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Hello, For me, an effective leader must be able to maintain power and authority over a... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 20/3/24
Hello, Personally, I believe that the Rawanda policy seems all too extreme. Sending people... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 22/2/24
Hello, I have many ideas on how businesses can improve so I am just going to jump in: I... How could businesses make positive change? 07/2/24
I believe that climate change in the news is a difficult balance. On one hand. It is very... Too much negative news? 01/2/24
Greetings, I believe that robots can never be truly better than humans at writing. Sure they... People v robots 01/2/24
I agree with this because even though they have committed a crime / crimes, they deserve a place... How should prisons be run? 31/1/24
I believe that prisons are a place to correct your errors and learn where you went wrong. I... How should prisons be run? 31/1/24