have to do ther same thing over and over again. Also setting up the pins can be quite hard to put up and there are a lot of them to put up.

  • pin setters are gone extinct now. can you believe that people who worked as pin setters had such a boring job!

  • Hello. Gregarious_moon here,

    A job that no longer exists is a Pinsetter. So for a pinsetter boy, a trip to the bowling alley wasn't very the most exciting place to go! You would have to be very brave to be a pinsetter because the bowling ball are extremely hard and you also have to be very strong. The job of a pinsetter is to reset the bowling pins into there correct position, and to throw the ball back to the player. They were low payed and often part time, most of the were teenage boys. Now a days everything is automatic at it knocks sets up the pins itself.

    Thank You for reading!

  • I don't think they should the pinsetter job shouldn't come back again because the automatic bowling system is faster and more efficient.

  • An interesting extinct job is a 'pinsetter', someone who used to set pins back at a bowling alley after they were knocked down. I think this job should not exist because bowling balls are heavy and dangerous and could hurt a pinsetter if they were just standing there. Also, the current electric pinsetters can record the points, move the pins more efficiently and they will always automatically put them back in the right place again.

  • Pet sitting is probably an extinct job because it's when you take care of others pets.

  • A job that was extinct a long time ago ,around the Romans and Victorians ( Victorians because of telegrams), was probably the messenger a man who would carry and deliver messages or letters to the specific people or person. They would do that on foot and travel miles and miles to a different village,town,city or country. They had to do this because during this time the correct technology was not available to transport messages and letters to the correct corespondent without it getting lost or stolen so they therefore had to use people that either was paid well, trustworthy or knew where their loyalty laid.I think and don't think this job should come back to the world since we have more efficient ways to get messages and letters to each other private or not with mail,email and other online platforms. Although with people who lack skill in work this could be a job stabling their living and family. But this work would be very hard working travelling by foot maybe to the other side of the planet. This is my opinion. What do you think?

    empathetic_brain 😊

    1. A job that was existent along was actually from the Victorian times.

  • One job which has gone extinct is a Pinsetters.
    these were men had to pick up your bowling pins and stack them up again. This job was mostly in the U.S.

  • A job that no longer exits is called a Rat Catcher.
    These people would put themselves in dangerous situations in territories full of rats. They were seen as warriors as they had high risk of bites and infections but they stopped that from spreading into the public. They sometimes use to catch rats themselves but other times they used "ratters"- highly skilled animals that were trained to catch them and bring them back. Today, we have modern strategies that people realized later like not leaving litter, getting animals to kill them, getting deadly baits or leaving traps. A reason for this to come back is that sometimes these tricks do not work on rats but a human with a gun is more reliable. A reason for it not to come back is that it is dangerous and traps work quite well.

  • A job that would extinct a long time ago would be a telegraphs because they had them around the romans and Victorians to talk to their relatives or family members. We do not have telegraphs anymore, we use phones or telephones.

  • A job that is now extinct is a lector.A lector is a person who would come into factories just to entertain them when the started become lazy or tired.While a lector would be hard-pressed to find work in US factories these days, the practice is still alive and well in Cuban cigar factories, where this job actually came from.They would entertain people by reading a book or a newspaper aloud to all the workers.Lectors were introduced in 1865.All the worker would have to pay a bit to hire the lector.Lectors than became extinct in 1931 because factory owners were concerned that they spreaded communist and anarchist ideas.They got replaced with radios.I would not like lectors to come back because radios are much more faster and reliable.

  • I think that a joker should come back because jokers would entertain people they would dress up weirdly and do funny things to make people laugh just like clowns 🤡,

  • A job as a soda jerk was ideal for many young people during the 20th century. Youths could often be found handling soda spigots while wearing bow ties and white paper hats as they served up ice cream and soda drinks to order. Competition from fast food restaurants and drive-ins aided in the disappearance of the traditional soda jerk, but today there are many restaurants trying to offer their own spin on the beloved drugstore clerks.

  • A job that has gone extinct and has been replaced by technology/ a robot is a bowling alley pinsetter. Humans used to set the pins in the bowling alley before 1936 when the first mechanical pinsetter was made. Originally young men were stationed at the side of the alley to set the pins and return the ball, Gottfried Schmidt designed the first mechanical pinsetter to increase the speed of the pin setting and returning the ball. I think that the mechanical pinsetter is a piece of equipment that is very important to a bowling alley but there are many flaws with the design like the ball going missing or the machine jamming, the machine also resulted in many young men losing their jobs. Overall I don’t think that the job should go back to its original state as it is more efficient and it is more beneficial for the bowling company.

  • A hob that us no longer around is a tape roller for films. This was replaced but cameras and projectors and CGI, and I don't think it will come back again, as it is quite outdated.

  • One that I've recently found out about are leech collectors. They are people who would collect leeches from lake, seas, etc. Back then, people would catch these as medicine which was said to suck toxic blood and the disease out of the body. It was also known as a ' Medical Miracle'. People stopped the job of leech collectors when the disease spread even more with the effect of the leeches.

  • A job that no longer exists is a human alarm clock. This was a popular job in the late 1920s. This is when people would be designated to a certain house or group of people that they had to wake up everyday at the time that was requested. I don't think this was a very safe job because it is very easy to let people into your life without realising that they might be dangerous and by asking people to come to your house every morning, you are essentially giving them access to your life without knowing their intentions. This job went extinct due to the invention of technology and was replaced by machines. This is a great example of automation and how machines have been taking over jobs for over 60 years, I personally believe that like this, machines will continue to take over low skilled jobs in the future. As a result of this, more people will have to re-train or get a degree in their chosen career even if they want to work in the gig economy or in a low skilled job.

  • An extinct job is a PinBoy which were used in bowling alleys, their job was to reset all the pins and to return the ball.

  • A job that no longer exists could be the 'Log driver'. Before the technology or infrastructure (buildings, roads, power supplies etc.) was available to transport logs by truck or other vehicles, log drivers would float and guide them down rivers from logging sites to processing areas. Back in the olden days, to ensure that logs drifted freely along the river, men called "log drivers" were needed to guide the logs. However, this could be extremely dangerous, as some drivers lost their own lives by falling off the ledge and into the water, and could have been crushed by the oncoming logs.
    Log drivers are now extinct, due to modern transport that can hold cargo, rather than it being done on foot. I think that this job should be extinct, because it could be very dangerous. Now, log drivers (in things like vans) are paid quite a lot, whereas during then not so much. It also proved much more quicker and efficient doing it with other vehicles. Finally, the log drivers would probably be very exhausted since they would be just pulling logs for hours on end.

  • A job that is extinct is a chimney sweeper

    Why I think the chimney sweep job is extinct is because now it’s against the law to use children as slaves and also back then (when this job was a thing) it was around the victorian time when this job was a thing so there wasn’t many people thinking before they do things (like hurting someone) so they didn’t know if it was right or wrong

    Another reason is: it’s a very dangerous job to do as people can get hurt and people (sometimes rich sometimes not) use their money to make themselves have power

    Thank you for listening

    Yours sincerely,triumphant_tambourine :)

    1. How do you think money and power are linked, triumphant_tambourine?

  • I think supporting our local businesses will help them to stay strong and give them a big boost even during a time like this.

  • One job that has gone extinct is a lift operator. Everyone who has used a lift knows that it’s not difficult – press a button and you’re on your way. But the first lifts could not automatically stop perfectly on the level you wanted. Instead, they were manually controlled by a large lever, and a lift operator would have to judge when to stop the lift as well as opening and locking the doors.

    The technology on board today’s user-operated lifts now does all that for you. You'll still find lift operators in a few luxury hotels where the clients are too rich to press buttons for themselves - and in the BT Tower in London, where the lift travels so fast to the 34th floor viewing area that some passengers need to be reassured.

    I think that this job should remain extinct because it makes our lives easier.

  • A bowling alley pin setter is extinct because now there is cleverer technology so they use robots as pin setters I think that having a robot is better as more people are able to play it because if you are setting up the pins then you won’t be able to play it. ☺️

  • Knocker ups is a person that wakes people up before they had any sort of alarm clocks in Ireland and England.