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24 May 2023

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  • breathtaking_grasshopper | IB Arthur School A | Ghana 18 Apr 2023

    I joined the discussion on Earth Day: classroom spy topic. I replied to spirited gazelle from IB Arthur School A| Ghana and said "I agree because as you said rules are made to shape or mold a country, therefore if we make climate laws strict it will not ensure the happiness of every person in the country and it will be made regardless to the people's thoughts and opinions". They made me think differently because I always thought that climate laws have to be strict so that the citizens will have no choice but to obey them or they will get serious consequences, but spirited_ gazelle's comment made me think deeper, ad now I know that if there are strict laws it will not ensure the happiness of every person in the country.

  • secure_seahorse | Elite Scholars Academy | United States of America 18 Apr 2023

    I joined the topic "A new realm to rule" and I replied to "active black bear" from Ursa Academy in Nigeria.  I agreed with the student when they said that only a handful of people can have access to the Metaverse because of how expensive it is. I also said how they made me change my viewpoint on who should be in charge of the Metaverse. Personally I believed that if the Metaverse were to have laws they were to be created by the creators of the Metaverse with some input from the players. The commenter said that countries should be able to create laws so more representation is shown in the Metaverse. This helped change my viewpoint in a way in which I was able to think about people everywhere and how they can help make decisions in the technology that is introduced to them.

  • accurate_atom | Cheam Fields Primary Academy | United Kingdom 19 Apr 2023

    I replied to skillful_jacket on Strikes should they be allowed on the topic: Lesson learned. Whilst I did agree with skillful_jacket's comment regarding people's salaries, I replied with a question mark. Jobs are not all about the money. When you think of your dream job, you imagine something that you love doing not what pays you the highest salary. Money is never going to be on the same level as happiness. Yes, people should go on strike if they are not pleased with their salary but they should remember it was their choice to choose the job. However, in some cases, people love the job they do but it is not paid enough. I would like to promote a discussion: if you had a job you loved doing but you were not paid enough what would you choose, money or happiness?

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  • I joined a discussion in Earth day : " tougher climate laws? topic " .
    I replied to " straightforward_moth " from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A | India " and said " I think that the 2nd law is impossible. If we avoid to eat the food from animals how can we have a protein rich health body and we cant live without using animals products.which are required for our day to day life " and I replied to him with a comment. I hope he changed his thinking, and I gave him examples of how we can replace the proteins and nutritional benefits found in meat with other things. We advise them to eat less, starting with only 3 days a week, then two days, and so on, until they give up eating it

    1. I would like to join the discussion as Earth Day:"tougher climatic laws".I replied "trustworthy_currency"from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School (Palistine) "by saying that the decision in her comment may be risky".Why I say this is because If proteins were less, some food values are lost ,during my research the meaning of the term protein is "energy giving foods" that makes them very important in our diet and if we do not eat them , we will get deficiency diseases which attack our health system .

    2. Scientifically, it is possible for a person to replace the protein found in animals with the protein found in plants, and this is due to the whims of people. Some of them like to eat animal products, and some of them do not.

  • Climate crisis causes climate change.
    Climate change refers to the long term, large scale fluctuation in the patterns of weather. Global warming is the major cause of climate change. Global warming is experienced in the following ways;
    - Severe increase in temperature during the day.
    - Incidents of severe and prolonged drought.
    - Incidents of severe floods due to heavy and prolonged rainfall.

  • I joined a discussion on the topic (Earth Day, Strict Climate Laws) I responded to student harmonious_river from (Al Israa Academy) school from (Nigeria) and she said that in her country there are not enough climate laws because people cut down trees etc. they made me think differently because if There were enough laws when people do what they do, and if there were laws people would be more careful about all the actions they commit and what effect they have. Countries must enact adequate climate laws and impose penalties for those who violate them.

  • I joined a discussion talking about (the importance of Metaverse). I answered a comment I liked about the Israa Academy in Nigeria for a student that he made a remarkable comment because it is very convincing and realistic because it really helps in strengthening communication between you and experts and all people and its technical and scientific importance because it helps in progress, prosperity and increase Job opportunities, and this is really real and realistic. It made me think of some theories in which I realized the importance of Metaverse and that we must contribute to its development and communicate it to all people to know its importance by publishing it on social networking sites. and activate it

  • Striking wouldn't be the best option for employers for it affects the general day-to-day running of the institution's programs. However, they are sometimes unavoidable due to factors beyond control especially if the employers are not cooperative. In most Third World countries, strikes have become more common in various professions because they are viewed as a quick approach to alert the employer of the dissatisfaction workers encounter. Therefore, if this trend awakens employers to come up with quick solutions to challenges, then absolutely everyone should be allowed to strike.

    1. I agree because... I think that strikes aren't the only solutions for our problems. We can join in a discussion to have our rights ifwe suffer from a lack of income or any misunderstanding with our boss or with our institution in this way we can work safely and be satisfied

    2. I agree because... As you said strikes could affect the day to day running of the institution/cooperations.
      But strikes are sometimes unavoidable because of the lack of cooperation of employers to their workers .
      I think if the employers try to be more tolerating and cooperating and put the interest of the workers into consideration I think strikes could be minimised and employers and employees could have a comfortable working condition.

  • I joined a discussion in the metavirus topic.I replied to ( authentic truth ) from ( start rite schools) in ( Nigeria )and said The seriousness of the metavirus They made me think differently because her comment was unique and correct. I did not think that there would be bullying on the Metaverse and that it should be a virtual police. A wonderful comment and I did not think about it. I thought it was a platform for entertainment and entertainment, and there were no great risks like the real world, which made me more careful in using it. I thank her for her wonderful thinking also when she said safety is a real concern it made me think about my safety even in the metaverse

  • I joined the topic discussion"
    Metaverse: a new realm to rule" and I answered the student "joyful _city" from school "Alkhansaa Prep Co Ed School B"from Palestine
    who said: great awesome , metaverse makes you more lonely , maybe you can lose your ability to establish friends , lover whatever , real world becomes boring , it just makes you connect to virtual reality world , you start to disconnect your real world slowly , I think this is a bad innovation , because the company always keeps you full on metaverse . They want you to connect , so they're trying to prevent you from disconnecting from
    your real world and reconnecting to the real world , that's all I know .
    And I replied to him with this comment: I do not agree with you on that, because we are in the era of development, resurrection and rebirth, and with the progress of time, developments begin, and since the Metaverse is a new and highly developed world, it is certain that many social media and media companies will appear in it, and it will be It has many users to communicate between them, as Metaverse users are constantly increasing in number, the biggest evidence that social networking companies Facebook and Microsoft are planning their future in Metaverse to be the authorized company in social networking in the Metaverse universe.
    His comment did not affect me in terms of this topic, but it affected me in other aspects of my life, as it proved to me that every person has his own point of view and opinion, and that everyone looks at the life surrounding him with his own view, where he can see it negatively or positively, and that every person He has his own laws that he follows in his life that contradict some other people, and it is good for us to share our opinions with each other, perhaps one of us sees the right thing in the opinion of the other and is affected by it.
    And I explained my opinion to him and provided him with information, so that he may see the correctness in my opinion and agree with it, and he may remain on his own opinion about it.

  • I have joined the discussion« Join the discussion» I replied to «motivation_rock»
    “From Khan Yunis, in New Khan Yunis Preparatory School for Girls A.”
    She said in her comment about the news story that affects her country greatly, which is child labor, that is, children at an early age who work, sell, and bear responsibility with more than their capacity, and this is something something, definitely, and I had to agree that all children in Gaza City work early, and therefore they become responsible for their families At an early age, and this is a very bad thing for their future, their education, and even their society, because it does not develop, but rather remains developing.

  • I joined a discussion in the "strikes: should they be allowed?" Topic. I replied to " tenacious_ drum" from " Rhemaville Christian Academy from Nigeria" and said that I agreed with her comment. She made me think differently because she made me understand that the workers really aren't at fault for going on strikes. The reason why they got jobs in the first place is to provide for themselves and their families. In Nigeria, underpaid workers is a big problem. It is the government's responsiblity to pay workers adequately and make sure their working conditions are satisfactory. If the workers feel that they are being underpaid, they have every right to go on strike. For example, if a doctor who works overtime is being paid the same salary with a receptionist, the doctor has every right to go on strike and request for a higher salary.

  • I recently joined in a discussion about strikes .ideas discussed let me know how bad are strikes on economy.
    on the other hand I learnt how important the role of mass media that plays on the failure or success of any strike besides the power of the heads and leaders of the strike .

  • I really like to make my point
    Some time ago, I sent a reply to "Questionable Navy Horse."

    From Rex Mill Steam Middle School C

    As he clarified about the problem of water pollution, but he did not give any solution to this problem, so he made me think in a different way. If it were not for the recklessness and neglect of people for this problem, animals and people in some parts of the world would not die of thirst, not because there is no water, but because the water is polluted.
    Suppose they drank this water in order not to die of thirst, but there are harmful bacteria that will enter their body, causing them harm and diseases and spreading the epidemic among people, as you know, such as the Corona virus, which we thank God for its demise and its lack of spread, and in the end they will die of disease and severe pain.

    So I thought of correcting our mistakes, we humans, and making up for them by making a large, high-quality pump to divert water
    [١٧/‏٤, ٤:٢٩ م] ابو محمد قندس: contaminated water into usable water or recycle water more than once
    I know that no matter what we do, we will not fix the past, but we will fix the present and the future.

    This is my idea, do you like it? and why?

    Does your country face such problems?

    In the end, I want to make something clear, which is that you know that agriculture is the craft used and it is the source of livelihood for many families, and in the event of water pollution, no crop will be produced, and we will be exposed to a very large financial crisis, and famines will form, and poverty will sweep this world.
    Think carefully before you make decisions, so we must preserve the environment to reward us with gifts so that we can live happily and safely on our beloved planet Earth, as it has embraced us since our childhood and raised us on it, so we must return the favor and favor to it.
    do you agree with me ?

    I hope you leave a comment, because I would love to hear your opinions and points of view?

    1. I liked this thing, an interesting idea, so the water must be preserved and not polluted. I have the idea that the polluted water be filtered into clean water, which will be used again. As for the waste in the waterfalls, for example, it is possible to put a large dam to block the waste and not be in the sea, and divide the dam It is divided into two parts, a small section for the fish to pass to the other side, and a section to work to block the water. At this time, the role of man appears, so he must collect the waste, and the waste is burned, which works to recycle it.

      1. Good comment, however mans intervention of collecting and burning waste contributes to climate change. Can you think of another way to remove the waste that is environmentally friendly?

  • I am replying to "loyal chocolate" Nagongera Girls Primary School/Uganda "I agree with this discussion because many countries are challenged by global warming as a result of man's activities on the environment. Countries have faced tough climate changes like heavy floods which have killed people, and people have migrated from place to place due to disturbances caused by global warming.The only way we can stop the climate crisis is when we learn the importance of protecting our environment and when we do that we will have a brighter tomorrow.

  • Climate crisis topic is what i feel i need to discuss about.
    I am replying to ''loyal chocolate '' from Nagongera Girls Primary school / Uganda. My stand is that the way global warming is experienced most recently has turned to be a scare to the masses globally. Floods have become severe , and unbearable illnesses have come on board.why would global warming be experienced ? We can manage this by practicing proper management of waste which helps a lot in preventing global warming .
    I advocate for food security ,preservation and conservation of the environment . If we do the above we shall have a better climate for the 21st century generation.

    1. Yes I agree with your post if such positive impact are put forward. Environmental awareness is also necessary to overcome global warming. Some people are ignorant how such factors may negatively affect the environment such as cutting down tress without planting more and dumping of waste and sewage without recycling can effect the potential of fertile soil.

      1. I agree because... if you were in the case of emergency you would have an helping hand if in a bad situation in the real world

  • Before telling about my comment, I would like to tell a bit about myself. I thought that metaverse friends are more trustworthy and I would spend more time in chatting with my metaverse friends.

    So I entered the topic "Metaverse: a new realm to rule?" I commented that I don't have any friends in my real life but had friends in metaverse.
    Someone replied that you could not rely on metaverse always and told me to find friends in real life who are more trustworthy than metaverse.
    It really had me thinking that why I didn't think this way. So after reading that comment I decided to make friends in my life and now I reduced the time chatting with my metaverse friends.
    I have learnt this lesson through this discussion and I hope that I would learn many things which are useful to my life through this program.

    1. I joined the Metaverse discussion and answered active_moon from Shri Natsan Vidyasala Mohs a…India and I said? Because it affected me positively and negatively....Positively: it changed my thoughts and made them transform for the better. It enhanced my better use of technology. Spending time with useful things..As for the negative, it made me not think about real friends, but only think about virtual friends..This does not mean that I quit The positive thing, and I kept thinking about the negative.. Rather, I went to reinforce the positive and fight the negative.. We must all always be on our opinion and trust ourselves ❤️

    2. Hello, action_moon Yes, of course, you are right. I’m recollecting my earlier school days, happy to meet friends every morning, On the nicer part, if we see each other in person, we get to express our happiness and can share a lot. In the present modern world of technology, we changed our patterns and started chatting about everything through a screen and we limited ourselves to the four walls and started living in the virtual world using the metaverse than in real-time... Modern technology like the metaverse is getting more popular these days, but an important point to notice - it kills our precious time minute by minute.

      As you said we can/we should reduce the time spent using Metaverse, and have control to use it only when it is required.

  • I joined a discussion in the metaverse topic. I replied to cultured television from
    Elite Scholars Academy | United States of America and said 👍 . They made me think differently because I think some people may behave badly because their identity is unknown. People, especially children, may be subjected to abuse and bullying. The metaverse allows people with mobility impairments to travel and see new places.

  • I joned the discussion of earth day topic about how people can be motivated to respect and abide by the laws that protect environment.
    Also I replied the discussion of caring fly about the use of technology and advised to use it in a good manner.and then kati@topical talk asked me how. Me, openminded fruit, cinsistent hyppopotamus, focused mass, quickwitted rabbit, brave attention and fierce flight answerd the question of kati with many suggestions.they made me felling interesting because we interact with the post from different countries and share our suggestions.

  • I joined a discussion about {the high cost of living} someone told us about the high prices of everything, for example, the high prices of vegetables and fruits, and poor families were unable to provide what they needed for their families, and many people slept hungry. Have you ever tried to sleep without food, of course not, because Everything is provided for you, including food, material items, and a lot of things, and also many of these people die of hunger. Therefore, I think that we must demand a reduction in the prices of products, especially food products. We must show some humanity ... Thank you.

  • I joined a discussion in the (Strikes: should they be allowed? )topic. replied to(conscientious_mood)/from (Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria ) They made me think differently because We cannot decide yes or no. There are reasons for each side. I can provide information on both sides of the argument.

    a) Yes, they should: Proponents of this statement would argue that a strike is a basic right of workers to air grievances and demand better working conditions, fair wages, and better benefits. They may believe that a strike is a necessary tool for workers to negotiate with employers and protect their rights. Strikes can be seen as a way to draw attention to labor issues and advocate for change.

    b) No, they shouldn't: Opponents of this statement might argue that allowing everyone to strike could disrupt essential services and cause public inconvenience. They may believe that spanking can have negative consequences for the economy, productivity, and public safety. Some would argue that there are other ways to resolve labor disputes, such as negotiation and mediation, without resorting to strikes.

    It is important to note that legality and regulations regarding strikes vary by country and jurisdiction. Some countries may have specific laws and regulations governing strikes and the rights of workers and employers. It is necessary to take into account the specific context and circumstances when discussing the question of whether everyone should be allowed to strike.

  • I joined a discussion in metaverse topic. I replied to trustworthy currency from Beit Hanoun from Palestine. She said that she is against the use of metaverse because she thinks it against her habits and nature. She made me think differently because she opens a new window of thinking when she introduces the concepts of social diversity and a born of new culture because of the use of metaverse. Interestingly, she thinks that there will be no social diversity and a one culture of metaverse will be among the " metaversans" despite their different backgrounds.

  • I joined a discussion in the "Metaverse" topic. I replied to zestful artist from Usra Academy in Nigeria and said "This question is very inspiring and brings other questions into the equation. In my class discussion we were questioning the effect it will have on the human population. Will it decrease the population because of the lack of actual communication in the real world? A few questions about economies were also brought up. Reading your question made me look deeper into the problem." They made me think differently because in their response they questioned the world existing. This made me think of all the other events that would lead to the word non-existence.

  • I think there should be limits and laws when using metaverse in order to reduce on the overwhelming production of carbon footprint by the machines. This will greatly help to improve on the planet's climate and it will also prevent negative climate changes.

    1. I agree with your opinion, I never thought about how the production can change the climate in a country/state.

  • I think strikes are caused when a group of people want their ideas or decisions about something to be considered, and are not really considered. This makes the people to react in a way that may not yield good or positive results for example here in my country, when the the doctors and nurses had a strike last year, a good number of patients lost their lives because the nurses and doctors weren't in the hospitals.

  • I joined a discussion on Earth Day. I answered a “kind-hearted person from Jabalia School.” I liked her comment, as preserving the climate plays a big role on the environment in which we live, and we have to reduce air pollution, and waste must be recycled to reduce the amount of waste in our country, and not We throw waste into the sea because it harms fish stocks and affects fisheriesEnvironmental cleanliness

  • I joined a discussion on the Metaverse topic. I replied to remarkable_wasp from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A school in India, and said that I agreed with them. This made me think differently because what they explained was what can happen in the real world while using technology, and the Metaverse might not be as completely safe as it should be.

  • I joined a discussion in the Earth Day topic. I replied to skillful_mood from Al Quds Prep Girls School in Palestine. I said that I agreed with them that everyone becoming vegan was not a logical option because everyone needs some type of protein in their diets so they can grow and survive. They made me think differently because everyone needs protein to live if we don't eat protein people may have a dysfunctional body without protein.

  • I joined a discussion in "The metaverse: marvellous or madness?" topic and I saw a comment by "unbiased_buffalo" and they said "I think one of the safety measures that can be put in the metaverse is in user identification. Metaverse should not allow people put in their real name. The names given should only be known by the user and the person he/she is chatting with. This will go a long way in reducing discrimination and privacy issues.
    Another problem I want to Identify is addiction. I agree that metaverse has so may advantages which might outweigh its disadvantages but then sinking into a world in which we can make new friends, buy products and live new lives can have dangers of overuse. While might be difficult to stop someone from using metaverse, I feel it should have some warnings or suggestions to notify users when too much time is spent on metaverse." I think that their opinion on the metaverse is very close to my opinion. I think that people would spend too much time in the metaverse and get addicted. I also think that privacy is a big concern in the metaverse. I don't think people should be able to share their private information with anyone in the metaverse. I think that the metaverse and the real world should be separate, I think that people could use the metaverse for talking to people and playing games only. I don't think people should be using the metaverse to do real life actions. I think they should be apart and the metaverse could be just a fun gimmick you can play games and talk and meet friends.

    1. I liked your words too, there is a question Is the virtual world negative or positive? Is it considered a double-edged sword? The virtual world has a positive side, for example 1- Providing a three-dimensional virtual environment that allows transformation, looking and flying within it and experiencing its reality 2- Displays the real measurements and the natural shape that is commensurate with the human vision of the sizes As for the negatives, for example 1- Limited use due to the high financial costs of purchasing devices 2- It leads to eye strain or blurry vision. 3- There is no complete conviction among educators of the importance of using virtual reality. From my point of view, the virtual world can be considered as a double-edged sword that cannot be judged to be a thief

  • I joined a discussion on the Earth day topic. I replied to storytelling_dog from Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria and said, "I agree because all of these problems that are affecting the environment are mainly caused by us humans. If we were to change our habits and establish a few strict rules, we could drastically change the environment for the better." They made me think differently because they made a point that suggests some human activities cause a horrific impact on the environment. This made me think about the pros and cons of different human activities and whether or not they should continue to be done.

  • I joined a discussion in the "A new realm to rule?". I replied to harmonious river from Usra Academy and Nigeria, and they said that people in the metaverse should be held responsible their actions the same way as in the real world. They made me think differently because people in the play in the metaverse should be responsible for their actions, and get the same discipline as they would in the real world.

  • I joined a discussion in Strikes in the "Can Everyone Strike?" topic. I replied to "Trustworthy_Currency" from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Palestine. In response to her comment I replied "I agree with this stance on the topic. I can see how essential workers would gain back their freedoms in society if they were to go on strike, but people that depend on them may get hurt if they are refusing to do their job. I also liked how you mentioned how students may not learn if teachers went on strike as this is something that can be applicable to us as students."

  • The discussion I joined was "metaverse a new realm to rule" topic. I replied to reliable_journalist from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss B in India. They said "Metaverse is a trap it is like now we are depending on internet and is used for interactive experience.and many others .I have a question why we want to interact in metaverse we can interact with people , family , friends.In my opinion it is a bad thing." They made me think differently because what if the person, family member, friend is not avalible in person but they are able to go into the metaverse. So even though they person you want to see cant see to face to face they can maybe go on the metaverse and still talk, interact, and play together to spend time with the desired person.

  • I joined a discussion in the "can everyone strike". I replied" blithesome_pie"from Rhemaville Christian academy, Nigeria ". She made me see that strikes even though they have their disadvantages can bring about good things such as change.

  • Eid with Final Exams, is it compulsory?
    The story is about the final exams of the school going students that are being held on the dates that are closest to festivals or very near after the festivals.
    As here in my country Pakistan, exams are being held very close before (1 or 2 days before) or very near after (after 1 or 2 days) the Eid festival. Due to which students can't celebrate the festival and have to prepare their exams.
    Students are the future of any country even of the world. They also have the right to enjoy the festivals.
    Government should take action about it.
    If I would be government I will announce the final exams date sheet after the festival or will take the last exam, at least, 5 days before the festival.
    So that, students enjoyment days will not be disturbed.

  • I think it might be very hard to manage people's behaviour in the metaverse due to the technology they will have. They will also be able to fight using the things that will be made, and also if every body gets these skills, they will be independent and will nolonger obey the rules that will be given out.
    People will make many things with the knowledge of technology for example, they will make bombs which resemble aeroplanes, people, so like if the laws are passed out, they will not care and they will not be scared either. They will think that even if they break the law, they will be able to fight using their skills and like now there are few people who have these skills in the real world.So if every body gets to know about this, there will be no peace in many countries.

  • I joined a discussion in the Metaverse topicI ,replied to ingenious_newspaper , from Jabalia Prep Girls B School | Palestine and said 👍🏻،They made me think differently because People are neglected in terms of preserving the environment and producing environmentally friendly products that work to protect, beautify and develop the environment. I think that ingenious_newspaper wanted to convey the idea of ​​urging children and grandchildren to preserve the environment and plant trees that beautify the environment and provide it with oxygen. I was attracted by his words that he did not concern peopleWe are specific in preserving the environment, but he said that individuals, politicians and companies are all responsible for protecting the environment because we all benefit from the benefits of the environment

  • I joined a discussion in "Strikes: should they be allowed?" I replied to "Persuasive_plantain" from "Nagongera Girls Primary School, Uganda" and said "I'm not sure about this because... When some strikes are held, people affected are deprived of the universal rights while the people on strike's cause may not be met. Yes, sometimes when people like government teachers go on strike for an increase in salary their need is met by the giving them a raise. But in other cases like university teachers strike, the government gives a nonchalant attitude. These people will now be left on strike for months or even years, while students are left idol at home. Their learning and success is delayed and the financial profit of the business is delayed.

    There are students currently who have waited years to write exams because of strikes, which is why I think strikes have more disadvantages compared to advantages."

    They made me think differently because I have always believed that strikes were extremely helpful. Yes, in some cases the people's needs are met but in most cases it reeks havoc for both the organization, employees and the community. When strikes are on-going for years, the community is deprived of their universal rights which slows down the economy and financial profit.

    So, to prevent strikes, employees should speak up about their concerns and employers should try their best to meet the demands of their workers. Employers should also be empathetic, they should take the place of their employees and look further into their conditions. This way a healthy give and take relationship will be established within the company.

  • I joined a discussion. "Can everyone strike?" topic. I replied conscientious_mood from Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria and said, "I agree with conscientious_mood
    But is a strike really nessecary?
    There are many more options to lay complaints to the government, like the following:
    Official letters
    Social media"
    Overtime bans and
    Work to rule.
    It will reduce the sum of lives at risk."
    They made me think differently because Nigeria had been on strike for a while and it almost affected some of my family relatives.
    But conscientious_mood sparked up a different perspective.

  • I got into a discussion about the virtual world and the real world. I expressed an opinion in it, and this was one of the discussions that I liked the most, because it happens in our reality a lot, and I read many wonderful opinions and amazing ideas in it.

  • I joined the discussion on Earth Day: classroom spy topic. I replied to spirited gazelle from IB Arthur School A| Ghana and said "I agree because as you said rules are made to shape or mold a country, therefore if we make climate laws strict it will not ensure the happiness of every person in the country and it will be made regardless to the people's thoughts and opinions". They made me think differently because I always thought that climate laws have to be strict so that the citizens will have no choice but to obey them or they will get serious consequences, but spirited_ gazelle's comment made me think deeper, ad now I know that if there are strict laws it will not ensure the happiness of every person in the country.

  • I joined the topic "A new realm to rule" and I replied to "active black bear" from Ursa Academy in Nigeria.  I agreed with the student when they said that only a handful of people can have access to the Metaverse because of how expensive it is. I also said how they made me change my viewpoint on who should be in charge of the Metaverse. Personally I believed that if the Metaverse were to have laws they were to be created by the creators of the Metaverse with some input from the players. The commenter said that countries should be able to create laws so more representation is shown in the Metaverse. This helped change my viewpoint in a way in which I was able to think about people everywhere and how they can help make decisions in the technology that is introduced to them.

  • I joined a discussion on (allowing or not allowing strikes and proposing solutions to reduce strikes). I suggested reducing the duration of the strike, that is, not to exceed one or two days as a maximum, and those who strike for more than two days must pay fines. Olivia replied to me with her question, which made me re-consider my comment (Do you think that applying this limit will lead to an increase in the number of strikes annually due to the short period? I answered her by commenting, “Yes, and the number of fines will increase, which makes people fear strikes and refrain from them.”

  • Yesterday, when I was browsing the Topkal Talk website, the topics, and the comments on these topics within the site, I was attracted by a comment by a person from Rimaville Academy from Nigeria on the issue of strikes, and he was talking about teachers, as he explained the problem that occurs to students because of the teachers’ strike, and I explained his opinion with a comment that explains the same The problem is in my country where it really made me upset about this problem that we all hope to find a solution to.👍

  • I joined a discussion which was "Metaverse: A new realm to rule". I replied to trustworthy_currency from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls School who came from Paletine and said how this new technology has made people to forget their culture. He/she made me think, made me wonder how can people forget their culture when using these new technologies, but as I read his/her point, she made me think differently as expected, because as they frequently use these new technologies people may forget their culture, wow I understand his/her point perfectly.

  • I joined a discussion on the issue of climate change. I responded to Potatoes from Shri Natsan Vidya Sala Mohs (b) from India and said that the government has a major role in solving the problem of climate change, so they made me think differently because the government is working to reduce the problems that It faces our society, so it can issue some laws to face this problem, such as carbon pricing, because without the government, I do not think that everyone will think the same way to solve this problem.

  • Hello everyone We have written about Metaverse, which is the virtual world with which we can do anything that we cannot do in the real world. Students from Nigerian, Indian and Palestinian schools also wrote a lot from other countries. I read many comments that impressed me, which showed the creative side of the minds of all students, meaning that Everyone in the Topical talk project is creative, inventive, and innovating in new ways.
    THANKS .

  • I have joined the Earth Day discussion on the topic of Climate and answered the Dog Narrative from Remaville Academy School - NigeriaHe made me think more deeply about the topic because he brought out everything important in his commentary and point of view and convinced me wonderfullyHe made me think more deeply about the topic because he brought out everything important in his commentary and point of view and convinced me wonderfullyAnd he made it clear from all sidesAnd he added to his comment that those responsible for the laws are the heads and workers in the municipality and give fines to those who violate these laws

  • Recently I joined a discussion "Suggest a discussion" on the topic of strikes, I came across a comment from the student "Amazing_Horse" from "Usra Academy" school from "Nigeria" He was talking about a rule to prevent teachers from striking, but I strongly objected as the strike is a right for everyone that should be enjoyed Everyone besides that the teachers will not be satisfied and will be disturbed by the decision and that they will not be able to claim their rights like other people, the level of education will decrease and because they will not do their jobs seriously then. Education is an important matter, but its interruption for a short period and then its return with high quality is better than its continuation with low quality and it continues to decline

  • Recently, I joined the discussion of "Technology is wonderful or crazy" on the subject of "Metavirus". A response by the student "Efficiency_Al-Jamal" from "Shawka Preparatory School for Girls" from "Palestine" caught my attention. Social networking sites have been victimized by many of the most influential people in the world because of the bad comments, and the most terrible thing is that you cannot respond to them for their actions, as they are hiding behind phone screens, and reporting is useless, as the bully can create several accounts and practice bullying from an account he wants. I suggested encouraging cyber security and exposing the comments to a robot that deletes comments that carry offensive meaning to others before they are posted on the Internet.

  • I joined the discussion on "Earth Day" and answered "Truthful knowledge from Beit Hanoun School A". Her answer was correct when she said that if strict laws are put in place to get rid of climate change, the number of trees will decrease, and therefore the number of novels and books will decrease, but I have a question for her: Will the trees fall All at once due to climate change?!

  • Have you joined the discussion of the metaverse: a new world to rule? I replied to a comment: Trustworthy from Beit Hanoun Preparatory Girls School A / Palestine.
    Her comment was saying that the metaverse had a negative impact as it led to the merging of peoples' cultures and she was asking do you think it's a good thing?
    I replied to her that I liked her comment, and that this is a point that should be taken into account, and I said that the metaverse has facilitated communication between people from all over the world  which led to getting to know the cultures of other countries, but this is not a negative thing Negative, but the negative is that there are some people who tend to other cultures, so they are working to spread them more and more, and this will lead to the state losing its customs and being affected by other cultures whether it is in clothing, food, or parties and events, and this will lead to obliteration of identity, the thing that most distinguishes countries from each other is their cultures for example, we Arabs have become greatly influenced by Western culture, especially clothing.

  • I joined a discussion on Earth day under" join a discussion"
    I replied to "agreeable_alligator" from Shri Natesan Vidyasla Mhss B India.
    I disagreed with his/her response because books only restrict you to read what the author/authors write and it maybe outdated while the internet will give you more than one current result on your research to choose from. Also books are made from paper and paper is made from wood which come from trees. So if more books should be made more trees will be cut down which will definitely increase the climate crisis we are experiencing now. He/she made me think differently because i use to think that the internet is better than books but now he/she change my mind by saying books have more accurate answers than the internet and that the devices/gadgets we use for the internet brings out smoke that can increase the climate crisis we are experiencing now.

  • I responded to a wonderful comment by the student "valuable_television" in a discussion of "propose a discussion" on the subject of "strikes" from "Beit Hanoun Preparatory Girls A" school from "Palestine". Indeed, you have drawn my attention to this matter, and I have performed some duties, including: doing the work to the fullest extent, arriving early, not leaking professional secrets, good dealings, not defaming the reputation of the employer, not offending anyone (fellow client employee) and I have also made some The duties include: not to delay wages, that the environment is not depleting of passion, a sufficient number of hours, that the employer agrees with the work agreement, good treatment, and not be subjected to violence (peace) in all its forms.

  • Personally, I feel that strikes are another way citizens express their opinion apart from voting because citizens use it transmit a message to the government of a nation. To me, it's a means by which the government and the people can relate. Strikes are used to tell the government about the problem the citizens are facing, most of the time it requires financial support but if I should look at it from the government point of view they have a budget all planned out and they wouldn't want to take any additional expenses else it would affect the effective payment of the other expenses. After deep reflection a question runs through my mind, Can't these strikes be handled better? Yes, I think they can when citizens go on a strike, they aren't just embarking on these actions to create chaos instead they want their voices to be heard so the government turning a deaf ear towards strike is the worst step they could take to end the strike. Instead the government should call the labour union in charge of the strike in order to negotiate and to explain situations to each other thereby at the reaching an agreement of maybe postponing the time of payment by maybe few months and yielding good results, leaving everyone happy.

    I'm conclusion I don't think strikes should be stopped, they are just a way citizens express their opinion about matters in the country instead the government should try to reduce period of strikes by considering negotiating with the organization in charge.

    But I would like to bring up a discussion, Can non-financial steps be taken to put an end to a strike?

  • I joined a discussion in the metaverse topic. I replied to zestful_artist from Usra Academy | Nigeria and said, "In my opinion the metaverse would have many pros and cons to it, like many doctors use it during surgery and kids could use it to entertain themselves. But the idea of all people in the entire world being inside of the metaverse is impossible, there are people in countries with no advanced technology and if we are in the metaverse for the rest of time, what are those people in those countries going to do? I feel like the world would still exist but not in the way we know it now". They made me think differently because I was thinking about the question and came to a new conclusion that the metaverse may be impossible for everyone to join.

  • I joined a discussion in Metaverse: A new realm to rule? I replied to poetic_nature from New Khan-Younis Prep. Girls School A | Palestine and they said that you shouldn't judge metaverse people directly because they probably didn't do anything wrong intentionally. They also said that people should have freedom in the metaverse with regulatory laws and that laws would affect the metaverse positively. They made me think differently because I realized that people in the real world always judge others in the real world for things that they didn't do intentionally. And I agree that the metaverse community should have freedom with some laws that will keep the metaverse in shape.

  • I joined the discussion (How to Stay Safe in Topical Tolk) and answered student jolly_kiwifruit from Rafah Prep B Girls School | Palestine and we were talking about security and good laws and jolly_kiwifruit asked if my phone was hacked before and I replied it wasn't hacked it was a nice discussion jolly_kiwifruit and at the end I asked jolly_kiwifruit if a family member's device was hacked and now I'm away from him the answer

  • I joined a discussion in the "The metaverse: marvellous or madness?" I replied to reserved_wolf who attends Ursa Academy in Nigeria. I said I agreed with their statements about how dangerous the metaverse could turn out to be. Which included if the metaverse looks exactly like the real world it could really attach the users to their life in the metaverse. It could cause major security breaches and online harassment. Also many developing countries will be left out of the "wave" most developed countries are already on or moving into. Most VR headsets cost over 100 dollars and people in developing countries do not have access to that amount of money.

  • I have joined discussion in the topic metaverse . From shri natesan vidhyasala maticulation higher secondary schoolMateverse revolves the virtual reality of the world which distract us without any limits and making us to indulge our life in form of computerized version this intonation is kind of having both good and bad forms it helps us in many ways by gaining information in many platforms and also helps to know about social media and other happenings and other hand it distract us in physical environmentWhile we are not even playing or using these technology anytime , we tend to combine and exist the form of both physical words to that of virtual reality at some cause

  • I joined the "Metaverse" thread to discuss it. The student replied, “Trustworthy” from (Beit Hanoun Preparatory School for Girls - A-) from (Palestine) because her comment was very wonderful, as she explained the pros and cons of metaviruses in addition to their effects. And make him develop his ideas and navigate in his own world. We can use it to learn about the cultures and customs of other peoples, establish relationships between people, and many others. As for his shortcomings, he works to dismantle relationships between people. Cyberbullying that leads to the destruction of self-confidence, disorder and anxiety

  • I saw an comment in the topic of "Strikes: should they be allowed?". A student asked a beautiful question that "why is a country like Hiroshima is often being attacked? If the people of Hiroshima are starting strike, who will stop the strike and do what they demand?". This question made me to think because also I had the same doubt.

    So I started to ask my history teachers ,mams and also to my friends who are interested about this question. And I got many answers from everyone but the sad thing was, the answers I got was not reliable to question what the student had asked.

    The comment made by the student was blank without any replies. So to encourage the student, I replied a message conveying him sorry and telling the above story. If anyone knows the answer of the above question please let me know the answer and I will convey the answer to the student who asked the question.


  • I joined the discussion Can everyone strike?? I answered a woman who works in The Economist. She asked me whether there are other solutions other than the strike and better than that. I told her, of course, there is such a way for the worker to talk to the president about their demands. If the president refuses, the worker can complain to the government about this unjust president, and here the government takes the rights of the workers and returns them to them, but she asked me once. On the other hand, it is possible that the government does not agree to the worker’s demands, so I answered it that it is likely that it will not agree, but if it refuses, a strike will occur, of course, but the government will return them because if it loses them, it will lose huge losses

  • I replied to skillful_jacket on Strikes should they be allowed on the topic: Lesson learned. Whilst I did agree with skillful_jacket's comment regarding people's salaries, I replied with a question mark. Jobs are not all about the money. When you think of your dream job, you imagine something that you love doing not what pays you the highest salary. Money is never going to be on the same level as happiness. Yes, people should go on strike if they are not pleased with their salary but they should remember it was their choice to choose the job. However, in some cases, people love the job they do but it is not paid enough. I would like to promote a discussion: if you had a job you loved doing but you were not paid enough what would you choose, money or happiness?

  • In fact, after I participated in the discussion about "strikes" and after I read the comments of my fellow participants in it, my point of view changed. In fact, I was very surprised to see people who were similar to me in my views, and some of them convinced me of their point of view that I had not thought of before, and I was also amazed at seeing people They think in an amazing political way that great politicians never thought of, so I really benefited from it and learned many skills that I had not learned anywhere before.

    1. Very glad you have been learning from other people contributing their views. Well done.

  • Today I am going to tell you a story about the story of strikes that really effect my country badly.A government came which ruled almost 10 years.Then Pakistanis(people of Pakistan)choosed a new govt.It ruled very fairly but after sometime a disease knowed as Covid-19.They managed all affair very sincerely and after sometime due to some circumstances the prices of petrol, oil, disel,wheat went up to sky.
    So many labours who were drivers of many heavy machines which needed disel as fuel, now were stop.
    As our country Pakistan has the most youth and less job oppurtounities many people have nothing to feed to there loved ones.
    This made them rebell against there country .A party was called TLP (Tehreek-Labieek Pakistan).
    This party had called nationwide shutdown strike on 27 February,to protest prices of petroleum.oil and lubricants.Mostly people were maulvi( the religious people in Islam ).Even two people were killed. Here is an extract of Allen Stable,
    The price of petrol
    Everyday on rise
    They tried to justify it
    There reasons ate lies

    When the finger is pointed
    They just deny
    So will you tell us oil companies
    Will you justify
    I now want a reply from all of you that are there any circumstances in your country like this.If have so why?

  • I hv joined the discussion on the topic "are the strikes are right of every one" and i replied to the comment of "calm song "student of "Beit Hunuan girls prep school A Palestine " i said to her that strikes are right of everyone and justified it abide by laws and according to statutes. The thing important is to know the facts and circumstance under which strike call upon.its the matter of fact indeed .this comment made me think differently about right to strike. As when we search in history strikes were first started by Egyptians in 12century BCE (exactly in 1170)when the laborers demanded for pay rights although it was quite demaging and incomplete but gave a new direction to find the rights if not given by just verbal demand. Probably there are many examples of prolonged strikes even in 2022 in USA hundreds of worker strikes by using their right to protest as in history of USA there is an example of strike for "steel strike" in 1959 which last for 116 days from july to november 1959. They raise their voices for justified laws and it provided the way to protect their rights.

  • I noted through my research that the metaverse is a wide environment so one need to be very careful about it because it has disadvantages and and disadvantages so we need to be careful

  • Strikes occur in all countries for reasons including low wages or because working conditions are unfair or stressful for workers and to improve their conditions, but not everyone who goes on strike achieves his demand, and this is not easy because there are priorities for the government and priorities for workers, for example before several Years ago, there was a strike in Palestine. They struck the drivers to raise their wages, and in the end they achieved their demands. Also, last week, they struck all UNRWA employees in Gaza to demand an improvement in their working conditions. All UNRWA institutions in Gaza were closed, as well as the doctors.

  • I joined the discussion on the land and answered one of the students that he says that they have no laws in Nigeria and I told him that nothing like this can be done. This thing is bad because without laws the world is ruined and corrupted. Anyone for anything is never a good thing

  • I joined a discussion on Metaverse: A new realm to rule? and liked a comment by tenacious_drum in Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria. I agreed with this comment because even though it can create a place for people with new ideas to socialize and communicate, it can also come with a risk. It is possible you may leak personal information about yourself in the metaverse. Also, you could get cyberbullied online because people are more prone to say bad things about other people behind a screen rather than face to face. Being in the metaverse can also create uncomfortable situations for users which is why I think game developers and moderators should set rules in the metaverse that could result in suspension or a ban if not followed to keep people safe.

  • I chose the topic of the virtual world metaverse and responded to the student Mujtahid from his school * Exam class 2023 festival from the United Kingdom. It made me think differently because it is possible to differ in language and country, but we can have friends from all over the world and this is good because it develops languages ​​and social cohesion with people...

  • I joined a discussion in the " Strikes: should they be allowed?" topic, I replied to tenacious_drum from Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria, and said "I agree because... underpaid workers can lead a string of other problems, such as poverty and a general lack of motivation. These are serious problems that can cause unrest and instability within a nation. Throughout history, almost all nations were born out of discontent, especially the people not getting their fair share. People having the right to exercise their rights is important because it brings to light problems and helps them get solved." This made me think differently because he gave reasons why having the right to strike is important, as being underpaid and being in constant debt makes people dependent on their work, giving them almost no freedom.

  • In fact, I was really surprised when I read my colleagues' comments in the competition, and at the same time I felt some frustration because I thought that I would not find an opportunity among them and that they would be better than me, and also because many comments rejected me, but thanks to my teacher, I did not give up, but made what I read a source of encouragement for me and did not learn from the skills of my colleagues, nor did he make it a source Out of frustration and disappointment, I decided to start commenting again. In fact, all of this happened in this discussion that talks about “strikes.” Indeed, I benefited a lot from it and from the students’ responses to it. He has his reasons, and he may have gone through situations that may be related to the topics we are talking about, so I can say that I have benefited a lot from this discussion, the first of which is not to give up, and that I have the will and determination, and that if I want to do something, I have to bear the difficulties that I am going through, and I think that this may apply to some workers as well, no matter what I face Difficulties in their work, so they do not have to give up. I also consolidated a lot of useful information, some of which are from the comments of the students, some of them are from my teacher, and some of them are from my family.

  • When I entered this competition, I participated in three discussions, and each of them included a different topic, but when I thought, I found that the common factor between each topic may be that how each of them can change the world and that it has many points of view and has its pros and cons. When we started these discussions, and in fact after you were I comment and search, I have benefited from a lot of wonderful information, and I am excited after I go back to school to share this information with my friends and teachers, and to propose to them the idea of ​​holding seminars and making discussions on these topic

  • I joined the topic of strikes "Should they be allowed?" “Chocolate Flowing” student from Shri Natsan Vidyasala Mohs A School from India replied because her comment is very cool in which she explained and illustrated many different viewpoints and aspects and from the point of view of everyone in the society. It is good to see the matter from the point of view of others and not to rely on one point of view, because this increases the understanding of matters and their solution. I have learned a lot from this comment.

  • At school we discussed the topic of climate in science class and we have discussed What is the impact of climate on human life? I answered this question from my point of view Climate change already affects health in many ways, including causing death and disease as a result of extreme weather events that increase stress, such as heat waves, storms, and floods, disrupting food systems, increasing zoonoses, foodborne diseases, water and vectors, and mental health problems. The causes and effects of climate change Power generation The generation of electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels accounts for a significant portion of global emissions goods manufacturing deforestation Use of transportation food production Building energy supply Consuming a lot

  • Since the subject of Metaverse aroused my curiosity, I commented on my friend (Constant_hippopotamus)

    from the school (Remaville Christian Academy) with admiration. Because it changed my point of view that metaverse is a waste of time and also does not have privacy, but it identified some points and addressed them.

  • I agree because... As you said strikes could affect the day to day running of the institution/cooperations.
    But strikes are sometimes unavoidable because of the lack of cooperation of employers to their workers .

  • I joined the discussion of Metaverse and responded to Caltured Television from the Elite Scholars Academy School from the United States of America, and it made me think differently because it was clear to me that the negatives of Metaverse are many, including that there are differences in cultures, countries, gender, language, etc. Among them, problems arise in how to communicate and get to know others It has become clear to me that people will act more spontaneously and freely unless their identity is identified, and this will give them the opportunity to harm others with negative words.

  • I joined a discussion in the "Strikes: should they be allowed? " topic.
    I replied to (witty grape )
    from ➡️New Khan-Younis prep.Girls school A |Palestine.
    They made me think differently because I thought that the strikes are very bad for patients as they will not find enough services, but after research, I found that in the British strike they put contact numbers for those who need urgent care and they also put partial employees for those who need to install limbs.✨

  • I joined a discussion on the Metaverse topic. I replied to glad_apricot from Jabalia Prep Girls B School | Palestine, and said "I agree with you because the Metaverse is a risky online world that can cause many issues. People nowadays are addicted to social media, it would be strange if one was not, but this generation is slowly changing due to social media, some may notice it but it changes people from the inside and the outside."

  • I joined a discussion in the Metaverse topic in which I replied to wise_shrimp from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School in Palestine. They made me change my thoughts about the metaverse. In my own comment, I said that the metaverse is a fake world and that people should not be affected by it. This was a very uninformed comment because a game like roblox is a fake world very similar to the metaverse. People have avatars, can work a number of simulated jobs on Roblox, play games, connect, and socialize with their friends on Roblox. The people inside of these fake worlds are real, so the things that happen to them in fake worlds will still affect the real people inside of the fake worlds.

  • I joined a discussion to respond to language accepted by Revel Christian Academy on the subject of Metaverse in which he said we could come together and be a new world. I replied to him.... Well, what about our real world? Didn't you think that people would avoid the real world and would not accept the truth, so they would flee to a hypothetical world to build an assumption that has nothing to do with the real world. Well, we can just try Metaverse, but to a reasonable extent, with rules: 1_ Not to deviate from the hours specified in Metaverse. 2_ There should be parental control. 3 _ Every person takes responsibility for himself. 4_ The Metaverse is an experiment. 5 _ It is necessary to return to the real world.
    Metaverse effect on us: Many diseases can occur, such as poor eyesight, heart attacks, depression, involvement, escaping from the real world, and not accepting it, and people can use it for negative things, and it can reduce social ties.

    1. Interesting comment. Given that the internet is already difficult to control are you concerned that controlling the Metaverse might also be hard to manage? Who controls it? What laws might be needed to regulate it?

      1. Yes metaverse is also hard to manage it creates addictive behavior towards it. The metaverse will give us the power to design our own environments and experiences and share those experiences with others. When a person not having friends in the real world would have friend in a virtual reality as this event happens , it creates addictive behavior. There is pros and cons in metaverse that is Lifelike experiences, equal access, better collaboration and new business opportunities and cons are potential for higher costs, privacy violations, bullying and addiction. As we use metaverse travels can be reduced if this happens the markets and businesses which depends upon tourism will be affected. There is threat of more carbon emission when we use AI(artificial intelligence)and cloud services to create metaverse world. No owns or control metaverse as it was created at the time when you need. It was created by writer Neal stephenson in 1992 as an alternative 3D.
        A special law has to be created for metaverse that it should be used for a particular time only, usually for an hour. If we implement this law it reduce addictive behavior, carbon emission and also it will not create any health problem.

  • I joined the discussion on the topic "Meataverse" and answered the student "active_black_bear" from "Israa Academy" in "Nigeria" who said:metaverse and carbon footprint.
    We learned from the Earth Day discussion that we emit 1250 kg of carbon dioxide when we use our mobile phones for one hour per day and 1.41 tons of carbon dioxide when we use the computer for 59 hours per week. The metaverse is expected to be used by more than 1 billion users. I think there will be a lot of carbon emissions. One aspect that metaverse developers need to address is ensuring that the technology is environmentally friendly. The use of technology must be limited to a level where the energy required to drive the technology can be harnessed without harming the environment. Devices must be made of recyclable materials.
    The metaverse may be something new and exciting but it can also contribute to harm to the environment if the environment is not taken into account when developing technology.
    ⏪ I liked his way of thinking very much and it influenced my thinking positively, as we often only think inside the box and forget the connection of the intellectual topic with other topics, so sometimes we have to think outside the box.
    And through his thinking, he proved to me that the issues of the universe are linked to each other, so sometimes we may find some issues causing another issue and some of them may be one of its biggest solutions, and we do not know, so when we think about global issues to deduce their causes and solutions, we must carefully consider thinking, as the solution may lie outside the box .

  • .: My colleagues, the teacher, and I discussed in the class what are the uses of the metaverse, its importance, and its drawbacks. I brought these questions to answer the first question.

    1. What are the uses of the metaverse in business?
    Companies can take advantage of Metaverse to create customized virtual workspaces that are ideally suited to company management and employees. Create virtual learning spaces or virtual tourism. New marketing opportunities and greater ability to customize products and services to users.

    2. What are the harms of a virus

    One of the most notable potential damages to the Metaverse is the loss of its users' ability to communicate with and interact with the real world. Addiction to the Metaverse and spending more time with it may lead to an unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of a world other than this virtual one and thus a loss of connection with the physical world.

    3. How can I benefit from Metaverse?

    The use of metaverse technology in the educational process has become a cornerstone in it, as it supports the study with an experience that allows students to experience live experiences using high-quality knowledge resources.

    Mesh system that empowers faculty and staff

  • I chose the discussion : Working conditions for Strikes
    I disagreed with what shining_introduction Start-Rite Schools | Nigeria had mentioned about Working conditions. And how the Police and Doctors shouldn't be thinking of Money.
    Both these professions, calls for extreme dedication, difficult working conditions. They can't afford to make mistakes. And most of them are very sensible. They understand their roles and responsibilities very well.
    If they come to strike, it is because they couldn't take it anymore. It is the duty of the country, the countrymen, to give them the comfort, be appreciative of their work.
    If they should be expected to sacrifice their time and money for the sake of all of us, then it is important that they are in that comfort zone. Having worked for 16 hours, hardly having time and money for family is absolutely unacceptable. They should be given a social status, good working conditions, paid well, or given some additional perks like reduction in income tax or free good schooling for children. If that happens then yes the doctors or police people need not worry about money.

  • Striking is a bad practice done in our country. Some strikes like teacher's strikes affected the education sector of the children. This makes children perform poorly in school and also some strikes likes government strikes affect people in a way that causes poor transport. This poor transport may stop shops from working and it May also close religious places. So the government should improve on the law of this bad vice.

  • I joined a discussion in Earth day:"tougher climate laws". I replied to sincere_moon from Beit Hanoun Prep A Girls School from Palestine. The discussion is about the law 3 (taking 10 flights per person). The student told that the law would not be compatible with everyone since it will have a huge impact on the environment so sincere_moon preferred 5 trips instead of 10. But I disagreed what she/he told because it's true that excessive travel can have a negative impact on the environment, it's important to consider that not all travel is for leisure or recreational purposes. Some travel is necessary for work, education, or medical reasons, and limiting the number of trips per person could have a detrimental effect on individuals' ability to access these essential services.If flying were limited to only 5 trips per person, there could be several potential consequences which I had mentioned in the comment by replying.
    And the student also mentioned that electricity can be generated through water and it doesn't require a large amount of capital but I think it's important to also consider the practicality and feasibility of such solutions on a large scale. Capital and infrastructure are often necessary to implement these types of solutions, and they may not always be available or accessible to everyone.
    This comment highlights the need to balance the environmental impact of travel with the need for mobility in a world with a growing population. It proposes a solution of generating electricity through water as a way to address environmental challenges. However, the comment also raises the issue of practicality and feasibility, as limiting travel may have unintended consequences. Overall this comment prompts me to consider the complex trade-offs and challenges involved in addressing environmental issues and to approach these issues in a balanced and pragmatic manner that takes into account practicality, feasibility, and the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

  • I joined the discussion in the topic of strikes.l replied to harmonious river from Usra Academy Nigeria. The comment was based against the right of strikes to everyone. According to me everyone should be allowed to strike in order to get their full rights.

  • I joined a discussion on working conditions. I responded to the wonderful flute of the student Beit Hanoun Preparatory Girls A at the Palestine School. She said that all the demands of the workers must be fulfilled and they feel comfortable at work, but I had a different point of view when achieving all desires may harm the state economically, politically, socially and others, and we do not forget that a person will not He never gets enough, he always feels inferior, so he needs more and more and more, but he will never reach perfection.

  • I joined the discussion of labor strikes and workers' rights on the issue of working conditions. I responded to the magnificent flute student from Beit Hanoun School in the country, Palestine. He made me think that if the worker's requirements are provided in a suitable workplace, good treatment by officials and justice, his work will be mastered and he will not be forced to strike and his work will be well mastered.

  • I joined a discussion in the strike topic.l replied to peaceful politices from Alkhansaa prep co school and palestaine and saidI do not advise a lot of strikes by teachers, doctors, and others, because many students from Doros and doctors are late as well, because there are many patients who go to the hospital, but I am with those who achieve a decent life for teachers, doctors, and others, because teachers, doctors, and others are the most important category in society, and if they get A decent life, the whole society raises its status and scientific level

    Reply to this comment

    They made me think differently because It also occurred to me, through the comment of my colleague, that frequent strikes have many defects, although they mostly achieve their goals and fulfill their demands, but they also impede life and sectors in all fields, and therefore all of this affects the world civilization and progress

  • I joined a discussion in Can everyone strike: I replied to "sociable_yuzu" from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School Palestine and said I agree because now that workers don't have limit to strike they workers are affecting students education and they are prolonging their stay in the universities.If a doctor goes for strike and one day and a dying patient comes to the hospital because it is the only nearby hospital,before the dying patient can get to another hospital he might have died.They made me think differently because they made me to know that if workers have limit to the way the strike students would not be really affected by the strike and it will reduce death rate.

  • I joined a lessons learned in Strikes topic.I replied to,"skillful jacket"from Palestine "Rafah Prep A Girls School"He said that," through a class room discussion, the teacher told them that the most strikes are about pay and better working conditions.Without the threat of strike action, corporation will be able to make bigger profits, while working conditions with get worse. Strike is part of their bargaining tool . Striking is sometimes their last legal option.He thinks that the employees should sign on a paper on which their demands are written.If there is no answer,so they can go into a strike for hours.If there is still no answer,so they can go into an opened strike until they have their rights "I replied to him with a comment,"I agree with him,but I reminds him that emergency department can't go on a strike,Also I said that our teacher told us that in the developing countries that respect their employees, respond their requirements as soon as they intend to go on a strike, but in our country they don't."

  • Hello!
    I joined a discussion on the topic"should strikes be allowed. I replied to "wise_shrimp" from "Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School in Palestine". I think they major reason I replied is because a comment of his or hers made me realize that when people shouldn't go on strikes for unnecessary things as it not only affects them but also the lives of many people and also before people go on strike they should put into consideration their employers or the government as some of the demands asked by some workers are inconsiderate towards the employers

  • I joined the discussion in the topic “Strikes: Should they be allowed?”. I responded to “agreeable_language” from “Rhemaville Christian Academy” in Nigeria. At the conclusion of their comment, they questioned if strikes were to the advantage or disadvantage of a country. I commented,” Strikes are both an advantage and disadvantage to the country. They are somewhat helpful if the government decides to pay attention and implement the suggested change. Strikes, on the other hand, have additional consequences before there is a benefit. Students and medical patients, for example, will be unable to obtain the services they require from employees. During strikes, workplaces will also be scarce of workers.”

    While replying to this user, I thought about how multiple individuals refer to strikes as a “double-edged sword”. This meaning , strikes bring both advantages and disadvantages. Although, their comment made me think differently after posting my response because when placed into thought, strikes are more of a disadvantage due to the issues that they cause.

    Strikes can be viewed as the final resort for gaining the government's attention. They are used to impose a change in jobs that require long hours in a stressful setting. If these strikes succeed and the government responds, there is a potential for change. In Los Angeles, California, for example, teachers went on strike for three days in protest of higher compensation to meet their needs while the costs of everything around them continued to climb. Their pay was increased by 30% as a result of the strike. However, several disadvantages exist during the present moment of a strike. The common negative that everyone mentions is service interruption. Because essential services such as healthcare, firefighting, and policing are unavailable during strikes, citizens' safety and health may suffer. Strikes that last for years can also have a negative impact on a country's economy by slowing it down.

    To summarize, strikes do include both advantages and disadvantages and can be referred to as a “double-edged sword”. Although, this person’s comment made me acknowledge how the disadvantages of strikes can override the advantages instead of frankly thinking of it as a balance between pros and cons. Also, people should be permitted to strike since it is legal, though limits vary by country. However, it is best if striking is used as a last choice when all other terms of demand are ignored. Negotiation and interaction with your boss and organization might be a less troublesome alternative to strikes.

  • I joined the discussion about climate laws.
    I think that some of the laws haven't been liked by the majority of people so there have been massive debates about the laws. Climate laws are a good idea but I do not like how they are creating them for example some of the laws like you can only use a car 3 times a week.A problem is that in some jobs you need a car like if you are a taxi driver or if you are a plumber and have to travel long distances. I just think that they could have thought about these laws and made laws that everyone could follow.

  • I believe that the climate laws that are in place are not strict enough since we are still polluting the world at a fast pace and soon it can make our world uninhabitable. I do believe that it is possible to change to solar and renewable energy although it may have a big impact on our day to day lives it would be very good for the world animals and all the inhabitants that are on the earth. I think that the law of only using the car three times a week would be very good because cars are a big part of the carbon emissions problems since the cars are very good at emitting carbon emissions and the law of becoming vegan would be impossible for a person like me. I like and eat a lot of meat and converting to vegan would feel horrible.

  • I joined a discussion about Earth day: "tougher climate laws". I replied to excellent_conversation from Alkhansaa Prep Co Ed School B | Palestine. I agreed with his statement and said "I agree because the world has been paying more attention and taking action by doing these things allowing it to improve" using a comment. This made me think differently how people are taking action about climate change and actually care about it.

  • I joined and discussion in the "metaverse :marvellous or madness" topic. I replied to the student "observant wolf from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A | India". They made me think differently because he/she said that a "special restriction should be there for children below the age of 18 and they must be under parental guidance, then they can work from 6:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-9:00pm. And the rules must be decided by the government". And I had a different perspective and I came up with many ideas like the rules must be declared by government but they have to get suggestions form elders because they can decide better rules since it is for their child's safety so they will be empathetic and give us wonderful ideas. Then coming to the timings which he/she said that they can use it for nearly 13 hours which is not at all agreeable. People will become addicted to it and they will stop doing all their routine work like for example a school going child will start hating to go to school as he wants to be in this virtual world so time limit for everyone must be maximum 2 hours less than that is best. Then about that special restriction I can to some extent agree but I want this restrictions to be given for people above 18 as they do cyber crime, cyber bullying, hacking etc... And the children learn from their elders so if we stop the elders metaverse will become a safer thing to use. And most importantly people must not forget about their real world because no matter how good the reality is but nothing can beat the reality.

  • I joined a discussion in Metaverse. I replied to authentic truth from start-Rite Schools| Nigeria and said that there are technological advancement in the metaverse, but he/she said that there are also downfalls, so it made wonder, he/she made me think differently because, technological advancement! where is the downfalls, but explaining further more, meeting thousands of people globally, It is a real concern, then I said, because of thousands of people we meet globally, we actually don't know if we are meeting a good person or a bad person because of an insecure environment and corruption, then he/she said that there should be laws and those who will take action if anyone disobey the rules.