How should prisons be run?


Richard Hughes is an expert on prisons and justice. He works with public organisations and providers of public services to help them make improvements. The majority of his career has been spent in the justice system working with police, prosecutors, courts, prisons, probation and youth offending teams.

Listen to why Richard thinks it’s a difficult (but important) job to run a prison.

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Look at the following icons. Which do you think best represents how YOU prisons should be run? Why? How does this compare to what Richard thinks?

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  • I would say that I cannot really read his mind based on that but I believe that prison is a place that people are being kept for the purpose of correcting the the errors which they have made. So because of that, prisoners are not supposed to be made more comfortable than how they are supposed to be secured. Not like they will not be made comfortable, but it is good to keep them more secured than comfort. For the fact that they are in prison is because they committed a crime directly or not on purpose so there are not ro be made so comfortable. Imagine smuggling cell phone into the prison, even though you were not with the intention of doing anything wrong, you will definitely be pushed to do something wrong for the fact that you are with cell phone. That is also one of the reason why Fito escape.

    1. Hi, and I also did not really understand the diagrams but let me start by defining prisons,a prison is a place/building where criminals or law breakers are kept for the purpose of rehabilitation and correction. From my perspective, prisons should made to punish law breakers but at the same time,prisoners should not be treated like slaves because they are equally humans like us,prisons should be a safe and secure environment for offenders but at the same time prisons should be a correctional center.

    2. I agree with you, prisons are also meant to build the prisoners both mentally and intellectually. They are still human beings but the only difference is that they commit crimes that landed them in cells, therefore we should still treat them human beings and correct accordingly to the laws. In the aspect of fito's case, I feel that he did not feel secure nor comfortable so that prompted his reason to escape. I'm just stating my opinion, feel free to tell me about yours if you agree.

      1. What I believe is that a prison, is a confinement of persons, who have committed crimes. When we talk about how prisons should be run, I don't think the news about Ecuador was good. According to my delving, Fito had more sockets than a hotel, Fitos had access to the internet. and he posted a pictures. Fitos bathroom was decorated in ceramic and etc. I dont think rhats how a prison should be. A prison should have certain limits when it comes to enjoyment of some certain factors. According to other news, Fito threw parties, was even a lawyer in prison amd etc. Im not saying that prisoners should not enjoy some rights. No what im saying is that there should be restrictions because they are being punished. " Give what is due to Caeser unto Caeser" Prisoners should not be treated like rats but like humans. Life is a gift. But it should not be exceeded.

        1. Hello!
          According to Wikipedia "A prison, also known as a jail, gaol, penitentiary, detention center, correction center, correctional facility, or remand center, is a facility where people are confined against their will and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state, generally as punishment for various crimes."
          According to this definition, it means a prison is not a punishment place for offenders it can also be referred to as a correctional facility or a reformative place. Based on this, this is how I think a prison should be run:
          1. A prison should be a place where the offender or criminal is taught or told that his or his actions are not right.
          2. Aprison should not be a place where the offenders are treated inhumanely.
          3. A prison should be a place where an offender should learn from his mistakes and build on himself.
          4. A prison should also give the offender a connection to the outside world by allowing for various meetings with friends, family and other people who can affect the lives of the prisoners
          5. A prison should not be seen as a violence center if not it could lead to prisoners trying to or breaking out as in the case of "FITO".
          This illustrates the way I think a prison should be run and if a prison gives a sense of inhumaneness or it feels too free there will be a problem in the way a prison should be run so I think a balance should be properly struck and as such I agree with most of the opinions above.
          Thank You!!!

          1. I solidly agree with what gregarious bee said about prison and in my own understanding, prison is an institution where offenders ones are been punished, or corrected from their negative behaviours.
            An effective prison should be regulated and also be monitored to enable prisoners not smuggling with gadget into the prison.
            The prisoners should not be given more of comfort but rather be given more of Reformative because Fito was been given more of comfort that was the reason why he had access to gadgets even though as a prisoner. Prisoner are not allowed to bring in phone into the prison because they will contact their gang or friend to help them to get out from prison, or any electronic gadgets into the prison, if you are caught your punishment will be double or sentence you to death. Prison should be given 20 percent and comfort and 80 percent of Reformation. As for I will say that these prisoners should be taught a trade to do on their own when they are released because no one might be willing to accept him or her again after the incident.

            In conclusion, I think prisoners should be secured, be given ,ore of Reformative than comfort becasue, prisoners are not meant only for punishment but rather, they are meant for training, advising and educating prisoners on how to be a better person in life.
            Thank you.

            1. I am also understand that a jail is a place where offenders are punished because it is supposed to be a place where they can modify their bad behavior. It shouldn't be comfortable as a result.The same way your mother corrects you, she must be firm in order to assist you in changing your behavior, and jails function in a similar manner. As you said, a decent jail should be controlled and closely observed, which implies it will require a lot of work to monitor inmates and prevent them from sneaking any gadgets to prevent their escape.This can be really challenging work, and since people will eventually become tired and need to rest, I am concerned about the possibility that Fito's escape was caused by exhaustion. This is an issue that requires careful consideration.

            2. You nailed this @nice_eagle... I will keep emphasizing just like I mentioned in my previous comments, a prision shouldn't be more comfortable (except for some in deplorable conditions), because people should pay for their sins and learn, so that when they come out they will be reformed, if it is too comfortable then a lot of people will keep committing crimes so that they could go in there to receive soft treatments. A prison is a CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, which means when a wrong act is committed, then there should be several measures to correct the wrongs so that there would be a reformative mindset.
              I will further say I prefer the prision to be secured so that some inmates won't get victimized and even killed by the stronger ones who have their gangs.

          2. I disagree with this comment, although it has very good reasons. It's very important that prisoners function as correctional facilities, but prisons often struggle to fulfill their role as correctional facilities due to various challenges.
            Firstly, while prisons are to focus on correction and rehabilitation, the practicalities of managing different inmate populations from different countries present great problems. These problems are caused by very small resources, necessities, and overcrowding, leading to high rates of repeat offenses.
            Secondly, despite the importance of treating prisoners humanely, this is not consistent at all. Most prisoners don't get access to such resources, and in such cases, their behaviors are racist, which results in most prisoners being mistreated. For example, all black prisoners from Africa are not granted access to kettles, so they are supposed to bathe with cold water, even when efforts are made to prioritize humane treatment. Moreover, while facilitating connections with the outside world is crucial for rehabilitation, ensuring security remains paramount. Supervised visits and communication channels must be carefully managed to prevent issues like contraband smuggling or escape attempts. Lastly, violence in prisons must be addressed either by authorities or between prisoners and dealt with by higher authorities. This is how we can ensure safety and peace in prisons.

          3. I would want to ask you gregarious bee should prisons give prisoners connection with family friends or with people who are outside the prison.
            Won't this also be a factor that led to the escape of Fito by seeing or having a connection with people outside the prison.

            1. Hello!
              I do honestly agree with you and think you make a good case regarding the escape of Fito and if his escape could have been aided by his family members but here is what I think.
              I think that like I said in some of my previous comments I think that prisoners are being treated inhumanely and like I also said humans are social beings and as such need to communicate with one another and this could be very essential when one is going through trying times and periods. Imagine facing various personal challenges and not having someone you can relate to on a personal level. this makes it even harder to go through the challenging face.
              I think that prisoners should still be allowed to still talk to friends and relatives after all the way they are treated in prisons is already alarming.
              Thank You!!!

    3. I agree because if a prison is comfortable people will commit more crimes so they can enjoy the luxury of it. But I also do not think it should be too uncomfortable and will take away a prisoner's human right. Prison is to make criminals learn their lesson, so they are not to be made so comfortable it will make people commit more crimes just to stay there. If prisons, were too comfortable a homeless man can just commit a crime just so he can enjoy the luxury of prison.

      1. Like I mentioned in my previous comments, prisons are symbols of justice to victims of crime. So as jazzez_ocean has said, prisons is to teach prisoners a lesson- not only by punishing them but changing their mindset about success in life.
        Therefore, prisons should focus sixty percent on reformation of prisoners' minds. Educational and employment programs should be organised for them once in a while.
        The remaining forty percent should be focused on punishing them for their crimes. This way, the rate of crime will reduce.

      2. I also strongly disagree with you because the prisoner should get some human rights . I do not mean that prisoners should live a luxury life but they should be provided some basic needs like food in proper amount and etc . The prisoners should get some change to meet their family. They also should get some motivation from a good person that help them to stop being criminals and they should not be treated like animals.

        1. I agree with you. If prisoners are not given basic human rights and are treated in humanely, they will lose all hope and believe that they will never change. However, if they are given if they are given minimum human rights, they will start to regain hope and realize that they can turn their lives around. If their sentence is long, they will have plenty of time to reflect on their past mistakes and find new ways to correct them.
          Thank you🙂.

      3. I appreciate your perspective. It is a difficult question to balance penal institutions as instruments of deterrence and ensure that human rights are protected in them. Rehabilitation has to take place in a certain environment, which will prevent the repetition of this crime. It is necessary to find out how punishment can be made without leading to more crimes while at the same time maintain humane ways of reforming criminal justice so as the individuals who commit these offenses and society could benefit from it.

      4. I exceedingly agree with you jazzed_ocean, the reason being is that I also agree that if a prison is comfortable more crimes would be committed. If prisons are made comfortable, when a person is out of there, the person won't have a reformative character and might go back to committing more crimes not conscious of the impact of activities, because the person is well aware that he or she is not going to go under any harsh punishments but rather a comfortable one if they go back to prison.
        I agree with the example you stated using a homeless man. When people are going through hardships in their life, they can do anything in order to get food on the table even if they have to involve in illegal activities such as stealing, drug delaing, etc, so why won't a homelessman commit a crime if he knows life in prison is better than the one he is in currently?
        Moreover, you are right to state that prisons should not be too uncomfortable, because at the end of the day, the prisoners are humans and they have their rights.
        Thus, I agree with you about prisons not being too comfortable.

    4. I strongly agree with you because prison is a place of correction not comfort because when prisoners are too comfortable they can easily escape from prison. Imagine a prisoner smuggling cell phone in the prison this is due to too much comfort that was made available for the prisoner. Also you can imagine a prisoner's room being decorated so well that he feels so comfortable as if he committed no crime at all.

    5. I can see why you say that prisoners should not be comfortable, but be secured. But I think that prisoners should be comfortable and have the ability to rehabilitate. I say this because if people get arrested and have the ability to rehabilitate, they would come out of the prison a better person then they were before they thought of commiting crimes. But ofcourse, if they are a repeat offender, they shouln't have as much comfortability. So in my opinion, if the defendant is a first time offender, they should have more comfortable places. If they are a repeating offender, then they should not have as much freedom.

    6. Security over comfort does indeed seem a logical conclusion given the function of a prison. Should this depend on the type of crime committed or security should simply be a prevailing standard?

      1. To me I believe that security should be the prevailing standard in any prison. As the name sounds, it is a place used in caging the law brekers for the purpose of correcting the error that they have made in life. When someone is being captured, it is done because of the fact that the person got involved in an unlawful act or has gone contrary to the rule of law guiding the country and therefore gets the punishment for breaking the law. When an offence is been committed, it is therefore judged in the court of law and when it has been proven to be true without any doubt, the culprit will be sentenced according to the crime he or she committed. Then when the culprit is imprisoned, he or she is to be guarded so well that they may not escape because no one will be happy to be chained for years and so if the person finds any opportunity to escape form the prison, there is no way the person will not grab it immediately and so when they escape it will turn into a threat to the whole country at large just as Fito's case is going viral now, so I believe that prison should be made a prevailing standard no matter the condition of the crime.

      2. Security should be a prevailing standard in a prison, yet, depending on the crime committed. You can't give the same punishment to every crime because those that commit minor crimes such as theft will feel cheated and rejected, triggering them to commit more crime. Major crimes on the other hand will not be touched or affected by the minor punishments and will continue committing crime. The diverse punishments of diverse crimes are a prevailing standard of security.
        For example, a criminal who committed murder will be put to death or life imprisonment. Since he or she denied someone their right to life, their right to life, freedom or total comfort should totally be denied because he or she can't compensate the dead. Someone who commits theft shouldn't be punished like this; instead, he or she should be given hard labor or compensate their victim.

      3. To me, security should be a prevailing standard because if the government is meant to at least give them the assurance that they are secured for the mean time while they await their punishments. Another thing is that even though they are guilty of crimes, I feel they still have the right to enjoy this little privileges.

      4. I think it should depend on what crime the person commited. If someone commited petty theft and got sentenced to jail, then they should be in rehad for 2 weeks, then put into the prison apartment. But if someone comited 16 counts of 1st degree murder and commited arson twice, then they should just be put into solitary confinement. Or death of course.

    7. It seems like you are expressing the perspective that prison should primarily serve as a corrective and secure environment rather than prioritizing the comfort of inmates. You believe that prisoners, being individuals who have committed crimes, should not be provided excessive comfort, as the main focus should be on correcting their behavior. Additionally, you mention the potential risks associated with items like cell phones being smuggled into prisons, highlighting how even unintentional actions can lead to undesirable consequences, as seen in the case of Fito's escape.

      It's important to note that opinions on the purpose of prisons and the treatment of inmates can vary widely. Some argue for a more rehabilitative approach, emphasizing education and support to reduce recidivism, while others focus on the punitive aspect of incarceration. The balance between security, correction, and the humane treatment of prisoners is an ongoing debate in criminal justice systems worldwide. Thank you

    8. Prisons are a place where criminals or lawbreakers are kept for rehabilitation and correction. They should be a safe and secure environment for offenders, treating them as equal humans. Prisons should be designed to punish lawbreakers but not treat them like slaves. Prisoners should be mentally and intellectually built, and they should be treated according to the laws. In the case of Fito, he escaped due to not feeling secure or comfortable. Prisons should have certain limits on the enjoyment of certain factors, such as access to the internet and ceramic decorations. Prisoners should not be treated like rats but like humans, and life should not be exceeded. Prisoners should be treated as human beings and not treated like rats.

    9. I strongly agree with you because if a prisoner is in their comfort zone, it is unlikely they won't change. Also, if they are in their comfort zone in prison, then why are they still in prison and not at home? Prison is served as a punishment for injustice and crime and not a place for enjoyment. The prisoners can never change because they think they have everything to their advantage in prison. I also support you when you say that this is the reason why Fito was able to escape prison in his comfort. I also like the scenario of the phone because obviously when you have no intention of doing something, you might be pushed to do so. And of course, people's children are in prison so prison's management has to secure them and not let them get injured or murdered by any person. I also feel that as long as Fito had left prison, the prisons management has nothing to do with him so if anything happens to Fito, they can't be held responsible, however, they will be held responsible for not being vigilant enough and causing him to escape
      but the armed forces must find him before he causes havoc in the country.

      1. Is punishment the only way to make people change?

        1. Thank you so much for the question. In these times, yes. This is because nowadays If we are a bit nice to people, they will take advantage of it and continue with crime even in prison. The prisoners will take your leniency to be your weakness using it for illegal purposes. However, if they are being punished for their crime, there will be no space for misbehaving and will help them to change. If punishment is used, they will finally reason through before they take an action or else, they know that if they do not do this, there is a punishment awaiting them which is going to be wonderfully tough.

        2. Personally, I think that punishing people for doing something wrong isn’t a great idea because it can make them feel angry and frustrated and they will maybe take revenge on someone else. Something that may change people is talking with a therapist about their emotions and make them understand that what they did was wrong. Another way to change human behaviour is discusing, cooperating, working or brainstorming with other people that are in a similar situation and that may help them develop friendships or other strong connections and make them feel better, that leading to the changing of their behaviour.

      2. I agree because if you enjoy being at prison you won't hesitate to stay there. In prison you have to learn your lesson it should not be too comfortable you would want to commit crime to stay there. But I also think the punishment should not be violating their human rights.

    10. I agree because if we do not make the prisoners feel comfortable and ready to learn from their mistakes and go back into society they may feel unwanted from other civilians in the society which may push them to feel insecure and make bad choices again and may lead them back to prison.

      1. You made a very good point in that say but how do you think the prisoners can be made comfortable. What makes u comfortable as a normal human being?

    11. I agree with you unbaised_planet because prison is supposed to be secure not for the prisoners comfort. Prisoners go to prison cause the prisoners committed a crime and prison is supposed to teach prisoners that they shouldn't commit that crime and the prisoners should be taught in a hard way not a good and comforting way

    12. I agree because...if prisons are made comfortable, the prisoners will not realize that they have committed a crime so they will feel free in prison if they are realized, they will commit more crimes and they will want to be back in prison for a longer time. If a prison is medium-sized, it will make the prisoners not very comfortable and not uncomfortable.

    13. I agree with you unbiased_planet that prisons aren't meant to be comfort zones for prisoners unlike Fito's prison was.
      My question for you here is doing you think that prisoners can only be reformed in physical ways such as: hard labour or any other aspect that could make them to turn into responsible citizens rather than to restrict them from doing things?

      1. Hi intelligent nectarine
        Under normal circumstances prisons have the law of restricting prisoners from lots of things that interests them especially as a punishment. But as a matter of fact, when the person gets used being restricted from things, They will begin to feel comfortable with that. But on the other hand, they must not be forced into cheap or hard labour for commiting crime but just that they will be denied of some foods that they eat at home and fun they have at home.

        1. I agree with you unbiased_planet to an extent that the law has every power restricting prisoners.
          Here's a question for you do you think a prison can both be a comfort zone and a reformative zone as well?

          1. Yes a prison can be a comfort zone and as well a reformative zone as well. Prisoners can be made comfortable by providing them with television in the prison room and can also be made to understand the fact that they are prisoners by denying them of some freedoms they are supposed to have like normal human being like freedom to move around like they do before. Prison can be made comfortable for prisoners and at the same time a reformative zone but just that the comfort will be less than the reformation.

            1. I solidly agree with you but here's a question for you can prisoners be very comfortable in prison and as well reform to become a responsible citizens?

    14. I completely agree with you, ubaiseld_planet. prisoners are not supposed to be comfortable rather secure, and given time alone to reflect on their mistakes and ways to correct them. If they are comfortable, then they may continue to commit crimes once they are released, especially if they do not have enough money to pay for rent. They may use that comfort as a second home regardless of their sentence.As you mentioned, the security is not that tight, making it easy for prisoners to smuggle things, essentially with help of inmates who have been there for a long time and know more than the guards.
      Thank you😃.

  • I think that they should be run a bit better because they should feel safe and not cramped in to tiny sells which may have diseases because of rates that may live in them. They should feel at home and safe not thinking they might be hurt by another prisoner or a mean guard who works ther . They should feel like they should always feel SAFE !

    1. you make some very good points champion tangerine. How do you think prisons could make sure the prisoners feel safe? What makes you feel safe?

      1. Being with people i have known a long time . I also think that prisoners should have a phone so they can call people they know like there family because it is un fair they have to wate so long to talk to there loved ones!

        1. I see what you're trying to get at, but i respectfully disagree. Yes, it may be unfair that some prisoners have to wait a long time to speak to loved ones but not everyone wants to do that. if what you say were to actually happen and prisoners were given phones then don't you think some would use it for the wrong purpose. I mean most of the time people that are sent to prison are genuinely bad people so it's logical that if they had a phone they would try and call people to see if they could escape.

    2. You have a good point but you do not want it to be comfortable because prison has a purpose and people are going to commit more crimes. Officers can improve on the rates and the tight cells but they are there for a reason.

  • Hello and I have chosen E.
    I made this choice because it best portrays how a prison should be run. Richard Hughes has done justice to the way prisons should be run but I would like to add unto what he has said. He said that a prison needs to have all the right things ranging from facilities down to staff which is very correct but, prisons also need a working educational facility. Prisons need a functional way of correcting criminals whether verbally, mentally (through VR) or visually, this is the main purpose of a prison. Prisons presently are made to look like places where people are tortured but reverse should be the case. Prison should be run with care and kindness but also with discipline to help people not to deviate the leniency given to them.
    In conclusion I think that prisons are to be run as proper rehabilitation centers and they should have good facilities as Richard Hughes has said.


    1. I agree because... I chose F because it best portrays what a prisoner should do when he or she gets out of prison. When a prisoner is ready to be released he or she should go through the steps of trying to become a good neighbor. They need to connect to their family, to their religious affiliation, and to their job and parole officer. Many people before they commit a crime are in difficult time in their life feeling useless but hopefully, they come out of prison with self confidence knowing that they know a skill and they have a opportunity to be hired.

  • I would go with figure F, it looks like a conversation, I think that conversations are therapeutic to the mind and prisons should have more conversations to better change and understand the prisoners, my reason for saying this is because of the fact that prisoners are humans just like us, they have emotions and feelings just like us,but they do things that are considered heartless, having conversations will make them improve their social skills and make them to open up.
    Thank you for reading.

    1. these are great ideas charming artist. How do you think these conversations would work? Should prisoners be talking with each other, or with a trained therapist?

      1. Both, prisoners might need to talk to therapists, but talking to each other might be a great way for the therapist to understand their patients better.

      2. Hello!
        Humans are naturally social and have that innate nature of relating with one another meaning that they have and need to relate with one another so they can exchange ideas and learn from one another. Bringing this to the context of a prison, prisoners as I have reemphasized are human beings so they should not be deprived of their innate natural instinct. I feel prisoners should still be allowed to communicate with one another in a safe, conducive and controlled environment as they could learn from one another's mistakes which could cause them to have a change of heart and see things from someone similar to them ( as criminal offenders ) do. This kind of personal engagement with one another should be in a safe, controlled and conducive environments otherwise it could lead to prison riots, breakouts, violence among a host of other things. I think if this is achieved if there is need for a therapist it would make their job so much easier.
        I also feel that prisoners should be able to talk to family members. This is because if they talk to people from the outside world with whom they have a personal relationship with they could have a change of heart and it will also give them a reassured sense of humanity.
        Thank You!!!!

    2. I agree with this because even though they have committed a crime / crimes, they deserve a place away from the public to be rehabilitated and to learn what they have done done wrong, why it was wrong and how they can be better.
      They deserve places to learn new skills like; writing, which can boost creativity; arts, which can fuel imagination; and cooking, which can help build team work, trust and friendship.

  • I choose I because, prisoners should be enlightened and corrected on the mistakes they made by giving them a second chance and also we should try to look on the bright side of situations when correcting them and not always on the negative aspects because we can eventually change them little by little.

  • From my personal point of view I believe that prison is an area where people are kept as a form of punishment for the crimes that they have committed in the society. So they should not be allowed to converse as freely as they want to.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @stellar_reflection. Did you read the comment above from charming_artist that conversations can improve social skills and make prisoners change for the better? Do you think that that is ever the case?

  • A prison is a place where people who have committed a crime that can do more or less harm in the society.In my own view Prisons should adopt the reformative theory of punishment in which the prisoners rather than being subjected to physical punishment would rather be subjected to chances to change their behavior for the better.This punishment is aimed at changing the attitudes or concept of the prisoner so that him or her becomes a law abiding citizen.This mostly deals with counselling and psychological tricks.I feel my opinion is best described by option G

    1. I agree with you a prison is a place where by criminals should be given a second chance to mend their ways, a prison should make them no that the path they once took was not the right path which is why they ended up being in the prison. In my opinion, the workers or employees of the prison should let them know that being a criminal is not a good way of living, and guide them to the right path, so that even if there were two be released, they would be better versions of themselves and not go back to being thugs. I think option G describes my opinion the best.

    2. how do you think a prisoner's attitudes could be changed when he or she is in prison? Do you think it would be helpful for a prisoner to have the opportunity to speak with the person against whom they committed their crime?

      1. I think a prisoner's attitudes can change when in prison if enough counselling has been given. If the prison was not only a place of torture but a place where people could safely learn from their mistakes, then a lot of changed attitudes could be found within a prison yard. A prison, in my opinion, should be a place where people are taught that while every action has its consequences, which usually result in punishment, prison is not the end of the world. After serving jail time, they could do something meaningful with their life. And for those serving life imprisonment, prisons shouldn't cause them to give up on life. Instead, it should inspire them to make something meaningful out of their lives while punishing them.
        I do think it would be good to allow prisoners speak with their victims, (under armed supervision, of course) if both the prisoner and victim were in a good frame of mind. Sometimes some prisoners have no peace of mind until they know that the person against whom they committed their crime has forgiven them. And it would just be good to have a talk and work out their differences. But in a case where the victim refuses to forgive the offender or the criminal refuses to accept fault. This meeting wouldn't be such a good idea. It might end up in conflict, which may end up becoming physical. And tense, confrontational atmospheres aren't exactly ideal in prisons.

    3. I absolutely agree because prison is a place where criminals are held so they can understand the mistake they did and i think that everyone in prison should tell each other that being a criminal isn’t the way they should be living and that they can become a better person.

    4. That's an amazing comment there, because prisons should avoid the use of physical punishments to reform people. the reformative theory of punishment which has to do with changing the thought or their thinking prospect by means of psychology making them understand the benefits of being good citizens , or engaging them in craft work so that after getting out they can start a new life

    5. I agree with you inventive signature a prison is a place where prisoners are kept for the safety of others.

  • Hi
    I would say that I cannot really read his mind based on that but I believe that prison is a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial . When an individual is sentence to prison it's not supposed to be very to comfortable for the person, while they were kept there is to teach a lesson for their crime but it should be a little comfortable unlike the one the put Fito in. Prisoner are not allowed to bring in phone into the prison because they will contact their gang or friend to help them to get out from prison, or any electronic gadgets into the prison, if you are caught your punishment will be double or sentence you to death.even though you were not with the intention of doing anything wrong, you will definitely be pushed to do something wrong for the fact that you are with cell phone. That is also one of the reason why Fito escape.

    1. I agree with you bright_philosophy that prisons aren't meant to be comfort zones.
      My question for you here is do you think that prisoners can only escape with the help of gadgets easily or with the help of an inner?

  • Thank you so much Richard Hughes for the information. I agree with you about how prisons should be run and how things should be put in place before the prisoner is released. However, I feel that the authorities of these prisons should not make them so comfortable or else they will feel that if they commit another crime, there is no big deal and it will lead to their comfort. But rather, I feel that there should be a tough and good side for them so that when they ponder about the crime they want to commit next, they will consider the demerits and forget about it. Also, I feel that they should be taught how to maintain good relations with people because most prisoners may not have the skill of tolerance to tolerate other people so that they do not end up in prison again by failing to tolerate others and ending up making a sinful and unlawful action.
    To conclude, I feel that these prisoners should be taught a trade to do on their own when they are released because no one might be willing to accept him or her again after the incident.They should also be properly integrated into the community. About the icons, I also feel that icon A can match what Richard Hughes think because he spoke about having a neighbour when they are released so I feel that they should have these interacting skills so that they can have a good relationship with their neighbour and their interaction will be smooth without violence.

    1. I am dearly sorry, I meant to totally agree agree with you I believe that your points are well thought out and to the point. However i my friend pressed the enter button on my keyboard

  • Greetings,
    As we all know that, Prison is a building or a place in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime. Although running a prison is a difficult task by following some general guidelines the authority can run a prison smoothly:
    1)Healthcare: Provide access to adequate healthcare services for prisoners. Address medical needs promptly and ensure a hygienic environment to prevent the spread of diseases.
    2)Rehabilitation Programs: Offer educational, vocational, and rehabilitation programs to help prisoners acquire skills for reintegration into society.
    3)Fair discipline: Enforce fair and consistent disciplinary measures. Respect prisoners right and treat them with dignity, even when implementing disciplinary actions.
    4)Basic needs: Ensure that prisoners have access to basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Provide a humane living environment that meets minimum standards.
    5)Visitor Programs: Facilitate visitation programs to maintain connections between prisoners and their families, recognizing the importance of maintaining family ties.
    6)Staff Training: Train prison staff on proper conduct, dealing with conflict, and respecting the rights of prisoners. Continuous training helps maintain a professional and humane environment.

  • Criminals are sent to prison so that they can regret there wrongdoings and become a better person. For this to happen perfectly the perfect balance is required, the person shouldn't be too comfortable but shouldn't be too cut off from the outside World.
    If say the person is totaly cut off he would probably develop severe mental conditions and that would not lead to improvement.
    I feel that the perfect prison should not be very comfortable like the ones in Norway, but not too cruel.
    Criminals should be having lessons that teach them well and go through psychiatric appointments that help them go through the mental phase that they are facing, because most of them have to do wrong only because their condition and mental state forces them to. With a little training and education we can ensure that the crime isn't repeated and the person changes himself for good.

  • I think diagram E, reflect the collaboration of some people.
    Richard Hughes said in prison they provide a lot of resources and they also have the chance to skill acquisition and education. talking about skill acquisition,not so many of these prisoners were employed while they were on the society which lead them to committing one crime or the other. But with skill acquisition so many of them will become entrepreneur and will contribute to community development.

    I watched a movie recently and in the movie the women in prison were taught how to sew and robotics . This women use this skilled acquired in prison to provide school uniform for students who can't afford uniform and they made donations to orphanage home while in prison,with the aid of teamwork and positive mindset .

    Their good deed were recommended by the government and society. It will change their perspective about how they have been living their life.

    So therefore I think prison should be runned with the care; because they are not just making the society to be a crime free society,but also raising people who will uplift the economy.

    1. Rightly said admirable_butterfly,
      That's a really interesting perspective! It sounds like the movie you watched showcased the positive impact that skill acquisition can have on individuals in prison. It's amazing how they were able to use their newfound skills to give back to the community and make a difference. I agree that prison should be run with care and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and personal growth. It's not just about making society crime-free, but also about helping individuals become productive members of society.Absolutely! It's important to recognize the potential for growth and transformation in individuals who are in prison. By providing resources, education, and skill acquisition opportunities, we can help them develop new talents and abilities. This not only benefits them personally but also has a positive impact on the community. When individuals in prison are given the chance to learn valuable skills, such as sewing and robotics, they can use those skills to contribute to society in meaningful ways. It's inspiring to hear about the women in the movie you watched who used their sewing skills to provide school uniforms for students in need and make donations to orphanages. Their actions not only showcase the power of teamwork and a positive mindset, but also demonstrate the potential for personal growth and societal contribution. By supporting and encouraging rehabilitation programs in prisons, we can help individuals change their perspectives and lead more fulfilling lives.

  • I think option G best describes how I feel a prison should be run in society. The reason some people commit crimes is because of their mindset which I feel can be best reformed in the prison. Some people feel that crime is the only way to have a good life while some people feel it is the best way to get revenge on someone or some people just have the urge to commit crime, that is why instead of physically punishing criminals all the time attention should be paid to their mental health. I have seen cases whereby even after criminals are arrested and released they don't feel remorse for their actions and I think it's because prisons are not working towards changing criminals but they are just focused on repeatedly punishing them. Prisons should inculcate therapy or counselling sessions for criminals to understand the reason why they commit crimes and work towards changing their lives for the better. The fact is that humans have different ways they accept correction, some people might see physical punishment as a form of abuse and not change but they prefer counselling sessions as they aren't treated like the worst of people but given the chance to open up their mind, spill what is going on in their lives and accept better views.

  • In my opinion, option J is the best fit for what Robert has explained. The icon in option depicts a man helping another man who appears to have been a prisoner. Recently released prisoners often find it difficult to settle into the society, as many people keep a certain distance from them. Additionally, it can be challenging for them to find employment, so they often require both emotional and financial support. Therefore, I believe that those around them should always be willing to lend a helping hand.

  • I would pick icon D because I believe that it represents prisoners trying to brainstorm and be productive prison should not be a place to chain people's thoughts and mentality. Rather it is meant to allow them to fix their mentality and resolve the issue that got them there in the first place. so, I feel that a prison is meant to be more of a rehabilitation center rather than a place of shame.

  • Good Day everyone,
    I will be talking about some of the icons which I took note of and explain what I understood from them. This included;
    1. Icon J which shows two people in a classroom setting learning. What I understood from there is that in prisons, prisoners are to be taught different skills such as barbing, sewing, shoe making and many other skills which can serve as help to them when they leave prison so that they can find a job or become self employed and begin to make an honest living.

    2. From icon b you will see two people with arrows connecting them from within. What I understood from the icon is that prison should serve as a place where people learn better about their fellow people and learn to interact with them. When prisoners learn how to interact with each other, they will easily be able to adapt and interact with others in the outside world when freed from prison.

    3. From icon a you see two people who have a sign on their head that depicts messages. What I understood from the icon is that prison is also a place where people who did not know how to communicate well with others learn to communicate with others better.

    4. In icon g you see a brain with a lightening bold sign which I think shows that in prisons the inmates also learn to reason better than before, help them think about the consequences of an action before doing it and helps them make right decisions.

    Thank You.

  • H, I think. In my opinion, inmates who receive instruction, education, and freedom will become better citizens and might avoid returning to back to prison. These folks will develop into decent citizens, and if they continue to work together positively, they might even get a little smarter and more educated. In addition, if they have hope when they are released, they might be able to find well-paying jobs and start over, inspire, illuminate and impact other people's lives.

    1. hello trusting_interaction
      In my opinion prison should not be too comfortable or flexible for inmates, which makes them feel like the prison is a conducive environment for them to live, and you will then realize that when they get out of prison they are okay with committing the same crime because they are okay with going back because they will be treated nicely and in some cases even better than they are outside prison. they might even end up telling friends and as a result of peer pressure they will also end up committing crimes. And this can also lead to overcrowding in prisons as the case may be

  • In my own view I want to express my feelings deep down in my heart on the purposes of prison.A prison is a place where punishments are given to people who have committed a particular crime which is harmful to the environment or neighborhood or to the society and citizens.For prisons to run well for prisoners the following which includes this listed below must be done:
    Therapy sessions
    Skill acquisition relevant in the society
    Welfare packages for prisoners who exhibit change in character
    I have come to the opinion to decide option G as my answer.Prisons can also be runned by government providing warders to guard the prisons well to ensure that prisoners don't escape from the prison.In Conclusion the best option is option G

    1. Thank you for sharing this @inventive_signature. Can you say why else you think that welfare packages would benefit prisoners? Also, why do you think therapy sessions would benefit prisoners?

      1. Greetings Eva
        I think therapy sessions will benefit prisoners because it is sessions that teaches prisoners how to get help with a mental health problem or get extra support if they are going through hard situations .In a Therapy you have someone called a Therapist to speak to.
        In a therapy session you will speak openly, take notes. Then the therapists takes notes as you speak, and everything you talk or discuss with a therapist is kept confidentiality.
        Welfare packages will also benefit prisoners because it will help them to continue in their new way of life and become better.

  • I suppose L will work for me. The symbol, in my opinion, stands for organisation, with a decent prison having staff that can safeguard the facility so that inmates cannot escape, allowing inmates to interact with friends and relatives. When a prison is well-run, with a strong administrative lead, high walls, an electric fence, and other features, along with appropriate training and skill development programmes, the inmates may properly reintegrate into society after their release.

  • I choose C, which i think stands for sufficient staff personnel in the prisons.
    With sufficient and adequate staff in the prison, all needs and issues necessary to operate the prison will be attended to promptly and effectively.
    Richard Hughes also talked about having enough staff in the prison for effective communication, attend to all physical and mental health issues alongside learning from one another to add to their wealth of knowledge.
    Fundamentally, i think the prisons should be operated as a skilled acquisition center for the prisoners.

  • I selected H because, in my opinion, it demonstrates the need for inmates to cooperate to get the skills necessary to contribute to society after they are released from jail. It will take specific training and education for prisoners to learn and re-learn things that are already engrained in their thoughts for them to be good citizens. Everybody's growth depends on education, thus if leaders everywhere make sure that everyone is appropriately trained and educated wherever they are, society would improve greatly.

  • I'm feeling I. From the image, i was able to decipher that the prison authorities have seen that those inmates have lives to live after prison and so, they make attempts to imbibe vocational skills in their inmates. They may also go through self development sessions were inmates are given the oppurtunity to work on and reform theirselves. Those skills learnt while in the prison will help them to get jobs or better still start up their own businesses after serving their sentence and the self development programs will aid them to view life with a different and better perspective hence reforming their mindset and style of reasoning.

  • I don't know what to choose. I think a prison should be a place where criminals reflect on their crimes and see the way they can change their way of seeing the world. There should be conventions on making prisoners reflect on their crimes and they help themselves by socializing with other criminals in a positive way.

  • I believe diagram L shows prisoners relating with with the staff of the prison and with one another. Interacting with one another, staff of the prison, relatives and friends is very important because when prisoners are released they will be some one's neighbour and if the jailers don’t reform the prisoners' attitude and then when they are released with no change in behaviour, they might continue the bad acts that initially got them in prison life for their neighbours might be terrible as they might be in danger. So I think that prisons should be run with reforming prisoners attitude in mind.

  • I pick J. The two people in the icon look like they are helping each other. Prisons are correctional centres and prisoners eventually leave prison after their sentence. Prisons should be able to teach people skills that they will use once they are released and get back into civilization. One of these important skills is teamwork. Teamwork is a very essential skill. As a correctional centre, prisons should be able to teach inmates that individuals have their own set of skills and strengths. When inmates learn to work together, everyone will have an opportunity to learn from each other. This process leads to resource building and enables the inmates to become better equipped to deal with new challenges. Prisoners would have to learn this in prison.
    Mr. Richard said something about helping inmates learn new skills. I think teamwork is an important skill which not just prisoners, but everyone needs to have in order to achieve success in life. He also talked about prisoners getting a job once they are released. I think this can only be achieved if prisons teach inmates to work together because teamwork improves efficiency and productivity.

  • I believe that diagram L shows that learning is still ongoing even I prison. Teaching prisoners helps in many ways. First, it stops them from going back to crime by giving them skills for jobs when they leave. It also makes them feel stronger and better about themselves, helping them fit back into society. When prisoners learn, they can get good jobs, which helps the economy and lessens the money burden on everyone. Learning in prison makes them think better, and it keeps everyone safer. It also helps them understand why they turned to crime in the first place and stops them from doing it again. Teaching prisoners is fair and treats them with respect, giving them a chance to change and grow. When educated prisoners leave, they are more likely to help their communities and be responsible members of society.

  • I think logo B is showing that there is a relationship between the inmates. The friendships between people in prison can have good and bad effects, depending on how they are. Some good things are having friends for emotional support and reducing loneliness. These friendships can also help solve problems, create chances to learn, help deal with stress, and maybe even make violence less likely. On the other hand, it's important to know that bad things can happen too, like making criminal behavior worse or getting involved in illegal activities. It's like finding a balance between the good and bad to understand how these friendships affect life in prison. The people in charge of the prison try to watch and control these friendships to keep everyone safe and well.

  • To be honest, I really don't understand what the icons are saying, but I'm going to state my opinion on what I feel a proper prison should be. I feel prison should be a place that will give prisoners a chance to reflect on their actions and let them know that their actions were really hurting the people around them also a prison should discipline prisoners and teach them how to become better people, also I feel an important thing prison should be able to do is to teach prisoners skills (vocational skills) that could help and develop them. So when they are done serving their time in jail they can begin to startup businesses with the skills they have learnt while serving their time in jail. Most importantly prisons should help criminals evolve into better people and become reformed. Prisons should help criminals let go of their old life of crime and embrace new beginnings as better people.

  • my friends and I had some discussions on how a prison should be run. From the discussion we concluded that a prisoner is not supposed to take in electronics, even if it is the highest prison in the country. Electronics in prison is a aid for a prisoner's escape. The prison officers should ensure they thoroughly search prisoners before keeping them in prison and also do time to time search on them while in the prison. Fito's escape would have been slimmer if the officers didn't allow him take his cell phone or if they checked him thoroughly while in prison.

  • I believe that prisons are a place to correct your errors and learn where you went wrong. I think that many people that end up in prisons may have had something bad happen in their upbringing / personal life. I think that there should be cooperative activities such as cooking and recreational activities to introduce and strengthen peoples empathy and team-working skills.
    To me, the idea of these ultra maximum security prisons seems obsolete as all they do is dehumanise its inmates. Having more secure facilities for more dangerous criminals is a good idea however, I still believe that they should contain the basic needs, learning facilities and team building activities for its inmates.

  • In my opinion I believe that Prison should be run differently depending on the prisoners in there. For example, people who have stolen in petty crimes are not mainly locked in to protect citizens: but to stop from re offending. Therefore, prisons such as these should be more enjoyable and learning focused to reduce the amount of criminals re offending. This is shown from Spanish prisons having an "enjoyable" prison with some of the lowest re offending rates. These prisons include activities such as gardening or team building. It would also help young teenage criminals then contribute to society afterwards boosting the economy.
    On the other hand, prisons that contain highly dangerous criminal such as gang leaders and terrorists should be more high security so that people cannot escape sparking riots/rebellions. This is due to the fact that these criminals are probably past the point of repair and will only do harm to the economy.
    To conclude I believe that that prisons should be more engaging for different civilians trying to dehumanise less people and rehabilitating them ready for society.

  • Well, so first of all, I think that prison is not a place for punishment. It is a place for prisoners to understand what they have done. It is a platform for prisoners to reform, to be better than before, to change themselves into a better person. The prison should focus more on reformation of prisoners. Prison should give punishment to prisoners but they also need to help the prisoners to be better, prison should use the support of A.I. Well, A.I might help prison in better solutions and new treatment systems for prisoners to change and adopt the habits more of a citizen. Prison should help the prisoners learn Human aspects and get socialize with people with the help of A.I. Prison could help prisoners to interact in the society by interacting with different people. Prisoners must get the conception of having prison as a platform of reformation. They should not get misconception about prison and prison should help the prisoners to be mentally healthy.
    At last, I think the above ideas are the way I think a prison should run like. But, it isn't just that prison must run like this but I think moreover changing the treating system to prisoners might work effectively because to reform, there must be a change of thoughts in one's mind

    1. You have mentioned AI in your comment. Could you give specific examples of how AI can help within prison systems?

  • I would say that prisons should be run smoothly but before i continue, i would like to say that a prison is a place meant for criminals, that is, people that does harm to the society. In a prison prisoners should be given comfort but not to much comfort, they should be given good food, water and every other thing they need to be comfortable enough in the prison but not too much of it. For the fact they are in prison means they must have committed a crime. They should be enough and well trained security guards there so the prisoners would not run away, but here in Nigeria soldiers who are not well trained are put in charge of the prisons that we have. In conclusion i would say that prisoners should be made more secured than they should be comforted.

  • I personally think 'I' best represents how prisons should be run, as to me it symbolises teaching. In prison I believe that teaching prisoners what they have done wrong and why it was wrong is extremely important. This is because once they are integrated back into society you don't want them to end up back in prison for the same or worse crimes. Teaching them why what they did was a mistake and shouldn't be repeated will also help them come to terms with why they are in prison for a given amount of time.
    Continuing with the idea of teaching, I think prisons should not only focus on reformation, but on educating their prisoners about the world. For instance, it would be important for them to be taught about what is going on in the outside world and the globe's latest affairs.
    So in conclusion, I believe prisons fundamental value should be changing prisoners lives around and helping them have a better life when they are released due to the lessons they have learnt in prison.

    1. Hi, you've made some good points here. In what way do you think the knowledge of the outside world and current affairs can help prisoners improve their lives when they are released?

      1. I think knowledge of the outside world would be crucial for a prisoners integration back into society. This is because without this knowledge of current affairs then they would be stuck in the society then left. For instance there may be things like Artificial Intelligence that may have no idea of its existence or current impact on society.

        Without knowledge of the outside world they will step into a society that they don't recognise. The transition between in and out of prison will be difficult enough without the added pressure of trying to figure out what has happened in the world since they entered prison.

        However long they would have been in prison, whether it be a year or maybe even twenty there would have been some big world news that they wouldn't have known about. Take inflation for example, if prisoners leave prison and enter a culture shock where prices are higher than they would have ever imagined. Countries will be trying to recover from their economic problems which will have an impact on society and the way they are living.

        The idea of the outside world may scare some prisoners, so keeping them updated with what is going on may help lessen this fear and make them feel as if they are still a small part of the society they left.

        So in conclusion this knowledge of the outside world and current affairs will be crucial to helping them re-enter society in the most easy and non-disturbing way, for both them and the community they are entering.

    2. I agree with accurate_outcome about educating prisoners, yes educating them is truly part of getting prisoners ready for life after release. One thought that goes through every prisoner's head is, "What will life be like when I am released?" Will I ever be accepted by society? I selected "I" because, with what Richard stated, I believe he was attempting to convey that prison administrators ought to do everything within their power to prepare inmates for life after release to help them become decent neighbours. Furthermore, I believe that everyone deserves a fair shot, thus prison officials should push other officials to do everything in their power to prepare inmates for release.

  • According to my observations, I choose option "G". This is because a prison is a place where law breakers are kept with the purpose of correcting them from their previous mistakes. In the case of the notorious criminal "Fito", he was able to break out of prison because there was no tight security to the extend of being allowed to decorate his prison cell and accessing cell phones and that made he so comfortable that he was able to contact his gang members. Finally, I choose "G" because when there is a tight security and punishment prisoners would be able to repent from their previous mistakes. Thanks.

  • I went with the option I. If prisoners are given education which I believe is fantastic because, upon their release, they will be better citizens and will have the ability to communicate with people both locally and globally, giving them a new lease on life. Prisons should set up programmes that educate all prisoners about changes occurring outside of their walls and how to take advantage of these changes. More severe measures ought to be implemented for dangerous criminals such as Fito.

  • I believe that Icon I better represents my view on how prisons should operate. In my opinion, Icon I indicates that prison facilitators aim to teach criminals why committing crimes is wrong and how to strive for a better and brighter future. This approach focuses on education and rehabilitation, helping individuals understand the consequences of their actions and guiding them towards positive change. It emphasizes giving people a chance to learn from their mistakes and work towards a more positive and productive future. Icon I reflects a perspective that values redemption and personal growth within the prison system.

  • PRISONS are places we're corrections are made. It is a correctional ground for does who default in the laws of the land.
    Prisoners should be made partially and a bit comfortable in the PRISONS so that they won't have the mindset to escape because of a lot of maltreatments they face, however defaulters should be treated like humans and not animals.
    On the side when I said that jailers should be made partially comfortable , I don't mean too comfortable because fito had a lot of comfort that was why he was able to escape from the prison. As a matter of fact they should have more watch over prisoners.

  • I strongly agree with "G" which in my interpretation has to do with the mind or psychology of prisoners. A prison is a place where people change from their crimes. Therefore prison officers should adopt the Reformative theory. The prison officers should concentrate more on reformation of prisoners. They should introduce therapy sessions for psychological talk with prisoners in order to hear their perspectives about crimes. I reflected on the possible reasons why people are imprisoned and I came to a conclusion that to Some it is due to ignorance. Some it was because of their upbringing, environment, or influence from friends. Teaching them to know better through education is also an important tool for the mind.

  • I chose F because it enables convicts to assist and educate one another, cooperation can be a potent instrument for inmate change. Together, they can grow in their sense of identity, learn new skills, and see the world from various angles. It presents a chance for personal development and can support the creation of an atmosphere that is supportive of recovery.
    When prisoners work together to develop workshops or educational projects, that is an example of collaboration in the prison system. They can create study groups to assist one another in their academic classes or plan skill-building seminars where they impart knowledge of various hobbies or trades to one another. People can share knowledge, encourage one another's academic pursuits, and advance both personally and professionally by cooperating.
    Inmates can work together to bring about change in several ways. They can organise support groups where participants talk about their objectives, difficulties, and experiences in life. They can find the courage and inspiration to make positive changes in their lives by confiding in and supporting one another. Both inside and outside of the jail, they can collaborate on community service projects like helping at a nearby charity or promoting environmental causes. Both the general public and each participant gain from these cooperative efforts.

  • As mentioned in the video, an effective prison is what we need the most today. An effective prison should have right and necessary stuff and resources, which contribute much for the reformation and look after the prisoners well. An effective prison also considers about the personal development of the offender along with their punishment. According to me, in an effective prison there should be arrangement for skill development.
    It is scientifically proved that a criminal has a very sharp brain and more IQ than normal people. But they don't know how to utilize that talent. So, it should be the duty of prison officers to find out the hidden talent of the offender and show them the path of prosperity. We have to teach them that they can utilize their potentials to earn money.
    Suppose one of the offenders has an amazing talent of drawing pictures. So, we should provide them with drawing materials so that they can utilize their free time painting wonderful pictures. And if the drawing materials are worth of selling, we can sell those drawing and save the money which we will get them back on their release day. In this way, the offender doesn't have to commit any more crimes because he has already got a path of prosperity and earning livelihood. It goes same for the people who have amazing writing ability. We have seen that many writers have written many good books while staying in prisons. So, we should also provide writings material. In contrast, we can say that the prison officers have to do the most crucial role in this case. He has to find out the hidden and creative talent of the offenders, help them to utilize their potentials, and also help them to find an ethical earning source. So, in every jail there should be arrangement for acquiring skills which will help them to earn their livelihood later.
    Most of the prisons ignored it and that's why we are seeing the number of reoffenders is increasing. So, I think that every prison should make such type of arrangement and help the offenders to get back to normal life, to be a good Neighbour and a good citizen. We also have to ensure that the prison officers are doing their jobs properly.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion in a clear and well-reasoned way. You say, "It is scientifically proved that a criminal has a very sharp brain and more IQ than normal people." Is this true? Do you have evidence for this? And is this true of all criminals?

      1. I didn't try to mean it in an overall case. It's not true that all criminals have a very sharp IQ. But in some cases, we see exceptions. The criminals actually think differently than normal people. A criminal plan to conduct the operation in different ways every time so that the police are unable to catch them. It's shows that if they can use the brain in good works then they can surely do wonder. They have never used their brain in good works. But if they use the brain in productive work, surely, they can do a lot more work. I believe that many of the criminals possess the ability, but they didn't get the proper environment to show their talent.
        Let's take example of a hacker. A hacker basically hacks other's personal information and threat them so that they are bound to give them money. They can hack any device with high security easily. What if we convert those hackers into white hat hackers. Then they can use their ability for the betterment and security of different official website. In this way, they don't need to use their ability illegally to earn money. They can earn money at the same time also help the government to tackle any other cyber threats. In this way, many big criminals possess some good qualities which we cannot generally found in normal people.
        I shouldn't say that it is scientifically proved, and I believe that some of the criminals do possess especial talent which we can use in good works.

  • I believe that a prison should be run like the letter I because yes a prison is a place for people who need to be in there for the mistakes they made but I feel like they should be shown their wrongdoings and learn how to be better. A prison shouldn't be hanging out with friends or comfortable because it's a secure place for people who messed up and they will need to learn their lesson because they're there for a reason.This is why I believe image I is how prisons should be ran. (Unfortunately I was unable to watch the video due to being blocked and I am unable to contrast my idea to Richards idea.)

  • I believe that prisons should be at least run a bit differently than now, I like the idea of the prison's purpose being primarily for prisoners to correct their behaviors. With this being said people who have corrected themselves probably have a certain mindset than others, sentence lengths, and also maturity, What about those who haven't? Those who haven't corrected their mistakes exist, there's a vast majority who don't learn from what they've done. Reasons why people haven't is because of their mindsets, environment, but ALSO the way they're treated in prison, they get mistreated for what they're sentenced for, in the end only taught violence rather than anyone advocated to help slightly. Prisons should fix this many people don't correct themselves from violence, no one is being taught how or in what ways to avoid doing crime once more.
    Another problem that should be changed is supervision, there are many incidents where people have deceased in prison, even in jail due to there being few supervisors or generally anyone willing to do anything. I believe that prison shouldn't feel like home, though people doing time shouldn't fear for their own lives while being in prison.
    A final thing I believe that should be changed is simply the environment itself, with the lacking of fresh air, need to be crowded with others, lack of healthy foods, overall inhumane place to stay in, over worn clothes etc. There should at least be more privacy, this could also reduce the over dramatic violence. Or better food that's genuinely healthy for people.
    As to Richard's diagrams, I didn't quite understand and it could interpreted differently for everyone, though that's my personal take overall.

  • I choose k, I think prisons should be more like a rehabilitation center, not a punishment. I say this because giving people a chance to rehabilitate will make them an even better person when they get out then they were before. Swedish prisons have this system, and the crime rate in Sweden is lower than the United States. Heres how i think it should work in the United States:
    Someone commits a crime.
    They get put in the prison rehabilitation center.
    They stay in a cell for 2 weeks to debrief.
    After the 2 weeks, they get put in a room with a TV, a bed, an electric stove, a gaming console of choice (Ps4 or Xbox One S), a fridge, and utensils.
    They stay in this room for the rest of their term.
    (They do get food every 2 weeks. It is enough to last until they get more food.)
    In my opinion, I think the system the United States has is irrelavant.