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There is no doubt that doctors have a very important role in our world. However, that doesn’t mean that some people can’t disagree on exactly how important they are. Read the opinions below…



"Doctors have the most important job in the world. No other job comes close!"



"Yes, doctors are important, but I think there are lots of other jobs that are more important than them."

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  • I am with person A, because we will not live without doctors, and if we are not in good health, we will not be able to do anything. If there are no doctors, how will we eradicate diseases and viruses?

    1. Hi sceptical_journalist, what other roles do you need to get good doctors, and how do they rate alongside? Is the role of doctor critically dependent on another role to bring it into being?

    2. I'm not sure about this because... there are many more important than them like the jobs of cleaners, and sweepers whose jobs are often ignored and neglected just because it becomes a matter of prestige issue. There are many people who works for the betterment of the country but are not known by the world.

    3. I disagree because people with mental health issues like autisim need therapists and if your pet is ill you bring it to the vets and how would you pay for your food without cashiers so i am with person B

    4. Thanks for your comment
      Yes, doctors are among the most important professions in life, but if it were not for science and education, no one would have reached his profession, because the profession of a teacher is more important than the profession of doctors, because every day they teach millions of children around the world and instill in them the love of work, because they The main reason for the success of all doctors and their reaching that stage in their lives. All my respect to teachers and all professions

    5. In my own opinion, I go with person B because a doctor needs a teacher or a coach to mould the mind of an aspiring doctor before he or she can be a doctor, a doctor needs an architecture to design the building, a builder to build the building, an electrician to wire up the building and even in the hospital a doctor consult, diagnose and prescribes drugs for a patient while a nurse gives care to a patient. A doctor is not going to give in 100% of his best without these people.

    6. I agree because to me i feel that every job is very important, but i agree with personA, because doctors have the ability to save lives and they have the knowledge and skills to diagnose, treat, and control the spread of virus disease which a teacher, a lawyer, a banker etc can not do.

    7. I disagree because while doctors are important theres jobs that are way more important, such as scientist who make medicine and are currently trying to find the cure for cancer, also government officials, if they make one wrong move then the world is in shambles. this is why i disagree with your statement.

  • I agree with person A , Yes it is more important jobs in this world but doctors have to be the most helpful in life , Doctors also do things like helping patients minimize pain, recover from a disease faster or learn to live with a disabling injury (not mine ) . People cant live without doctors if anything the world would have a shortage of humans in this world due to sickness caused by nature or humans if doctors didn't test and did not cure what you could possibly have

    1. spectacular_iceberg you make a good point! Do you think there are other professions and jobs that prevent poor health? Such as educators or physical fitness and wellbeing educators?

      1. Actually yes , police , fire department , and doctors usually work together without police the world would also have a shortage due to murder from people and without jail they would just keep killing , also fire departments, fire departments have a important job because fires happen all the time due to nature and without fire departments the fires would just spread witch could also cause a shortage of animals and humans , I say all this to say , but I still feel like doctors are the MOST important job and police , fire departments , and ect are also important just not as important.

    2. Your comment made me think about the consequence of a virus that might end humanity. I didn't think about this and is actually a very good reason to choose the A person side. With this in mind, should we also consider the scientists because they are the ones who develop the vaccines and the doctors are the ones supplying it.

    3. I agree with you because Doctors are really important to this world and if we didn't have them, who knows what sort of danger we would be in.

  • I think that all jobs are important and have a big role in everybody’s life but I agree with PERSON A : because doctors are the one’s that save people’s life so they are always living in a huge kind of stress, like for an example in Covid -19 doctors were the ones that were away from there homes most of the time and they were the ones that were treating and giving good care for the sick patients and at that time it was very possible for them to get sick and tired so they did a huge Amazing role at that time So I think that all doctors from all over the world have to be thanked.

    1. I agree because without doctors, we would not have overcome the pandemic caused by Covid - 19. At that time the job of a doctor was the most important, we all relied on them.

    2. I agree because without the help of doctors especially during the Covid-19 a lot more would have died but doctors gave in their best including risking their lives, if they had decided to stay home and watch what will happened, we would have not been able to control the pandemic. But forgetting that they could have gotten infected with the virus and died they came out of their comfort zone and helped the Covid-19 patients . All doctors round the world deserve respect where ever they are now.

  • I agree with person A ,because doctors save a lot of lives every day and they are amazing people. They are very talented and It takes a long time to become a doctor, which makes doctors even more appreciable. On the other hand, we wouldn't have food without farmers, which also keep us alive. So, we need different types of people equally as much because we need different things to stay alive. So, doctors are very important, but other people are very helpful too. Comparison is the thief of joy we need to let people be passionate about their professions so everyone wins.

    1. I agree because... without doctors in this world a lot of lives would have been lost, yes they are very talented and deserve a lot of praises and good treatment.

  • I agree with the person A because think about what you can do if you are unhealty.
    If you have cancer but is not exist any doctor the other jobs can't help you and that the doctors have a great job how make every life better.
    Before anything you need, your life on the first place and doctors save lifes so doctors have the most important job.

  • I choose person B because are more important jobs than doctors. Like police ,if the police wouldn't be all people will do crimes and will kill people. Doctors are important too because they save our life but this don't mean that are more important than others. Police officers and firefighters save lives too. They all have a purpose.

    1. I agree with you, but can you name the easiest and hardest job you think?

    2. Every job is important and impactful in one way or the other. After all, we cannot live without each other. A doctor cannot live without a farmer cannot live without a doctor. We all need each other one way or the other to survive. All jobs if you ask me are interrelated. A teacher teaches students so that they become doctors, doctors treat teachers when they get ill, farmers provide food, police ensure the safety of lives and properties, and so on.

      But, I have to agree with person A. In the multitude of many, there must surely be one that surpasses the rest. I feel doctors are the most important. They have really sacrificed so much for us, especially in the past few years. There is no job that is harder than being a doctor from the time and resources used in studying medicine, to the resources still used to carry out the job well. They really need to be appreciated in the world especially now when conditions are not favorable for them in the world. Many of them are tired, overworked, and underpaid. That is why there is a shortage of doctors in the world now. We need to encourage them so that more and more of them will stay in the profession. We need to thank them in every way we can because, without doctors, the world will lose its stability.

  • my opinion sides with person B
    even though doctors play a crucial role in our healthcare and in increasing the average lifespan of a country, I think that there are many jobs that are slightly more important than doctors. I would say the people responsible for maintaining the sterile environment of places such as clinics, surgery rooms, and other places where people are exposed to the harms of other diseases are the more important ones because the thing is if a sterile environment does not exist in the medical agencies, the doctors can try their hardest but diseases on the level of a huge pandemic will most definitely spread.

    1. I respect your opinion. I mentioned that diseases and epidemics will spread despite that, but doctors are the ones who think and study to save the world from this epidemic that could spread, and they are the ones who manufacture medicines that combat and treat this disease. Have you not thought about this?

  • I will go with "Person B" because we can't compare any job in the world, everything we do is important for our civilization. A police officer is as important as a doctor. Our growing intelligence has declined the good health of people and has created more need of doctors in the world, if we would have maintained our planet by controlling things like pollution and maintaining our health as a person we would not have been needing so many doctors, treatments, medicines, surgeries etc. If we exercise, do yoga and eat healthy food, we would not need to go to doctors so frequently. On the other hand, today, job of a doctor has become one of the most important because people are too reluctant to keep their health in check, so people need medicines and treatments to stay healthy.

    1. First of all, I agree and respect your opinion. Of course, all jobs are very important in our lives But you said if we were saving our planet and our health, we wouldn't need doctors and surgeries But disease is innate, so it is not a condition that everyone who gets sick or performs a surgical operation is due to his negligence, rather it may be a predestination that was written for him. But our development and mental growth, which led to the difference in these jobs and the highlighting of their importance, people in the past because of the large number of accidents and thefts and violation of laws and so on, there has become a police that specializes in each of them in a field
      And so is the doctor. In the past, people used to die from disease, but they did not know medicine, but now there are many types of doctors, and there are many countless reasons that led to different jobs and highlighting their importance

      1. Thanks for your comment

        Yes, I agree with you, of course, times have changed. This time is not like the old times. In the past, they used to die from disease, and doctors did not know how to cure them from these diseases. But in this era, everything has changed, even science has changed Everyone is interested in education now, and we also knew more solutions to eliminate the largest number of diseases, so the closest example is the Corona virus, in just two years, we finished with it, thanks to God, and then thanks to the knowledge that we reached the doctors and the way to heal We may say that medicine is very important in our lives, but science is much more important than it, because without science, we would not have reached medicine in the first place, so these are all my words

        1. Great point about science making so much progress for health. Although Covid 19 is not finished, it is more manageable now with vaccines available.

  • I agree with person B. I think he said the right thing, that doctors are important, but there are other jobs that are more important, and that's the job of a judge. I think this is the hardest job. Some people think that the judge may sit at the table and stand with a person, and this is wrong. Rather, it is a trust, and it is not permissible for him to lie, joke or be unfair in this job. This job is very dangerous. He can neither lie nor stand up for relatives. Instead, he must stand with the right.

    1. Yes, doctors are important, but there are no more important jobs. You cannot determine who is the most difficult profession, and because the surgeon’s profession needs focus. You can do something that leads to the death of the patient. The surgeon’s profession is dangerous, but the judge is not a dangerous profession. It needs justice, equality and right

      1. I liked your answer convinced me.
        I agree with you
        I think the profession of a teacher is difficult because it teaches us important things like health and others...

        1. It is not difficult, but it requires patience and endurance, especially in the first and second grades, but every teacher who enters the subject that you love, such as science, has physics, chemistry, biology, and scientific geography, but biology is the one who talks about health and is already in the specialty

  • Iam with person B
    There is a story that says that a group of doctors bought a small village on a mountain to live in, and they called it the Village of Doctors. They did not allow anyone to enter it except who was a doctor. With the passage of days, problems began. On one of the snowy days, a strong storm broke out and destroyed some houses and caused damage to others, and the electricity was broken and no one could turn it on. or maintenance took placeMalfunctions in the water pipes, so the water overflowed in the houses instead of that the food ran out and the pantry room was empty, and all this because they did not plant the fields and keep their crops. Days passed from sending distress messages until the day came when the storm subsided and they found that people had gathered to make a way to that village where the doctors were detained of snow which allowed themout.The Hebrew is that it is true that the doctor has an important role, but that does not negate the existence of important roles as well, as each work complements the other, and if it were not for that, we would have lived in destruction, as happened with those doctors

    1. I very much enjoyed your story aware_leaves. You highlight the importance of many types of job. Do you think there are any jobs that are not important?

  • I'm with person B. First and foremost, doctors are a very difficult and important profession, but let's think of the few who graduate these doctors who teach. The teacher's profession is more important than doctors because it produces those doctors who save people's lives. There is a saying that the teacher is almost a messenger of the great importance of the teacher in society to bring out everyone who benefits society, such as doctors

    1. I agree because.. All professions are related to each other, because the motherhood profession is the one that contributed and supported the teacher and the doctor

  • I think person B is right because doctors do lots of things but all jobs are important around the world

    1. Nice point easygoing_sheep. Person B states 'lots of other jobs are MORE important' than doctors. Do you agree there are other, more important jobs? In your opinion what would these be?

  • I am with person B as scientist discover new
    cure for sickness like scientist are trying to
    find a cure for cancer.

  • All professions are important, but I agree with person A, because medicine is the only profession that cannot be replaced or abandoned. We all witnessed the difficulty of the epidemic that we faced, which is the Corona virus. It spread very widely and posed a threat to everyone's life.However, doctors and medical personnel have also been exposed to the danger of contracting it from their exposure to patients, and the doctors are the ones who are very tired and have gone through days when they did not sleep because of the hundreds of patients they receive every day and try to relieve them and be able to treat them.They also have a very big role by receiving patients with a big smile and good manners, even though they may have gone through a very difficult day, and they are trying to alleviate their suffering, even though they may not find anyone to relieve them.This profession really deserves recognition from everyone! .

    1. I do not agree with you. The teacher's profession is the most important because the teacher is the one who teaches us and we become what we want, for example to become doctors

  • Yes, of course the obvious answer is all jobs are important, we live in a world where one cannot exist without another, at this point all jobs compliment one and other, yes, one might argue that there are more important jobs, but I do not agree, okay so let me give an illustration. After a long day of work a doctor is going back home, suddenly his car breaks down, he puts his hand in his pocket to call a mechanic, but wait a mechanic is not as important as a doctor so there no mechanics available, everyone went on to become doctors. No but i mean imagine a world with no other profession only doctors, let us not go far, imagine the world with only one type of occupation, exactly it is irrelevant and unimaginable, in order to live comfortably we need every single occupation up and running no one is more or less important. The idea that one should be treated according to his job is just saddening, if you feel that one job is more important than the other then obviously, we should not require the services of another occupationist, the doctor should not require a building to performs surgeries, a pilot should not need a plane to fly. They should all be able to do it by themselves. The sooner we stop this plague of placing one thing above another we would progress.

    1. You very strongly argue that all jobs are important accurate_wombat. Do you think, if all jobs are important, that all jobs should be rewarded in the same way?

  • I agree with the person (a) because the doctors, with their skill, can save the lives of many patients, so the profession of doctors is a very important profession that we cannot abandon. There are some doctors who say that this profession is difficult because it wants a lot of focus for the patient’s safety and also be calm when a dangerous situation occurs so that they can save the patient’s life and the doctors must be skilled in their work in order to be able to save the person’s life but there are some doctors not They have many skills that can cause the death of a person, so whoever wants to become a doctor must have the determination and determination and be skilled in medicine so that he can save the patients

  • I think every job is important because everyone is trying harder to give their best for the benefits of mankind. Doctors are indeed very important because they are the ones who saves many precious lives. If we go back in the past before the evolution of healthcare system, we will see that many people died unknowingly of any reason. After the healthcare system has improved well the contributions of doctors cannot be ignored. They spent their whole life in treating people even nations. Sometimes they risk their own lives to save others like in the horrifying days of Covid-19, when the hospitals are filled with patients and the doctors are the ones that take the responsibility. When all the people are restricted not to come out of their homes they are the ones who risk their lives. Hence, the life-savers are indeed the nations true

    1. Hi supportive_philosophy - brilliant insight. I also agree that people who save lives do important jobs.
      On the topic of every job being important, is there any that you would say aren't? and do you think some people do their jobs for reasons other than contributing to the benefits of mankind e.g. criminals?

  • I believe all the jobs has their own importance but I agree with person A because doctors are the saviour of human health.... if u get a call at 3 am to check a patient you have to go....because you are a doctor!!
    Without human being everything is unimportant on this globe. The colours of life are beautiful with human beings, hence health of human being is more important.

    "Doctors are the guaranteers of human's good health."

    It's good to see that someone care more about people's life than his own.

  • I agree with person "A" .To live a healthy life is the most important thing in world.How could I learn and study while I feel ill and tired.Good health comes first and other things comes after.This is my opinion.

    1. If you say good health comes first, how do you prevent illnesses?. Illnesses are caused by infectious diseases commonly spread through the direct transfer of bacteria, viruses or other germs from one person to another. An idiom says prevention is better than cure. For instance, the means of transportation in which you use to get to the hospital, is it the doctor that invents or come up with the idea?. No.

    2. If you say good health comes first, how do you prevent illnesses?. Illnesses are caused by infectious diseases commonly spread through the direct transfer of bacteria, viruses or other germs from one person to another. An idiom says prevention is better than cure. For instance, the means of transportation in which you use to get to the hospital, is it the doctor that invents or come up with the idea?. No.

  • I am on the side of Person A because without doctors when the person who has a more important job falls sick they still have to go to the doctor in order to get better otherwise they won't be able to do their job.

    I'd say that most people might agree with my statement and as for what a doctor would say I am very sure that they would agree with my above statement

  • For my case i choose the person B because the doctor is important but the doctor also depends on other sectors for effective working for exaple if a doctor has no effective machines the doctor won't be able to do his job effective and also without the farmers the doctor also can't save paople because the people won't only need the medicine but also they will need to eat and drink water

  • I agree with "person b" because although doctors diagnose people with diseases or syndromes and save lives, other jobs also save lives such as a firefighter. They save people from human caused problems whereas doctors solve natural problems.

    1. This is a great point selfreliant_plum. But do you think firefighters are *more* important than Doctors? Person B has stated that there are many jobs that are more important. Are all the problems Doctors solve natural? Or do they also solve human caused problems?

  • I agree with person B because for sure doctors are important but there are still more many other jobs in this world and they are all important from my point of view. They all contribute to the planet and humanity improvement and care. For example a lot of people say that refuse collectors are one of the worst jobs because you just pick trash from the streets and is a nasty job. Indeed is like this but people don't think that without them we would walk in streets full of garbage.
    For sure everyone would have different opinions because some will think that without doctors we wouldn't be alive most of the humanity. But others would be like me and see a contribute in all the jobs.
    But doctors would have a very interesting answer. They know that their job is one of the main rasons why humanity is still existing. Still they are conscious about the other jobs too. In my opinion doctors think their job is the most important because from their point of view the humanity is mostly alive because of them. We need lots of industries and lots of jobs to support each other and coexist harmoniously.

  • There are many, many jobs in this world, some entertain us, some make our life easier and some with many different roles. But none of these come close to how important the job of a medical expert is, so I'll have to agree with person A. Now, I'm not saying that every other job besides a doctor is useless, every job impacts our modern day life with benefits and other factors, cause there sure are jobs that without them, doctors would do their job so much more harder like for example, without engineers, there wouldn't be equipment to help doctors out monitor their patients.
    But I still think that doctors are the most important. Their jobs can decide our lives. Without life, no jobs would work without a livable human being. Also, doctors help us with just very common illnesses that if not cured, could ruin our life tremendously. And they can also help us mentally, which a lot of people now are suffering from mental issues.

    1. Great response coherent_banjo. Can you think of any other jobs that would come close in terms of importance?

      1. Two jobs that I can think are: policemen and firefighter. Both of these jobs are significantly important for our modern day lives. Both of them can save lives in under specific circumstances but if someone for example is in a burning building and firefighters rescue them and they're unconscious, they don't have the necessary equipment or knowledge to bring them back to life, unlike a medical expert does.

    2. I agree @cohorent_banjo, especially with the point of mental health. Psychiatrists and psychologists constantly help us to be able to be at peace with our thoughts and be mentally well. They help us to manage our stress and make healthy choices.

  • I agree with the person A because i think that to be an doctor it is important but there are some jobs that are close to doctors like fireman and a few mor jobs and i agree the person A because its harder to become a doctor you have to study 12 years or something like that and after you absolved if you absolved you go to get an job and then if you enter the surgery you have to surgery people and save them and if you didn’t you are like a killer and that's why i agree person A

  • I think there are many important jobs but I mostly agree with Person A. I agree with Person A because I think the doctors are very inportant, but at the same time I partially disagree with Person A because I think there are other jobs that come close, but are not better.

  • I agree with person A: "Doctors have the most important job in the world." Doctors have the most important job because they save lives. Without doctors we couldn't be in a good health.
    Some doctors can have other intentions than saving lives but that's in rarer cases.

    1. Thanks for this response victorious_leaf

  • I agree with person B, because from my point of view, all jobs are complementary to each other. For example, in order for there to be doctors, there must be scientists who research, study, and put the medicine curriculum in order for people to come and study this product, and there must be doctors, and there must also be engineers in order to They design devices and machines that contribute to and assist doctors in the work of magnetic resonance imaging devices. I do not deny that the task of doctors is not important, but there are many important professions that we cannot live without, such as agriculture and industry.

  • Honestly no job is better than the other. I agree with person B, there are other jobs that are more important for example Teaching. A doctor would not be who he or she is without the aid of a teacher. A teacher guides and teaches a child from when they are at Pre-schooling age till they are grown adults. A teacher guides a child in making decisions and also supports the aspiration of a child. The primary beginning of being a doctor is the power of education and a teacher empowers his students with that. As Jerry Whittle said To Teach Is to Touch a Life Forever.

  • I think that all jobs are important and have a big role in everybody’s life but I agree with PERSON A : because doctors are the one’s that save people’s life so they are always living in a huge kind of stress, like for an example in Covid -19 doctors were the ones that were away from there homes most of the time and they were the ones that were treating and giving good care for the sick patients and at that time it was very possible for them to get sick and tired so they did a huge Amazing role at that time So I think that all doctors from all over the world have to be thanked.
    also in many occassions doctors have done great like the all other persons of every profession were at home but only the doctors were in their duty and were saving other people lives without worrying about their lives i would also thank doctors who died in saving their patients and i would salute them

  • I think person b is correct because being a doctor is a very important job as they help people get better and even save peoples life .But other jobs like police officers arrest other people because they brake the law .Also fire fighters help the world a lot because they put out fires and also save so many people .So there are many other jobs that are more important than a doctors still are

  • I feel like Person A and B are both right that doctors have a very important job as they deal with the lives of humanity. I really appreciate the work doctors have been doing all the while, especially during Covid-19. Doctors saved the life of a family relative of mine that came down with Covid-19 and I am especially grateful to them.

    But on the other hand, in the healthcare sector, there are also different people that also save people's lives. There are:
    Pharmacists-without them drugs wouldn't be available for people to use and get well and people will die.
    Nurses: who take care of patients and see their recovery all the way through.
    Psychologists: They help people suffering mentally and help a lot of people to find new reasons to live.

    There are many others. Not just these few. Within and without the healthcare sector that in one way or the other have helped people's lives and in my honest opinion all the efforts of people from different occupations are all important ad I see all careers as important.

  • From my point of view there is no "most important career", I think that all careers are there to integrate and form a perfect world. For example, what would doctors use to make a surgery without having an engineer that made the machines that are used in clinics and surgeries? And how would these engineers and doctors be there without a teacher that teaches them this career? So based on this no career could take the crown of the most important, we as humans are born to integrate to forming the perfect life.

  • *I would agree with person A if he said that even other jobs are equally important but he said they don't come close
    so I disagree with him.
    *I would agree with person B if he had not said that there are other jobs that are more important than doctors but he said the opposite so I disagree with him as well.
    In my view, all jobs are equally important for example without teachers, we cannot have doctors. Without doctors, we wouldn't give birth to healthy children and some of us wouldn't be alive right now because I had measles when I was young and I almost died but I manage to survive by the help of doctors. Without technology, making medicine would almost be impossible. Without a farmer, we won't get food to sell in hotels.
    So you see how all jobs equally depend on each other so I would say, their is need for all jobs.
    In conclusion, all jobs are equally important in our lives since they all work together to make our lives better

  • I agree with person B, yes we can't deny how doctors are outstanding, save lives, stick the souls to bodies, and enhace health. But there are more jobs that are more important such as teachers, how can doctors be the most important amd they we taught by teachers?? Teachers and professors are the base of all jobs.

    In addition, if i can have another point of view it will be for person C, which is that all jobs are important, we have no priority, it is not a competition. For instance, how can doctors work without nurses? how can the hospital be eaned without cleaning workers? how social problems will be solved without social workers? how justice will spread without judges? and how suspects can prove their innocence without lawyers? so all jobs are important, they are all complementary.

  • Doctors can Be very Useful and more useful than a lot of jobs but not all, Since there are jobs like Astronauts that can be Massively useful, But there is always stronger and more important jobs than the ones i am naming. I just want to say, Doctors can be very useful but Cannot be the most Important Job In the whole wide World, But That is only my Opinion.

  • I agree with person B because , although doctors save many lives every year so many other jobs are the same amount as important . For example architects design homes without those hardworking architects were would we live ? And teachers without teachers how would we learn ? Don’t forget police officer (or as some people call them cops) without officers who would help keep us safe from crimes and violence . And scientist thanks to those knowledge full scientist so many medicines , inventions and many more incredible stuff has been made thanks to them.

    So I think all jobs are equal .

  • I agree with person A because doctors are like angels sent to Earth. They literally perform miracles. They save lives, relieve us of suffering and pain and get so many blessings in return. Not only that, they also help to bring new life into the world!
    Doctors work very hard their entire lives to provide us with the best healthcare, treatment and medicines. If there are no doctors, there would be epidemics everywhere, diseases would be transmitted easily and people would lose out on healthcare ultimately affecting an economy adversely.
    The world, after the last two years, has realized that doctors indeed deserve a lot of credit.
    Therefore, doctors is a very important profession for the world.

  • I disagree with each of them because all jobs are important in our lives, for example without doctors, we would have suffered from diseases and we would have lost our health and lives as well as the police. If he wasn't in the police, the community would have been corrupt and crimes, theft, etc.So as well as lawyers, lawyers are also an important job without them. Injustice and so on, and firefighters because they save people from fires, engineers and teachers, and a lot of jobs as well, so I say that all jobs are important in our lives and also benefit us.

  • I think all jobs are important in our life, but i agree with person (A), because The primary job of a doctor is to save lives and improve the overall health of their patients. They often intervene during very challenging parts of their patients' lives and have the opportunity to help them recover and improve their well-being also the doctors save a lot of lives everyday and they are amazing people. so doctor's are very important . so i think anked that all doctors from all over the world have to be thanked .

    1. I agree with you, because doctors are the ones who help other people to work in their professions when they get sick, but this does not mean that doctors are the only important profession, but every profession is important in its own field

  • I agree with person B, because there are those who are more important than doctors, and they are teachers, because the teacher is the foundation of society, and we can depict him with the root from which all parts of the tree branch out. The teacher is the basis for establishing the doctor, but this does not mean that the doctor is not important, but the doctor is a great person A humane person who chose himself to help and save other people. I respect doctors and I hope to become like them

  • I agree with person “A” because doctors do their best to save the lives of patients, and they always live in a state of stress and anxiety, and we should not forget that all professions and jobs are very important and have a great role in our world, where we cannot dispense with the role of scientists, without scientists we would not
    We were able to discover the cure for many diseases, because the scientist is complementary to the role of the doctor, where the scientist discovers the treatment and manufactures it, and the doctor implements it on the ground. In the end, I say that every job has its importance, and we do not dispense with any job in our lives. Without engineers, we would not have been able to develop to live in these advanced homes.
    And if it weren't for farms, we wouldn't be alive.

    1. You make a great point that these different jobs all complement each other – the doctors need the scientists and vice versa. What do you think a doctor would say in this debate?

  • I think person B because person A said that doctors have the best job in the world but there's other jobs that help us like teachers because if we didn't go to school we wouldn't be able to graduate and become a doctor

  • I agree with Person B, for example: Doctors save the lives of many people during the day and night, and they are very wonderful and sincere people, especially in their work. They are undoubtedly a source of safety and comfort, because when I see the white color that the doctor wears, I feel comfortable and safe and I feel that what is in front of me Just an angel and we will not have food and food without farmers, which will keep us alive. There is no doubt about the teachers. They are the basis for building future children and developing conscious and aware generations. They are the ones who control ignorance. The teacher is almost a messenger. They are of the greatest importance and most prominent at all. Moreover, the traffic policeman regulates the movement of cars and their movement, thus reducing the occurrence of dangerous accidents, and the emergency policeman saves people from criminals and terrorist owners and limits the widespread theft operations. and other professions
    Therefore, we conclude from this that no profession can be dispensed with because they are prominent in being the most important at all.

  • If you are talking about the comparison then what I beieve is every profession are equally important as their different kinds of works. Every individual carries the importance in their own way. But I would go with PERSON A because I obviously think that doctors have the most important one in the world.''Physicians should be personable, great listeners, and empathetic to the concerns of their patients''.Absolutely a point is that we actually can't live without a doctor. The work of the doctor is to cure the patient and also maintain the good health over the world. But if we are saying there is less importance of doctor, then I think it would definitely be wrong. Doctors are the helping hands who cure the people, cure the diseases and minimize the pain in the world. Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society. People who survive diseases such as cancer usually owe their survival to doctors, whose skills and dedication are vital for their cure.So obviously doctor are the most importance job as well as the profession. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

  • I think we have come to an impasse here. Every single job in this world is as important as the other, that's the exact reason it has a value! Doctors have a crucial task but they too cannot survive without some particular jobs, say that of a farmer. If they wouldn't grow crops, how will the doctors eat food and work? Then again, if the doctors weren't there the farmers would get sick and would not be able to grow crops. It's a cycle you see. No job should be titled as the most important because like every person, every job also has a role to play for the society to function.

  • I prefer to say that all professions are important and they all affect each other, whether negatively or positively. I agree with person B, but that does not mean that doctors are of no importance. Rather, for me, they fall in the next position to the teacher. The teacher is the one who trains the doctor to be a successful doctor, even if The teacher disregarded his profession, but we do not have wonderful doctors, and there is a saying that says, “Education is the basis of everything.” The teacher is the one who establishes the future generation, raises the doctor, the engineer, and the politician.

    1. I agree because... did you hear the saying, "Don't give me a fish, but teach me how to fish." The teacher is credited with creating a knowledgeable generation, and we owe him all our success, knowledge, discoveries and science. It is the world's hope for progress and development. A teacher who builds younger generations and feeds minds with knowledge. Without a teacher, no one would have learned, and without a teacher, no countries would have developed. Thanks to the teacher, the doctor became a doctor, who used his knowledge to serve and treat people, the teacher who made his students' future and showed them the right way. It is the candle that burns to light the path of the generations.

  • I agree with Speaker B because I think that the professional aspect is very important and may be equal to the profession of a doctor in importance, and I think that many graduate from medicine out of habit, not out of happiness
    And I think that one of the doctors may oppose the idea of ​​medicine in terms of fatigue and hardship
    Unlike an engineer who suffers from little financial income and aspires to medicine, he must raise the percentage of his financial income
    Do you agree with me?

  • I agree with person A, because doctors have the most important job in the world. They are the ones who treat and save the lives of the world every day. Without them, many people would have died, especially in my country. We are suffering from occupation, so we are exposed to many wars that lead to the loss of many victims and other injuries, but thanks to doctors, they are trying The biggest efforts are to save some cases that are exposed to bullets and others. Doctors sacrifice their time and comfort in order to save human lives.

  • I agree with Speaker A, because the situation in the doctor's profession is very different from the rest of the professions in terms of appreciation, financial income, and many things.
    And I think many doctors are very happy with this profession in terms of sacrifice and financial income
    do you agree with me?

  • I think that person B because the lack of a profession is more important than the profession of all of the same level, because if there was no doctor, we would have died, and if there was no education, then our secret would be ignorance, and if there was no building, we would have lived on the streets, and if there were no mechanics, the human life would not have developed, and time and effort would not have been available

  • I agree with person “A” because doctors do their best to save the lives of patients, and they always live in a state of stress and anxiety, and we should not forget that all professions and jobs are very important and have a great role in our world, where we cannot dispense with the role of scientists, without scientists we would not
    We were able to discover the cure for many diseases, because the scientist is complementary to the role of the doctor, where the scientist discovers the treatment and manufactures it, and the doctor implements it on the ground. In the end, I say that every job has its importance, and we do not dispense with any job in our lives. Without engineers, we would not have been able to develop to live in these advanced homes.
    And if it weren't for farms, we wouldn't be alive.

  • So in my perception, every job is as equally important to each other. We have tons of occupations in our society and it is more of a personalised choice as to what shall we pursue ahead. If we will analyse every occupation is somehow connected like a chain to each other and they all contribute significantly to the economy. However, we have missed a prominent occupation which is the 'Job of a MOTHER'. She demands nothing but works profusely hard for us, and her every occupation matters since she performs everything by spending her precious time in our take care. She becomes a doctor for us and even a cook! So, anyhow every occupation is as predominant as each other.

  • I agree with person A because it is really true that doctors do have the most important job in the world and this is treating the patients. First of all, who will treat the patients who do the the other jobs? That will be the doctor. Who will advise them on what to do to be healthy? That will be the doctor.
    In conclusion I would say that it's actually doctors that are the reason for all other jobs to run successfully.

    1. You explained a reason that made me change my point of view (they treat those who perform other professions), but this does not mean that other professions are not important, as all professions are complementary to each other

      1. Thanks for sharing how your mind was changed!

  • Doctors help us to recover from illness and diseases. They offer the same service for rich people and poor people, so they help in reducing the gap between them. They also help in stopping pandemics as they prevent disasters. Nobody wants to be sick or ill. So doctors help people in preventing illness and this will be less expensive for people as they give us tips to stay healthy. They are also good listeners as they listen well to patients who can't speak fluently. Other jobs are also important. For example, students at schools look up to their teachers as they spend more time with them. Teachers are responsible for educating students who will be doctors , engineers and artists in the future. Also, engineers build structures, hospitals and clinics for the doctors to help them live their lives comfortably. Designers help doctors to do internal designs which can reduce stress by choosing relaxing colours and designs. In addition, waste collectors are highly important, too as they are responsible for cleaning residences, hospitals ,schools and all places.
    At the end, doctors can't play solo in this world because all jobs are connected to each other . I believe that all jobs must be appreciated equally.

  • There are many important jobs in our lives, and every person has a job that suits him and benefits him, but for me I agree with person A because I believe that the medical profession is very important to me because it helps save people's lives and also helps in benefiting many people, for example people with special needs that often help them In fixing the missing part of them, although the medical profession needs to study for long years, fatigue and long working hours, but I dream in the future to become a surgeon in order to serve my country and my country

    1. I have a small point, I agree with you that their work is hard and tiring and they study for many years to get what they are in, but to whom is the credit for this? I want to say that medicine is very important, but there are other important jobs, so if there are no farmers, scientists, teachers and engineers, how will we live without plants and How will we live when we do not know anything on this earth and we have no ambition to reach our dream, and had it not been for the engineers, we would still now live in caves. This development helped us to live as well.

  • I agree with person A because on a large percentage, doctors do have major roles in this society. Take an example of the pandemics covid pandemic, doctors were having restless days and nights monitoring people yet they are also risking their lives, we had some who died because of covid( may their souls rest in peace) and even right now, we have the Ebola pandemic in our country and still doctors are a necessity. Very many people now can't live without doctors because their health is being monitored daily so, though other occupations are important, a doctor is very important

  • There is no doubt that doctor plays a important important and virtual rle in our human life. But some people compare jobs with the salary instead of benefits.

    I pick the person “A” . Person a is right Doctors are very important in a human life. "Doctors have the most important job in the world. No other job comes close!" I agree with this statement. Nothing is important than life. Life is the most important thing. And doctors are the those person who sacrifice their happiness and time to send with their family for saving others life. So "Doctors have the most important job in the world. No other job comes close!"

  • I think that A's opinion is the correct opinion, as the medical profession is one of the highest and most important professions, as this profession is linked to human life. Saving human life is one of the most important jobs, as other professions can be dispensed with at some time and replaced at another time because they are not directly related to human life, such as the medical profession A doctor can save the lives of hundreds of thousands of human lives, especially in times of crises such as wars and famines. There are other points of view that see that all professions are equally important, especially in our present time, which is characterized by technological and scientific progress, as man has become indispensable in this age for most professions.

    1. I'm curious about your phrasing in this comment, sensible_impression? Do you think it's possible to have a correct opinion or an incorrect opinion?

  • Actually if I say Person A I would still have to say during the time of our forefathers there were no doctors they used herbal remedies and they leaved longer than us. Yes doctors are important but so are other profession . I mean you can be sick and go to the hospital but wait, Who built the hospital? When a family member dies because of the carelessness of a doctor, Who helps you in court? When you need to pay money in the hospital who do you pay to? When you need a doctors appointment how do you gets it? When you need medical home service Who comes and stays? You can see that even within the hospital there are very important roles that are played, are they are not performed but the doctors only. In general if you look at the world very closely you find out that all jobs are connected one way ore another.

  • In the modern day world, doctors are considered extremely vital in the well being of each and every person. In times like these, such as the drastic Covid 19, doctors have played a vital role. However, we have to also consider the fact that in other times, soldiers were considered important to our country in times such as the world wars. Additionally, in other past times, firefighters were widely admired in severe times such as the Great Fire of London. I personally, believe these jobs are still important today and altogether, we create a safe, inspiring environment for future generations. Hence, I do not agree with any of the two as each job is just as important as the next depending on what circumstances you are in.

  • All jobs are important in our lives in general, and I believe that all studies and professions have a great role in society, cities, and countries, and all of them help the people in all respects So I think person B is more right.

  • I agree with person “B”. Yes, doctors are important, and if it weren’t for them, some people would have died now because they are the reason for the lives of many people, and others are sick and did not find a suitable treatment. All thanks and respect to them for their hard work with everyone, but this does not mean that other jobs are not It is important, and if we say that we do not benefit from it, then we are wrong. I want to ask one question. Have you thought about who made them doctors? And how did they become like this and to whom is the credit? If we work as a dynasty for all jobs, we will find that they complement each other and without one the other will not continue, for example: the parents’ job is the ones who planted in us the love of science and the teachers taught us a lot and they took the knowledge from the scholars and made us think about the future until we became doctors and the doctors are the ones who took the treatment from the scientists to treat the patients There are types of treatment may be plants We did not get it except thanks to the farmer and the farmer, and this is how life goes on, and we will remain together, striving to develop this life, and I finally say that all jobs are important

    1. You changed my mind yes who made them doctors. They did not become doctors themselves, but because of science they became doctors, but the medical profession remains important in our daily lives, because if it were not for them, thousands would die every day, as they make every effort to heal the patient

  • I think I PARTIALLY am in favour of person B's statement. I think the we cannot really term a job to be the 'most important' in the world. The world is not being run buy a single profession.
    Yes, doctors do save lives directly yet there are so many we are forgetting.
    If we would not have cleaners in our countries, we would die of diseases caused by dirt and breeding of harmful bacteria. Whereas many cleaners are already deeply harmed by the diseases they catch.
    If we would not have farmers, we would die of starvation though many still are dying, a farmer works tirelessly to provide food for us and sometimes even sleeps hungry.
    If we would not have police, the whole nation would be full of crime, mistrust, and bloodshed. We would all be unsafe. The policemen even though can sometimes be corrupt, put their lives at stake several times to protect us.
    If we would have not soldiers fighting at the border for us, we would all be unsafe in our countries.
    If we would not have teachers, we would not have doctors who would provide us with accurate and good treatments.
    If we would not have leaders to run the country, we would be in shambles right now.
    There might be many more I'm forgetting however, my point is that EVERY JOB IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT. We cannot compare one job to another.

  • I agree with the person that doctors have the most important job in the world, but I do not agree with him that there is no other job nearby because engineering is also important, but it comes in the second stage after doctors because without engineers we would not live in beautiful houses and palaces. Engineering is also important because if the house was not built properly, it would fall on people and cause them to be killed like a doctor. They make spacecraft means of transportation, so engineering is also important, like a doctor. Both can't Letting go of them.

  • Among both the opinions given, I do not agree on any one of the person. Because I feel that telling doctors the most important profession would be wrong as there are other professions which if would not be then there would not be doctors as well. Also telling other jobs more important than doctors would also be wrong. Every profession has equal importance on their own field. But the credit what gets most is to mother who becomes teacher to tech, cook to make food, doctors to take care, traffic police to show right way, engineer to built foundation and loads more for her child. Teacher only teaches and gives instruction to students, cook only cooks food, traffic police only shows the way and prevents accident which is the most important job on their own field indeed but a mother becomes everything for her child. She suffers but she knows that one day she will be paid for her deed. She don't take salary for her job but she knows one day she will be treated the same as she is treating her child today. And it's not only mother, Father also has a great role in any one's life. If we ask a toy he brings whole shop for us but still manages to wear the same old cloth and the same damaged slipper for himself.
    It is very important to have balance in every thing so there is no any discrimination within any job. If today there was not even a cobbler then we would have to either wear damaged shoe or get new one which is always not possible. So every job is equal even if it is done by sitting in the floor or by flying in the sky. If any one profession is removed today then we will not be able to live tomorrow. One day we will of course need them.
    Just imagine once if there was no farmer, no teacher, no driver, no cobbler then how would our lives be. How would we live. If just imagination hurts us then what would be in our real life.
    Therefore, We Must and we Should Learn and Teach the importance of every profession and respect them.

  • There are many, many jobs, and all of them are important in human life in order to facilitate life and make us feel happy. Nevertheless, I am with person B because the job that made them doctors is the teacher, and if it were not for the job of education, they would not become doctors, even though doctors save many lives of people and perform many operations daily And various fields in the specialty of medicine, making medicines and treating the injured, but they passed a period of their lives that they were students taught by the teacher and studying the curriculum, and I love the field of medicine and all its specialties, and I hope to become a doctor and treat people one day 👨‍⚕️

  • I agree with opinin ( B)
    The doctor's profession is indeed one of the most humane professions because it is concerned with human health, alleviating his pain and suffering, and preserving his health. Social between people due to their respect and appreciation for what the doctor does in order to take care of their health and provide instructions that help them overcome all diseases, prevent them and relieve pain as much as possible, and the doctor’s profession has developed throughout the long history, as it was previously done with primitive tools, but today it is done with high precision and professionalism And great professionalism.
    But there are jobs as important as the medical profession and there are many more
    With the same importance of the medical profession, there are many jobs that are no less important than the medical profession, but on the contrary are more important, such as the profession of teacher, lawyer, policeman, construction worker, engineer, pharmacist, and also the doctor needs these jobs in his life, he needs the teacher to educate his children, he needs the engineer to design his house, he needs the cleaner to clean his village, and he needs The driver to drive him to his place of work, the lawyer needs to solve the problems that he may face, and the policeman needs to organize traffic and protect him from crimes, so we conclude that all professions complement each other, and no society can advance without the integration of all professions.

  • Yes, I very much agree with the opinion of person A, because we all know the importance of doctors in our lives, and we have noticed the great change that has been achieved throughout the ages with the development of medicine in treating people and administering health treatments for them, as doctors are needed by people in diseases and chronic conditions, even if they are absent or lack We will see a major deterioration in people's health conditions, and the death rate may increase.
    Many people, when they praise doctors for their work and their importance in life, forget the troubles that these doctors go through, as they are absent from their families and loved ones, and they stay up all night for the comfort of patients and work hard to preserve their lives.
    We also do not forget the importance of the rest of the jobs, but this is my personal opinion. I want to send my greetings to all workers in all jobs, so thank you for your hard work towards the citizens.

    1. This is a thoughtful comment fearless_engineer. People can often forget the sacrifices that doctors make in their lives to preserve the lives of others.

  • Personally, I agree with opinion B. As he said, it is true that there is a large and important role for physicians. Have you ever wondered why this doctor has reached this stage? Is there an unknown soldier? Yes, he is the teacher through whom the doctor has reached the profession of doctor or a university lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine. The teacher is a reason to educate him, support him and help him to memorize the information and consolidate it in his memory until he becomes a doctor? The profession of a teacher and a doctor is not only important, but an engineer as well.. He is the reason for living in a warm and comfortable home. And do not forget the profession of the baker and the chef is the reason for your eating and staying as well. Not only that, and there is also the electrician. Isn’t he the reason for lighting your hospital, house or street? I am not saying that the medical profession is not important, not because it is very important, but we have to know and make sure that there are also more important professions such as engineer, teacher, nurse, baker, chef, etc... This is my opinion and I agree with B and I will have a lot of fun When I see other people's opinions

  • I agree with person B
    I felt the logic of his speech.
    I want to say that people at this time have shown their interest in all areas of life, including: work sectors, workshop owners, and technicians of different skillful and scientific specializations. Their wonderful specializations cannot be dispensed with, as they are no less than what those with high specializations and jobs offer. It was also said that “studying high jobs may be inclined by the general public out of habit, not out of search for happiness.”
    Also, graduates of industrial schools have a large percentage in reducing the unemployment rate in the world, reducing destitution and poverty, overcoming many social and psychological problems inherited by society, raising per capita income and moving people from dreamers of hope to owners of work.

  • No one can deny that doctors have one of the most important jobs in the world because they play an important role in saving our lives and protecting our health. However, we also need other jobs so that every individual in society has an important role in our lives. I choose opinion B because every person has his value in life and we cannot do without any individual in society because every person represents a large part in life, for example the baker. Some of us may think that The baker's work is easy and requires no effort
    But every profession must have a benefit in the growth and development of societyNo one can deny that doctors have one of the most important jobs in the world because they play an important role in saving our lives and protecting our health. However, we also need other jobs so that every individual in society has an important role in our lives. I choose opinion B because every person has his value in life and we cannot do without any individual in society because every person represents a large part in life, for example the baker. Some of us may think that the baker's work is easy and requires no effort
    but every profession must have a benefit development of society.

  • You say to me: Doctor and engineer?! And I tell you, how can they and their families live without the efforts of this farmer who plants and waters and sometimes waits for months until he gets the money he spends on his family members?! So... Is there an unimportant and unnecessary profession for everyone, and for all the peoples of the world? And when the profession is in the interest of this people, and within the life of this people, it is thus in the interest of all the peoples of the world as well, because of this exchange and reciprocity in everything between all the peoples of the world, so can anyone after today tell me: There is an unimportant and unnecessary profession in The life of its people, and in the lives of all the peoples of the world?! Certainly.. no!.All professions, and in all the peoples of the world, are important, necessary and beneficial for everyone.

  • I think that the best profession in the world is the one you love, and your passion increasses the more you practice it. Perhaps one of the most prominent features that characterizes any profession is that it pushes you to innovation and development, and it shows you clearly that some professions that the world demand strongly and represent you also a means of development and innovation is working in the field of programming in all it's forms(mobile application-creating websites-designing programs) That is, the matter has become essential, not for entertainment or entertainment.

  • I definitely agree with person A because as doctors they make a lot of sacrifices both personal and career wise . Not to be selfish or anything but other occupations require less commitment and dedication and they can be done from the comfort of the homes but as doctors it is detrimental to always be at the hospital so as to be alert and ready to work, without doctors people would not be able to perform their daily activities.

  • The occupation is also diverse as it is not restricted by geography, climate or various factors affecting most occupations, the ability to find a way out in the most challenging situations, get rid of the root of the problem without delay, and find the right words of consolation to tell patients is a skill. Most times they are good leaders by virtue of their detailed and lengthy training.

  • I think doctors are a vital line of work in any society and community, but I am not certain they are the most important job in the world. A society must have balance in it and not just promote one line of work. For example, farmers and the teaching professions are also important lines of work as, without food, no one would have the energy to do their jobs, and without the teaching profession, no one could study to become a doctor.

  • Yes, doctors are important, but there are other jobs that are equally important. For example, lab scientists must perform medical tests on sick people in order to determine what is wrong with the patient. The pharmacist assists in determining the number of drugs that the patient requires in order to recover, and the nurse assists in caring for the patients in the wards. Technologists assist doctors with gadgets and tools. Many people play individual roles in research that contribute to the discovery of a cure. Consider COVID-19, which had a large number of people involved in getting the vaccine used to overcome that stage of the medical challenge. Another group encouraged people to gather in large numbers to take the interjection. So it takes all kinds of people to make a world; we all have different gifts, strengths, and desires; so let us honor and respect people in our various fields of work because all honest work done well is valuable.

  • l think that person B is the correct one for me, because the teacher has the most important role, because without the teacher, there would be no doctor, so the doctor, if his lesson is a failed teacher, he will be a failed doctor, and if his lesson is a successful teacher, he will become a successful doctor who all people depend

  • I agree with person (A) because the medical profession is valid important and has an impast on society and it's Renaissance, and doctors ruin the lives of many people , and he is the only person who can diagnose human diseases . The doctor can discover the medicines that treat patients , and he is the only one who can relieve people 's pain . Health is the most important thing in life

  • Medicine is one of the most difficult and difficult professions, but it is not one of the most difficult.
    I strongly agree with person B. The deans and ministers face the most difficult problems and tasks, but they bear a very great responsibility. This is for me. Others may think that the profession of doctors is the most difficult profession in the world, but it is not. Also, the profession of teaching is difficult, because it is what graduated doctors, without which he would not have reached scholars for this.
    Doctors may think their profession is the most difficult profession, and others may not.
    The ministers and deans are very tired, so taking responsibility is not easy at all.
    This is of course my opinion, others may believe many other things.

  • Medicine is one of the very difficult and arduous professions, but it is not one of the most difficult professions. Education is one of the most difficult professions, and it is more important than medicine.
    As for who I agree with, I agree with person B:
    Because without education, it would not have become. Doctors are doctors. There are other professions that are very difficult, but I chose this profession because it is very special. If it were not for teachers, (engineers, doctors, journalists, teachers, and most importantly scientists) would not have reached what they have achieved.
    Doctors may think that their profession is the most difficult profession (in which case they would have agreed with person A)
    People of other professions may also believe that not only is the profession of doctors difficult, but that there are many, many more difficult professions (in this case, they would also agree with person B).

  • I agree with both of you
    1_ Because “B” what he said is true, because the profession of education is the one that produces the doctor, the engineer, the carpenter, and the cook. towards that......
    2_ And the words “A” are important, I will ask you a question? Who is more important to make a closet or save a life? Or make a blouse or save a life? You will answer that the soul is more precious than everything.
    Ali thanked the teacher before the doctor, because if it were not for the teacher, the person who has no importance would not have become a great doctor who is important in society and walks proudly. Likewise, I did not discuss this question with my father, who is now taking the largest doctors. When I told him how I became a doctor, he told me in one sentence, “The credit goes back.” To my teachers.” And he said, “When I was your age, I didn’t understand anything. Then I worked hard on my teachers more than my mother and father, and he taught me everything from the letter “A” to the letter “Z.” And now I have become one of the greatest doctors in my country. What effort he made and put me in this position..

  • I agree with person A because doctors save many lives every day and they are very wonderful and very talented people, doctors work hard all their lives to provide people with the best health care, treatment and medicine, and if there are no doctors, diseases will spread everywhere and diseases will pass between people quickly And ease, and it also has a prominent role in the renaissance and progress of society, through doctors in the world doing great services to try to protect people from diseases and epidemics, and they make a great effort in diagnosing disease and medicine together, which makes their work blessed and their endeavor worthy of praise, if the doctor plays this Active role in life, and societies and countries must provide them with medical protection, by taking medical precautions that contribute to protecting them from falling into these diseases, which is the least that should be given to doctors of thanks

  • There is no dispute that medicine is a great profession and that doctors are the saviors of humanity. If there were no doctors, diseases would increase and the number of deaths would increase. Doctors possess great talent and brilliant and brilliant minds. Medicine is a hard and exhausting profession, but at the same time it is a human profession, so they are called angels of mercy, but If we ask ourselves how did they become doctors? In the beginning, the credit was given to education, as education is what brings out all professions, whether it is a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a professional, and other professions. The doctor himself needs all professions, and in my opinion, I think that all professions complement each other, and a person cannot be self-sufficient and dispense with others. If there were no engineers, there would be no medical equipment, and if there were no education, there would be no doctors or other professions.

  • I agree with person B because every profession is important in society
    There is no profession more important than another profession, for example, the teacher does not dispense with the doctor, nor the carpenter who makes his house furniture for him. Likewise, the engineer does not dispense with the construction worker because he is the one who will build for him the architecture designed by the engineer. They form the basis of a clean environmental image eg
    No profession can replace the other and he performs his duties in the same way, as a doctor does not master the profession of an engineer, and an engineer cannot be a lawyer, and therefore no profession can be dispensed with.

  • I am given a chance to choose person A nd person B I am on person A side as he is correct. Diseases spread from germs nd germs r everywhere ... though prevention is better than cure , even though we may b sick .. so doctors r really important at the time of sickness .. they treat us they realise how important is our health ..other professions r also important like teaching ,farming engineering nd others they r also playing their roles but with healthy people only doctors work on patients.

  • For me, the best is person number "A", I will tell you why?! Every person present in this life suffers from a disease that can be malignant or benign, simple or difficult to treat, but the doctor is the only person capable of diagnosing human diseases, treating them and alleviating them. Treating it through accurate medications, because here it protects the basis of society, the people, but I do not deny the effort of the rest of the jobs, but the basis is the doctor because he is the difference between life and death.

  • I agree with Person B beacause there are more important roles than a docter for example:Army,If Army wasn't important,then how would we defend our country against our enimies,there would be fights in every country,which earth cannot handle as it is already becoming weaker due to climate change .Police,If police wasn't important then are world would be destroyed,everyone would be commiting crimes or doing something illegal.

    1. An interesting reply beloved_seahorse. Are there any other jobs that feel as important as the three you mention?

      1. There are other jobs that are also very important aswell,for example:Fire fighters.If there would be no fire fighters then the fires will get out of hand like a house or a forest could catch on fire we coudent do anything with out fire fighters, they are also known for their bravery.

  • I'm with person A.
    The profession of a doctor is a humanitarian profession

    The profession of a doctor is a human profession, and it is one of the professions that occupies a high position in society, and most people want to be doctors, because of the status of the medical profession and its benefits and what it brings to its practitioner in terms of social respect and great acceptance among people that make them look at this job title with admiration.

    The doctor's profession is inspiring for everyone who wants to learn dedication and giving, and for everyone who wants to be accurate in his work away from randomness and confusion, and it is an inspiring profession for morals;
    Because the doctor dazzles people with his ability to give, dedication, humility, and a true desire to help others. That is why the doctor’s profession is shaped by determination, will, patience, and the great ability to give time to others without getting tired or bored.

    1. Thanks for this response unique_night. Which other jobs can you think of that also hold a high position in society?

  • I agree with person A because doctors provides the patients with different treatments for different diseases so for me the doctor are the most important job because they rescue a lot of people from different diseases

    1. I disagree because doctors are not the most important. The most important to me are teachers, because those doctors that you are saying are the most important are being taught by teachers before they became what they are today forget the fact that doctors help in saving lives, but have you heard of any doctor that didn't go to school, the answer is no and this is where teachers play a very important role, so indirectly teachers also save lives,which is what make them very important.