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Did you do our Festival lesson about Earth Day in your classroom? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had! For example...

Festival2-QuestionMark could let us know your opinions on some of the key questions. What did you decide was the purpose of laws? Were you surprised by the lifestyle choices with the biggest carbon footprint? Or did you have any good suggestions for new climate laws?


...or you could let us know about the skills you developed during the lesson. For example, how confident do you feel about using facts and examples to support your arguments about climate laws? And what keywords do you think are most important for discussing climate laws?

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  • Although we didn't have a classroom discussion about earth day its become a daily routine for our teachers to encourage us to care for the environment we live in considering the high rate of natural disasters that have been occurring, they help us notice that the little things we do can alter a lot of things happening in the environment . Just throwing maybe a biscuit wrap or an empty bottle into a drainage system could cause blockage so when it rains the excess water won't be able to drain properly and this could lead to flooding. Little things like this that we fail to take notice of could lead to further complications.I've also been able to learn that as humans we should learn to take note that we aren't the only living things on earth, we should try our possible best to put an end to throwing of waste or other objects into water bodies although we don't live underwater but there are a lot of living creatures who live under water they could consume waste thrown into the water and it could be toxic leading to sickness or even death . We should note that every living creature plays an important role in the eco system , and we should try our best to care for our planet.

    1. What should governments be doing?

      1. Climate vulnerable communities should be empowered by the government and there should be an institutional mechanism to resolve climate-related disputes.

        1. Thanks, can you find any examples of this happening?

          1. • Carbon pricing Reducing carbon emissions is starting to show signs of improvement


            . Ending fossil fuel subsidies...

            Building resilient, low-carbon cities.

            • Increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy ....

            Applying climate-smart farming practices and expanding forests

            1. I agree because the world has been paying more attention and taking action by doing these things allowing it to improve.

              1. yes by theway paying more attention and taking action is good

        2. I agree...
          Because the government his a big role
          to get solution the climate related disputes

        3. I agree because...
          The only way to sensitize the public is to use larger crowds for the better hence promoting easy transfer of information from one place to another or to the public at large. Secondly, I think so because the institutions host a large number of people who originate from different areas or places hence sensitization will be at a high rate.

        4. I agree because... climate vulnerable communities should be empowered by the government the reason why is that the government should be able to implement laws that governs the climate

        5. I agree because... the vulnerable communities should be empowered by the government because it is the responsibility of the government to implement laws that will govern the climate disputes. And it is the government to put more effort to fight climate crisis in a specific country including the community members not only the government.

      2. I feel the government should carry out enlightenment programmes to inform the pu lic especially those who live in the rural areas that are less privileged and as such don't know about such happenings,then they should implement laws because it will be unfair to make laws without the public knowing. Laws should be created such as improper disposal of waste should be severely punished whether on land or in the sea and also banning of bush burning.
        I feel the government in my country is not doing well enough in the fight against climate change as there are no laws put in place and even if they are they are not properly enforced.

        1. You make a great point that it would be unfair to punish people without first making sure they are informed of the reason for these rules.

          1. It is true that it is unfair to punish an act that you did not know was forbidden, but in this case I think that the rule does not fully apply to the issue of climate. For example, pouring trash or sewage water must be punished even if the perpetrator does not know. This is an ugly act and has long-term risks. The short and the large, and also throwing waste on the ground, should be punished regardless of who the perpetrator is, but there are matters whose results are difficult to know without lessons and seminars, for example the penalty for using electrical appliances or eating meat saturated with fat, so it should not be punished if the perpetrator does not know if he concludes that the laws are divided into types And each type has special provisions and they differ with each case

      3. The Governments should help by creating organisations that would conserve wildlife and would ensure their safety to prevent them from going extinct , they should also create more wildlife sanctuaries.They could also help make citizens aware of the fact that in order to preserve our planet earth we need to take some safety measures like recycling, conserving water, discouraging animal poaching,reducing use of chemicals that could be toxic to our environment. They should make citizens aware that although technology has its advantages there are also some adverse effects and these adverse effects could be threats to our planet earth. Things like air conditioning,refridgerators,aerosol sprays and dehumidifiers emit chlorofluocarbons which is part of the compounds that lead to ozone layer depletion , so the government could make citizens more informed about the disadvantages of such products and could bring utilization of such products to minimum use.

      4. The duties of the state and the government towards the environment are multiplied in various fields. The state and the government are the ones who set the regulations and laws that individuals must follow. Therefore, it is considered necessary to issue laws that oblige everyone to protect the environment, and to set strict penalties for anyone who harms it. A culture of preservation must also be spread. Environment, warning of the danger of environmental pollution to human health, and holding conferences necessary to take important decisions to solve the environmental problems we are facing at the present time, in addition to carrying out awareness campaigns regarding pollution and its effects on the environment, and encouraging individuals to environmental campaigns such as afforestation campaigns, watering plants, and cleaning Beaches and streets.

        1. Exactly, I agree with you that certain laws should be issued to stop this threatening crisis. No doubt it's all duty to stand and change our bad habits that harm our nature in order to reach a safe environment for all.

      5. The mentioned negative effects require action from goverments to mitigate and alleviate their impacts.
        Some of the measures that goverments can take include :
        1- Issuing strict environmental legislation and laws that limit air and water pollution and engourage sustainable environmental practices.
        2- Shifting towards renewable energy use and reliance on fossil fuels.
        3- collaborating with environmental associations and non-governmental organizations to protect wildlife and natural reserves.

        1. Yes, I agree with you on everything you said, especially the use of renewable energy, but unfortunately renewable energy constitutes only 5% of our energy use, while the rest depends mainly on burning fossil fuels. It is really unfortunate because fossil fuels have several risks, including that they lead to an increase in global warming In addition to increasing the speed of climate change, and this affects very negatively the health of the respiratory system, and thus affects the rate of oxygen access to the brain and affects brain functions, and this is really painful. I hope that our leaders and governments will turn to clean energy.

      6. The Governments should help by creating organisations that would conserve wildlife and would ensure their safety to prevent them from going extinct , they should also create more wildlife sanctuaries.They could also help make citizens aware of the fact that in order to preserve our planet earth we need to take some safety measures like recycling, conserving water, discouraging animal poaching,reducing use of chemicals that could be toxic to our environment. They should make citizens aware that although technology has its advantages there are also some adverse effects and these adverse effects could be threats to our planet earth.

      7. From my point of view, it is possible for the government to raise awareness, but there is an alternative way, which is to punish the individual if he does not apply the laws, but it is possible to prevent rights, but it is the best way, and with time the matter will be adapted, and people will become afraid for their rights, so they will implement the laws to the fullest

      8. I think that governments should impose penalties and taxes on citizens who litter and contribute to spreading pollution, because if one person is punished, others will learn from this mistake.

      9. Governments can encourage people to pay attention to the environment and reward people to do so and make seminars on the importance of preserving the environment clean to ensure no sudden climate change

      10. They should raise awareness and encourage people to reduce carbon pollution. Or check your energy consumption, where possible they should replace their energy source with one that is emission free or renewable energy. By installing solar panels on rooftops, or planting trees in abundance, because nearly 12 million hectares of forests are destroyed every year.

      11. The government should license the most climate vulnerable groups and there should be an particular program to resolve the disputes related to the climate change.

        1. Intersting point, could you develop further on what programs you would suggest?

          1. For example, in schools they could limit the use of electricity for lights and invest in some solar panels, thus we would help reduce the effect of electricity on climate change.
            I also think that more attention should be paid to the reasons that cause traffic accidents, so that people would be less afraid to use transport such as bicycles or electric scooters to move around the cities.

      12. people should pay a fine if they are saw littering and there should be a center to clean if people want to in public and if they are done cleaning they butall the trash in the machine then the person will get money for cleaning

        1. i agree to your comment because whenever citizens litter it causes the air to become polluted & plastic and other items rush off into the oceans and seas to hurt and harms seafood below .

      13. Due to the increasing population and extreme density in the country; It results from the increase in the quantities of consumption in everything that results in large amounts of waste, whether food, industrial or agricultural.

    2. You are right. If we can make protecting the environment part of our daily routine, it will be a habit of daily habits that will make people cooperate in protecting the environment. Also, if they realize that by protecting the environment they will protect themselves, this will make their thinking more rational, and this will make the environment more stable and safer than just setting laws.

    3. I agree with your opinion. It was a wonderful, scientific, accurate opinion, and I excelled at it. I did well. It is true that we are not the only living being living on this earth, so we must take care of what is around us for the sake of our safety, the safety of those around us, and the safety of our planet.
      Thank you

    4. Your words are correct, we must preserve the environment and the qualitative balance in it, so governments are supposed to strengthen this balance and build the largest number of natural reserves
      Also, health problems greatly affect the planet and creatures, especially animals that depend for their nutrition on the environment, which can die if the environment encounters several problems, the most important of which is pollution, and even they may become extinct if we do not preserve them.
      This is why we must protect the environment

    5. Yes, even the small things that some consider simple can lead to big problems
      Therefore, we must instill positive values ​​in the next generation for a better future, and to learn from our mistakes. This means that small mistakes can turn into big ones if they are multiplied.

    6. I also agree with your opinion on this , Ray was brilliant, knowledgeable and punctual , There is nothing wrong with it , Well done . It is true that we are not the only beings that inhabit the planet , Therefore, we must take care of the living creatures around us or others . For everyone's safety and safety of our planet The beautiful wonderful.

    7. I agree with you, I like your words, and I hope the rest of the world will be aware of the point that we are not the only beings on this planet

      It often happened to me that when we go to the beach, people throw their waste into the sea, and I really felt sorry for that

    8. As experts, you should set laws as if they were children’s games, because I do not think that children know such a thing as law, so they must be taught from a young age to put waste in its places, for example (paper, plastic cans, iron, and glass).

    9. I think this is so true because so many people forget to take care of all the other living things around us and that is what made climate change worse.

    10. You are right that we should be mindful of our waste and dispose of it properly, especially when it comes to water bodies. It's not only about the impact on aquatic life but also about the overall health of the environment. By taking care of the planet, we are also taking care of ourselves and future generations.

      I encourage you to continue learning and practicing good environmental habits, and maybe even inspire others to do the same. Let's work together to make our planet a healthier and more sustainable place for all living beings.

      1. I completely agree with you! Conserving our planet and its resources is crucial for our well-being, and we must work together to ensure that our actions do not harm the environment. Each of us can make a difference by adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives, and by spreading awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. Thank you for your efforts in this regard, and let's keep up the good work!

    11. I agree because we dont always think about what we are doing esspecially the consequences although we dont think much about what we do. The consequences of dropping rubish come back slowly and evedentiully.While we dropp rubbish we shouldnt think about people being angry with you about dropping the rubbish.what im trying to say is that dropping a bit of rubbish is that in the long term its a bad idea.

    12. .
      Every person must have a distinguished and civilized role, and build and not destroy as he must be a long-lived person who gives everyone around him his right. Cleanliness is a right for every person who must enjoy it and preserve it, so do not participate in distorting the place you visit or live in at all: be human And do not ruin your environment with your own hands.

  • yes ..we had a lesson about climate change ..our teacher had explained how important our role is to save our environment...we should reduce air , water and land pollution.
    because they affect climate change .
    we should keep our EARTH clean from unrecycable things .We should keep waste in suitable cans divided into 3 ( reuse...recycle..throw away)
    we shouldn't throw our waste into sea ..we should keep our seashore clean and safe.
    we should reduce using plastic and paper bags .
    We should also reduce using cars and taxis instead we can use bicycles and safe bikes .
    WE all together can make a change in front of this climate change and it's time to stop harming ourselves and our earth.

    1. Hello!
      My opinion in your article is that you have succeeded in choosing topics and arranging them. I wish you and everyone who reads this article not to do actions that are harmful to the environment and to listen to our advice.

    2. You said bicycles, but bicycles are harmful to the environment because they emit smoke

      1. Hi clever_squid - I think by "bicycles" warmhearted_eel means pedal bikes, which do not create emissions when they are being used.

        1. Exactly ..that what I meant by bikes which are so safe .

    3. Hi,
      Your ideas are very wonderful And we can put it as a climate change law because it's so relevant

    4. believe that it is necessary to propose some ideas to solve this crisis. We have to be one hand and provide assistance. I suggest the following: subsidizing fossil fuels, building flexible cities with low carbon emissions, using renewable energy, and increasing the cultivation of plants. And stop the urban sprawl and reduce smoking. These ideas will help reduce pollution. So, my friends, let's reduce our carbon footprint to have a clean life without diseases

    5. Yes , I agree with you. We must preserve our enviroment and not pollute it through vertical urban sprawl , not to cut down trees for d preserve oxygen , and also put a wastebasket on the side of the roads for plastic and another for paper to be recycled .
      Through that, we prserve our enviroment and make it a clean life .
      Safe for the community

      1. I agree with you 💯 completely and I think we should grow a lot of 🌳 🌲 along roadside to stop global warmning and prevent pollution and live in a clean and safety environment

    6. But how can people understand that rules and take it as a routine... I'd like to understand.

  • The topic Climate change can be said to be two edged it has its advantage some crops grow better in the presence of higher carbon dioxide levels, warmer weather, and seem to be more drought tolerant. Yet its disadvantage is greater, mainly we see that the eco system is affected, the ozone layer depleting and harsh weather conditions are arising making the EARTH unbearable for living organisms. There needs to be a balance if we want the Earth to be in existence by the next century. To achieve this we should start with our immediate environment we should be conscious of waste disposal and littering there should be strict laws with fines attached for offenders who dispose waste in the sea, by the road side, gutters and so on. We should also look into recycling, and the use of biogas to improve the atmosphere. By doing this we can face the disadvantages of climate change head on.

    1. Who should be in charge of making sure people follow the rules?

      1. I feel that the government and head of local communities or associations should be on the look out for areas with unnecessary pollution they should then be sanctioned, we also are in charge of making sure one another obey we should correct our neighbors and work to keep the environment clean.

        1. I agree because it is a fact that due to constant pollution, some parts of the world are experiencing serious hardships such as floods, shortage of fresh water, and many more. As the government, they have the power to put an end to or reduce those hardships; but as people who want change, we can set the pathway by practicing habits that affect our earth positively.

        2. I completely agree with you. Because it's the role of the government and the audience to keep the public places clean and away from pollution

        3. I agree because... I agree because... the government, heads of villages and towns must ensure that we follow the rules to reduce climate change, but most importantly the people or citizens of the country should do well to compel themselves and others around them to follow these rules to reduce or put an end to climate change.

      2. Hi!
        In my opinion, It is the job of every human on this earth to ensure a healthier and safer environment for each other. I also believe we humans who want to see drastic improvement or change in our earth can assign this task to ourselves.

        1. Does every human have an equal impact with their choices though?

          1. I feel that different people's choices have different degrees of impact. For example a person who lives in a city who drives, uses a refrigerator and other high carbon emitting machines will definitely have a higher level of impact on climate change than that of a person who lives in a rural area who doesn't have access to such high carbon emitting machines and as such may have a lesser degree of impact on climate change. As such different people's choices have different degrees of impact on climate change.

        2. I agree with you, we humans are responsible for the environment in which we live. Our responsibilities towards the environment start from childhood. Our parents were keen to educate us about everything that surrounds us, in order to help us build a productive life for ourselves, our lives, and our communities, and in order to protect the natural world around us and instill green values, cleanliness, and sophistication. Nature represents our civilization, so cleanliness must be maintained
          Nature must be protected from all human waste that causes fires
          Not polluting the water with chemical and oil residues
          Reducing air pollution necessary for breathing and life
          Reducing the use of chemical pesticides that pollute the soil, air and groundwater.

      3. I think that governments and officials are the ones who must take into account these conditions

      4. I say to myself , It is the mission of every person in this life who lives on planet earth It is to ensure a clean environment full of health and safety for each other . Also, I think that we as human beings should see an improvement or change in this land and also we can appoint this for ourselves .

    2. I really agree with you. Yes, there are positive effects and negative effects, but plants can grow with the attention and care of farmers, unlike what happens with weather conditions. We can change them easily. We have to face the problem of increasing carbon, as I said, by setting strict laws, but the problem is that not all countries and countries put These strict laws, so I wished that my country had these laws, but they do not exist, so we, in schools or public places, have to start the change from us and make people aware of the dangers of throwing the simplest plastic waste

    3. I really agree with you. Yes, there are positive effects and negative effects, but plants can grow with the attention and care of farmers, unlike what happens with weather conditions. We can change them easily. We have to face the problem of increasing carbon, as I said, by setting strict laws, but the problem is that not all countries and countries put These strict laws, so I wished that my country had these laws, but they do not exist, so we, in schools or public places, have to start the change from us and make people aware of the dangers of throwing the simplest plastic waste

    4. I agree because... to start helping the world with reducing climate change, we should first help ourselves in reducing climate change. Therefore I love your idea to start with our immediate environment because as Clover Hogan said "With great responsibility comes great power". If we have a lot of responsibility to be conscious of our waste disposal and start taking care of our environment to reduce climate change, imagine the impact we are going to make when we are given the power to help the whole world.

    5. Thank you for your comment, I strongly agree with you, because waste has damage to our lives, and if its quantity increases, it will increase its damage to future generations and the spread of many diseases that threaten human lives

    6. I agree because all of these problems that are affecting the environment are mainly caused by us humans. If we were to change our habits and establish a few strict rules, we could drastically change the environment for the better.

  • The discussion took place in the class about the climate, and it became clear to us that the land must be preserved from the land from pollution that causes climate change. Preserving the land from pollution and not throwing waste on the ground and throwing garbage in the place designated for it, we must divide the wastebasket into 4 parts, including (Department of papers, section of glass, section of plastic items, section of throwing fruit peels) It is important that we teach our children about this, as this thing works on the cleanliness of society, including: 1- Working to clean beaches and gardens, especially public places such as streets 2 Not throwing garbage on the ground and throwing it in 3 Not to build factories close to homes, because of the pollution they cause from industrial waste, and to work on pollution of the environment, and not to throw waste into the sea because it may cause death to fish, and this thing is harmful, which leads to climate change

    1. Do you think there should be penalties or punishments if people don't do these things?