A doctor's words


Medicine is always in the news because of the way it changes lives – and from new drugs to exciting robot-doctors, there’s always something interesting to learn about!

However, there is another issue to do with medicine that is less positive: global doctor shortages.

We spoke to a doctor in the UK about what it's like to work in medicine. They said:

"Our state-run healthcare system is fundamentally broken and it is not given enough money. The lack of investment in education and social care for decades has only made the problems that the healthcare system faces worse. We also have a massive skills shortage to meet demand. It is more difficult to recruit from abroad due to immigration rules and because it has become less appealing to work in the UK. Furthermore, doctors are increasingly retiring early as they feel overworked, undervalued and increasingly despondent through not being able to provide safe, timely and high-quality care. I am lucky to have the means to afford private healthcare for my family although it does make me worry for those who have no choice but to rely on our National Health System."

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  • I felt sad and resentful. Despite all the efforts made by doctors, no one appreciates that. They save thousands of lives every day, but their rights are being wasted. They are the heroes who fight daily battles with diseases to stay alive. Who can deny their hard work in the Corona pandemic????
    They stayed up and left their families and all this for us. Despite all this, obstacles still face them.
    A thousand thanks and peace to the heroes of the world who never fail to sacrifice for the sake of the continuation of humanity

    1. I liked your comment because in our country we suffer from a shortage of doctors, and our doctors help us even though we do not provide them with anything, and the political parties are busy with other projects and doctors are not given their rights, so their rights must be observed, respected and appreciated, and we give them their importance and help them

    2. I agree because... I am amazed by your expressive and wonderful comment, which illustrates the doctors' fatigue and the efforts they make for us, and I thank you for your consideration

  • In my country, doctors feel a lot of underestimation of their work, as they do not get enough pay despite the many hours of work and exhaustion, so they think of emigrating to more developed countries, which created a shortage of medical staff.

  • How do the words of this doctor make you feel?! Why ?! Frankly, I felt sad for them that they are exhausting and very tired in order to keep us safe. The study of medicine is one of the most difficult studies that you can study. There are many subjects that they study, such as: anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. What do you want to say to this doctor?! We are with you, we feel you, and we appreciate you for your hard work. What would a doctor from your country say about the shortage of doctors?! And why?! Doctor: In terms of a shortage, yes, there is, because when we go to the hospital, we wait a lot of time for the doctor to arrive, because there are many patients that we will treat.

    1. we are with you !! Here, words are not enough to prevent him from leaving the arena. Governments must move and put material and moral incentives for doctors to maintain their required percentage in the field of work.. It must be a vital and clear role to highlight our inability to live without them and that we need them all the time!! Doctors are a red line!!!

  • I would like to say that you, Doctor, are absolutely right in every word you have said, because as we all know that health care has become lacking in many things, the most important of which is money, as you said, and because in some countries you see that their economy is weak, so the money is insufficient and that its shortage will lead to The decline in the role of health care, which is important in an individual's life, because it is what guarantees him good health and complete care in case of illness.

    I would like to ask you a question, what would happen if the whole world relied on the national health system because they had no choice?

    And I have another question, what are the private health care means that you said you provide to your family to ensure their protection, and how can you develop these means to make all people provide them for their families?

    1. Hi allowing_flute, great points. I noticed you said 'what would happen if the whole world relied on the national health system because they had no choice' and that's got me thinking. Do you think the NHS should be available to everyone in the world and do you think private healthcare should be an option to everyone?

      1. Yes, because the national health homes do not provide the supplies that must be available in the health homes, so each person must protect his family himself, because it will ensure the wellness and continuity of health for his family.

      2. It is difficult to provide private care for everyone, so national health system must be improved through improving quality, improving health care outcomes, ensuring that patients receive appropriate treatment at the right time, and are not exposed to health risks such as infections, controlling costs, increasing productivity and efficiency in the use of health resources, and improving access toHealth care and the establishment of health funds to employ health professionals to provide care

  • Honestly this words are sorrowful. A doctor puts in effort to make sure a person is not ill, has to pays full attention to his job and yet not recognised which is not fair. Despite what all doctors are going through they should not give up but instead they should put in more effort for the sake of humanity. Doctors from my country are really sad about the working conditions, pay and also the infrastructures in the hospitals mostly the government owned hospitals. Working conditions are not favourable on their sides, the working hour is long and stressful . Doctors in my country are mostly paid 678.20 dollars (575.10 Pound sterling) and they invest a lot in their education about a 10,172.94 United States Dollar. The infrastructure in governmental hospitals are really poor sometimes the resting beds cannot contain the amount of patients.

  • In my country, doctor talks about the shortages of doctors because we have 230 millions population and doctor to patient ratio is not as of the world standard like other countries i.e., one doctor for 400 patients while in Pakistan one doctor for 1500 patients.

    Also they are not rewarded according to their hardwork. They save many lives everyday but still doesn't get any appreciation. They take so much stress and struggle very hard but despite all these things they still doesn't get enough pays!!!

    1. I agree because... It made me think about the issue from a different perspective, as population density also has a major role in the number of doctors, and their number must be appropriate to the population.

  • The doctor's words are really touching and it shows that the doctors in the UK are really struggling in their field of work.

    I'd say that i hope that the immigration issue for working in the UK is fixed such that they can get more skilled doctors to help them in working and for the National Health System to get better over time. I would like to add on that it would be nice if like the longer a doctor works the more they are paid.

    A doctor from my country would say that the doctors from the UK should be given more payment, recognition and vacation time such that they can perform at their best when working.

  • • How do this doctor’s words make you feel? Why?
    I feel that Doctor accepts the fact, what is happening in the state, is because of not adequate investments in education and social care fundamentally broken. It feels bad to know the system is bad without enough money, even in a developed country like the UK. Also, feels like this Doctor is kind-hearted and worries about the common public who couldn’t afford private healthcare.
    • What would you like to say back to this doctor?
    I like to say back to this Doctor, you are a lucky and great person, who could afford private healthcare for your family. As you understand the situation by yourself, please do not retire early, and don’t think ever you are undervalued you are next to God in saving lives. In my personal opinion, you are highly respected, and please don’t follow what other doctors did.
    • What might a doctor from your country say about doctor shortages? Why?
    In my country doctors says the value of their service is not recognized as an individual rather credit goes to the Hospitals for establishing their brand, so they plan to move to a different country and get paid more for the similar service that doctor offers, which creates a shortage

    1. I strongly agree with you, and I also in my country doctors say this, as the members of our society deny the importance of the doctor in society and do not appreciate the doctor, whoever he is, except when they lose them, so they say he was a good and good doctor, so that neglecting the importance of doctors is one of the most important reasons why It causes a shortage of doctors

      1. Thanks "free snail" for adding your view on this subject. to add a point, I was not feeling good last week, my parents took me to my family doctor, i know here since my childhood, very friendly she is working in a private hospital, I noticed the doctors are recognized less in hospitals and get pay cheque as other profession, later got to know, next month she is moving to different country for a betterment. Doctors are life saviors, government spending on healthcare is 1%-2% on GDP on health, this should be changed. "Health first" schemes should be in place, holding a doctor with proper recognition and appreciation will save more lives and illness. I see a shortage of doctor in her place. Now, i need to find another new doctor for me and for my family. We will miss her caring and support.

        1. victorious_nectarine thank you for sharing. What what be included in your 'Health First' scheme?

          1. Thanks for hearing, I mean "Health First" is the medical support a patient gets in a rural area, our country 65% are rural population, struggling with a shortage of doctors and nurses, and patients are expected to travel a long distance and under any emergency no options left with them other than self-treatment. the ask is to improve the effectiveness of healthcare programs, creating more primary healthcare centers with research and test labs in rural places. The Ministery of health and family welfare should be more funded and equipped with upgraded facilities, special incentives/increments must be provided to doctors who volunteer to work in rural places, more than all, should create a special category in the medical education system to bring more doctors grade and deploy in rural places. Medical should be considered a service to mankind and bring it under the Non-Profit category and social accountability mandate to be introduced. In our country, I was told by my doctor aunty, last year 2021 more than 1.8 million applications for studying medical science, and the medical council should explore avenues to encourage these young professionals to get inside and serve mankind.

  • The doctor's words really makes me feel that UK is going into a health crisis because if doctors continue to retire at an early age and those ones studying to become doctors take long to be professionals this will really create a doctor vacuum and if the current doctors don't get good working conditions the spirit people have to become doctors will really reduce because if there are other jobs that can really pay well without going through tough times like the doctors really pass through for example being overworked, undervalued and increasingly despondent through not being able to provide safe, timely and high-quality care this will really reduce the pride of being a doctor and this really makes me feel pity for those civilians who need quality health care and cannot afford the private one.
    what i would reply to this doctor and the other doctors is that let them have hope and be patient because the more they be persistent the more they will save more lives many people will loose there life if all these doctors retire because they will be left with nothing apart from from remaining at there homes and try to treat themselves, let them think about the peoples lives that will perish after them retiring.
    Doctors in our country donot face that lot of doctor shortage but what they could say about the doctor shortages that doctors are crucial in the country's economy and if there is shortage of doctors the government should try giving more scholarships to students for medicine or becoming doctors to solve it.

    1. Can you explain more about if there are doctor shortages in your country and the reasons for this?

      1. In our country if there are doctor shortage the country will go in a state of emergency because most people in our country can't afford the private medical facilities and they can only get health care after going to government based facilities so if there is doctor shortage the available doctors can quit being payed by the government and go work for private facilities and this will really make a lot of people die the pregnant women, the elderly and many more and shortage of doctors in our country can cause the economy to decline because many farmers who support the economy because our economy is agricultural based these farmers can't afford private health care so this will greatly affect our nation. What can cause this in our country are a number of problems for example pandemics like the covid 19 and the Ebola that killed a lot of doctors and the government hopped out for intern doctors, and the other thing are the poor working conditions that they work in many of them can choose to retire rather than working in such conditions, ad the other thing is that our country doesn't have the universities that can teach a professional doctor so if they go abroad to study they might get jobs there and the more they go the little and substandard doctors we shall have in our country.

      2. Yes, there are doctor shortages in our country and it is because the government employs people that are well known and have riches and some people are just refused by the government and they are given other jobs like teaching and so many others.

  • It is sad that a doctor who saves lives can feel like this, I mean to some extent they feel over worked and I get it, they feel in this modern system and ages underappreciation should be the least of their worries. I would like to tell her or him that he is not alone in this struggle, the struggle would be there yes, but better times would come, people might say yes robots would replace you in the future and I do not agree. YES, they can do the job, but they lack the compassion, the heart, the emotion to relate with the humans as much as actual doctors do. A doctor from my country would agree with the shortage, combined with the fact that the schooling education system is so bad that no one can even graduate, and as you have said the international borders law are so bad that it makes others not to be able to also get to their countries and help, capable people would not be given the opportunity tohelp out.

  • The doctor's words have opemed me to a new questions to ask myself. Me as a grade 12 student i dream to become a doctor (surgeon), because i'm mostly influenced by my parent's middle eastern mind, that doctors have a great social position, as they are the most paid and as they be the pride of their families. But, after this doctor's message i adjusted that doctors are doctors financially, physically and mentaly instable. They study from 7 to 14 years to have the say DR. , they work day by night, lack sleep amd save live to be unappreciated in a deservable way. Even after this message i can't change my passion, i believe that a was born to be a dr. have a dr. before my name, lack sleep to save lives and help my country fulfill the doctors shortage. So we may call upon ministries of health to take actions.

  • I felt heartbroken and pessimistic. Heartbroken to know that a hardworking person like a doctor that reached this level with high cost and huge efforts in learning medicine is not getting enough money, because a person like a doctor with his hardworking and person like him who saves a soul from dying deserves yo be appreciated and deserves a valuable wealth. On the other hand I'm pessimistic for the world's future under the issue of doctor shortages especially with all the health Pandemics that are not ending but being renewed time by time like COVID-19 for example, a world without doctors will be the darkest and it can't continue.
    As a message for this doctor, I wanna say how much I appreciate him/her for being patient on the tiredness and exhausting missions, thank you for saving the souls of people and keep the beloved ones for each others. Don't stop, don't devastate, because you're like the base of this life, once you were destroyed we'll be too.
    A doctor from my country wouldn't really feel it strange about doctor shortages, because we're in living living the most dangerous crisis economically and socially which is standing an obstacle infront of the people whose dreams are to be a doctor.

  • I wouldn't say the shortage of doctors.but the shortage opportunities to work for doctors.we have a large number of doctors in my country,but there are no enough jobs for them because of the limited number of hospitals and clinics.
    Moreover, our people are so poor so they can't send their children to learn more in other hospitals all over the world.

    1. Your different view of the subject, (the reason is not the lack of doctors, but the lack of job opportunities for doctors) made me look at it in a different way. You brought up the root of the original problem, and this is how we must do. We must look at the main cause and the root of these problems to solve them.
      Thank you

  • Well, I now have 3 questions to answer
    1How do these doctor's words make you feel? Why?
    Sometimes we cannot express our feelings, but the words of this doctor warn us of danger. The shortage of doctors is a very serious matter, and we must solve this problem as soon as possible.
    2What would you like to say back to this doctor?
    Well, I will tell a doctor not to worry. We will try to find a solution to the problem. For example, we will encourage newly graduated students to enter the medical profession, and doctors who are currently working.
    3 What might a doctor from your country say about doctor shortages? Why?
    Some doctors can consider it normal because they know the suffering, while others try to solve this problem because they consider the doctor an important figure in society.

  • UNFORTUNATELY in my country, doctors suffer from not recieving enough of their right, and they recieve a small salary, also they are exposed to underestimated, and they are forced to leave for other, countries and move away from their homeland, families for the sake of a better future for them.

  • How do you feel the words of this doctor? And why? I feel really sad that many doctors make a great effort in treating diseases and sacrifice their time to help people and do good. What do you want to say to this doctor? Thank you, Doctor, for all the human services. All appreciation and respect for you. We appreciate your efforts. What would a doctor from your country say about the lack of doctors? And why? There is a shortage of doctors in Palestine because of the conditions that Palestine lives in such as poverty, hunger, diseases, and the lack of adequate resources, in addition to the costs of studying medicine in Gaza, in relation to the economic situation in Gaza.

  • The doctor’s words make me feel sad and despair over the difficult situation of doctors, and I believe that he presents the reasons and results to justify and not fall responsible only on him and that there are many challenges and causes for this situation, instead of them being the elite of society and the ideal force, I say to such a doctor that challenges can be Greater than all of you, but it must be resisted and come up with something new and different. Demand your rights, but do not give in to challenges. Create a healthy and sound future, so that you have recorded a medical history. Many doctors in my country whose national affiliation prevents them from leaving work for the necessities of the region in which I live in relation to wars and conflicts However, the government side must show support for doctors so that they can fully deliver their message, as doctors are a healthy societal force and the wealth of countries.

  • How do the words of this doctor make you feel? why? I was really touched by the words of this doctor. He explained that UK doctors are exhausted and are going through a health crisis for the sake of the patient's safety. They are really struggling in the field of medicine. It took people who study to become doctors a long time to become professionals in the field of medicine, and in the end, the doctor does not get enough money , because a person like a doctor with his tireless efforts and like him who saves a soul from death deserves to be appreciated and deserves a precious fortune. What would a doctor from your country say about the shortage of doctors? why? They would like to reduce the emigration of doctors abroad. This will reduce the shortage of doctors in my country, Palestine. If there is a shortage of doctors, the country will enter a state of emergency because most people in our country cannot afford private medical facilities and cannot obtain health care except after going to clinics. public so if there is a shortage of doctors available doctors can quit being paid by the government and go to work in public facilities this will make many people die pregnant women old people and many more and shortage of doctors in our country can cause the economy to deteriorate.

  • I am so disappointed that the government do not take the doctors work serious . They pay the doctors a little money where by the lack some of the things in the hospital such as : gloves so the government should take care of the doctors rights by giving them the respective attire to make their easy and run smoothly.

  • This doctor's words made me feel that medicine and health care are constantly deteriorating and that one day the doctor's profession will end.
    I would like to respond to this doctor that he should direct your words to the politicians of the world so that they take important action, and all you have to do is be patient, because the medical profession is a humanitarian profession that it offers in order to save people's lives and not to obtain money.
    I think if we conducted an interview with a doctor from my country, he would have said this and added to it that the doctor may sometimes need to stay overnight in the hospital for a full night in his day, then return to the hospital at noon the next day. This is approximately the average number of children in my area, and the medical capabilities and tools are very limited, as you may die in your hands in a condition that you are able to treat, but because of the high prices of medicines and the lack of capabilities and the need to travel abroad, this is very unfortunate.

  • How do the words of this doctor make you feel? And why?!
    What the doctor said is actually what happens in almost all countries. I am saddened by the recklessness and lack of awareness of the importance of the doctor and his presence in our lives. The government must provide all the necessary requirements for the doctor and employ experienced doctors who are able to assume responsibility. The salary rate must be raised to be sufficient for the doctor’s need. The profession of a doctor exhausts my soul and body, and this guarantees that the salary will be sufficient because they spend most of their time at work and work in emergency situations. They will be exhausted, so the effort must be appreciated.

  • This statement really gives me reason to worry because if there are no doctors there would be problems and if I was given an opportunity to speak to the doctor I will simply ask him to remember the reason he became a doctor and reignite the passion in him even though his efforts are not appreciated by the government. A typical doctor in my country would definitely say the root cause is from the government and their lack of ability to prioritize sectors according to importance but rather according to the money value, also they tend to support the ideology especially if it would bring an improvement to the working conditions.

  • When I read what this doctor wrote, I felt sad and sorry for the patients, and I felt anxiety and fear towards them. But in my opinion, I would like to say to this doctor and to doctors in general that the profession of a doctor is a great profession that has an important place in society. We value this profession and appreciate the effort and efforts of doctors to provide assistance to the community and their country. Thank you to all the doctors for their work to protect us, our country and our society. I hope to become such doctors in the future. Doctor with a wonderful and kind heart.. Thank you

  • The doctor’s words made me feel sad and hopeless, and the lack of doctors means many deaths and injuries, and the tragic situation. Indeed, the doctor is fortunate that he has the means to treat his relatives.. As I mentioned in one of my previous comments, not everyone gets this job according to their capabilities, and this is how a medical error occurs, and there is also a shortage of medicine. the doctors. He says doctors in our country started leaving doctors within two years (2020_2021) due to the spread of the Corona virus, and our sector suffers from a severe shortage of doctors with qualitative specializations. The Ministry of Health indicates that this crisis will be exacerbated by a number of highly qualified doctors reaching the retirement age, in addition to the emigration of many distinguished doctors, due to the deteriorating political and security conditions in the country.

  • I am saddened by this doctor's words, because he wants the health care system to be perfected, but he and the doctors cannot achieve this system because of the problems they face. The lack of doctors in the country is due to lack of experience and also because doctors are not appreciated for their wonderful work. This frustrates them and makes them give up their work.

    1. I agree with you that the lack of appreciation of doctors is a reason for their shortage, but I do not agree that lack of experience is also a reason for their shortage, as the government is responsible for teaching, educating and training them, but the government's neglect of doctors is the main reason for the shortage of doctors

  • In fact, I felt very sorry and sad because of the words of this doctor, but he is right in what he said. Many doctors work hard and tiring, and no one else can master his work, but no one appreciates this fatigue and this great and arduous profession, in addition to the fact that the subjects they study are very difficult and not simple. Like anatomy and other subjects, these great doctors save human lives and stay up all night to meet the needs of patients and maintain their comfort. Examples of dedication and sincerity in their work are the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of them gave their lives and souls in order to fight this virus and save humanity. Moreover, their contact with patients posed a danger to their lives and a source of infection for them

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, fun_tennis. In my community, budding doctors have to study a course of up to four years and pass competitive exams. It is a tough job to become a doctor, and it gets tougher, with the tiring workload. Doctors put in an immense amount of effort in their profession. They often have to endure insults when they are unable to save a life. But they also get loads of hugs and blessings for the "magic" they do. They are respected and honoured by us everyday!

  • The words of this doctor made me a matter of concern the pharmaceutical profession that I dream of her since my male taking care of me in a remote thinking about this profession and what happens now and how it will develop in the future where these days in all the country is not only in my country no matter how noble, no like the Internet as the patient is aware of the most expensive medical information on the symptoms that feels and the potential diseases of these symptoms are done by the doctor who is not satisfied with the doctor of the doctor and his recycling is not the contemporary information and the reliability of the doctor is to be as follows of the doctor and the patient is very important to manage the doctor and the patient is very important that the doctor of the diagnosis of the disease is that the Google Exchange is not only a shop.In the shop .. The only electronic shop can not understand the patient's or even the trials and I expect that faith the medical career is littlething in little future unfortunately and hoped that this is still a dream my childhood

  • This doctor's words increase my faith in doctors and show how responsible doctors are. The doctor's concerns have touched my heart.
    The doctor talked about how doctors feels despondent or discouraged as they are not able to provie safe, timely, and high-quality healthcare. Here, I'd like to say, I am sorry. On behalf of all the people who might have been quick to judge you and might have felt that you're corrupt to take their money and not give them a good treatment. Who feel that you are happy doing this when you are actually not. Because of a few who are corrupt, you are pointed fingers at as well. I'm sorry. I sincerely hope that your country will invest more in education and healthcare, and introduce new affordable policies that provide high-quality healthcare to all. And also that your burden with decrease and with more awareness we will definitely gain back your respect and value.

  • My mother wanted to be a doctor but it was really difficult for her because what the doctor said is true .
    I feel that after studying such hard course and working for the sake others health a doctor's work is overseen by the system.
    Most of us are not talking about such issues that really matter but we are always there to speak for irrelevant problems.
    In Pakistan becoming a doctor isn't easy because the fee is very high the educational system is also broken most of the med students are depressed due low job availability and talking their studies and work together is hard .
    Once they become a doctor the amateur docs are poorly paid and overworked. As a result the doctors behaviour in public hospitals is not acceptable. A doctor should be calm .not depressed .
    Recent year i had to be admitted to a hospital there the docs were so exhausted that they didn't wanted to talk.I wish that doctors especially the trainees should be respected .

  • I took offense at his words that he was undervalued and not given enough money because doctors are first priority in this life, Covid-19 was defeated by helping them find medicine
    It is enough that doctors save thousands of people every day, so they must be appreciated and their demands met, just as doctors put great effort into treating a patient because they are afraid of losing him.

    I want to tell the doctor that doctors do not look at the salary, but they look at their work from a human point of view, in order to protect the largest number of patients and find a cure for every serious disease that causes pain. (Medicine is a human profession)

    In my country, the reason for the lack of doctors may be the insufficient income that the chief gives to the doctors because it is not enough for them, so they quit or work in two tasks at the same time, and this is the reason for the shortage of doctors

    1. The issues that the doctor in the UK highlights are significant in today's world, but I find myself agreeing to committed_tsunami's opinion. In my community, being a doctor is a matter of huge respect and pride. My parents are practitioners of medicine and their patients so often honour them and express their gratitude by gifting a box of sweets or placing a caring blessing! However, committed_tsunami, we must understand that it is important not to generalize all doctors to be treated the same way.

      1. Yes, I strongly agree with you, because there are rude and selfish doctors. What they care about is the salary at the end of the month only. They do not care for the patients properly.But good doctors who care about the patient's comfort, their love remains in the patients' hearts, even after decades, and this is a really beautiful thing

  • I think this doctor had never
    been think such problems could b when he was studying medicine ... now he is in this profession nd can analyze this shortage of doctors nd had put forward reasons of this shortage... actually we can say it's TRUE picture of global shortage nd specially in uk .
    The situation is same in pakistan . I would like to say to this doctor whether these problems stop people ambitions in uk ??.or they r going to suffer the same .? My country s doctor would say this profession is very tough ad compare to other professions .unlike other professional they r really serving humanity. He would like to b more skillful knowing all new trending medical treatments . This global shortage can b made up to invite students on honorary basis in both public nd private universities so they can also join others in getting madical education.gender inequality must b discouraged ,doctors should b highly rewarded .they should b given free housing free medical like some multinational companies .their kids b given free education in their own country whether its public or private .

  • The doctor's words affected me positively, although he is concerned about the insufficient money, but he is still working because he believes that if he saves only a little money to feed his children, it is better than not saving them, and he has hope that he will become the best doctor and increase the money for living, and I want to tell him Patience is the key to relief, and if you are patient, you will find a lot, and you will be the most successful doctor, God willing, and the unemployed doctors will become unemployed. They will strive to work how to reach what you have reached, and the starting point will be patience and hope. Many doctors in my country say that medicine is a very difficult profession, and we And her income is little, but they are wrong about the income. If they are patient, they will find

  • I did not like this system, as this causes disrespect to the doctor who works hard to obtain the certificate, and I feel that it is a contempt for their efforts because they make a great effort in diagnosing sick cases. We must feel the doctor and the fatigue he presents For us not to replace him

  • The words of this doctor make me feel the resentment and sadness that gripped my heart due to the lack of doctors and their surrender to the difficulties and problems that they faced previously.
    Despite the many efforts made by these doctors, I also warn them and advise them not to give up and despair, but to take the initiative and hurry for the sake of their dignity only.
    I would also like to say to this doctor that he is such a great and lucky person that he does not want to retire and be lazy about his work. Do not those doctors who are lazy about their work know that they will diminish their value and dignity.
    But when I asked the famous doctor in my country about the lack of doctors, he told me that there are many reasons for this problem, and of these reasons we can solve them, but there are reasons that cannot be solved easily. Among these reasons is that some doctors like to spend time with their family, laziness, despair, surrender, exhaustion, and retirement at early times their age
    You can imagine how beautiful this world is with doctors. They are the heroes who fight the decisive battles in saving many people.

  • I can understand what the doctor is trying to say and it really pains me because my country is also facing this problem. And the education and medicine system is even worse in my country.
    The doctor is saying that there is shortage of doctors because medical colleges are not supported by government properly and the biggest reason for that in my opinion is corruption .
    In Pakistan studying medicine is very costly it is because there are only a few government colleges most of the colleges are private and a person related to middle class of society can't afford them it includes about 75% of our population. So people are changing their interest and are studying IT because it is less expensive.
    Another reason for shortage of doctors is that a lot of women who study medicine resign from their job because their families force them so they can handle their house.

    The other reason is the pay doctors get . A govt. Doctors salary is not enough for them to support their families almost every year in Pakistan doctors call down a strike to increase their salary . People tend to study the field in which they can earn more.

    I think that the government should support the medical education so more people can study medicine.
    The society should not restrict women to only handle their house they should have the equal right to do a job for example as a doctor .
    The government should make hospitals with all the facilities for people that would provide jobs for doctors. And the doctors should be given a reasonable salary.

  • I understand the doctor point of view!
    My country Lebanon depends on the service sector especially medicine, but after the crisis that Lebanon is going through, and the high cost of hospitalization, so it became expensive and doctors became unable to do their job because of the medical basics' lack and the low of wedges. For that reason doctors start migrating to other countries that provide them with the rights that they were denied Including in Lebanon. Hospitalization in Lebanon has become almost dedicated to one category of people, poor people can no longer pay the cost. Also, the elderly with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, do not take medicine in an organized manner, so they cannot take it for days because it is not available in pharmacies.
    From my side, I feel the suffering of every doctor, my mother is a nurse, and we all at home know and feel what doctors go through.
    Therefore, I believe that the state should not neglect this sector, because without doctors there will be no means of treatment, and without treatment, there will be no hope for patients to recover.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Of course I feel sorry and sad for what is happening
    All what I suggest that we need some volunteers that they are capable to give a lot of money to bring medical equipments and to increase the percentage of recovery
    or building a complete system that helps doctors in easing them and providing all the necessary medical supplies, tools and medicines.
    And we should all give more respect for the role of doctors because their task is not easy at all.

  • I was touched by the words of this doctor. For example, people, like children, need help from doctors, who in turn are mothers. I advise this doctor to carry out an awareness campaign in the streets of the city and on social media platforms, in order to reinforce the importance of medicine in society. As a student, I will write a book called (Life Without Doctors) in order to reinforce the importance of doctors, and we all know what life is like without doctors. And if I were a doctor in my country, I would say that the people need medical staff. In my country, we appreciate the importance of doctors and we respect them when we face wars, and the injuries may be serious. I want to thank every doctor in my country.

  • I am heartbroken at all doctors that doctors are really tired and exhausted in order to save people's lives and treat them for disease recovery and work day and night, even though they have a family and children who need to be there. They are really heroes. Despite all this, the government and society do not appreciate them, and their salary is low compared to work.The study of medicine is not easy. It also takes a lot of years and money to study medicine and to be proud of your country and society in my country. There are a lot of people who have graduated, but they have not been employed, as well as those who want to study medicine, but their material circumstances do not allow it. So we must appreciate and respect them because they really deserve it.

  • Medicine is a difficult profession and it has responsibility and mission at the same time. However, the world suffers from a shortage of doctors, and immigration is one of the main reasons, as the doctor said. For example, in my country, Lebanon, and due to the difficult economic conditions, 60% of the countrymen immigrated, and most of them traveled to practice their profession there because they could not practice it here, and of course there are doctors among them, as this constitutes a decrease in the number of doctors at the national and international levels. Will we be able to reduce the limit of immigration so that every doctor can practice his profession in his homeland and reduce the crisis?

  • I felt a strange feeling for what the doctor said, and everything he said about the shortage of doctors is present and true, and I feel proud of him because he provides health care for his family. I want to say that you are a doctor of high value in society. For your wonderful effort, the doctor in our country will say about the issue of the shortage of doctors that they are retiring from work because they are unable to take responsibility for patients who are killed due to medical error and because of the lack of job opportunities in our country

  • An old saying goes like this " Your health is your greatest wealth." The doctors know this all too well. Everyone is entitled to a sound and healthy body but why isn't everyone granted this right through medical treatments? Most highly advanced countries and nations are able to provide free medical services to their citizens but what about the citizens of other countries, are their citizens also not entitled to good health? What do the leaders of these countries have to say about this? I come from a country such as this, but I am privileged to have my parents able to afford good medical services for my sisters and me. I still am concerned about the many orphaned children and disabled adults who are not able. Should we continue to ignore them just because we are not bothered or affected by their suffering?

  • What a hero they are, but who can? To this day, there is still disdain for their efforts, for which I thank them with all my heart. Those who did everything they could to save the lives of children in pain... Who denies this????For example, Corona was one of the phenomena that dominated the cells of the world. Those other than doctors who contributed to preventing and limiting this disaster.
    We have to remind them always, peace be upon your generous, warm and pure selves. Greetings and after...

  • This makes me feel un-safe and un-protected as if there are no doctors to take care of our needs, what will we do?
    Because of these doctor shortages the community will be even more poor and no one would feel protected in where they live. People may blame the government for not paying doctors fairly and this will cause even MORE chaos in our world; the troubles will increase! This also makes me feel a bit guilty as these hard working doctors are taking care of us, sacrificing their time for patients and in return they are unfairly paid!

  • The Doctor's words are actually pitiful. Its quite unfortunate that we find ourselves where we are today. Though I feel the doctors shouldn't really be working because of the money paid. This career saves lives. There are many private and public hospitals you go to these days and find out that when an ill person is brought to the hospital, if there is no money the Doctor's tend to leave the patient the way they came which can mainly lead to loss of life.
    I would like to say that getting a side job can help make matters better because if one source isn't working the way you want it to the other can. Please try to help save lives even if there is really no fund to give immediately.

    1. I agree with you that if we call doctor our saviour than they should save people especially poor without money. your words really touches my heart. They should really help them
      But despite of it i was thinking if the doctors began to help everyone without money or fund then how are they going to manage the expendure of hospital and workers working there.
      Because in my country unfortunately almost 3 of 1 person dodge and always escape of giving money so how is that possible taht doctors are going to identify about the needy one. It will really need a huge plan .

    2. I agree because... the medical profession is a human profession but mony for work . He increases and feel us our value.

  • After the outbreak of the epidemic, the wave of retirement in the health system, and the tightening of immigration laws, a serious personnel crisis looms on the horizon, threatening the NHS, as there has been a significant decline in the rate of doctors in Britain leaving their profession at increasing rates. This crisis must be resolved by closing the door from which doctors drop out, opening new medical schools, and improving the work environment for doctors... After that, a question arises in my mind: What would happen if doctors disappeared?

    1. What do you think would happen, noble_shrimp?

  • I feel very sad to read this comment. Today we are a planet with 8 billion human species, of which many should have been wiped out because of the pandemic. But thanks to the doctors that many lives were saved! Otherwise, where would we be now?
    In the process of saving us, how many doctors, nurses, healthcare workers lost their lives, lost touch with their families. The sacrifice that they all have done, to keep our hearts beat, cannot be described in few words. Healthcare and Education are the backbone for the growth of a country. Any compromise to anyone would only lead to disaster.

    Doc, we are with you. You are our hero. Please don't give up.

    A doctor from my country, India, may would like to tell you this. Affording private healthcare system is difficult. However, our country is doing its best to provide free insurance or low-cost insurance to our citizens, which makes private healthcare also affordable to many homes here. Though the number may be relatively small, a good step in the right direction is definitely to be appreciated. A similar initiative in other countries, may help citizens to afford private health care too. Our country is consistently working to increase the number of medical schools and intake of students. Thus, India a country with large population and we Indian doctors would not only be ready to serve our nation but also every patient across the Globe, where our help is needed.
    We stand with you. We would be with you.

  • I feel so unhappy and disheartened about the doctor's words because the doctor shortage has affected a lot of people because there is a problem with the healthcare system. There is a proverb which says" health is wealth"(meaning health is the biggest wealth anyone can achieve because anything can be achieved if we have good health but if we don't have good health we can't achieve anything.) There is so much sadness in my heart because there isn't enough money, there is lack of investment in social care system, skill shortage and early retirement due to the frustration. Can't something be done sooner before it gets late? Is there still hope for the future?

  • i really fell so sorry for this doctor i too agree with this doctor as in my country there is not the shortage but doctor but the goverment is not providing enough resources and technologies to doctors . That's why not only doctors are disturbed but also the people are disturbed.
    but the question here is that why our goverments are not paying attention to such such a sensitive and serious career.
    why aren't they paid enough to run their there family . why the goverment is forgetting that they were the saviour of all of us in pandemic
    But unfortunately , In pakistan this is not the only one career suffering this problem almost every career suffer such type of problem and the goverment is really not paying attention ...

  • one of the doctor in my country , in my area say to me that (a goverment doctor) the goverment is not paying attention to advance the medical system in hospitals. And was also saying that his and his employ fees was not even enough to meet their normal need.
    At that point i thought if this is the conditions of our doctor our saviour then what would be the condition of normal workers.
    in addition he was so dissapointed from this system that he was saying he is trying to shift to foriegn country
    and i think that is the reason why doctors are becoming short in many countries ...

  • How do the words of this doctor make you feel? And why?
    I really feel bad about the shortage of doctors and the lack of complete and basic health care

    What do you want to say to this doctor?
    I will tell him I am really proud of you and your help to others in terms of money, treatment or family happiness

    What would a doctor from your country say about the shortage of doctors? Why?
    I think he will say that this is illogical for what is happening because of the lack of doctors, the lack of complete health care, or the lack of doctors with very good and dysfunctional skills.

  • How do the words of this doctor make you feel? Why?
    His words make me sad about what is happening because there are not enough skills for treatment and there is no complete and basic health care

    What do you want to say to this doctor?
    I will tell him that I am really happy and grateful for the fields and assistance you provide towards patients or families, and we wish many of those around us to become like you.

    What would a doctor from your country say about the same doctors? Why?
    Surely he will get angry and feel free from his affairs and say why there is a shortage of doctors and what are the reasons for that? Because the profession of a doctor is important in our lives and we need a lot of doctors in several fields such as cardiologists, orthopedists, brain surgeons, etc... For myself, I will definitely become an orthopedic doctor, and I will fulfill my dream, as I make every person who cannot pay the treatment fees. I will do it for free. Every action that comes out of us returns to us again

  • I understand why we pay doctors who live in more expensive cities more, but I don't think it is actually helping us. I agree that we need to work on distributing our goods. Maybe we could pay doctors more who live in less desirable areas. Allowing mid-level practitioners to do more work would also be a great way of stopping the shortage. Balancing the work load out seems like a very good first step. There is some controversy to this though. If we allow practitioners and physicians to do basically the same work, but pay the physicians more how is this fair? If we balance practitioners because there is no real benefit anymore. Thus increasing the physicians shortage even more. There doesn't seem to be one good answer to stopping the shortage, but a collection of little things.

  • In my country, I think that the doctor will talk about the problem of lack of doctors, which is
    1- Lack of job opportunities in my country
    2- The lack of the necessary tools in 📞 👔 hospitals. This is insane. The lack of one machine may cause the death of the patient. Oh my God.
    3- In my country, you will find 5% of the outstanding, diligent people whose average is 96 and above who want to 📕📔 enter the medical profession, because I believe that the percentage of the outstanding students in my country is small, which sought to cause a shortage of doctors, and also does not make the sufficient amount an encouraging thing for the completion of the medical profession 💰💰💵 .....Thank you💌💌

  • Government: Should make the price of medical schools cheaper! Fewer people want to go into primary care because the salary is too low in order to offset the cost of medical school. Why do I have to take out a minimum (b/c I'm a hs senior and the price of medical school will no doubt go higher when enter) of $228,000.00 in order to become a doctor?

  • Can we fix this by increasing medical school graduates? Accepting more into medical schools? Building more med schools if necessary and accomodating thousands of new medical students each year could help.

  • There isn't a physician shortage there is a physician ill distribution on the world scale there is a vary long process of exams and licensing to practice medicine in the country, solution is the WHO make an international licensing exam approved worldwide so that doctors can travel easily and work in places of need.

  • Who want to be a doctor When you get out of school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt we would have more doctors if higher educetion were free

  • This doctor is sad. It makes us feel hopeless. But it is a reality experienced by the world around us, but the important thing is. Not his words. It's just. finding a solution. for this problem Upgrading health services to a better level. Any doctor in my country whose words were not far from the words of this doctor. The situation in my country is the worst. Although there is a distinguished medical staff and brilliant minds. But the lack of job opportunities and the lack of salaries. It made everyone think of emigration Be it a doctor or something else This problem requires quick action Of the high ranks.

  • Most of the major problems in the world are about distribution, not shortage. Food, healthcare, safe water, energy, social security, you name it! Guess what, there is one political-economical system that directly opposes equitable distribution. Sounds familiar?

  • Who want to be a doctor When you get out of school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt we would have more doctors if higher education were free

  • Who want to be a doctor when you get out of school with hundreds of thousands dollars in debt . We would have more doctors if higher education were free.

  • Unfortunately, the words of this doctor describe a bitter reality experienced by every patient who desires to receive a distinguished health service, which is one of the most basic rights of every human being. Unfortunately, we find a scarcity of doctors in quantity and quality, due to the emigration of doctors, noting that any healthy health system is based mainly on a highly qualified medical team. But the working and living conditions of doctors drive themTo emigrate for the better and leave their homelands in order to search for a better life for themselves and a better future for their children and for all the distinguished doctors in every country. I tell them that your country needs you to build a health system in it that serves your people, and the costs of alienation are much higher than bearing the trouble of living and building in the homeland, so be the owners of fingerprints in your homelands and among your families

  • I think the solution is to increase the number of seats in medical uhiversities (school)... in this way more Canadian trained doctors will be ready... it will bea win win situation for students and hospitals.

  • All citizens are entitled to basic health care as a basic right. Therefore, health facilities must have an appropriate physical environment Adequate stocks of medicines, supplies and equipment must be provided, effective communication between health care providers and patients, availability of competent and well-trained health workers in all areas, reduced waiting times and delays in appointments and treatment, better preparation of the institution to deal with an emergency situation such as what happened during the covid19 pandemic.

  • I found in his words some regret that this is the fate of a doctor who excelled to reach the greatest profession.
    Here there is a demolition of the internal energies of doctors and the reluctance of many of them.
    I will talk about a doctor close to me who works in Germany, and I raised this issue before when I asked him about the medical profession.
    He replied: It is a difficult profession and requires focus, its basis is preserving the lives of others. But I specify the reasons for his adherence to it that the country in which he works appreciates the work, as there are excellent incentives and salaries, the opportunity for free learning during work, and rewards for overtime work days.We find that the provision of luxuries and entertainment that compensates the doctor and his family for staying up late increases their adherence to this profession

  • To clarify, physicians who work in medically underserved areas are most likely to live in less attractive, poorer communities or have a great distance to travel to work each day.

    They are more likely to have less coworkers, medical technology, and resources to properly treat patients and would need to work twice as hard as a physician who has multiple people to come in and take their shift. Those physicians who choose to live in the less served area are going to get drained from the work load and also from the fact that they will care and want to help patients so much, they will most likely be consistently disappointed from being limited by the resources available to them. If more physicians were rewarded for practicing in underserved areas, with a higher wage and better resources than maybe physicians would be more evenly dispersed throughout the country. Lots of physician's care and want to help the more rural communities but when the cost to them is lessthan the reward, you will see all of them go to the nicer, more populated, higher paying parts of the

  • Some doctors words make me feel bad and better to some point because after telling me bad news they always find a way to make me feel better.

    1. Hi inspirational_forest
      It's good that your doctor finds a way to make you feel better, the question was asking how does this statement from a UK doctor make you feel and Why?
      Can you have a think about that and let us all know what you think?

  • Any doctor in my country whose words were not far from the words of this doctor. The situation in my country is the worst. Although there is a distinguished medical staff and brilliant minds. But the lack of job opportunities and the lack of salaries. It made everyone think of emigration Be it a doctor or something else This problem requires quick action Of the high ranks.There isn't a physician shortage there is a physician ill distribution on the world scale there is a vary long process of exams and licensing to practice medicine in the country, solution is the WHO make an international licensing exam approved worldwide so that doctors can travel easily and work in places of need.

  • The doctor's words make me feel sorry for people whose lives are on the line because people are dying because they do not have enough resources to take care of their medical needs. Not only are patients affected, but doctors are as well, for example, inadequate hospital facilities and the fact that doctors are underpaid and do not feel valued enough, resulting in a massive skill shortage among doctors because doctors are retiring early.
    I'd tell him that I sympathize with him and his colleagues and that he shouldn't give up hope.
    A doctor in my country will tell you that the country's economic growth is poor and difficult to bear, and that they must seek better opportunities. As a result of the shortage of doctors, many departments have been closed. Many doctors are leaving hospitals because they are dissatisfied, which is detrimental to the hospitals and, more importantly, the patients.

  • The doctor's words are extremely disheartening. Doctors should be rewarded for their efforts and be paid more; resources and facilities to make doctors' jobs less stressful should also be made available so that their mental and emotional health is preserved. People who cannot afford to pay for healthcare should have their costs reduced by the system.
    I will tell the doctor to persevere and work hard because if you work hard enough, you will reap the benefits. They should also persevere because they are passionate about what they do.
    My country's doctor would say that immediate action is required to address this issue. It is extremely disheartening, and people's morale is declining, and the system may collapse if nothing is done.

  • Reading the doctor's words makes me sad. This is due in part to the fact that people are losing their lives, there is not enough money to adequately fund healthcare, and medical doctors are on the receiving end as they are overworked and underpaid.
    I'd like to express my sympathy to the doctor and express my displeasure that doctors have to go through this.
    A doctor in my country might say, if care is not taken, many hospitals will be closed down in the near future, potentially resulting in more deaths and increased stress on the available doctors.

  • It makes me sad because many doctors have no investments and may be unable to support their families if they are not well compensated. Patients, on the other hand, will suffer and their families will be devastated as a result of what the patients are going through.
    I'd like to encourage the doctor to stay strong and believe that everything will be fine, and to continue doing his job joyfully regardless of the setbacks they face.
    In my country, a doctor might say, "This is really disappointing; I think I should leave this job and look for another job where I will be paid more."

  • The doctor's words make me sad and unhappy. The state of the healthcare industry is extremely discouraging. It's disheartening to learn that many doctors are leaving hospitals, lowering the doctor-to-patient ratio. I will be furious and disappointed if there are no doctors left to treat patients or to care for medical personnel such as nurses and pharmacists. This will have a significant impact on hospital standards.
    I would strongly advise the doctor not to be disheartened by what is going on around him, but rather to look into how more funds can be raised to meet the needs of hospitals in general.
    In my country, a doctor might argue that more money should be pumped into the system to improve hospital standards, obtain more equipment, and devise methods to train and induct more doctors.

  • The doctor's words were moving and made me cry. It's heartbreaking to see the world suffer and then have this enormous responsibility thrust upon you while you're powerless to change the system.
    I'd like to tell the doctor that you are a very thoughtful person with a big heart, and I'm so glad you think about helpless people.
    I think the doctor in my country might say that the government should step in and provide free healthcare to all citizens. Seeing citizens suffer because they are unable to pay will not help us grow as a people.

  • I personally believe that healthcare should be made free because not a lot of people have a sustainable rich household that is good enough to afford healthcare. Nobody actually appreciates all the effort and suffering doctors go through every day to save our lives. Several countries with governments full of corruption are spending money on they're very own military rather than the millions of people dying and starving.

  • The doctor's words make me happy because the government and other stakeholders are finally addressing the issue of doctor shortages. To me, the government is not doing enough; more needs to be done, and more funds should be made available to help sustain healthcare.
    First and foremost, I want to thank the doctor for his selfless service; doctors do an excellent job; hopefully, the people in charge will hear this cry.
    Being a doctor in my country may be stressful because you get to carry the burden of the world on your shoulders, and it is quite sad because you can't save everyone, and it is painful when you know some deaths could have been avoided if the right things had been put in place.

  • This makes me feel really upset because they are changing people lives and possibly saving people from dying and plus my mum is a nurse and she only works 2 days a week and maybe 3 sometimes and if she doesn't get paid then we could starve but even worse go homeless!!!

  • I feel sad for doctors, because they get underpaid for all the hard work they do. If I could say something to this doctor, I really wouldn't really know what to say, because I really don't know what to say when something like this has been said, but I do respect the doctor. A lot. I don't really know exactly what a doctor from my country would say about doctor shortages, but I think they would be saying that there should be more doctors, because doctor shortages is bad.

  • Truly, the doctor's words made me feel upset. I don't understand how any one could not appreciate the work of the doctors. Their work is very important and even in my country, becoming a doctor is a difficult thing to do. Most doctors will need to travel abroad to learn and gain experience. We have medical schools in my country but they are limited in numbers and capacity and lack a lot of the resources that are available to medicine students elsewhere.
    The doctors role is crucial in saving lives, and studying to become a doctor is among the hardest studies in life. Those doctors must study for more than 6 years and then don't get paid enough and they don't get the appreciation they deserve.
    I believe this is the reason why our country don't have enough doctors