#6 Dream jobs

15 October 2021

Winners announced!

It was great to see how ambitious you all are through your entries to last week’s competition. We have no doubt that you’ll keep working hard to achieve those dream jobs! Our winners, for their fantastic and clear explanations, were…

wondrous_flight of Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School in Occupied Palestinian Territory, who wants to make the future of fashion more sustainable


selfassured_mode of Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College in Bangladesh, who wants to make engineering more environmentally friendly by using green energy sources and materials

Fantastic ideas, well done.

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Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

This week's Headlines gets people thinking about the future of work and how this links to the environment - so we'd like you to do the same for this week's competition!

STEP 1: Write ONE SENTENCE to explain what your dream job is

STEP 2: Write ONE SENTENCE to explain what impact this job might have on the environment. Will it help slow climate change? Or might something to do with your dream job be bad for the environment?

STEP 3: Write ONE SENTENCE to explain how you could make your dream job better for the environment.

For example, you could say:

  1. My dream job is...
  2. This job would be good/bad for the environment because...
  3. I could make this job better for the environment by..."

Your answer should be made up of three sentences. If it is longer then it can't win.

Comments (382)

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  • My dream job is to become a doctor l will serve my life for the peoples of our country

    1. Can you explain to me how you would dedicate your job to being beneficial to the environment?!

      1. The job that I dream of in the future is environmental medicine, which is that branch of medicine that emerged at the end of the twentieth century that deals with the relationship between the environment and human health, because human health is what reflects the safety of the ecosystem.
        And its benefits....
        1- Improving water quality.
        2- Improving air quality.
        3- Preserving biological diversity.

        1. l think tis jop very gooood ♥️♥️

        2. Your dream is wonderful and beautiful, and I realize its great and great benefit in our lives, but I think that becoming a doctor is better than her, and it is a similar field to it and has better effects on the environment.💜🦋

        3. It's wonderful area,but you have to acquire an important skill in this area , which is how biological organisms are used to produce and improve desired processes in bio_technology

    2. I would like to be a biotechnologist.

      The biodiversity that is at stake for the lackings in waste management, frequent use of polythenes and plastics in everyday life might get a worth and sustainable solution through genetical modification of the genes and inventing carbon consuming microorganisms that can thrive in adverse environment.

      Basically, a biotechnologist may invent something new that is suppliment to the pollutant, biodegradable and can be used vastly in daily activities of human being.

      1. I think this profession will help the environment and the people through your future invention

      2. Great idea, I realy like it
        Keep dreaming so that you can achieve it 🦋

      3. I really like this comment because it is good for the enviroment and it is such a good idea. It is green and would make the enviroment better.

    3. A doctor is a very good occupation as It can assist many people, saving lives and performing life changing surgeries. I believe that being a doctor is a phenomenal career as you can inspire many people, who may be very helpful with the future of the environment, and lead a new generation of doctors.

    4. I think that this profession will benefit the environment well by treating the diseases that were the result of these climate changes

    5. Another job close to it is nursing: this job plays an important role in it
      1. Comprehensive care for the individual during his health and illness, as this care includes the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects.
      2. Educating the patient and his family and providing them with the necessary instructions to prevent diseases and improve their health
      3. Teaching other categories of nursing staff.
      4. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive and integrated health care plan for the individual, family and society
      5. Participation in scientific research in the field of health care.
      The ethics of the nursing profession are: To provide the highest level of medical services to ensure the patient's health and prevent serious complications.
      Importance for the environment:
      Take care of the patient's nutritional needs by estimating the amount of food they eat and recording meal times.

    6. I explain to us how will benefit the environment

  • I will become a doctor because A doctor is a person who attains qualification to cure sick people

    1. I also want to be a lab doctor .
      Due to the remarkable expansion of medical services and the spread of medical analysis laboratories as independent laboratories or within specialized medical clinics or accommodation clinics, because of this large number, it is difficult for him to monitor these laboratories in terms of the quality of the place (its suitability to be a laboratory), the quality of the equipment (for accuracy of work and results) and above all that What concerns us here is the degree of safety and security.
      What is the benefit of conducting medical tests?
      Tests and laboratories provide important and essential information that enables physicians to diagnose and treat diseases, as well as monitor a patient's condition. Knowing that doctors obtain this information through tests, examinations, and procedures performed in medical laboratories

    2. excellent! but how exactly is your dream job influencing the environment?

  • My dream job is to become an interior designer in the future and this job will be fun filled with artistic decorations....
    And bad for the environment because it incites engineers who may focus on families in the expense of money....
    I can make this job better for the environment by making donations to poor families and helping them engineer and recycle their homes from oldest to newest.💖💖

    1. From my point of view, I think that the interior designer is the one who is able to solve all environmental problems by making designs that fit this environment and address all its problems, and solving these problems must be part of the design and not just a solution to that. I do not agree with you because it is not harmful and bad for the environment.

      1. Very nice💜
        My dream in the future is to become an engineer for the natural life of pets from hunting and killing because this phenomenon is widespread and severe and many must avoid it because if they continue with it, it threatens the lives of some animals with extinction.
        Nature reserves also protect plants and flowers that are uprooted daily and at all times.
        And in the end, I hope you support my idea to continue the dream and achieve it in the future, God willing 💜🦋

    2. This is impressive
      I support you in this idea
      And I hope that everyone🦋🦋
      But can you explain to me how you can help them in whatever aspect you mean 🦋🦋?

  • My dream job is an environmental consultant who will be good for the environment and help slow climate change working to solve and address problems and work in several areas aimed at protecting individuals from environmental problems

    1. I think that you should be more rational and balanced in order to work in this job because in this job you are responsible for the lives of many people.

    2. I think that the job of the environmental consultant will be important for the environment because the environmental consultant works to address various environmental problems, as their work includes examining air, soil pollution, and water pollution using his research tools in the office or through his work on sites, and then examining the environmental effects on organisms such as individuals or Water for example. In addition to proposing and developing environmental policies and environmental management systems to avoid environmental problems and reduce their impact. ~ Expert environmental consultants work in several areas such as private consulting or government institutions. Their work aims to support the development of the environmental performance of industrial facilities by guiding them to use technical support mechanisms in order to control waste, treat waste and the efficiency of treatment processes, apply self-monitoring systems and implement programs to reduce pollution.

      1. It's a great job and a lot of people dream about it ☺️🙂
        The environmental consultant works to address various environmental problems. Their work includes examining air, soil and water pollution using his research tools in the office or through his work on sites, and then examining the environmental impacts on organisms such as people or water for example.

  • My dream job is health manager. This function is beneficial to the environment. Because the principal determines how to clean and organize public streets, so we can make the city cleaner

    1. I hope that you will be able to give the job to the fullest, as we see in the last times the abuse of the government and its weakness and its failure to listen to the voices of the people and support their decisions, although the government and health are currently doing their duty to provide health care to the population and help them, but I mean that the government is not trying to do actual work And invent things, equipment, ideas and solutions to reduce the phenomenon of climate change

    2. I will complete your job and work as a Digital Waste Removal Specialist. We all know that the internet world has taken over all that is sick and valuable too. And the world will need someone to clean their digital sphere of spam and rumors that suddenly pop up against them and they don't want to see it, because it's embarrassing, annoying, or simply uninteresting to them.
      I will work on that and make it cleaner for the environment by removing unwanted rumors and correcting them by sending honest, not invalid and corrupt posts by creating an application that does that.

    3. Recently, with the emergence of pollution in the world, especially environmental pollution, I advise that the directions to the health department and your decision to become the director of health is a correct decision because the environmental situation has become bad. You have the responsibility to take all measures in order to assess the risks that are expected to occur, prepare policies to provide a safe and secure environment, and prepare plans to deal with emergency

  • My dream job is a professional robot maker, where we can make many robots that clean up the environment.

    This function will be good for the environment because the robots I make will clean streets, plant trees, build gardens, and purify sea and river water.

    I can make this job better for the environment by making all of my robots by reusing previously used materials, thus reducing environmental pollution with a double-edged sword.

    1. It's great to use technology as a profession for you, but don't you think that making robots serve humans even though humans can do that is an idea that increases dependence on others? This will not help us in the face of climate change, as everyone will rely on someone to invent a new robot that will perform a new task, and this is how they will think that their theories are useless and that robots are capable of repairing the environment,and they will continue to spread their environmental ignorance and affect future generations and their progress, And as we know the problem of environmental ignorance is the basis for all environmental issues, so how do you think that governments will help people to coexist with robots without affecting human principles of self-reliance?

    2. Your dream is wonderful.
      As for me, I will become a lawyer who defends the environment because women in this position are a pivotal factor that revolves around preserving the environment. Also, when I am a lawyer, I can take many measures, on top of which are facilitating the enforcement of national and local parliaments in the great countries to protect the environment, and I can judge the elimination of some of the reasons that lead to Climate change and also strengthen and develop the climate issue and guidance and the issuance of harsh laws on those who harm the environment, the environment is a human being, you must protect and preserve it, and the importance of the security and political environment, and if you adhere to the necessary measures for climate change, we will get a safe climate because you must know that as you take you have to give.

    3. What material will you make your robots out of? Is it going to be plastic? How will you fuel you robot in an environmentally friendly way?

    4. Nature will be more vulnerable than ever. With the control of intelligent machines, our lives and the natural environment will change and be replaced by mechanical life forms that do not depend on oxygen.

    5. I don't think every country like third world countries has the feasibility to rely on such technology due to lack of scientific innovations and economical budget. This technology will not serve as a universal solution but through funding of the developed countries we can then come to a practical implementation. For this we need every country to come forward through funding, campaigns and conferences.

    6. I agree with you, as robots will do a very great job in cleaning the environment, as we can use them to regulate traffic, and the idea of ​​using old materials is a very cool idea. To pollute the environment and reduce the effort and we can move from place to place at any hour of the day.

    7. I think that making many robots makes people lazier and that excessive rest is not good for humans because the earth and what is in it were created for human use and that humans do not have to invent many robots while they stop working. In my opinion, we should make a machine that does the same Work, but with the help of humans, so that we stay more active and healthier.

    8. My dream job is a professional bee robot maker where we can make many plant pollinating bee robots.

      This function will be useful to preserve the plant from extinction because the robots I make will pollinate girls in the event of the extinction of bees.

      I can make this job better for the environment by making my own robots by working on sunlight.

      1. Please enter only once, aware_expression, otherwise you cannot win.

    9. My dream job is a professional robert maker where we can make many robots that collect herbs from the sea.

      This function will be good for the environment because the robots I make will purify the water from the weeds that work on the seaweed.

      I can make this functionality better for the environment with all my robots by reusing previously used metals and thus reducing water pollution with a double-edged sword.

    10. I agree with you,
      This is a wonderful idea and it will have a great impact on the environment, and these robots can also be used as they punish those who seek to corrupt the environment, and motivate those who preserve the environment with a star, to keep the environment clean.

  • My dream job is to become a professor of economics.
    This job would be good for environment as a teacher is the best motivator and the best public speaker ,I can motivate my students to do good for keeping the world greener.
    I could make this job better by researching about green economy and motivating the companies to set up profitable green industries through my researchs.

    1. Great!!!! , how are you going to get the attention of governments for your amazing speaking and outreach skill?

    2. Have a wonderful dream, walk towards your goal without stopping.
      For me, I can work as a social teacher through which I can enhance livelihoods safely from the disasters of climate change by instilling in my students professional skills and experiences that work to preserve the environment and make it greener and support my students psychologically in knowing that our scientists will not fail us in finding effective solutions Save us from this global phenomenon and conduct awareness campaigns for my students and I, in consultation with the community, about the dangers of climate change and ways to reduce them Living in a safe climate

    3. A great dream my dear but what steps can you take in the countries where people believe more in superstations than teachings and how can you motivate them ?

    4. And I think that a creative economic journalist can perform the same job, but in a broader form and in more creative ways that draw the attention of the whole world and not a group of people because in creative ways and ideas, especially on social media, this draws people's attention more and makes them They influence and influence those around them and encourage them to do what they see.

    5. Yes economic is important to build a society.

    6. I think the job of a professor of economics also has other benefits, for example, that the teacher develops the abilities and skills of students, and helps to refine and develop students' attitudes, making them have a high ability to determine the course of their scientific studies. and professional life. The professor of economics can also work on developing the minds of his students to develop future plans for students, methods and innovations to address environmental problems, knowing the importance of finding radical solutions to any problems facing the environment, whether they are administrative, marketing or even production, through the experience they gained through their education.

    7. My dream job is to create turntables.

      This function would be good for the environment as the rotating cylinders convert the energy generated by passing cars and trucks into electrical energy.

      I can improve this job by researching economics and motivating huge companies to create innovative industries through my research.

      1. Please enter only once, aware_expression, otherwise you cannot win.

  • My dream job is to work in my own NGO(non-government organization), along with some of my friends & classmates. This job would be good for the environment because we will focus on proper garvage management & recycling of those. I could make this job better for the environment by allocating more volunteers & arranging prizes for the best performer of the week simultaneously.

    1. Your dream is beautiful, but I will work on being the Sustainability Officer because within a short period of time every company in the world will need someone who specializes in resource sustainability to create a sustainability policy in which they can conserve their resources.
      I will make it more sustainable by working on the use of natural resources in moderation and avoiding the use of human resources because they are not environmentally friendly, polluting and unclean, and that I work to obtain a clean environment and a safe climate.

    2. I agree with you, and I would be happier if I could join with you. I believe that you can gather a lot of people by spreading creative ideas on social media and make this platform more beneficial to the environment by influencing people positively and making them participate in your organization.

    3. I think Non-governmental organizations working to achieve equality between governmental organizations and working governmental bodies that work to make them work on non-governmental organizations, and to promote human rights or the advancement of women.In my opinion, NGOs are not for profit, but funded by corporations or membership.

  • 1/ My dream job is to be a scientist 2/ This job will be good for the environment because I help the environment through my inventions 3/ I can make this job better for the environment by developing inventions and providing them with modern technology

    1. Is there a specific topic that you decided to devote your inventions to?

      1. Currently no, but I am thinking of making all my inventions environmentally friendly and also saving time and effort and I will also make them cheap, which helps all people to buy them and this is what makes them safe for the environment even as they do not have an impact on the climate. I will do my best to achieve this goal

    2. You can be an ecologist and you can invent a substance that revives the dead cells of plants and in my opinion you can make this job more environmentally friendly.

    3. I also want to be a scientist.
      Environmental activists have pointed out that globalization has led to an increase in the consumption of products, which has affected the environmental cycle. Moreover, the increase in consumption leads to an increase in the production of goods, and this in turn puts pressure on the environment as well as an increase in the transportation of raw materials and foods from one place to another. Globalization has led to the prosperity of international trade in an unprecedented way, as well as the increase in the movement of capital, and pushed the countries of the world to convergence with each other. It also contributed to the emergence of many inventions in the fields of science and technology. However, at the same time, it also caused severe damage to the environment.

      1. great comment,
        But I think that there is a benefit for the teacher other than raising the awareness of the children. Can the teacher be the source of information for the children?
        Yes, but it is not the only source that the teacher can use other means than awareness, including: taking students’ opinions to preserve the environment, and schools can take his students on trips around the world and students see and solve the problems of the environment.

      2. Your job is cool and integrated, and it's also a job to be an auto designer, and you have your own auto factory, that factory runs on solar energy, and you're designing cars that run on electricity, not on combustion or combustion.
        I think this function is useful for the environment in several ways which are.
        1- It reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the air.
        2- Relying on recycled materials in the manufacture of car bodies, as the accumulated waste in green spaces or in water bodies is less.
        Through this job we can have a clean environment free of pollutants in all its forms, and we will all work to develop these cars to be more environmentally friendly, as we can use transportation vehicles like buses instead of everyone having their own car because this will pollute the environment more and more.

  • My dream job is to be an administrator in foreign affairs.
    This job will be good for the environment because my setting up good relation with foreign countries I can play a role in unifying our efforts to stop climate change.
    I could make this job better for the environment by implementing the good initiatives of other countries into my own .

    1. You can also strengthen and develop your country’s relationship with other countries and contribute to maintaining the country’s security and safety and protecting its interests, based on the provisions of the constitution, law, and the state’s general policy, and you can undertake in particular the exercise of some tasks

  • 1_My dream job is to be an ambassador
    2_This profession does not affect the environment except in one aspect, which is not to talk much about environmental issues because of their focus on political and economic issues
    3_ I can make this job better for the environment by establishing a working group in my embassy that specializes in environmental issues and my people's ideas about solutions to them, also, I will write a book about these environmental issues and their dangers, and then I will present in it my people's solutions, and this book will be presented by the embassy,Because, indeed, former US Vice President Al Gore inspired me and taught me that my diplomatic personality does not mean obliterating my writing talent, which would raise awareness and present new ideas, and convey voices that were not heard,also, by representing the environment, I will communicate the problems of the people with this environment, and I will be able to collect donations to help my country solve these problems due to its weak economy, and thus my country will not find the opportunity to overlook these issues

    1. Great answer, healthy_antelope, but can you boil the last paragraph down to one sentence?

      1. 1_ My dream job is to be an ambassador
        2_this profession does not affect the environment except in one aspect, which is not to talk much about environmental issues because it focuses on political and economic issues.
        3_ I can make it better for the environment by creating an environmental team,issuing a book that contains people’s solutions to environmental issues,this will spread awareness and helping to collect donations for problem solving application

        1. Your dream is wonderful and of course my dream is also wonderful for me and my job lies in studying environmental ethics. It will certainly be important to the environment because if you do not enjoy environmental ethics, you will be considered one of the inhumane world that negatively affects the environment, although the environment gives you what you want and does not skimp on you, but what do you do!! You go and pollute her and don't give her your attention and don't keep her from the changes that happen to her.
          So I will make it more environmentally friendly. I will teach you how to take care of the environment, develop your human ethics towards it, and communicate your feelings to it. I will include environmental ethics in a book and publish it on all available social media.

      2. I suppose healthy_antelope is trying to mention that he wants to present the issues related the environmental problems, unfold the new ideas on many political, social, and financial platforms.

        1. I have already shortened the last paragraph, but it has not yet been accepted

          1. It has now, thank you healthy_antelope!

            1. Thank you, I meant that I made my point clear, but the comment did not appear yet

  • 1.My dream job is to be a teacher.
    2.this job would be good for environment because by this job I am not directly involved with any kind of atomic war machines or carbon spreading devices, jobs that is harmful for environment and I can spread my knowledge to my students about climate change.
    3.I would make this job better for the environment by making my students conscious and aware of the bad effect of climate change, the necessity of green environment,encourage them to save the environment and I can create a mass -awareness among them.

    1. It is really great to spread awareness among school students about your job as a teacher, but what do you think if your profession increases the effectiveness?! By that, I mean that you first educate your students about climate change, and then you can start with them to actually work with them to establish this issue in their minds and attract their thinking towards it by engaging them in activities and activities, and also by providing the library with interesting books on climate change for the category of students interested in reading books and culture And adding some activities in sports and campaigns to plant trees in the school and asking them to plant each person a tree in his house, and this will have a significant positive impact on the issue of climate change.

    2. And I'm also I want to be a teacher.
      What is the role of the teacher in the educational environment?
      The role of the teacher has become simplified and facilitated the learning process within the school campus. ... The teacher's job is to create the appropriate environment for the education of the educated person. 3. The role of the teacher is manifested in creating participation and interaction in the classroom environment that helps expand the scope of the learning process

    3. I also want to be a teacher
      The role of the teacher in society: The role of the teacher is very dangerous, it is no less than the role of all groups in society. He is actually capable of increasing the strength or weakness of society. .
      Our duty towards the teacher: 1 Honoring the teacher morally contributes to making him distinguished and morally capable of giving and giving. Therefore, we should allocate a day to celebrate this great profession, honor him morally, and choose and honor ideal teachers at the level of the state and society.
      2: The teacher is one of the people who have great virtues in society, as he is considered the cornerstone and strength in society and in the homeland, where the teacher cannot be dispensed with, thanks to whom the engineer, the doctor, the politician, the economist, the worker, the farmer and all the groups of society graduate. It is new and builds its sound foundations, so what is the importance of the role of the teacher and the virtue of his position in society, this is what we learn about during the next few lines.
      3: Students should respect and appreciate teachers, not only out of fear but also in love with them. The student and the student at home must first learn that the teacher is like his father, he must be respected, revered, appreciated and loved, because he is the reason why this student is distinguished from others, and it is the reason for building his personality. And his skills, so the student must be associated with his teacher and love and appreciate him always and forever.

  • My dream job is to be a Geoscientist. As Earth specialists, geoscientists play a large role in stopping climate change as these professionals study all of the different elements of Earth, as well as natural resources. I could impact climate change by using the natural resources of the past and present, to slow down climate change e.g. with the development of remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and biogeochemical modeling, we can better forecast outcomes, and develop strategies to manage and minimize adverse consequences. .

  • My dream job is to be a 'programmer'. This job would be good for the environment because I will be able to program codes and develop artifical intelligence which will automatically function and help during 'natural disasters and calamities'. I could make this job better for the environment by introducing a platform where everyone will be a green coder and help build programs for the betterment of the environment.

    1. That's really great. Wish you all the best for your future.

    2. I guarantee you a peaceful and effective future, where you will invent inventions and research that will limit the global phenomenon
      For me, I will be the Minister of Education and responsible for inculcating education in schools.
      It will certainly be good for the environment, because there is nothing in the school curriculum about climate, its impact and its causes.
      .So I will work to create new approaches and make them greener by working on the lessons of climate change and climate that affect the environment and the planet, guiding self-awareness of climate and the ways we will and take to conserve and live in it. A safe and clean environment, educating about the ethics of preserving the environment, and forging strong bonds between students and the environment.

    3. As for me, I am going to be the Climate Change Officer to complete the job perfectly, and I chose this particular job because the incumbent of this position combines the disciplines of an engineer, a chemist, or in some cases a biological scientist and it would be good for the environment because my job is to make sure that the company's activities Its operations do not cause any practicesor the emission of any substances or compounds that may exacerbate the climate change crisis.And making it more environmentally friendly by guiding people to learn about the importance of the climate and ways to reduce it to live in a safe climate and work to establish good relations between us and the environment.