One rule for everyone?

Several of the UK’s most recent prime ministers have resigned.


Liz Truss

resigned after making mistakes and so people said that they could not rely on her.


Boris Johnson

resigned after he was caught breaking one of his own rules during the covid-19 lockdowns.

This got us thinking. Should world leaders be allowed to make mistakes like everyone else? Or should they be held to different standards?

And should they have to follow the same rules as everyone else? Or are there any exceptions?

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  • Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum. It is human to make mistakes, but to keep making mistakes should be unacceptable. I think we have to look at this from the perspective of the consequences. What consequences do mistakes have? For example, are the mistakes a librarian makes as seriously not reparable as the mistakes a surgeon makes? When it comes to world leaders, I think they have a really hard job. But they choose it voluntarily, so they should take the responsibilities that come with the job seriously. I would say that leaders should be held to at least the same standards as everybody else for the following reasons: 1. Just like in any other job, people should not be allowed to cut corners. 2. They are role models for other people, so people have high expectations of them. 3. They are responsible for so many people so mistakes can ruin a lot of lives - their mistakes do have consequences.

    1. Great response remarkable_peach. I particularly like your focus on the consequences of mistakes.

      Politicians hold positions of power where their actions have far-reaching consequences and they have pledged to their constituents that they will take their responsibilities seriously. It is human to make mistakes. Where do you think the threshold is between senior politicians making acceptable mistakes and those that are unacceptable?

      1. I think that the most important thing is how serious the impact of the mistake is. If the impact is disastrous, then they should automatically resign. Then there is the problem of admitting your mistakes. I find it outrageous that politicians don't admit they made mistakes, like Boris Johnson did until there was enough evidence to prove he made mistakes. On the other hand, I also think that apologies have lost their meaning. Make mistakes, apologise and then everything is ok. But everything is not ok.
        Another problem is repeatedly making mistakes. I find that unacceptable too. As I said, making mistakes is human, but doing it over and over again is not acceptable, at least when it comes to politicians.

    2. It was a great idea. It made me think differently

  • I think that no one is perfect. Mistakes are a part of life and we should learn from them but repeating those mistakes, again and again, isn't exceptional for anyone either a leader or a random person. But maybe politicians should have different standards cause their mistakes aren't only related to them but are also concerned with the nation. And one mistake or one wrong decision may be the reason for many problems.

    1. What systems could be put in place to stop one politician from making a mistake that leads to problems for more people?

      1. They should ask for experienced people's opinions instead of making decisions by themselves or asking if their plan or idea is convenient or not. Like in Pakistan, the orange train (in Lahore ) is a very reasonable and convenient transport service for passengers who can't afford daily uber charges to get to work. But it should've been underground because it didn't only ruin the landscape of Lahore but people in the surroundings are suffering from the noise of the train passing by every 10-15 mins, it feels congested and messed up which means that the district government didn't overlook the impact caused by this plan. They didn't take any opinion from an experienced architect or town planner.

        1. This comment links closely to some of the discussions for our World Cup topic, which will be released on Wednesday! Keep your eyes peeled!

    2. I agree because mistakes helps one to be more stronger and determined to do things, everyone makes mistakes no matter how big you are or high you as an individual have placed yourself to be, everyone is a human being and we are prone to making mistakes in life, once you have committed a mistake, be inspired to make more and solve it to make you more stronger. Someone once said, " Making a mistake is normal, but not making a mistake is not normal, so don't be a "NOT" and be "NORMAL".

    3. Have we ever thought about why people make same mistakes over and over again. I know making mistakes is not bad but when we make it more than twice then it becomes bad. have we ever thought about why our leaders keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. I feel like our leaders keep on making mistakes because we the citizens are pushing them are they just want to impress us that why they keep on making mistakes.

  • Yes, leaders can make mistakes, I agree that leaders should not break their own rules, but figuratively speaking beating them up for making mistakes is not right. I mean everyone is human and how else do people learn if not for mistakes, I cannot recall all the times i have made mistakes while trying to cook or bake, it doesn't mean that I am meant to stop trying. There is no doubt that admitting one's mistake makes them a better leader. According to business news daily there are different types of mistakes for example a leader that never wants to acknowledge the fact that he or she is wrong. Leaders are meant to be humble and not ego centrical. A leader that cannot serve can also never lead that is the truth, because there is humility in service. If you ask me to make mistakes does not make you a bad leader, but how do you control the situation, if you accept the fact that you made a mistake it simply just means you want to do better and be a better leader. Also, I feel it's the fear of making mistakes that actually cause the mistake, sometimes, you might be too occupied thinking of how not to make a mistake that you actually make it.

    1. I agree that leaders can make mistakes accurate_wombat and that leaders should take responsibility for their mistakes. If we want to learn and grow we will continue to do new things and with that there can also be a time of making mistakes.

      Do you think the role of a senior politician is one in which they should be learning, or should they be more accomplished by the time they reach that position? Is there a limit to how many mistakes they should be making before they are deemed unsuitable to the role?

      1. I do not think that the matter is believed in numbers, but rather in size. A hundred small mistakes do not affect the lives of citizens is better than one big mistake that affects the population.
        I think there should be a measure of how much people are harmed, not the number of this person's mistakes

      2. it is one in which they do both to be honest, yes personally I feel there should be a limit to which one makes mistakes, because at a certain level it is not just about the fact that he makes mistakes, but at a point it seems like the so called leader is just using the country as a steering wheel, just experimenting.

    2. I do not agree with you that leaders should make mistakes, because it is possible that these mistakes are despite the fact that every person makes mistakes in his life, so the leader should not make mistakes because this mistake may decide the fate of his people, so the actions of leaders and their daily decisions lead the people to more success or more failure

  • I think that just because they are a prime minister doesn't mean they can't make mistakes, they should be allowed to make mistakes but they shouldn't be allowed to break rules even if they made the rules. Also they shouldn't make wrong decisions and call it an accident, they also need to learn from the mistakes that they actually made. Maybe they can make mistakes but not silly ones that can be avoided, they are in chare of the country and if they do something wrong they could make a big impact on the country.

    1. What would you class as "a silly mistake" for a leader, selfreliant_plum?

      1. It would be like if they break their own rules or if they tell people a new rule that wouldn't be relevant to any of the things they are trying to solve

    2. We must allow leaders to make mistakes, but they must bear responsibility for their mistakes. If they want to continue, they will continue with new things, and there may be mistakes with them. A good leader is the one who is more accomplished with the decisions he takes at the same time that he makes mistakes, as he takes advantage of his mistakes with more useful things at the same time. Which benefits his country, and as it is said, time is like a sword, if you do not cut it, it will cut you, so there is not much time for the leader to make a mistake, big or small, which you called absurd, no matter how small it is, because it may affect the country in the long run

  • "Should world leaders be allowed to make mistakes like everyone else? Or should they be held to different standards?"
    Everyone makes mistakes, so do the world leaders because we are only humans after all...
    So, yes! They are allowed to make mistakes like everyone else...
    " Should they have to follow the same rules as everyone else? Or are there any exceptions?"
    I believe, that the rules and laws have to be followed. And... Everyone should follow the same rules without any exceptions... Rules and laws are really important in our lives, first of all, rules and laws keep everyone safe, second of all, creating laws and rules put standards for unacceptable and acceptable behaviours , also, rules and laws provide access to justice, they organise and clarify our life and much more. But, I think that rules and laws are meant to be broken, when it's needed...
    Thank you!

    1. In most cases where the leaders don't follow the laws they make, we have outcomes such as rebellions, can you let me know what these leaders can do to gain the people's trust back?

  • In my opinion, it is totally wrong to accuse and boycott these prime ministers just because of a single mistake they have made. I believe that any human can make mistakes in their life and we should not make opinions about them and discriminate against them just because of it, but look at the other good deeds they have done. In this case, both Lizz Truss and Borris Johnson made some mistakes and because of that people started thinking that they can't rely on these ministers but forgot that they are capable ministers who were elected as the representatives of the nation and they know their path on leading a country. Hence, people should stop holding these ministers to different standards and treat them as equal human beings, on the contrary ministers should learn from their mistakes and make the best decisions for the public.

  • I believe that any person is liable to make mistakes, but the mistakes of a leader are different from the mistakes of an ordinary person. A wrong decision may destroy an entire nation. I believe that the actions and decisions of a leader must be calculated because his decisions are not related to his person, so the person who seeks to be a leader must train to reduce From his mistakes as much as possible. Finally, we cannot say that the mistakes of the leader should be zero, because in the end he is a human who makes mistakes and gets hit.

  • We are all human and we all make mistakes, but each of us to a limited degree there are mistakes that you cannot get out of, and that leaders should not commit them because they affect their ranks.
    Yes, I think so, but sometimes they are all human beings, and no distinction should be made between them, but they are also role models for the people, so they must be humble and follow the same rules.

  • I think governors should be allowed to make mistakes because like we are told at school: everyone is human and humans make mistakes. A good leader learns from their mistakes, a bad leader says that their mistake didn’t exist and tries to hush up social media.

    If my opinion is that governors shouldn’t make mistakes I would say: governors shouldn’t make mistakes because they accept the challenge willingly and know they should not make mistakes.

    I think a governor is a leader, not a king or a queen from medieval times. A governor should follow the rules, that is why people respect them and want them to be their leader. If they don’t follow there own rules they are being a hypocrite.

    I used to live in another country and while I was sitting doing home learning for months and being unable to leave the country,the governors could go out of the country and have parties. It was very funny when they caught covid at a dinner and they had to quarantine.

  • Making mistakes is human and natural and is part of the life we ​​live. Making mistakes is important because mistakes generate a new opportunity for a better idea than the previous one. But continuing to make mistakes is not acceptable, so you should take a flying look at the consequences of mistakes, but what are the consequences of mistakes? For example, are mistakes that school administrators make with intent as unsolvable as those made by butchers? But if it comes to the leader or the president, this is a catastrophe and must be resolved at lightning speed, meaning that they must be subjected to many criteria, including:
    *1* Self-confidence because it has a prominent role in not making mistakes.
    *2* Not at all afraid of making any mistake.
    *3* The chiefs are role models for all their people, that is, what the chiefs do is imitated by their people.

  • Everyone makes mistakes, but the big mistake is not to admit your mistake and to walk on its path A reading error does not constitute anything for others, rather you want to develop yourself, but a mistake in issuing a decision may lead to the destruction of a country, so the work of leaders is a very difficult thing, and leaders must take their responsibilities intelligently and diligently without any error, so as not to be affected the state

    I think that yes, the leader should be subject to the same laws that all the people are subject to, and that is because he is the foundation that everyone looks at in the state, and they take him as an important role model. , who ruled India in his time, and when he issued the decision not to marry minors, he also did not marry any young girl of age, and also because the presidency profession should be like any profession, there should be equality between professions

  • Mistakes are an inevitable part of mankind, as the famous saying goes "When life gives you lemon ,you make lemonade". This also implies to our world leaders. They try their level best to make use of the opportunity given to them by their supporters but at the end of the day, they are not eternal beings, they also have the tendency to commit mistakes. Acknowledging the fact that even leaders are humans , even they experience many things in their lives for the very first time, I think that the leaders should be allowed to make mistakes but not repeat them. Even the smallest of actions of a leader could have a dreadful impact on the citizens and bring existential crisis to the whole nation. A recent testament of the above statement was seen In the United Kingdom where Liz Truss made a mistake in tax measures which became the reason for the economical crisis in the county and her eventual resignation. The Reason I think that leaders should be allowed to make mistakes is because one only make mistakes when one is working hard on his/her problems and is determined towards his goal, not when he/she has given up hope. Moreover the mistakes made by the leaders can not be hidden for a long time which provides a room for the correction. Even a pencil has got an eraser and we the people of the country have to support our leader , correct his mistakes to make our country touch new heights.

  • They should not be able to not make mistakes or break the rules because if they make a rule and the whole country follows it and then you don't follow that's not fair on the country.

  • Every person who makes mistakes, there is no whole person who cannot make mistakes, even if he is the leader of a state and making mistakes makes a person better because he learns from the mistake that he has made, we all make mistakes and learn from that, for example, I have mistaken a question in the test, I learn from my mistake and he stays.This question is firmly rooted in my mind and everything comes up with a test that I remember mistaking a question because of what and then I don't err on it, but if the leader of the state repeatedly mistakes and doesn't learn from it, it's not good for a leader who governs a state and these mistakes may cause negative problems.

  • Making mistakes is common in human life, and in making decisions ,too.And it could be tolerated if it comes from ordinary people an general persons, but if it is committed from leaders they will be not tolerated .I think their decisions are faults are always under the spot.They should be aware of every thing they make.They are the idols for their communities.

    1. If leaders are humans, isn't it normal for them to make mistakes too?

  • Firstly I feel no one is above mistakes and mistakes should be allowed but the problem is when an individual keeps on making that mistake so many times and it is becoming a habit. As a leader you are not perfect or exempted from making mistakes. The mistakes a leader makes are very crucial both in his private and public life. The first question is who is a leader "A leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in followers. A leader is someone with a vision and the path to realizing it. A leader is someone who ensures their team has support and tools to achieve their goals." A leaders life is an example to his followers and that makes him above some mistakes. A leader should not be caught breaking rules he set , if he set the rules then he should be able to lead by example. A leader is supposed to be held with higher standards because he is the head to his followers and if he fails in that aspect his followers also suffer.

  • Being a leader is a great responsibility and for an individual to have occupied that position it simply means that his standards are high and they are morally upright. So in my opinion I do not think leaders should be allowed to make some particular mistakes like break rules that they make, definitely we are humans and bound to make mistakes but the mistakes we make should not compromise our standards or position in the society.

  • If my opinion is that governors shouldn’t make mistakes I would say: governors shouldn’t make mistakes because they accept the challenge willingly and know they should not make mistakes. What effect do mistakes have? For example, are the mistakes a book keeper makes as seriously not reparable as the mistakes a medical doctor makes? When it comes to world leaders, I think they have a really hard job. But they choose it voluntarily, so they should take the responsibilities that come with the job seriously. They are role models for other people because they believe in them, so people have high expectations of them. They are responsible for so many people, so mistakes can ruin a lot of lives Their mistakes do have consequences , so they should be careful with the action they take concerning the nations wellbeing

  • I feel that mistakes don't require permission to be made. So we can't really 'allow' our leaders to make or to not make mistakes. They should not be held to different standards.
    In a democracy, many people are consulted before making a decision to prevent making wrong/harsh decisions or mistakes. Our leaders are already taking precautions!
    And I feel that because mistakes are expected in a democracy or are allowed to be made, we as citizens have been given the rights to oppose decisions made by our leaders. Plus, we play a role in decision making as well!
    However, if a leader repeatedly makes mistakes which can create problems, we can remove the leader as well.
    One excellent feature of democracy is that it also gives scope to us for correcting our mistakes.

  • If world leaders were exempted from abiding by laws, this would only encourage dictatorship in most parts of the world. Laws are made to be followed in the best interests of people, that is laws made according to the right processes and by authorized individuals. I am of the opinion that I may term it as a neutral side on this matter. Even though people are meant to follow rules and regulations, no one can really say they are perfect enough to have never broken any law or rule before. World leaders like any of us are human beings, they can and will make mistakes. I understand they are individuals which we all look up to and follow, but once in a while they can be allowed to make a few faults as long as they are not too many and they can learn from them. We should not be so quick to judge or form opinions instead let us think of ways to resolve a matter and fix a problem. We are not to let the few wrong things an individual has done overshadow his or her other good qualities. I say, learning from a mistake helps one to be careful in repeating again.

  • No one is above mistakes. Our leaders make mistakes and it is normal, for they are only but human. This does not necessarily make them bad leaders. What makes some of our leaders bad is the fact that they keep ,making the same mistakes over and over again, and they do not make any efforts to right their wrongs. Instead, some of them give excuses and blame the outcome of their actions on others. On the other hand, the good leaders are able to rise above their errors and they do their best not to repeat the same mistakes they've made. Some even learn from the past leaders so that when it's their turn to lead, they are able to avoid issues with the help of the knowledge they've gained.

  • I don't see why they are considered above mistakes since every normal human being is prone to their flaws. From my point of view of things, I would just like to say a big congratulations to every world leader who has a major responsibility, they may have reached the equipoise within themselves to be able to handle their external environment. There should be room for a few errors here and there and also room for tolerance from the people that are under them. However, this is not a go-ahead they need to reward themselves. They should be held responsible for the laws they make and enforce. How would people find the importance of maintaining order if their leaders are not really superb examplary figures themselves?
    Just as Nikki Giovanni said, "Mistakes are a fact of life, it is the response to the error that counts". It is truly correction that matters in a person's life.
    We should try handing out second chances more often, I doubt if a repitition of their offence will occur.

  • Everyone makes mistakes, but what must be done is to correct this mistake very quickly and learn from his mistake and not repeat it. One of them can lead to the lives of many people, and many will be affected by it. I encourage to punish those who make mistakes, but in a special way, which is the punishment of the type of work where the punishment is to fix what I have corrupted, but the same is twice or something like that, meaning that the punishment for the one who lavishes the money of the state, for example, is to pay the same twice to the state.

  • I believe that we should allow them to make personal mistakes only, because they concern them only and their private life. As for the mistakes that concern the affairs of the state, they should not be allowed because they work to destroy generations and not achieve security and peace, and he must be treated like the rest in the matter of his work (The presidency is a difficult job because it does not make the leader balance between his private life and his working life)

    They must follow the same rules that others follow, and not only that, but they must renew their commitment to them, because this confirms the existence of justice and fair judiciary in the state, and so that they are taken as a factor that helps spread these rules and laws

  • To make a mistake as a powerful political figure is acceptable but we must learn not to make these mistakes again and again but still we make the same mistakes over and over. We are all human and we must make mistakes but to be a prime minister, someone we look up to it is unacceptable to make these mistakes twice. Liz Truss made the same mistakes as Boris; she made the one mistake a government can never make; she went against what the people thought. They volunteered for the job and then they were tuck out for making mistakes, Liz Truss was meant to fix are problems, but she made to many mistakes like her preceder. For the Prime Minister to make the same mistake is unacceptable but to make lots of different mistakes is appalling.

    1. I agree because... sometimes we have to let certain things go and move on, imagine in after the world war no one moved on and we all just continued hating on one country, do you not think the effect would be worse.

  • We are all human and humans make mistakes, and there is no problem if we make a mistake, but the problem is re-doing that mistake.
    And they, as representatives of the country, must think first before doing the work. The responsibility is on them, and the result is on everyone.
    They have to follow the laws, understand the example that the society emulates and follows in their footsteps, so understand (if the one we emulate steals, plunders and kills, we will follow him and do the same because if he can do that and no one holds him accountable, i.e. the law, we will do the same under the heading The law will not hold us accountable, and vice versa. If he adheres to the laws and follows them to the letter Then we won'tany violations)

    1. Is there a scale of mistakes? For example if a mistake doesn't affect others is it more acceptable?

      1. I agree because... If the error does not negatively affect the lives of residents
        We can ignore this matter because we are not infallible, and all this if the people agree, so what is the best tolerance and nobility that springs from such countries

  • “To err is human”. I think making mistakes is just another human trait. Making mistakes is OK, what is more important is to realize and have the guts to admit your mistake, make measures to rectify it and not to repeat it again. Political leaders too are human beings and can also make mistakes. Making mistakes and making a blunder are two different things. Actions of political leaders, their mistakes do not affect them individually but affect the nation and its citizens as a whole. Being a leader, they need to possess certain skills and they should not be making mistakes which may prove disastrous for the country as a whole.
    In my view, yes political leaders should be held to different standards because one silly mistake can lead to a complete downfall of a country affecting the future of its citizens. They hold such a prestigious position carrying a very high responsibility on their shoulders, hence having high expectations from them is inevitable.
    Yes, I think they should follow the same rules and not misuse their authority to change the rules to be in power.

  • World leaders should not be allowed to follow different rules as this will be unfair to the citizens of the land. A citizen might make a mistake the same as the mistake made by a world leader, if the rules are different it, therefore, means the citizens might be punished severely and the leader made to go scot-free, this would be a grave injustice to the citizen in question. This can also result in disagreements and violent demonstrations against the government if care is not taken. Let's not forget leaders are supposed to lead by example.
    On the hand to error is human and to forgive is divine since we are all humans and are prone to making mistakes, when leaders make mistakes though held in esteem, they should be forgiven. So there should be exceptions to the rule, world leaders should not be judged with the same rule of measurement as the citizens of a particular country, and they should also enjoy certain liberties.

  • Making mistakes is human and natural, and it is part of the life we ​​live
    I believe that there is no one without mistakes, nor anyone perfect, but from limited mistakes and many mistakes are never acceptable, but a good leader admits his mistake and learns from it and teaches it to others so that they do not make the same mistake
    As for the bad leader, he does not learn from his mistakes and tries to silence the world on social media. The biggest mistake is not admitting the mistake and following his path.
    People should not be held accountable for their first mistake, and they should be forgiven and guided to the right path
    (I hope you like it. I'm tired of writing a lot of comments, but I don't get stars. Why? I want an answer to my question)

    1. I am sorry you haven't got any stars yet. Your comments are good - which is why they get approved - but perhaps not unusual enough. Perhaps try to think of a different way of coming at the questions.

  • Yes, world leaders should be allowed to make mistakes like everyone because it seems unfair to world leaders because they were allowed to make mistakes before they became world leaders. Making mistakes and learning from these mistakes made them better and stronger individuals, bear in mind that now that they are leaders they are under a lot of pressure.
    I also think world leaders should not be allowed to make mistakes like everyone else because if they do, it might cause a serious breakdown of law and order in the country which might result in loss of lives and properties.

  • We cannot say that the rulers should not make mistakes because they are human beings like us and every human being on the face of the earth makes mistakes, but what is correct is to learn from these mistakes and he has to be very careful and not make many mistakes because people consider the rulers as role models for themselves and their country. Vigilance makes his country advanced, and the ruler, who is ignorant and does not care about mistakes, drags his country back to the level of the state.

  • Leaders should not be allowed to make mistakes. A leader making mistakes is very detrimental to the well being of their subject. A leader is like a pilot or a sailor , he has so many lives entrusted in his or her care, directly or indirectly. Any little mistake he or she makes can cause the lives of so many. When our leaders make mistakes we are at the receiving end and the impact is felt more by us.

    1. Interesting point but how do you think a leader can safeguard against mistakes given that they have a lot of important decisions to make with arguments for and against.

  • Yes, world leaders should be allowed to make mistakes like every other person because when they make mistakes and take ownership of their mistakes and then take out time to apologize to their people the people would have greater respect for them. The late president Ronald Regan is quoted to have said "You take your knocks, you learn your lessons, and then you move on." Another US president Bill Clinton also apologized when he made a mistake involving a scandal with a lady. So when a world leader makes a mistake and owns up to it and apologizes we should forgive and let him move on with his duty.
    World leaders should not be allowed to make mistakes when they do the citizens lose faith in them and it becomes difficult for them to trust them again. Whenever this happens, the citizens begin to demand a new leader to be put in place, when their demands are not met it might lead to disorder in the society.

    1. I agree with you, grateful_perspective that as humans mistakes must be made and when leaders make mistakes they should learn from them and take responsibility for their actions. But I have a question. Do you think it is all the mistakes that leaders make and apologize for that should be forgiven? Take the example you gave of US president Bill Clinton making a mistake involving a scandal with a lady and another example of a leader that may be out of anger just deciding to start a war with another country and many innocent citizens die then, later on, the leader apologizes for his rash actions. Do you think both mistakes should be forgiven? Or are there some mistakes that leaders make that should not be forgiven so easily?

      1. Very thoughtful response and interesting questions @amazing_computer.

  • I had on rule that people would have to follow is...
    .Be kind to one and other even if your black or white.
    .Every one has the right to learn no matter if you boy or a girl, even if you have a disability.
    Thank you for reading

  • Mistakes are the lessons of wisdom, and the past cannot be changed, but the future is still in your control, and most of us after we make mistakes learn from our mistakes, but I believe that when a leader of a country always makes mistakes, he must be replaced, because he will not handle the affairs of the state well, and there will be People who deserve this job more than that, it's okay to make mistakes, but not by bosses, that's my point of view.

    1. I disagree because No you clearly said it yourself that mistakes are a lesson of wisdom we make mistakes we learn from our mistakes, so i don't understand why you say that if a leader should make mistake he or she should be replaced,i just have one question for you what makes you think that his or her replacement can not make a mistake they can even make more than the former ruler.

      1. I say if it's a big mistake he'll be fired but if it's a minor mistake and he can fix it that's fine and even if he gets fired of course the next boss will be more careful

        1. I agree but what makes you think the other boss will be more careful and please give me examples of some leaders.

  • Leaders, in my opinion, should not be allowed to make mistakes like everyone else. I say this because world leaders hold a unique position because they are in charge of a country's affairs. Making a mistake with the kind of authority they have, even a minor error, will be disastrous.
    I believe leaders should be allowed to make mistakes in order to learn from them and improve the country; however, such mistakes should be kept to a minimum. Leaders should not be judged based on their mistakes because everyone makes them.

    1. insightful_science what if the leaders mistakes outweigh their successes?

  • "ọ dịghị onye zuru okè". This means no one is perfect in my language. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. In my honest and very sincere opinion, it is not wrong to make mistakes even as a leader but repeating those mistakes is wrong especially when occupying a very sensitive position in leadership. A leader should always avoid making mistakes because it will make people lose trust in that leader and that is not healthy if a good leader-follower relationship is to be established. That is also not good for the growth of a nation in the long run. The actions of leaders actually influence people's actions so leaders should try as much as possible to avoid mistakes. Yes, no one is perfect but that shouldn't be an excuse. We should all work towards perfection.

    "Experience is the best teacher." This is a very popular saying but many people misinterpret it a little. This saying does not only apply only to the experience of making mistakes. It also applies to the experience of learning from others' mistakes. In the case of the UK's prime ministers that just resigned, I don't think they did a very good job learning from their predecessor's mistakes because if they did, what happened wouldn't have happened. When many people make mistakes they always try to cover it up by saying experience is the best teacher. Yes, it is but, in my honest opinion, where mistakes can be avoided, they should be at all costs. We can do this by learning from others' mistakes not waiting to experience making the same mistakes before we learn.

  • it's human nature to make mistakes and learn through them, no one can be excepted, no one can be complete without committing smistakes, no one is perfect, even the country leaders and ministers. They're humans just like us, they have their own families, look over them, fight with their partner and commit mistakes. And by so they all deserve a second chance, but before guarantee they would never repeat it, because yes they are humams and can make mistakes but they differ in the responsibility they handle, they hold the shole country's responsibility, so they should be mostly aware of falling into a small mistake that can affect on the country.

    Amd of course, they have to follow the SAME rules as everyone, actually they have to be the most cautious about the country's rules, since they put the and adjust, so inorder not be be contradicted. Furthermore, those leaders are representatives of the country so they've to reflect the best image about it, moreover they have the highest influence on citizens, when they obey by the law the citizens will do the same.

  • ''Mistakes are made by human beings''
    Leaders are also human beings so they are prone to mistakes and sometimes they act according to desperate situations and this involves risk taking. These risks at times turn into mistakes after failing to serve the right purpose and instead back firing. They shouldn't be held to different standards instead they should just be guide to correct the mistakes they and not criticizing them and forcing them out of power. As passionate citizens, its our role to help our leaders in my right decisions and rectifying the mistakes involved. This promotes a good relationship between leaders and citizens and communities shall thrive.
    In another way, leaders shouldn't be so free to do mistakes and should follow the same rules as other without exemption because they have advisory committees that are supposed to guide their decisions effecting community matters to avoid bad consequences for example in a terrorism kidnap case where civilians are kidnapped by the terrorists, if the leaders make any mistakes it could put the lives those people in danger and they could even die. In pandemic like covid-19 where leaders had to lead their communities well to stay safe from the disease, mistakes for example letting in infected immigrants could cause death of many people therefore leaders must avoid making mistakes because it endangers the lives of the people they lead.

  • It is possible for them to make mistakes, but they must be careful not to make any mistake and learn from their mistakes because they are leaders and they are considered role models for everyone. Also, any mistake or problem they may fall into, everyone talks about it, but this does not mean that they do not make mistakes sometimes, because there is no person who does not make mistakes
    They must follow the same rules so that there is no injustice, and also by following these rules, members of society love them and take a beautiful idea from them, and because the whole society looks at what the leader does, whether something beautiful or something bad, when he follows the same rules, they take him as an example, and when he makes a mistake, they do the same.

  • It is natural for any person to make a mistake, for that is not a defect, but the defect is that he commits the error and then does not correct it. If the president continues to make the same mistakes, he must be changed legally because he is the head of state and is responsible for holding people accountable for their mistakes by law. Therefore, he must also be held accountable according to the law. Some of his sins can be forgiven, not all of them

  • - We all make mistakes, but the best a mong us is the one who learns form his mistake . Therefore, it is natural for some leaders some mistakes because in the end they are - human - but leader must not repeat thier mistakes. learn from them, and not continue to make mistakes.
    - There are exceptions,being presidents so that they do not make a mistake, the citizens will demand or thier replacement or even thier resignation, because thier worng decisions affect the citizens...

  • All of us make mistakes , but leadership comes with responsibilities and when responsible people make mistakes it becomes costly.
    A mistake by a leader may affect a whole lot of people . Enver Hoxha of Albania spent the revenue of his country in building bunkers which were never used .This made the country poor . Thus a whole nation suffered because of the desittion of a leader .They hence should have a cabinet of ministers or a team which could suggest the right thing to do and guide the leader .A single person's desition can never be perfect . Knowing the perspective of others before desition making will give clear understanding and avoid mistakes .Hence in my openion leaders must be doubly careful before they take desitions and must be bound by strict rules so that they don't end up making a wrong desition which may go wrong against the people and the nation.

    1. before a leaders plan is carried out is should be checked by a lot of people under him.

  • Mistakes are inevitable and our leaders are also permitted to make mistakes. There is no rule that states that mistakes are not allowed. There is a positive side of our leaders making mistakes.
    It will serve as history to younger generations to come.
    It also helps to open a wide range of study by pointing to us things we did not know.
    It can help us to also see the essential and nonessential part of life.
    It will also help people to understand different personalities.
    The only issue is when leaders do not own up to their mistakes or apologize for their mistakes which has affected the society.
    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way according to John Maxwell, simply put a leader is an example so he should be held with high standards . Leaders are supposed to be transparent in their actions, they are people of integrity and any leader not living by this standards is not setting a good example for their followers.

  • I disagree that world leaders should be subject to different rules, even if they have more rights than some citizens of a country. Leaders may believe that certain rules do not apply to them, and thus believe that they are immune to certain laws and rules governing a specific location, allowing them to do whatever they want, act however they want, and so on. Some leaders believe they can get away with murder; their catchphrase is "Do as I say, not as I do." Leaders may recognize one behavior and then promote another. We all understand that there should be no exceptions to the rule, but those in power believe they will never face the consequences of their reckless behavior again, as we have seen in well-organized societies where leaders have been forced to resign because of what they did.
    Imagine if regular exceptions were made for leaders in power not to follow safety rules and rules regulating policies between countries. People would be harmed not only mentally and physically, but also financially. When a leader fails to follow established rules and regulations, it sends a negative message, particularly to those who are led, and it tells citizens that it is acceptable to violate laws and policies as well.

  • I believe that if world leaders make mistakes repeatedly, they should be punished. We all fall into mistakes, but repeated mistakes are forbidden because world leaders are responsible for protecting the world. They should not make too many mistakes, and if they make mistakes a lot, they should be punished severely so that the rest of the leaders can take a lesson. Also, I think they do not. They must follow the same rules as everyone else because everyone is free to think of rules that are good for us

  • As humans we are permitted to make mistakes. Mistakes are made to be learnt from and we are also meang to take responsibility of our mistakes. If a mistake is repeated it is no longer a mistake it becomes a decision because when it is repeated it is intentional. But our world leaders today do not seem to learn from their predecessor's mistake instead they keep on making the same mistake in a worse manner.
    I believe that world leaders should start taking responsibility of their mistakes and find new stratedgies to solve them. So my question is "Are world leaders taking responsibility of their mistakes".

  • my only rule would be "Don’t judge a book by its cover"
    This can cover so many situations, but it’s human for us to jump to certain conclusions. It is essential to our survival to make snap judgments to respond quickly.
    However - question those. You never know what someone is going through, where they are coming from, what their life or even day has been like. You don’t know if the way they are acting is the best they can do. When you give people the benefit of the doubt, they may surprise you.

    1. Hi eager_seed, I think that's a great philosophy to live by! I do wonder how we apply that to judging our leaders in a democracy when all we really see is the 'cover'. How could we do this differently so we can judge fairly - giving those that deserve an extra chance the ability to surprise, but the charlatans a quick exit?

  • We must know for a human being to make mistake is not a choice so not to make mistake should not be the rule.l even for the leader.
    For me to make mistake is beautiful if we take the responsibility of consequences. In this way mistakes can lead to the learnings of lifetime lessons and this is the way life. This is our mistake that we think leader to be an ideal man/woman in his/her all aspects of life which is another name of impossible.
    If i look back in the history there is no perfect leader whom influenced the people the most. People remember and cherish the leaders who prove themselves more human than machines.
    For me leader should not only take the responsibility of him mistakes but also should take the responsibility of his subordinates. I can think of an example Ibrahim Lincoln is my favourite leader who acknowledged the errors of his coordinators and this bought him the loyalty of the people around him which played vital role in execution his policies successfully.

  • It is normal for people to make mistakes, and that is often caused by haste, but if an ordinary person makes a mistake, he may harm himself and a few people, but the president thinks that he should think once or twice or more before making a decision or doing anything because it will not be personal Rather, it will be imposed on an entire people and their country, so the idea or decision must be viewed from all angles before imposing it in order for it to be a correct decision.

  • 'A mistake is considered a mistake if it's not repeated again, otherwise, it's carelessness'. In both Democracy and Monarchy, significant discussions about the nation's prosperity and growth are predominant factors and are meticulously analysed before the final execution. However, the position of a world leader is an eminent one and one should be highly restrained from making mistakes. Though, if mistakes are made we shall not be judgemental and instead discover a solution.

  • I feel it is human to make mistakes, but world leaders should be held very responsible for their mistakes. World leaders are meant to be held more responsible for their mistakes because most of them keep on repeating the same mistakes that their predecessors make. Mistakes are made to be learnt from and if a mistake is repeated that means that it is intentional. Some world leaders make mistakes and do not feel sorry for them instead they feel that they are above the law and at times do not make amendment's for their mistakes. I feel that they do so because they are not affected directly by the mistakes. My question is " Are we allowed to protest against such leaders and impeach them".

    1. Can you explain what you mean by "impeach"?

      1. What I man by impeach is remove them out of power.

  • If you ask me not having one rules for everyone violates the concept of rule of law, we have to understand that certain laws have stood the test of time and that needs to be respected.

    1. Should some laws be more respected than others? Or are they all of the same importance?

      1. yes some rules are important than other for example a rule that says we should keep the environment clean is more important than one that says we should keep our houses clean, because one affects a wider range of people.

  • Every body makes mistakes,but it is not right to give up after making any mistake weather big or small.Liz russ gave up because she made a mistake which was a very wrong doing of her, she should have just simply corrected her self and learn from her mistakes these are quality of a good leader so i don't blam the people for not being able to trust her and rely on her again.

  • “We are not angles !”
    Then we are all supposed to make mistakes, if we are leaders or not , but the idea is in the mistake and it’s punishment . If anyone in the county has a mistake that should take punishment on it according to his country’s law , then there shouldn’t be any exception for anyone “leader “ . This leader should be the “an example to his people” , for this reason he should follow the rules and laws of his country . He guarantees security and does not cross the red lines. If they cross them, chaos will prevail because people will make the mistake of thinking that no one will punish them.

    Do you think having a law that punish racist and sectarian people will save the world from those two disasters ?

  • I think if the general public is allowed to make mistakes the Leaders should not be allowed to make mistakes because there are in a position of authority and many citizens look up to them and many also are looking forward to them making mistakes.
    Even though mistakes are inevitable, a leader cannot make any mistake of any form because they are leaders and their decisions don't affect only them but the innocent people that are their subordinates and this will be unfair on their part because innocent people are suffering for their careless decisions.
    If leaders make the laws, they are also expected to follow them to serve as an example and model the citizens and to show them the 'do's and don'ts'. There should be no exceptions to the rules that leaders follow because if there are exceptions, the country will not go forward and corruption will be the order of the day. Therefore I feel that leaders should follow the rules that are laid down for everyone to follow.

  • As we all know one of the qualities of a good leader is he or she should be examplary. So in this case if u put rules for your people to follow you should also make sure that you follow them because if you don't you won't be living by example. So even when a world leader is found in wrong he should be punished accordingly.

    But if you are to look at this in another way, I think there can also be exceptions for the leaders. There is a proverb our parents always told us when we were young "Do as I say but not as I do" So when they put the rules you also don't expect them to follow all the rules they have put. For example you can't expect the president of Uganda to remain in traffic jam, he cut through because the the power he hold as a leader.

  • World leaders are human beings too and every one makes mistakes .The only thing we should look at is are this leaders willing to admit they made a mistake and are they willing to correct the mistake .A leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in followers so therefore the standards should not be so different because if it is people will think that when you become a leader your allowed to do so many things because rules do not apply to leaders. Most rules should be the same but as leaders there should be leverage on some of the rules but most of the rules should be the same.

  • Leader can make mistakes but it depends on the magnitued of the mistake because we are all humans and there is no way one can say he or she is perfect, I feel when leader make mistakes the should be given an oppurtinity to redem themselve but if the pesist the should be kicked out of office

  • To err is human. We learn from our mistakes, but making same mistake again and again is intolerable. Governors get their post after accepting that they won't make mistakes and only work for the development of public and for nation. Still if they do mistakes, they must apologize to public and make sure that they won't make/repeat the same mistake again.
    Leaders can make mistakes as they are also human as we are, but they must be responsible for what they do as whatever they do is for us. Making crucial mistakes and breaking rules is obviously not the quality leaders should have. And being eliminated from the post after lots of mistake is natural. Leaders must not be allowed to make mistakes but we can also forgive for their minor mistakes.
    There are many expectations with leaders of nation. They are the one who has the power of changing their nation in their hand. Just the thing is that they mustn't misuse the power and work hard with effort and honesty.

  • To make a mistake as a powerful political figure is acceptable but we must learn not to make these mistakes again and again but still we make the same mistakes over and over. We are all human and we must make mistakes but to be a prime minister, someone we look up to it is unacceptable to make these mistakes twice. Liz Truss made the same mistakes as Boris; she made the one mistake a government can never make; she went against what the people thought. They volunteered for the job and then they were tuck out for making mistakes, Liz Truss was meant to fix are problems, but she made to many mistakes like her preceder. For the Prime Minister to make the same mistake is unacceptable but to make lots of different mistakes is appalling

  • They can make mistakes from which they can learn and take responsibility, but everything is within limits. A president who fails to perform one of his duties is less guilty than a president who started a war out of anger, which led to the death of thousands of victims and the creation of destruction.
    The former can make up for his responsibilities and do them again, but the latter cannot bring those lives back.
    From my point of view, the punishment comes because of the results of the great bloodshed caused by the president from the way it affects the people

    1. Aware_Leaves - Your example is very clear in terms of requiring justice for the wrongs of the aggressive leader. I am interested in your thoughts on how would you judge the lives lost because of the mistakes of a leader who is defending against an aggressor? In this example the leader is acting in good faith, but has made errors of judgement that have cost people their lives.

  • That one rule would be:Choose for others what you tend to choose for yourself.
    Just wonder how many of us would taunt ourselves, look down on ourselves, harm ourselves, degrade ourselves, take ourselves for granted, ignore ourselves, and cause physical and emotional damage to ourselves before doing the same things to others? I assume pretty much no one. If we can implement this rule, the world will be a much happier place.

  • from my point of view I think making mistakes is part of the growth process, and it's okay to be imperfect as a leader. and allowing yourself to make mistakes sometimes can lead to more clarity, allow you to get creative, and help you form a growth mindset. And when they make mistakes they should be accountable and own immediately.
    Why is it important for a leader to follow the rules?
    A true leader will guide subordinates by example and also following your own rules can set the tone of how your subordinates view you. Citizens are more likely to follow the rules if they see that their leader has done so.

  • PLeaders are people too , like us so if we can make mistakes why leaders cannot. You think that leaders are made for making decisions for our community but it is not always easy.

    In my opinion leaders can make mistakes too because I don't think there is any rule that says that leaders are not allowed to make mistakes.
    Secondly, I think leaders have to follow the same rules as everyone else because they are like us just with more or less important job.

  • Who among us does not make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes and learns and repeats it too (make a mistake and then learn) Whoever makes a mistake and learns, then he is sincere because he does not repeat the same mistake, because he corrected it and took caution so as not to repeat it again. The leaders of the world are human beings like us, and they make mistakes and learn, and so on, but their mistakes are less, because they have wisdom and experience from us, because they are not ordinary people, because they carry a very big responsibility on their shoulders, the responsibility of a homeland, and lives, so they are more like a sensitive scale that studies the details of the issues carefully and carefully so as not to make mistakes. Perhaps a simple error is issued, and they try to expedite the rescue, control and solution of the situation.
    As for those who underestimate the simplicity of the error, they will inevitably fall into many problems, because if the simple is not resolved and treated, it multiplies and gets out of control. An honest, honest leader with high transparency, a democrat, will not make mistakes, and if they are made, he tries to solve them as quickly as possible, because he can balance matters.