Weekly Competition #17

18 January 2019

noble_nectarine and poetic_science

This week, your entries showed such great empathy that they made us feel very unhappy indeed! Well done to noble_nectarine, who really explained the situation that the ‘girl who can’t forgive’ would be in and what the consequences would be. We also loved the use of language from poetic_science. It was very creative and left us thinking hard about the ‘imaginary sins’. Well done!


The Girl Who Can't Forgive

This week, we'd like you to use your open-mindedness skill to think about forgiveness. How would it feel if you couldn't forgive anything at all, not even the tiniest thing? How would that change your life and your relationships? We'd like you to think about this from the point of view of an imaginary 'girl who can't forgive'. We don't want to know what she can't forgive, but how she feels and what it's like to be her.

Winners will be announced next Friday. Good luck!

*We're after concise, empathetic entries! You can check that it is under 150 words by copying it into Word, highlighting it and seeing the word count in the bottom left hand corner.

Comments (126)

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  • It feels as if she is feeling sorry for herself. And that she is very angry and lonely as she has no one to play with. If this were me I would be feeling sorry and angry and fustrated and lonely and left out

  • I think that she will become very lonely and it would probably feel very sorry for herself and very let down. If it were me I would probably really really try hard to not get in a argument and I probably would not talk that much and let other people do the talking. However other people have different thoughts and they probably think different from me.

  • Frustrated, annoyed and lonely. 3 words to describe my feelings. I have no friends - probably because they all hurt me- but I don't care. I spend most nights making pretended arguments with all the people I know; reasons keep coming and coming through my head. People hate me, my Mum hates me! But I know I'm right. They bump me, their fault! My teachers tell me not to backchat, their the ones hurting me! I cant find a reason to forgive ANYBODY, friends, pets, teachers, parents or strangers. Though I am lonely, nobody to look up to.Its not FAIR!

  • I think she will feel distraught and really upset because if she doesn’t forgive anyone she wouldn’t have any friend and will be really lonely 😔

  • I agree that wen people who get hert will tell the police that somone has hert them so the police come and sort it out so that person is happy so the bad person will go in jail

  • I know this might be silly but how do i enter?

    1. You just write your answer as a comment!

    2. frustrated,annoyed and depressed thats three ways to describe how im feeling right now.[i feel like this because i cant forgive anyone and i hate it]i always get picked on at school[because i cant forgive anyone and i dont know why] and i dont have any friends i used to have loads but when they started joking around with me i couldnt forgive them.i hate it and i dont think i will ever be able to feel the same way i once did.

    3. URGH why does school exist!Another day of another sorry.Again i was told by my teacher to forgive them.I said no.For some reason the word OK just doesnt come out of my mouth.I cant forgive i cant forget.Why cant ibe a normal girl mistakes happen and i know that.If i know that why cant i say its ok its fine i forgive you?I hear its ok in my head but NO out of my mind.
      I would feel confused because i wouldnt know what was happening.

  • She must feel constantly angry as she must be bullied and lonely. She must take her anger out on everyone else to make an emotional barricade so she can hopefully one day feel nothing. Her life must be a living hell.

  • I would be very lonely if I could not say sorry or apologise for things and I probably won’t have no friends but if I couldn’t apologise then I won’t say anything horrible

  • She would feel very sad and lonely I would feel sorry for her but at the same time I would feel happy because if I was her I would be able to remember anything like when I first got a dog.

  • I think she would feel angry and very lonely because if her friend, that she made, did something wrong and she couldn’t forgive that friend therefore that could make her feel sad, angry and lonely. I would really feel sorry for her if I knew what she was going through.

  • If I was a girl that never forgived any one I would propable feel like I was the odd one out and that I’m a bit weird, I would feel like I don’t care about any one but on the inside I deeply care about every single person.

  • If I couldn’t forgive I wouldn’t have any friends and I would probably feel bad

  • It would make someone feel like they don’t have any friends because everyone gets in a argument or a debate at some point

  • It would effect my life terribly. I probably wouldn’t like anyone or have any friends. I would be mad at a lot of people and I would be lonely 😔. I wouldn’t have a very happy life because I wouldn’t have friends. 😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😢😢😢😖😖😖😔😔😔😔😔😔😣😣

  • In my opinion she might be very lonely and maybe suffer depression because nobody will whant to be her friend. She could feel very feel down about herself because she has no friends and the arguments could lead to people going to jail

  • Hi BNC members,

    Try to give a little detail about WHY she would feel the way you suggest. For example, if she is is angry is that because she keeps thinking about the things she can't forgive rather than letting them go.

  • If I was that girl who could not forgive I would have no friends people would try avoid me.I would feel melancholony,unloved and crestfallen people will not even believe me or forgive me I think this because in my life before I didn 't forgive so I have expirienced what it is like really it is not a very good position.

  • If I were not able to forgive, I would have a terrible life because of a few things. Firstly, being unable to forgive would cause many friendship problems because you would never be able to show forgiveness for anything or anyone. Secondly, I would have mood swings and always be unhappy because I would feel guilty about my actions of unforgiving mishaps from the past. Thirdly, I would have troubles within my family, which would give me bad social skills while communicating with other people. This would make me feel miserable and lonely.

  • I am frustrated people keep knocking me.I have no friends because nobody likes not even my best friend hates me more than anything.Life is just not fair.aI can’t get a reason to forgive all the people who have hurt me Why does my brother and sister hate me .I am starting to a bit lonely.Ive been having flashbacks of when people have hurt me.When I go for my break people start to hurt me on purpose and the I get annoyed by it.It happens constant.Im starting to have no friends I have no one to look up to

  • I feel devastated because I can't forgive anyone even though I really want to. It would effect my life by it I wanted to forgive a friend of family I couldn't but deep inside I know that I should be able to forgive everybody.

  • Melancholy, annoyed and alone. I may feel that because nobody cares even if they didn't mean it. It just keeps going through my head on and on. Everyone in my family HATES me just because I didn't forgive them even if it was one of the tiniest things they didn't want to say or do. Everyone always are still going to ignore me and never forgive me. It's not FAIR the way they treat me it is like I am a ghost! Everyday at school some people could be walking somewhere and pushing in front of me like they don't care!

  • I am so angry, lonely and straight up horrified. I was on the way home from school and some STUPID girl in my year pushed me over! I will never forget this traumatic experience... I hate humans. Whats wrong with me? I cant forgive myself now. UGH!

  • I feel as if I have a heavy burden on my shoulder. All the pain and anger bundled up inside me because I can never forgive. I can't talk to anyone because everybody hates me, even my family. I’ve lost all my friends. Every day I go to school, dragging my feet the whole way. At lunch time I go to the library to get lost in a book, to escape reality, to forget my suffering. I just keep that little demon inside me locked in a cage, but I know it will escape. I exist in this world but I just want to live. I want to laugh and dance and smile. Am I even capable of that? This is my life, my burden. I'll just wonder this world, isolated with only my hatred for company.

  • ARE YOU JOKING?! I'm walking out the classroom and a girl from my class walks into me! One thing that I cannot do is FORGIVE people!! Lonely, downhearted and blue. 3 words to describe how i feel at this moment. Whatever people do to me make a long lasting impression for me. This is why it is so hard. I cannot forgive anyone... I don't know if you will believe me at this but. I cant even forgive my parents. I know i'm the odd one in this world. But the way i am will not change. Don't think i'm weird but I have no friends... Believe it or not, I always sit in my room and think of forgiving people but I never get round to doing it.

  • She shouldn’t be upset, she shouldn’t be angry; she must be strong. There’s no forgiveness inside her; she needs to remain calm, no matter what. Keep dreaming, keep apologising, but she’ll never mean it. Her forgiveness is gone, and it is gone for good. She is angry, she is upset, she isn’t strong, but she really can’t help it. It’s not her fault, she doesn’t mean it, but her forgiveness is lost in this big, big world. What does she have to live for if she can’t forgive and forget? What can she do about it? No matter how hard she tries she will never get her forgiveness back. She feels alone, she feels different. She is the odd one out and she knows it. No one will ever understand her; she doesn’t even understand herself. It is like her life is gone, so what is the point of living?

  • I feel hopeless. No matter how hard I try, I cannot forgive anyone. If someone apologises for something, I seem to hold a grudge against them and never move on. I can’t make any new friends because everyone knows what I am like. I seem to cling on to the past… It feels like you have no one to talk to, because they all assume that you cannot give second chances. I feel apprehensive every day and it makes me upset when I can not accept an apology. Sometimes I wonder, why I can’t forgive anyone? I make a big deal over nothing, and I wish I seemed normal… Even my family are starting to worry and avoid me... How would you feel if you were me?

  • Walking down the old corridor that I always walk through. No-one barely talks to me. What is wrong with me? Why do I have to be different? It kills me everyday. Everyone has the power to forgive, everyone except me! All the students back away and never reply to my greetings. Am I a monster? It would make a big difference if I left the school. No, I shouldn't, why am I the one who worries about everything. Well, I am doing the right because if you just say 'sorry it's like all the pain will go and that's not how it works. But, why am I felling abandoned? There are lots of questions that are floating around my head that are un answered. v v b

  • This morning someone barged past and made me fall over and I will never forgive them for that like I do to everybody else!

  • Right now I am hating humans. I want to forgive all, but it's imposible. Right now I want to disappear, be alone. But , if I don't want to forgive someone or something it's because it's my decision and I want to solve the problem. I am so angry that I don't want to talk with anyone , everyone it's worried about me , but why taht doesn't make sense. I don't have Friends.

  • It feels like she feels sad for what she has done and she might feel sorry.

  • Lonely, i can't make friends due to one reason: i can't forgive. Every time I argue with a friend i am unable to forgive. Which results into me losing everyone. When my mum tells me to do something guess what I do? I just don't listen what's the point. School. The place where everyone learns but not for me. School is the place where I make the rules. All teachers have me I'm always sent to the office and I always get a good chat with the assistants.
    To be honest I want to forgive but I just can't.

  • I feel devastated because I can't forgive myself and anyone . I'm very very angry because someone in a different year pushed me... I hate humans what's wrong with me. But I hate life i hate it i hate .?

  • I’m always irritated and rejected. My life just seems to be tough all the time. It frustrates me to see people with friends, who care about your feelings; who understand everything that you are going through. I don’t. In fact, I don’t even have regular friends any more. They just thought I was a grudge-holder. I even sometimes feel like I ruin people’s lives. I make them feel so bad about themselves. Maybe I just don’t fit in. Maybe they are better off without me in their lives. This problem could affect my future. But they’ll see. I’ll make them know that they shouldn’t have bothered me. They are the ones making me worse each day. So I’ll never excuse them. I’ll never pardon them. When they realise what they’ve done, they’ll be sorry. They have no idea what it is like to be me.

  • I wouldn’t have any friends and sometimes people do things they don’t mean to do.

  • Isolated, destroyed and straight up angry, I sit on my bed, watching myself in the mirror. My emotions overwhelming me, I struggle to get a grip over myself. I hate myself. I am always getting into fights with my friends and gradually losing them; it’s heart-breaking to have to sit through and watch and know that I can’t do anything about it. My teachers and parents are always shouting and having a go at me, yet I don’t know why… It’s not my fault that other people make me angry. It’s not my fault that I am always downhearted and feel like crying. Other people make me feel this way, so why am I getting the blame?

  • I walk into the school, faces quickly dart away. A reason of which I am not familiar. I sit at a desk with a person who was once my friend, not a friend anymore- last week she forgot to text me. That'll show her! I bet she is all lonely without me. The girl next to me stands up and moves to sit with another girl in my class, they seem to be happily talking. Is it her that's lonely, or is it me. I carry on with the rest of my day, thinking about it. I can't share it with anyone. They're all mean to me- that's why I don't forgive them.

  • She will felt very furious ; she has no friends to play with her , she might not sob when she is lonely and bored and this might what she thought of "GOD why is nobody playing with me you know what i might be playing on the swing by myself i am so MAD AT THOSE PEOPLE , who don't play with me UUGGHH..."Is like she went to far with her feelings, "if someone won't play with me i will be so SOOO annoying !!! And this the worst part I would be cruel to littles kiddies with small small arms MUAHHAAAHAA ." That was the thought of her feelings!

  • I would feel lonely, nervous and unsafe. I would feel lonely because all my friends would never even speak to me because I never forgave them so I would have nobody to have by my side. I would feel nervous because everybody around will remind them of the girl that never forgave them when they look at me. I would feel unsafe because the people I don't forgive might tell there other friends and they might hurt me or they might tell there parents and there parents could always stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable.

  • Forgotten, excruciation, secluded which of these words describe how I'm feeling? Nobody likes me, probably because I don't fit in as much as others. Why does life have to be so hard? Imagine a girl that doesn't have anyone to look up to, who is disliked by everyone, who can't even forgive. Well that girl is me! Being me is like wanting to have suicidal thoughts. Even my own mother hates my guts. It's getting worse by the minute. Why cant I forgive? No one would ever want to be me!

  • "I want to forgive, but I have no friends and I can't forgive myself... uurgh ...life is terrible for me!"

  • Sorry again. I keep accidentally posting comments. I'll start again. My friends have all deserted me but i don't really care. They had all upset me and I could not forgive them for it.I don't know why. I get mad other the smallest of things and everyone hates me - even my own relatives- for it. I hate them to. I also feel lonely because there is no one who will help me or guide me. I'm vulnerable as well and feel like everyone is so awful. I even feel angry at myself for not letting things go so I can have friends. I suppose I'll just have to start again.

  • I believe that it will be terrible if you couldn't forgive a person because if someone like you best best friend spilled water on you not by purpose then you get all mad then you tell her that you are not her friend anymore people will think that your imature and you cant deal a accident that's why think you should forgive and forget

  • Lonely-frustrated-regretful, these are only a few words to describe my feelings. I would have nobody to take care of me, nobody to enjoy some wonderful times with me and nobody to protect me. Life is terrible because of this. Life is terrible because of my poor life decisions. Life is terrible because I could not forgive.

  • I don't know what's wrong.
    I just can't do it.
    I just can't seem to forgive people!

    Even if it's the smallest things
    I just can't do it.

    I feel lonely and scared every day that I will ruin things with people.
    Every time I make a new friend I am always worried I'll mess everything up.
    Every day I walk past people I can't forgive.
    They always give me bad looks and they ALWAYS avoid me.
    I feel sad all the time.
    I sometimes fall into anxiety and depression because it's hard to forgive.

    I hate being me. I wish I could be someone else.
    People don't realise how bad it is being me.
    I wish I could start life again.
    Make a better impression.
    But my wishes...
    never come true.

    Life at home isn't good as well
    I never really talk to my family.
    I don't really get the chance.
    I hope I could learn to forgive.
    Then I can be normal.

  • In my honest opinion I would feel very dismayed, overturned, unsettle 3 words to describe her feelings because if she can’t forgive anybody like her friends or her teacher or her parents which really perturbs her life and others or when she has an argument with her friends or maybe that’s why has no friends because of all the arguments or if someone makes a mistake and they are asking for forgiveness she can’t give that to them which may hurt people on the inside if that was me and I had arguments with my parents or siblings or family or friends we may fall out or lose each others trust and maybe the consequences may be life changing for her and everybody around which could affect her into a situation which maybe she might have not even have thought of. Dear BNC I hope you enjoy my entry.

    1. She might feel lonely, dismayed because if she can't forgive anyone she is just a stranger because she is angry with everyone which means she is left out.

  • I think she would feel lonely and when she sees her old friends playing she would be heartbroken.Her relationship with other people would be very cold.

  • She would probably be very lonely as if you can’t even forgive the tiniest thing so people wouldn’t want to be friends with her as if they do something accidentally they will never be forgiven

  • Neglection-the only thing I receive in this world. I have no friends-better than having cruel friends- and I can’t find anyone in this world to trust! They “apparently” didn’t mean to step on my foot and “ apperantly” didn’t steal my expensive stationary... they are a bunch of STUPID LIARS! Never trust anyone; this is my motto in life that I do and believe so I am not fooled by rude, unforgivable people! I can’t forgive my mum, for “accidentally” spilling her drink on me and I can’t forgive my harmful dog for peeing on my designer clothes! I wish I had someone in this world, but if this world is filled with horrible people, it’s better off without them!

  • 2 words: frustrated and isolated. I have no friends; that is alright, though, as long as no one hurts my feelings. I deeply wish I could forgive. But I can’t.
    If no one sabotaged me, I would be happy. No one knows how it feels to be cut off from the whole world, and when I do try to interact with almost anything, I get injured; mostly emotionally. I am used to it.
    People often remind me to forgive. I disagree; when I get hurt, I get hurt on purpose. Of course, many (almost everyone) state that they didn’t mean to. However I do not fall for this - which is the problem.
    It seems sorrowful to see someone lonely.
    Despite this vision, the truth is different.

  • I feel guilty,isolated and sad.No-one will want to be my friend now,I shouldn’t have done this,I lost so many friends because of my awful behaviour now I need to be better

  • I feel alone; I have no friends. I have isolated myself from the world. My friends bully me, we have arguments all the time, we just cannot ever get along. This upsets me so much; all I want is to be happy, just to be like a normal child who has friends. It’s like I am a rag doll who gets pushed around because I cannot forgive. I want to forgive.
    I wish I had friends that is all I want. Everyone loathes me. My mum, my dad,my brother, my friends, my teacher. The list goes on! I try my best to be nice to people, I just cannot fit in. My terrible deeds have left me in this state

  • I would feel lonley because I would have no freinds as I could never forgive them when I fall out with them. I would feel angry most of the time because when I fall out with them I would never forgive them and when that happens its a form of anger.

  • She might fee l lonely dismayed because she cant forgive anyone so she is just a stranger, who doesn't have a proper life

  • I'd pity myself and feel very upset because forgive people then i'd feel very guilty and sorry for them because they would feel like they've done something terrible and would be shameful for something that they have done even though what they did might be not that bad.

  • Emotionless,alone and afraid it would be hard for me because I wouldn't know what to do because no one would want to be my friend and no one would ever want to talk to me

  • I am always lonely and regected. Taday was a nightmare, I don’t think my best friend likes, I mean just because I didn’t forgive her and everyone else doesn’t mean I don’t like them.
    So there I sat by myself head on my knees , tears trickling down my face as everyone went passed,smiling and laughing but I was there in the shadows.
    I close my hoping it’s a dream, hoping when I open my eyes everyone wants to be my friend. But no it was the same. Now I know that I should forgive.

  • In my opinion is that the girl will be very lonely and nobody will be her friend because she will be described and she will be with no one to talk to.😞😞😔😔😔😢😢

  • Dear diary,
    Today was horrible, I was all by myself without anyone at break and then we had to go in groups for our work and no one wanted to be with me! Not being able to have any friends is horrible and everyone is avoiding me. Even the teachers! My life is so unfair because it’s not even my fualt that I can’t forgive people. Imagine having no friends (it’s not very nice). Being avoided for something that is not my fault, my life is so sad. My parents don’t like me, they only love my sister. “She’s amazing,” “So kind!” exclaimed my parents. I was utterly disappointed that they would push me aside.
    Prayer: God please lift this curse from me so I can have friends and be approachable and my parents to love me. Amen.

  • I would be totally lonely, heartbroken and punctured in the heart after hearing the news. i would feel lost in an different world. Not being allowed to forgive your friends over something a long time ago. this could mean me,not getting an friend ever again.

  • In my opinion I thin that she will feel guilty, frustrated and extremely really upset I feel this way because if I wouldn't forgive someone I would feel very bad if they didn't mean to do it. On the other hand if the person did something really terrible that couldn't be forgive I would understand because I think I wouldn't be able to forgive them as well. If I couldn't feel sorry even for a silly little word I would also feel very embarrassed because it would be extremely selfish if someone did that. Also if I was her I would be very ashamed of my self and what I have done.

  • It would be useless your relationships would go like feathers in the wind. you would feel terrible if you by mistake heart someone's feelings as they wouldn't forgive you.

  • Frustrated. Isolated. Sorrowful.
    I deeply wish I could forgive.
    Every day I wake up with a lump in my throat. Dreading going to school. It's difficult to watch people with friends, who care about you. My friends? They neglect me all the time. I just don't seem to fit in - to be suitable for this world. This is why it's hard for me to forgive. Lately, I haven't found a single reason to forgive my mum for spilling coffee on my desk.
    I just absolutely wish I had someone in this world. Someone who could understand me.

  • I would feel lonely,angry and annoyed.I would feel lonely because if I never forget or forgive I wouldn't want to be round someone who hurt me. Annoyed because I always have the same feeling s

  • Part 2
    At that time. Angry because I have things that will trigger me easily.

  • I will never forgive you
    This leads me to no friends
    I pretend it isn’t hurting
    And I do not care
    About other people, it does not hurt me
    This is because I’ve got no friends
    So all I care about is myself
    It seems I cannot keep it in me any longer
    But I can’t undo the past
    3 words people describe me are aggressive, bossy and rude
    My enemie is the word forgiveness

  • I am a girl who will never forgive
    you can go and beg me and even plead
    I will not forgive even if you were my mother
    I will not forgive even my father
    I hate everyone who always hated me
    I even hated everyone in my family
    I will never forget this day when I got hurt
    I even tore my own school skirt
    I am the girl who shall never forgive
    Even if you beg and even plead.

  • It would be sad because if my friends had done something wrong and I couldn't forgive I would probably end up with no friends. I could imagine if my mum made a mistake and she said sorry but i could not forgive her she would probably not talk to me

  • I would have no friends. Very lonely.

  • I will do not forgive anyone or anything.(Not in real life)
    i feel like everyone hates me,and i hate them too. Nothing makes me happy, not even my family.
    I am alone. I am a none forgiver.

  • i hope i win the competition because i really put my heart and soul into this please BNC can you please let me win my teachers will be very proud of me that i have put a lot of effort into this from the bottom of my heart

  • I hate it when people don't understand me ,it's so fusturating !

  • if i was the girl i would feel extremely sad because she could of known the person for her whole life and then because of one tiny thing your whole life will go down in crumbles . not only this but i would feel lonely because every friend i had i had a chance of loosing.

  • I would feel left out because you will see everyone is happy and joyful in the playground and you wish it could be you and it makes you feel you have no friends

  • I feel distressed, displeased and frustrated. I cannot forgive anybody, i try so hard but it is very difficult to do something when you know deep down it is impossible. I cant imagine what it would be to be someone else when im so used to the disappointment in my own life. I always think, is it possible for me to forgive someone today? But the answer is always no. For example, yesterday someone nudged me as i was going up to my lesson and i made a big drama out of it, like i always do. I ALWAYS make everything a huge drama. I wish it could be different but its not. I wish i could forgive people. It would make my life a lot easier. I would make new friends. Wow. I wonder what that would be like. Imagine, not having everyone making an assumption about you. I really want to change. I feel lonely and everyone is avoiding me and I'm sick of it. I feel so devastated. I feel like im stuck in a jail cell which is the living reality of my life and i can't escape. I wonder. What would you do if you were me?

  • I world be really sad and me life
    Would be horrible😥😭😭😭

  • i would be very very lonely i wouldn't be open to change so i would have no friends and would be in detention alot and i might even be driven crazy by other children

  • It is hard being me ,I have many different traits but unfortunately forgiveness isn't one of them. I have no friends, but they should know it is their fault they bump me in the corridor, their fault they tease me when I am upset, NOT MINE!

  • I am the girl who will never forgive. My mind is not adjusted to yours. I fall deep into my own problems. I don't want friends because I know I can't sustain them. I feel depressed, confused; why can I not forgive? Lonely. Crying. Suicidal thoughts. It goes on. Alone, angry a mix of emotions that play with my head and mess with my brain. Love is only a sadistic game. Happiness is irrelevant, never-lasting. I am the girl who never forgives.

  • Why can't I forgive. Help me please, I am stuck in this void

  • I feel angry and alone all the time. My family and my friends just don’t understand! No one does. It was my birthday last week, you are probably thinking, and “why would someone need to complain about their birthday? You get cake and have a fun time with friends!” Well, no that was not my birthday. You see, it was half way through the party and my mum brought out my cake but just as she was bring it out our dog, Juno, walked in front of her. My mum being clumsy DROPPED my cake, I was fuming! She had ruined my birthday and the stupid dog had, so I yelled and yelled then stormed off to my room. I still haven’t apologised, in fact I haven’t spoken to her since, I don’t see why I need to it was her fault.

  • I think everyone is my enemy
    No one understands me
    I wish the could understand that if they disrespect me in any way I will take it personally
    They expect me to forgive them
    But they havent showed me that they wont do it agai
    Although I have many traits forgiveness isnt one of them
    Never have I had a friend that has lasted
    If only I could let inside my head
    show how difficult it is to be me
    It is there fault
    That all the nasty words dont bounce off but sink in
    There the ones that bump me in the corridor
    The bruise remains
    But they wont accept it
    If thay could just listen
    they might understand

  • If I could not forgive I would feel deserted as with every relationship i made when the other person did anything wrong i would have to walk away. I would be hated by all around me, suspended from public and everyday life. Imagine, you walked away from your family,every friend you make gone and the thought that nothing in your life will ever be stable.

  • I want to forget, I wish I didn’t feel this way. I’m angry, really angry and nobody seems to understand. My family, my friends- they just shut me out. They say I’ve got a problem. Last week it was my birthday and my sister (who always gets jealous on other people’s birthdays) kicked my leg. It wasn’t a hard kick and it didn’t hurt but I was fuming. I still can’t seem to forgive her and I can’t forgive myself for lashing out. It’s upsetting to feel like this every day; and it’s scary too.
    I always been like this. For as long as I can remember. Once, when I was very young, my mum and dad took me to a quaint little café and I stormed out. I don’t know why. I felt frustrated and upset. I can’t forget but I wish that one day I’ll be able to.

  • I'd feel exasperated and angry, exasperated because everyone is chatting with their friends and I don't have any because I can't forgive anyone. I also feel angry because i'm annoyed at myself for not being able to forgive anyone.

  • She holds a permanent grudge against almost everyone because they laughed at a joke she didn't like or stood on her foot. She knows that her inability to forgive upsets many people around her and she hates herself for it. Unfortunately, she will never be able to forgive herself for this either.

  • I can’t forgive. I am drowning in my own sorrow, despair and anger. All I want is peace. I want my head to be a calm, tranquil, forgiving pond but instead my head is filled with a storm of hate rising inside me. I can’t forgive others for their mistakes and I can’t forgive myself for my mistakes. We all make mistakes that is a fact of life. There is likely no person on Earth who hasn’t made a mistake nor a person on Earth that doesn’t long for forgiveness.
    Forgiveness, allows people happiness but with all the regret and pain of what I’ve done and others have done to me build up inside and leave little space for kindness, compassion or love. And that is the worst thing - without forgiveness I cannot feel the joy of love or happiness, as I am totally consumed by my own hate.

    -Sorry my last one was I think a few words over the limit so I have made some amendments and now it is within the limit of words.

  • At that moment, out of all those words and their meanings, I couldn't describe my feelings. I mean I couldn't tell if I was angry or just tired of drama. My friends say I am selfish but am I? They say I can't forgive but how many times do you forgive some one? And how many things they do that needs forgiveness. To be honest, no one needs my forgiveness, after all I am worthless, but still to me my valuable forgiveness won't be received by ANYONE. Not even for littlest of mistake. Why should I? If they want to treat me very close to trash and create a space between me and other kids. No wonder why my life is so complicates, every single person behind my life failure is a fragment of pillar which I'll soon demolished.

  • I have never fixed my relationships with anyone. I will never fix my relationships with anyone. No one understands me, but I can't pretend to be somene that I never have been. This is the life of someone like me and it will never change.

    NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME (only I do)!

  • It irritates me to see people with friends. It was my party yesterday. You might think that my party was fun. That was the worst day of my life. People who were meant to be my 'friend' took everything as if it were their birthday.

  • No one understands, not one bit. If they had a day in my shoes they would, but they don't. I try to calm my emotions, but I fail every time. I wish I could forgive. I wish I had friends. But I can't. Even if I try to keep the anger inside, the rage escapes my body and the world has to keep up with it. MY world is lonely. My world is neglected... and I'm consumed in it. If I can't forgive anyone I can't forgive myself. My world is filled with hate, isolation and sorrowness, and it's all my fault. Why am I this way you ask. That is a question I will never know, and I don't think anyone will. I will never find love, friends or happiness, as I am already absorbed in so much hate there's no such thing as happiness in my dictionary.

  • At that moment, out of all those words and their meanings, I couldn't describe my feelings. I mean I couldn't tell if I was angry or just tired of drama. My friends say I am selfish but am I? They say I can't forgive but how many times do you forgive some one? And how many things they do that needs forgiveness. To be honest, no one needs my forgiveness, after all I am worthless, but still to me my valuable forgiveness won't be received by ANYONE. Not even for littlest of mistake. Why should I? If they want to treat me very close to tqrash and create a space between me and other kids. It's not my fault that I am inquisitive and my perspiration is dispersed out every where. They say my questions are ridiculious and my hard works of anything is ludicrous, Is it ever fair to forgive when they make a mistake?
    No wonder why my life is so complicates, every single person behind my life failure is a fragment of pillar which I'll soon demolish.

  • so first off if i wouldn't forgive anyone i would never have friends if they forgot to bring my sharpener to school and if i wouldst forgive them my refreshing would be ruined forever i think that the girl feels sad lonely angry and frustrated why she has no freinds god, if i didnt forgive anybody my life would be ruined i would have no freinds my family would hate me!

  • Unhappy, alone and rejected. That is how I feel. Ever since my friends were mean to me I have never been able to forgive them. I would like to but they don't make me feel like I can. It all started with a rumour someone started and since then my friends have not talked to me. They don't let me sit next to them and they ignore me all the time. WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE THEM? They make me feel like I am a piece of dust. Like i don't exist. I'm just tired of all the drama. My life just gets more and more complicated because everyone thinks that i am a failture. Why did it have to happen to me. They don't even talk to me anymore so i WON'T forgive them!

  • Sorry it's a simple word with everything but a simple meaning. It is used to apologized for a simple or huge mistake or action. Yet I can't forgive anything. No matter how small. How silly and petty. I can't forgive it. It's heartbreaking really. For them and me. S

  • I want to apologize to my mother who died in a skydiving accident when the engine of the plane had a bird in it. It crashed and killed her but I couldn't forgive her for giving me ham sandwiches instead of cheese and the last thing I said was I hate you so much you may buy me computers but you can't get my sandwiches right.
    Why could I not forgive it now I will never be happy ever ever ever again.

  • I feel frustrated but also distracted. I’m not able to forgive anyone. None of my friends, none of my family just nobody i care about. I’m always angry, angry at everyone who has ever done anything to me. I guess they deserve it but they apologized so many times, they just don’t understand that there is nothing i can do about it. I guess it’s easy sometimes though, being able to stay mad at everyone that has seriously hurt me and not feel bad about it.
    I can’t say that it’s weird though, I've had it since I was born and because of it I had a terrible relationship with my parents growing up. I also struggled making friends scared that one day I would hurt them by never forgiving them. I hope one day I will be able to forgive but that might not be anytime soon.

  • I'm empty, I'm cold, I'm distraught. This life changing, soul crushing heart breaking event has destroyed my trust in anyone along with my ability to forgive. I had tried to forgive, so many times, but still they kept on breaking me, my heart and my gift of forgiveness. It had become to much. I’m through, I’m over, I’m leaving. They exploited my open, forgiving nature to just keep returning after every time they hurt me but now they won’t, they shan’t, they can’t.

  • Sorry it's a simple word with everything but a simple meaning. It is used to apologized for a simple or huge mistake or action.Yet I can't forgive anything. No matter how small. How silly and petty.I can't forgive it .It's heartbreaking really. For them and me. So many friends were lost in this unforgiving repeat of hatred.I wish I could change I do but I just can’t seem to understand their mistakes. I disappoint myself sometimes especially when I see their distraught faces when I tell them I can’t forgive them. They hate me and I don’t blame them to be honest I don’t deserve forgiveness from them anyway.I long for a new lifestyle but I still can’t seem to get it.I am stuck in a never ending and torturous cycle. All I can do is sit and hope for something to change.

  • You 'accidentally' told my mum? I won't tell you secrets then. You 'accidentally' elbowed me? Don't touch me then. You do these things, but you don't know how it makes me feel. Every time you do something to me, you hurt me. Another name to cross off the list of nice people. People who understand what I'm going through. I hate everyone. Including my parents. I can never f-f-for- no, I can't even say the word. I literally try to say it, but I can't. I could never forg- anyone because they hurt me. People that know what my problem is make fun of me because I can't forg- for- you know what I mean, because they have already hurt me. The problem is- I can't even for- f- again, you know what I mean, I can't do that word to myself, even now.

  • The hatred and frustration, triggered by how others have wronged me, boils and burns. Agony and distress are eating away at my comfort as I constantly seek some revenge to neutralize all of my pains; however done it cannot be, for it is not the pain inflicted by others that tortures me but the pain I inflict upon myself. I simply cannot forgive not forgiving and so I’m trapped in a constant cycle of misery; I continuously recycle the torture of the initial strike by recalling it vividly and plotting revenge upon that that has pained me. I am going insane, it feels as though a million duplications of me are constantly quarrelling in my mind. I desire to forgive, and by doing so be, forgiven however the hatred attaches like glue to my consciousness and so I am burning in that desire.

  • Distraught, frustrated and lonely. From a whole range of words those are best to describe how I feel most of the time. I can’t forgive anyone. I try so hard and so many people apologise but I just can’t do it. It’s difficult when deep down you know it’s impossible. I can never not making something a huge drama, even if it’s just someone accidentally nudged me. I know it’s an accident but I just can’t bring myself to say sorry. I wish everyday that it could be different but it isn’t. I’m stuck. I wish my life would be better. I wish it would be easier. But these are all just wishes. I’ll forever wonder what it would be like if I could forgive. Maybe people would stop talking about me. Maybe I would have more friends. But now I’m left to wonder what that life would be like.

  • Hatred, nothing but hatred. Pain that can not be released only increased, how I feel is kept inside me and forgiveness is just a far away fantasy. No one is perfect so I stay lonely spiraling out of control into a pit of melancholy because of my blind acts that won't ever change until I face them and yet I carry on too petrified to face the facts and realize I’m not perfect and that they were right but no I carry on blindly leading myself into complete isolation. Family, friends, pets all I’ve lost over the years all for my stupidity only to finish life alone with nobody to remember my existence.

  • Revenge! I can’t believe them. What is our society turning into? Why are people so heartless, so cruel, so brutal. I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t let go. I can’t! It’s not fair! Or maybe these people are wretched, miserable, or destroyed. Maybe they’re just jealous of me, but it couldn’t have been them, or could it? Are they heartless, or lonely, or is this real? Are their lives as hard as they have made mine? I feel like my heart leaped out of regret. I shouldn’t have done that to them. So much is going through my head, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them or fight back. Or, I don’t know! Is it worth not letting it go? I quench my fists in disgust with myself. The shadow of death daunts me. Will the bloodthirsty souls catch up with me, and end my life?

  • I clutch my head in frustration. All I can think about is their reason. Their apology. My mind paces back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Their faces, pleading for forgiveness. And then there is me, laughing in their faces as if it’s some sort of joke.

    I can’t seem to shake this grudge off of my shoulders. As if it’s a backpack filled with bricks was glued to me and my shoulders, with one brick added every thought I conjure up in my foggy, numb mind.

    I feel sick to to my stomach. Or am I sick in the head? Probably the latter.

    It’s not my fault. It’s never my fault. No-one’s going to take advantage of me again. They know what will happen…

    I won’t forgive them…


  • Forgiveness: it’s a great thing - I just wish I could have it. It’s like a itch that never goes away. It’s like there’s something missing. It’s like I don’t fit in. They say ‘forgive and forget’ . I can forget but not forgive. Lonely and frustrated is how I feel: I have no friends and no one understands me. I’ve lost all of my friends because of my stubbornness and unforgiving self. They could accidentally bump me and I would hold a grudge against them the whole day. I would go home and keep thinking about it; why couldn’t they watch where they were going? I’ve come close to getting revenge on people but there’s something that stops me… but its not forgiveness. It never will be. And I don’t know how to change that ...

  • Cold, isolated, hurt. That's the way I feel right now. The family, my friends; they have all betrayed me. I feel as though I can no longer trust anyone. My only friend seems to be myself. I feel like my life is not worth living.

  • l can’t forgive anyone or anything. No bird who might wake me up so early, no friend who might talks behind my back. I don’t care how this makes them feel. It was there fault for doing it in the first place, for that I will not talk to them. I have no friends I can’t make any either because all I ever do is push people away. I feel alone sometimes but I don’t mind, i’m a party of one. It’s hard at home, my parents get pretty annoyed at me for not forgiving them. I feel alone everywhere I go. At home, at school everywhere I go.

  • She can't forgive. She seems incapable of acknowledging the blameless imperfections of us all. The slightest lie and smallest betrayal are unforgettable to her- she clutches them to her heart and lets them grow and grow. Our inconsistencies, small mistakes (insignificant to anyone but her) consume her. She shrieks and weeps, yells curses at her friends, stays sullenly silent with her family, feels betrayed, misled, paranoid, and infinitely vulnerable. She can’t seem to make a connection with anyone; we think she’s too weighed down with imaginary sins. Trust is impossible for her. When we first met her, she was bright, cheerful, but as the minutes passed she grew quiet, shooting dark stares across the table. When we asked what was wrong, and what we could do to help, she grimaced and said, “You lied. Earlier, when you started asking me about myself. There’s nothing you can do now except leave.”

  • I am entering this competition. If I don't win, I absolutely cannot forgive you. If you want me to tell you how I feel; about what happened to me - I react to the smallest of things that people do. I can't forgive anything that you do if it hurts in the slightest way. I push ALL my peers away. I have no one. My parents know something is wrong and they try to do something about it but they can't help, no one can. Now you know about my condition. How do you feel now?

  • Forgive and forget
    Advice you will always hear of a voice who wants to help.
    Let go of anger, don’t hold onto grudges they will say.
    Believe me I have tried.
    But unfortunately, words are not erasers.
    I wish it could...
    But the scars are like wires bedded into my memory,
    In my everyday thoughts it’s tormenting me.

    I question peoples motives,
    I distrust what they say,
    I’m weary of being hurt again.
    I’m a shadow of myself, joyful and carefree, is who I used to be.
    Its unfair for my friends and family, putting up with my misery.
    Self pity some might say.
    Even seeing their pain and anguish, that hurts me so,
    Still can’t propel me to let it go.

    Please show a little compassion.
    A bit of understanding wouldn’t go amiss.
    I can’t forgive
    Try as I might
    I can’t shed the deep bitterness thats knotted inside.

  • Angry, frustrated and lonely. Three words to describe my emotion. I cant forgive. I have no friends ( probably because they all hurt ME). Most people hate me. The teacher creates a scene because I backchat but she's really the one who's hurting me. Anyway why should I care? Even my own mum hates me. I spend most nights making up pretend arguments with my "friends". They always say I moan at them but THEY are hurting me. I wont forgive and why should I anyway? Since most people hate me, its always THEIR fault. They bump me. I just cant find any reason to forgive ANYBODY: pets, parents, siblings, teachers or friends. Screw them. I don't need to forgive... EVER.

  • All alone,
    Siting in the shadows everyday,
    All rejected,
    Seeing my friends pass me everyday,
    Heart broken,
    Will this curse fly away,
    Make me happy again.

    There she is my best friend Lilian walking towards me expanding her arm ready to hug me, she walks, she runs, I stand up smiling. She runs passed me I fall to my knees.
    Now I know one thing: always forgive.

  • I just feel alone I feel like everyone is watching me and looking at me weirdly. Everyone has done something wrong. I even fell like I have driven my family away. And they are the most important people to me. Everyday I wonder what is wrong with me is this why I have no friends. I try to apologise to people I really do but when I walk up to them I remember what they have done. Sometimes I think I'll be like this forever. I hope not. Am I paranoid every second I feel betrayed and vulnerable. Is my life worth living. Everyone are sinners its just a case of how bad.

  • The world is moodier place than it used to be. Now people look at me like I'm the worst person ever. They dont ever help me because they won't listen to me when i don't forgive them. They stopped doing it cos i don't forgive them. This just makes me even more angrier. I wish that I could learn to forgive people because then they might help me and be my friend.

  • I feel alone .I give this reason because everyday people what other people in a nice way but not me . People are scared , worried,frustrated because everyday i look at the sky and feel happy but when the rain comes down its like a nightmare . My friends forgive me what so ever . Can people in the world be nice to other people its not fair be fair to everyone please .

  • I just feel sad now because i have driven my loving,caring family away.I have been so selfish and cruel i regret doing this i am somba in every single way I love my family to the moon and back.I hate my self for doing this,I am such a fool I wish they were here

  • I know it was just an accident, the small foot which got in the way and tripped me up, but somehow, I cannot let it go. I know it’s unjust, but I can’t help what has been forced upon me, the anger which I cannot change though I know it is wrong. My once friend, now separated from me by mutual anger, just like all the others who hurt me in some way, or I them. Being unable to forgive has isolated us from all friendship and ability to love. The world is no longer about others. I pass the girl, and two thoughts collide, and start to fight, each trying to win.
    “It’s not fair on her, it was an accident!” one screams.
    “She hurt you! She should be punished!” the other shrieks.
    I know that it’s wrong, but the second is overruling. I take a step towards her.

  • If you did a mistake tell sorry and make or step your life better

  • If I needed to describe my life in one word, that word would be rejected. My life is full of rejections but there´s one simple reason for that and that reason is that I cannot forgive, I´ve never had a a GOOD friend but what I think now is that maybe I wasn't good for her. She and all my family left me and just because I cannot forgive and don't get me wrong, I don´t do it because I want, I do it because I cannot STOP. If I could only ask for ONE wish that wish would be that someone helped me learn to forgive because right now I feel miserable.

  • It almost feels like I'm alone .Like I can't be happy.Its unfair .Why me!
    Hi I'm Lula.I'm an average girl who lives in Hunslet...I don't know why I'm like this exactly.Bratty they say. Obnoxious and rude, it's normal for me to be called that.
    Last time I was called that was when I was called dumb by my friend and she didn't say sorry so I told her off and never spoke to her again.
    I guess I just really don't like mistakes and rude people.She clamed it was just a joke .I don't believe her.Even the smallest things make me upset and frustrated .Its not my fault im like this .It's just who I am I guess .

  • Alone. Silent. Everyday of my life, one person does something small, that takes it way to far. Every second, one strand of friendship brakes. my parents dislike me, my friends dislike me, pretty much every dislikes me. I can't seem to find a reason why i should forgive. People are frustrated over my actions, why should i forgive, nobody treats my right so why should i treat others right? Why should i forgive, why, why, why...

  • It has been a long a time, the thoughts in my mind don’t leave. I have been thinking ever since the day it happened. As each day goes by it eats me up even more than the day before. It was Thursday morning the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. As I opened the window I felt the nice warm weather hit my face. I think that was the last time I was happy. Now, all alone freezing cold. I don’t know what to do. The anger I feel inside is like no other, that day I realised I couldn’t take it anymore. The harsh words used against me would leave me into a flood of tears each day. I had to do, I packed my bags and without saying anything I left a short letter. Goodbye to my family. I will miss you but never need you again.

  • What he did was unacceptable and I will never forget what happened. He is the reason that I am in my position and my life has changed forever. Some say that you should live and let go but it is impossible to let go of killing the glue that holds me together, my everything, my mum.

  • I would feel isolated, stranded...alone. As if I'm on an unknown island, with no one, nothing to comfort me. I would feel jealous looking at all the people around laughing, playing, smiling as they have absolutely no cares in the world at all. I would feel stuck, like I'm trapped in The Chokey from Matilda, claustrophobic, like I can't speak, breathe, like I'm separated from everything around me. Not being able to forgive feels like not being given the chance to be truly happy, because once everyone in your life has disappointed you or upset you, you wont be able to go back to where you were. You'll just be...unhappy

  • Angry, crestfallen, solitary. I could not forgive one little mistake, one little misconception that has been made. Thoughts and feelings swirl in my head like a speedy tornado: exasperation, hatred, infuriation, I felt outraged that I could never accept an apology but deep inside, forgiveness was my weakness, no matter how significant or minor the situation was. Emotions rang in my fragile mind, sorrow, agony misery. My fragile mind burned and jolted side to side as more feelings rushed through rapidly. Really, inside I was feeling forlorn, pitiful, depressed- no one was there to guide me and no one would come and talk to me, not even once. I was melancholy, heartbroken. Since I cannot forgive anything, children and adults stay a distance away from me-I am solitary, isolated and desolate. No one is a friendly, warm-hearted person to me but is an unwelcoming presence.

  • I feel so bad. I can’t take away what I have done. I put my family through so much pain!😥 I hate myself so much! The bitter cold hate I deserve will stay with me forever!!! People are scared of me and I do not blame them. I did something bad and now I’m paying for my deeds. One by one I drove my family and friends away and now I realise that I have nobody and that I was played! UHHHH! I don’t know what to do! I am such a disgraceful person.At this point I don’t even want to be alive right now!!!!! I was the most treacherous person that I have ever encountered in my entire life!! I’m such a fool. I was bribed into ruining my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!