“What do young people want from their elective leaders?”


Richard Nash is a Senior Global Advisor for Corruption at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). Through his work he supports countries to have fair and open elections by working against corruption.

Corruption = dishonest behaviour where people in positions of authority abuse their powers for personal gain. For example, by accepting bribery or giving their friends powerful roles.

Richard wants to know what you want from your leaders. Watch his video, then have a go at his challenge.

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  • As a young person, I want my country's leader to:
    Invest in education to ensure all youth have access to quality learning opportunities , empowering them for future sucess.
    Address economic inequality by implementing policies that create job opportunities and support economic mobility ensuring a fairer society for everyone.
    Combat climate change to safe guard our planey and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.
    These three thing I would like to my country's leader to do.

    1. I agree with your opinion and i strongly support you i want my president to increase the children education and try to stop all forms of climatechange in the society also make opportunities for opharns who do not have parents to pay thier schoolfees.Because all children needs education to be better people in the future so we will have a better country.education is the key to unlock the Golding door of freedom and education is very importan to succeed in life.people criticize education because they didn't have the opportunity to go to school but people that have experienced it know how education helps

      1. Hi sincere_poem. I agree with you. you are right, the government should focus more on children's education especially orphans. Also it is true that children are the next generation and they need to have good education in order to lead very well. I also think that my leader should not just make available schools and education but also make available job opportunity for all graduates because one of the major problem we are facing is the lack of jobs. Their are many youths who completed their school but they do not have jobs. Our leader can build factories and companies which can serve as job employment for youths who are done with school so they have jobs😊💖.

      2. Hi sincere poem,
        I strongly agree with you because as a young person I would like my president to lay a good foundation for people by education. Education is one major thing any serious leader will bequeath the next next generation. This is a way of empowerment as this will position the people get jobs and ultimately be able to carter for their families.
        THANK YOU!!!

      3. Hello sincere_poem, I fully support you on what you have said. Yes, as a young person, I would also want my country's leader to increase the form of education and to make education possible for all the children including those less privileged

        As a child, I would want my leader to make education available to all. The reason I say this is because, as people say ''children are the leaders of tomorrow''. So if education is available for all, children may become smarter and better people. I also think that the orphans should also get access to education. Even if they do not have parents to pay their fees, all children should have access to education to live a better life. And also, if the children get access to education that is said to be ''the key that unlocks all knowledge'', they may also become great leaders and also give all children access to education as they got and also help the country like how the country helped them.

        THANK YOU.

      4. I strongly agree with you sincere_poem because if we do not have education we will not be able to do any formal profession, also the Country will be underdeveloped with high level of uneducated people. I think the government should spend at least 30% of the country's money to help children and take care of their educational needs. They should remember that children are the leaders of tomorrow. Government should protect children's interest while they are still young so that they will grow up to be responsible/patriotic Citizens. The Government should put programs in place that will include education of Orphans and children living with disabilities.

      5. I agree with you as most young people in my country also desire access to education. However, their basic needs are often not met which leads many children to beg on the streets for a chance at education. For example, a recent study showed that 60% of children in rural areas do not have access to clean water, which makes it difficult for them to attend school regularly. I believe that the government should prioritize children's education, especially orphans. This is because orphans often face additional challenges such as lack of resources or familial support. For instance, a recent report found that 70% of orphaned children in my country do not complete their primary education. It is my opinion that the government should allocate at least 30% of the country's budget towards education. For example, countries like Finland and Norway have successfully implemented such policies and have achieved high literacy rates. In addition, I think sanitation is crucial. Due to the lack of focus on environmental concerns, many people in my country remain unaware of climate change and do not participate in efforts such as "Operation Clean Your Frontage". For instance, a recent survey showed that only 20% of households in my country practice proper waste management.

        1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your information?

          1. Hi Chloe
            Most of my information was found here https://thebftonline.com/2023/02/16/every-child-deserves-a-chance/
            And some of this information was found from
            But the information about recent surveys were given to my by some people who participate in some clean up events in my neighboorhood.
            I hope this clears up any inconvenencies.

    2. You’v really impressed me because if our leaders should work together to do all that you’v just mentioned I don’t really think there will be any problem in this world.
      As a young adult, I want my country’s leader to:
      Eliminate food insecurity and scarcity to ensure that all the citizens in the country are appropriately feeding well.
      Secondly, I would have loved it if they have imbibed youth empowerment and job opportunities for all citizens.

      1. These are some excellent suggestions. Who could help support you to petition for these things?

        1. Yes afcourse, every problem has a solution and why not this one . For sanitation problem government should clean the infected areas on regular basis and make sure that water reaches to everyone's house and for the employment of the citizens the government of the countries should provide proper education to everyone as a educated person is deservable for job and they should also look after providing them even better job opportunities so they can secure their future . For the problem of food insecurity I would like to suggest that government should look after each and everyone's food supply and ensure that everyone should get healthy food without the mixing of any extra cheminals and for this health department should observe every food item that is supplied to the consumers. At the last I would like to suggest that government should launch schemes to look after these all problems as this step can make their work easier .

        2. Ok, I think the community can be a help because if I present my issues to the communities, they can rise an awareness to the government telling them what the citizens expect of them.

        3. Hi Olivia
          I think that it is the government, individual and the community that should help supporting the petition like
          1. Help in reducing food scarcity and food insecurity in the country.
          2. The community also help in contributing in the petition by providing community gardens where people can come and plant their food crops.
          So am saying that the government, individuals and communities help in supporting petition. Thank you!!

    3. Some of the problems that I think are important in my country are the lack of affordable health care, the environmental degradation, and the high rate of unemployment. I would like my leader to address these issues and find effective solutions that can benefit the majority of the people. One possible solution to unemployment is to invest in education and skills training for the youth, so that they can access more opportunities and contribute to the economy. Another possible solution is to support small and medium enterprises that can create jobs and stimulate growth. I think leaders in country can best help the people by listening to their needs and concerns, by implementing policies that are fair and transparent, and by collaborating with other countries and organizations that share similar goals.

    4. I agree with you talented_apricot, i need a leaders who I will invest massively in education which will empower the next generation thereby placing my country among the comity of nations. The young people in my country presently have been experiencing insecurity and any leader who will prioritize it will have the support of every young person.
      Thank you.

      1. Young people want to hear that there will be better education, more job opportunities, more jobs to be made,
        more security, and salary increases which means that the young people will be more motivated to get jobs.
        Presidents and Governors are supposed to do all of these things to make the world better.
        Then they will have all the young peoples support.
        THANK YOU.

      2. This absolutely true triumphant_world, insecurity is now the bane of our country and any leader who promises to tackle this will definitely have the support of young people. Scarcity of food is at all time high because farmers are afraid to go farm because of fear in Nigeria, this has led to prices getting higher every day. This is a big problem and people can’t afford food anymore leaving them in hunger and could cause corruption for instance stealing due to the issue of poverty.
        In conclusion, insecurity is one thing young people are looking for who will deal with.

    5. Thank you talented apricot for mentioning those key areas that make a nation great; quality education, a robust economy and policies that will favour climate change. In addition to this, my country Nigeria is divided along ethnic/tribal lines and religious lines. This has been a major problem in moving the country forward in the past 64 years, The leader we need right now is one who will unite the country like Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. He must transcend these divides to give everyone a sense of belonging.

    6. I agree because I think lots people want that and even if they show their faces I think that, that is a good sign for students to motivate them.

    7. I agree because these are the first things that a leader should ensure even before other things. Things like providing food for the country will also fall into this category. Building schools and workplaces will have a good impact on the country as well as the upbringing of people who will bring more technology and solutions to problems in the country. Also if leaders can fight climate change from the country, the country will be known for its economic growth and good environment.

    8. Hi,talented _apricot
      I totally agree with you because every child should have access to education because in life everyone needs education and as it is said that education is the key a key that opens doors.
      Economic inequality should be stopped so that every one will have an opportunity to try anything without segregating based on gender.
      Combat climate every where should be safe from air pollution, bush burning, poor drainage, deforestation and many more I agree with these things just like you do these are my reasons THANK YOU. 🎖🎊🎉🎈🎄.

    9. Education is the key to success and without education I don't know what would happen. People of the past never wanted to go to school but now that people have decided to go to school and study new inventions are here for example the AI with is the Artificial Intelligence and it is creating a very great impact in our life. In conclusion all am trying to say is that school is very important in our community.

    10. I completely agree with you. Education is a basic fundamental need and its the governments responsibility to take care that the country is educated. Also a good leader will always want the country to prosper and will try its best to remove poverty by the means you have mentioned

  • People want a leader who can solve they problems in the society,choose other good people who are not corrupt and know how to work.If I were to choose a leader I will like more money to be spent on they needs of the country those who work for they country and they people who defend the country.In my country which is Nigeria we have many problems because of the rotten leaders we have the main problem I will like to take care of is the leaders that are elected through bribery leaders are supposed to be an example to us but our leaders are the ones bringing us to bad things they collect bribes,choose useless heads of states,and do not care about of the need of the country.The other main problem I will like to talk about in my country is the poor people on the road,people do not have foo to eat because our leaders only care about themselves they do not even care about what happens to the country.For example our President tinubu son came out and told us that we should be patient his father will make Nigeria better and for me the main reason he came to the news is to advertise his watch but even though what he said was actually what he came to do how will a human being were a watch over 246 million and people in this my country do not have food to eat .A leader is someone who should work hard for the country make sure it becomes prosperous even go as far as sacrificing for the poor that is what a leader should be and I know plenty people who have studied leadership should agree with me.

    1. Thank you succint_cheetah for highlighting the need for leadership that is completely devoid of corruption. In a country that is so wealthy yet the citizens are so poor is unimaginable. Our country is in dire need of a leader who can come in and make policies that will completely deal with the issues of corruption in the civil service, police, military, and judiciary. Once this can happen, I can assure you everything will naturally fall into place.
      The other thing I'm looking forward to in a leader is decisiveness in dealing with the issues of insecurity that we faced for over ten years.

  • Id like younger people to have a say in all the decisions made. The youths should choose a representative that has listening ears so that when decisions are being made, he or she can add to it considering his of her fellow youths. I say this because there are decisions made without considering how it would affect the youths. Sometimes I wonder why a youth hasn't been president yet? Is it that we are scared or what? but I hope this encourages youths to take a chance.
    Some of the problems we are facing here in Nigeria are, unemployment, lack of food, wrong leaders etc, but the one that id like them to focus on the most is the one about leaders. I'm not trying to generalize oh but then. there are a lot of leaders who are just seated then for their own selfish interest and while we are getting poorer and poorer, they are becoming richer and fatter.
    I think my leader would best help us by paying attention to us and hearing our complaints and also having an adviser that isn't his age but having one that he or she is still quit you. When the adviser still has a fresh brain filled with good ideas for the citizens of the country. I am not saying the current adviser isn't good enough but we need to slowly bring us youths into the picture.

    1. Thank you reflective cymbals. One may indeed feel that there is a big disconnect between current leaders and yound population, both in terms of values and ideas. Should young people only be involved as advisors to politicians or also play a more active role themselves (e.g., in the context of elections or even decision-making as an elected representative)?

  • I seriously do not want money, all I want is freedom, peace, love, unity, friendly environment, a government that actually cares for his or her country and people who see me for who I am. I want happiness. I want the government to do justice to the country. I want them to stop the act of cheating, sponsering criminals and so on, I want them to encourage the people to open their brains and think, they should make it clear that people should practice love and hospitality.They should stop selling out their countries and stop acting ignorant. e.g. Nigeria is a typical example. I love my country and that is why I will not lie. Nigeria can downgrade but they already downgraded and some ignorant so called government will cheat and enjoy for the fact that no one can do anything but they do not know that they have thrown this country to the deepest pit there is. They should focus and do the right thing.They can help this country by gathering good advice, practicing good acts, stop political instability, corruption, ethnic and religious tensions, economic inequality, inadequate infrastructure, and security issues and start the opposite. They see so many Nigerians complain and still do what they do, that should stop. They should learn from their mistakes.

  • What i will want or expect from my leaders are according to their manifesto's. this country needs leaders that will make a change to their society or environment, leaders that will make this world a better place for us to live in. We do not want corrupt leaders that will come and destroy this place that we live in for us . When choosing a leader we must not choose them because we are forced to choose them we should choose them because we know what they are capable of doing and how they are going to make change to this society.

    1. Hi delightful queen,
      I strongly agree with you because in my opinion I want leaders to change the way things cost so that people can have higher purchasing power. I also think that when leaders can makes our world better and makes our lives better to live.
      Beyond manifesto, I want to be able to trust whoever leads me. I want the person to also be accessible so that when issues arise, we can easily have a town hall meeting to resolve it because most leaders become elusive once voted into office.
      THANK YOU!!

      1. HELLO mirthful flight,
        I agree with you because many people don't carry out what they said in manifesto , most people or candidate can have a higher purchase of power and by doing that they can be elected. Even if they are elected, after four(4) years they can choose another candidate maybe they will get a better person or candidate. Election is to help pick people that will move the country forward, not to pick people that only want to eat our money.
        THANK YOU!!!

    2. I agree with you delightful_queen because as a young person I will like my leader to make a change in the environment, and will help make a change on pollution. We don't want someone that will make the situation worse, also when electing a leader we must choose someone that will do good and stop the environmental issues.

      1. I agree with you because a young person would want a leader who would end gender inequality, provide good education, create more jobs and help to stop eco-anxiety. If a country gets a leader who would do all these things the youths will be very happy and will tend to put in their best in the growth and development of the country.

        1. I agree with you and like you have said if all these things are done, the citizens would also want to be of their good attributes for the development of the country and again the leader could get elected with a good name and a statue could be built for him or her and it could also help in installing in young ones good characters and how it pays. These are the kinds of leaders that people need and also to show examples for people to follow,(role model) and can help in shaping young peoples life.

    3. I agree with delightful_queen because voters need to vote the right leader to lead the country or communities. I think its about time the youth begin to us the power of social media, build momentum, get the audience of many and use yhe platforms for campaign to channel the mind of people to see the qualities should look out for in our leaders and also use the same platforms to show to the people if they failed to keep to their promises when they get to power.

  • As a young person I would like my country leader to invest more in the education system and ecological system I would like the leader to leader to focus on the economy inflation and salary system since recently I've seen people more frequently on the streets or families that doesn't have enough money I been seen how little children ask their mom for a little toy and the parents say that either they can't buy it because there's not enough money or they say to look for something more cheaper, the leader can help people by implementing more security around the old and young people.

    1. Hi unassuming clementine,
      I strongly agree with you because on the need for a leader who will invest both in education, ecological system as well as as economy. In my country, we are dare need of a leader who will provide security against insurgency, raiders etc. because it takes that for every other thing to be place. Any leader who promises to deliver on that has my vote.
      Thank you.

    2. Hello unassuming_clementin,
      The need for education for the next generation can not be overemphasized. I also want a leader who will invest in education but in the area of AI technology. AI is the future of education and my generation must be adequately prepared. Children from the creche must begin to be exposed to this technology because this guarantees we will compete favourably with other nations soon.

      1. I agree with you for the fact that AI is the future of modern technology, but I don't think that young children from creche should be introduced to AI at a very young age. We've already heard or listened to recent news 0f children getting addicted to devices such as tablets, phones or laptops at a very tender age and the parents end up leaving these children with these devices without monitoring what they are doing. So I think the introduction of AI to children shouldn't be done at early age.

  • I believe that the government should allocate more funds towards building crude oil refineries in our country. This will make refining our crude oil products cheaper and make them more readily available.
    In addition, I think the government should focus on price control measures. Currently, people are making goods and services very expensive, and many people are struggling to afford basic necessities. If the government could set price controls on products, it would benefit everyone, regardless of their financial status. This would make life more comfortable and easier for all.
    Lastly, I believe that providing free education to those who cannot afford to pay for their school fees is crucial. Education should be accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic background because everyone has the right to education. By providing free education to everyone, the leader can best serve the people and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

  • More funding for a nation's development and problem-solving, including health care, education, and public security and safety, is something I would really like to see. Nigeria faces a number of issues, but one that stands out to me and on which I would like everyone to concentrate is corruption. This is a problem that cannot be solved by ourselves; instead, we require the help of our leaders because they have the authority, but since some of them are now corrupt, we must properly address this issue. Furthermore, our leaders can best assist us by assisting their population in areas were supports is really needed to improve their economy.

  • What I've noticed from some leaders is that hey embezzle money and spend it on themselves so I feel less money should be spent on themselves. Most times I see some politicians flexing as we youths would say with a lot of the capital of the state and I feel really bad, so in essence I feel that they should please reduce the way that they embezzle and should spend more on the people.

    1. you are very right reflective cymbals. The government focuses more on themselves instead of those who voted them into power. They use the money that is suppose to pay workers salary to live large while the people remain poor. The government should use that money in developing the country. They can also use the money to pay the fees of orphaned children, develop health care system, building factories, and companies to make jobs available for people who have finished school. There are a lot of things they can do with the money instead of using it to feed large with family and friends.

  • I think the one thing a young person would want from leader will be a person would lay a good foundation for their future.When youths know that a particular candidate will provide good education,good jobs and fund for a country the youths will want to vote for the candidate because of the assured promises of the candidate.
    I also think that young people will like to someone who make policies that will reduce the rising eco-anxiety among young people.

    1. I agree with you because young people or youth would like to be leaders, also they would like him/her to make changes like increase of salary, more schools and at least 1,000 orphanages and healthcare centres for the well-being of his or her citizens,also reducing the cost of goods and fuel prices. THANK YOU

    2. Hi wise painting,
      I strongly agree with you because I also think that young persons would need a good foundation for the future just like me. I will want to have a better system to help me fulfill my dreams. I think laying a good foundation like you said might help some people or other people in their future. Sometimes most young people have big dreams and aspirations and most times if the leaders of the country do no pay the attention to the needs of the generation to come, there will not be anything worthwhile in the future.
      This can be made possible when the government make available good and quality educations, provide good healthcare to take care of all the sick kids and also, kids might not be sure what they want to become in life, the government can provide guidance and counselling to put them in the right part.
      children are said to be the LEADERS OF TOMMORROW and I think that any leader who does not invest in their future is lost.

  • Hello,
    As a young person, I need from my country leader to spend money, time and great efforts in chieving the social justice.
    Juctice in education, medical care, food, home and all things people need.
    Social justice and equality among members of society in rights and duties is what spreads security, safety, love, peace, and cooperation among people.

    1. I agree with marvellous_reflection because if government or president help people in the country or communities with their financial needs by making available job opportunities and provide good infrastructural development that will serve the needs of the people. If this is done, the people will love their leader.
      Some cheaper housing can be provided by the leaders. Scholarships opportunities will also be a great thing that can help grow the country and great talent and skills can be used from these to develop the economy and make it better.

  • As a young person I would like our elected leaders to focus on improving the health sector in my country so that everyone will have easy access to medical facilities.
    I would also like the government to spend more money on education because it will allow people who are less privileged to have access to free education. By doing so the government could empower more people.
    Lastly I think the government could help the people by providing laws that could reduce the emission of carbon footprint which would reduce climate crisis.
    Thank you

  • Hi! I have noticed that in my country, education is not properly supported. Although it seems like people are working towards developing a better educational system, they keep making the wrong choices. For example: here, we are graded from 1 to 10. At the end of the year, our final grade is calculated based on all of our grades. It used to be a rule that the students whose final grades were over 9,50 would receive a certain amount of money in the following year. Lately, they have changed it into 30% of the kids from a classroom will receive the money. It seems fine at first glance, but it actually meant that some children with their final grades being 4 received the money, because they qualified in that 30% of their classroom. Apparently, this was supposed to motivate students into studying more. I totally disagree with this, because it actually made children think that they could do almost nothing at all, but still receive prizes. Similar actions from the ones responsible with the education led to young people believing that they could continue being careless about school, because the educational system would find a way to ,,motivate,, them. Of course more and more students decide to stop studying. Even some of those who had been studying until now have started to wonder if it is worth working so much, when you get the same payment as those who don't put in any effort. It felt so unfair to me. I would like to see a different approach on motivating kids to study. For example, that they need to work in order to be rewarded.

  • In Greeece nowadays there are two major issues like the increase of prices on products and the one with farmers.
    There is a big problem with the food and the gas.
    The prices are very high and some people feel angry about it. I they theybshould go down for a while.
    The problem with the farmers seems to expand even more in a region called Thessaly because of the bad weather conditions it had as a result of climate change.
    For these reasons I would like the government to spend more money on factories that pollute your air and it has a bad effect on our environment.

  • What I would like more money to be spent on is, Health care, women and skill acquisition program.

    Healthcare: there are many local government in the country that do not have ability to afford private hospital or that does not have hospital in their neighborhood,I think the government should build more hospital in their area.so that the poor and Incase of emergency and finance. In other to save life and cost of going to a private owned hospital.

    Women: women have face all sought of discrimination,I think the government should provide for women who have been abused,forced in early marriage,single mothers and other women who need help.they should provide food, shelter, clothing and health insurance should be given to them.

    Skill Acquisition program:the government should organise skill acquisition programs so that the rate of unemployment will be reduced and youth in the society will not engaging in negative vices .with this some will become entrepreneur and employ other people and unemployment will be eradicated.

    If the government spend on this thing the society will be free from unemployment, robbery, insecurity and it will promote peace and love among the people.
    The government will also have a close relationship with the people.

  • As a young person,I will my country to spend more money on necessary things and spend and spend less on unnecessary .their are meny things that my nation are faceing but i whant whem to fase no which is kidnaping.the leadars will give more security to the countey will stay better

    1. What things do you consider to ne necessary and unnecessary?

  • Hello!
    I believe that the more money we spend on health and education, the better off the country will be. These two elements have the power to positively alter every component, including rates of poverty, GDP, IMR, economy, literacy rates, etc.
    One of the issues my country may be having at the moment is a lack of information, despite the fact that individuals in rural areas are receiving policy information via news channels, newspapers, and radios. subsidies, programs, etc., but many of these benefits remain unknown to them. Another major issue is of corruption.
    In order to address the issue of corruption, a perfect leader would prioritize the application existing laws over the creation of new ones. Frequent examinations are required.

    1. I agree because health and education build people, they turn a huge population, which is mostly considered a burden, into asset. There are many policies for citizens to enhance their skills, take care of their health and have basic education. But still, literacy rate is quite low, although there has been a subsequent growth. So, I would like my country to become a nation with higher literacy rate.
      Secondly, I would also like my country's leader to focus more on people's healthcare, and I feel people would be aware if they are educated enough. I also think that altogether their should be a major emphasis on education, because according to me education is the key. If citizens have basic education, then to they can make decisions for themselves, understand any situation and cautiously act upon it.

  • In my country, there are several problems in the foreground with the most important being in the context of politics. Thus, an ideal leader for me would focus more on making the right decisions not only for their individual mainly financial avail, but for the collective one, of course they will pay more attention to who can vote in elections and generally they will enact laws which favors the community and the politics. Moreover, a good leader is a leader that gives to local citizens a sunbeam of trust, safety and optimistim about the future of our country and our world. People should not be afraid to state their opinion and they should be able to express their feeling freely without fearing judgement and criticism. Lastly, it is important to note that personally the ideal leader for my country would give economical help to people in need and he/ she will also generate housing spaces for the homeless and stray animals.

  • I think most young people want a great and cheap education, that is my opinion. I say this because, in my country, education is a costly aspect of growth and to earn it you have to have a lot of money. Young people sometimes do not know the sacrifices their parents are making but when they grow older, they will understand what their parents went through because that is what they are also going through. So some young people already understand the sacrifices that their parents are making because the majority of them do not have a good and sustainable education that is why they are craving to have a good education not just for themselves but for all young people around the world that do not have a good and sustainable education.

  • As a young Individual I understand the problems of my country and I would like my government to support private refineries for our oil and fuel depots because that would really help our economy and create a sustainable exchange rate.
    I would also like my leaders to make easier and cheaper public transport even though there is something like that, privately owned in my state. I feel my government needs to give more attention to it because if they invest into it more intensively it would be a great help.
    My leader which is my president needs to appoint more responsible ministers and a more responsible senate because at this point that is where most of our problems come ,and it needs to be done if we are going to fix our economic crisis .

  • I say that young people like me want leaders that can stop kidnapping, embezzlement, and scamming.
    I would want to need all g these various requirements not just to paint s good picture on the mind of the citizens but to also be a good, lovely and that wonderful model for other young people.
    Kidnapping: This is the process of taking people away from their family and lived ones in order to demand fro a huge sum of money(Ransom for them to pay for the person). As a young person, this is one of the things that I would like to see to change.
    Embezzlement: This is the process if taking public funds and using it for yourself personally. Some countries politics have a lot of candidates that embezzle money that is not for them. This can lead to arrest but due to the state of the country, these candidates can just bribe people to get their day through. This is bad and I would want it to be stopped as a young person.
    Scamming: This is the process if making people listen to what you want to say and deceiving them to invest in some fake business and at the end of the day, they would gave stolen your invested money from you. For example there d a popular Nigerian prisoner, HUSH PUPPY, he was a very big scammer that traveled from country to country stealing a lot of people's money, he was stopped when his birthday cake sold him out to the Police and he got arrested. As a young person, this the thing that I want to hear had been stopped the most.
    If I had the opportunity to stop all this, I will use it to help all the other young people so that they would not go through the same blind process that I went through.

  • as a young person after hearing from other people's voting experience, I can say some of the things that need to be provided is a good source of income or job employment mayny people have turned to the life of crime because they cant get job employment, bad roads and bad public service many of our nations leaders focus more on there well being than the countrys wellbeing ,public funds many people pay bills but those bills that are ment for the country shared amoung political people in power.
    i think the country should address the problem of corruption in politics becuase many countries suffer from this
    our leaders can help us in many ways some of this things are providing sustainable living units for people that have been affected by poverty.

  • Personally, i would like my country's leader to:
    Focus on education, improve the educational system and ensure that all young people will have equal learning opportunities as in the future the country will depend on them.
    Show interest on people's needs like food, a safe home, their health and finding a job.
    Try improving the economy of the country and care about the environment.
    For me these are what i would like my country's leader to do or atleast try.

  • I believe what young people want from their leader is good character such as ;
    Standing by his/her words
    Being honest and fair
    Loving and caring.
    To me, I want my country leader to have most of these things and I would love if they invest more in education and employment because these are things that are bringing the country like Nigeria down .The country is lacking employment leading to different problems and as I heard , making parents feed on their children. Most part of the country is also suffering from lack of education which is making them uneducated in knowing things in the world.

  • What I want my leader to do is help fight corruption, kidnapping, robbery in Nigeria because Nigerians are beginning to suffer because. I feel the major problem and why these things happen is because there is high rate of unemployment in the country which makes the youths go into crimes of kidnapping and robbery to survive. I feel these things should be given more attention to. jobs should be created so that these youths can have jobs and be busy and also get what to live on.
    Also I need my leader to help make security in Nigeria a priority because there are lots of crisis going on in the country which makes people to loose their lives and property and even leave their homes .

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective with our class in the UK.

  • As a young person:
    i want my leader to help the homeless and make the whole country a better place and my community. In my country right now, there is high inflation. Prices of things are times 4-5 the price it used to be. things are very hard. most people cannot afford 2 square meals a day. most people are sick because they don't have money to go to the hospital or get medical help. i want my leader to help put this into consideration and help reduce the suffering of the people because i too and affected. most times my parents complain that they do not money to but most things that we need which is not good.

    1. Yes, I vehemently agree with you, in my Country today there are a lot of failures attached to it which is not good for the growing youths. Things like unemployment, the homeless people, the rising price of goods especially the griffin goods. there are a lot of things i wish to change, right now, as a youth, I wish for a better learning environment with good learning facilities, employment, lower prices of goods, orphanages for the homeless, etc. That is what i wish for my country and what I want my leader to do. Jack Welch will say, "before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you are a leader success is about growing others".

  • In my opinion as a young person i would want my leader to ensure that i have the following :Security, opportunity for learning, solving community issues, representing peoples interest, visionary, good listener ,etc.
    There are many problems in my country such as: Insecurity, corruption ,lack of proper health care services, lack of true representation , unequal development, i can go on and on. however, my leader could best help me by bringing security, ensuring quality education, solving problems like unemployment, robust economic system , adequate health services , tackling corruption and many more.

  • Hi,
    If I was my country's leader, I would spend more money to defend the country, helping the country with financial problems and job employment. The problems that in my country that I would like to focus on is insecurity because insecurity is a big problem in Nigeria. I can solve insecurity by being prepared for example making sur that there are security lines to be reached by all people in times of crises like 911 which is available in other countries. If you know kidnappers are coming to your home, you can call the police first.

  • Hello everyone !!!
    In my opinion, I would like more money to be spent on exploring and finding out how new innovative things could be made with our natural resources, for example we rely to much on petroleum in Nigeria. Moving on to the problems that are in my country I would like more focus to be placed on insecurity. Why I say insecurity is because nowadays, people can't sleep with their two (2) eyes closed because of fear of being attacked, properties stolen and even loss of life. People should live wherever they are without fear, travel freely and know they will get back home safely and meet with their family. How my leader could best help the people in my country is if he can stop the inflation, reduce the price of the fuel, increase salaries, have more people involved in agriculture and using agricultural products. How I wish everything could come back to normal and we all can enjoy our lives, just like we use to before.
    I hope you enjoyed this.
    Thank you and have a great day!!!

  • We believe that leaders should focus on getting rid of corrupt people in government and have more people that represent the views of the country. A couple of our groups talked about the cost of living crisis and that leaders need to do more to combat this and support people in having affordable rent and the ability to buy the necessities. One group also felt this linked to homelessness and that there should be more support for people to find housing and shelters available. We also discussed the infrastructure problems in the UK where roads and pedestrian areas are not maintained well and felt that this was also an important priority. We also felt that crime rates were worrying and that there may need reform in the UK police to solve some of these problems. Finally, some of us felt that tax cuts may be needed to support people, but acknowledged that this may impact public services, such as mental health provision, which needs to remain an important priority.

  • This is really an interesting one, and as a young person, I would want my country leader to invest greatly on these areas:
    1: Invest on business and companies, so that job opportunities will be created in the society. because I have noticed that some of the reasons why young people engage into evil act is because they have no job after they graduate with first class, many graduates today that graduated with upper class are out there in the streets looking for job and when they have tried there best and it did not work out, they get frustrated and engage themselves in some dirty jobs that is not good for the society therefore giving the society a bad name.
    2: I would want my leader to fight against gender inequality, this can be achieved, for example if a male president is elected, he can elect women as his ministers there by balancing the inequality.
    So I believe that when both male and female are been politically engaged, I think this gender inequality will be terminated in no distance time.
    And finally I would want them to establish a new system of government which will allow free education for the citizens, I said this because some people are poor and they can’t afford to send their children to school, and when they don’t go to school, they end up ruining their life’s for example they might engage into drug trafficking and most at times, they are been used by some corrupted rich men in the society to achieve their aim for instance they will send them to go and kill some one and promise them a huge amount of money and they will have no other option that to go and do it. So I think if these people were educated, they wouldn’t have engaged in this type of business.
    These are the three things that I will want the leader of my country to do.

  • Hello guys, I will love my country to Nigeria to put more efforts on the roads because in some areas of the country we see damage roads that needs fixing and improved. I feel that should have a large change in the society, the government should get more people to stay at those places that attackes have been made and those people should be well armed. Lastly i will love for the government to make more efect on the less privilage because many people now adays don't have money to care for their families so with the help of the government their should be a big change.

  • This is really an interesting one, and as a young person, I would want my country leader to invest greatly on these areas:
    1: Empowerment: Young people want to be actively involved in decision-making processes. Leaders should create opportunities for youth to have a voice, engage in civic activities, and participate in amending policies that affect them. Leaders should listen to us the young people in our opinion to improve the law and policies that influence them at a whole.
    2: Environmental Responsibility: Many young people are eager in taking care of the environment, because it is important to lots of young people in the society. Leaders should show concern that young people are committed in using sustainable practices and making rules that help in improving climate change and keep the environment clean and safe.
    3: Global perspective or World view: In world today, young people appreciate leaders who consider global issues and problem and promote cooperation among other country's. This includes in improving global challenges like human rights, poverty, ignorance and peace.
    Finally, I would like them to establish a new government system that will listen to young people opinions for the benefit of young people and the whole world at large.

  • My leader should really consider spending more money on education and health care, and should also find solutions for unemployment, global pollution and long hospital waiting lists.
    I would like a society were everyone could have equal opportunities, despite colour, religion or political beliefs

  • HELLO!
    As a young child I want my leader to do the following:
    1. Invest more money to fix the problems in my country like bad roads spoilt traffic light and more

    2. Have interest in youth because most of the youths in Nigeria are very smart and they can help the government make tough decisions.

    3. Educate more children many children are not educated well because of their family background but the government can help pay their school fees

    4. There should be more job opportunities in my country the opportunity to work is hard to get.

  • Hiii there, as a Indian citizen I would like that the leader of my country spends more money on creating opportunities for the middle class people as most of the people in India belongs to middle class who still faces several problems in their day to day life such as lack of proper infrastructure, power shortages, rising inflation. etc.. The leader of the country should focus on eradicating such problems faced by the people and try to skyrocket the economy of the country.
    Another big problem is the unequal distribution of resources among the population or preferable treatment given to a certain segment of the society. The government usually reserve seats and provide opportunities to people belonging to socially backward categories which is absolutely perfect BUT at the same time equal steps should be taken by the government to help the people who belong to general category and giving them equal opportunities to grow as a citizen.
    These were some of the few things that I personally would want from the leader of my country.

  • Many of the youth may have several expectations related with the issues that they all are facing today,even a a young person I want the education system to be changed like students ought to be taught what is practically useful for them rather than relying upon textbooks..we should be taught how to deal with difficult situations and how to adjust in it..many of you may say that now also we are teaching these moral values to students..but the truth is a huge "no"... because if the youth of today Is being taught how to tackle obstacles like peer pressure, education and career pressure,and the most important society and family pressure then why still the sucides among youth due to pressure is on its peak?!!other problems as a youth I would like my leader to address the issue of high illiteracy rate due to poverty and financial crisis... education is everyone's right and for that we all must together unite...

  • As being a responsible citizen of my nation . I want that government of my country should spend more money in developing education and health system of India. Many of the poor do not get the opportunity to study as poor families can't afford the private schools and in many rural areas and in some urban areas government schools are not available, even if they are they don't provide appropriate education and facilities to students due to this situation almost 287 million people in India are illetrate and health system of India is even not up to the mark in many places hospitals are not available, doctors are also not present in government hospitals situated in rural areas as most of them like to settle in big cities and hospitals don't have beds or proper equipments for patients treatment. poor people can't afford private hospitals and government hospitals are not available many people have to suffer from different health issues though government is working to improve this situation but still lot of work is left to be done . The most biggest problem is of sanitation

  • From my point of view, too much money is spent on changing the pavement, in my country. It may seem odd, but almost every spring and every autumn, I see pavement in perfect shape being replaced by one looking exactly the same. Meanwhile, teachers are underpaid and the leaders of my country are wondering why so many students take extra classes, outside school. I think that It is so that children pass their exams. When teachers lack proper conditions, they stop putting that much effort into teaching. I think that it is outrageous for such amazing people to be worrying about how they are going to get by with so little support. In my opinion, it is also pretty difficult to concentrate on doing your work properly when you have too many things to worry about. Because so many teachers were struggling with money, a new industry developed. Teachers are giving out private lessons to students. I think that it is a way for teachers to cope with this situation. They do what they can at school with the budget and materials that they are provided and a different lesson privately, with what their students pay for. I don't find it fair for the students that can't afford these extra classes, but I also understand that it is a way for teachers to earn their living.

  • There are so many things to reconsider and reevaluate for me in my country.
    First and foremost the education system, especially for young people on how they enter the university.
    It needs to be reshaped and morefriendly tested as I think that memorizing things is not a very effective way.
    Time has changed and combining ok tests with more projects or interviews in order to be accepted in a university is more friendly to young people.
    Additionally I would like the government to build more green areas especially in cities where there is no sea near.

  • My opinion is that the young people want to hear that he/she will not discriminate, have opportunities for jobs, to have good education, foreign exchange programs and so much more.
    Young people want to hear these things because it gives them opportunities.

  • Where I come from and according to what I have seen so far I think that in my country,what we expect from leaders is firstly ore production in diesel, this would really increase the revenue of my country and there should be more jobs in the world but the main problem is that when the government hear any thing like this they think of their money and are wondering the amount of money they would gain so for this to be done there would have to be proper funding for improvement of the community this means that it is not only the government that would contribute we citizens need to help solve small problems like that of the increase of foodstuff. In order to solve these problem there should be small companies that give these same product but on a lower price.

  • Hello topical talkers,
    As a young person, I want the president of my country to reduce the price of fuel, the price of fuel in my country is so high that people who have cars do not use their cars. They have to use commercial vehicles to go to the different places that they want to go some people have to trek to their work places. Businesses are suffering because there is no fuel . I want my country to be a be a better place and I want the best education for my self and other people.

  • In my own opinion I think that in my country some of the case study we need to focus on is :
    Fuel subsidy: I am from Nigeria , I would have loved that less money should be spent on fuel because there's inflation in Nigeria and that money can be channeled towards feeding.
    Insecurity: in Nigeria there is a high rate of crime in different areas , so I think that there should be policies and laws made and implemented so that criminal activities and criminals will be made to face the law and pay for their crimes. This will help serve as a lesson to all those who want to live lives of crime. The issues of crisis and attacks on innocent lives and properties by terrorist should also be looked into and solutions should be preferred.

  • As a young person, I want my country's leader to spend more on technology and education because here in my country we are lacking in quality education and as well poor technology which is affecting national development and economic growth in the country which will make industries round the country to stop functioning well due to lack of technology in the country which will lead to high rate of poverty.
    Lastly, I will love my country's leader to focus more on mechanized farming and as well focus more on exporting than importing goods to the country which will promote national development.

  • I think that the president of Nigeria can help the country by focusing more on agriculture and how to defend those in rural areas as many bandits attack these farmers, if the government can do these things in the country, then the hungry will have enough to eat and the jobless will have jobs as those farms that will become commercial will need workers and the economy will rise as we won't need to import many food stuffs.

  • In my opinion I will say that I would want my country leader to not only invest money on education but also put into consideration, farming. In Nigeria right now, the only occupation that pays well is farming. This is because civil servants are not well paid after even going through all the process of education. But on the other hand, farmers are also trying their possible best to cultivate farm products but its is difficult for them to bring out much farm products because there are no technological farming equipment to assist them in improving their farm. If the leaders should look down on this aspect, and invest on it, there will be reduction of hunger in the country.

  • I think that our leader in my country should focus more on safety concerning weather conditions.
    The leader needs to implement more eco friendly solutions to prevent pollution and especially in bid cities. An eco friendly plan such as the ban of using cars specific hours, creating greener areas around city can be a perfect example.
    Also a better system on predicting extreme weather conditions could be useful.

    1. Nice thankful_brain.
      The leader of our country should prioritize safety in relation to weather conditions. It is crucial to introduce more environmentally friendly initiatives to combat pollution, particularly in major cities. For instance, implementing measures like restricting car usage during certain hours and developing green spaces within urban areas could be effective. Additionally, enhancing the forecasting system for extreme weather events would be beneficial.


    2. I agree with you because if a country has eco-friendly solutions to its problems it might make the country better and grow better economically and this means that the young people will be proud of their country. They will say encouraging words to the government making them do way better than before.
      Due to the impact of the youth's words on the government here are some things that they can do better than before:
      1) More efficient and cheaper educational facilities.
      2) More employment opportunities for youths.
      3) Provision of the various necessities of the citizen sometimes with a discount of %
      I think that if the youths in a country give encouraging words, the government will do better than before.
      THANK YOU.

  • What I think young people want from the leaders is fair hearing that is the government need to give the young people listening ears in oderror to freely air their views on a particular problem they might be facing in the country so the government would solve the problem.
    And also job employment the government should ensure quality jobs for the youths who has graduated out of the university so the youths wouldn'the engage in criminal activities, and also have the money to take care of their selves as they grow up to be parents.

  • I think this is one of the most interesting question ever ask in this topical talk event and I think the government should invest their money In so many tentative and important things like:
    1. The government should invest their money in sponsoring youths who doesn’t have the money to continue with their education but willing to go to school. I think this can be done through youths empowerment. Not only the youths, they can also build schools in most of the underdeveloped or rural places so that the people there can acquire education because I believe that everybody has a bright star in their destiny.

    2. The government should also invest their money in finding a way to stop gender inequality because there some places in my countries that the women and girls are been maltreated and discriminated which is very bad. I also knew a place where women are not allowed to talk in an occasion, this is very unruly because people are supposed to share the same equal right.

    3. Another factor where government should invest their money is by developing the country by building roads, avoiding food insecurity and the most important one ensuring good health by making everywhere comfortable for everybody to duel on.
    Another way the government can also best help the people in my country is by giving them the privilege to speak or by hearing other people opinion in other to take the right decisions.

    I think with these factors been considered, there is going to be a great change in our country so that the country will have high rate of productivity in other to develop the nation at large.

  • Nowadays in Nigeria they're two major problems that are being faced by the country, which every youth will want a good leader to spend money on, and they're Insecurity and high cost of things in the country like food, transportation, fuel price etc.
    This is because there have 🐝 a high rate of insecurity in the country especially in the Northern part of the, places like Kaduna, Kano, Kogi, Kastina etc. All these places are faced with the issues of insecurity and I think that as a good youth to a good leader the best place to work on is on that issue, because the Northern part of the country covers up to 65% of the country population.
    Note: insecurity is affecting all the states in n Nigeria not only in the Northern part but all over the country, it's just common in the Northern part of the country.
    The high rate of food, transportation , fuel etc is affecting the country alot, so... as a good leader to good citizens I would concentrate on those areas to.
    As a good citizens of my country, what I want from a leader is Honesty and this is because the country is also faced with high rate of corruption and embezzlement.

    1. Rightly said caring_spring,and I would like to buttress the point you shared earlier on embezzlement and corruption. As a young Nigeria youth I would say that the issues of embezzlement is one of the problems that have been affecting the youth and the country as a whole. Recently, I heard a news that the signature of the former Nigeria president was forged to get 6.2 million dollars, imagine that, that a high level of corruption and embezzlement. The country has been in debt know, and this is due to the corrupted leaders that are being elected by the youths. Also the former Nigeria CBN governor was found guilty for embezzling 1.3 million dollars, this is very bad.
      An as a young Nigeria youth the best I would want from a Nigeria leader is to crub embezzlement and corruption.
      Although the EFCC { Economic Financial Crime Commission} are trying their best to crub, stop, and expose leaders who are highly corrupted form office. It is sad to hear that out of 100 Nigeria scored 25%,this shows that the country is highly corrupted.
      Others are Frauds, Mismanagement of resources etc.
      Thanks caring _spring for shearing your thoughts on this.

  • As a young person, I would like my country to spend a bit more on making the youth more aware of how beautiful and amazing my country is. I have noticed that many of my friends want to stay in foreign countries because they are under the misconception that our country does not have anything good to offer. This might sound like a small problem but it's not a small problem at all. It's about the future of the country, its identity, and ensuring that the youth feel connected, proud, and motivated to contribute to its growth and prosperity.

  • A very big issue in my country today is the numerous acts of corruption and usurpation of power. In my country each tier of government (that is the federal, state and local government) are supposed to have their own functions and no one is allowed to perform a function that does not involve them. Instead today we may see the federal government taking over the state government. This causes a very big problem in the society because the rights and powers are abused. Sometimes they focus on other jobs and forget that there is another one on ground for them to perform. Moreover, another big problem in my country is corruption. When those in power are left unchecked, they begin to abuse their positions to get what they want and the citizens have to suffer for this. This is not fair. I believe that if the concepts of separation of power and checks and balances are enforced, the government can become more effective and corruption will drastically reduce.

  • As a person coming from the Gen-Z generation, I feel we need younger presidents that can relate to our struggles and ideas more in this time period. For starters, our president are at the age, to the point where they don't know whats going on in the media. Our two most recent presidents have been 81, and 77 years old. I get america wanting mature adults to run the country, but men that are this old can barely remember what they ate the night before for dinner, let alone remember all the problem that young people are facing in the media in this country. Secondly, we need presidents that can relate to our struggles. I have noticed that the older presidents in office don't consider the opinions, struggles of younger citizens, but instead are stuck in their ways and only think about what they think is right for the country and not about what america thinks is best for this country. I also think that many older people in congress and in the White House don't realize that we are their future. If they want america to become a nice and peaceful place for all, I suggest they start giving us younger people a shot at learning and figuring out how to rule this place we call home.

  • I wanted to share some thoughts with you all. In my country decisions are made without the consent of the people one example is the national cathedral instead of pouring vast sums into building a national cathedral, I believe it is better to invest more in education and housing.

    I also believe we can tackle economic inequality by focusing on creating more job opportunities and supporting economic mobility.

    I believe that our leaders should actively involve us in decision-making. Imagine if our ideas shaped the policies that affect us all!

    Plus, let's not forget about putting more money into education, jobs, and housing. By doing so, we can ensure everyone has the support they need to thrive.
    Thank you

  • Personally, I don't think I need three things; there is only one thing that I would like a leader to do for young people and that is simply to listen to us. We need to try and begin to steer away from only the older generations making such vital decisions for a country that affects everyone not just them. Having these discussions with young people would help enable the community to grow and look towards the future instead of the past and this is what countries need. It is something so simple that everyone can do, so it is still baffling that barely anyone is doing this.

    1. I agree with you. But, listening to everyone's idea is not so easy as you think. Sometimes their ideas would effect the government or economic. Everyone's perspectives are different and it would be hard for the leader to try to find a solution for both ways. It is still good to be able to discuss with the leader to find a solution for all. It is a great way to improve the country.

  • As a young student I would hope that the leader will be mature enough to think about everybody in the country and not just pay attention to others like certain leaders do. But I would also want the leader to respect each other's opinions and not just be rude also I would like him to fund some school pep rally or even some graduations.

  • Hi friends!!
    I want the leaders in my country to focus on corruption and fix it because I think that corruption is the core of this whole hard crisis my country is going through. Leaders in my country use the money for their personal gain. For example, it is known that the president used the country's money and resources to purchase new private jets because he claimed that there was not a jacuzzi in the old one and some improved features where not in that old jet. This same money is used to bribe others by our leaders to do something for them and is also used for personal enjoyment. This occurs whiles the country struggles in public affairs. Most students in government schools sit on floors to learn, there are uncompleted buildings, bad roads, incomplete projects, currency depreciation, hyper inflation and to mention but a few. The money that is just wasted on unnecessary stuff and bribes, it can be used to fix all these issues. To maintain an economy that is fruitful, justice should be maintained, money should not be used for personal gain and all corrupt leaders should be dismissed.
    Thank you so much for reading my comment!!!

    1. Hi @bustling_cliff, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! You said "For example, it is known that the president used the country's money and resources to purchase new private jets because he claimed that there was not a jacuzzi in the old one and some improved features where not in that old jet.". What evidence do you have for this?

      1. Hi Keya @ Topical talk!!
        This information that is being provided was all over the news and something that everyone was once aware about. All newstations were interested and even held interviews about the current news being heard. It was a long time it occured but is still recognised as the president's history.
        Thank you.

  • As a young people, I want from the elective leaders to ensure good education facilities and food demand for all the children across the country.
    It is a matter of sorrow that still many children in my country don't get proper education due to poverty. They are forced to leave their study and work with their parents to earn livelihood. While I'm studying but a child like me is depriving from the rights to study. For this reason, I badly want that all the children should get proper education facilities. In addition to that, Bangladesh is suffering from inflation which means the price of daily commodities is increasing. As a result, the children are not getting nutrients food, which is hampering the growth of the children. As today's children are the future of the country, then how can we expect a good future when the future leaders are depriving from the basic rights like education and food. I would request the leader to think about it and take necessary steps.
    Apart from that, to make futureproof, I would like to ask the leaders to arranged skill development program for the youth so that no one can stay unemployed. Also, the youth need to be taught about politics so that they can manage and handle the country properly. For this reason, we need to engage the youth in different leadership type competitions or programs.

  • In my opinion Young people need some simple things from their leaders
    First of all they need honesty, they need to feel that what they are listening is true and no second thoughts are involved
    Secondly they need proof of their work. Their promises should be transformed into actions.
    With this way they will be reliable and trustworthy.
    Lastly they need to be close to young people. They should understand Young people's problems, their progress in life and find all the necessary tools they need to make them useful citizens to society.

    1. What makes someone a "useful citizen" shining_aspect?

  • As a young girl who Lives in the U.S I feel that our president should think less about winning the next election and trying to please only their party but Instead should focus on the younger generation and our futures trying to secure a good future for American kids to grow up in without having to worry about school problems, financial problems ,and family problems because as a child your suppose to feel safe in your own country, your home, your school but we cant even go a month without a school shooting or shooting somewhere in the country.
    I believe that less money should be spent on buying products from international countries such as china and instead spend more money on funding schools for children who have financial problems and I know that a lot of the U.S money goes into that but I feel not everybody in the U.S is available to it like they should be. I believe that the government should pay people like doctors and nurses more because in the year 2023- 2024 the amount of medical students dropped dramatically because being in the medical field is a lot of work and not having the right wage to support that work discourages people to pursue the field.
    Lastly I believe that our leader can best help our country by helping the younger generation more and putting more money into schools, also funding wages for medicine workers, along with focusing on keeping school kids safe in their own country rather on focusing on what gender the child is.

  • I want my country’s leader to spend more money in education reform and skill development. Bangladesh has made a significant improvement in education but there is still a need for quality education and skill development. The leader must align the curriculum with the needs of a rapidly evolving job market. They must invest in vocational training programme. They should promote digital skills development which can equip young people with the skills necessary to thrive in the modern economy.

    I want my country’s leader to more focus on employment and Entrepreneurship Support. Bangladesh has a large youth population and creating employment opportunities is crucial for their future life.The leader could focus on fostering an environment that encourages job creation especially in sectors like manufacturing and information technology. This could involve attracting foreign direct investment supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and providing incentives for entrepreneurship.

  • Hi
    In my opinion the young people want is to focus on the at hand.young wants the problem should be solved but the leaders don’t want that, they want to get money not helping the country . The young people wants the problem at hand to be gone forever but leaders will Always make more problems in the country and citizens,in nigeria the leaders that we aspected was not telling truth he said that he will build houses for the poor instead he was turning Nigeria in to a bad place after all.the young ones should be careful with voting for a leader that will not make to make problems.
    Thank you for listening to my comments.

    1. I also think that they should also think of ways to solve problems and make a change to the nation not only relying on the older ones. I also think that young people should hear about what their leader has to do before voting /choosing them.

    2. There is something peculiar to our leaders most of them are usually from the past two generations, I think there needs to be a change in that.

  • If I was a leader, I will spend a lot of money on improving the insecurity in my country. Insecurity creates a lot of problem in the country. It can cause immigration. I think that government should give a lot of attention to insecurity.

    1. I will say something's can be abused and there are some people that don't want good for the country All they want is the money and this will affect the country

  • As a citizen of Ghana, here are three things I would like my country's leader to prioritise.
    Firstly, I want our leaders to focus on being honest and responsible when they're running things. That means they should work hard to stop any sneaky behaviour in the government and make sure that money is being used in the right way to help everyone. I think there should be rules to make sure that leaders are always doing the right thing, like checking up on them regularly and looking into any rumours about them being dishonest.
    Secondly, I want our leaders to invest in education and healthcare, which are crucial for the long-term development and well-being of our country. I want our leader to prioritise funding for quality education, including improving infrastructure, teacher training, and access to education for all children, regardless of their background.

  • There are various issues that need to be solved in my country. In those leaders can play a key role on its development.
    For me, more money should be spent in education and free Healthcare.
    Especially Healthcare should be accessible to everyone , and truly assist people in becoming better and in better facilities.
    One of the biggest problems nowadays are mostly economical and the rapid increase on products, petrol, gas, taxes.
    Leaders should reconsider their plans and evaluate how this increase affect people not only economically but also their well being.
    Lastly I would like to see better use of technology and innovative equipment on
    our transport system.

  • I think that young people want their leaders to pay more attention to their problems. When they bring up a problem, they actually wish for a solution, not just a motivational speech about it. Personally, I want them to keep their word. Also, when solving problems, I don't want the issues half solved. For example, my school was promised to be renovated and transformed into a more modern one. One of the changes that were made was replacing the old blackboard with a new whiteboard. Now, instead of writing using chalk, we use markers. Our main problem is that they are not providing any markers anymore. Students and teachers need to buy them themselves. It was much cheaper to buy chalk and it lasted longer. However, those who came up with this idea still have the nerve to say that they have done an amazing job. It is unacceptable. Personally, I think that honesty, reliance and commitment make a good leader. I definitely don't need anyone letting stuff half done, or who only does things for elections.

  • I want my country’s leader to spend more money on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Resilience. Although Bangladesh's leader is working to prevent climate change, it is not enough . They should work and invest more on this matter. Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change such as the sea level is rising and temperature is getting warmer. The leader could prioritize climate resilience measures. They could invest in infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate change. They could invest more money to promote renewable energy sources. Engaging young people in environmental conservation efforts and raising awareness about climate change can play a vital role in building a resilient and sustainable future for Bangladesh.

    I want my country’s leader to focus more on mental health support. Mental health is a pressing issue which is affecting many young people today. According to a survey, about 17% of adults and 14% of children of Bangladesh are having mental problems. About 17.7 million people of Bangladesh are facing mental breakdown. After the pandemic, the problem has risen a lot. People are committing crimes more than ever. Even, there are not sufficient doctors to give treatment of mental health. There are doctors that are less than patients. For every 1 lakh people there are only 1.17 mental health workers. I want my country’s leader to prioritize mental health support by having more mental health workers and investing in affordable mental health services. They must promote awareness and integrating mental health education in schools. It's crucial for our leader to recognize the importance of mental well being and provide resources that will help young people cope with the pressure of modern life.

  • Hi,
    I feel that money should be spent more on job creation and security. In places like my country people who are highly educated are rendered jobless even with all their qualifications, this is because those in government mostly take part in nepotism and even tribalism, so even with all the graduates we have our country still lacks in productivity because some people who hold those jobs aren't even qualified for the jobs. I feel that money should be spent on creating more jobs in my country especially for the upcoming young ones who may also fall victim of this problem in the future if it isn't tackled any time soon. Then as for security, Nigeria is at a point where we are facing a lot of insecurities, I do not want to go into details because the severity and depth of this matter is rather disturbing and sensitive. So I feel if money is to be invested in anything it should be in strengthening our security and also assuring citizens of their safety by taking the necessary and suitable actions. Generally, I feel that my country has misused our resources and so we have found ourselves in a big mess, but I feel and believe that if we invest our resources in the right things it might not be too late for us yet and we can make something very big out of nothing.
    Thank you!

  • As a young person I think that...
    Young people often desire leadership that addresses their concerns and aspirations. Here are three things one might want from their country's leader:

    Invest in Education: Allocate resources to improve the education system.
    Address Environmental Issues: Implement sustainable policies to tackle climate change.
    Enhance Job Opportunities: Create initiatives and policies that foster job creation, skill development.
    Healthcare Access
    Social Equality
    Mental Health Support

    Leaders can best help the people by adopting inclusive policies, listening to diverse voices, and actively involving the youth in decision-making processes. Encouraging civic engagement and providing platforms for young people to contribute to policy discussions can strengthen the connection between leaders and the aspirations of the youth.

  • I would love my leader to spend more money on the education of young people because many young people are not educated well because of poverty. I would also love my leader to focus on the insecurity in my country.

  • I want to talk on the problems in my country that I would like them to focus on. The problem I think my government should focus on is CORRUPTION. Corruption is like a dark cloud that hangs over a country. It casts a shadows on our daily lives and affects everything we do. It reduces trust and increases criminal activities. As a citizen, I believe that addressing corruption should be the top priority for my government. Corruption can be in many forms, it can be bribery, embezzlement, even favoritism is a form of corruption. Corruption causes economic drain by diverting a country's resources away from essential services such as healthcare and education. Money that is meant for public welfare will end up in the pockets of leaders. This drains the economy and can cause poverty. Corruption also reduces trust. When citizens know that the government is corrupt, they will lose all trust. People will believe that public officials prioritize personal gain(which is often sometimes true in a corrupt system). This lack of trust hampers cooperation and progress of a country. Corruption can be eradicated if the government and citizens work together. It is not impossible. As citizens, we should hold our governments accountable and actively participate in the fight against corruption. Only then can we pave a country without corruption.

  • I think in every nation, there are a variety of youngsters who have their own expectations from the government in power. People of different careers, ambitions and backgrounds. To take an example, some youngsters of the economically backward classes demand reservation in jobs, while the educated ones of economically stable backgrounds demand a meritocracy.
    I, for one, want my country to invest in businesses and start ups - basically, employment generation. As a future employment seeker, I want to be able to feel secure in my country's ability to provide me with a stable means of earning a living. Even more so, I want my country to invest it's time and creativity into ensuring a stability in the real income of the nation's earning folk.
    i am worried for the future of the world. Of the inflation in economies throughout the globe, due to a fall in the natural resources of the country and the rising population. Hence, I want my nation to focus on strengthening growth prospects for it's youth.

  • There are so many things Young people want from their leaders.
    First of all they need someone understands their needs and wishes. As a younger generation we are a bit different from older ones concerning habits, technology. But one things that remain the same is education. We still have to learn by heart as the previous generation even if all around us have changed. The way we learn , the way we behave and so on.
    So a leader has to be for me a younger one with views that are closer to reality.

  • Hello Topical Talkers,
    Here are the three things I would like my country, India's, leader to divert attention on -

    1 - Pleasure of his/her Country's People
    The leader should not be diverted to his own race, caste, or culture and do things regarding THEIR benefit rather than expand his/her views on all the other cultures, since India is a diverse country and follows 'Unity In Diversity'. He/she should serve his people equally and shouldn't be biased or partial in making certain decisions and deliver justice to the deserved.

    2 - Abolish Practices that Exploit Women In Rural Areas
    After British's rule on India for more than two centuries, most practices such as sati and child marriage, have been abolished; that is in urban areas and somewhere in small villages these practices are still taken in order! The leader should impose acts or laws in these areas and provide justice to these unrecognized women.

    3 - Ensure Safety of his/her People and Country
    Terrorism is a regular affair in the Northern India. I want the new leader to tighten the security and try his/her best to ensure the safe being of his people and prevent foreign invasion in his/her country.

    These are my demands that I keep with my country's "future leader". Nevertheless, I would be glad with fact that these pleadings of mine are viewed and, if possible, brought into action.
    Thank You!

  • Hello ,
    As a young person what do I want ?
    Personally I think that more money should be spent education . What I mean by this is improving schools and giving them access to new things like technology and cleaner environments . I also want our government to improve our cities by removing run down buildings and replace them with environmental areas like parks and playgrounds .
    Secondly , the problems I would like our government to focus on is trying to limit the usage of vapers and smokers in the country . I want this to happen because 80 to 90% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking and vaping is dangerous as scientist do not fully know the effects or damages of that yet . That is a large amount of people as 6.6 million people in the UK smoke and 3.6 million vapers are in the UK. This would mean over 10% of the UK could get seriously ill . Ways that they could stop this for future generations is making the age limit higher and kids learn a lot about in schools .
    Lastly , I want our leader to focus on making our country a healthy and clean country . They could do this by opening more hospitals and having a job for cleaners .
    Thank you for reading ,
    Good day .

  • In my opinion,I think that....
    What Young People Want from Their Elected Leaders:

    Climate Action: Many young people prioritize leaders who actively address environmental issues, implement sustainable policies.

    Education: Accessible and quality education is a key concern. Young people often want leaders to invest in the education system.

    Social Justice and Inclusivity: Leaders who advocate for social justice,diversity, and inclusivity resonate with young people.
    Personal Preferences for Country's Leader:
    Investment in Healthcare
    Innovation and Technology
    Community Development

    Addressing Country's Issues:
    Economic Disparities
    Environmental Conservation
    Social Harmony

    I also think that.....
    Leader's Role in Helping the People:
    Transparent Governance
    Economic Opportunities
    Investment in Education and Healthcare

    Overall, effective leadership involves addressing the diverse needs and concerns of the population, creating policies that promote inclusivity, sustainability, and social progress.
    Thank you.

  • The three things I would want my country's leader to do are :-
    • Spend more money on implementing sustainable goals like zero hunger and no poverty and make policies to reduce beggars and provide food to the needy so nobody sleeps with an empty stomach.
    • Focus on the education system, as in India, there is extreme competition in national exams which results in pressure on the students affecting their mental health also alot of the education is about mugging up content from books. I would like the leader of my country to create an education system that focuses on the students as a priority and also their understanding of the topic. Coming up with schemes that reduce academic stress will also be helpful.
    • The most important thing I would want from a leader would be honesty. Being true to its citizens should be a priority of any ruler. I don't want a ruler who boasts and lies to please it's citizens but someone who actually turns their words into actions.

  • "A good leader shows the path to light even in the darkest nights", A leader always helps the people of the country by tackling the issues that the masses face using his/her power and position. I personally would like the leader of my country to deal with some prominent issues that our people are going through such as the lack of jobs. India is the most populated country in the world and while the population is growing steadily the jobs are not keeping up therefore more and more jobs should be created for the people of the country to tackle unemployment.
    Furthermore I would like the leader to promote transparency as already mentioned by Richard that most of the election processes are subject to corruption and unfortunately India is no exception to it.
    Lastly I would like the leader to be honest with whatever promises it makes instead of giving people hope with empty promises just for the sake of votes.

  • More money should be spent on protection in educational environments. Living not far from Atlanta, Georgia, it always creates an alert feeling not just for me, but other classmates in worries of a school catastrophe. Personally, I always am anxious and aware of the fatal situations around me such as the recent one, which was a case from a school in a high-school Atlanta that lead to students being sent to a hospital. Situations like or worse from these continue to increase with little to no actions. With these increasing rates of dangerous events in educational environments, how will scholars learn without the constant thought that their life is at risk by learning? Less government spending should be embedded in Social Security. Even though Social Security is extremely helpful to citizens, wages have declined; as a result Social Security's significance has declined too since this system heavily relies on the payments from workers.

    The leader of my country should focus on the extending inflation rates. Inflation has been such a large concern for people like me or other United States citizens. An example of extreme inflation could be demonstrated by an older version of an automobile that costed $21,000 while the newer version costs about $47,000. In the United States' inflation, the older version of the car would now cause about the same amount as the newer version even if the newer one includes many new additions. The leader of my country could truly benefit residents by lowering the inflation rates.

    1. Inflation often is not a product of a leader's actions, but a response to market forces - which operate independently due to the global flow of trade. If a government cannot control inflation, they can only support citizens in being able to manage with it. Does this change your view on social security payments?