#23 What should they hear?

03 March 2022

Winners announced!

We loved the positive messages shared by everyone in this competition last week. Well done! Special praise goes to our two winners: ambitious_mulberry and diligent_flower!

Ambitious_mullberry from Wycombe Abbey International School, China gave three simple but powerful words: determination, strength and trust - and they explained why they mattered excellently.

Diligent_flower from Upton Cross, UK gave us some really positive affirmations and reasons why common biases they've heard are totally wrong.

Well done to both of you!

The Competition

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Gender inequality is a global problem - and women are more likely to be treated unfairly than men.

Your challenge this week is to imagine that you had a chance to say something that every girl in the world would hear.

What could you say that might help create more equality? Why is it important for girls to hear these words?

Your chosen words should be a message of empowerment and positivity. Remember: you must stick to three sentences, maximum!

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "I think all girls should hear the words XXXXX. These words are important because..."

Comments (188)

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  • I think all girls should hear the words
    1_(Never be silent about your right and demand it, whether your political, social, cultural, educational, etc..!)
    Because if you don't demand your rights, no one will care!

    2_(Do activities on your own (women) such as peaceful demonstrations or taxes..!)
    Because no one but you can defend themselves!

    3_ (Be confident in yourself and always be strong, do not make society think that you are weak or defeated..!)
    Because if society takes away from you the idea that you are weak and easy, then equality will never be achieved!

    1. Thanks for your entry, independent_technology! I'm particularly interested in your second point. How can demonstrations help create equality?

    2. I like your words because confidence makes a healthy and successful person and increases the strength of his personality

    3. I think all girls should hear the words:
      Women create, women are strong, independent and fearless we devide, conquer and rule sometime we do it in scilence, it has this been this way for a very long time so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
      It is important for women to hear these words because women are of great importance to the society and if they believe in themselves the society won't thrive and grow.

    4. Yes I like what you have said my comrade but however, in such societies where women are not allowed to be independent like the sharia law how do you propose their women break their laws in order to prove that they too have rights or do they remain silent. These are thoughts and questions that run through my mind

  • I think every woman should hear
    (Live your life on your own terms and your own habits)
    Because in this way, it will appear to society that it is independent and can control even if life is short. The important thing is to live in your own way and enjoy without restrictions..!

  • I think that all girls should hear the words (Women are half of society in terms of formation and the whole society in terms of influence on upbringing and formation. Build and develop effectively) These words are important because they clarify the importance of women in society and make men know and value women.

  • I will say (the world is half of it women and the other half is what women have made)
    So that society knows the value of women and that without women the world may become hell

  • My dear girls, your gender does not stop you from thinking, having ideas or dreams that you would like to bring to reality. It doesn't matter if you are the only one bold enough to fight for thousands of women who are unaware of their importance. Change is a process, so start this process by being the change that you want to see, strive to be heard and work to be approved no matter how hard the world may seem.

    1. @sincere_spring you’ve clearly thought hard about this question, can you give any examples of women who fight for others?

  • I think men should be educated on the right of females because ,they are important

    1. I agree with you, it’s a very important idea.

  • My jewel girl , l want to tell you that there is no one like you. You are the candle of the world ... Do not be extinguished from just words that have been said to you and disturb you
    Rather , fight to take your rights ,for you do not separate anything from men ~ We are equal in this beautiful world ~

  • Behind every man is a great woman.” This is the saying that the French emperor “Napoleon Bonaparte” said. It means that every successful man is the reason for his success because he was supported by a great woman, so why does society belong to a man?! Just because he's a man?! Every man has a role in life that is different from the role of a woman in life. A man cannot live without a woman, and a woman cannot live without a man. They are like the seasons of the year. Each of them cannot dispense with the other, because the role of each is complementary to the other.

    1. Napoleon Bonaparte is a very famous historical figure, but I'm not sure the women he was supported by are as well known. Why might this be?

  • I would say (You are the same as anyone else and no one should stop you from having ideas and following them)
    These words are important because everyone should be treated as an equal, after all, famous men didn't have to be born by women and anyones ideas are as good as anyone elses and should be listened to.

  • If all girls heard me, i would've said : "be the person you'd be proud of. don't limit your abilities and don't let others limit them either." I think it's important for them to hear because some girls are insecure or feel that they're less because of their gender, so i want to tell them how important they are, and to give them Inspiration to keep going and make things that will make them, and other girls proud. and also prove sexist people wrong!
    Also , because some girls give up and let people decide their fate , so i want to let them know that they're the one that owns their life.

  • Beleiving in woman and following their rights will make you trust them and become close to her as the world in which we live, there is no equality between men and women and we must hold demonstrations against those who oppose the right of woman

  • Dear female, sweet community, I know that you are experiencing a very strong and clear distinction between you and men
    Do not be afraid, if you follow my instructions and the judgment I will give you, I am sure that you will show yourself to society and this discrimination will diminish:
    1- Do not draw attention to negative opinions and do not be influenced by them, but make them a ladder to rise to the level of success
    2- Think carefully about what you will say, that thinking wisely will make you wise and intelligent, and society will appreciate you, and you will be able to easily deliver your message to your society.
    3- Have confidence in yourself, because your self-confidence will make you strong. Do not be ashamed of your mistakes, because these mistakes will teach you a true and beautiful lesson.

  • This time will be passed.
    You are the center in which the life of this mankind launches.
    Love yourself.

  • Hello girls, I want to tell you that you are powerful, amazing and beautiful. Whatever you do, don't argue about how capable you are with anyone, just go for it, prove that you can do it because you can. Each and every one of you have the potential to be whatever you want to be, now all you need to do is create for yourself an opportunity to get there.

  • females are the apple of life, some of them are underestimated for who they truly are : ) <3

  • Hello... I would like to tell you that you can achieve what you want. Don't let anyone diminish your capabilities. Maintain and develop yourself constantly to increase your self-confidence. Don't overburden yourself
    There is no perfect person. Don `t give up. There is always a place at the top. Being a female does not prevent you from providing benefits to the world and society... Even Thomas Edison would not have succeeded without his mother... We exist for a purpose.. Let's cooperate hand in hand and achieve our goals... Good luck

  • I agree with you guys for everything that you have said we really have to speak up for are right.Girl power

  • "I think that all girls should hear the words 1- You are just like a man as you are half the society in terms of everything, and men should know the value of women in society, at home and anywhere!! 2- The phrase you wrote and I liked (The work You are not only paid to take care of the children, but you must be in administrative positions.

  • Beautiful girls all over the world, it doesn't matter your gender, you are what you want to be not who people want you to be, find your identity your power is your radical self. If you ever need help your unwavering spirit will be the first source of help, so what if you don't fit in that is not your destiny anyway you were made to stand out. When others are sitting, stand out when others are standing out become outstanding when others are outstanding become extraordinary, life does not always give you what you deserve but what you demand, take a stand, fight for what you want sooner or later that dream will become a reality.

  • Dear girls even when we feel like we are not good enough, when we feel inferior to the boys,and no matter the challenge we face due to our gender we should always learn to believe in ourselves, face our fears, have self confidence and never give up no matter how tough it may be we should learn to fight for what is right and just.

  • To who is half of society, save yourself, cherish yourself, you have the right to live with dignity, be free from fear and violence, demand your rights to empowerment and equality, be a voice for many weak girls to get them out of the quagmire of ignorance, even if it costs you to the point of pretending and make it a popular women's demand Start with yourself to end with all the girls, you are the secret of the development and development of societies, your independence is the first step to success and achieving ambition..

  • Ladies listen up! you all are entitled to being whatever you want, doing what ever you want, how you want to do it and when you want to do it. When thigs look so bad and impossible, remember that from the word impossible means, I'M POSSIBLE.

  • Girls, it is not your gender that makes you special. It is your skill and determination. Don't limit your capabilities. If you make yourself inferior in your mind then you begin to behave as such but if you see yourself as superior, then that's what you are. There are so many women out there making a difference and nothing stops you from doing the same and even more. Do not accept to be inferior.

  • You are the source of power and inspiration. So, do trust your self and stay couragious. Stand against unequality and fight for your own rights in all ways!

  • I think all girls should hear the words:FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT AND NEVER GIVE UP IN DOING SO.
    If a girl does not fight for her right, she may never get what she deserves, also if a girl fights for her rights but give up easily, she may never get what she deserves.
    The case of Malala Yousafzai is a very good example of a girl who fought for her right bravely without giving up even though she was almost assassinated, in the end, she went to school and graduated.

  • I would simply tell them not to change a thing about themselves. They should all be
    F- Fearsome
    E- Enthusiastic
    M- Multi-talented
    A- Accountable
    L- Loving
    E- Empathetic
    S- Selfless
    Because, if you really think about it all females possess these amazing qualities.

  • Dear girls, each and every person has potential to be unlocked and your gender has no role to play when it comes to how much you can achieve. Letting someone put you down because of your gender is letting your untapped potential be shackled before it even has the chance to shine. Your value is in your hands and you can choose to let someone else determine that value for you or you can make it so large that it becomes inestimable just the way its supposed to be for every girl.

  • To all the girls of the world, I would like to remind you that no matter what, we are all amazing stars and equal to boys so if they are allowed to vote or do something, we are too. We all should have our own rights and if that is not happening, we will just have to be women of bravery and fight for ourselves like Greta Thumburg, Dorothy Vaugan, Mary Jackson, Catherine Jhonson and Christine Darden. So be brave as it will have a positive impact for all the other silenced women.

  • Dear the puriest creatures on earth, you know that life in meaningless without your fruitful existance. Do not deprive us of your achievements and effect in our society. Be always smart, strong ans secod hand for all who need you. Fight for your freedom, dreams, and ambitions. Do not give up or defeated in front of hardships and suffer. You are our hope for the coming future!

  • "Girls, You are you, what is meant for you is relying in you to show out, don't let bias weaken your ability or destroy your dreams".

    This message is important to girls because it empowers them to stand firm for what they are and not what others think they are. Most girls feel they are unable, incapable and less powerful compared to men. This makes them shy away from their dreams and loose their opportunities more so when a man or boy is their front line competitor.

  • What I would say is, Don't be afraid to stand up and tell people your opinion just because of what other people say you are powerful, intelligent and strong if you feel like you are being treated unfairly report it do the right thing and never give up.

  • All girls need to know that they are special, intelligent, and innovative.They also need to know that life is not a competion or rivarly between other gender rather it is a cooperation, alliance, partnership, collaboration with both gender. Every girl has the right to be heard, great and make a great impact to the society and not to be scared of rejection or discrimination, scared of voicing out and standing for what is right because a voice can make an impact and every new step is the beginning of something great, people like Sojourner Truth, Audre Lorde, Malala Yousafzai and others these are women that took great steps and filled in big shoes and there are many others with such abilities they just need a little push and they will do great things.

  • That's what I want to tell every girl in the world about prejudice:
    1) Do not pay attention to what those around you say about inequality, because in fact, males and females are equal in opportunities in terms of study and specializations.

    2) Our goal with these projects and lectures is gender equality in opportunities, and we do not want to tip the scales against males, so that after (50 years, for example)
    campaigns titled prejudice against males.

  • I think all girls should hear the words
    No one can give you equality and justice, you have to take it yourself and claim it
    Because gender equality is greater freedom for everyone, so that everyone can be as they want and feel safe, and because you are a woman, half of society and raising the other half so that a generation grows aware of its rights and duties

  • Girls, do not get complicated about your gender, because I thought or dreamed of something, so do not worry about it; If that dream wants self-discipline, strive to achieve it, take care of the strategy, and make your own decisions, my dear

  • To you, the beautiful girl who only suits you for leadership and progress. Have striving and determination to reach what you want. Do not lose your self-confidence. You can under all circumstances. You can reach the top.Don't make your middle ambition be a source of strength for all girls you are able to make the impossible a reality be strong.

  • my dear girl, I want to tell you wherever you are that you are beautiful and strong
    No one can break you or hurt you because you are the warrior Eve. You will not allow anyone to control you, prevent you from making your own decisions, and limit your freedom. Why ? Because you are a woman, you are not half of society, you are the whole society, you are the one who endured the pain of childbirth, the second most serious pain in the world, you were the one who was born and cried and cared, sacrificed, don't let anyone underestimate you, you can do anything you want without restrictions or fear, I want to tell you if You have been exposed to domestic violence, don't shut up, fight for your rights, go to organizations that support feminism because (women for women).

  • Dear girls, You may never control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
    I choose these words because, today girls and women face both internal and external bias which come before them in different forms. These, in most cases discourages them from working towards their goal or fighting for their rights. So all is needed is being focused to one's goal or dreams, our first stage of success is determination.

  • I believe that we should live in freedom and peace and with full rights, but in our society, the girl does not enjoy her rights as the man, as Malala said, such as education and work, because they consider the woman to be in the home and she is unable to bear any responsibility and pressure. This is a very wrong thinking because all girls must enjoy their rights To the fullest.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Hello, I would like to send this message that talks about self-confidence. I was a very shy girl and I do not trust myself. When I became in the seventh grade, she said who knows who can sing this poem. I was ashamed to raise my hand and said, OK, I will read in turn. That someone laughs at me or my voice is ugly, I got a little depressed, then the teacher said to me, “Come on.” I told her, “I don’t know.” She said, “You could be you.” She composed the poem, and the class and teacher were astonished by me.

  • I think all girls should hear the words:"Love yourself first" . These words are important because they build and increase confident, more stronger to face any social biases and challenges and more motivated.

  • I address the girls of our community. Don't be afraid to achieve your dream or give up even if you're frustrated. No one can make you feel like a failure unless you want to. Do not despair of achieving your dream no matter what happens.
    To also prevent discrimination, laws must be put in place that allow women to participate in any work whether it is political, social, cultural or national, and because women have a large role in society, their opinion must be taken into account. . Calculating and listening to them may be the solution to this problem.

  • Ladies listen up I don't know for you but for me I can't let a man look me in the eye and tell me "your week " I'll speak up for myself and if he doesn't want to listen I will act , besides action speaks louder than words, you are beautiful, strong ,courageous ,bold, be who u want to be if you want to join the army join the army don't let anyone tell you you're weak you can do anything you want, as far as I am concerned there is no difference between a female and a male .
    Ladies if you're in your messy state and he looks at you and says "disgusting" you look at him and workout when he's done talking he'll keep his mouth shut, don't try to change yourself for the "he " gender because once you change yourself you are never going to be happy and women deserve to be happy your smile is what makes him go crazy don't forget that ,be the voice own the voice and by you
    There's this woman I know she has three children triplets to be precise , they were four years old when their father died this woman worked hard weeks will pass and she would not eat but her children must eat, she used to sell potatoes in the market she goes to the village to harvest potatoes and brings it back and sells it and was insulted by the women in the market because her children were not in school little did they know that she was saving all the money that she had and was training the children at home when she had enough money she took them for an entrance exams to secondary school she kept on saving money paying their school fees when they finish secondary school all the money she was saving she used it and sent the children abroad they all came out with amazing and beautiful scores all the women in the market that insulted this woman non of their children can be compared to this woman's children ,ladies ,"YOU ARE THE FUTURE" embrace yourself don't let anyone shake you off your ground , the world is counting on us and we will deliver.

  • My dear beautiful girls, being a female does not prevent you from having the freedom, ideas and dreams that you want to achieve, you should know that it does not matter that you are the only heroine who is able to fight from eating thousands of women who do not know how important they are in life, so start this process and change the law of this world No matter how hard it is

  • women are seen as weaker than man is because since long ago, men are used to getting higher education, while over2/3people who are uneducated were women, the decrease in poor education for women was needed.
    Everyone had the right of getting the same salary as men, and the importance of proving women can be the same or even better was important, everyone should be equal.
    women tend to get more violence is because there were still people who thought women rely on men to live, they think they have the power of controlling women, and the truth is women don't rely on anyone, we are independent and isnt any worse than man

  • To all those girls out there, it's not you're nationality or gender that matters, it's what's inside of you. And in you there is love, joy and self-esteem. So don't let anyone or anything bring you down whether it's a male or female. So
    stand on your rights, because they are yours and you have to fight for them. Go girl!

  • I believe that women should be given their rights as men in society like sojourner truth who tried to give women their rights and I will straggle to give women their rights

  • I think all women should hear this"fear should never be your limit"of course women are being treated unfairly, in some societies women aren't allowed to go to school and those women are the people who work as housemaids to get money for their brothers School fees. If an unlearned women gets married,she won't be able to teach her children good manners,While those children are the one's who cause problem for the society.

  • ♡ 1- In the family, the man is the bourgeoisie, and the woman plays the role of the proletariat. ♡ 2- There must be a world revolution that puts an end to all material conditions that prevent women from fulfilling their natural role in life. ♡3- The woman is the only wall that cannot support us.♡

  • Dear girls, fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you, don't be afraid, be focused, be determined, be hopeful, be empowered. Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things, Believe in yourself, do what you love, and most importantly, be kind to others even if you don't like them.
    Be a strong woman so your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he's a man

  • Well girls there is one thing that I will tell you, it is simply to stay focused on what your doing even if the whole world doesn't support you and your gut is telling you do it then go ahead because no one knows you better than you, the only way you can stand out is by not allowing peoples words and opinion mould you because you kniw your unique and unlike the rest of them you would face your fears and conquor them.

  • To all girls find your identity, your true self and live your mission … Your power is your radical self. Give Your voice the Advantage it deserves ...You might often feel as if you don't fit, but it has never been your destiny to fit in. You were born to stand out. Remember this girls self actualization begins with self realization and don't forget you have the right to be heard.

  • I think all women should hear the words:
    "Women are half the society and raise the other half"
    "Don't give up your rights just because you are a woman"
    "Behind every successful man there is a woman"
    It is important for every woman to hear these words to increase her self-confidence and fight for all her rights and for the world to know the great importance of women in society.

  • I think all girls should hear the words :
    ‏Always remember that family comes first
    ‏No matter what you do, love or enjoy, your family is always the biggest support in life
    ‏(Don't be shy about your rights)-2
    ‏Defend your rights because you are a human being and no one can take away your freedom from you and no one is better than a person and do not forget your duties towards life
    ‏(Be strong-willed)-3
    ‏Don't give up no matter what happens, and if you fail, take it as a new starting point for you, and don't allow anyone to stop you. The thing you're doing is still right.
    ‏ (don't change)-4
    ‏Do not change yourself, your body, or your style for the sake of others, just because you are beautiful as you are, and do not trust the beauty that is on Internet because most of it is fake.. If you want to change, change for yourself only
    5-(Enjoy your life) Live your life in the appropriate way for you and your family and be aware that life does not repeat itself and youth will not return so fight for you and discover your hobby and do the impossible for your dream because no one else will do this
    ‏Also in my opinion, every girl should hear negative talk or unconstructive criticism, because that makes us challenge each other we can (that is our energy to go on)

  • Equality, a very simple term to understand and yet requires extensive study and difficult implementation. With patience comes resistance and eventual progress follows the course. Our goal is to come to the fore and make our presence felt and valued, a self - administered ambition to never let yourself be exploited. You have a voice, a marvel girls are.

  • I think all girls should hear the words ‘when individuals are biased, it means they are only jealous of all womans’ great qualities'. These words are significant because all women have remarkable qualities and others are jealous.

  • The beloved girls are the ones who overdo the expensive and the cheap and in important things. They know what they are doing if it is right or wrong. They also explain everything, whether big or small, and find a solution for it. The reason behind this is because they want to stay away from hurting someone, why to find true joy and happiness for people's faces. She can also overcome all problems and have respect for themselves and tries to live away from the harsh life full of suffering because she is a girl who knows her worth and deserves to fight for one tear. A friend, but if a woman's tear freezes, she will not melt.

  • I think all girls should hear the words (You are a hidden gem a thousand writers do not like to write about your importance in the world and your endless advantages, you are a lamp that lights the dark way of men, so be strong and don't be weak in front of what they say what you do they don't like it, my advice For you to live in peace and happiness, be strong and do not change yourselves for anyone) These words are important because many girls are affected by the words of others and do not trust themselves and do not know how important they are in their society, so I show them how important they are in society and they should be proud of themselves.

  • Hello, challenge your fears and be a symbol of those weaker than you. You will be a star in the sky. Don't become weak. Be strong with your fears.

  • 1_ Be positive and have a great solid spirit
    2_ Not giving up and making dreams come true
    3_ You are right, start

  • Every girl should hear that ( you can if you want) .
    Success doesn't grow out of a vacuum, even if sociaty doesn't help you, you should strive to prove yourself , because you may not find someone to support you.
    You should know that you don't need help. It's your ambition, work for it.

  • Many of today's most admired entrepreneur ,executives leaders are strong women.They have over come challenges and made their mark on the world ,They also lead by example . The experiences of these women hold the power to inspire each one of us to achieve our life ambition and entrepreneur dreams . what better way to learn from the experiences of each woman then to hear the wisdom in their own words?
    Imagine if females were given opportunities we would have had hundreds of women like Dr.Ngozi okonjo -iweala and her likes.

  • Everyone who suffers from discrimination must create equality for himself, whether it is by defending his rights through peaceful demonstrations or establishing regulations calling for equality. I think that all girls should hear what I will say (The girl is a homeland full of green and warm orchards. It is her father who gave her strength that nothing can break her, she is confident in her mistake, sticks to her opinion, she does not care what others say about her, she is the man’s partner in everything and his other half, and her heart always beats with love and tenderness the permanent)

  • I think every woman should hear the words: You ARE AMAZING no matter who you are, you ARE INCREDIBLE and you CAN change the world.

    These words are important because sometimes we forget how incredible and amazing we are and sometimes we just need someone to remind us how great we can be, women go though so much every day everyone does but to top that all up there is all ways that one sexist comment that can really bring us down like for example "you can't play football because you are a girl" (I hear that one a lot ) or some thing just not logical like: " you don't look nice"(which is a total lie because you are all beautiful) even though it makes us feel bad it shouldn't because we know who we are and we don't need anyone to tell us, in fact none has the right to tell us otherwise.

  • “I think all girls should hear these important words because they increase the power of women in societies :
    1 You are the basis :
    You have to preserve yourself and insist on your rights because you are the most important, you make up half of society and you are the one who creates the other half
    2 You are strong :
    Do not allow the male to control you just because you are a woman, but prove yourself and assert your control
    3 Take care of yourself :
    Take care of yourself and take care of it because you deserve it, for beauty, softness and tenderness were created for you to raise generations that believe in kindness, benevolence and peace because of you

  • If the girls would listen to me, I would tell them 1) You are not deficient for a man to complete you, but you are half of society and you play the role of sister, mother, wife, friend and daughter so be strong 2) Defend your right with all your strength without retreating from it or compromising and weakness 3) Whatever your dream and goal Your gender does not prevent you from achieving your dream, just your dream remains a very small obstacle on your way to achieving your dream. There are many women who saved humanity and were ignored by history, although they helped us understand the universe.

  • The sentences I will say to create gender equality
    You are as important in society as a man is
    Stand up and fight for your rights and the rights of women who do not defend them

  • Girls, I think you should get a role model, it could be an influential woman, for example, Ngozi_Okonjo-Iweala, and fashion your life into that role model's own and learn from their lives and stories.
    Do not just be still doing nothing, without striving and be thinking that the gender equality or the unbiased treatment would stop, you need to work and prove yourself worthy of it to be stopped, make them know that you earned it (fair treatment) cause what you earn cannot be forcefully taken away from you.
    Both the men and the women are human beings so, this implies what a man can do, a woman can do also, but this can be achieved by working through your intelligence and skills and when working towards the aim of achieving it don't give up cause if let what people say or do to you about you move you in thinking of giving up, you won't go anywhere and remember that your lives are in your hands, start defining and shaping it from today.

  • 1.I send a message to all women...
    Don't stop, go my way
    2. Don't be afraid now, you are a strong woman
    3. Do not allow anyone to destroy your ideas
    and be yourself
    Thank you ❤️🖤

  • I think all girls in the world should hear these words

    1_ Praise her intelligence and way of thinking, and tell her in some situations: You are smart and your idea helped me overcome the problem. This word is understood by a woman or girl as important in your life, it increases confidence and giving, and this is what we call (mental beauty).

    2_ Expressions
    Respect and appreciation: Everyone, including girls, loves to hear expressions that show respect for them, and that also signify friendliness and intimacy.

    3_ Desire to listen to her and ask for her opinion: by giving her the opportunity to express her opinion freely, seek her advice and act on its basis, accept the constructive criticism she presents to the person, and emphasize the importance of her standing by her. she has. His happiness and support and care.

    4_ Support her to achieve her goals and use phrases that raise her resolve and urge her to progress further

  • Every girl should hear these words (to girls everywhere to half of society, listen: trust yourself, be against gender discrimination, fight for your right, you will not get your right as a woman, nor your position as a human being as long as you compromise your rights) I will give you some advice that will make you Reach for your right:(1-) You should not allow others to limit your capabilities, and do not let rejection and criticism prevent you from continuing on your path, and do not be influenced by the opinions of others. 3-) Every woman should adopt the rule “a woman bends before the breeze and does not break before the wind,” so get rid of negative thoughts and always think positively, so we have to limit this discrimination.

  • Dear women:
    Being a woman does not prevent you from giving your opinion, or presenting your ideas or dreams that you would like to achieve.

    My dear: You must have sufficient confidence in yourself because confidence and self-love enhance strength, and you must have this strength to fight society and take your right from the biased people and to deliver your voice except to all peoples about the injustice that occurs because of bias.

    Here are my three tips for you, my dear:
    1- Confidence and self-love
    2- Strength and present your ideas.
    3- Take your rights.

  • I think that all girls should hear the words 1- You must be strong and adhere to your rights 2- Do not allow any prejudice against you to affect your psyche 3- Prove to everyone that you are capable of taking any position in the state

  • I think all girls everywhere should hear what I'm writing
    ¹• You are for me more than half of society with your strength, intelligence and thinking, so do not care who distinguishes us from men
    ²• You should hear this because it is very important for queens like you
    ³• Do not worry about what is happening around you, but be aware of what is happening, for equality between us and men is something that must happen one day.

  • I think you trust yourself and be possitive towards men to be accepted by them and that will help in creating more equality

    to be an important part in society you should listen carefully from people around you and be fletible in treating people and that will be the way to be strong and possitive

  • Dear girls and women of the world.
    We must be strong and bold in taking our rights.
    Do not hide this injustice that prevails in the world, but be strong and speak up and defend yourself.
    Because if you don't talk, no one will care about this.
    And together, we will eradicate this injustice.

  • Fabulous women:
    Because you are a woman, you are capable of everything, until you give your opinion to the whole world
    Here are the tips:
    1_ Take your right from anyone and do not let it be lost because it is your right
    2_Be confident in yourself
    3_ Express your opinion however you want

  • Gender equity is the process of being fair to women and men. To ensure fairness, strategies and measures must often be available to compensate for women’s historical and social disadvantages that prevent women and men from otherwise operating on a level playing field.

  • I think all girls should listen to the words 1. Trust yourself, you can do the impossible
    2. Don't listen to those who make fun of you, be strong and stand up for yourself
    3. Women are half of society
    4. Society cannot abandon women, as they have many useful functions for it
    5. Behind every successful man is a successful woman
    These words are important because they enhance self-confidence, make women strong, strengthen their character, endure insults and do the impossible to reach their goal

  • This is three tips for every woman, every girl, and every female in the world:
    1. Do not give up Resisting, coping, and trusting.
    2. Never be afraid of anyone, never be silent about your right.
    3. Do not compare yourself to anyone, trust yourself, and face the world with your femininity, confidence, and beauty.
    Don't worry, we're all with you.

  • For every girl who hears me, i want to tell you something that you can benefit it in your future.

    1. The most important thing in your life is your education and your certificate to be able to rely on yourself for everything, because it is the only thing that will benefit you in your life.

    2. To be aware of your rights and duties towards society and towards yourself, to defend anything that belongs to her, such as the rights to education, the right to marry and the right to work.

    3. Love and have confidence in yourself and to give yourself value in everything because when you believe and confident in your self you will show everyone that you have a strong personality.

  • GIRLS, do not fail to understand that 'no one is going to fight for you if you do not start fighting for yourself' do not just sit around and wait for the world to one day start treating both genders equally. Start by speaking up and stating exactly what you want and go for it. Never ever settle less than what you really want.

  • My message to women and girls is:
    Stand up for yourself, for your rights. You deserve to be heard, to be able to contribute to this world. After all, both girls and boys are humans; why shouldn't you make the world a better place?

  • Dear women, I want to say but something. First and most importantly, be the first supporter of yourself, do not wait for support from Sunday, motivate yourself. Secondly, always make sure that you are the best and give the best and you will do the best. Third, do not despair of the prejudice you face or bullying, whatever it is, be steadfast and do not fall easily. Let everyone take you as a role model and a great example to follow

  • I think all women should hear the words; You are as capable, as worthy and as important as any man. These words are important as they are true and every women should know and believe them if we want to eradicate gender inequality.

  • My dear sisters, you are half of society. Do not allow the opposite sex to be an obstacle to your progress. Always strive to be the best. If you do not find someone to praise you, praise yourself and be strong to face the most difficult situations. Rely on yourself to achieve the impossible. O female, your husband needs you and your children need you, remember these words to prove to the world who you are and what your essential role in life is.

  • "I think all girls should hear the words . These words are important to increase your confidence in yourself more and more..1-Don't compare yourself to others because you are unique and your life is yours and different from the lives of others............. .....2 Paying attention to physical and psychological health and taking care of oneself, for example, as a girl, you must take care of your skin and personal hygiene.......3 Avoid negative people and if you fall into a problem, you should go to someone you trust and do not rush In making the decision, and in conclusion, I would like to tell you, share your beautiful moments with your loved ones, for example, your mother, tell her all your secrets. Thank you for reading.

  • You could structure your entry like this: "I think all girls should hear the words. These words are important because..."
    1_It doesn't matter how you look or how you think you look, you are amazing and lovable in your own way.
    2_Do not dream of success, but work to achieve it
    3_The future will open its arms to those who believe in the beauty of their soul.

  • My dear girls
    Your gender can not stop you from having hopes dreams ideas do not care about what people say about you
    if you are the only girl fighting for all the girls in the world take malala and what she did and try to be more like her and see what will happen and you will see the change

  • Dear wonderful ladies,

    We can’t let men boss us around and disrespect us. We have the same strengths as men and we can do anything we want. Don’t let other’s tell you what to do whether you like it or not. If someone comes up to you and says, “ You can’t do what men/boys do… your just a women/girl, you were made to work in a kitchen.” Respond saying “ actually, I CAN do what men/boys do. We are strong like you men/boys and can do anything. Even if most women work in kitchens, others don’t. “
    Just think about it, most famous people like:
    Selena Gomez,
    J.K Rowling,
    Charli D’Amelio,
    Billie Elisha,
    Ariana Grande etc.
    All of these women are famous AND they are females. This can show you that you can be who you want whether your male or female.
    Thank you for listening,

  • I would like to say to the women of this world that you are always beautiful, be confident of that and “love yourself first.” Defend yourself and do not be silent about your right. Do not be weak. Women from ancient times were learning horsemanship, poetics, cooking... and to be beautiful and to be strong and emotional at the same time. Don't stop my dear, help yourself and build a wonderful future for you and because you are a woman you can do it

  • To all the girls out there, that I know or that I don’t, I tell you three simple words, determination, strength, and trust, Be determined that one day everything will get better, no matter how bad things are, light will always shine through. Remember that strength makes you powerful, and here I don’t only mean physical strength but also mental strength, the world won’t always have it easy for you but if you make sure to strengthen your walls nobody will be able to break them, and you become invincible. Trust that the world is on your side and that we will not fail you, we will make sure you get what you deserve, what all of us deserve.

  • My dear girl, always look ahead and pursue your dreams . Being different in something does not stop you from achieving the best .
    Do not bother with negative words, the truth is that everyone will hurt you with their words, but they will not be able to weaken you if you have a dream worth fighting for .
    Trust your abilities so that others will trust them, and you will become stronger and more influential .
    Be the first to bring about the change you want, be the change you need from others .
    Why are you waiting for change while you are in your place?
    Be the first to make the change
    for a change
    remember that your steps towards a better life are paving the way to the rest of the women .

  • I think that women can do everything men can, an example: if a man can play football then woman can, if a man can work on his own business then woman can, if a man can be a chef, doctor, engineer, artist, or whatever he wants then woman also can, women must be treated fairly as men and we must work to achieve this goal.

  • To all women :
    ( Educating a girl is like educating the society.)
    it means when a girl is educated she will educate the/her society, because is girls/women who have interest in teaching or educating other people or society

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You are uniquely special in your own way and through you many generations are born. These words are important because you are special, awesome, cool, courageous, and capable of achieving your dreams and goals. With your great strength, if you are determined and you keep doing your best, you will be heard.

  • Dear girls, do not stop fighting for your dreams because there will come a day when gender inequality will be no more. So keep fighting towards that day.

  • All girls should hear the words that we all have equal opportunities in life. Nobody is better than the other, we can all stand out in our different endeavors.

  • I feel all girls should hear this, "We don't have to be equals with men before we can make changes in our society. All females have one important gift...the gift of influence. As females, we are to use our gift wisely and positively influencing the decisions to be made around us."
    These words are important because all this strive for equality has made women lose their positions in the homes and in the hearts of their children, we can change the world from our homes through influence.

  • I would like to say to the ladies out there to not allow anything break them or shatter their dreams or passions. No matter the situation they find themselves in, no matter how much they are put down because of their gender, they should never give up or loose the zeal for their hopes and aspirations. They should not forget that all humans were created as equals without any specific advantages over others.

  • Dear females, never give up because "Your power is your radical self, your job is to find it" and make a difference with it.

  • I think girls should hear the words " NEVER GIVE UP". These words are important because if they are put down and accept it willingly without putting up a fight at all, they simply reinforce the notion that they are the inferior gender.
    Never give up until everyone around you and beyond hears your voice because your liberation, your hope, and the future without gender inequality all depend on your voice.

  • I think all girls should hear the words "you are not as inferior as they make you feel, if one of you is ready to start a change, to begin a revolution by showing the entire world that you have a voice and you will not be relegated to the sidelines, that you refuse to play a supporting role in this drama we call life, you want a leading role and are ready to work for it. Do not forget all men and women were created equal therefore all men and women of unshakable character should and will be treated equal. Remember this in all your doings and you will finally be given the niche in life that you so deserve, an equal stand point with all men. "

  • Girls you are wonderful, great and special because you bring joy to the world even though a lot of people don't see it. You will one day be rewarded but before that day keep working hard. All girls should hear the words because they give the world what it needs and they have what it takes to become great.

  • To all my girls out there I want you all to know that you can have a say only if you make them listen and as a girl. You have to know your worth and you can stand out even in the midst of men/boys but you have to confidence in what your doing. Also as a female we have a voice but it is how you use it that determines how females will be respected in the society.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You are one of a kind, wonderful and brilliant. These words are important because girls hold enough power to do what they know is right. Gender inequality is just a phase about to end, we will definitely win the battle.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: Precious and wonderful girl you are great and loved, God created you in a wonderful way. So have courage, be brave and bold, stand out for your rights and fight well, while doing this don't let what people say get to you. These words are important because it will give you the strength to strive and seek for freedom, so hold on keep fighting strong, bias will end one day.

  • In a world where gender bias and inequality is a norm, dear girls I will like you to hear these words: You are exactly what the world needs, you add spice and flavour to the world; so do not bother that the world do not know how important you are now, soon enough they will but before then what can you do? Equip yourself with education, read, learn, be the best at what you do you already know you can do whatever you put your heart to and when the time comes which is now, there will be no stopping you.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You are unique, you can dream big and bring your dreams to reality. These words are important because you can achieve whatever you set your mind on. Know there is no stopping you, you can achieve greatness.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: Stand out wherever you go, fight for your rights, do not be discouraged, be courageous and stand tall. All girls should hear these words because you were made in a special way, so don't lose hope because this fight against gender inequality is a must win.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You have the power to do anything, so get up and fight for your rights. These words are important because girls need to fight to achieve their happiness.

  • I think all girls should hear the words
    *fight, be a strong, smart and confident woman, you are half of society.
    *Get up and make your failure a new beginning for your success.
    * stand up for your rights... and pursue your dreams.
    I believe you can my dear
    This is important to defend your rights and a chieve equality between men and women💙

  • Dear girls,Dont allow anyone/anything to break you, you are strong enough to face any problem,challenge or anything else ,never give up "Don't ignore your own potential"

  • Hello everyone and yet, Globally... Women have fewer opportunities for economic, cultural and social participation than men and that is also in education and politics... Bias is not in favor of women at all if women believe that they can be free from difficulties, and that they have the right to fight for their right that is very true Everyone *can* It could be dangerous, but if we move forward we will correct the statement that women are half of society. Do you agree with me? What do you do if you find women subjected to prejudice???

  • I think all girls should hear the words: “You are amazing, special and inspiring. I think you should hear this because you would be inspired by the things you would do when you strive for your goal, no opposite gender or anybody would keep you from having a great achievement. And you will accomplish all your dreams, goals and aspirations.

  • Every woman must know that they are generally hardworking, they contribute in developing the economy through agriculture, medium, small and large businesses. For example, in Africa women contribute 73% of agricultural produce. Due the contribution women are making, it is important for women to be seen and heard to know their worth. Women should be encouraged despite the bias they face in the world today.

  • All girls should hear the words hard work pays. This is because hard work is the main key to success in our world which is called a man’s world. Girls possess the qualities every man desires to have. Lastly you are as beautiful as a butterfly.

  • I think all girls need to hear the following words: You are strong, you are half of society and you raise the other half, you are the mother, the wife, the daughter, the grandmother, the doctor and the teacher, you need self-support that comes from within and is enhanced by self-confidence. You are the whole world...be as you are now without making up...be simple and strong at the same time Do not let sorrow defeat you, do not let circumstances overcome you, no matter how old and great you are, because you are the one who creates the circumstances.

  • I would say girls are special the way they are, they are brave and smart at whatever they do. They should not believe in what people say because they can do better than that and the sky can be their limit; they should not be selfish but should treat others the same way they want to be treated. These words are important because they will be enabled to strive for greatness and achieve more in life.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You are hardworking, special, amazing and awesome. It is important for girls to hear these words so that they can encourage themselves to work harder and do their best.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: Keep fighting for your goals and you will get there. I think this is important for example Funmilayo Ransome Kuti was the first lady to attend Abeokuta Grammer School and the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria. During her she was seen as an icon of hope for women in Nigeria, because she stood up for women and ensured equality in gender.

  • based on what I have been through I think ladies should be allowed to take on task that people feel ladies cannot do ,and also we ladies should start fighting for our rights because we are seen as second class and we are higher than what we are seen as ,we should never give up trying to show the world who we are .from where I come from I am not allowed to go out of the house because my people believe that going out is for men and ladies are meant to stay in their houses and do domestic work I believe that we ladies can do better than stay home .

  • All women should never listen to discrimination as it won't give them an open mind. Women should also be very mentally strong as those who are male will break them down with their body and words. Women should ignore these threats and focus on a brighter future. Women should always work extra hard as people will put them one step behind themselves because of their gender. This could also boost girls and women in determination as it would want them to achieve even greater heights.

  • My dear girls your gender does not in any way define who you are neither does it control your thinking, initiative and everything you have as a human being. Being a feminine does not mean you cannot pursue big dreams or strive to be great therefore, i say fight for those who do not have the voices to be heard make them all feel important. There is something that is always constant and that is change; no matter how hard the world may seem you are important and very special to us.

  • If all girls heard me, i would say:
    1) you have to struggle for your dreams
    2) don't listen to people's negative opinions
    3) don't give up and follow your dreams

  • Girls you should never be silent about getting mistreated, always speak up about it.You are a woman, you're just as valuable, powerful and hardworking as everyone else.You deserve to thrive, prosper and be the fabulous woman you are.

  • 1_ We do not listen to what others say
    2_ Trust yourself

  • I think all the girls should hear this:
    - You are not less important, and your opinion matter
    - don't stay silent against violation of your right to speak up and share in society
    - don't let anyone make you feel less because you are a woman because it is truly what makes you special. You are full of ideas and creativity. Society needs you as much as it needs men

  • I think all girls should hear the words ..
    Be yourself..be what you want..look for yourself in every thing you do ..you deserve to be alive and you can do the change..do not underestimate things..no one can depress you..you have the power to impress the whoke world ..just trust yourself!
    You need to believe in yourself , you should trust yourself because my words to you are from heart to heart !
    Heart that seeks justice, safety and gener equality!

  • To all the girls out there, that I know or that I don’t, I tell you three simple words, determination, strength, and trust, Be determined that one day everything will get better, no matter how bad things are, light will always shine through. Remember that strength makes you powerful, and here I don’t only mean physical strength but also mental strength, the world won’t always have it easy for you but if you make sure to strengthen your walls enough nobody will be able to break them, and you become untouchable. Trust that the world is on your side and that we will not fail you, we will make sure you get what you deserve, what all of us deserve.

  • Girl of the world, I address these world to you, so that you may know your value among them, O girl among the ashes, wake up and restore your glory. Do not let anyone oppress you. Do not make yourself a puppet that thy control because yo have your won decision. You determine your future. Know that as long as you are not outside the law of your religion, no one can stop you

  • I want girls to hear
    1. Stand up
    ,Be bold and say no to gender inequalities.
    2.It all start with us if we allow inequalities as leaders we will have ruined ourselves.
    3. It's politics year let's us be bold and ask citizens to vote for us

  • I would like all girls to hear this
    1.we are the people to fight for our rights moreso early marriages we should condem and say No to early ,arranged marriages which end up to be the end of our education and our bright future.
    2.lets fight FGM in our country report any case and follow make noise untill our voices are really heard

  • I Think all girls should hear this words
    Women are human beings, like all other human beings. They are not of less value or less role. Women are the foundation of society and its pillar that if society falls. It is not the right of our societies to oppress and despise her in this way. Every woman has her right to expression and her right to make decisions in her life. She has the right to express her opinion and she has the right to learn and educate. I hope that you will not succumb to the painful reality of life and that you rise and face these difficulties and defy them and stand in their face, no one will help you. You must rise on your feet and demand your rights and the rights of all women in the world. Be a wall in the face of the prejudice of men in society. These words are important because they support the rights of women that have always been violated and prove their right, importance and great role in societyShe urges women to rise up and demand their rights and not to remain silent about the injustice that befalls them

  • I think girls should go to school because they are smart, intelligent, kind and of great personality to people. I think girls should hear that they are strong and courageous but are not weaklings and that we all have equal rights to be better individuals. It is important for girls to hear these words because they can be what they want to be in future.

  • I think girls should hear this words because all girls have equal rights as men and they are not any less human. All girls are important and should not be subjected to human labour. All girls should be confident knowing they can achieve their dreams if they work hard enough.

  • Always believe that you are valuable and powerful, and you all deserve every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your dreams. All you need is to believe in your idea of change and always being willing to work hard and sooner or later that dream would be a reality.

  • I think all girls should hear the words . Do not stop for your rights .Strengthen yourself with your rights. Do not stop asking for them.You are a responsible person.Struggle for your demands .You were created to be the master of yourself. Always live for your demands and requirements .These words are important in order to preserve women 's and honor and encourage women

  • To all the girls out there, it has been known and stated that girls have been treated unfairly. The reason for this is because the tradition our forefathers believed and followed has been brought back to our present lives which has a negative impact on our lives, mainly to the girl child. As a citizen from Nigeria, I was privileged to have an encounter with a woman who was from Borno state who advised me not to give up but to always follow what is right. She also told me that her parents did not allow her to go to school because it was believed that a girl child was born to to cook and take care of the household.
    As a good Christian and a child who believes in God, I Believe that the girl child should be treated equally as the male child because the female child can also be used as n instrument to develop our community, country and the world as a whole.
    According to Ashley Judd, actor and UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, " if we invest in girls and women , the world and all of the 17 sustainable development goals will advance forward rapidly as a result. "

  • It is important for girls to hear the words: You are strong, courageous, smart, competitive, powerful, free and have the rights to exercise their franchise. Girls need to hear these words because they need to be enabled to stand up tall and take their place. Hopefully gender equality would be defeated and this bias will come to an end.

  • I would say ( No one can stop you from being who you are and discriminate you against your race. You are very unique).
    I would say this because everybody is different but not so different that he should bully anybody. That is the reason why I said this.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You are amazingly beautiful no matter your race, tribe and religion. You standout in your own way best. These words are important because you have every opportunity to be great as this will help eliminate every form of biasness against the girl-child. This inequality has led to many losing hopes in themselves and failed potentials of so many.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: You girls are all special, strong and you have rights, so keep on trying to reach your goals. I think it's important for girls to hear these words so they can achieve their goals and also change the mindset of others, so that both men and women can have equal political powers.

  • I think all girls should hear the words: Girls are smart and intelligent, so girls you have to stand up for your rights and fight for your rights. Girls never give up on your dreams. Girls need to hear these words so that they can be inspired to achieve greatness.

  • I think girls should hear that they have been created to be special nobody will ever be like them. Your future is the opening to many generations. I think all girls need to hear this because they are special, unique, and they need not to give up hope, they should pursue their dreams.

  • If all women are hearing this, then I shall say:
    If women are struggling to maximise their full potential just because the world believes men are superior to them, then we need to make a change to our world. I encourage women to be confident and to not let words take them down. They should have a spark of confidence and motivation that will never be extinguished.

  • Do not try to think of men that are against women as women know that it is wrong to say such things.Keep going for your dreams and don't let anyone destroy your goals.Always remember that both genders are loved equally even though most people are against it. Every girl should have the right to be loved.

  • I think all girls should hear the words :

    "Your rights matter and equality should prevail".

    I believe that girls should listen to this phrase since it will definitely give hope to girls who need the extra motivation,also it is very effective to girls who really aspire to do something good.

  • I would say to all women:
    Stand up for yourself and don't let anything stop you!
    Girls can do anything!
    Stay confident!

  • People of the world, the best weapon against gender inequality is to be thankful for who you are.

  • For every girl in the world
    You are really special , important , and always remember that you are very strong , every girl in this world is influential , you can affect this world
    And change their thinking about you , you can , don't stop , trust yourself and continue on your way

  • You are a strong woman. You have to be happy, have determination and will, and know that nothing stands in your way. Continue and persevere to reach your goal

  • I would like to say to every girl you're smart, successful and of course you're strong. All women are strong You must show your strength and courage, you can be what you want, whether it's a doctor, a president or a scientist.

  • For every woman and girl in the world, you are smart, successful, important and powerful, you have a beautiful influence in this society and you are a candle that lights up this world. Never stop because you can do anything

  • For every girl, do not compare yourself to others, because you have strength and confidence in yourself and because you are special

  • I would like to say to every girl:
    Be confident in yourself you are wonderful and no one can change this fact!.

  • I would say this to every girl . You are beautiful the way you are , you have your advantages,wich like your heart is your strength because it helps you understand the world better

  • I think every girl wants to hear
    You are unique, no one is like you, no one can stop a girl when she wants to make something significant, trust yoursel

  • Don't be afraid of anyone you are strong because you have feelings and you can use them in different ways, helping children elderly by learning and inspiring,so go up and trust your self

  • You are can do anything , you are strong , great and wise in everything you say , so say what you like and do not be afraid of anything , you are strong .

  • All the girls on this earth are beautiful because we should be treated together .We shouldn't live one asides

  • I want to say to every woman in the world
    You are strong , you are beautiful, you are invincible,
    You can make change in the world .
    Because understand people so well

  • I would say this to every girl. You don't have to remain silent about your rights. Don't believe what people say just believe in yourself.

  • I want to tell you:
    1-(The world needs you)
    2-(It's time to thrive in the most important places in society)
    3-(you are important)
    4-(Always be yourself, love yourself and always be strong and powerful)

  • My message to the whole women in the world be tough as well as ambitious, You know exactly what you want. the boys have always had somebody to act out their fantasies of rebellion. Somebody to say you are right and no place for women's voice . But we are here without shame because we are not like others.

  • I think that all girls should hear that these words” you are strong enough to choose your own destinies”. These words are important because girls and women are making half of the society and they have the complete freedom to opt for what’s right for them . They have their equal rights to live, study, work, have families and make their own decisions.

  • I think that all girls should hear that they are free to say whatever they think it is right. These words are important because they should never forget that they have the right to express themselves freely without waiting for any one’s favour to make their voice heard.

  • I think that all girls should hear that they are special and unique in this world. These words are important because they are living in a world where most of the rules, norms and laws are made by Men and they are either forced or willingly trying to follow them without bearing in mind that they are making half of the society and they can decide for themselves.

  • I think that all girls should hear the following " Never give up". The obstacle you are facing in this Man's world should only be turned into new challenges to give a meaning to your life and fulfill your dreams.

  • I think every girl in the world should change the way they think about girls by every means, because, girls are chosen by the creator and are the most beautiful creation that ever existed in the universe let alone on the earth. There is no competition with girls due to their nature of bonding be it at home, work, social activity and so on as what we can do, no one else can do, our path is a challenging path compared to that of opposite gender. Stop thinking like you are a girl, Start changing to be like a girl, that never gives up, never lets down, never looses hope, takes challenges, lives and help others live each and every bit of life to its full extent while enjoying and accomplishing the goals of yourself and helping others to achieve their dreams.

  • I think all girls should hear the words what a man can do a woman can do better. These words are important because woman are capable of doing great things when they are motivated. Let's take a cue from the life of the late Dora Akunyili the director-general of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria from 2001 -2008 who played a pivotal role in attacking Nigeria's counterfeit drug problem.

  • "I think all girls should hear the words: All human beings are equal, no more or less. Women and girls, everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunities, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. Women's rights are not more or less the same as men's rights. You have every right to live as you wish and no one can give you that right so go ahead and do your best and show the world how much power you have inside. You can do everything. These words are important because my words encourage them and my words will make them think that no one else will give them these rights unless they get them themselves.

  • Women are successful, ambitious, always at the top and completely independent

  • Fact 6 ,fact 6 it matters because the most judging and bias are found in reporters and especially for womens that is/have (black skin or wearing higab) .our society should change this dark point .If this changed ,we would have balance between reporters (males and females) and it will make more and more chances to woman work ,actually this exists in my country wish it change .But finally I have a small question ,what do you think can we do to solve this problem?

  • 1. Reminisce the bliss, since you as women carved the history that we know about nowadays.

    2. Let slip the words of dismiss, as the patriarchal society keeps on diminishing your hopes, prove them wrong with your success and prosperity

    3. Be the wall that you back on, be self-dependent, use your education as your defense system, and don't wait for a man to shelter you.

    1. I think all the girls should hear your rights are you r life never be silent you are being never be afraid to speak out

  • my dear friends
    Self-confidence despite all circumstances and not giving up. There will come moments when you say this nightmare will not end, but after this dose of despair, great energy will come that will defeat this despair and will encourage us not to be afraid to express our opinion. We will show the world that we are girls, not robots. We will show them that our thoughts will change The world is for the better. We will continue to pursue our dream and we will work to achieve it as soon as possible.

  • I agree with equality and the acts that this area every one should be respected in our community and our country.

  • I think all women should hear these words:
    Don't be afraid to speak up. Feel good in you skin. Never give up!!!!

  • I would say................... "Women have been oppressed, used however in the society we live in today is on the right track for equality. For example The 2010 Equality Act in the UK. To the Women of the world you are closer than ever to equality.

  • I think that all girls should here these words:
    Don't be afraid to stand up for what you know is right even if people try to tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself and know that we are all equal and that we should all respect that.

  • What I would like to say to women everywhere, is you are beautiful inside and out, don't let anybody push you around just be yourself.

  • Dear girls, be strong, successful and independent, resist prejudice as much as possible, every girl can overcome this problem, by sharing these problems everywhere, demand your rights, raise your voice, and you have to know your importance in this world, for your family, friends, and world <3

  • I think everyone should work on self-development and development, starting with the simplest things:
    1_ Awareness and workshops to increase self-confidence
    2_ Launching initiatives to encourage girls’ education and make it free and compulsory
    3_ Establishing governmental and independent institutions to enhance the role of women in society

  • what i think women should hear everywhere is that they have the power to control and decide for themselves, so it doesn't matter what others say, it is your voice so you can choose who you are because you are perfect in every way.

  • If I could say one thing to every girl; in the world I would say ' There is nothing weak about being a women, nothing shameful. We are the natural process of all life so whatever you decide to do with your existence remember you are powerful.' Because even though it is something we all try to believe it is essential that women know this and don't feel like they are doing something wrong if they don not conform to the society that centuries of prejudice which have squashed them into society's box.

  • Equality, justice and human rights for women and men an important role in society and they are responsible for raising generations. Equality because it is responsible for achieving justice and promoting human rights

  • I think all girls should hear the words that gender inequality promotes many problems which affect women and girls who still face discrimination on the basis of sex and gender across the globe!
    These words are important because, women and girls have the right to live free from violence and discrimination; to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health;to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn an equal wage.

  • I think all girls should hear the words never lose hope and keep fighting for what is rightfully yours. These words are important because all people should be treated the same and it is not fair to be discriminated for things that you deserve yourself. Finally, I would like to share how the Suffragettes never gave up for the vote, so we should do to and follow in their example to the way that it doesn't matter the time of person we are, you are unique and special in every way.