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People of the world, the best weapon against gender inequality is to be thankful for who you are. #23 What should they hear? 01/3/22
I think icon G could be used to represent a bad day, anger and many more negative topics, I... #20 The winning icon 08/2/22
I agree with person c because if you want to become a reporter you need to know what a... #19 Respond! 01/2/22
I would like to interview Imran Khan (PM of Pakistan) because he has an interesting job as a... #14 Interview who? 07/12/21
It is important to watch the news because the news informs you of what is happening in the world... #13 You and the news 30/11/21
I too like that job and find it interesting to assemble robots as it is complicated and a job... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21