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The population has lots of food that could feed everyone for the rest of their lives. we do have... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 09/12/22
doctor shortages are terrible because it means less treatment for sick patients. if the sick... What causes doctor shortages? 02/12/22
I agree 14 hours are way to long. at least have 1 day off. i think its unfair for humans if... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 02/12/22
I agree with person A as well, because without doctors when people are ill nobody is there to... Pick a side! 28/11/22
the decision to hold the world cup in Qatar isn't very good because loads of people say that the... Controversy in Qatar! 28/11/22
if you don't like/want your clothes anymore give it to charity so it can get some use... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 25/11/22
my invention is called climate helper, its an invention that prevents climate change and help... Get creative, save the planet! 11/11/22
im really worried about the climate change because i love animals and i don't want any animals... Climate reporters! 11/11/22