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I think schools have to let students miss classes to go and protest for global climate... Weekly Competition #36 11/6/19
If we act world would change Weekly Competition #35 04/6/19
No action taken ,no system change our world would suddenly change This is climate change Weekly Competition #35 04/6/19
One day I was writing an essay about a book we were reading in class when I remended some of the... Weekly Competition #34 28/5/19
Trump wall and its consequences Weekly Competition #33 21/5/19
I think borders are necessary because it would affect the resources that each country has.As... Weekly Competition #32 14/5/19
Teresa May marries Donald Tusk It is supposedb to be fake If this got share people in England... Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
It is important that we dont stay silent because out there they are lots of people that have... Weekly Competition #20 05/2/19
I would spend it in medicines for hospitals,that would help people and also I would win money by... Weekly Competition #10 13/11/18