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For a strike to take place, a group of workers must decide that they are being treated unfairly.... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
In a workplace where all the workers are treated fairly and they have no problem with their... Working conditions 19/4/23
I agree because... If workers are comfortable in their working environment and don't think they... Working conditions 19/4/23
I agree because... Workers can't just go on strike without a reason, or go on strike without a... Strikes poll results! 19/4/23
Even though we didn't have a class discussion, I learnt that people choose to strike because... Lessons learned! 18/4/23
Everyone should be allowed to strike. But as we all know, there is no strike without a reason.... Can everyone strike? 18/4/23
Well here are some of the reasons I think are preventing the government from granting the wishes... Working conditions 18/4/23
I joined a discussion in the "strikes: should they be allowed?" Topic. I replied to " tenacious_... Competition #2 Global discussions 17/4/23
I agree because... The only reason why workers go on strike is because they have unsatisfactory... Working conditions 17/4/23
I think there should be a hub discussion post about whether climate change can be weaponized... Suggest a discussion 17/4/23
I think everyone should be allowed to strike because they have the right to protest if they have... Strikes poll results! 17/4/23
Workers have the right to protest for the issues they experience while working, but there are... Can everyone strike? 17/4/23
I would also like to comment on law 1. Taking only ten flights in a lifetime won't be possible... The law in your hands? 17/4/23
Yes actually, protein can be gotten from other sources such as legumes, kale, tofu and nuts. I... The law in your hands? 17/4/23
I think law 2 is not reasonable. You can't really force people to become vegeterians. Eating a... The law in your hands? 14/4/23
Recently, the Red cross estimated that more refugees flee from environmental crises than violent... Classroom spy... 14/4/23
I vote for more climate laws. But for countries that can't keep up with all the climate laws,... Earth Day poll results! 14/4/23
Well, we could start by using carbon capture and storage technology which involves capturing... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
Moreover I think that climate change can lead to a tragedy for humankind. Global warming causes... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
I believe that everything we know about climate change and it's effects on the environment has... Classroom spy... 13/4/23