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I changed my mind about when I didn’t like sweet corn but now I do. Weekly Competition #24 01/3/19
Director Peter Jackson is making a new beetles document with 55 hours of never-seen-before footage... Weekly Competition #21 08/2/19
I picked E because like the example if they don’t get punished they would do it again and think... Weekly competition #19 25/1/19
If I was a girl that never forgived any one I would propable feel like I was the odd one out... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
Money matters because we need money to buy things, help us to pay things off and it helps us to... Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
I think D because it would be a Miracle and if they were planted any were people would be able... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
‘They say that curiosity killed the cat’but It was only curious because there was a Mouse on the... Weekly Competition #5 05/10/18
I feel disgusted about what is happening and I feel that the state counsellor is doing nothing... Weekly Competition #3 21/9/18