Weekly Competition #24

08 March 2019

buzzing_atom and beloved_chocolate

There were a brilliant range of entries to this competition that showed a whole variety of situations and emotions. Well done to buzzing_atom! Their entry showed excellent empathy and open-mindedness, which is a brilliant Burnet News Club skill. Beloved_chocolate gave a thorough and well reasoned response, which showed very insightful open-mindedness and reasoning which used evidence and empathy. Well done!


This week, we'd like to hear an example of a time when you changed your mind about something. Perhaps you now support a different sports team, or have a different favourite food or went back on a decision?

We're interested in why you changed you mind; was it reasons you heard, new evidence, different emotions, or something else?

When have you changed your mind and why?

Please remember not to use any names in your entries. Winners will be announced on Friday!

Comments (126)

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  • Recently the group of friends I hang around with are causing trouble so I have now made the decision to stay away from them and gone off and made some new friends.
    I hope other people will be able to make the right decisions


  • When I was little, my best friend and I supported different football teams. My friend didn't like which football team I supported so she told me to change to her team. As I was younger and didn't know that I could make my own decisions, I changed to support her football team. However, as I've grown older, I have changed my mind and gone back to supporting the football team i actually like. I changed my mind when I was little because I was told to change my mind. I changed my mind back when I was older as I am now more educated on the subject. I feel that a similar thing is affecting many people who voted to leave the EU as they now are more educated on the subject and know how it will affect their future.

  • At our school we are holding a school production. I decided to join it just for fun. Later on I had to quit because i couldn't make the rehearsals. Then i saw how much fun it was and wished i had never decided to leave. I then developed a plan to try and attend the rehearsals and it turned out as planned. After my decision i had to get approval whether i could re-join. In the end i managed to make the cut and i am finally back in the production. Next time I should plan out my future references before i join anything.

  • You should always stick to your opinions and not others . I realized that I am entitled to my own opinion and no one else has that right to change it . If they do that is a form of controlling and no matter what anyone else thinks I knew i had to stick to my instincts.

  • I changed my mind about BREXIT, because when the public voted to leave the European Union, they did not know about the effects this would have on their lives, so now the public has changed their minds about this, and I changed my mind about it to, as the effects could be horrific for the country, as already many companies have left, showing that they believe that BREXIT will make their business go bankrupt.

  • When i was younger me and my friend supported different countries in gymnastics for the olympics. I told her to0 change her mind but she wouldn't so i changed my mind. However now i am older, i now support my original country and i actually like it. Now i know i have a choice, i know that this affects many other people which is why many other people regret their choices in the EU poll.

  • I swam competitively for 3 years, and recently i decided to stop and pursue other sports within my school community.
    The reason i decided to stop my swimming career was because i couldn't handle swimming along with my school requirements such as homework and work at school. I believed that my education was far more important and that i should do things that i enjoy. People tried to influence me to carry on with my sport, which i listened to for a while, and then i regretted it. I guess that is what happened with the Brexit situation. The prime minister did a good job of persuading us to leave but now lots of people regret it. Another referendum would give people a voice that is not influenced by others.

  • You need to be sure about what you are voting on, or what you are deciding. A time when I make a drastic decision was when I wanted to join a school production but changed my mind at the last second, I regret it now. I was scared about being judged, but I know now that it's not about other people's opinions but it's about mine.

  • For about a year now I have developed a new interest for engineering and building homes for the homeless. However before my passion for engineering I dreamed of being in the army and fighting for Britain. I have changed my mind because of a video I watched that really changed perspective of what being in the army was really about. The video made me aware that the job I wished for was quite a gory and disturbing commitment that would draw me away for my family and friends.

  • A time a change my mind was when I was thinking about my favourite animal. I thought at first mine was a horse because I could ride it to school and park and my parents bring it back home.However after seeing cute innocent rabbits on tv and also because they are so warm and cuddly, and have a more calmer feature towards people so now I love rabbits even though I don't have a pet.

  • I changed my mind at the beginning of 2019 when I wanted to do something about my health and diet. I have since changed my diet by adding more vegetables and fruits. I have also changed my fitness levels by doing extra curricular sports clubs which I really like. I have also seen my mood improve because of doing sports which have changed my mindset. I really enjoy doing PE and I really enjoy doing rugby and volleyball. I have also seen a decrease in my weight and have nearly lost 1/2 a stone.

  • The time I changed my mind was on which high school I was going to go to. I was going to go to Batley Grammar School but then my friends and family told me that most of my friends were going to go to the school i am in now, Bruntcliffe Academy , and about the school rules ,classes and time to get to school and decided that the best decision was to go where I liked. Even though i had already put it on my list as number one i still got into Bruntcliffe.
    This is linked to brexit because it is to do with that people weren't told important things but after they were told they changed their mind but the vote was already in.

  • When I was in primary school ( Yr 2 ) my mum used to make me amazing and healthy food to school. I really liked it but the children used to make fun of me for it. My mum always said that they were jealous but I just kept thinking it maybe they didn't think it was cool, or maybe they were jealous. As I got older, I started to realise that they were just stupid and that my opinion only changed because some kids thought it was cool to pick on me. Now when I go to school I thank my mum for making me such delicious meals everyday. :)

  • I used to be very quiet when I was younger which affected my grades in drama, soon then as I got older my mum encouraged me to be the bigger person and be myself. This is because, at home I was very loud and a bit of a chatter box but when i was at school I was very shy and quiet. That's when my mum soon they told me to be myself as it didn't matter whether people made fun of me of how loud I was. Learning from this, I soon then stepped up my grades in drama and ended up getting the highest score! I am really grateful for my mum and how concerned she was about me thanks to her I am amazing at drama!

  • I have changed my mind about school because it is not just about seeing your friends it is about education.

  • I have changed my mind about school because I really didn’t like school but now I really enjoy it because I get to see my friends and I get to write lots and lots of mint writing

  • When i was young I use to support a different football team but now we support the same after his old team wasnt very good and very low on the table

  • Yesterday I was in a maths class and I had a question and I thought the answer was 108cm2 but I change it to 72cm2 but my first answer was right so that’s how I change my mind yesterday ,

  • I changed my mind about when I didn’t like sweet corn but now I do.

  • I have changed my mind about when I used to hate coming to school and thinking I would get into trouble, now I love coming to school to learn new things, seeing my friends and also writing new story’s also learning how to do different methods in maths! I like making new friends like people who wasn’t in my class last year. Suc

  • I didn’t like this girl at school and thought she was full of herself and mean. When we went into year six she was in our class. I didn’t think much of it until she started to hang around my friends. I am now her best friend and don’t think the same of her. I changed my mind and realised that she was really nice and caring.

  • A time when I changed my mind was not so long ago when I changed my mind on what I want to do when I am older. I thought I wanted to be a vet but my friends told me I was good with kids that have ADHD, asperges and things like that so I now want to work with kids like that.

  • When my rabbit was really ill and I said I want to put it down at the vets but I change my mind and we looked after it.She lived the next 24hrs! RIP stripe. I changed my mind because I had hope that she would live my other rabbit is ok.

  • When I was little I really hated raisins and now I love them! My family at different times asked me did I even try them.I told them I did and I proved it to them. My mum finally said that maybe I won't like them when I'm little but when I'm older I will love them. She told me that the same thing happened to her and that this happens to lot's of people around the world!

  • I changed my mind when wanted to go away with my friends to a sleepover but I said no so go away with my mum and dad to a caravan site and when I got there my hole family was there so I spent two weeks with them. I did this because I don’t see my family very much anymore because we live far away from each and I see my friend everyday at school so I thought I should see my family

  • When I was younger, I was terrible at English because I didn't read. I didn't like reading because I was not a fluent reader. I found this very boring and I used to skip pages. Later on, I found out that there was more to life that lying around all day. I found out reading gives you good vocabulary, grammer, and spellings. I am now 9 and my parents always say that I have my nose in a book. I now cannot stop reading. If the world could find out that there was more to life than bulling and doing wrong things, the world will be a better place for everyone.

  • Once I changed my mind on what I wanted for Christmas because I wanted something different when I saw it in the shops.

  • I always had the idea of if you get extra love and affection but really all you have to be is YOU and if you be your self you will get your good life so i changed ,my mind and my actions and i have the perfect life from changing my mind :)

  • In primary school I had always hated science. Since I have moved up to secondary I have decided to change my mindset towards science. All I did was think about science and then realise that we are learning is actually happening in real life. That- especially the human body - what is happening to us is thousands of tiny stories being judged the wrong way. Each day when I think ' do I have science today? ' when I find out that it isn't I really wish it was because for me now, even the written work is exciting to do !

  • I changed my mind about a football team i used to like tottenham now i like arsenal

  • I used to think that there should always be a leader when it came to making decisions. However, as I grew up i noticed that other people should have the right to express their opinions since they could haves strong feelings. The reason i changed my mind is because i once had a very strong opinion but my sister made the choice since she was older. Now, i think that democracy might be the best solution to vote for things.

  • In life people get hurt in their heart emotionally me personally if some one calls me mean names I cry or if someone reminds me of it I start to cry.At school I don't really tell teachers I tell teachers who I trust a person called me a name at school I never had the courage to tell them of because I thought that person was all high and mighty. But one day that suddenly changed I got the courage to tell them of and now I am all happy we are very best friends now but one thing to tell you in life people are mean but my advice to you is that you must tell a teacher you trust or your parents.
    Now I am doing a comic with her if someone hurts her feelings I comfort her.So see how it changed for me just by telling a teacher.

    1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your very brave and I am glad you and that person are friends. You should definitly tell a trusted teacher or an adult.

  • This Wednesday in PE, we did a work out which was so painful. Witty_petal was with me as well. No one was trying because of how many different aching stretches there were. We had done the same workout five times.
    Before the lesson was over, our teacher had told us that the workout was suppose to help us gain flexibility. She also said that it would stop us from having bad backs when we get old. But here's the best bit. Witty_petal asked, "if we do this workout once a day for the rest of the year, will we be able to do the splits?" Surprisingly, our PE teacher said yes and that's what we're aiming to do!
    So now my whole class is trying to do the workout at least once a day in order to do the splits. I think we all wanted to do this because one, no one can do the splits in our class and two, our PE teacher can't do the splits so we all want to show off to her. Furthermore, lets be honest here, no- body wants to end up old with serious back problems. However, I doubt that we'll become professional contortionists, owing to the fact that it takes years to become one. Here's hoping that I'll be able to do the splits soon!

  • When I was younger, I was always ashamed of my race and colour because I had heard all the bad things that people were doing to black people. Slavery, segregation, racism. One time someone had even called me a very racist word. I remembered always wishing that I was a different colour.
    However, when I grew older, I started to realize that I shouldn't be ashamed of my race and that I should embrace it and be proud of it. I started to experience all the positive things that comes with being my skin colour like trying exotic foods, celebrating my culture and also learning that the struggle can make you stronger. I had changed for the better.
    Don't be ashamed of anything that makes you unique, embrace it and stay positive.

  • In the past I did an activity at an community centre that involved deciding who you would like in your team/group. I decided to choose my friends but I soon realized that it wasn't a sensible choice as they would mess around and they wouldn't listen to what the adult was saying. They next week we did another activity that included choosing people who you wanted to be with. My friends asked to make a group with me but I politely refused and teamed up with mature children that I didn't really know. I soon became friends with them we where recognised by the adults. This made me feel very proud and from that day I always tried to make new friends that would help me and not get me into trouble. This also helped me in taking good decisions without any support.

  • Although I change my mind about a lot of things, one of the more important decisions I remember taking and changing is how I think a country should be run. I used tot hink that communism (total equality) was the best idea since it meant taht no one could complain about power and wealth, but after a bit more eduaction and experience, I now think that democracy is the best decision as it means that someone who *can* run a country gets to run it, instead of many unexperienced people. I was about 7 when I thought that communism was the best leadership.

  • in class we were trying to decide if something was natrul or normal and two people started argueing with me and the other person sat next to me agreed with me so i thought about it and gathered evidence by thinking what other countries and religions would do.So then i thought what are the other people thinking and there thoughts and how they would feel.So then i descussed with the person sat next to me and we agreed on why there decision was right.I changed my mind because i remembered there are other people in the room and i cant always go with my idea i have to listen to others and be kind.I learnt not to go with one idea listen to others and gather ideas to make a greater idea.

  • Not that long ago, I used to love using coloured pens to draw on my hand or my nails or something. But later my friend told me that if ink touches your skin then you might get cancer. At first I didn’t believe her so I asked my family and my other friends. They replied the same way. So I went home and did a bit of research and found out it was true so I stopped doing that ever since.

    Thank you!

  • I changed my mind one time at school, during a test.
    At the end of the year you would normally do a few tests to see if you would be in a higher group. I changed my mind on my English test, we had to write about a time when we felt happy or achieved something we were proud of. I decided to start writing something filling up a page and a half. To soon realise that I wasn't happy with what I had wrote, and then chose to re-write my test using something completely different.
    The reason I changed my mind is because I wasn't proud of what I did and knew I could write something better. Doing so probably resulted in a higher grade/ mark. I seem to changed my mind on a lot of tests now, going back and forth on my original answer. I think I do this because I don't really think I trust myself to get it right the first time.

  • One day, at my old school, i found out that one of my friends were being bullied. She made me swear not to tell anyone. she never wanted to tell a teacher or an adult or even her parents. Every day she told me about the rude stuff the bullies did to her. I got fed up and went up to that bully. I saw him and ran up to him. At first i didnt notice what he was doing but then i realized he was crying! I didnt understand what was going on. I struck up a conversation to him but he just told me to go away. I knew something was wrong. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he was being bullied by someone else. I asked him to dig deeper and he said that the other bully was hurting him everyday and he didnt have the courage to stand up for himself and tell the teacher. But I knew i had that courage. I went to the teacher and told her the whole story. She said it was a good decision coming to her. She also said she was going to work it out and I should go and talk to my friend. I explained the whole story to my friend and both her and the bully (the bully that was being bullied) apologized to each other. I knew immediately that mistakes can be made. Ever since then my friend has also been hanging out with 'her' bully and the really mean bully was facing his own consequences.

  • I changed my mind on what I wanted to be when I grow up.
    At first I wanted to be a doctor, saving people with terrible illnesses and travel all over the world, then I realised I was scared of blood. I found this out when I was watching a program that I wanted to enter, Junior Doctors. I was sad but I knew what I could be instead.
    I was going to be a Chemist. I had developed a liking for Science, Maths and Literacy so I could save people by creating medicine as well as travelling the world to find knew specimens.

  • I used to have a friend he was a bit of trouble sometimes, then I made new friends which were more sensible, then it
    changed me a bit and made me a better person on the inside and the outside.

  • I changed my mind during BNC Live 2019. When my teacher introduced us to the book Judy Wycroft (I think her name was) wrote, I was thinking, "No way should she be allowed! She's incredibly racist!" and while we stood on an invisible line, I was at the very end. However, slowly, after hearing many perspectives and reasons for and against, I was edging myself towards the other side - which finally lead me to voting for her to speak at the University!
    I think I changed my mind because at first, I was really quite judgemental, as I simply didn’t agree with her thoughts. But then I listened more and more, and tried considering her thoughts; what made her think that; reasons.
    Also, we discussed it with friends in the group, and having heard them and their points of view changed mine immensely.

  • Mine was about whether we should have a second referendum on the subject of staying in the European Union. At first, I thought it was a bad idea because I thought it seemed silly to vote on the same thing again. Why don't we do it for every election?

    However, I have now realised that there has been a lot more to this than in most referendums. Leaving the EU has become a lengthy and complicated procedure. For instance, the problems with the Irish border, Scotland and Northern Ireland getting angry about how their nation voted Remain and, of course, actually deciding on a deal; the list goes on. This has allowed for a lot of time for people to make up their minds. I have noticed that people's views have shifted after they have done further research about the topic. However, this could just be the news and close people of mine being biased. Another important thing to keep in mind is that young people are generally more pro-remain and more and more of them would be able to be able to vote. I think this would allow us to draw to a more accurate depiction on what our country wants.

    But there are some problems that I still have about this. For example, what if we voted Leave again? I think that is a tough question because I think Remainers and Leavers alike would feel cheated because history would be repeating itself. But the bigger problem is if that would give Brexitears the excuse to create a harder Brexit than before which, depending on your political views, might be a worrying thought.

    Although that is the case, it is less likely than in 2016 for that to happen. If it were to happen, I think we should think this through before we do it. At the moment, this is probably most likely to be hypothetical since the Prime Minister has expressed that she is against it.

  • Another time I changed my mind was about my friends. I met a friend and they seemed nice at start but as I got to no them even more I could see their true side. At some point in our lives we have to make a decision about our friends and if they're right for us and has the good quality of a friend. Making tough decisions like this is hard but it helps us get a great friend in life who you can share you memories with.

  • Congratulations to everyone who passed the 11+. If you didn’t then you are still a star in some people’s eyes. As most of us Year 6 know, we all had to choose a school to go to. I had to change my mind. I wanted to go to RGS in the beginning. When I say beginning I mean when I was in year 5. It’s fine now because I have chosen a school that I am happy with. It was extremely difficult to make this choice but I made it in the end and I feel good about it. Again; if you didn’t pass; you are still AMAZING and even if you didn’t pass; you can still make it far in life!

  • Mine was which secondary school I should go to.The school I wanted was closer to my home but the other was a really good school.I thought that maybe I should pick the school closer but I decided to choose the very good school and I got into it.

  • I had to change my decisions on choosing which Grammar school I wanted to go to.

  • Well when I was at my old school I was bulled and I was crying every night and it was horrible so I hat to make one of the biggest discussions of my life because I also made some of the greatest memories there friends and BFFs so my mum said,”do you want to move schools and I was so scared I would not make eny friends but I am so lucky that I made so many friends and I think that I made a good decision.

  • In my country,there has been a vote for who should be the new Romanian president and was posted on YouTube, I thought to myself,”should I vote or leave it?”I decided to just leave it and do something different than voting

  • Once I saw a sweet called chilli milli and i saw it and ate it. At first I didn't like it but then i kept trying it and I started to love it.

  • the time i changed my was when i liked raps but now i dont

  • I wanted to have a PS4 for Christmas but then I chose to have a HP Laptop instead.

  • Mine was about the school musical happening at my school called ‘Shakespear Rock ‘.

    At my school they were holding rehearsals for our musical (we hold one every year and this one was ‘Shakespear Rock’) and I always go to the rehearsals as it’s very fun and I can just be myself.Unfortunetly,my friends strongly dis agree with this.

    My friends already act like adults,-don’t play games just walk around and talking thinking that’s childish and their too old for it-and they believe plays and musicals are babyish and it’s just another word for playing.As a good friends as myself I pretended to agree as I didn’t want to get kicked out the ‘cool group’.

    How very stupid I was.

    Sadly,I missed the auditions for them.When all my my class mates who went said how amazing it was,I regretted it immensely.

    One I told my mother this when I came home she told me I should do what I want and it doesn’t matter if my friends don’t want to do it,as it’s my life,not theirs.

    This made me change my mind as those words were very,very true.

    The next day,I left those people and asked the teacher in charge of the musical for a chance to get a shot at the role ; luckily she was an extremely nice teacher and she gave me a try.

    My friends were annoyed for a bit but then just ignored me.I think they were trying to irritate me,but it honestly didn’t bother me at all because now I can play with my proper friends and I can do what truly makes me happy.

    Don’t let people rule your lives,don’t waste your time with boring things,life is too short to waste it.

    Hope this helped you with some life decisions.

  • I wanted to go to eat out, pizza was my favourite. At school we learned about healthy eating and nurtition so I decided to eat more healthily rather than eat out that day. I used eat a lot of unhealthy food but I changed my mind and am now making sure my diet is healthier and I am getting regular exercise.

  • I used to eat a lot of pizza, after learning about nutrition and healthy eating at school, I made the decision to stop eating so much pizza. I learnt that pizza has high content of carbohydrates and fat which is not healthy in excess. Therefore, I cut down on the almount of pizza I ate to make a healthier lifestyle choice.

  • At first, I wanted to go to a high standered secondary school but then I realised that "it doesn't matter which school you go to, the thing that matters is how hard you try." ... from this I have learnt not to get upset and to cope with difficult situations.

  • This story starts when I didn't like avocados, they were utterly disgusting to me. This story takes a turn when my favorite influencer eats avocado toast everyday for breakfast. This encouraged me and now i beg my mother to buy me avocados, just for avocado toast. She buys me avocados by the way, YAY! So, as we see that i got influenced by someone i look up too which lead to me being really healthy as avocado is a super-food. A super food if you don't know already has a lot of nutrients and healthy stuff like omega 3 and folic acid which have a lot of benefits to our health.

  • Once I changed my mind because I thought that somebody would be grateful if I gave them a brownie but then I figured out that they don't like brownies. It was probably the right choice because they seemed quite ill at the time.

  • An example of this is when my cousin told me there is a great leader with my name and I did not believe him. I then asked my mum and she said there is I still did not believe that there was a leader with my name. I was curious and felt annoyed. I thought I was unique at the same time I thought it was a leading position. I browsed on the internet searching for this 'leader with my name' and found evidence that I was wrong...

    I guess I changed my mind about this thing and found evidence against my self :)

  • Once I thought that Minecraft was the worst game because of the way it was represented and because of its weird graphics. I was also very disappointed with the game as it doesn't follow laws of science. But when I saw my friend playing it, I felt convinced to play it.

  • At first i did not like swimming because i nearly drowned the first time i swam so i got scared of water but when my sister taught be how to swim i loved swimming ever since.

  • I changed my mind about football because before I thought it was for boys but then my freind took me to football and she supported me everyday, she brought me to football and it was fun and now I love football

  • I use to not like pizza, after a year, my friend had to convenience me to like pizza because he liked it.

  • I used to think that there should always be a leader when it came to making decisions. However, as I grew up i noticed that other people should have the right to express their opinions since they could haves strong feelings. I changed my mind because as the people older, you have your own decisions. Now, i think that democracy might be the best solution to vote for things.

  • I was on a football team in which they supported Manchester city and i don´t. I use to support Chelsea. That changed my mind since I don´t really like how they normally play. So therefor I went to my brother´s team in which they supported my team and I felt more comfortable.

  • when I was smaller, I thought that school was useless but, now, I've grown up and I know that school is very useful

  • Last year I didn't like popcorn because my parents didn't like it so we usually never had popcorn in my house but I changed my mind when I tried them the first time because my friends encouraged me to do it. Since then, I love them.

  • I changed my mind on buying the cheese slicer that my uncle recommended, after trying it at my friend's house I found out that it wasn't as useful as I thought, finally I refused buying it and don't regret it at all!

  • I changed my mind on my favorite food, before it was burger now it is sushi

  • I used to look up to a football player. I thought he was a very serious player and he didn`t get distracted. His name is Marco Asensio, lately the coach wasn`t letting him play and I wondered why until they told he actually went to parties often. This made me think that maybe he wasn`t that seriouss and that the coach was doing the correct thing punishing him.

  • A few weeks ago I decided that I should quit my swimming lessons because I wasn't very good. But I realised that I would never get any better at swimming if I gave up. So I decided to go back to try again and now I am pretty good!!!

  • Once in class I was writing a poem. We stopped half way though to hear what everyone has put. I heard a really good idea when my friend was reading their's out. So i decided to cross out what i put and magpied a bit of what they put. Now my poem is really detailed and its all because of that one idea. And my teacher said she would take we to the Head Teacher but we ran out of time.

  • when I was in year six there was this game I really hated this game but in year seven someone swayed my mind about it

  • In my old school i used to have a load of friends in year 5/6 but when i went to my secondary school some of my friends left me so i decided to make a new friend who went to my old school but i never really talked to her.

  • I changed my mind on whether to join Burnet News Club because I heard that they had gone to Buckingham Palace! (Although it wasn't just that)

  • I had some friends in year 6/7 and I got on really well with them, but then I found out that they were being horrible about some of my best friends behind their back!
    the next few days, I started to hang around with someone, that I was friends with, but didn't really know as well. I found out that we got along really well, so we hung around each other more; and from then on we become great friends! the friends that were being mean, I don't really talk to; but my main friends will always be special to me.

  • I changed my mind when I decided that I didn't want to participate in the school production because I was going to be too tired to do it. I had the town pantomime on at that time. I really regret my decision and so I have now decided that I am going to do both the school production and the pantomime next time.

  • I support a football club and recently we gained a new football manager. At first, I liked him. This was because we were winning games and he was pleasing the crowd with how he was speaking in interviews. However, recently I have stopped liking him.
    This is because we had stopped winning games and he had shown his true colors. In the interviews, he had started trying to ignore the questions being asked and ,when he did answer, it was very short and did not fully describe anything. In addition, the manager had began to ignore the crowd at the end of games ( the manager is supposed to clap the support). Therefore, I dislike him as a manager ( not as a person).
    I changed my mind because I want the team to win and I believe there has to be a strong relationship between the crowd and management.
    Nevertheless, I would be open to changing my mind if he changed.

  • I once changed my mind to support Juventus instead of supporting Liverpool.
    I wanted to still support Liverpool because they used to get alot of goals but then I went to supporting Juventus because they had very good players . Even though they were both very good teams , I still supported one . But later on , I kept thinking about the point that some people support more than one team and I could be one of them . So I kept thinking about it until I made a firm decision to support the two teams .


  • I’ve changed my mind on Brexit. When I was first informed of it, I imagined it would be good; spending more money on schools and hospitals. Then I heard more about it- and dig deeper, to find out how bad it felt to me! I changed my mind because of all the things I’ve heard. The bills would be more expensive, as so food, less holidays. All of this made me think why I even thought it was a good idea? Even though I didn’t have a say- I was still furious about this decision.

  • I've changed my opinion on David Cameron. I was absolutely furious at him for calling the EU referendum; I felt it was just a way of ensuring that people in his party, the Conservatives, would not rebel. In my opinion, this was not a good enough reason to leave the EU. He underestimated the Leave campaign and people like Dominic Cummings, who resorted to some pretty low tactics to win their argument and get votes; playing on people's insecurities about the NHS was disgusting! I watched a documentary on the BBC a few weeks ago with my mum that changed my mind about David Cameron. Cameron was a victim of his party's obsession to change the country's relationship with Europe. He tried to appease everyone and then in the end he was left looking foolish. The EU held strong and so Cameron, a little like Teressa May is now, was almost helpless. Should he have called for a referendum? Maybe not! But then I believe someone else would have called for this vote. David Cameron, it has taken some time, but I forgive you.